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tv   [untitled]    November 15, 2021 2:00pm-2:30pm AST

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and feel some the b, b, c. thank you very much. and can i presume ukraine's coral minister, his deputy defense minister is quoted as saying western intelligence suggests as a high probability of destabilization by, by russia in ukraine before christmas. can you just spell out what that is? and then i would also like to our secretary general of stilton bag. if well, what is his assessment of what rushes intentions are at the moment, given that there is a significant build up russian military build up in the region. thank you very much . it is pretty much sure to say what exactly will do right, will be the russian scenario, whether the military build up is the main, the main plan, and it will be accompanied by efforts to disturb the lies ukraine from the inside or whether the military build up will serve as a background force as
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a bare ground argument for destabilizing efforts undertaking by russia domestically . we have to be ready for all scenarios for all options, but more importantly, or what and we have to strengthen the resilience of ukraine towards against the scenarios. but what more in what is more important, is that all of us have to ukraine and the allies have to close the coordinate and take any measures which can help to deter russia and to prevent the worst case scenarios. because whatever the price of these deterrence measures is, the price of actually stopping the heated face of the conflict will be much higher . so what we see in on their own, okay now is a large or recent military buildup. we see an unusual concentration of forces.
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and we also know that russia has demonstrated that both the a will and the capability to use military force against ukraine before we saw that when they illegally annexed from ya. and we have seen it over many years in the way they operate to the support or the separatists in don was so therefore of course, i think it, none of us should speculate too much. but, but the fact is that we see an unusual concentration of forces omitted that russian canvas. and that we have seen that russia has demonstrated the will to use these forces against the neighbors, ukraine, georgia. and also the course they have demonstrated against and mold all over many years. and therefore we call on herschel to be transparent on their a military activities to, to reduce attentions,
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i'm to prevent an escalation on this is occur message from all $9.00. and i also discussed the visitation, or with the foreign minister could able during our meeting today, go to the national news agency ukraine, augmented program. national news as your for crane sector general as known, nato have a forward presence in the baltic states in poland. so that helen nato troops. i involved in the current crisis situation in a border, a, so far in nato, and her to minister clever if it's possible. i'm currently, ukraine is very forcing the border reside bella rush. miller of a. is it enough forces for in ukraine to cover both both russian and easton direction, in fact, of that maneuver could be like considered like a destructive move. thank you so much. naples presence in the,
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in the black sea region, the in the baltic region is a defensive presence, or we have increased army purposes or in eastern part of the line. so since 2014, as a result of a rush of aggressive actions against that ukraine. but these are the pro months, these of these presence is, is defensive or of course. and it also has presence in the black sea region portals because some, a field of black sea estates are nato members, romania, a bulgaria and turkey. and then 2 articles of partners for georgia and the ukraine . so of course we exercise, we operate, we are present in this region, but this is no fact to russia. this is entirely defensive of military presence.
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and it also sense of a closing symbol that nate was there to defend allies against any flat on. this is important that we demonstrate the strength and redness of an axle in a more unpredictable acute environment. i wish the bell russian leadership was friendly towards ukraine. i wish that we could consider our northern flank as a safe place. but unfortunately, this is not the case. oh, from a military perspective of course, and the more directions of threat you have, the more dangerous your situation is. but i would like to reassure you that the korean government is taking every measure or sync operation with our close as partners to reinforce our north flank, to ensure that our country is protected from all sides
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will. so that is a life press conference going on right now in brussels between the nato secretary general, as well as the ukranian minister of foreign affairs. and what they've been discussing is the russian build up of troops on the border of ukraine. nato's secretary general has said that russia has demonstrated the will and capabilities he use military force against ukraine before. and the ukrainian foreign minister has express concern saying that russia can quickly activate a mass troops on the border. and every option is on the table for moscow, both men urging russia to reduce tensions and show transparency and the secretary general. also saying that nathan was there to defend all its allies in the face of any threats. just a reminder that this comes after allegations, by the ukrainian presidents, that there are a 100000 russian soldiers near ukraine's border. that's according to
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officials in ukraine. let's bring in natasha butler. she's joining us from paris, natasha listening into to that. what do you think is the take away message and what will happen next? or the big message a fall nato's, a secretary general yen stoughton burke was that he called on russia to be transparent. he said in moscow's intentions, with his troops along the ukrainian border. he said there had been, his words were an unusual concentration of forces along that border between a russia and the ukraine. and according to some western intelligence officials were talking about tens of thousands of russian troops and salt and berg said that nato a must understand better what russia is doing with those troops along the border. that there is a risk the russia could use force because it has been known to use force in the
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past whether that's been in ukraine in georgia or in 2014, when it illegally annexed at the crimea, or something began. so some burg reiterated. he said, of course, the later does not recognize that annexation of the current crime in peninsula in 2014. or there has been, of course, going concern over the past few weeks about, about the russian a suppose a troop build up on that border. we know that a, some european diplomat say that u. s. officials have warned that rushers perhaps planning a possible attack on that border. and on friday, when russia's a foreign minister sat a gay lover of was in france, he was meeting french, a foreign ministry. officials say a french, a foreign ministry officials said to sergei, loved off the russia must be fully clear and transparent in its attentions. and also it must do everything it could to protect and respect ukrainian,
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a territorial sovereignty. so a lot of things to come out of that passcode conference, also interesting from ukraine's foreign minister. he was standing next to the secretary general. he said that russia's actions whether it be with a supporting, been diverse. we're seeing the migrant crisis there between buttress and poland. he said whether it's the energy crisis, whether it's this true build up on the cranium border. this information campaign, he said, he said, all of these point to what he called a hybrid war by russia on europe. i did satellite ok. thank you. natasha butler for that update from paris. so you just heard, beller was mentioned in that press conference in european powers are stepping up the pressure again, speller is over the migrant cases. building up along the border with poland. you for a ministers are meeting in brussels, where they're expected to announce new sanctions against entities and misc the bella russian president and says he will retaliate if that happened. having
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previously warned, of cutting off the supply of gas to the blog. alexander lucas shanker says he's trying to persuade thousands of migrants to head back to their home countries. meanwhile, migrant sand refugees remain stranded at the border. iraq is saying it will start repatriation flight on thursday for more than 500 of citizens. today we are going to approve a new package of sanctions again to resume people responsible for what's happening in the country. and we're going to the large, the framework you know, the to think to implement all the sanctions to other people, airlines travel agencies and everybody involved on the illegal bush of migrants on this biggest. joining us in napoleon beller as border will get to the diplomacy in a moment. i said, but 1st, what are you seeing on the ground and what sort of conditions are these migrants? and i can tell you the conditions are very,
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very cold. and the temperature really drops at nights below 0 night last night we were to 2 men that had managed to cross that border. there were in the dense forest that surrounds this area. now when we got the, the activists were there, they had given them some water and some of blankets to keep them warm. but these 2 men who had managed to speak to her from syria, the city of homes, once one was 39 years old. the other one was 41 years old. there were very, very cold, very delirious in because they had been out in the fight for 4 days. they told me i met x did turn up, but they were given some medical treatment and then put on ambulances. and taken to hospital, now he believed they will be treated and then the asylum cases will be assessed. but it just goes to show that regardless of how many forces poland puts along that border, 15000 approximately people are still managing to get through. and through that dense forest as well. now there is
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a state of emergency and exclusions on next to the border. so we can't really go up to it on this side and tell you what the polish troops are doing or the polish forces doing to keep people that. but it doesn't seem to be deterring anyone, and we are hearing that. and it is a push from the ben ritchie inside those people that are stuck on that side too. again today this morning to try and get past an ascent. and there is a push as well, from european countries, just sort of turn up the pressure on beller roost. and what are the latest on the political attempts to solve this crisis? well, you're paying foreign ministers ah, meeting to discuss a new round of sanctions against by the rule that the business in president, alexander lucas shank has started to retire if that's the case and even threaten to cut off gas supply. but there is also a push to try to resolve this, not for russian president vladimir putin. a 1st denied that has any involvement in
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the, in this crisis will so said that he's willing to help resolve it. not the better routines also say the willing to speak to the european union to resolve this issue . but the european union, a saying that they, once they could deal with the flight school again, to buy the roost. they should address to few minute tarion situation that iraqis have announced that they are willing to repatriate over 500 feet of this as a in by the roost. turkey has said that they will not allowed tickets to be sold to syrian iraq. he's a near minis leaving from turkey into by the rules. and yesterday the cedar near luncheon may re said that they would holt flights to by the route so that there is a pressure on, on, on that side to stop those flights. going in to values and because bruce has been accused of allowing people into the country and then busing them to the border, but we'll have to see what happens with these sections and walk by the routes. we'll do next. okay, thank you. i said, beg, reporting from the poland, belarus,
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florida, well, you, foreign affairs minister is at brussels will also be discussing the recent developments into done. it comes a day after general then for the hon. but hon shared the 1st meeting of the new sovereign counsel that he appointed it's been criticized by the un for excluding their recently ousted civilian leadership. wrestles harder is joining us from the capital heart to him. so russell, the international sort of diplomatic efforts to resolve this crisis do continue. what, what can you tell us about that? well, the, you are my medicine. a foreign affairs are going to have a meeting today and discussed with them and also that the united nation secure the console. so it's going to have another session discussions to that and include in south as to then. so your opinion yesterday has really is a statement condemning death violence that took place during the protest on
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saturday and asking the military rule here to immediately restore a civilian government and its commitment to their constitutional declaration that has been assigned in 2019. we do not know whether to days meetings in the, in brussels, and in the usa we're will come up with a, with concrete steps or not yet, but so far, all of the diplomatic efforts, international dramatic, are forced to find a way out of that point to call that log in to than a how failed the african union suspended his activities with the, with sudan world bank and the usa, suspended aid to their company. france says that it is considering that the depth lilies ad. but so for all of the efforts how, how failed the, the key issue is a, whether the international community, particularly your pin union, is going to put any sanction on food and will not. and doing an interview with mr.
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and will hand i asked him about whether he's concerned about the diploma. did the international communities react? he says that. so for all of the steps that have been taken on the procedural procedure of measures, and he's not concerned at all that, that this, this steps are going to follow by the sanction. so that will be a quite a strong indicator if the, the door after the meeting or their foreign affairs in brussels. and during that, after the meeting of the united, they secured the council. whether there will be any announcement of the sanctions or not of ever so far, the diplomatic efforts failed to force their that the army that was to step back and get a, a, an agreement with piper sheet with the civilians. okay, thank you. russell sardar reporting from harton c u. n. has released $40000000.00 of emergency funds to civilians caught up in the t grey crisis in ethiopia and the rest of the country's conflict fit north. kenya's president has been visiting
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ethiopia to push for an end to the conflict between the government and rebel forces . who can answer, how talks of prime minister abby augments. it comes as fighters in the northern te guy region have pushed further south this month. mohammed the doe has more from addis ababa alicia going about san jewel. use special envoy to the home of africa has expressed some hope that there could be talks between the parties. but he says that is a window that is quickly closing and that and it talks will not succeed unless they satisfy and present who cannot as visit to add to sub about as part of these international efforts, which is growing by the day based on some among the international community that these conflict could turn into a civil war in a country of 110000000 people. and in that region, which is engulfed in crisis, south sudan is already facing it's on conflict. so dana has its own problems and
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instability. so molly is recovering from conflict and it's a leg. yeah, but i have stayed to the rest of the world, but has its own problems. now, when you see up yet many people think about the possibility of this conflict, and if you will be a tiny, into a civil war than that, if you do a crisis that would result from it would be very difficult for cultures that the neighboring, if you up you have to cope with prison. canada is set to mit. the u. s. state secretary m anthony blinking, who lives in kenya. sometime today, you will be meeting him on wednesday to bring him about the discussion. yes, hot with prime minister. be about all other kinds of parallel initiatives to try and bring this war about a mess of humanitarian crisis trust or us journalist who a sentence to 11 years in prison and me and mar, has been released according to his employer journey fence. there was the managing
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editor of frontier, me and more, an online magazine. earlier this week, he was sentenced on charges of terrorism and physician. he was arrested in may while trying to leave me and mar, accused of encouraging descent against the military gentle. it's been 15 years since the launch of this channel al jazeera english since 2006 or international teams have work tirelessly to share stories from across the globe. take a look at what got us here with mohammed val. welcome. well, jim tino from the 15th 2006 day one of a new era and television news. the media network expanded its reach to the english speaking audio and the very 1st program live from on the news headquarters. 20 for our english language news channel has now given a voice to the voice of the democratic republic of congo under zillah english set out on a pass that was already some i paid. it's just a channel of just, you know,
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our big was already a power for regional brand. with an international outreach. the mission of english was to build on that momentum which it did into yes. the new channel host initial aim was 20000000 subscribers, was able to reach 18000000. it's exclusive coverage of the israeli war on gathering 2008 made it stand out among giant world competitors with regional hubs in though how london washington, dc and quite a lumper, the vast network of correspondence and social media platforms. it was able to provide the most comprehensive news coverage from the middle east, africa, asia, europe, and the americas. the focus was on human stories. this meant take risks, reaching remote areas and challenging government censorship. i was just there, a champion, the coverage of what became known as the arab spring. we were really a platform for those who were you for crowds,
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if you like. whereas across the world, people who are demanding freedom people who are defending democracy before their struggle defended is armed conflicts. we faced many, many challenges over the years by while while covering conflicts and some of the most trouble region. wild covering protest in egypt for odyssey, english journalists were jailed on false charges for nearly 2 years. the thing is we were doing our job as a professional journalist in egypt. and at some point this did not make the government in egypt happy. you didn't want anybody to report anything, but what do they see as a truth? so it was a shock. people came a restless, just simply for 2 reasons. one, they don't want the truth to prevail for people. the 2nd thing they want to intimidate other for enjoy, or enjoy us. in general. in cairo, undaunted, the channel went ahead, gaining more popularity and winning awards. it managed to reverse the direction of
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the news flow, given a stronger voice to the global south. yeah. in 15 years of english, how solidified it's a global footprint and continues its commitment to viewers by bringing to light stories that are otherwise less covered. hum advice. as dizzy le charles trundle is the managing director of al jazeera english. he says the range and scope of the channels coverage distinguishes itself from other international networks. we are a channel that is not based in a traditional power center, so we're not from london. we're not from washington, went from paris, nor berlin. or we are, we are in a, in a, in a region of the world which isn't used to having international news channels based . and so by having, by being based here, and along with our editorial perspective, which is to provide all perspectives and alternative perspectives. so that makes it really important that i think out of the english has such
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a wide range and scope and depth in its coverage. unlike many other or most other news organizations, we've been doing voice the voiceless for every day, every hour, every day for the past 15 years coverage. we've done on the climate change and, and the cop some of the packages from the field. and earlier this year as well, about climate showing the effects of this climate emergency that we're going through on everyday people. and often it's the most poor and marginalized communities that are suffering are on the front line of climate change. some of those stores that we've done among everything else, i think have been really powerful and telling the human story. it's really important that we continue with the technological revolution and wherever that is going. and where on the platforms to provide our audience is what they need. but at the same time, stick to the core editorial values. unhealthy air in new delhi will keep millions
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of students on workers at home this week. the city has ordered its employees to work from home. schools have been closed and construction wholesale through wednesday. no daily ranks amongst the most polluted cities in the world, burning crops and garbage. coal fired plants and vehicle exhaust all contribute to the small problem happening missile has the latest from new jelly. it's a really desperate situation and what you're seeing is desperate measures being passed to address it right now, i'm in the air quality in the city is dangerously terrible. the pollution levels are dangerously high and they have been up for more than a week. now, you know, and during this time you can usually see a lot of the buildings and landmarks behind me. but right now, if you're seeing a thick layer of small, you're seeing a lot of hayes and that's because of the pollution levels. now the government has possum emergency measures schools which just came back for in person. classes will
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now be online in the city for the this coming week. schools in some of the neighboring cities and states will also be online for the next couple of days. construction, which is one of the big polluters in the city has been banned and government officials will be working from home. now the government is also set to submit a proposal for a possible to day lockdown, so you'll see covered 19 like measures being considered to address the pollution problem right now this is a huge step because. 8 daddy has to not recovered from the economic impact of the last john that was imposed during the 2nd wave a few months ago. still it is one of the most new to cities in the world and remains over $365.00 days. it just becomes, was this time because of the weather, you know, low winds dipping temperatures. there's also a rise in instances of farm fires and stubble burning in neighboring states during
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this time of feel. a new anti corruption party appears to be leading in bulgaria parliamentary elections. that's according to the countries central electoral commission. the we continue to change grouping is up against a center right party headed by former prime minister, a boil bori solve the lead has come as a surprise to many analysts philippine president rodrigo, the territory will run for senator next year's election. that's according to state media, which quoted his age, the territory spokesperson earlier said he will join the vote, but would not compete against his daughter, sarah. she's running for vice president under the party of further on marco's junior, the late dictator, son. there were protests on sunday denouncing the high profile potential alliance. the constitution bar, as the current president from seeking a 2nd 6 year term, libya as president, has repealed a law that critic said was intended to crack down on descent. protests had been taking place for
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a number of days against the so called illicit profits legislation. demonstrators accused the president of using it to allow the government to seize private property, transport and retails union had called for an indefinite strike last week. cuban security forces are surrounded the home of a leading government critic to prevent him from protesting. una garcia has called for pro democracy rallies on monday, act of a say they're determined, the demonstrations will go ahead without him. daniel swindler reports the cuban authorities have prevented the country's most prominent opposition leader union garcia from leaving his home in havana for a solo protest. the operation came the day before march is planned across the country to demand greater freedoms and the release of political prisoners approaches. the government is declared illegal. garcia said that every cubans should have the right to demonstrate peacefully. give it up. i think that is my
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greatest aspiration that every cuban knows. they have power, a lot of power that a single citizen can make a system. trumbull, the cuban government has organized a number of counter demonstrations and last week with hundreds of foreign diplomats to a meeting to accuse the united states have been behind the protest. washington's representatives and havana were not invited and this video ad on state television accuses una garcia of working with the u. s. authorities and anti cuban organizations claims he strongly denies. ah, the plan march is on monday, coincide with cuba. reopening its doors to foreign tourism close for 20 months because of the coven. 19 pandemic. restaurants in the colors, marquez says, the return of tourism will help the countries battery economy. he called the opposition demonstration, a distraction,
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a play. so although i'm sure it won't happen short shore shore from the moment they started planning it, it was a crazy idea. tens of thousands of cubans think otherwise, they belong to archipelago movement organized on social media. he grew out of protest in july, which took the authorities by surprise. you to this size and spontaneity. hundreds were arrested ah, growing dissent is being expressed in other ways to this video by musician world berto. cock gases is quote, no one can stop me. acted danielle triana, theseus, florida is, will be better prepared to repel monday's plan. marches or threats of violence will keep many away. although he said, even if the protest is suppressed, the opposition movement will keep growing. both been released in thought of those
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for the 1st time in nearly all the provinces in the country, the people have come together to cry for freedom. that's historic. symbolically marks the beginning of the end. oprah it's a prediction may prematurely, many times since fidel castro came to power in 1959. the difference this time is to protest as a staying in cuba to fight the change rather than leaving. and that's a challenge to the cuban authorities. a struggling to deal with then shimla al jazeera. ah, hello again. the headlines on algae 0, nato secretary general has warned russia against what it described as aggressive actions on the border with ukraine. yen st oldenburg says there has been.


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