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tv   [untitled]    November 15, 2021 1:30pm-2:01pm AST

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online for the next couple of days construction, which is one of the big polluters in the city has been banned and government officials will be working from home. now the government is also set to submit a proposal for a possible to day lockdown, so you'll see covert 19 like measures being considered to address the pollution problem right now this is a huge step because. 8 8 daddy has to not recovered from the economic impact of the last john that was imposed during the 2nd wave a few months ago. still it is one of the most new to cities in the world and remains over $365.00 days. it just becomes, was this time because of the weather, you know, low winds dipping temperatures. there's also a rise in instances of farm fires and trouble burning in neighboring states during this time of feel. still ahead on al jazeera politics in the philippines becomes a family affair. the latest on president rodrigo details
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a decision on it next year's election, plus, giving a voice to the voice list. it's been a 15 years since the lawyer said. this channel al jazeera in late and in sport estrella celebrates of their 1st t 20 cricket world cup title. that's all coming up with sarah. ah there is yet more flooding in italy. this time we'll pick a specific spot in italy. we'll take the r and ross sardinia around which clad has been circulated, been raining. it's not huge flooding that it's there and, and the lesson is still the whole of an area of low pressure, this western side of the mediterranean, around which an awful stuff is still circulate, exerted or warnings out. now, the potential of flooding throughout a good part of italy, p as you can see,
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why nothing it for the body are ok, but i think that might just come at the same time around this big circulation. you tend to induce rather seasonal when, but it's a strong, ne, comes out of the interior, croatia, it can just between gave and hurricane force and cause damage down on that coast. very specific, but it serves about the 3rd time i've seen it last month. as you see, rains probably the main story for the most part that carries on throughout tuesday there's snow on the northern edge, but really it's rain that could cause yet more flooding. and it's still specifically western med doesn't really include much of spain or porch cool, or much of central europe. and in the north where we're waiting for winter to come in, would it still there waiting? it means snow in the northern part of norway still disk. i say quite cold, but not abnormally so other parts of europe than that's the case on tuesday as well . rain, not snow. ah. counting
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the costs, climate change is reshaping. this, a health, food insecurity cools and the pandemic, a leading to a rise in violence, terrorism, and the drought ravage central valley and california that provides vast amounts of food for the us. but for how much longer. counting the cost on al jazeera al jazeera world peers into the murky world of state sponsored spyware. and the discovery by al jazeera journalists, it's 0 pick technology attacked their smartphones. sister is this the new frontier espionage think about the sophistication of exports to breaking the phones. this is as good as it gets this high and your phone on al jazeera port. moore's b. the capital a poppy beginning is ranked one of the most dangerous in the world. one a one east investigate the violent gains, filling fear on the street. on l g 0,
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lou ah, hello are you watching out 0? i'm emily angland. reminder about top stories this hour. the bell russian president says he's trying to persuade thousands of migrants stranded le border with poland to head back to their home countries. this comes as the e u says it's ready to issue new sanctions against bell russian entities. on monday, the u. n. has released $14000000.00 of emergency funds to civilians caught up in the t grey crisis in ethiopia. and the rest of the country's conflict hit north. it comes as kenya's president visited ethiopia to push for an am to the conflict between the government and rebel forces and agitators. president,
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alberto fernandez, has suffered a severe set back in mid term elections. he is, the ruling coalition has lost control of the senate for the 1st time in 40 years. on the ballot were half the members of the lower chamber and a 3rd of the senate. it's been 15 years since the launch of this channel al jazeera english. since 2006, our international teams have worked tirelessly to share stories from across the globe. let's take a look at what got us here with mohammed van. welcome touched. well jam t november 15th 2006 day one of a new era and television news. the artist, yellow media network expanded its reach to the english speaking audience and the very 1st program live from although ha news headquarters here 24 hour english language news channel has now given a voice to the voiceless, the democratic republic of congo, where it is under 0 english settled on
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a path that was already semi paid to jewelry. its sister channel of da. xerox was already a pole for region of bron honest with an international outreach. the mission of abdulla englishness was to build on about momentum, which it did into yes, the new channel whose initial aim was 20000000 subscribers was able to reach 80000000. it's exclusive coverage of the israeli war on gathering 2008 made the stand out among giant world competitors with regional hubs in though how london washington d. c. and quite a lumper, a vast network of correspondence and social media platforms. it was able to provide the most comprehensive news coverage from the middle east, africa, asia, europe, and the americas in the focus was on human stories. this meant take risks, reaching remote areas and challenging government censorship. i was just there, a champion, the coverage of what became known as the arab spring. we were really
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a platform for those who were the you for it crowds, if you like. whereas across the world, people who are demanding freedom people who are defending democracy before their struggle defended is our conflicts. we faced many, many challenges over the years by while while covering conflicts and some of the most trouble region. while covering protest in egypt for our english journalists were jailed on false charges for nearly 2 years. the thing is we were doing our job as a professional journalist in egypt. and at some point this did not make the government in egypt happy. you didn't want anybody to report anything. what, what do they see as a truth? so it was a shock. people came restless, just simply for 2 reasons. one, they don't want the truth to prevail for people. the 2nd thing they want to intimidate other for enjoy or to join with in general in cairo. undaunted, the channel went ahead,
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gaining more popularity and winning awards. it managed to reverse the direction of the news flow, given a stronger voice to the global south. yeah. in 15 years of english, how solidified it's a global footprint and continues its commitment to viewers by bringing to light stories that are otherwise less covered, hammered via our busier and joining us now here in the studio is the managing director of al jazeera english channel. giles, trend hill, thanks for being he, giles. first of all, i mean just looking at that package and the last 15 years has been particularly busy. why is it so important? do you think, why was it so important to establish allergies very english for this region? i think we are a channel that is not based in a traditional power center, so we're not from london. we're not from washington model, from parents, not from berlin or we are. we are in a, in a, in a region of the world which isn't used to having international news channels based
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. and so by having, by being based here, and along with our editorial perspective, which is to provide all perspectives and alternative perfect. so that makes it really important that i think algebra english has such a wide range and scope and depth in its coverage. unlike many other or most other news organizations in spain, 15 years is there a particular story or stories that stand out for you that represent the motto, voice of the voiceless. really with been doing voice, the voiceless for every day, every hour, every day for the past 15 years. so it's very difficult to pinpoint one particular story. but what i would say is that more recently the coverage we've done on the climate change and, and caught some of the packages from the field. and earlier this year as well, about climate showing the effects of this climate emergency that we're going
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through on everyday people. and often it's the most poor and marginalized communities that are suffering are on the front line of the climate change. some of those stores that we've done among everything else, i think have been really powerful and telling the human story in days how have the same technology playing a role over the last few years or over the last 15 years. how is technology helped and benefited journalism and how do you say that progressing? i would say there's been great disruption and disruption can be good and it can be bad disruption. it's revolutionized the way we gather news. the way we produce seems like mobile journalism have increased the, the equipment is getting smaller and it's getting more portable, more flexibility, more agility in our, in our ability to go out into the field and produce then as the dark, aside of some of the big tech companies that we've seen recently, some of the more malign influences of some social media platforms,
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which may be purveyors of misinformation even disinformation. and of course, it's our job then to, to make sure that proper information gets out and to challenge those narratives, those false narratives. and of course, the speed of all of that happens. so it's done so quickly. i mean, you need the actual, it's the of louis hamilton. oh, you know, it's so fast these days. where do you see the next 15 years going? what would you like to see happen? i think it's really important that we continue with the technological revolution. and wherever that's going and where on the platforms the provide our audience is what they need. but at the same time, stick to the core editorial values because holding the line in a world like today, holding the line on professional journalism, on, on, frank fer coverage is really important. and i think as, as they say, who is all will said in the, in the times of the seats it's, it's
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a revolutionary act. tell the truth. so in that sense, we continue being revolution will, may, we will be sitting here in 15 years time together discussing that very thing. maybe, you know, it's always know, wrecking interviewing your boss. i appreciate your time and thank you very much. managing director of al jazeera english giles trends there. okay, moving on now, and you anti corruption party appears to be leading in bo gary's parliamentary elections. according to the countries essential electoral commission that we continued to change, grouping is up against center, right? potty headed by the former prime minister, believe has come as a surprise to many analysts. jenna, how joins us live now from sophia. thanks for joining us, joanna. this would be good news to bo gary ends after months of political uncertainty. well, it certainly good news, francy corruption, campaign isn't supporters. remember this election protest process rather that began back in april, came off the back of mass demonstrations last year against corruption. that spreads
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from the government to big business from the mafia to the judiciary. they spelt the end of 12 years in power for boris party. solve his government 12 years marked by corruption. whatever the result he caught come back to power. he has no coalition part does. now, the previous 2 elections in april and july were inconclusive because of the failure to build coalitions. this one looks very different. that is because of the inclusion in the election about brand new anti corruption party. as you were mentioning there, that has done extremely well coalition talks will need to follow, but as it's lead a curio pet cough told me on sunday. those talks may be delicate, but he is determined in his goal to change the image of bulgaria. no longer a country characterized by corruption, instead one that will have eliminated corruption altogether. is my report book areas, industrial hot plan, a mix of soviet here,
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architecture and polluting factories. pernix has the dirtiest air in the european union and anti corruption activists say the vote here thinks to it's one among a number of towns where business leaders are accused of paying off voters to protect a deeply entrenched system of official corruption and patronage. money is always missing and really visible for the people to see that the money are going somewhere, but not in the citizen what we would like to see better future for the young one. we want to see that the government is taking care of all or parents. public protests against corruption last year brought an end to form of prime minister boy boris of deck aiding power. this is the man who promised to make a difference of real pet called one of to harvard, educated economists whose party continue the change looks to according to preliminary results, to lead and to corruption. the lions,
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are you the fresh face of bulgarian politics, the big hope of brussels? the leaders in brussels who want to see the page turned on corruption here. i think the fresh faith for the beginning voters because our whole election campaign started with 0 corruption, no less corruption, not decrease corruption, 0 corruption. if we are able to day to be after today to be in position of power, we would love to create such a strong agency that corruption becomes the opposite brown for both those lofty aims. removing the stench of corruption will be an enormous task. a system of oligarchy, patronage and power built up over many years, helping to ensure that bulgaria has remained the e use poorest member vested interests like this won't like it, of course. but the 3rd election this year off is at least the hope is parties can
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finally work together of change. well, that is of course the big question. now whether those parties, the so called parties of change can work together. they do now have a senior partner. effectively, their side has won this election. the coalition talks will be tricky. they come from different sides of the political aisle. these various parties and groupings. the hope will be, of course, that they remain united a purpose to turn the clock back on the boris of years and turn the page on corruption in bulgaria. thank you for that update. jonah, how live for us the in bulgaria, after this news, our philippine and president rodrigo de tirty will run for senator in next year's elections. that's according to state media, which quoted his aide, to today's spokesperson earlier said he'll join the vote, but would not compete against his daughter samara. to take a perio copier, she's running for vice president under the party of fernanda and my cos junior. the
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light dictators sun. there were protests on sunday denouncing that high profile potential alliance. the constitution bars the current president from seeking a 2nd 6 year term jamila alan dugan has moved from maryland. it is critical for the ruling administration. president, the legal that there, that his allies, members of his cabinet and supporters, to be able to control the administration from 2020 to onwards. that is because of expected cases that we fight that will be filed against president rodrigo, at their day. he's currently facing investigations in the international criminal court for his drug war that is killed almost 30000 people. are filipinos based on the data here by rights groups. there are also allegations of corruption abuse of power. i mean, over the past few weeks, what you've seen here is
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a political sag that has been played before the general public. when his own daughter, who is the mayor of diverse city, actually filed for the vice presidency last week. together with the son of the lead dictator, our former president for denmark was his name is for it, and mark is junior president of the good to there to publicly opposed that because he said his own daughter has stronger chances of actually winning the presidency. so he accompanied his long standing allies, sen, bhangra, to file for presidency, and there were suspicions that president of the good there to will be pitted against his own daughter. while this may seem bizarre before i, you know, before the global audience, this is just a typical narrative that placed before the general public in the philippines. during election season. 3 men have been arrested under terrorism laws in the u. k. after a man was killed in a car explosion, police say a taxi pulled up outside a woman's hospital in the city of liverpool on sunday and then exploded. the
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passenger was killed and the driver is now in the hospital. for more on the store in a beam, in a day, bob has been following the lightest from london. nadine, what more can you tell us about what's happened? well, as you were saying, it was just before 11 in the morning on sunday. in the city of liverpool, when a taxi pulled up outside the livable women's hospital that police were cold to reports of an explosion. and fire crews also attended when they got there. the car was completely on fire. now in the last few hours, liverpool was mad joanne anderson. hm. praised the taxi driver saying that he got out and locked the doors of the car behind him and she says his heroic efforts avoided in her words. what could have been an absolutely awful disaster.
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there are still on on said questions, but one eye witness in the hospital has been speaking on national media saying that to him vase they heard a loud bang and then they saw the car car on fire. they saw somebody jump out screaming and also somebody still inside the car. now counter terrorism, police and the intelligence service m, i 5, are now involved in the investigation on sunday, 3 men, all of them in their twenties, were arrested in liverpool, m witnesses, they're reported seeing an armed officers move in on a one particular house in the city we don't know for sure what the motive may have been home secretary pretty but house has. she is still being kept updated on what she calls the awful incident. meanwhile, them the chief constable of mercy side. police is reassuring the public saying that
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there will be increased patrols by police officers in the next few days. but she was stressing that such incidents are extremely rare. ok, thank you for that update. and the dame baba live for us in london. still ahead on al jazeera will have all the action from the african world cup, qualifies as gonna secure its place in the player. that's all coming up and scored with sarah. ah
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ah whole ah ah ah,
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before you sarah, thanks very much, emily. well, we have a lot going on women's world tennis governing body. the w t a is calling for a full investigation into sexual full claims made by china. stop her pain. why? against a former member of the chinese government, paying made the allegations on social media reboot account 10 days ago in the post that has now been deleted. now she claimed that form of ice, premier giant golly qu us the intersects, but she had no evidence thing as a former world number one, double play and hasn't been seen in public since i was w t. a says it hasn't spoken to her darkly, but they received an assurances from the chinese tennis association that she is safe and not under any physical threats. now the w. t. a issued a statement saying we commend pangs, y for her remarkable courage and strength in coming forward, women around the world to finding their voices, so injustices can be corrected. the allegations must be investigated fully,
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fairly transparently. and without censorship. the w t a says it's willing to risk a bypassing china, which has become a major partner for the women. so in the last decade now the city oceans and is set to host the w k finals. and so at least 2030, before the disruption of the pandemic, china has 9 tournaments in the 2019 season with more than $30000000.00 of prize money on a roger federer. his coat says he's likely to miss your straight and open in january. but susan, considering retiring yet now, the 4th year old swift is recovering from knee surgery and hasn't played since wimbledon in july. feder is tied to novak joke of h and raphael natal in the race to become the greatest men of all time on 20 grand slams. her founder and all those portugal have blown the chalice to qualify automatically for next year's wolf cup in capsule. that's after they lost the home again, via he's called that aside in goal in the last minutes, alexander mitchell, which was the match winner. a drawer would have been enough for portugal bots.
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rinaldo team will now have to that place in the pale 2010 world champion bay on the road to 2020, to a very late goal from our growing moran feel. the one know when a, the sweden to secured both in the groups, even if it hadn't him, if he hadn't called a drug, would have been enough to spain to go through. and crecia join them, they were up against russia and has the driving rain an award to a pledge, and it all came down to his own goal from russia, with 9 minutes left. the one know when enough recreation to finish top of the group by a single point and quantify automatically now to the african zone of qualifying well gone are, and the democratic republic of congo have made the into the playoffs gone a one know when is home, they get south africa, they finish on the same number of points, but gone to one the group because they've scored more goals. that means they progress than south africa. will miss the world cub?
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ah, okay, we are going to have to cut foot there and we're going to head to the ninety's secretary general and ukraine's minister of foreign affairs who were holding a joint news conference as a rush of bills up troops on the border of ukraine. let's listen in natal 40 minutes. they don't meeting their next month. think your secretary general, your friends. i would like to think you secretary general for out today's in depth and more importantly, very timely conversation on the current security situation along the korean border and a sober analysis of its impact on ukraine and data. and i particularly appreciated our conversation was both political and specific in ukraine's view. what we currently see along the border is not a purely military build up, because russia already brought me with 3 are mother to our borders in spring and
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has never really withdrawn it since. what we see now is that deteriorating situation, where russia is demonstrating that it can quickly activate the, already a mapped troops and equipment. and that every option, including the military one, is on the table for russian leadership. project continues to fulfill the conflict in the east of ukraine by supplying weapons and troops, financing bill capacious administration, issuing russian passports to locals, rushes, military maneuvers, the energy crisis in europe. the dramatic use of migrants as a weapon on poland and leasing as borders was bellows. and massive. disinformation have to be seen as one complex of events, because they are all elements of russia's hybrid war on the european euro atlantic
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community. i would like to say to say clearly that ukraine has always been and remains fully committed to peace, justice and security. in europe. we are determined to work together was the alliance to protect the fundamental principles. we appreciate nature's on the bathing solidarity and practical support at this challenging time. and today will discuss the secretary general how we can strengthen ukraine's capabilities to defend russia and how we can better deter russian aggressive intentions and actions. dear secretary general, thank you for the decision of the allies to invite me and my georgia colleagues to reach out to participate in the ministerial meeting. this will be, this is an important message in itself and an excellent opportunity for our discussions that we already you enjoy in
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full swing, the enhanced opportunity partners that just and it's clearly a win win story for both ukraine and the alliance. ukraine is proud to be and contributor to allied operations and we will continue to do so. finally, we commence efforts to approve the new strategic concept and the needs of stomach next june and moderate. next year we will also celebrate the 25th anniversary of the charter on need to ukraine distinctive partnership which was signed exactly in moderate. we therefore discussed with the secretary general preparations for this summit in light of its potential for mud and decisions. thank you. once again, secretary general for your continued support and thank you for your attention. will take the 1st question, the online from johnson b,
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from the bbc. thank you very much and can i transfer you credit card minister and his deputy defense minister is quoted as saying western intelligence suggests as a high probability of destabilization by, by russia in ukraine before christmas. can you spell out what that is? and then i would also like to our secretary general stilton bag. if what, what is his assessment of what rushes intentions are that might be given that there is a significant build up brushing military build up in the region. thank you very much . it is pretty much your to say, what exactly will the right will be the russian scenario, whether the military build up is the main, the main plan, and it will be accompanied by efforts to disturb the lies ukraine from the inside or whether the military build up will serve as a background for.


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