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tv   [untitled]    November 14, 2021 10:00am-10:31am AST

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i went east investigates what this means for one of its closest neighbors. i walked on out to the rock. ah, the cop 26 climate summit concludes in glasgow with a commitment to cut down the use of coal. but not everyone is happy with the agreements. may i just say 2 o delegates? i apologize for the way this process has unfolded, and i'm deeply sorry. ah, you're watching al jazeera light from a headquarters in doha. i'm getting obligated also a heads. at least 5 people have been killed in sudan during protests against the
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recent military takeover. russia denies any role in the migrant crisis of the poland bowers border where thousands of people remain stranded in freezing conditions. and it's one of the wettest countries in the world. so why do many people in the poll not have enough drinking water? hello, after 2 weeks of intense negotiations, a deal has been reached at the cop 26 climate conference. but many countries were angered by the water down statement that call to face down the use of coal, rather than facing out its use delegates from bangladesh called it an absolute failure. here is our environment editor and clark reporting from glasgow. objections. it is so decided the end of the road after 2 weeks and tell to sleepless nights these were the cancellation for the dreaming intensity. mad you
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say to all our delegates, i apologize for the way this process has unfolded. and i am deeply sorry. i also understand the deep disappointment but i think as you have noted, it's also vital that we protect this package. hold read, no planet b. this was effectively an emergency meeting for all world to keep 1.5 alive. did it deliver what just been gobble 3 is literally a betrayal of people, but it's a little betrayal of the sciences. betrayal of the realities of the climate impacts are happening and devastating people's lives and lives. the only people celebrating this outcome of the hundreds of lobbyists from the oil and gas industry. those who's vested interest, basically say, you know, we can't see any change,
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we can't move away from the fossil fuel addiction of our economy. the glasgow climate packed was nearly derailed at the last minute is india, south africa, and china demanded last minute amendments wanting the wording on coal to be changed to phase down. instead of phase out. this brought anger from small island states. this commitment on hall had been a bright spot in this package. it was one of the things we were hoping to carry out of here and back home with pride. and it hurts deeply to see that bright spot dim and the pressure of 2 weeks of negotiations finally told on the court president, i looked sharma away from the nitty gritty of negotiations. a raft of big announcements were made, hoping to shape the outcome of cop 26 on forest. more than $100.00 countries pledged to end and reverse deforestation by 2030 bank rolling $19000000000.00 to do
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it. another 100 countries pledged to cut 30 percent of highly toxic methane emissions by 2030. it was declared. the end of coal is in sight as more than 40 countries committed to shift away from the fossil fuel. on finance, corporations controlling 40 percent of global assets. pledge to align themselves to the target for 1.5 degrees celsius warming limit. and the rabbit out of the hat, u. s. and china surprising delegates with a declaration that val to boost cooperation between the world's biggest emitters. but many say all that just means nothing and less nations act on their promises. as the usual suspects brought progress in the talks, masons like saudi arabia, russia, and australia. the voice on the streets was loud and angry. ah, the snow loaded climate conference, this is no global,
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nor the green moss festival. ah crazy fossil fuels and climate finance were both major stumbling blocks. the consensus in negotiations themselves and the bid to get countries to up their commitments every year as opposed to every 5 years. and so the process that began with paris agreement in 2015 continues. but the urgency for action grows with each passing day. the next year and climate conference will be held and sean will shake in egypt in a year. in the meantime, will the pledges be honored? will the promises be kept? will country's return with greater ambition? because one thing is certain time is running out. nicholas, i'll de 0, glasgow while he, when secretary general acknowledged their disappointment, felt by some nations about the deal, but said it's an important starting point. the outcome of cop $26.00 is a compromise. it's reflect the interests, the contradictions and the status political lilian world. today,
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it is an important step, but it's not enough. we must accelerate climate section to keep alive the goal of limiting global temperature rise to 1.5 degrees. it's time to go into emergency modes. we must have fossil fuel subsidies phase out call. but the price on carbon protect vulnerable communities from the impacts of climate change. i'll just there a bureau chief and sudan has been arrested and was selling me. but she was taken into custody after security forces rated his home and her to me. no reason has been given for his detention. well, this comes after at least 5 people were killed and doesn't injure during protest against the military rule on saturday. we'll cross over to hard to him and speak to a school started in just a moment. the 1st hears his reports. yeah. once again, people to the needs of so don't thousands valid in 14 is to be
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a city on the and the course deny river in thought to know this by security forces, closing breeze and me was shutting down the internet for nearly 3 weeks. they are demanding a return to the transition process and a civilian that government. the military take over 2 weeks ago is all the transitional government and arrest the senior government officials and political figures from the forces of freedom and change. coalition mega machine was lonny. we, the sudanese people will not accept military rule either. we don't want any negotiations or compromise. we want civilians only to rule our country than in the civilian groups, including their forces or freedom and change have called on people to attend the mass grotesque on saturday. and people have respond that they are demanding an immediate restoration of the civilian government. the release of their political
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prisoners and for the army to commit to the constitutional declaration, it signed with civilian leaders. in 2019 on protesters were met with tear gas and live ammunition another capella. unless the unit owners, as of people had been killed, women people have been imprisoned and tortured is nothing worse than death. and we have seen our brothers being killed in front of us, so we are not going back. the head of the army has to be held accountable. the political crisis deepened when the head of the army general uplift that were hand formed any ruling sovereign council on thursday. the 14 member council includes army leaders and civilians from macro sudan, but not from the forces of freedom and change. we can see that in the appointments that have been main sovereign cancel it. several of the civilian members do not represent not just the see that the sort of an elliptical on bottle,
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but any of the revenue should be one. he said no one from you. so on from any been in there and revolutions, to unseat shit. so this seems very much continuation charity and, and it's meant to be representative. it's meant to be getting maximum from the lawson center. i'm some of the east was yet to be. and now that no one feels of this what he actually represents people. so there's a lot of i understand about just to what extent amid she is an entrenched she's, it's with mom. meditation are forced by the united nations as well as several other companies. how fee of to answer dance crisis. oh, there is to say they will continue towards the rejection of the army. they have quote, for submitted protest in the coming days saying they will on to stop was to be the as are in charge of the government. let's get an update from her, so he's joining us from the capital hearts him. so we also understand,
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resumed at protest, ers unions and civil society groups as well are calling for more civil disobedience . and what can you tell us about that in the mood to day, in cartoon? well, that their medical sources and the doctor's committee, and to then say that the 5 people have been killed. and there are tons, a tons of the injured people. i've just contacted them and that is, that is what they're saying. so yesterday after they're cool off their resistance committees and their forces or freedom and change up, people have gather at 5 different this sticks in, in, in hard tune, particularly and by one p. m. local time people start together despite their security measures, the roads me was being blocked and the bridge that connects to size of the night river had been blocked to prevent people from gathering. but by afternoon people gathered 5 districts and, and they started to a 2 to 2 barricade that was burning the tires and chanting. a gas did military rule
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. they iconic us. logan was the a did, did the earth free them at peace and justice. so then lay there, the, the protests were quite peaceful, but later there security forces asked people to leave the street when, when people insisted to stay. and they started to disperse people or by firing the tears on them and also using the allied ammunition. and i could see that there was of the use of excessive force that and the after that several people how been killed and thousands injured. but the, at the center or for the violence yesterday was on due to man and district. and majority of the people who have been killed and injured were from our on demand. so the resistance committees and the forces of freedom and change are already making calls for another wave of the protest which is planned on a november 17. and there are the concerns that if the security forces interfered again, that also could turn into a while and one rest. so what does the state of,
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and any potential political negotiations a so far all they're forced to find a way out of this politic of that lock in the country or how failed. there were and negotiations between the army and the ausa prime minister up the lamb duke. and after lamb duke had some conditions, such as a release of all of the political prisoners, an immediate restoration of a civilian government. and also getting to see, to call beth getting back to the steve the co of pre, ah, 25th of october the day that the military takeover at just took place. but this requirement hasn't been, haven't been met by the army and a mr. abdullah ham. look at did not accept to be the prime minister. so despite and the, the international force from the united nations answered down of sudanese,
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as for don troika, the usa, u. k. and norway. they're all their forces have been conducted by this international parties also how field a so far and just on thursday, after the announcement of the needle in console, we have seen that there are, there are the military members on group leaders. and i represent that is really representative from all across sudan, but now no one from the forces of freedom and change were support in missile armster up the law handled. none of them had been represented there. so there are the reports that the mister l will han ruled. ofa will appoint another name as a prayer, as a prime minister in the country. however, considering the fact that abdulla ham look is quite popular amongst with and he's and the international community in is insistent on his name to back in the office. and if after lamb, luke is not back in the office. the question is whether mr. brown will be able to, at ease attaching industries and get their international support or not,
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remains unanswered. okay, thank you so much. i so side are, are with that update from cartoon. stella had announces here the u. s. is accused of covering up an air strike that kill dozens of civilians in syria. we'll have a day details coming up. and indians capital new delhi shuts down schools on construction sites. as it's air pollution worsens. ah hell i there will say charles becoming a little more y spread across central parts of the mediterranean over the next couple of days. i mean we do still have what remains of storm bloss worrying away about western side of the med. but as we go on through the next day, i'll say we will see that wet weather pushing over towards italy. he's in through
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sardinia and corsica, some showers to a little further north, sliding down across the low countries through germany, snow over the alps. quite a bit of that term for a time. there is that where to where the just started to make its way towards that western side of italy farther east is generally drive little on the course. i sent an access not too bad for the time of year there for many as we go on into our monday. similar temperatures haber brightest guys in to where northern past germany, they're back up towards a low countries, northern areas of france and across the british isles. and the island of island, la she dry too for the iberian patricia, some snow. they're just around the pyrenees. we will still see some of those shad i'm afraid of pushing the way back into the valley. eric islands, monitor thy showers, affecting the far north of africa. since thick cloud there is a southern areas of algeria might be thick enough, retired to produce a little bit of wet weather there for southern algeria to be southern areas of libya, more showers. they are just around the gulf of guinea, right across a good part, west africa. ah.
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the end of the country with an abundance of results for the road, la road, walk, indonesia, whose firms for me, we moved pool to grow and froth. we balance for green economy, blue economy, and the digital economy with the new job creation law, indonesia is progressively ensuring the policy reform to create quality jobs invest . let me pause when denise is growth and progress. invest indonesia now ah ah. hello again. the top stories on al jazeera, this,
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our many countries say they are dissatisfied with the climate deal reached at the cop 26 summit in glasgow. the final statement was watered down and call to phase down the use of coal. rather than phasing out it's use, i'll just eras bureau chief in student has been arrested and was suddenly america bash. she was taken into custody after security forces rated his home in khartoum. at least 5 people were killed in protest against military rule on saturday. thousands of remains from mass graves are being examined in burgundy. it's truth and reconciliation committee is also taking testimony to document more than 3 decades of ethnic unrest. the commission was set up as part of a peace deal that's all the ends of a civil war. the warning so may find the images and catherine. so as report disturbing these other remains of bruno lions who are killed during the countries ethnic wars. they have been ex you back truth and reconciliation commission from
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some of the 4000 mos greeves. scattered across broody. the commission began its work with a master cove, mostly hutus by a tootsie government. between 19721973. more than 800000 professionals were killed by state forces that accused them of starting a rebellion with the shoot. the commissioners are also taking testimony from bureau indians. they want to reconstruct through those testimonies exactly how many tootsies hooters and others from different communities were killed. in more than 3 decades, victims or not allowed to barrier or the people they were also refused to cry or to show an emotion, fuller wing. at the last off the beloved ones. to day really, the toughie people are,
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are seriously traumatized. in the years that followed politicians played into ethnic tensions that already existed turning civilians against each other. a civil war broke out in 1993. after their fascination of president mal cured and i more than $300000.00 people were killed in the 12 year conflict. the truth and reconciliation commission has not began documenting what happened in the ethnic violence that started in 1993. but perpetrators and victims in this village were more than 60 people are killed. have already started the reconciliation process. they say this is the best way to deal with their trauma. kurama juvenile killed the parents of these family. there are still neighbors. he was a family friend, netgear you call. i'd been living with a lot of fear since the siblings came back from tanza, near where they'd fled to every time at sea them. i'd have no peace in my heart.
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when they finally fully forgave me in 2017. my heart was full. isaac, be, go hora was only 15 years old. it took him a long time to forgive. he says, room while in the church where he publicly said, sorry, we told him to take us to where the remains of our parents were dumped. we went to the mouse grave, where the priest done blushed. those who were buried there. he. this investigation is starring up emotions and opening up old wounds. but these families enrica talis. it is a healing process. kathleen saw alta 0 regi province burgundy. russia's president is denying any involvement in the border stand off between belarus and poland. the u accuses belarus of allowing asylum seekers to cross into poland illegally and is preparing to impose further sanctions. thousands of refugees remain stranded in freezing conditions where the body of
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a young syrian man has been found. i said, beg, is there still stuck still with no where to go. watch from one side by belushi and soldiers, and on the other by polish troops. laura, these families, men, women, and young children are now trapped in no man's land. poland has accused russia of masterminding, the crisis. russia denies that. i look here, the history of susan. i want everybody to know we have nothing to do with it. everybody is trying to make us responsible for something at every given opportunity . and without it. the e u says bedroom is waiting a hybrid war using migrants as a weapon. it has accused minsk of flying and people mainly from the middle east to then pushed them to cross the border illegally. betted lucien president, alexander lucas jenko denied the accusation and is threatening to cut gas supplies . if the e u imposed more sanctions were put his up in the rhetoric. meanwhile,
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people are still trying to make the difficult journey across into europe again. malik tried several times to cross into poland. finally, making it along with her 3 children at had, shall ever sal, and this has been the most tiring. 2 months of my life, we even fell into a pond water reach up to here. i fell and we didn't have clothes. then i got sick when the border guards found us, i couldn't even stand by myself. she is now at a migrant center in the polish city of bailey, stuck out in the forest that surround this area. there are signs that people have made it. we came across women's and children's clothes, and in the pouch we found one piece of paper, written in arabic. my husband with a phone number on it. the state of emergency means there's an exclusion zone near the border where 8 workers and journalists are not allowed to enter. but the signs are clear all across. here within the exclusions on all
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sides of the very, very reason some of these close of filth drive different than here. i can see some money that's been routine men these people have obviously crossed the border region. fresh food, not even a day old thermal blankets and other signs that people have managed to cross into poland. not everyone makes it. polish authorities said the body of a 20 year old man was found on friday, but for many others, they still waiting for the opportunity and willing to take the risks that come with it. as i beg, i'll jazeera poland. the new york times is reporting the u. s military covered up airstrikes in syria, but kill dozens of civilians. the newspaper says it happened near the town about
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whose in 2019, during the fight against deisel christian salumi has more details from new york. us central command is defending the 2019 air strikes in syria that killed up to 80 people as quote, legitimate self defense. special operations unit was targeting iso when it dropped to bombs near the city of bog, who's a new york times report alleges that up to 64 women and children were killed in that attack, making it a possible war crime. but the us said in a statement that appropriate steps were taken to rule out the presence of civilians, and that while the war is the loss of innocent life, there was evidence that multiple women and at least one child were carrying weapons, making them legitimate targets. the defense department did launch and inquiry into the incident according to the new york times,
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but the bombing itself was ultimately stripped from that report and no independent investigation was ever launched. again, the united states insisting that this attack was justified. the netherlands is back under a current of r is locked down as infections rise. the partial shut down is expected to last 3 weeks. restaurant on shops are now required to close early and spectators are banned from large events. schools in india capital will close for a week as the city attempts to deal with a blanket of talk. 6 small india top court has told the government to implement an emergency plan to tackle poor air quality. public employees will be required to work from home problem at all. as more from new delhi, the air pollution levels in delhi remained dangerously high for over a week. now the city has been waking up to take small visibility has been low and the situation gets so bad that there are times in the day you can actually taste
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the pollution. now, after the supreme court, a pass in order, the deli government has announced some new emergency measures to control the situation. so schools for the next one week will hold all classes online. government officials have been asked to work from home for the next few days and construction, which is one of the big polluters in the city has been banned for the next one week . the government is also considering putting jelly on it to day lockdown to bring down the pollution levels. now the city is one of the most polluted in the world and remain so for the entire year. but the situation get especially bad during this time of year. and the reasons are, you know, the onset of winter, there's also the rise in farm fire and stubble burning in neighboring states. and that contributes to a large proportion of all the pollution that we're seeing over here in the city. and finally, there is the practice of bursting firecrackers around devali. now devali was last
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week and the government did ban all fire crackers, but was not able to fully implemented. there were violators. and the day after the valley deli walk up to one of its highest pollution levels this season. now environmentalists have criticized the government's approach to controlling the situation. they've said that the approach is peace mean and reactionary, and have asked the government to come up with long term systemic solutions to what is a long term systemic problem. nepal has some of the heaviest rainfall in the world, but longer dry spells are causing a serious drinking water shortage. and now farmers are coming up with simple but effective ways to harness the rain during the monsoon season. they miss robbie has more from central the poll. nepal has always been one of the rainiest countries in the world, giving it lush, green, rolling foothills, the hallmark of the himalayas. it's certainly not the kind of place you might think
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is suffering a water security crisis on there used to be low intensity, long do this and then for now what is happening? high intensity didn't fall if i do this and that will not go inside the ground. that is go full is i don't know that when you have less the storage ground water, it only rains for part of the year and the pulse terrain can turn baron quickly. but just outside cut monday. routinely ranked is one of the most polluted cities in the world is a regeneration success story. this thriving forest wasn't here 2 decades ago. now, scientists used to study how best to collect and keep the most basic element with ring collection systems like this one tank can hold enough water for a family of 5 for up to a month. and pawns, cut into the sides of steep hills, have the power to bring dry wells back to life. in rural villages, applying these designs is saving farms and lives. at 1st glance,
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it looks like any other hillside in this part of nepal. but what's happening here is local farming communities using simple methods to solve a complex environmental problem. earthquakes in man made roads change the way rein moves downhill at the mouth of this underground. well, putting them on la. my explains how changes to terrain stop the flow of groundwater and left this life, giving natural spring totally dry in rural nepal. wells like this are the primary source of water for drinking and domestic use. up building terrace ponds to collect and carefully piped the water to both crops and holmes has saved villagers from uprooting their entire lives. yeah, for any lab away i am led and there was no water here or we have to go very far. a look for other water source is much for garvey run, but we are happy devote. have started to come here again. the water is collecting
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slowly and gradually reviving kill, and i live a living scientists and farmers in the policy. the world around them is changing faster than it has to. but roads can't be on built and there is no taking back the weather, altering greenhouse gases in the air. so all they can do now is their best to adapt to their altered ecosystem. is in basra, the older 0, but couldn't the bessie nipple. ah, hello again. the headlines on al jazeera, many countries say they're dissatisfied with the climate deal reach to the cop 26 summit in glasgow. the final statement was watered down and call to face down the use of coal, rather than phasing out its use. new en secretary general, acknowledge the disappointment, felt by some nations about the deal, but said it's an important starting point.


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