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tv   [untitled]    November 14, 2021 2:00am-2:31am AST

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it online, catch up here with me, sandra gartman on al jazeera. ah, which is 0, which is a u. o . settle on the revised deal to fight climate change while the focus on reducing the use of coal but the you and says it's not enough. we are in the fight dival lives, and these fight must be worn out. i'm rob office and this is al jazeera alive from dough household coming up. at
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least 5 people are killed in sudan as security forces fight and demonstrators who want an end to military rule. thousands rally in democratic republic of congo against the new head of the election commission, saying he's too close to the president. and his capital shots done schools and construction sites. his air pollution gets worse. dad, he said to be facing an emergency the comp 26 climate summer to was promoted as the last chance for countries to save the planet from climate change. after 2 weeks of negotiations, governments reached a compromise, but many countries are not satisfied. one major sticking point was coal, which is the biggest source of greenhouse gas emissions. india pushed for a last minute change to soften the language from phasing it out to phasing it down . the british prime ministers hailed the compromise,
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pointing out. this is the 1st international agreement to focus on reducing the use of coal power. the overall deal also calls on rich nations to increase their financial support to help poor countries adapt to climate impacts. our environment editor nick clark was at the summit in glasgow. objections. it is so decided the end of the road after 2 weeks and countless sleepless nights, please will again, jason's with dreaming intensity. mad you say to all our delegates. i apologize for the way this process has unfolded. ah, and i am deeply sorry. i also understand the deep disappointment but i think as you have noted, it's also vital that we protect this package. hold read, no planet
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b. this was effectively an emergency meeting for all world to keep 1.5 alive. did it deliver what just been gabble? 3 is literally a betrayal of people. plaid is a little betrayal of the sciences. betrayal of the realities of the climate impacts are happening and devastating people's lives and lives. the only people celebrating this outcome of the hundreds of lobbyists from the oil and gas industry. those whose vested interest basically say, you know, we can't see any change, we can't move away from the fossil fuel addiction of our economy. the glasgow climate packed was nearly derailed at the last minute is india, south africa, and china demanded last minute amendments wanting the wording on coal to be changed to phase down. instead of phase out. this brought anger from small island states. this commitment on hall had been a bright spot in this package. it was one of the things we were hoping to carry out of here and back home with pride. and it hurts deeply to see that bright spot dim
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and the pressure of 2 weeks of negotiations finally told on the court president, i looked sharma away from the nitty gritty of negotiations. a raft of big announcements were made, hoping to shake the outcome of cop 26 on forests more than 100 countries pledged to end and reverse deforestation by 2030 bank. rolling $19000000000.00 to do it. another 100 countries pledged to cut 30 percent of highly toxic methane emissions by 2030. it was declared. the end of coal is in sight as more than 40 countries committed to shift away from the fossil fuel. on finance, corporations controlling 40 percent of global assets. pledge to align themselves to the target, the 1.5 degrees celsius warming limit. and the rabbit out of the hat, u. s. and china surprising delegates with a declaration that val to boost cooperation between the world's biggest emitters.
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but many say all that just means nothing and less nations act on their promises. as the usual suspects brought progress and the talks masons like saudi arabia, russia, and australia, the voice on the streets was loud and angry. ah . this is no longer climate conference. this is no global, nor the green was festival. ah, crazy fossil fuels and climate finance were both major stumbling blocks, the consensus in negotiations themselves and the bid to get countries to up their commitments every year as opposed to every 5 years. the next year in climate conference will be held in sharma, shake in egypt, in a year. in the meantime, will apply just beyond all the promises be kept. with countries return with greater ambition because one thing is certain time is running out. nicholas,
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i'll da 0. glasgow by farmers is a senior fellow at the woodwork climate research center he's previously served as you, as deputy assistant secretary of state for the environment. he's joining us now from seneca rocks in west virginia. good abbey with us on al jazeera and we've heard a lot of disappointed voices there. but of course, those are some of those, at least at the conference, are trying to frame this as a success, which do you think it is how i like to say it's, it's both. it's both a disappointment, particularly because of the context we're in. you know, we world has been growing, it's carbon dioxide emissions for decades and it's methane emissions. so we're already have experience, significant warming. we're committed to significantly more warming no matter what happened in glasgow. now that's it. so everybody has a right to be very upset about the situation we're finding ourselves in. the other
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key thing, which i think glass glasgow can help enormously, is the question of political well, this is a big problem. even the united states, which i know pretty well. you know, we can make any kind of commitment at an international meeting. then the big issue is implementation and delivering on that commitment. and that's true for every government in the world. it's a domestic implementation question or a goal or necessity that, that happen. and actually, i think that's where the future of coal is wrapped up in these nationally determined commitments. because if you, if the governments meet those commitments to call the future of coal is bleak. unless the carbon dioxide is captured at the point of combustion and buried a so called up clean coal or carbon sequestration. so, ah, on the positive side,
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i think the issue of the methane agreements quite important and potentially very helpful. because cutting methane ah, it can reduce the concentrations, we can reduce the concentrations very fast because as a short life time, the farce agreement, very, that's a breakthrough, i would say. but again, it's implementation. what happens on the ground? he went to china statement, very helpful. better that it happened then. it didn't. the indian pledge that was, that was new. and a big deal for india. i think gonna finance. and then there's a whole thing that went into glasgow, which is all the commitments of all the institutions because of the glasgow, meaning that includes national governments, corporations, n g o's, ah, and so on. in other words, huge number of institutions in the world are made commitments that's necessary to
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make progress. i remember when al jazeera was covering the, the climate change talks in paris. to me, the atmosphere of that seemed very different. there was a positivity that appeared to be going in to it. there was a positivity generally that seemed to carry through the talks and a positivity that seemed to result in practical terms. whether or not that's being carried forward. a is another argument, but was there a difference? do you think, between the attitude and the, the motivation if you like that we saw in paris compared to the motivation that we've been seeing in the run up to glasgow? well, there is a way to look at paris was a new ah, a brand new commitment by the world to try to limit emissions so that the global average temperature did not exceed 2 degrees and something well below it. like 1.5, that was new. that was a big commitment and the big pledge. ok, glasgow is kind of
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a, a meeting in the midst of trying to achieve that pledge. it's more, there is a more the, the temperature goal thing can be judged or the national commitments can be judged against the temperature goal. so it's, it's kind of the ecstasy or the, the joy of paris is now in a more realistic frame here. and 1.5 is a very, very tough call. the odds of getting 1.5 are pretty slim. so people are going to be disappointed by that brave, brave, fair, more prominence. we appreciate you being on al jazeera and giving us the benefit of your expertise. thank you very much. indeed, sir. thanks for having me. take care sedans, health ministry, and says at least 5 people have been killed during mass rallies against military rule. security forces fired live runs at protest, isn't a capital, how to man the neighboring city of on demand. police also used to tear gas to
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disperse the demonstrators. people accuse general abdel futrell behind of tightening his grip on power. after he created a new ruling council, russell santa has more from khartoum. people started to gather industries and in 5 different districts in showdown today. so the peer, the protest house started very much peacefully, but around one hour later then started to barricade the roads and burdening the tires, waving the flags and chanting against the da da da da da harden there. so they were chanted that down with their military that they do not recognize the council that has been declared by general of to put the album hand there were chatting that rely on people not on soldiers and also the iconic slogan of that that, that the adela the sort of dep earlier salon and other, which means the a 3 them up,
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he's and justice. but later at the pulleys security forces started shooting the air and to disperse be with the people and then also fighting the tear gas. one people, other people have the sister to remain in the cities. then i could see that the, the security forces started to shoot over people as well. using the live emerson's and the use of excessive force have became more evident and just one young protesters. young protesters, right, couple of minutes. couple of meters away from me having shot down there. and so people started to disperse, but the abbey center of the whiteness to they had been on demand that the largest and fruit as to place there. and several people have been killed and dozens injured . and a doctor that have just contact us from any dorman hospital says that the number of the injured people or steal increase in increasing in on, dorman lease and democratic republic of congo have use tear gas to break up
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protests. thousands of people marched against the appointment of a new electoral commissioner. bessy is too close to the precedence malcolm web reports from ben shutter. oh, thousands of people were out on the streets of kinshasa, the capital of the democratic republic of congo. angry, a president. felix tis a caddy and his government. they tried to march to parliament to deliver a petition that police use t a gas to stop them. i don't, i was to demonstrate his object to the recent deployment of a new electoral commissioner called dennis katina. they say his appointment was a regular and illegal and that she should kitty's planning to rig the next election . oh, maybe he stole the past election and today he's forced the nomination of karima so that he can win elections in advance. just look around us, you can spell the suffering of people. becomes at a time when the economy is down because of coven 19. any of can chassis,
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15000000 people struggling even more than usual. i read about a recent mobile phone tags has been in a very good, apparently the dog did run their own credit. and i don't know where the money is going. some people says, going to the president amount time, $700.00. i believe this money is being stolen. the mobile phone tax is just one of the ways that people here say public money is being misused. for example, gartner, this is our country and no one will stop us from claiming our rights president has to remove immediately. he really good tax which is illegally stealing our money from the form or so. we refuse our politi say that electro commission. we want things to be changed. now, in this country, president is, katy says he had the agreement of most religious groups when appointing the
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electoral commissioner as meant to be a consensus among all. he didn't have the agreement of the catholic and protestant church leaders that powerful here. it was them who called for the protest along with rights groups and opposition. politicians. the government has been elected to do just that, to take care of these people. that's our message to their ruling condra, her party, to the ruling people that care of what their people is saying. the voice of the people is so high now and we're gonna not. and if the government does it to year, other people here think jessica, he is taking control of institutions that have meant to be independent. the next election is still 2 years away. they say they'll keep protesting. malcolm web al jazeera, kinshasa democratic republic of congo, still had an al jazeera,
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could it be 3rd time lucky for bulgaria. another election for a country racks by corruption and covet 90 misinformation. ah, fella had a real taste of winter just around central parts of canada. and around the mid west of the us, we got the swirl of cloud. this area of low pressure making its way through where the system just pulling out to the way here, but dragging in a cold winds. the temperature struggling to get above freezing. hey, blizzard warnings in force for a time lake effect, snow. the summers well as you can see, making his way up towards that northeast corner and following behind. we have for some wet or weather some when she weather just making his way towards western parts of canada. calgary 12 degrees celsius as it clouds over for the coast to sunday.
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the system sweeps through temperatures falling back to no height and about 3 degrees celsius with widespread snow. something of a developing alberta clipper making its way in here that will make its way further east was over the next few days at pacific northwest states. very on several further outbreaks of cloud and rain all way down his northern parts of california. no, have any rain for southern parts, much of the central plains, a southern plains, the can try and find plenty of sunshine. plenty of sunshine to across eastern parts of the caribbean. but further west, we have still got some outbreaks of rain coming across cuba into the yucatan peninsula. good part of central america, temperatures largely on the settle side for jamaica height of 32. ah. the corona virus has been indiscriminate in selecting its victims. it's devastating effects of plague, every corner of the globe, transcending class creed in color. but in britain,
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a disproportionately high percentage of the fallen has been black or brown skins. the big picture traces the economic disparities and institutional racism that is seen united kingdom fail it citizens, britain's true colors pop 2 on al jazeera. ah ah. watch god, is it a reminder of our top stories? this our negotiators that the humans top 26 summit have agreed on a revised deal to fight climate change in cap global warming at 1.5 degrees, but vulnerable nations. what a more action and ending the use of fossil fuels. sedans, health ministry says at least 5 people have been killed during mass rallies against
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military rule. demonstrators accused general abdel fata albert han of tightening his grip on power. after he created a new ruling council. police abuse tear gas to break up protests and democratic republic of congo. thousands marched against the appointment of the new electoral commissioner, which they say is illegal. russia's presidents denying any involvement in the board of standoff between belarus and poland. be european unions preparing to impose new sanctions and by the rule which it accuses of pushing asylum seekers towards its eastern crossings, buyers of refugees remained stranded in freezing conditions where the body of a young syrian man has been found. i said, beg is there still stuck still with no where to go? what's from one side by billy ruffian soldiers, and on the other by polish troops, laura leaves families, men, women, and young children are now trapped in no man's land. poland has accused russia of
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masterminding, the crisis. russia denies that. i look here. mister sal of susan. i want everybody to know we have nothing to do with it. everybody is trying to make us responsible for something at every given opportunity. and without it, the you says values is waging a hybrid war using migrants as a weapon. it has accused mense of flying, and people mainly from the middle east to then pushed them to cross the border illegally. but a russian president, alexander lucas jenko denied the accusation and his threatening to cut gas supplies . if the e u imposed more sanctions report, he is upping the rhetoric. meanwhile, people are still trying to make that difficult journey across into europe. i get on my leg tried several times to cross into poland. finally making it along with her 3 children. i shall is allen. this has been the most tiring. 2 months of my life. we even fell into a pond water reach up to here. i fell and we didn't have clothes. then i got sick.
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when the border guards found us, i couldn't even stand by myself. she is now at a migrant center in the polish city of barely stuck out in the forest that surround this area. there are signs that people have made it. we came across women's and children's clothes. and in the pouch we found one piece of paper, written in arabic. my husband with a phone number on it. the state of emergency means there's an exclusions on near the border where aid workers and journalists are not allowed to enter. but the signs are clear or look at within the exclusions on all sides of the very, very recently some of the thought this oh it's been literacy and math. oh
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these people have obviously crossed the border recently fresh food, not even a day old thermal blankets and other signs that people have managed to cross into poland. not everyone makes it. polish authorities said the body of a 20 year old man was found on friday. but for many others, they're still waiting for the opportunity and willing to take the risks that come with it. as i big al, jazeera poland in afghanistan, the taliban says a number of people have been killed by an explosion in the capital kabul. the blast reportedly targeted a minivan in the mainly sheer area. no one has claimed responsibility, but i saw her said it's carried out several recent attacks targeting the sheer, her solemn minority schools in india's capital will close for a week starting on mondays. the city deals with a blanket of toxic smog and government employees in new dairy will be required to
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work from home and construction activists are banned for 4 days. the city's central pollution board says the air quality index exceeds hazardous levels, having mytell's in new delhi with more, the air pollution levels in delhi remained dangerously high for over a week. now the city has been waking up to take small visibility has been low and the situation gets so bad that there are times in the day you can actually taste the pollution. now after the supreme court abbas in order the deli government has announced some new emergency measures to control the situation. so schools for the next one week will hold all classes online. government officials have been asked to work from home for the next few days and construction, which is one of the big polluters in the city has been banned for the next one week . the government is also considering putting jelly on a 2 day lock down to bring down the pollution levels. now the city is one of the
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most polluted in the world and remain so for the entire year. but the situation get especially bad during this time of year, and the reasons are, you know, the onset of winter. there's also the rise in farm fire and stubble burning in neighboring states. and that contributes to a large proportion of all the pollution that we're seeing over here in the city. and finally, there is the practice of bursting. 2 fire crackers around the valley. now devali was last week and the government did ban all fire crackers but was not able to fully implemented. there were violators. and the day after devali delhi woke up to one of its highest pollution levels this season. now environmentalists have criticized the government's approach to controlling the situation. they've said that the approach is peace mean and reactionary, and have asked the government to come up with long term systemic solutions to what is a long term systemic problem. a partial corona virus lockdown is begun in the netherlands,
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which is expected to last 3 weeks. saturday restaurants and shops must close. early spectators are banned from big events and governments recommending no more than 4 visitors in any home near infections or at record highs. witching more than 16000 daily cases and finding german chancellor anglo marco's urging any one in the country who isn't vaccinated against covered 19 to get a job as infections. their rise steeply, the number of reported cases increased by 45000 on saturday, 2 days after new cases talked 50000 for the 1st time. the german army is mobilizing thousands of soldiers to help overwhelmed hospitals and federal and state governments is said to discuss further restrictions, lieberman fellow citizens. there are very difficult weeks ahead of us and you can sense that i am very worried about this. i am sure many of you are too, but let's remember a year ago we are in a similar serious situation. but at that time we did not have our most effective
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means against the virus. the vaccine. yes sir. dar, they're missing. now the vaccine is here. all we have to do is grab it, grab it fast, i beg you join in and try to convince relatives in friends to if we stand together, if we think about protecting ourselves and caring for others, we can save our country a lot this winter. i'm remembering switzerland, several 1000 people to protest against new coverage. 19 laws. the government wants people to use a health certificate the proves that either vaccinated or they don't have corona virus. many fear this could create a to, to society. the laws going to be put to a popular vote on november the 28th bulgaria heads into its 3rd election of 2021 on sunday with no stable government in sight. politicians are under pressure to tackle widespread corruption. meanwhile, they can barely persuade as skeptical public about the dangers of coven 19 john
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hall has more from severe at just 23 percent. bulgaria has the lowest vaccination rate in the e. u, and it's not for lack of vaccines. skepticism, particularly of western vaccines, is spread by misinformation on line much of its sourced to russia. russia read this information, messages regarding coven, in general, and vaccines in particular. but this has come under the general propagandist claim that autocracies, including russia and china are bitter capable of dealing with crises in the cold with the crisis. more specifically than liberal democracy cove at 19 has become an election issue. deepening old divides in a region that the world health organization describes as the new epicenter of the pandemic. on the fringes of politics far right parties are taking advantage, merging issues of nationalism and identity with still widely held soviet. here
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a suspicion of state intervention attack is one such party using its own cable tv channel alpha to question government health measures and vaccine safety. ah. the party's spokesperson shows me a leaflet bearing an entirely false claim. 17 percent of the dead people in england are absolutely vaccinated in the chasm, which in jamarcus we don't deny the existence of coded. we say that these measures don't work and they're ruining the middle class around the world. and in europe, these people will lose their money, but pharmaceutical companies will make billions from people being forced to submit parties like attack. there are several of them won't form part of any future government here. their real achievement, though is to unsettle the political waters to so division inside an
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e u member state, and in so doing amplify the effect of that online interference furthering the aims of political strategists in the kremlin. so this relates to bulgaria more specifically, but this has been also the kremlin strategy on an international us cale to build ideological. and i economic links with the layers in our societies that are pro russia. its effectiveness is clear in bulgaria is low vaccination numbers and fast rising infection rates and health systems struggling under the weight of a campaign of misinformation. fueling not just the resurgence of the pandemic in europe, but also the re emergence of historical divides between east and west jona haul al jazeera, sophia, the daughter of philippines, presidents as he go to town, he is going to run as a candidate for vice president solder detailed his announcement for the 2022 election was immediately endorsed by the party of the presidential front runner.
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she's come to the mayor of devolve city, defending champions, france of book their place at next year's world cup finals in cutter. after an absolute harmony of cousin started paris, the host beat their opposition, 8 nil. liam bobby scored a 1st half hat tricky then added a 4th late in the 2nd half. cutting been simmer also scored twice. france jones, brazil, belgium, denmark, and germany have also made it through. ah, this is al jazeera, these are the top stories negotiators at the urines cop 26 climate summit of agreed to do more to fight climate change and keep the goal of capping global warming at 1.5 degrees. but there were complaints from vulnerable nations who want more action and ending the use of fossil fuels. the un secretary general acknowledged the.


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