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tv   [untitled]    November 14, 2021 8:00pm-8:30pm AST

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james, they're bigger, they're going to continue to do what they do and in depth analysis of the days, global headlights. inside story on al jazeera, ah protesters rally outside teenagers, parliament calling for an end to recent measures imposed by the president. ah, no, i'm fully back to boy a watching al jazeera life from doha. also coming up, the son of libya's former leader more market off. he registers as a candidate for december's presidential election. dozens of migrants are detained after crossing into poland from bela bruce. and the end of an era for motos filters, 9 time world champion, valentina, rosie waves. good bye ending as fella. korea on 2. ah,
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we begin in tunisia where protests have taken place in the capital against present case side. thousands rallied near the suspended parliament. others were prevented from joining the demonstration. in july presence i e socks the prime minister creating the biggest political crisis since the 2011 revolution. dr. jabari has more. oh, chanting shut down k c and freedom and the police state. protesters pulled down barriers blocking the road, leading to the parliament building in the capital tunis. these people are marching against the measures imposed by president chi say, since he sacked the prime minister and suspend the parliament 4 months ago. some have made the trip from across the country under the whole another we did not come here to clash with others, all calls one any harm. we came all the way here to tell those in charge that we
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want a taste of freedom. we've tasted freedom before and we don't want to be deprived of it ever again. hundreds of police officers have blocked off the area where thousands of protesters were gathering on sunday to demand that said restored the elected parliament and have democratic rule. sundays protests were organized by pulling itself citizens against the poo. you promised to continue their demonstrations and expand them to other cities. so she is really outside of open for the way we have been under one man, ruled since july 25th, an individual who violated the law, violated the constitution, shut down the state, closed parliament with tanks shut down, government and state institutions suspended the constitution. and to day closed the streets, a soil of the republic to day, the country is close to when president site insists what he did in july was not a qu, but others called it a threat to the regions. few democracies said in september,
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he announced he would rule by decree while ignoring parts of the constitution. and last monday, he formed the government and appointed a new prime minister. president site has promised to uphold people's rights, but there are fears of a return to the days of one man rule door, such a part al jazeera while simon speak. mon quarterly is a freelance journalist in tunisia and he's been speaking to demonstrate us that. busy the just to my side, there's about 79000 people who assembled him outside the parliament building under the auspices of the coalition. citizens against the 2. that's 7 to 9000. it sounds a lot, but we it's hold many more have been blocked from actually getting to the capital. i've seen footage robots in jobs, which in the south the juniors here on elsewhere said to me even to get here the taxi had to stop some way distant leaving me to walk seen addresses by some of many
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of the crow parliaments. oh seekers. ah, not least shower my barret who's called sitting outside the parliament until it's ok. we also heard colds for the release of the isn't was leaders. see it be loose. is in jails on assault charges from an incident at some time ago. the blue shows here is a significant mom. ruth, i was when the kilometer and a half distance and then search before entering the site. there is a line, a riot offices in full armor. it's relatively intimidating, but with that said, the crowd is mostly middle aged. they seem fairly well behaved under focus. it's very clear that they want this polymers open in avenues, the son of libya's former leader mo mcafee has registered as a candidate for december's presidential election. faithful is lamb cut off. he says he wanted to restore unity after
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a decade of conflict since his father was deposed. so is safe. ellis lam qaddafi, while he was educated in the west and was seen as a potential successor to his father until the 2011 revolution changed libya's political landscape. he was captured by an armed crow from the city as in town. and hell there until 2017. 2 years earlier, the internationally recognized government in tripoli had sent her safe to death in absentia, but he was later pardoned. he's also wanted by the international criminal court for alleged crimes against humanity. only be a correspondent malik trina has more this is a big deal to day. you know, after nearly a decade of hiding were seen safer slam on video, or if in southern libya. so are very surprising for many people weren't even sure that safest lamb was alive yet alone. ugh, applying to become the next president. after 10 years of conflict, i think people are shocked, surprised,
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definitely. he has some support base and there, and they're excited to see him back in the, in the political or a political position dubious, deeply divided. so he does have some support. i don't think he's gonna be a serious contender. our for president, but it'll definitely showcase that the libyans that are reminiscing of a time when libya was much more stable. although under, you know, a toll tell a tarion rule or but more stable, more secure people could work and move across the country freely. that's not happening now, so there's definitely a percentage of libyans that reminisce of the times before. 2011 and and, and, and would possibly vote for safely slam. but we just saw a few days ago, a conference in paris where the international community was saying that the elections must go ahead. but there is some serious issues with that a constitutional framework, or has yet to be agreed upon by the rival legislative branches. they're still
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discussing what kind of powers as the president have are, but the high national electoral commission is still moving along and taking up taking these applications. a brain fe hat is an associate professor of conflict resolution at the doha institute. he explains what support there is for and neither can daffy. he has some support among the form of the g m. loyalists. and also he has some support within some private forces. they're not much. it's not the support they are in places like many what lead and that one on some other horses ab i don't think he has any chance of winning this election. i don't think he, he himself thinks that he has a chance. but for him, i think this is a political message that he is trying to send, that he's becoming again back to the political scene and part of the game. and also that he can run that actions. he is ignoring international. busy criminal
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court requests for him to be handed over to the i to see. so that's, i think the political message is what we're seeing behind that. and he is doing that. now as we see, we generally p and law. and it's not the major driving force that we think the civic center or the other thing because it depends where, you know, what area are we talking about? we know that it's deeply divided between east and west, but we, we are seeing triple a slab actually is running from the south. so it's completely outside this area within the eastern with equation. so we come in with up with a different from a different area better ruth, his urging the european union not to impose further sanctions over the migrant crisis at the border with poland. the foreign minister spoke with the ease tom,
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diplomatic insisted that file being taken to reduce the number of people crossing into poland by some nations of a huge, valuable serv, encouraging migrants to enter. i sad because the latest from poland, side of the border with this seclusion zone, the state of emergency, very much the way that they are playing the narrative that they are pushing that this is some sort of accept the truth here on the border on not fighting there's no shots really been fired. what they're doing is stuffings people crossing the board, including women and children. well, what we have seen is this large, true presence up and down. some of these roads receive convoys of military on police vehicles. this check points throughout this area now searching vehicles asking for identification, but regardless of how many truths or security personnel on the board as somebody around 15000 people are still managing to get through with spoken to people that
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might get through in the last week. they went through the forest and made it to this side of polar none. what we're hearing from them is that they will shift bussed to the border on the, on the, by the side by the belly, recent authorities, but also sometimes sent back once across the border by polish authorities and sent back several times before they actually made it. and i will also hearing some of the tactics that the polish authorities are using. they're using bright lights in the dark, lots of noise. busy and some of these people that the border say the funding very difficult to sleep. it's very destructive border. this adds to the freezing temperatures. but yesterday we did go into the exclusion zone in the forest and we found clothes and food very fresh from people that had actually made the across austria is imposing a nationwide lockdown for an vaccinated people. anyone older than 12 will only be allowed to leave their homes to get jobs or for essential shopping. their concerns
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at rising corona virus cases of putting the health system at risk of relapse. police will be checking to ensure that people have been vaccinated. diane, the, we have decided to do that from monday, there will be a locked down for unvaccinated people in austria. this means restrictions on going out for a one over the age of 12. private living quarters may only be left in exceptional cases. x is limited to vaccinated people, or people who have recovered from quote 19, will apply in the retail sector and unvaccinated people will no longer be allowed to shops. for more than basic supplies. from like floating shops and sport shops or furniture shops, paul brennan is in london, he says austria, the chancellor hopes to kirby potential winters. sage is clearly determined to get a grip of the situation. in austria, there will be on the spot checks by police essentially. if you are outside of your house and you get stopped by the police,
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you will have to show an essential reason for you to be out of the house if you're unvaccinated, or you'll be having to show a vaccine kind of passport, some kind of record that you've had the to corona virus inoculations that you would have had to be fully vaccinated. the chancellor is clearly frustrated. australia has a big problem. it has 3 times the infection rate of neighboring germany on saturday . it had an old time high of infect, daily infections of 13000 and that's the population of just a 1000000. well 99000000 actually. and the problem is that the take up a vaccinations in australia has been studying the low they rank about 17th in europe. about 63.4 percent of the population is fully vaccinated. many austrians are sort of vaccine skeptical position. i have to say that's been found and, and encouraged by the far right freedom party, which the 3rd biggest party in austria is parliament. but the chancellor is having
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none of it faced with a winter where people are going to be huddling and doors more. and in europe, where the, sorry, the infection rates are going off with gentler, saying that look, time is to take her to action. i still had on al jazeera, seeking to heal, was less my decades long ethnic conflicts will bring you the latest sundays to fan reconciliation. commission except those that could keep the balance of power in congress, argentina headed to the whole situation with that the seasons changing dramatically in iran, but the state for the size and on the south coast. iran is basically just a few showers in the gulf. bit of a breeze may be coming down through bahrain and cutter, and those showers are very light. but this is expand our view on things at the
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moment during monday you can't see much going on to rounds. at 14 degrees, it's still quite warm. levant temperatures in the middle, twenty's by root, for example. but there is a cold coming down again, a chill in the air which is coming down from west asia into tara, at 50, at 50 degrees using nothing's going on to let take your day forward. watch. the snow is falling on the high ground west and normally run, it keeps going in. there's an obvious line here. this is a cold front, so it's down to 6 degrees. turns i was about 13, well below it. and that winter shows itself a long way east. that's rough gas on and beyond. if it gets further south, it tends to prompt showers as not going to happen. the immediate future wednesday looking quite, quite looking quite, quite as far west the lavonne and turkey as well. where it's reasonably warm in tropical africa. now there's a bit of an onshore, breeza, kenya, and tanzania are few showers here. but a heavy rain has been for a while is west of the rift valley. darcy, once again republic of congo angola,
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and to the south. ah, the end of the country with an abundance of results for the road and walk indonesia whose firms forming we moved full to growth and fraud. we balance for green economy, blue economy, and the digital economy. with the new job creation law, indonesia is progressively ensuring the policy reform to create quality jobs invest . let's pre pop when this is growth and progress in indonesia now. ah ah ah,
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welcome back. a recap of our top stories on al jazeera, this our anti government. protestors have demonstrated denise is capital. the accused person chi side of staging. cool. in july after a suspended parliament and granted himself the power to rule by decree. the son of libya's former leader more market off. he has registered as a candidate for the upcoming presidential election save and he is found gadhafi is warranted by the international criminal court on accusations of war crimes and bella roost. his virgin, the european union not to impose further sanctions over the micro. i see that the quarter with poland, the foreign minister spoke with b. e is talk different. my 10 insisted steps are being taken to reduce the number of people crossing into poland from below to bulgaria. now oppose the closing and under one hours time is the 3rd part of entry. vote this year after elections held in april and july failed to form a government many concerned about widespread corruption and its impact on the
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economy. john a whole has this update from sophia the problem is a highly fractured, fragmented political landscape. lots of parties, none of them able to win enough of the vote to govern alone. coalition building has been a problem in the previous 2 elections and frankly could well be a problem again. but i've no choice. of course i've got to go back to the polls. hugely consequential process this full bulgaria, not just the use poorest country, but also quite probably it's most corrupt lead for more than the last decade by boy co boris of his center right party, the former night club bouncer considered by many to be disastrously corrupt. so while a lot of vulgar ins will be fed up with the idea of voting again, many of them will come out in the hopes that their vote can be used to turn the page on corruption for the king makers in a potential future. anti coalition, anti corruption coalition, if there's to be one, look to the, continue the change party, a new force in politics here, led by to harvard,
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educated economists who made a name for themselves in the interim administration, routing out and exposing corruption. but all of this taking place in the context of a really sharp resurgence of the pandemic in this country. the public against control health and control measures the social media environment, absolutely rife with anti cove. it anti vaccine propaganda and misinformation and a whole range of forces looking to take advantage al jazeera has condemned in the strongest terms the actions of saddam's military after it arrested the networks cartoon bureau chief. and was sammy elk a bosh? he was taken into custody after security forces raided his home. al jazeera is calling for his immediate release and says, it holds the sudanese military authority responsible for the safety of all his employees. kenya's president is visiting ethiopia to push for an end to the conflict between the government and rebel forces. oh kenyatta. how talks with prime
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minister abbey, a med fighters from the northern to gray region have pushed further south this month? the african union envoy, unless engine bassinger has been meeting both sides. he says an immediate cease fire is needed for dialogue to begin in barone de thousands of remains from mass graves are being exuberant it's truth and reconciliation commission is also taking testimony to document more than 3 decades of ethnic unrest. the panel was set up as part of a peace deal that saw the end of a civil war and warning that some of you may find the images in katherine sawyer report disturbing. these other remains of brune dns, who were killed during the countries ethnic was. they have been exuberant truth and reconciliation commission from some of the 4000 mos greeves scattered across broody . the commission began its work with a master called mostly hutus, by a tootsie government. between 19721973 more than 800000 professionals were
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killed by state forces that accused them of starting a rebellion with the shoot. the commissioners are also taking testimony from rural indians. the want to reconstruct through those testimonies exactly how many tutsis hutus and others from different communities were killed in more than 3 decades. victims or not allowed to barrier or the people they were also refused to cry or to show an emotion full a wing at the last off the beloved ones to day, really, the toughie people are, are seriously traumatized. in the years that followed politicians played into ethnic tensions that already existed, turning civilians against each other. a civil war broke out in 1993. after their
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fascination of president mal cured and i, more than $300000.00 people were killed in the 12 year conflict. the truth and reconciliation commission has not began documenting what happened in the ethnic violence that started in 1993, but perpetrators and victims. in this village, where more than 60 people are killed, have already started the reconciliation process. they say this is the best way to deal with their trauma. kurama juvenile killed the parents of these family. there are still neighbors. he was a family friend. no gear you call, i'd been living with a lot of fear since the siblings came back from tanza near where they'd fled to every time at sea them. i'd have no peace in my heart. when they finally fully forgave me in 2017. my heart was full, isaac began hora was only 15 years old. it took him a long time to forgive. he says, room while in the church where he publicly said,
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sorry, we told him to take us to where the remains of our parents were dumped. we went to the mouse grave where the priest done bless those who were buried there. he this investigation is starring our promotions and opening up old ones. but this families, enrique it, alice, it is a healing process. katherine saw alta 0 reagan province, bruni. thousands of rallied in thailand to demand a new constitution and changes to the monarchy they defido recent court ruling which described such demands as an attempt to overthrow the royal family is res, concern that activist could face charges of treason magnet a magnitude 6.5 earthquake has struck sullen, even at the epi center was close to the poor city of bunder, abbas one person is confirmed to have been killed. the tremors caused ross lies in the mountains outside. the city rescue teams have been deployed to the area and the
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new york times is reporting the u. s. military covered up airstrikes in syria that kills dozens of civilians. the newspaper says it happened in 2019 near the town of boggles, in darrow's old province during the fight against i saw the u. s. department of defense as it confirmed for civilian deaths. chris in salome has more details from new york. us central command is defending the 2019 air strikes in syria that killed up to 80 people as quote, legitimate self defense. special operations unit was targeting iso when it dropped to bombs near the city of bog, who's a new york times report alleges that up to 64 women and children were killed in that attack, making it a possible war crime. but the us said in a statement that appropriate steps were taken to rule out the presence of civilians, and that while the war is the loss of innocent life,
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there was evidence that multiple women and at least one child were carrying weapons, making them legitimate targets. the defense department did launch and inquiry into the incident according to the new york times, but the bombing itself was ultimately stripped from that report and no independent investigation was ever launched. again, the united states insisting that this attack was justified. argentinians are heading to the polls for mid term elections that could see the ruling parentis party lose its senate majority a center left government of present. alberto fernandez is facing wising, discontent over economic recession and high inflation. the president is also battling and internal party issued with vice president and former leader christine occasionally traceable reports. at closing campaign in the province of winner site is a coalition government trying to said their differences aside in spite of the enormous
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contradictions that exist between president albert at the, for a man this and his powerful vice president, christina hernandez' kirschner library. now lovely with that one is young. the 1st condition that we need to concentrate on because the opposition is trying to prevent it, is the unity of our country. that is the unity of the immense majority of the argentine, people. for the members, inclusionary came to power almost 2 years ago in what was widely regarded as a marriage of convenience. despite being a popular former president of argentina, she says she knew she did not have enough boats to win the 2019 election on her own . i made it a candidate who could support her continued aspirations for high office. but almost 2 years after the pandemic began, the coalition is struggling as demonstrated by its defeat last september in the primary elections has been requested in argentina right now. and that is who is running the country even prevalent. a vice president,
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christina fernandez with consultation, aside with the one her thousands of orders. many of them i reference here today, even though they both belong to their parents party, the differences between them bring uncertainty to the ruling quality. when at this pro government rally supporter say there is not a crisis. my dear child moral says, disagreement. well, come in the ruling coalition, legacy. this is some way. descent is good within one political space in a coalition, there shouldn't be differences, or it would be a monolithic movement that is dissenting the marriage. so imagine in a political movement, argentines will head to the polls to renew half of congress and a 3rd of the senate. the question is whether the parent is party will be able to turn around. it's massive defeat, doing the primary lessons in september. and what will happen if it can't analysts
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say the election will define a balance of power in government. but get her girl daughter key less actually is what's going to be clear after the election is that if christina moves around 30 percent of the votes, that old british cannot add an extra vote and others cannot either. it's easy to understand for christina is going to eat them alive or have the capacity to do it. you must, you're going to have a president with no power. and we're going to see how that ends and political uncertainty can only intensify economic instability in argentina. as the country struggles to recover from the pandemic and pay billions in foreign debt with millions of argentines stuck in the middle, there is i will. i'll just see that when our site is. valentino rossi has completed his final race in molto g p. the 9 time champion finished 10 for the season, closing valencia, bringing the curtain down on an iconic career which has lasted a quarter of a century. german ash reports. after $432.00 races,
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a $115.00 wins and 9 wild titles. one of the most charismatic figures in motorsport is calling it a day. valentina rossi waved at his fans for the last time. after finishing his final race in motor g p. his become a familiar sight over the past 25 years. a sea of yellow in the grandstands. as the italians devoted supporters said good bye to their harry rossi finished 10th in valencia a far cry from his championship winning days. but it's not just his success on the track that has endeared him to millions. he is just one of the most incredibly towns at no true schumer, he is a, a certain charismatic energy and that comes across really well and camera. and i think bah, as much as if not more than is told on a motorcycle, is the reason that he is. he is o rossi on his 1st well title in the 125 class in 1997 when he began his now legendary post race celebrations. but he wasn't making every one laugh. the man,
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known as the doctor, had his fair share of fierce rivalries, which often culminated in some incredible battles on the track on either side rise and obeying horizon allah. but for me it was an impossible. despite his triumph with honda, he famously chose to join a struggling yamaha team as he wanted to prove it was the rider who could make the difference. and he did just that wanting the 2004 championship in his 1st season with the team. always looking for new challenges, rossi considered switching to formula one and tested with ferrari on several occasions. but he couldn't turn his back on the sport he loved most. he is though universally admired in the f one paddock. i think he's dr. he's approached as everything he's done, has been incredible. the passion that he's is have for so long as, as shown through. and i'm just such a legend. one of the greatest to over there. as for the next chapter, at the 42 year old plans to give car racing and other guy as well as overseeing his own team, which makes its moto g p debut in 2020
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t o ross. he says his biggest achievement was making moto g p popular, his global impact on the sport have cemented his legacy. is one of the greatest motorcycle races of all time. jemma nash ouch is era. ah, hello again. i'm fully battle with the headlines on al jazeera anti government protesters have demonstrated into nicholas capitol. they accused president chi side of staging a co in july after he suspended parliament and granted himself the power to rule by decree. so she is really, i would need a go little farther away. we have been under one man, ruled since july 25th. i'm individual who violated the law, violate.


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