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tv   [untitled]    November 13, 2021 6:30am-7:01am AST

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sir, on display, including by prominent dissident artist i way way, but other work by him considered too controversial will not be displayed while you are happily museum, which cannot, or in paper or too deep fat. its own in parity are about her freedom of speech. then god, her is so christian, as the museum opens to the public for the 1st time, the sometimes baffling world of modern art will not only prompt the question, is it art? but in hong kong case, is it legal? rob mcbride, al jazeera. ah, hello, this is al jazeera and these are the headlines. the you and climate summers and glasgow has gone into over time as delegates. they're trying to reach an agreement on a draft plan to protect the planet from catastrophic global warming representatives
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from nearly $200.00 countries and negotiating their co, amos to cap global warming at $1.00 degrees. this is our collected moment in history. this is our chance to forge a cleaner, healthier, more prosperous world. and this is our time to deliver on the high ambition set by our leaders. at the start of the summit, we must rise to the occasion or asian pacific leaders have promised to increase cooperation and the fight against the coven 19 pandemic. they are attending the virtual apec summit. it's taking place with a backdrop of increasing tension between the u. s. and china foreman, donald trump aid steve bannon, has been formerly charged with contempt of congress. he was subpoenaed,
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but as refusing to testify in front of the committee investigating the attack on the capital on january 6th, international pressure is growing on su dawn's military leader to reinstate the civilian lead transitional government on friday. the commander, a few downs powerful rapid support forces was named a deputy head of the new military run ruling council. and being led by a professor alba han who has repeatedly promised to hand over power to civilian authorities. he threw up, his government has outlined conditions for possible talks with rebels from the northern te gray region, the armed wing of the tiguan people liberation front or t p l. s. is pushing towards addis ababa prime minister. med says the group must withdraw from the horror and the far regions bordering te gray before talks can begin. while those are the headlines, i'll have more news for you here on al jazeera, after 11 east, to stay with us. talk to al jazeera, we are. how would you describe taliban relationship with the us?
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we listen copies. one tedious not told for coffee. 19 nesbitt, terrible demonstration of the failure to view much solely that we meet with global news makers and talk about the stories that matter on al jazeera chinese president, changing ping is made the nation's goals clear to become more prosperous and powerful than really not with taiwan warmer yoshi ending the you told me a call an anomaly? sure. i know harsh english is our kind of fun at mall tensions arising between the island and the mainland. and people are divided on where they stand. we are to you open some way to lock it. she said yes, oh, it isn't a tie. one. good wilkens, i'm worried and once you don't mail, so the hobby that you know did. and does the dashing night also,
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when i went to one east examines the front, should relationship between china and taiwan. ah ah . if china's national anthem sounds like a battle cry, he sees the songs lyrics, state back to the japanese invasion in the 19 thirty's a ah visa words, the school students take to heart. the usa marshal at school is producing warriors
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citizens. yes. oh yes i was the 12th century chinese general. and these days he's a folk hero. oh, his name is synonymous with loyalty and patriotism. oh, wow. oh yeah. oh wow. yes. ah, this fighting spirit is at the core of president cg pins leadership and it was on full display at the $100.00 than of us 3 of the chinese communist party. from one me. yes, jerry, she's over and i actually, she hope ya caught more. you on that shave farms,
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young john guy, he's younger boy, you wanted me. you'll hear thoughts hung her tongue chair hung up. whole portion of the old president, seating thing is encouraging all citizens to stand up for china's interests at home and abroad. and it's all in pursuit of something called the china dream. so the china dream is about making china as a country, as a state more prosperous, more powerful. so for individuals, it's not bout individually becoming well seo, base about taking pride in china. the country, the state becoming more powerful. ah, with, ah, no,
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i mean, yeah. your movie. yeah. yo yi la, asked the usa marshall at school students are taught core subjects. but the china dream is considered equally important. who hides in the jelly? roger trenton, you have fe. i call they choose this year i what we do elements the for those repairs, your cover, brown man mega and the eyes of the boy them. someone on black one up i f e l 5. now we go, i wish all one of your goals of yahweh universe said, yeah, we'll call it a jo goes hell, dianne falvo. i'll go ahead and see that there is a message they'll take from the school to their careers permanently shall power
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windows, the valet you. whoa. she found a young lady that will want trouble. yes and permanent. my younger share, shall ye? yeah, boise, the god yeah. wow. and it's clear what some of these students want to be dumping for others. a different dream idea now, but acting can also be patriotic one. 0 . ready ready ready ringback hm mm. recovering the old empire, maybe on and is to do list. but with talk of conflict over taiwan. what did the taiwanese think about their identity and future?
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oh ha. ah. so we're in one of the busier sections of taipei and it's normally not more crowded right if it weren't broke over. ino clue is a form, a special forces soldier, and now a rising star politician. and he's concerned the taiwanese aren't prepared for what the future could hold to in taiwan in elementary school. go to a quick training and we understand the do's and don'ts when we take the fire. but there are certain more had a stroke of them that were less prepared for, including a potential military attack. and i think there's a high risk of that with all the investment that i've been making over the last few decades. this year, china increased military pressure on taiwan. and the global concern about the
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threat of conflict. china is missiles, could reach every part of the island in minute. the government has a list of all of the qualified air raid shelter in the city, and they put it on the map. it looks like this. and these are mixed up underground facilities underneath office building shopping malls, the residential complexes. they're mostly parking lot right and complex lose his tie ones, 817000 air raid shelters are expected to accommodate more than 20000000 people. if you look around that, you'll see a nice parking lot, but there aren't a lot of facilities. a lot of items that you might need in the air raid shelter. for example, you can feel how hot it is right now. i have ventilation important power generations, important medical supplies, important supplies. and so if we believe that missile strike on taiwan is a possibility that we need more facilities that are fitted and equipped those items that could help the general population to shelter in those event. it's one thing to
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have air raid shelters, even if they are just cop ox. but how serious is the threat of military action? in short, it's quite serious, right? my view, china spend the better part of the last couple of decades in this thing and military, right. one of its core mission is to take town by force if the beijing leadership team's and necessary. so i think the only way that taiwan can avoid military conflict is to really be prepared for conflict, right? they always say right, the best way to prevent war is to prepare a fight tie ones to fences are reportedly played by aging military hardware, supply issues and motivation problems. taiwan has mandatory conscription, but it's being reduced from 2 years to just 4 months and is ridiculed as a summer camp. there's no way of getting around the fact that conscription is unpopular in taiwan. but it's unpopular for one main reason which is for most of us
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the time we spend in the military is too often spent on tourists like, you know, marching and bayonet drills and almost too little or no time on combat training. then no one leaves the military better prepared for a crisis, but we have to change that loose is drawing on his special forces background and some fancy simulations to train up civilians to deal with disaster. so we're holding workshops for folks like us. and we're saying, hey, this is how you escalate the conflict. this is how you treat a wound. this is how to recognize when someone is bleeding profusely. and this is how you start to bleed its teaching everyone. how did you be a 1st responder in emergencies? and that takes preparation or part, and it takes that's coming together the society to say, hey, this is going to take all of us, not just are 150000 strong military. our goal needs to be so that every morning
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when the beijing leadership wakes up from their china dream, they need to realize, hey, you know, today is not the day to take military action. located off the chinese coast. taiwan is like no way else on earth. only a handful of nations recognized taiwan as a country. for most of the world, its status is an ambiguity, but not for china. it claims taiwan as its own, a renegade province to be re unified, warmer jo, attending the you, troy from the she will called another me talk. i ha, harsh english are kind of fun at wall. it's also part of china's ambitions to control the south china sea, giving it an advantage over the trade routes and resources and the strategic high ground. this he a record number of chinese military plains heflin close to taiwan,
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seen by taiwan as the provocation. while the u. s doesn't recognize taiwan as a country. it does seldom, military hardware. you as president joe biden has said, the u. s. will come to ty, one's defense if it's attacked. ah hm. i want to know what the taiwanese government makes of the grow intentions. hello colla hi, jennifer colace, jo taco is the presidential spokesperson. what's ty, ones greatest concern today? actually, man obstacle for us to day is our standing as an independent country has been undermined by a china we have been telling people or is he taiwan? is an independent country. we are
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a southern country that has on now military. we have election a president. so try once our z, taiwan independence is a fact. arresting taiwan is the abbreviation of republic of china, taiwan ponies, one to peace. we don't want a war at all, but to sand wall plans flying over 20 times in one day. it's not peace. it's and destroying a status court misinformation and the fake news had been attacking us for years. this kind of attacks is try to help to create the conflicts between our governments and the people. ah,
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these non military threats are cold grey's own tactics. the tie when they say they're designed to disrupt the status quo and wear them down. they include barrages of dis, information, cyber attacks, and economic collision. one recent example involves the clash of a coven. vaccines. vaccine shortage during taekwan's biggest cove with outbreak, as led to a public outcry for vaccines. i von house for the 1st time, directly at hughes china of blocking a deal with germany's biotech vaccine developer for covered 19 job at beijing rejected the accusation. china has offered to send doses to the island. would you consider its territory by typing his express concern about the safety of chinese by refusing vaccines from china? the taiwanese government was accused of putting politics above health. but when japan and the united states donated vaccines to taiwan, china objected and warned them to stop meddling in its internal affairs.
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oh, this is just one example of grey's own conflict. there are many more right on china's doorstep. only 9 kilometers of china's coast, a tie ones, matsu islands, both of them. what are all right above your o complaints? i'm here. my friend bout how tom say, gosh, i shall that bow you so much do that bowery who used to be a frontline when the 2 sides were at war, they're so physically close. this billboard was once used to taunt china. now athena gotcha. got back to guide chin sigh while explains the message up and up front and the other pan bear. and he doesn't call dan back he n d john man though shaw hall. ja, grandma george, that she remembers when the island was attacked in the late 19th fifty's cousin
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that the scene was so did on the turns on seeing the shoe hall under the same shoe bowl, out of the se, one that was a chain of the single li jotting in papa mom on his own high shy zone from the thing. who killed pound. can i tell paul that was up on the moment you go so wasn't to die. i didn't come. that's one time. ah. today there's a different kind of battle going on. a fight over what's at the bottom of the see what the all that he was a johanna woman tides have been the hauling a to z and those on the like down the fishermen say chinese sand dredges have been illegally plundering these waters, ruining both the environment and livelihoods or toes out on,
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since i just being taught by magenta, modeled us, and by again, been dealt. and so been dell though, you'll gentlemen serene bonds, the bond legos as they are those dental hygiene since i mailed the changing them in as a belgium hot on this illegal charger has been here since october last year. when lee is a local politician, the sand treasure was illegally mining, and the water is near my 2, which are considered taiwanese restricted water sentiments, coast guard dependent. you can see a shard of broken the shallows down, including sand and gravel, and other parts of what used to be marine life and it, it's just the sad to be, it's just affects the people's livelihoods on so many levels from fishing to,
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towards them get even affects our local infrastructure as underwater cable between the different islands of my to get destroyed or damage. the tie ones coast guard is outnumbered and outsized by the whole king dredges the judge come in and out and trespass into the restricted waters and then run away. and law enforcement extremely difficult for our own coast guard. and last year in 2020. sometimes if you were to see a large amount of drudgery around the waters of my to up to 100 or 200 and eagle judges surrounding my 2 women li, believes to dredges a pot, intimidation tactics, pot opportunism. of course, we cannot deny their economic opponents. china is the largest consumer of sand in the world, sand and gravel, and they are willing to use legal means to a pain to say and destroy the environment. but then again,
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we do not rule out the possibility of this being part of a gray zone strategy or raise on tactic with the go of harassment and intimidation . if we just allow this to happen, then we just allow the destruction of our property and our environment. however, if we respond with military force on the civilian judge or is then it gives the china a further pretext to her escalate pensions. the fisherman believe china is playing a big a game that young dies is think the guy the bit higher than i am. good ginger little johan. been there is a common them look a hygiene 1000 pounds, a bench as a good bodily. good donald. how the hell by donald holler, you got the good. a joke? holder. angel golden. the good you. good days. are you good? gun one? ha ha ha. tied them was only
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to understand. tie one, it helps to understand its history. austrian asian, indigenous peoples have long codes the island home. the dutch and spanish tried to colonize it, and china's chin dynasty administered it for a little over $200.00 genes, which is why today china claims historical ownership. they lost it to the japanese who ruled it for 50 years until the end of world war 2. it then became part of the republic of china. this was also the time of the chinese civil war. when mao's red army was pushing out china's nationalist rulers, the k. m. t. mout won, and about 2000000 k m t soldiers and refugees fled to taiwan. the last remaining part of the republic of china mows communist land became the peoples
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republic of china. and the world found itself with 2 chinas. at 1st, taiwan was seen as the real china. but that changed in the seventy's when the u. s . and the u. n. recognized beijing as the official china, anti ones republic of china became what we have to day. a largely unrecognized non state ah, the taiwanese means different things to different people. there's a divide between those who say ty, one is the republic of china, which is the status quo, and others who say taiwan is just well, taiwan. ah don't judea is in the republic of china camp. this is common for families like he is who arrived from china after the civil war
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70 years ago. it's willoughby does it with the hill or 14 vaughn hope aid the man for life high? no, i'm a high school usually. the good luck with the way through the all morning. both felt either how i got hired to run through me, sir, or metals out to see me and go me ha, ha ha ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha ha, i don't. ginger lives with his wife 2 kids and his elderly father about diana. oh oh oh, i mean, oh oh oh, being wrong, grandpa was a came t soldier who fought against mao's red army. like many, he fled to taiwan in $1949.00 were gone. i tele, no ha,
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could withdraw him from cooper to shoot or mail for his years. that bullshit, her more power to do going to hell. what is she? well, but the new arrivals from mainland china weren't always welcome either july. the late here or how i do it one way or the here's a washing are the why saying an automated o r. o don't i how i the doll 100 you hunter, to the finest human at no general or to the boiler or hands, you just the water bottle and your wife and it was sent over to the all hands being a mix of chinese and taiwanese ment. tom jones years school life wasn't easy. the obey the e ship eating got out and your father learned tomorrow. yes ma'am. either
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the the mac and mama. again see how young being hardihood. well or go ma marianna? sure. she knew her. you be. oh, yeah. lisa, who are yeah, ha, do you all she g joy of eugene tower and but yeah, sure. you the payment the law by you know you, you are below jackie torres bowery. jack. would you need you or your wine data? hundreds. how does change year job was all all to our g m hallway. to go 1st of all, what is your womb do, sir? thank you, my young god, dear, ha, ha, ha, ha. the family is typical of many taiwanese families who arrived 70 years ago. they identify as taiwanese, but a clear about their chinese heritage and the name they like to give the place they live. 040 a through. get those with you for thought don paul,
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the house is however, all honey was guy has he had a ledger. i don't harm gore it junior matheson system shall. don't gorgeously have zaden quin yang zag harder st under than guns and eagles houses? will you no harm in gore badges? oh jed, and does the dashing lie about or when beats ha, ha ha ah, but the idea of the republic of china or r a c, taiwan doesn't sit well with every one. many people, especially younger generations feel differently. people like r g i on by door was, isn't worth i. g 's ancestors came from china a couple of 100 years ago, but he sees himself as taiwanese rather than chinese. were to you or by some ways
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rock. did you say yes, i would. isn't that high? wine cooler, wilkins on lloyd and coin he'd mailed it and his pork on rice shop. he's a shrine for his beliefs or your tongue shout out as a gun. bob, i did. you had jasa where you don't i bounces law or mendoza or the murano girl. now those are the women are indian or you were was on the other. the status quo has meant relative peace and stability for taiwan. but with china saying and determined to claim the place as its own. how long can the status quo last? then her then bowl we are the will do why didn't mean hire me? what oxygen? i lean to wonder gen challenging gen being yaeger chung don on
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me. ah oh, the land of the free america has never been a real democracy. the black people, no reach for a new episode of democracy, may be explored divisions and struggles in america's electoral system. a fight for and against equal representation, and the democratic process is the country that's learning how to be a democracy, but it's not there. one person, one vote on al jazeera, dan did. and i said good night. the dakota oil pipeline snaked through indigenous land, but known without resistance or right in front of the bowl,
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and they were beaten, arrested, and shot as protested. they are needed and so proclaimed, which are protected. the women of standing rock on al jazeera ah, into overtime, late night talks continue for this. he has called 26 climate summit as countries tried to reach a deal to battle global warming. ah, hello there, i'm this tells you, hey, this is out there. i live from doha, also coming up cobit 19 and regional tensions take center stage. as asia pacifically does meet. the white house confounds a highly anticipated virtual meeting between president joe biden and china's leader . she's in pink.


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