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many other or most other news organizations we've been doing voice the voiceless for every day, every hour, every day for the past 15 years coverage. we've done on the climate change and, and the cop some of the packages from the field. and earlier this year as well, about climate showing the effects of this climate emergency that we're going through on everyday people. and often it's the most poor and marginalized communities that are suffering are on the front line of the climate change. some of those stores that we've done among everything else, i think have been really powerful and telling the human story. it's really important that we continue with the technological revolution and wherever that is going. and where on the platforms, the provide our audience is what they need. but at the same time, stick to the call. editorial values may change of pace. let's have to the weather with room well springs, a season of change in that change can sometimes be fairly violent in south africa's
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no exception, as it acres warmer. so you tend and sometimes gets a pretty big thunderstorm. this was one captured on video on the eastern side or south of augusta swimming pool. you see a big dispatches are and this is why that's how big the hailstones were. that's an apple for comparisons and they were apple. the size hailstones. damage is no doubt . and the report is there more and more frequently big hale storms and they were se if just a few years ago. the example of changing climate, jerry speaking, is fairly dry at the moment. he to day does produce those on some, not that hot job, august 28th, and further it is only about 20. but there is a swathe or heat through southern africa is going through botswana and back towards namibia. and by heat i mean near record natural fact and have only capital bots, while the average is 32, we are registering 38 at the moment. we might creep higher. the record is 40, probably won't get there, but go
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a bit further west. it happened in the western cape, and here it looks to me like you are in get a new record. this is today monday. existing record is 36 and a half and we stay there hot, for least another couple of days. still ahead on al jazeera and new delhi small kids levels so unhealthy millions of students and work is the told to stay at home . and in sport, australia celebrate their 1st to t 20 cricket world cup title that's coming out with sarah in school. ah, a community decimated by kansas fights for the truth. who in this room has cancer, or knows that someone that lives here that has cancer, quote lines exposes houston's candidate cluster. these are the 110 properties that have grown contamination underneath they look data visible, a public community, it just say from do you feel that i'm bell?
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no, no. we were sitting in time. oh, fault lines on al jazeera, indonesia, the country with an abundance of results for the great ballroom walk, indonesia, whose terms forming we moved full to grow and frock. we balanced for green economy, blue economy, and the digital economy with the new job creation law, indonesia is progressively ensuring the policy reform to create quality jobs. invest, let be part when the lease is growth and progress. invest indonesia. now, lou ah ah,
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hello, are you watching out his ear? i'm emily angland, a reminder of our top stories, the sour, the bell russian president says he's trying to persuade thousands of migrants stranded on the border with poland to head back to their home countries. this comes as the a you says it's ready to use in new sanctions against bell russian entities. on monday, nato secretary general has warned russia against what it's described as aggressive actions on the border with ukraine. in stoughton berg says, there has been a large and unusual build up of russian troops on ukraine's borders in recent weeks . and the un has released $14000000.00 of emergency funds to civilians caught up in the to grey crisis. and ethiopia, as well as the countries conflict, heat north, it comes as kenya's president visited ethiopia to push for an end to the conflict between the government and rebel forces. more now on our top story on the migrant crisis said the bellows, poland,
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border corral. la new is the chief executive of the center for your pain policy studies. he joins me live now from brussels. thank you so much. carol kimmy break this down for us. why are these migrants being used as political pawns and is it working? i think it's very simple. i mean the those and us barrows gosh, and call is trying to use whatever he can to embarrass the e o and to upset the you. because you are saying actions against the letters because of the illegal elections, and these are all he's done against the opposition in his country and know lucas ankle. once we had back and he's found that formidable button and these migrants which use for which he's chartered, almost claims to come from syria comp rama by a level and in certain cases from turkey to dan and bush at the border with all on that love via but he to ania and to try to get them across. and what i see is
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almost of more of a shantrel against you or against the concrete question. and for which these concrete are know, considering counter actions, which are of course, very difficult because it's, it's human beings which are used as a kind of a shoot. you get into the category of this corral, the you, as you mentioned in terms of an sanctions, i mean the e is preparing for 5th lot of sanctions to sanctions work or is it just making it worse? of course, the difficult to say the whole has been a bit slow and st. sanctions to better score samples compared to you k o u. s. wendy really and the sanctions. i mean, all the restaurant business interests then continue to work that the little shop is from certain certain angles, but until you have started to do with. and of course, you know, basically lucas shanker and his gang or his group of ministers and other kind of
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business leaders in his country are basically like a mafia which i think in display. and if they're no, see, that's what sample their financial transactions are affected in b u day, of course are afraid. but also we have to see that these people only can have secure money. and for example, countries of the you and if they do transaction, for example, they have their kids to have felony, family members which are based within you, then you can effectively target them. and that's, i think, what has upset from so much that probably his assets, which has be somewhere within you, are affected. the issue of migrants has been a deeply divided issue for the you, for a number of years. how can the block handle this better? sorry, what was your question? hope pan? the issues of migrants has been an issue, a deeply divided issue in the for years. how can the block handle it better? who's going to have like a song minister, for example, last week it was a minister,
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anterior affairs from spain. we just had a friend, fierce maple and all that. we need to have a single, as i knew, we need to have a single policy for a 0. and it's not that 1. 13 can decide because the school district was coming from that country. we'll give it decided we need to have a column policy. but an issue has been on the agenda for the last 56 years since we have this big my real tries and 2050. and we still haven't progressed sufficiently, that's what they called the dublin agreement, which basically we have to update with the european month agreement. but man versus want to keep control about their own design and policies. once we have a policy, it means let's say that you could decide to european, they have to allocate which groups of migrants. and of course, that would be extremely difficult for certain countries. we know that all those which arrived to italy, for example, during the on the mediterranean, gets stuck on it because the other countries were yes, they come to you today. we appreciate your insights. thank you very much. corral
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leonard, the chief executive of the center of your pain policy studies. thanks for joining us on this news. our thank you very much. bye. a foreign affairs ministers in brussels will also be discussing recent developments in sudan. it comes a day after general abdel father albert han shared the 1st meeting of the new sovereign counsel that he appointed it's been criticized by the un for excluding the recently asset civilian ladyship, vessel santa has more from the capital cartoon. european union yesterday has released a statement condemning the wireless that took place during the protest on saturday and asking the military rule here to immediately restore a civilian government and its commitment to their constitutional declaration that has been assigned in 2019. we do not know whether today's meeting in the, in brussels and in the usa. we're will come up with a,
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with concrete steps or not yet, but so far, all of the diplomatic efforts, international dramatic, are forced to find a way out of the political deadlock in sudan, a how field the african union suspended his activities with the, with sudan world bank and the u. s. a suspended aid to their country, frances, that it is considering that the depth lilies at but so for all of the efforts how, how field the, the key issue is a, whether the international community, particularly european union, is going to a put any sanction on sweden will not, and during an interview with mr. and will hand i asked him about whether he's concerned about the diploma did the international communities reaction says destro for all of the steps that have been taken or the procedural procedural measures. and he's not concerned at all that that this, this steps are going to follow by the sanction. a new anti corruption party appears
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to be leading in bulgaria is parliamentary elections, according to the country is central electro commission. that we continue. the change grouping is up against a center, right? patty headed by former prime minister in boy co. laura's of delayed has come as a surprise to many analysts. i. containers, governing per honest party, has suffered a severe set back in mid term elections. there. it lost its majority in congress for the 1st time in 40 years. the government has been losing popularity because of an economic crisis made worse by the pandemic, to raise a boy reports from one a series. the defeat did not come as a surprise, but still it was a major blow full precedent. del better the fernandez and he's ruling coalition party 6 major districts out of 8 voted against the government, resulting in the apparently party losing its majority in the senate for the 1st
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time. in almost 40 years, supporters gather to show their support for the president. they said the government needs to work harder to convince those who didn't vote for them. okay, i did my own conference, open it. i, i, we need to call for consensus, but it's difficult because there are 2 extremes. the pandemic affected us. all, all of government suffered, this doesn't mean that we need to correct mistakes, and i believe all of us are trying to make the world a better place. argentina has been struggling to recover from the pandemic. more than a 100000 people have lost their lives. but he's the impact on the economy that drove the vote against the ruling party. they're going to make the, the way to me the main concern for people in argentina lay from if you are in reserve. i know when the government is negotiating 40000000000 loan with the internet, monetary find the left and we thought so that people here are desperate for economics. civility. and it's disagreement over what to do with
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a debt that has divided president alberto for manley's and his powerful vice president, christina fernandez. the kirschner, while he has prioritize ongoing negotiations with the i m f, and has tried to control the deficit. kirshner has forced him to increase government spending in an attempt to control the damage and mitigate the impact on the economy for a man this and now that he'll present a plan to congress in december to negotiate with the i m f. the plan has the support of his vice president. i can the yoga bowler man to those who say that that problem with the i m f can be solved in 5 minutes. i can tell you that to negotiate is not to obey. i am sure that was austerity measures. we cannot even get the public accounts in order for the election results strengthened the conservative opposition party of former press remedy. so maggie, who left off is almost 2 years ago. what me of when aside is, or as you're already leverage, the said the election is crucial to take power away from the ruling party. is he
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not go from that actually thought equilibrium is the i want to cite it. we had a historical election in the province of bonus aires we beat them again. thanks to the people who won't change. we know you are suffering with insecurity with no jobs . thanks for your support. but also thank you to those who supported us across the country to get those 5 sentences to take absolute power away from christina kirschner. argentina is divided between 2 correlations. that cannot agree on how to move the country forward. uncertainty is having an impact on millions of people who are struggling to make ends meet annually say only consensus can help the country leave it ongoing economic troubles behind. but he said, well, i'll just see down when a site is philippine president rodrigo de turret. i will run for senate high in next year's elections, and that's according to state media, which quoted his age to 2 ties spokesperson earlier said he will join the voice, but would not compete against his daughter saturday to take cup p. o. she's running
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for vice president under the party of sin and michael's gina junior, the light dictated them. they will protest on sunday denouncing that high profile potential alliance. the constitution by the current president from seeking a 2nd 60 jamila alan dorgan has moved from manila. it is critical for the ruling administration, president of the legal that they are, that his allies, members of his cabinet and supporters to be able to control the administration from 2022 onwards. that is because of expected cases that we find that will be filed against president diego, the 3rd day. he's currently facing investigations in the international criminal court for his drug war that is killed almost 30000 people. are filipinos based on data here by rights groups. they're also allegations of corruption abuse of power. i mean, over the past few weeks, what you've seen here is
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a political sag that has been played before the general public. when his own daughter, who is the mayor of diverse city, actually filed for the vice presidency last week. together with the son of the late dictator, former president for denmark was his name is for it in marcus junior, president of the good to there to publicly opposed that because he said his own daughter has stronger chances of actually winning the presidency. so he accompanied his longstanding allies, sen, bongo to file for presidency, and there were suspicions that president of legal detective will be pitted against his own daughter. while this may seem bizarre before, you know, before the global audience, this is just a typical narrative that placed before the general public in the philippines during election season. new daily, his past emergency measures to address in dangerously high levels of pollution. the city has ordered its employees to work from home,
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and schools have been closed. that expense say those efforts and not enough to solve the crisis is pad me. michel reports in just capital is on red, alert. pollution in new delhi has reached alarming levels raising more health concerns for the population of 20000000. the government is taking drastic measures in an attempt to curb the impact its having on people. this week schools will revert to online classes. construction work has been banned and government offices will go remote. the city is also considering a to they locked down. whether for guster, detroit, our products with widow for cautious rings will not blow from november 14 to 17, and the smoke from burning stubble will keep coming to dell. he should, the situation could get worse than new delhi is one of the most polluted cities in the world. the air is toxic most of the year and causes more premier or death than in any other big city in the world. the air quality has become especially bad,
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the season as temperatures dip. the number of farm fires has risen in neighboring states in the past few weeks. new daddy's government has blamed those states for not doing enough to solve what is and, and will problem, but has come under fire from the supreme court for its own ineffective policies. emissions from the hickle's industries and garbage warning remain high. and the government's ban on fire crackers around the hindu festival of devali was not pauline forced because it under the limit of pollution go level or will how much daily is always had a pollution problem. every year we see bands and firecrackers during devali, but people defy these about the air quality index in the most of the city is around $500.00 under marcella. not a big problem. we have to wear a mask all the time, so we don't fall sick. we drive all day outside in this dust. our auto rituals don't have doors. the government needs to think about us. expert said, the government needs to focus on reducing and monitoring emissions from major
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pollutants, including industries, cause and construction sites through the l. we need to develop the award village, the stick sub, to stick state level, a mission, inventory, order different sectors, like how much transportation is contributing, how much construction is contributing from the teacher. and then after that, after we need to assign responsibility to the people, ra, walking on the ground, all those sectors. the government in new delhi constructed this small tower earlier this year off to orders from the supreme court. but experts say measures like these are laws, the reactionary and ineffective, given the scale of the crisis. why shot on emergency policies like lock downs? me is the problem right now. systemic solutions will require regional cooperation and political will poverty missile al jazeera here jelly. levy's president has repealed a law that critics say was intended to crack down on dissent. protests have been
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taking place for a number of days against the surf hold. illicit prophet legislation demonstrated accuse president lewis say of using it to allow the government to see private property venezuela has attempted to break, begin his world record for the largest orchestra. i move in close 1000 musicians from the national system of youth and children's orchestra's, performs a classical pace for more than 5 minutes. russia held the current record with a performance of more than 8000 patients. whenever you, of course, it's a great responsibility. my message for the venezuelan youth is not to give up. they have a dream, put your heart into it, and that dream will come true because dreams come true, but you have to preserve the fight to achieve them. good luck to them now. all right, still ahead on al jazeera will have all the accent from the african world qualifies
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is gonna secure their place in the playoffs that's coming up in school with with
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mm whole lou. ah ah, that is for sarah. thanks very much, emily. well, 9 teams is now booked, their place. the walls copying cats are a more fellow later on monday now several flags were qualify. countries have been put up along the water front here in dallas cornish, including belgium, france, brazil, denmark and germany. now this sunday will officially be just one year until the
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2022 world cup kicks off with all up out of that, he will run a similar ceremony whenever a team qualifies. this is to welcome not only the teams, but more importantly, the funds of those countries who we hope will join us in this festival with football one year from now. well, they'll be adding more flags in the, including the 2010 champions for the very late goals to see the one know when i was sweden and secure in that group. even if they hadn't scored a drug would have been enough the same to go through and creation through as well. they were up against russia and would love to pitch in play. not all came down to this own goal from russia, with 9 minutes left. the one mill when enough for crecia to finish top of the group by a single point. but christiana and all the and portugal have to wait to get the place that the world's come. they blew the chance to qualify automatically, beats in a home by serbia. he scored the winner in the last minute. alexander mitrovica was
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a much winner. a draw would have been enough for portugal, bonds for all those people now have 2 in their place in the playoff. and later on, england are expected to punch the ticket for kappa needing a drawer against the walls, lowest rank team, san marino. we're taking this very seriously. we're not qualified yet. we want a strong performance. we've got thousands of them fans traveling and we must put on a performance that an underlines all of the facts which are spoken about ready now for the african zine of qualifying way gone. and the democratic republic of congo have made it into the playoffs. gone to a one know when is home again, south africa, they finish on the same number of points, but gone to one the group because they scored more goals. now it means they progress in south africa. will miss the world cardinal. and the congress went through with a to know when they've been in kinshasa,
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that saw them leap frog for the opponents. when the group, by one point they joined, gonna egypt, molly morocco and fennel in reaching the playoff. now women's world tennis governing body, the w t a is calling for a full investigation into sexual assault claims made by china saw pay a pen shy against the former member of the chinese government. paying made the allegations on social media account. we've a 10 days ago. the place has since been deleted. she claimed the former vice premier job gown lee, who us intersects for the she had no evidence thing is a former well, number one, double play and hasn't been seen in public since the w. c. a says it hasn't spoken to her directly, but they received assurances from the chinese to tennis association that she safe and not fund the physical threat. roger federer as coach says, he's likely to miss your strategy an open in january, but susan, considering retiring. yes,
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now the 4 year old switch is recovering from knee surgery and hasn't paid since wimbledon in july. federer is tied with novak joke of it and found the doll in the race to become the greatest men's pay of all time on $20.00 grand slams. no, samson is pulled off. one of the best dives of his career drives rather going from 10th on the grid to in the sao paolo grand prix than the say. these dr. afford his way to the top of taking a 5 place grid penalty for an engine change. he overhauled, tied to rival max the stamp and late on the race and finished ahead of him on the podium. hamilton c mate voluntary bought us, took 3rd year. oh, that's how you do it, man. that is how you do it. oh, yes, good. thank you so much. great. we're going to be pushing. it was hoping that we can for hamilton, who was forced this summer saturday sprint race from last over
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a rule breaking rate wing hamilton has now caught the stopping lead and the championship to 14 point with 3 races left. but from last on a grid. and then another fireplace penalty was i think the hardest we can. okay. but my dad said, he reminded me of 2004 when i was in florida, 3 in bahrain and i started last and i, i finished and then and i finished 1st. so it was more that musicians cricketers have had little time to reflect on their defeats australia in the t 20 cricket world cup final. they're already on their way from divine to india for the next to which starts on wednesday. on sunday they were beaten by 8 wickets off the australians chase down the highest toes lever in the final to claim the trophy for the 1st time. well, that's where you sport for me for now, but i'll be more later. safe to say there are lots of happy us. he's in this newsroom. sarah. all right,
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that's all from us here at this news hour. don't go anywhere. i'll have more news in just a minute. ah, talk to al jazeera, we are. how would you describe taliban relationship? with the us, we listen copies one tedious, not all 419 has been terrible demonstration of the failure of human story that we meet with global news makers and talk about the stories that match on al jazeera in the country with an abundance of results. right? are and why indonesia, whose firms, for me, we move full to grow and frank, we balance for green economy, blue economy, and the digital economy. with the new job creation law, indonesia is progressively ensuring the policy reform to create quality jobs. invest, let be part when disease is growth and progress in indonesia. now,
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this is al jazeera, it's november the 15th day, one of the new era and television. you. if you have known that, that was the scale of bloodshed would you have still gone through moments ago to miss also blinded about a 100 meters away from us. we're on the front line, but it's on the call that isn't on the very, really coming our way. i was just over here guys by the police on purpose with port to 0 is offices in gaza. our house in that building has come to let her before and human history has a months per steam environment of the arctic. didn't such peril
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investigating the use and abuse of power across the globe on al jazeera. ah, the a you threatens toughest sanctions against bowers? blaming it for the thousands of migrants stuck at the border with poland freezing conditions. ah, hello, i'm emily anglin. this is al jazeera alive from dough house, coming up. a 4th man is arrested after an explosion at a hospital in the u. k. lisa calling the attack an act of terror. the un.


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