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tv   [untitled]    November 13, 2021 1:30pm-2:01pm AST

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i am told stories. celebrates excellence. keep alive but pioneering spirit. stop. we have it for 25 years. we've never stopped on our journey. never stops with our commitment to you. alger 025. he is a unique payoff. lou. ah, ah. hello, are you watching out 0? i'm emily anguish, a reminder of our top stories. this. our delegates of the you and climate conference in glasgow have reached a new draft agreement. it calls on rich nations to double their financial commitments by 2025. and it keeps goals to phase out insufficient of fossil fuel
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subsidies, opposition groups in sudan, calling for nationwide protests on saturday, against the military take over. the army has set up road books around the capital consume and most bridges are closed. and protest being held in the democratic republic of congo against the appointment of a new electoral commission head is being led by the catholic and protestant churches. you have concerns about the independence of the decision. people in germany being urged to limit their contact with others and avoid large events. as a 4th wave of coven 19 infections takes hold. more than 48000 people tested positive for the virus on friday. that's just under the record high set on thursday . public health officials want governments to consider closing venues in the worst effected areas. going chancellor england medical plans to discuss the situation with state leaders. next week. a 3 week partial lockdown has started in the
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netherlands, police fire water cannon into a crowd, which was demonstrating against the new rules on friday from saturday. restaurants and supermarkets will close, early, and sporting events will be held behind closed doors. the country has said a record number of co 19 infections in recent wakes laid is of the asia pacific region have pledged the increased cooperation to help the recovery from covered 19. the apec summit was hosted virtually by new zealand and came at a time of increasing regional tension, particularly between the u. s. and china. wine, hey reports. ah, they were the traditional welcomes and ceremonies as new zealand hosted. this is asia pacific economic cooperation meetings. but for the 2nd consecutive year, the cova, $900.00 pandemic, meant those meetings were held virtually. the culmination was the lead is summit,
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which resulted in a joint declaration full of positivity around co operation on the environment economy and the pandemic. the way they may have been potentially in the past, an opportunity or an area where you may have seen forms of protectionism or nationalism in the response. you saw the opposite. a real commitment from a peak economy to overcome noise issues. in normal times, it's this sideline meetings away from the spotlight with a big decisions and deals are made in the virtual world. it's difficult to get a sense of any tension, but it was brought to the surface during a speech by china's president. she jin ping to a ceos summit the day before the leaders met forward looking to move ahead and reject practices of discrimination and exclusion of others. using attempts to draw ideological lines, perform more circles on geo. political crowns are bound to fail issue pacific region. but you cannot not rely into the conference mission and division of the
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cold war era. his comments appeared to be in response to the united states, increasing military cooperation with regional allies, including india, japan and australia, and came after years of trade. tensions between the 2 countries. on monday president, she will meet virtually with his u. s counterpart joe biden. there are also issues around the trade pact known as the comprehensive and progressive agreement for trends. pacific partnership, all 11 members are also apec members. and now china wants to join, but so does taiwan, which beijing regards as a breakaway province, that it will one day retake. there was, of course, no mention of that at this a pick summit, not publicly anyway, but despite the virtual nature of the meeting, there was still an opportunity for the tradition of the leaders posing in an item of clothing of the host choice wayne hey al jazeera toner, new zealand, and as wind has mentioned
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a much anticipated virtual summit between the chinese and new as presidents will happen early next week. it's the 1st major opportunity to improve relations tension has risen because of taiwan and americans supportive pro democracy process in hong kong. alan fisher has more from the white house some it still happened unless there is an outcome agreed in advance, and that's we're expecting to see joe biden would love to meet jean ping in person . but that's not happening at the chinese president simply not leaving the country and hasn't done it since march last year. so this will all be done virtually will be done here at the white house. on monday the, we'll talk about a number of things that they have in common. first of all, getting on top of the corporate crisis. there's the global supply chain as well. 3 there is also the climate change, and we know that joe biden was pretty critical of the chinese for not showing up in glasgow essentially seeing that if you want to be a while leader, you have to show up to lead ad. there will be other things that they will touch on,
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including nuclear weapons. they will talk about it, china's military operations in and around taiwan. i remember it's just a week ago that the americans have said that they are obliged. joe biden said that they are obliged to defend taiwan and would do so. and of course, there's been quite a leap forward in chinese military technology with them testing a supersonic aircraft that can go into space or something that might milly who is the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff. here in the united states said the change in china's wealth and also its military operations is the greatest geopolitical shift in more than 20 years. so yes, they've got a lot to cover while they're able to do it one day, probably not. but if they can show some sort of cooperation on things like exports and visa controls, then they will regard this as a success. and it's really about getting the relationship back on track. because the relationship between the chinese and the united states has been,
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it's still me for a number of months. let's return to the top story now and the cop $26.00 climate summits and it's the latest draft deal. abraham mohammed is a climate change adaptation expert for the mall. dave's environmental protection agency, enjoying says from the capital malay. hello abraham. thanks for joining us. what to island nation life in mail, dave's need to stop the impacts of climate change. ready well. ringback as you know, most of the island nation more div already paid a stage in con, sequence climate change impact. recently we have seen a crazy storm activity in the ocean, which has any direct effect on the more d says. and the legion, of course, has been continuous for a while and this has been very long,
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decayed compared to the previous b k. so all damage to korea and also it's just a crazy temperature is having to do a steady end date. you already 90 percent of all of the the whole roshan. busy some the quite cpa erosion and the government has spent millions of dollars. busy for the protection, so for them all the and define in floyd station is critical because the impacts really being sales at the moment and the require insurance and the call had to come back and agreed to leverage the funding which is a good sign for us. but on the other hand, the admission reduction targets us not as much as we expected
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should be the high imaging countries like india and china us to. busy unable to make conducive agreements on this so as part of that new agreement, and you mentioned the financial commitments that have been made. there's also the plan to phase out so called insufficient fossil fuel subsidies. that remains in the draft. how important is the phasing out of coal in your opinion, limiting that rise of 1.5 degrees? well, at the moment, the agreement initially determined contribution a commitment shows that we are likely to go for a book to a degree some the current obligation that commitment bills do lead to a globally praise of temperature by $2.00 degrees celsius,
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which will be. 6 devastated at $1.00, e, the bam minimum, which is required in the industry allowed to continue business. as usual, we will not have the time to recover. this is crucially important for us and i think the small island nation will be pushing this agenda for as much as possible. and abraham even signed his scientists think that we shouldn't even overstate the benefits of the limiting of that 1.5 degrees. do you agree exactly 1.5 degrees. it's not the best, but the best we can hope to achieve is 1.5 degrees. even the corey more than 80
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percent or already would likely be all will not cover you in a row. so it sounds these huge core, read that base of the nation, the entire economy based and b, y, o job base of the nation is entirely dependent on wholly and be not so wide without these commitments. 1.5 is not the best, but the best we hope to achieve. well, we appreciate your insight. thank you very much. abraham mohammed climate change adaptation expert in the mole. dave, thank you for your time. thank you very much. moving on now in donald trump's for miss top aid, steve bannon has been charged with 2 criminal acts for disobeying a congressional order. bannon with summon, to appear at a congressional hearing,
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investigating the january 6 riots on capitol hill. the committee is trying to determine the causes of the attack that attempted to stop the certification of president bonham's election when christian salumi is in new york and has the detail well, there are 2 contempt of congress charges one for failing to testify before the house committee and another failing to produce documents requested by the committee. steve ban in the long time adviser to the former president was subpoenaed and asked to appear by the committee that is investigating the january 6 capital breach. they say that they had reason to believe that he had information regarding the balance that took place that day. they point 2 statements. he made the day before the january 6 attack on the capital in a podcast in which he said that extreme events were going to happen and quotes all
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hell is going to break loose on the following day. so the house wanted to hear what steve been and had to say when he didn't show up. they voted him in contempt of courts that finding was turned over to the courts in the united states, the u. s. attorney presented it to a so called grand jury, who found that there was reason to move forward with criminal charges against the president's former adviser. and if he's found guilty of these charges, he could face up to a year in prison on each one as well as a significant fine. and we spoke to bruce fine, who is a former us associate deputy attorney general. he believes banum is hoping trial will win the presidency in 2024 and pardon him. but i think what this case reveals is the dare election of congress to end the delaying tactics. that in
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i, the american people, the urgent need to know what transpired on january 6th, what were the motives behind it? because it was the most serious effort in the history of the united states, basically, to overthrow our constitutional system for peaceful transfers of presidential power . the united states supreme court has repeatedly affirm the power of congress to inherently punish those who defy its a penis with imprisonment in congressional detention centers by fines. and even with regard to impeachment, the congress of the united states voted an article of impeachment against richard nixon. for floating, one subpoena until all of this court maneuvering can be avoided if congress will just step up to the plate and assert its prague of inherent contempt authority and make these people pay a penalty immediately. moreover, the united states supreme court has never once held that executive privilege can be asserted against congress. never once tried it made evaluations of asserting it
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against judges. the nixon case, it is not an absolute privilege, but i do not believe even this supreme court, which is populated by 3 justices appointed by president trump wood for the 1st time in 234 years. say that president executive branch or even a former president kanai congress. this plenary power of oversight to ensure we have government in the sunshine and that all worries about corrupting the process of politics and elections are discharged by oversight and full information. the daughter of philippine president rodrigo deter taye has filed her candidacy for vice president sour to today's announcement for the 2022 election was immediately endorsed by the party of the presidential front runner. m. sour de, today is currently the mayor of davis city. katara will represent us diplomatic interests in afghanistan. the katara government will assume
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the role of protecting power to facilitate formal communication between washington and cobble. the u. s. does not recognize the taliban government as rosalind jordan reports from washington. when the afghan government fell to the toll upon and august, the u. s. relied on its military and on cutter to evacuate, americans and afghans at risk. nearly 3 months later, washington and doha, are formalizing a collaboration born out of crisis. cutter will establish a u. s. intersection within its embassy in afghanistan to provide certain costs for services and monitor the condition, security of u. s. diplomatic facilities in afghanistan. the 2nd agreement formalized as our partnership with cutter to facilitate the travel of afghans with us special immigrant visas. the last of the u. s. embassy officials left cobble on august 31st . so it's been very difficult for the state department to get passports and visas
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to us and afghan citizens. now, cutlery officials and cobble will fill that void more important. they'll act as a go between for the taliban and the biden administration. the cutlery, foreign minister says the agreement will help advance another u. s. cutter priority supporting the afghan people, especially when it comes to human rights. we believe engaging with body bonds since they all impala right now is very important for us to ensure that or our facilitation for humanitarian assistance is moving small to be and also encouraging them and urging them all the time to send up to their commitments and their pledges for the international community. the agreement also shows just how far relations between the u. s. and cutter have come, despite occasional differences. after nearly 50 years of diplomatic ties,
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the trumpet ministration backed the g. c. c. blockade against doha, imposed in june 2017. a diplomatic route, only resolved in january, and analysts say cutter's new role representing the interests of the world's most powerful country. and a contentious region represents a payoff of years of diplomatic ambition. cutter has been in the game, so to speak for quite some time when it comes to the situation with afghanistan and rest relations with our on. so i actually think that it's a very logical choice, and i think it makes good sense from us and bo, his perspective the deal between the u. s. and cutter is limited and scope. it doesn't mean that they agree on how to engage the taliban as a political entity and only experience show whether having a proxy represent the u. s. t, as interests and cobble will actually satisfy it's long term national security goals. rosalyn jordan al jazeera, the state department, still ahead on al jazeera will have all the action from the world cup qualifies as
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england age closer to a place in ad. catherine 2022. that's coming out with sarah in sports. ah, november, we'll see vulgarians votes in a 3rd parliamentary election this year. public outcry the widespread corruption brought down former prime minister boy k bar itself. but finding a replacement his proof problematic. will it be 3rd time lucky in the bulgarian election, special coverage on al jazeera, the stage is set and it's time for a different approach. one that is going to challenge the way you think, from international politics, to the global pandemic, and everything in between. upfront with me, mark lamond hill on al jazeera, tens of thousands of children, were born into our lives under the i school regime in iraq and syria. now,
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many are in camps either orphans, all with that. we don't mothers, rejected by their own communities, she could do like some people are going to welcome them after that. of course, mom and you documentary his, that chilling and traumatic stories from the children throw stones at me. iraq's last generation on al jazeera shawna is pursuing prosperity and influence on the globe and stage. when i, when ac investigates, what we've made for one of its closest neighbors. taiwan on al jazeera, compelling, we keeping our distance because it's actually quite dangerous. ambulances continued to arrive at the lotion in spite, i still don't feel like i actually know enough about living under fashion with life unequalled broadcasting in august and i was born a happy al jazeera english proud recipient of the new york festivals broadcaster of
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the year award for the 5th year running, ah, ah! before we had to sport, we have a story out of the us where a judge has terminated the conservative ship that controlled the life and money of pop star, britney steve fans waiting outside the court. she'd, as the court decision, was announced, fees code it the best day ever, and expressed her gratitude for her fans who launched in online campaign to free her. the thing is father was put in charge of her finances back in 2008 after fees had a public battle with mental health. okay, it's time now is 14 sara thankful. emily, well, we stop here in council with
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a race to reach the world cop continues the i say want to crucial game against their rivals, mexico. go top of the qualifying table in the north, central america and caribbean, and now it was mexico who started the game in cincinnati. the top of the table with the americans changed and there were no goals in the 1st half. and then after the break, chelsea's, christie and paul sich came off the bench to get the games 1st goal. and then western mckenney made it to nail and secured their victory while this stuff. but the u. s. level of points with mexico. it's still a head with a better goal difference. next up, they face jamaica on wednesday. it's nice to, to win this game in front of a great crowd in a great stadium. and now our work is, is on jamaica. focus on that and try to get close out that window with another lady . understand what we're about. we understand what they're about. that's what makes a great rivalry. we know it's always going to be
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a good game against me and you get 3 points just helps us get a lot closer, qualified for the rock up. there was a near spectacular gulf of canada and they qualify against costa rica in edmonton page, and buchanan tried his luck with this basic bicycle kicked, but the bull ended up hitting the ball. it didn't matter much though with kind of going on to win the game. one nail with this go from jonathan. david, you can see in canada, on beats and in 6 games and remains 3rd in the table. just one point behind the us and mexico or 3 teams will co host the world cop in 2026. and in south american zone, argentina started without leon. l messy, but still beats here in the latest qualify, it was angels and maria who was a match winner in msd. they are off to just 6 minutes. a fantastic goal which extends argentine is on the street to 26 matches stretching back more than 2 years . on wednesday, the play off top of the table,
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brazil who qualified for 2022 months. that was an action for egypt in the africa was in bar. they had to work hard in their way game against and go la, it was the whole team. it took to go lead in the 1st health, only for egypt to hit back with to that, to draw some much point in shows when the group and progress to the play or the $5.00 pay off when it will be africa was present to the world. that they needed. and the reigning african tompkins algeria on the brink of the pay off themselves, slumped. the money was among the scores as a beecher booty for now. and now just need a draw at home in their final group game against fossil, but will keep faster, will qualify instead, if they win, not much. and in europe, england need just one points from their final qualify to fill their place like half of 2020 to hurricane school, to perfect trick to help them thrash albania, of 5 mill. the strike got one with his head, his left foot,
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and then his right foot. england will qualify automatically if they win or draw again. sun, maria, who are the lowest rank team in the world. when the repeal tompkins, italy suffered a set biker home in rome, they fell behind against switzerland. also the stunning goal from phil's on the man . it's really hit by for the equalizer from giovanni bill the wrong so i'm has a chance to win it with a penalty in the last minute. but georgina missed it. it's of your rain tough a group. see, but only had a switzerland on goal. different with one game left to go for cbs that she said on the policy that he brought this disappointment because we had a match point, but we need to be confident, even when things seemed to go south. were an excellent team and i think against northern ireland, we can score the same amount of goals that switzerland will get against bulgaria. so nobody, there is handsome face is a nervous way on whether he'll have to start the brazilian grand pre or at the back
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of the grid. and he was quick hiss on friday to tape hold position for the sprint qualifying race bars. his car failed. a technical inspection. now if it's found to not comply with the rules, how much on sunday will have to start last is read even given a 5 place penalty because of an engine change. how little is 19 points behind max 1st, often who himself is being investigated over a possible war breach that the 1st hole in a long time. so. but just a big thank you to, to the team because i've been working that out. it's been so hard coming from from the last race for everyone at the, at the race, right. going from one race to the other. taking a car part, rebuilding it just the, the man hours is, is insane. but i am today was a really good qualified session. i'm super happy with. it took a basketball and steph curry is now pulse record for the most 3 pointers. in n b a history, he scored 40 points including 9 fries. as the golden state warriors beat the chicago bulls that takes hurry to and to be exact $336063.00
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pointers. so passing the previous record, held by ray allen, he wasn't the only star knight though. gary payton the 2nd with this fantastic only should be seeing there as the war is right up there 7 straight when elsewhere, the greatest player of all time michael jordan was court side to watch the charlotte hornets. as the franchise that he owns, and mars bridges put on a shoe with some move, jordan himself might have been proud of when he was playing plenty of dunks and spins bridges. school 24 points on the night. as a hornet sport from 16 points down to beat the new york knicks. i measure my playboy tom on a bench support you is definitely good. you nerves, he lives and i came, well, i missed a few layers, mr. for those all. well, as soon as we start so man and, and start playing our game, i feel like that's when it's a guitar, and that's when we start going on around. but it is great to have them out there.
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well, that's what i suppose now, but i'll be back later. thank you very much, sarah, guys, don't go anywhere during rbc with one you showed me ah . with ah, mother nature's gift of colorful landscapes. a strong infrastructure governance arising where investments are waiting to flourish. where creativity even supplied
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by tradition, to where beautiful possibilities are offered. if america held up a mirror to itself, what would it see in a sense, race is the story of america. what's working and what's not. a lot of people are only talking about that. it wasn't at the top of the agenda if america can't handle multiple challenges on multiple fronts, we need to go back to school. the bottom line on al jazeera, we understand the differences and similarities and cultures across the world. no matter what movies we've been using, kind of for that matter to you. serious delica stays with one month leading the country through us. present our side as last legitimacy. he needs to step back. how has he retained control through over a decade of war? we examined the global power gapes of president bashar al assad. we believe assad
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simply carrying out iranian orders. what keeps you awake at night when the reason that could effect any human eyesight master of chaos on all jazeera, the. ready tight security across cartoon mass protest get underway again to don's military takeover. ah, you're watching, i'll do there a life for my headquarters in del, i'm gay. the also i had a new draft deal is published at the cop $26.00 summit nations are urged to phase out cool power and drop subsidies on inefficient fossil fuel. a syrian man has died at the bellows, poland border while thousands of asylum seekers remains.


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