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tv   [untitled]    November 13, 2021 2:00pm-2:30pm AST

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or president bush allison, we believe simply carrying out iranian orders. what keeps you awake at night when the reason that could effect any human side master of chaos on al jazeera, the. ready news type security across cartoon mass protest get underway again to john's military takeover. ah, you're watching out there a life from a headquarters in dell. i'm gay. the also i had a new draft deal is published at the cop $26.00 summit nations are urged to phase out cool power and drop subsidies on inefficient fossil fuel. a syrian man has died at the bellows, poland border, while thousands of asylum seekers remain surrounded and freezing cold conditions
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was covered. 19 onregional tension. take center stage and asia pacific regional summit the hello. we started the you and climate summit in glasgow, which has just issued a new draft agreement in the past hour or so that aims to reduce global warming and protect our planets. so the new proposal urge is rich countries to double their financial commitments on climate action. by the year 2025. it's also requesting governments to upgrade their climate pledges for next year, the cop 7 summit to be held in egypt and also planned to phase out so called inefficient fossil fuel subsidies remain in the draft. something environmental groups were concerned might be taken out. let's bring an anderson to join us from cop $26.00 in glasgow. so andrew,
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we seen the draft agreements. what sort of reactions are, are coming through on it? well, there's a mix reactions, really. the point about the most consummation are aimed at these areas of mentioning fossil fuel and also coal power. these texts have remained exactly as they were in the last draft. and that is being seen as a positive, really the inefficient fossil fuel subsidies that it would inefficiency inserted in the last draft that it has is, is to it remains. and of course, that is a very significant because sir, such a terminology on fossil fuels wasn't used in the paris agreement. that's back in 2015 and so it is a development. furthermore, coal power is mentioned again trying to decrease the, the acceleration of coal power being used. and that is on the basis that there
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could be a further developments on the developing other coal plants. if there is a equipment to capture and store carbon emissions. now on top of that, there is no change to another really important aspect to trying to tackle the issue of emissions. and that is that all countries and was nearly $200.00 of them in comp at will come back in one year. if this goes through at to revise and beef up their forecasts of 4 emission cuts. now that is really important. the power agreement only allows for reviews of these emission rates. so it cuts every 5 years. now this could be an annual annual event that is really important. it doesn't give what many, many people would really wish for, was that immediate change, immediate cut to prevent the catastrophic course that we seem to be on right now. but it does give some hope. it might just keep the $1.00 celsius,
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a limit intact at them. there is hope there. furthermore, there is at that is a concern or on finance? still, this has been a thorny issue throughout that sir. are poor nations on the developed nations and developing nations at small countries who've been experiencing the worse effects of climate change, storms, droughts, and so forth. really, real victims of, of climate change and also countries that are desperately trying to find money or to move away from fossil fuels. they're, they're concerned about their funding. their funding should have been a $100000000000.00 a year on years and years ago. that was agreed and they're still not coming through and that's still not guaranteed, but they are being assured that it will be pursued vigorously. furthermore, there is a, a climate action network which are at the end geo,
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which is saying that the lawson damage facility, which they called for along with many other nations and has not come to fruition. evidently, they were attacking the u. s. the e u and the u. k. as being really responsible for a betrayal, they say this funding or shows a lack of solidarity. and the rich countries are once again trampling over the poor ones or when they have a responsibility to deal with lawson damage or put more money into it. and rich nation sir, should really be ashamed of this. and there's that language is very strong in this press release saying that that that's the small nations, the poor developing world should stand strong in the face of bullets. now as far as reaction to the are a fossil fuels or text which remains at the interesting thing is that green piece, environmental organisation, say the key line about fossil fuels in the text is weak and compromise. but it's
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a breakthrough. and they're saying that that it's a bridge, it would mean that when it comes to the crunch here, the decision is made on this, on this text that they, they hope it gets that far because right, it's going to be a fight. but if it gets there and people block it, those, those countries that block it will be seen to all worldwide and young people will hold them directly accountable for the outcome. ok. thank you so much. anderson and reporting from cop 26 in glasgow. now just to don where a large group of protesters are marching through the capitol cartoon denouncing last month military takeover and insisting on a return to civilian rule. busy so opposition groups had called for nationwide 1000000 man march on saturday. the army has close bridges and set up road blocks around the city, and that is a light fixture. we're getting from cartoon right now for testers are against the creation of a new military run ruling council,
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or the body is being led by general fatality. but hon and the commander of the powerful, rapid support forces. it excludes any representatives from the civilian forces of freedom and change coalition, which had been sharing power with the military since 2019. however, morgan is joining us from hard to him. so here, but it's being done. the 1000000 man march. tell us about the momentum and what you're hearing about the situation on the streets right now. was, was supposed to start at around at 1 pm local time, that's around 11 g. but even before that time, people started taking to the streets. and let's not forget that this was all organized under an internet shut down. a nationwide internet shut down and very patchy cell phone connections or telephone line connections. people have been mobilizing, afford this day since the 30th of october. they say they want to voice their anger at the military takeover, which happened on october 25th. and the decision by can all of them for the had bohannon to great
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a sovereignty council that included 5 members of the military from the previous a council. and that did not include anybody from the forced freedom in change coalition. the coalition that represents the protest movement, just simply angered the protest this further. now they're all concerned that there will be violence because of the spread of security forces, not just on main bridges around the capital, hampton, but also on main street. and because of the setting up of checkpoints now they've already been a list of hospitals that have been listed by processes and by acts of this thing that is where they should head to should there be violence. the united states, u. k, the u. n. and switzerland and norway all without statements calling for the security forces to restrain themselves. already at least 13 people have been killed since the thought of the anti military takeover protesting upto in october 2015. so they are concerned that there will be violence up processes have also reported that many activists have been arrested, but that has not deterred the movement. the protest movement, we've seen people setting up barricades on residential neighborhoods. we've seen
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might protest people mobilizing, calling on their neighborhood residents to come out and moss and show their anger at the military takeover. they said that they want to show peacefully to the military and the world that they want a return to the democratic for process and the democratic transition that was under way before october 25th. so have i, you say that the internet has been patchy and also security forces are setting up checkpoints. we also understand that 3 main bridges had been closed into the city of hard to whom do we know if this is having an impact at all on people? well, what people have come out to the plan for the people right now. since the closure of the 3 pages, people have decided or rather processes have decided because of the closure of the 3 main bridges that lead to the capital hub to him as well as other bridges as well . they say that they go to a gather in bear cities that's harder to buy him on demand a 3 cities that make up the capital heart of tomb. so people say that that is where
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they will be gathering, despite the presence of security forces in those cities as well and around the country bears of a states. because this is again a call for a nationwide protest. so other states are also expected to turn out and march against the takeover. now they also concerns about the number of arrest ports as to say that they have seen several people, several activist who have been organizing, especially people from the local resistance committees. these are the committees that have been using flyers, graffiti is any way that they can, with the exception of on the internet to try to mobilize more people out for the processor. this concerns about how this will turn out that people say that the it will be a larger, we've seen many people coming out on the 30th of october. but following the decision of the formation of the sovereignty counsel, we've seen more anger and we've seen more night protest people voicing their frustration at the fact that india prime minister, the lamb duke is still under house arrest at the fact that many political detainees have not been arrested and the fact that there is an internet shut down. they said
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that's one of their basic freedoms that has been taken away and they wanted back. so the calls right now by protesters is for no negotiation with the military. they say they don't want to return to that power sharing agreement that was in place before the take open october 21st and they said they want to see a new process. a new government led by civilians led by uh people. they said they will nominate, they believe and to lead the country to democracy, but they want the army out of the political scene. and right now people say that this is the only position they have at least on the streets. and we're waiting for political parties who said we have not met with general and have not discussed any plan or any ways to go back to that transition. mediators have met all sides and try to bring them back to, to, to prior to this military takeover. but so far all size, everything seems to be sticking to position while people continue to come out on the street towards the anger thing. they want every 10 to that process, that base they will drop from them when the military took over. okay, thank you so much. have a morgan from her to me and that is
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a life picture right now from cartoon. my professors have come out onto the streets, being called a 1000000 man march. and there's announcing the military takeover into john effectively. let's continue the conversation with luke, who is the managing partner inside strategy partners? that's a think tank and to me and it works on transitional policy, hulu. hey, thanks for speaking to us. just give us a sense of what you are seeing where you are right now. to be this, this so test is, you know, i mean really, it's coming out as bill which is that it will be a very large protest to a, to, to counter and at the very real now implementation of this, you know, before it was this sort of idea that could have happened and now that you know dimensions are taking over again. but now we're seeing very concrete steps taken by
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the government, such as the setting up of the transitional council made up of very much the same faces we saw before from the military side and on, on the civilian side. people that most people actually don't feel represent them. there is some there's not to geographic representation. so you have someone from the north and from the, the center, the west, the southern areas, and somebody who is still unnamed to be. a a representative of the east, but 2 things. one that none of these people represent the revolution in any way, shape or form and to they are people who are very much part and parcel of the sort of the islam is project as was on the be she has of people feel like we're taking many steps backwards with this crew, and that's why i think we've seen so many people come out. i mean, the process has really only just when you say many people mean when you say so many people can. can you sort of contextualize that for us, because we know that it's supposed to be a 1000000 man march, but what we also know is that the military has taken steps to resolve people to
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come out, including a patchy internet connection, as well as the closure of bridges that leads to the capitol heart soon. so how was that impacted protest or who do want to come out and how do you think it will impact them throughout the day? i mean, the best thing is, is obviously this is just approach to call to. so i think will be as we did before, inside of october, the large number, the people come out in other towns and cities. even within cartoon, we've seen nike protest are pretty much as soon as the and use of our council was announced, the counsel that most people think it's a sham. i'm going to choose to. and so we have seen a sort of build up actually this is a build up of the past few days and nights of protest and we're seeing the combination come together now. yes, there are bridges that have been close and the ministry has been very you know, she made has made sure that it closes up setting key roads. but as we saw before,
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protested in the, on the 30th cross the bridge going through tanks and meeting up with all the protesters. so this is have shown very much that they're not going to be stopped by even small or large impediments of the ministry has put in its way. right. but the incident black. yeah. 20 a day that has that. obviously not been much of a hindrance as much as you would like it to be. so right now, what we understand the situation to be is both sides are very much sticking to their positions. and according to our correspondent, in cartoon, she is saying that protesters, at least the ones that are out on the street are saying there will be no negotiations with the military. so effectively, this is a fail mates is not what happens next. how does this situation move forward or get result? there was an impulse. you're right. we're pretty much in a very similar position as to what we had in the summer of 2019. except that time
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the civilians were the one to compromise on, especially about the level to which the military would be engaged in any political dispensation. what the st saying this time around what civilian purchase is saying this time out is that we are not willing to make that same compromise. so the shooting for the maximum and that negotiation with the military to under the current military circumstances, no return to that civilian military partnership that we had before. the qu, because as we know, it's really stave off the threat of military dominance. 5 and they're also saying that we are not willing to compromise this time. we know what that level of compromise where the level of compromise gets us and to be sat. mom don't seem that extreme when you put them in the car in the historical context. the fact that civilians have always had to compromise submitted to dominant and i've always been for the even minds, national, mediated to do that. and so i think what's happening this time, i'm getting a lot more consensus on the civilian side,
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much more than 2019 about this psalms. ok. we thank you a solution for speaking to us from house to him. and once again, that is a picture from cartoon professors coming out for the 1000000 man march that just started a short while ago. and they are again, the, the military takeover will keep an eye out on to don. springs the latest a little later. but for now, protests are being held in the democratic republic of congo against the appointment of a new electoral commission, heads and being led by the catholic and protestant churches to have concerns about the independence of the decision. last month, thousands turned out a protest calling for a neutral election body. about half of the congo leaves population is catholic. malcolm lab has the latest from those protests, in contrast, the number over the
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next time, but we did talk about using the money selling. it is controlled by the presidency and money disappearing. tens of millions for $300.00 millions of dollars. that angry about tools of the law. to like to go to the government a little bit. the money sold in toronto and somebody having attended
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a young syrian rounds body has been found in poland. near bela bruce's border polish police have not been able to determine the cause of his death. thousands of refugees and migrants are stuck on that very border, and they're caught in the middle of a political standoff, which shows no sign of ending. i said, bay reports from the beller roost. poland border. these scenes were filmed by russia's sputnik agency, apparently showing belushi and forces handing out food. it's not clear how many of the thousands of people camped out would have got anything. here as a woman lies ill on the ground, people show a bellowed lucien. god. what asked men, haley, she needs some families have been given the basics, diapers, medicine and drinking water. but as the main response on either side continues to be a military one, these people are stuck in a political game. they can't control. we're, we're one of poland,
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most famous actresses, has joined activists to call on the government to allow people to help me ago she came across 3 people that had made it through the boarding to poland, but they've been targeting for women. her husband and her dear friend were beaten, really frightened. they were scary. they asked about her on the road. some people i talked to them, it stolen them money or my bias, everything a he was bitten by i some of my paul thing on his head. so he was taken to the hospital and exclusions own means that there's no way of knowing what exactly polish forces are doing to keep people out of the country. on the country roads near the border, soldiers, guns in hand, have set up checkpoints. vehicles are being stopped searched and some people's documents are being checked. but even with this massive presence along the border, poland knows that some people will manage to get through. soldiers here have told
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us that if we the media were able to see what they're doing, than they wouldn't be able to do their jobs. but desperate people still remain stuck in the forest between 2 groups of soldiers as had beg, i'll da 0, poland. leaders of the asia pacific region have pledged increased corporation to help the recovery from the coven 19 pandemic. apec summit was hosted virtually by new zealand and came at a time of increasing regional tension, particularly between the us and china. when her reports, ah, they were the traditional welcomes and ceremonies as new zealand hosted. this is asia pacific economic cooperation meetings. but for the 2nd consecutive year, the cove at 19 pandemic meant those meetings were held virtually. the culmination was the leaders summit, which resulted in a joint declaration full of positivity around co operation on the environment economy and the pandemic. so where they may have been potentially in the past,
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an opportunity or, or at an area where you may have same forms of protectionism or nationalism in the response, you saw the opposite. a real commitment from a peak economies to overcome noise issues. in normal times, it's this sideline meetings away from the spotlight with the big decisions and deals are made in the virtual world. it's difficult to get a sense of any tension, but it was brought to the surface during a speech by china's president. she jin ping to a c e o summit. the day before the leaders met shall be thought mocking towards him . mover had reject practices, are of discrimination and exclusion of others. if, as you attempt to draw 2 article lines or forms more circles on geopolitical crowns are bound to fail, you should pacific region and being cannot and should not reliably into the confrontation and division of the cold war era. his comments appeared to be in response to the united states, increasing military cooperation with regional allies, including india,
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japan and australia, and came after years of trade. tensions between the 2 countries. on monday, president, she will meet virtually with his u. s counterpart, joe biden. there are also issues around the trade pact. no, as the comprehensive and progressive agreement for trans pacific partnership. all 11 members are also apec members. and now china wants to join. but so does taiwan, which beijing regards as a breakaway province, that it will one day retake. there was, of course, no mention of that at this a pig summit, not publicly anyway, but despite the virtual nature of the meeting, there was still an opportunity for the tradition of the lead is posing in an item of clothing of the host choice wayne. hey, al jazeera toner, new zealand was wayne just mentioned, the much anticipated virtual summit between the chinese that us presidents will happen early next week. it's the 1st major opportunity to improve relations tension
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has risen because of taiwan on american support. a pro democracy protest in hong kong. alan fisher has more from the white house summit still happen unless there is an outcome agreed in advance, and that's we're expecting to see joe biden would love to meet judging, paying in person, but that's not happening at the chinese president simply not leaving the country and hasn't done it since march last year, so this will all be done virtually. it will be done here at the white house. on monday they will talk about a number of things that they have in common. first of all, getting on top of the corporate crisis. there's the global supply chain as well. there is also the climate change, and we knew that joe biden was pretty critical of the chinese for not showing up in glasgow. essentially seeing that if you want to be a world leader, you have to show up to lead as there will be other things that they will touch on, including nuclear weapons. they will talk about it, china's military operations in and around taiwan. i remember it's just a week ago that the americans have said that they are obliged,
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joe biden said that they are obliged to defend taiwan and would do so. and of course, there's been quite a leap forward in chinese military technology with them testing a supersonic aircraft that can go into space or something that might milly who is the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff. here in the united states said the change in china's wealth and also its military operations is the greatest geopolitical shift in more than 20 years. so yes, they've got a lot to cover. will they be able to do it one day? probably not. but if they can show some sort of cooperation on things like exports and visa controls, then they will regard this as a success. and it's really about getting the relationship back on track. because the relationship between the chinese and the united states has been it's still me for a number of months. donald trump's former top aid steve baton, has been charged with 2 criminal acts for disobeying a congressional order ban and was summoned to appear at
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a congressional hearing investigating the january 6 riots on capitol hill. the committee is trying to determine the causes of the attack that attempted to stop the certification of president biden's election when the daughter of the philippine president rodrigo, the territory has filed her candidacy for vice president sarah the territory and elsewhere for the 2022 election was immediately endorsed by the party of the presidential front runner. sarah, the territory is currently the mayor of devout city. frances presidential election is 5 months away, but the race as ready seen some unexpected twists writer and talk show commentator ericsson moore is expected to announce his candidacy. and he set to run on an anti immigration platform that could eclipse far right liter marina pam. natasha butler reports from berto the more faith from being ruined by immigration, islam and political correctness. and his message is seducing far right and
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conservative, both to all those you get to declare the 3 for the french presidency, the more is already flooring and opinion polls. a political outsider, with a conviction from fighting racial hatred that some called from his donald trump. c, i keep getting the business complete. but he is a guy who does business. that's not me. i write books and articles. so my life is different to his blog posts, johnson he understood, i era, and that the main problems that we face in the west of immigration and industrialization. the more is a voucher in jewish heritage, he had a slot on a channel called the news that helped fuel his popularity and he's a regular on tv shows where his opinions often cause controversy. manasseh printed do shows that the media frenzy around him is partly because he is a public figure who crosses the line as no one else has in frances public sphere
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since the end of the war. ah, since september, the moore has been traveling the country to promote his latest book on the tool that's become a defacto campaign in bordeaux. more than a 1000 people came to see him. for us, the more embodies hope for france. we have seen france deteriorating for a few years, but some more gives us hope for a country love horses. although nicholas france is in rapid decline because of mass immigration. and he's the only person who can stop it as a morrison, how to say a man to say crohn. oh, no say, could destroy it. near by dozens of protest is gathered. i think i hope it might have hossa beach. it's catastrophic. france has always been multicultural. and i'm proud of it. i grew up here in the front, said some more pains is not a reality. it is a lie filled with hate to me. emma seymour has upset some election predictions. the final round between fall right party leader marine the pen and president emanuel
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michael, how he would fare if he does run, would depend on voters. it's clear for now though, is it more is already disrupting the race. natasha butler al jazeera photo. people in germany are being urged to limit their contact with others and avoid large events as a forest wave of covered 19 affections takes hold. more than 48000 people tested positive for the virus on friday. that's just under the record high set on thursday . public health officials want governments to consider closing venues in the worst effected areas. the outgoing chancellor, anglo merkel plans to discuss the situation with state leaders next week. and a 3 week partial lockdown has started in the netherlands, police fire and water cannon into a crowd who were demonstrating against the new rules on friday from saturday bars. restaurants on supermarkets will close early, and sporting events will be held behind closed doors. the country has seen
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a record number of cove in 1900 infections. in recent, we, us judge has terminated the conservatorship that control the life and money of pop star, britney spears fans waiting outside the court sheared. as the court's decision was announced, beers called it the best day ever, and expressed her gratitude for her friends. the singers father was put in charge of her finances back in 2008 after spears had a public battle with mental health. ah, hello again. the headlines on al jazeera, this, our large group. so protesters are marching through the capital cartoon right now and announcing.


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