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tv   [untitled]    November 15, 2021 10:30pm-11:01pm AST

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the south china sea, even for a crunchy, with a long history of the people during elections. this is unprecedented. the 2022 elections will not just be a battle between opposing political parties, but a fight between powerful political dynasties. jamal alinda again al jazeera manila . of course, remember you can find much, much more on our website. the address is w w. w dot al jazeera dot com ah the top stories here when al jazeera, the european union is stepping up its sanctions targeting belarus as the migrant crisis on its eastern border worsens. in recent days, thousands of migrants of a mast on the poland galleries border and fries and conditions. the accused by the recent president, alexander lucas jenko,
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of luring them there and retaliation for sanctions against this country. poland has deployed thousands of troops to stop them crossing. today we are going to approve a new packet of sanctions again to resume people responsible for what's happening in the country. and we're going to large framework. you know, that to see we've lament all the sanctions to other people. lines rather latencies, and everybody involved on these illegal bullshit migrants in our borders when it comes at the same time as a significant rush of military build up on the border with ukraine. with the u. s. suggesting the migrant crisis is simply a distraction. nato secretary general stole to gen, stolen back as cold of russia to be transparent about its military activities. to prevent an escalation, he warned russia the alliance stands by ukraine. he said, the build up along the border is dangerous,
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as it reduces the amount of warning time if russia does decide to attack. donald trump's former political advisor, steve bannon, has appeared in court after surrendering to the fbi i in washington, dc. he's facing contempt charges for refusing to cooperate with the congressional investigation into the attack on the u. s. capital. on january the 6th, the mob of trump support a storm. the building in a failed attempt to prevent the certification of jo biden's election. when lawyers are making that closing arguments in the trial, if the american, teenager. com rittenhouse, he's charged with murdering to man and wounding a 3rd after he opened fire during black lives matter protest with a semi automatic rifle. he's pleaded not guilty and says he acted in self defense, but face is life in prison. if convicted by a jury area, his defense team managed to have one charge dismissed with those are the top story . stay with us. they stream is next. don't go away
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with ah, i am sorry. ok to day on this jim. i'm going to take you into the world of the ira kat, the movie, the south african phil. what is the story of a family getting ready for the muslim festival of ead? a revolves around mum and widow ayesha who is about to introduce a new love interest to her sons, said in the cate flats spoken in a cape town dialect. and that is what makes the film so special. have
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a look a a leave me to be grateful is very important. families, our fathers and mothers are sisters and brothers. those are all gifts in deven owns a lot of countries in de leon. and we forget what we have been given is really a bully. the belief that you and i have a how many of you have tasted that?
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ah, what is your name? ah, ah, ah. hello amy ha from hello vanessa. nice to see you. i read all of these amazing people to introduce themselves to you in the context of the film who they are, what they do. i mean, you start the, i'm image after and i only be co writes with prime and the direct but um yeah, that's my role on the so i had i am if i'm gordon and i'm the go to go to with amy and produce overhaul. oh, south africans are going to be yelling at the screen any moment now. hello, vinegar? introduce yourself. i'm renee debra here and i paid the
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mother role in the movie barrett cut. and i'm also mother to every but you understand. i happening every 3 of you. barracka, even if you're wondering balcony, it's a blessing to bless 3 times over. if you would like to speak to any of i guess today, youtube is open. the comment section is right here. comments, questions about backup? the maybe you're very welcome. be part of today's discussion. there's a sense of the film just starts guess and it doesn't give you explanations. it's a family drama and just going to come along for the plot. there are a couple of things that i want to just make very clear for our international audience. when we talk about colored people i from, can you explain that to our international audience? well, colored people are, in my opinion, a bunch of fortunate or unfortunate people who couldn't fit into any of the racial . so we can make people, r o d
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n a that has wide and deep across continents. and you know, know, to kind of people have the same genetic makeup so well, maybe if you have a twin brother. but yeah, we're mix of people. but we have forge the community over the years. and over the decades to the point that we can see ourselves as a people, but how our gene pool is wide. a category that was set and just junior the last a era aly, i me go ahead, but now you, i just actually create a new ownership of it right now. right? yeah, i just wanna add that it is a racial category that was created during a party by an appropriate government. and so it was a race of racial classification at the time of the population registration act. we, people were divided into groups, white black indian colored. so as much as we identify ourselves politically as
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black south africans valid was an imposed racial category that was for bureaucracy and also for the a part of government. and i think now is this facial wave of, of the on full makers and young activists. what claiming back that word of taking away that has a lot of loaded political meaning from the past and turning it into something that we can celebrate and be proud of and create a heritage around. even if that heritage isn't hedge a monic, that's not one idea. there is no singular colored identity, but out of this way, creating and celebrating ourselves for the 1st time. i think i just add to that, sorry, if i may or used to be done i, i just went to add to that also that am, you know, as amy says, we are not in her margin. this group were made up of all people and of brown skin and, you know, and some people find it offensive to be pulled colored because of the label which
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was given to us by the national government. and but you know, just just this weekend or 2 weekends ago, i listen to wonderful speech by doctor and in boost sec. who again just affirmed for us that we have to kind of let go of the shackles and, and it's, it doesn't matter. you know who you are, whether you turn yourself colored or people of the come mysa, or whether you and you know what ever you pull yourself. it's a, it's a question of a mind shift. you know, so yeah, i think that people of color in this country are really it's, it's a celebration of who you are and that is where we are. i think at the moment this melting pot, let me just bring in here somehow stanford. she's an actor singer and right to efram, how many fissions, how, and i wound you efram to respond to her current. here it is. one of my favorite
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parts of the movie was obviously seen the culture and history represented in a positive light. but also a character like with her mom, relatively small cameo by somebody in the same is you know, very well, but the character selling his faces and his ways in our cups. but also using those idioms. then lean came town. no, so well it's so when to see a class that is so difficult to describe what it meant to see there, i'm screen was beautiful. well, if you, if you look specific, get a, getting the like with them on like gentile just said. now he as an actor is completely truthful to the point that if he doesn't want to stick to the words, he doesn't stick to the words. and i think that's why the sound goes,
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you says what comes in him in the moment. if it's those new as that going across him, that's fine because it keeps you on your toe as well on your toes. so i think that's what makes that character. so spatial and so free and so relatable because it really was a real he wasn't acting, i mean, he's name in the real life. everyone calls him the man. you know, and it's a thing with actors in cape town, generally at such it we, we are such a performers, people or performing people that things feel natural because people just are they don't try to. and i think part of the spoke with that sense of reality because of that, let me just following something else ish, that shantelle picked up after cops, yet a dialect, and i want a whole some. i know i added the very beginning. this is a very special film because the film is in africa. i mean,
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you start and thing that you pick up. yeah, i mean i think of it. what's so great about the scary. so like we did mind i, he's a, he's an older man, and he speaks a very beautiful, poetic kind of africans. i think what was very important by a so with this foam, was to legitimize that language, whether you want to call it a language or a dialect. that will shoot of africans that realised version of the language that was 1st spoken by slaves who were brought to the cape. a way of speaking a language that the slave masters could not understand. and so to create that, this fusion of languages, that is a mix between dash and english and arabic, woods and malay woods. and so we have this like that, this lexicon, that is brimming with metaphor and poetry, an image and borrowed words from many continents. and so when you speak that your mouth is like a spice spice mix. yeah. and some, some food,
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a full lie that i don't know it can you remember some of the lighting not and taught me with how beautiful it sounds without giving us some africa. got as it so when i was i was yeah. and katie in that a smile. so it could i didn't get the job. i didn't do anything. i also need a body shop and jeter and we're in a condo for non ex. no, no, i'm more than meta lady i am 90. yeah. a. but what are you saying to us? so what i'm saying is that i am going to make curry and rice and i, i've got all the leak stir that i need the mud, the job. i've got all the mixture, but i don't have fennel and tillman,
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so i'm going to the shops to morrow to get some. are you going to go along with me? all right, so on you chip. right now. we have michelle miller from cape town, south africa, michigan says it's so great to see a small community on the world stage. that is why i think barricaded has taken off because people are seeing communities, the hang language that they haven't seen on film either very often or ever at all or in a stereotype. let some, i want to show a click. this is a one of our friends favorite clip and i, i loved this, which was the family that were following. i, she's family. you see the family growing up and gathering around this very easy, special table in africa cups. what's the name for? eat winette now, but i am exactly on the tip of my tongue and you see the family going from when they were young to when they were older. and you see the story unfolding of front
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of your very eyes. have a look. a mom with a with
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mm ah okay. who's cutting on in the room? we're, we're crying is really emotional. right. net stop cutting audience amy. okay, so this is special because you're breaking boundaries and you'll smashing stereotype. can you tell i international? yes. in what way you're doing that? i think it's in such a small way, not in the usual way that i think um, you know,
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activism is seen to be a lot more sort of performative a lot more expressive this film. i think our aim was always to do it in a very delicate way, and that was just by for grounding the humanity of a people, a culture, a community. we might not have seen that humanity foreground before. it's about telling a story that can just be simple, that's just about family relationships and it's about nothing more than that. it's not about um the part why the politics of the country. it's not about wearing those politics on your sleeve. we're telling the story of a family hoping with grief after the loss of a father, a feeling that is really universal. and i think for grounding that humanity was always the key for us. can i add for that before you jump in? this is justin. he's watching us right now. thanks. justin is from los angeles. i think what so powerful about barrack justice says is even for those who don't know the culture, the themes of family and moving on are universal both specific,
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but still white banning winette pick up, chris precisely. this is exactly what i was gonna say. even though we might think that it a small movie that it a slice of life. and yes, it is. but it as a slice of everybody's life, it, you know, it, it, it to be it. what everybody can relate to it. whether you were slim, christian, mexican, english, you name, it doesn't matter. it, it, you know, it's, it's everybody's life. and this, this movie just is such a depiction of that. i'm going to bring in one other voice here from and you can respond to adam. he's from the center for film and media studies. he's a director and professor at the university of kate town home. this is what he had to say. barbaric for this particular genial. i think that the soul is mostly interesting to me as
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a scholar in cops of each treated by history may be too far validating martin explanation. and what this scheme paid does image use of cops, events happens from, from care from, from the flats as nuanced characters, not cardboard carts and cops. it has been used beautifully. i think a catcher must be used in the narrative that the intimacy and anger conflicts are the subtleties. jack know that that i think is kate is from the k flats as much as cardboard. cutouts cops isn't just the language of conflict in mind. mcglatian was ology, i think this phone is all safety in the existing interest. stop atmosphere communities. i think what's interesting away, what he says is it takes us back to what amy's comment was. just the comments and
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be about humanity for too long gaps was associated with the and the classes. it was a comment somehow on our diligence and bed made as 2 dimensional, even one dimensional getting does. and i think what caps now has done and what this form and funds before this have done is do legitimize. i'm legitimize us as a people who feel who are intelligent and you know, will operate in the world at large and not just in a certain corner of the world. so i think caps has been legitimized in this film and by forms before this and the more we say it, the more we give dignity to the people is oh, i'm absolutely, i really gotta say that because christ channels watch law says after caps is in a language if the lack of language filled by different languages from actual
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culture. i mean you want to pick up on that. i introduced as a diet. yeah. count, dialect. guy. i think at this point it's disingenuous to say that it is a lack of language that it's like and they get the rates. i think there's a reclamation that has been done and that reclamation is up to no one except the people who speak it to to take ownership of. it's not anymore about validating whether it's a language or not, or a cultural di. they will not from the outside where i don't think looking approval from anyone else any more. so i think the initial that's been taken of the, the language and that the di and the recent be by phone makers like us is like, we don't need gazes, we don't need any other gazes on how cells and i, there's a beauty traffic. and the poetry to it,
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it is by the time it's the time that we were born into the time that our grandmother spoke, the language that we inherited and that's kind of the same as our own as well. and yeah, at some point i feel like we don't need validation from any way way that those c as b from academics or from outside is or from people who think, but who you who call themselves pure africans because what have appear for me. i think it's exceptionally important that africa is part of the growth and advancement of africans as a language. i feel like it's one of the only way that africans is the language is being to move forward is to be in collaboration with africa. because it's a, it's a, it's something you know, it's a, it's the language that is spoken by a very large majority of african speakers. and it is our time now with that language to be on the world stage. and i think back has proven that look at the
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discussion we're having about africa on al jazeera, on an international network. you did that for net go ahead. yeah, and, and i also would just like to add that and, you know, it's, it's actually becoming accepted and even by academics we, we are at this while we speak, there is a dictionary being brought out an end and you know, and, and, and it's, it's, it's great to i think it's gonna be fabulous because people are actually going to be learning to speak afro cups and, and it's been, you know, it's there even for academics to learn and people are and you know, they are accepting of the fact that an average cups has become an accepted well let i'm still not sure whether a we call it dilate or language. i think we still, you know, sort of, there's still a discrepancy about that. but um, yeah let's,
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let's claimant and id celebrate it. i would like to play one more clip from bar caught the movie cuz he can't see it everywhere. right now he can see on d s t v. so if you only african continent a dennis right, cuz he can see it elsewhere. i went, we talked, talked to amy and efram and finance about where you might be able to see it elsewhere and when, but i'm going to take you to master it. this is a beautiful scene. there's grasping of it. j mascot. embark on the movie. take a look. it will to mrs. go sky. there's a broad or lack alibaba covered on clinton was liza. it is incumbent on us to be conscious of allows of a 100 girl at all times. to be grateful is very important.
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we should be grateful because all things that we have been granted come from our creator allows. so the $100.00 that will allow me our families of fathers and mothers. those of us were still fortunate to have them our grandparents, our sisters and brothers own children. those of you are married. those are all gifts and we were given offered to we take things for granted. this is sweetness to the man. i believe that you and i have my question is how many of you have tasted that she can says i can't wait to see this film kenny's on you chief johnny fan. i am so pleased or caps to see these stories were given a global platform or
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a theme thames the plot, and the story is also reflected behind the scenes with behind the scenes cru. amy, he caught herself an activist the fil activist. tell me about the activism you did behind the camera with the crate. yeah, for sure. i think a lot we wanted to make sure that the people who were working on it and contributing and were collaborators with people who are from this community. so i agree with fact, at some point like from united states, the same colored like majority colored a lot of them were limbs themselves. we made a conscious decision not to, of course, on friday, which is my case on as well. and so we were, we observed them, it's name, sabbath day. so yeah, i think it was very intentional for us to also make the, the journey of the one that was in service to the story. and if i had like
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a big hand and that i would use, i think it be being quite intentional with how it shows up. crew are from people asking where can we see this film? where can we see baraka? you have an international audience that people are eager to see it. how are they going to see it? currently you can, it's an, a paypal pay to view platform called event of you gang chicken out there. ah, there's 2 different ways to see it for when you on the african continent, all outside are so be, be careful which, which link to go into. it's very clearly mot. but also if you're in south africa and on the african continent, you can get it on d. s. d box office. it's been placed back on box office yesterday so it should be back there. so those are the 2 avenues at the month and half and be looking and you can tell f from is the producer cuz he goes the the back they are at hand from jeanette. amy, what
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a pleasure. thank you for sharing barrack hat with us because you every success with the film and you cheapest, appreciate your comments and your questions. i'll see you next time. thanks for watching history. ah. ah. a november 21st. venezuelans head to the post to choose the region and municipal representatives. after 4 years of election, boycotts, kent opposition, party effect, change at the ballot box. and will this be a step, always cruel weather. for the rising number of those living in extreme poverty,
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the venezuela elections on al jazeera port bulls b, the capital a poppy beginning is ranked one of the most dangerous thing in the world. one, a one east investigate the violent gains a filling fia on the street. on l g 0. ah, each and every one of us had to go to responsibility to change our personal space for the better a we could do this experiment and if by diversity could increase just a little bit, that wouldn't be worth doing. anybody had any idea that it would become a magnet who is incredibly rare species. they are asking for women to get 50 percent representation in the constituent assembly here in getting these people to pick up the collect the segregated say the re saying this is extremely important service they provide to the city or we,
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we need to take america to trying to bring people together trying to deal with people who can left behind ah i may park in london. the top story is on al jazeera, the european union is stepping up its sanctions targeting baller root system migrant crisis on its eastern border worsens and recent days, thousands of migrants of a mass on the poland batteries bordering freezing conditions. the you accuses bella, russian president, alexander lucas jenko of luring them barren retaliation. the sanctions against this country. poland has to point thousands of troops to stop them crossing today we are
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going to approve a new packet of sam touche a game to receive people responsible for.


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