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tv   [untitled]    November 13, 2021 1:00am-1:31am AST

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with the u. s. we listened, copies 19, is not all 4 covered, 19 has been terrible demonstration of the failure of human solely that we meet with global news makers and talk about the stories that matter on al jazeera. ah, the future of the pan, it's hanging in the balance as the clock counts down on the cop $26.00 climate summit. there be an agreement you of that climate catastrophe. ah. oh i. marian was in london, you're watching al jazeera, also coming up on the program, forging a new relationship with the taliban, us. as kat, i will represent washington's interests in kabul. the struggle to survive on europe's doorstep. agency say they must be given access to the orders own between
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bella, ruth and poland. and as another military figure joined sedans, new ruling counsel, international pressure grows for a return to civilian rule. ah, welcome to the program. all talks are continue in glasgow on saturday. a day after the cop $26.00 was due to finish negotiators from $200.00 nations, a considering a draft agreement which is working towards one clear goal to limit a global warming to one and a half degrees. and it's feared current pledges to cut emissions would see global warming move well beyond that and actually hit $2.00 degrees. the latest draft agreement asked countries to hasten their emission cutting pants from 2030 to the end of next year. the language is weak and it's framed as a request. it says by 2025 rich countries should double their funding to help poor
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countries cope with the impact of climate change. a previous draft didn't set a target date. 2023 as the new deadline for which countries give poor nations a $100000000000.00 a year in climate financing. the previous deadline had been 2020, and the draft. dhl express deep regret for missing the target. and for the 1st time, fossil fuels are targeted as well, with the draft telling countries to move more quickly in phasing out coal power and fossil fuel subsidies. but again, no date was set for that. this is our collective moment in history. this is all chance to forge a cleaner, healthier, more prosperous world. and this is all time to deliver on the high ambition set by our leaders. at the start of this summit,
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we must rise to the occasion. we will continue to champion $1.00, which is our foolish ins northstar. hospital subsidies must end. we must double adaptation finance from current level boston damage to central class to settle for workshop. we must strengthen action on law from damage. and we need an article 6 resolution that results in real reduction, 0 sum offsetting era mustang. with a minimum, we need to walk away. you can minimize the challenge now is for those of us who are progressive, believe along, we need to hold the lines. oh, fuck children, grandchildren, this is critical now. our environment and as a nic clark joins us now from glasgow. of course, why the summit is taking place and as actually miss it's deadline,
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it's now gone into extra time. tell us about the, the stumbling blocks and what negotiate is focusing on well, every cop you go to mrs. its deadline, they usually go on another 24 hours if not 36 hours and that's what's likely to happen here. but in fact, in the last hour we've heard from the u. k. presidency, who says that he and his team are engaged, intensive consultations with all the different negotiating blocks to try and get some resolution on what the next draft tax will be. that will be the 3rd iteration of the text, and that will be available at 8 o'clock to morrow. and then there will be a plenary when all the countries come together briefly to discuss elements of that text and then late. and then we'll go away and discussing further and meet changes and so forth. and then later in the afternoon, alex sharma, the u. k. president of this cult said that there would be a full part plenary, hopefully to gavel through a final gloves. go pat, if you will, that remains to be seen if that happens. it's always incredibly complex. had of
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negotiations. you'll, you'll see situations where delegations are calling their capitals to get permission to take these negotiations on, on these key issues such as cold and so forth. and phasing out coal, one of the big things, phasing out fossil fuel subsidies. another one quite something for that to actually be in the text at all. it was in the 1st iteration. it was watered down to the 2nd one. will it survive the night? will it be in that text to morrow morning? we'll have to see emissions. another big issue here am trying to get countries to up their commitments. not in 2025, but next year in 2022. and also the issue of climate finance all problem. and that's going to be a big problem, especially on lawson damage, and that's a red line for the g $77.00 group of developing nations. so we'll see how that pans out. let's discuss all this with august. the 2nd is a climate lawyer, said tessa at this point, what is an acceptable outcome in glasgow? i think in short,
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an acceptable outcome would have to address those to sort of themes that you've related. so which are ambitious ambition rather, and fairness. so on the ambition side that's of as in, sorry, countries have sufficiently ambitious emissions reductions targets and plans and policies actually implement those targets. and also that, that includes addressing the elephant in the room. fossil fuels, which are of course, what drives 80 percent or more of the carbon emissions. and then on the other side is this question of fairness, which is really reflected in the way in which developing countries a calling for that long over 200000000000 plus a year of finance for adaptation mitigation as well as you calls for loss or damage . finance, 900000000 was pro his way back in 2009. exactly. so, you know, right to be frustrated and to feel like essentially a lot of these rich countries are acting in bad size, demanding that they continue to increase their own ambitions domestically while
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they're not delivering on promises made so long ago. you mentioned fossil fuels, what do you make of the u. k. presidency pushing everything pushing for resolution all the time, all the time. they say that we need change, but yet there's talk of developing this big oil field. not too far away from here in the north. yeah, it's pretty difficult to reconcile. i think. i mean, yeah, you do have the fact that it is progress that fossil fuels for the 1st time being mentioned explicitly in a cult decision. well, at least in the draft that we have now, hopefully it will survive. but as you say, you know, the u. k. government is considering opening up this massive new oil fuel. the camera, which is the 1st of setting you orland gas fields in the north say that it's considering improving in the next 3 years. which is why you can imagine mary. so much pushback on explicitly calling out oil, gas and coal in the text as being fundamental to addressing the root cause of the crisis. how much influence does the fossil fuel lobby bring to bear events like
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this? well, i think there are 2 ways. there's the fact that they heavily influence the policies of fossil fuel producing country. so at harm, you know, their influence is already felt in climate domestic climate policy in the u. k. for example. you know, the u. k is actually the most profitable country in the world for large offshore oil and gas projects. and that's because of the tax regime that's been designed to give huge tax breaks to oil and gas companies. so it is sort of embedded influence in existing climate policies of governments. and then of course you've got the fact that there are $500.00 fossil fuel lobbyist here at cop, you know, which on there i would represent the biggest delegation of any country. i'm certainly considerably bigger than any of the climate vulnerable countries. and you know, they are continuing despite the fact that in a report commissioned by the u. k. as hot president by the international energy agency, you know, the world's premier energy body. they made it clear we can't have any new oil,
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gas or cold developments if we're going to stay below that 1.5 degree threshold, but they're still he applying their wares, mariah test. great for thank you very much indeed that just to calm their climate lawyer, i'd be interesting to see as a say what happens a when mistakes emerge is tomorrow at 8 o'clock, and whether or not coal will still be in it. we shall see. all right, thank you very much, our environment at a 10 o'clock following cop 26 climate summit and glasgow. ah cat eyes agreed to represent the concealer interests for the united states in afghanistan. this is a development that represents a new level of diplomatic ties between katara in the us and acknowledges the difficulty of dealing with a group. the u. s. doesn't recognize as an address in that government. also in jordan reports. ah, when the afghan government fell to the toll bond in august, the us relied on its military and on cutter to evacuate,
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americans and afghans at risk. nearly 3 months later, washington and doha, are formalizing a collaboration born out of crisis. cutter will establish a u. s. intersection within its embassy in afghanistan to provide certain costs for services, and monitor the condition, security of your step amount of facilities in afghanistan. the 2nd agreement, formalize is our partnership with cutter to facilitate the travel of afghans with us special immigrant pieces. the last of the u. s. embassy officials left cobble on august 31st. so it's been very difficult for the state department to get passports and visas to us and afghan citizens. now, cutlery officials and cobble will fill that void more important. they'll act as a go between for the taliban and the biden administration. the cutter re foreign minister says the agreement will help advance another u. s. cutter priority supporting the afghan people,
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especially when it comes to human rights. we believe engaging with body bon, since they are empowered right now is very important for us to ensure that our facilitation for humanitarian assistance is moving smoothly and also encouraging them and urging them all the time to send up to their commitments and their pledges for the international community. the agreement also shows just how far relations between the u. s. and cutter have come, despite occasional differences. after nearly 50 years of diplomatic ties, the trumpet ministration backed the g. c. c. blockade against doha, imposed in june 2017. a diplomatic route, only resolved in january and analysts say cutters. new role, representing the interests of the world's most powerful country. and a contentious region represents a payoff of years of diplomatic ambition. cutter has been in the game so to speak
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for quite some time when it comes to the situation with afghan standing rest relations with on. so i actually think that it's a very logical choice and it makes good sense from know his perspective. the deal between the us and cutter is limited and scope. it doesn't mean that they agree on how to engage the taliban as a political entity. and only experience will show whether having a proxy represent the u. s. as entrance and cobble will actually satisfy it's long term national security goals. rosalyn jordan al jazeera, the state department, 2 people have been killed and 18 injured after a bomb was set off in a mosque in afghanistan's nangle province. device was reported a place in the sunny mosque pulpit. now there have been a similar spate of attacks on sheer mosques. many of them have been claimed by i sell in afghanistan, a been no claims of responsibility though for this latest attack. now donald
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trump's former advisor, steve bannon, has been charged by a grand jury with contempt of congress. soft. he failed to comply with the house of representatives committee investigating the january 6th capital riot. he refused to appear for evidence and produced documents saying the contact with the president at the time was protected, police were injured and 5 people died. following that attack, which came as trump fought against, losing the election. bannon had returned to white house to the white house, to council trump at the time. now the european commission is saying that it won't be intimidated by threats from barrows to cut off russian gas in a growing argument over refugees and migrants. thousands of people remain stuck at the country's border with poland. but european officials have been involved in efforts to stop the flow. turkey has banned syrian yamini and iraqi citizens from catching flights to minsk blocking one well used route. iraq has also stopped all
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direct flights. europe is saying that batteries is directing people to the border in retaliation for sanctions. and while thousands of people are lining up at the border of poland and batteries, the problem is far wider than just those countries. that the way near latvia and ukraine all say they have seen us surgeon the number of people trying to enter from belarus. most of the people trying to enter poland from batteries are converging on the cars. nature crossing where they've been, they've been cutting bombed wire fences to force their way across. exacerbation crisis is the 3 can ometer, exclusions on poland is established along its 400 can almost along order with paris, john les international observe is an ann jose are banned from entering the region. and in the past couple of days, ukraine has said that it will double its number of trips along this order with barrow is to prevent people from entering the country. and in barber has more now. oh, in the dog as dogs bark
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a child cries out daddy, while polish troops from the scene along the razor wire all parts of a standoff that's been going on for weeks now. oh wow. but winters arriving, and on the polish side, local activists of warning that they can't cope what they're demanding, the government in warsaw that recognized the agencies access the borders earned with better. russ, saying 10 refugees and migrants have already died on polish territory on yet to be honest from what's come on. you thought, no. we've been responding to the situation to save lives where the government has restricted access to humanitarian organization as to deliver aid and the restricted area. nevertheless, since mid october, we've been approached by over 3000 people that we traveled. and since the beginning of november, we've been asked by at least 900 people, they have no food, they have no shelter. they have no drinking water. when we meet them at the polish sides, they are usually in a very difficult mental and you know medical state,
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they are absolutely exhausted. they are terrified because obviously they are hiding in the forests for days just not to be caught by a border patrol. these scenes were filmed by russia. sputnik agency, apparently showing bela russian forces. hanging out food is not clear how many of the thousands of people camped out. will have got anything. here as a woman, lies ill on the grounds, people show a bellow, russian, god, what isomer inhalers she needs. some families have been given the basics of diapers, medicine, and drinking water. but as the main response on either side continues to be a military one, these people are stuck in a political game. they can't control, and still they keep coming. oh, these images apparently show polish troops watching has been a russian security forces, direct people along the border when they get there, the only thing they seem to get in any quantity right now is would to burn innocently because of called her baby seek her eyes. her problem arise
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out water, her baby, because she can sleep, she crying because of the but thursdays emergency un security council meeting. western states issued a joint statements accusing bela ruth of putting migrant lives in danger for political purposes. and new european union figures showed nearly 8000 people have tried to enter the block from bella, roost this year. but poland sony responses to bring in more troops. this is the president visiting some of them on thursday. and every day that goes by more desperate people find themselves stuck in the forest. nadine baba al jazeera much marcella had on the program on its way to becoming a failed state. the un harsh criticism of lebanon and its government, and hong kong, he museum of modern art, where freedom of expression comes face to face with chinese secures he noise. ah
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hallo, we've got a late taste of winter for parts of australia over the next day. as i went to the southeast corner, we could even see some snow seen this long line of thundering showers. this a line of storms extends from the top, painted to the southeast of quaintness around 2500 kilometers, some very wet weather now in the process of pulling out of the way and places. we have got that sherry makes still lingering now towards the south east and east, the side of new south wales, still very unsettle, cool wet and cherry into victoria and also into tasmania by the end of the weekend . it could be cool enough for little bit of snow way with the high ground, so go straight in alps, could see little dusting of snow over the next day, or 2 high ground of tasmania in me the chance of seeing some winter weather as well as we go on into monday, they shall become less widespread,
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should we say it tugged increasingly wets and wendy through the bite. and that's going to make his way across the year towards new zealand, towards the task strike the eating i've. it's was nice in a wet weather coming in here and also looking a rather windy some white weather to ensue. were western parts of japan over the next dow say, but for the most part it does look dry striped, find to be the korean peninsula. and now looking price settled for could pot of china. ah oh, counting the cost climate change is reshaping this a health, food insecurity. cruise and the pandemic leading to a rise in violence, terrorism, and the drought ravage central valley and california that provides vast amounts of food for the u. s. but how much longer? counting the cost on al jazeera
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lou ah! back a look at the main stories. now. the un climate conference in glasgow is going into extra time with negotiations. continuing a draft agreement asks countries to accelerate their emission causing plans. bots. the language has been watered down, has been seeing as quite weak categories agree to represent the u. s. in afghanistan, the secretary of state is sank out. i will maintain contacts between the us and the taliban. government, which the west does not recognize and thousands of people are made stuck at pellet batteries, is bored out with poland,
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nor growing argument of migrants and refugees. turkey is banned syrian yamini and iraqi citizens from catching flights. immense blocking won a well used route. we now go to see don, have been protesting a capital hart him off to countries top general installed a new military, ron transitional council. international pressure is growing on general abdel for tar up or hon to reinstate the civilian lead government, which he overthrew last month. and more demonstrations of been planned for the coming days or so, sar down now reports. ah no more with these professors in hard to say they don't want me to. through the rule, they came out to denounce the formation of a new ruling castle announced by the mid 3 on thursday. it appears opposition to the military is growing. somehow promised to resist the army takeover through strikes and must rallies the next one is planned for saturday. aha, shaddick. good,
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lynn will. you only have dogwood. i'm going to attend the 1000000 man march to morrow on one of the people who are inviting people to join the protests because i called for a full restoration of civilian government. so don's army chief general up to for to have were harm was sworn in on thursday as handled the mute transitional counsel the 14 member by the into civilians from michael suda but not from the forces of freedom and change. the main civilian coalition that had been, she'd in power with the military since 2009 to him on thursday, people in at least 5 the 3 or so dance capital horton protested the suzanne, his professional association. one of the super so sorry to groups leading to protest has rejected the new governor council. and thus we thought we would use the other you people are calling for a new sovereignty council headed by civilians. a civil government led by mr. abdullah. hm. duke, people in the st must decide about government, shut it, sudan has been grieved by political crisis since general hound declared
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a state of emergency loss. mont dissolved, being pet, him government and detained. civilian leaders, including prime minister up the lamb to the international community, has condemned to move and urge him to reinstate the civilian leadership. yes, secretary of state anthony, but income is expected to was at the region to find a political solution to so dance crisis, the u. s embassy horton has wanted citizens to be on the alert and award gatherings had on saturdays broadcast. right now, concerns are high that the protest may not pass peacefully if the security forces interfere. restless out of there. oh da, 0 horton and other stories are following us is imposed sanctions on era try as military and other state entities over the conflict in northern ethiopia. secretary of state antony lincoln is called for the immediate withdrawal of era trying forces from ethiopia, says, credible accounts implicate them of committing serious human rights abuses in their
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presence on the ground is undermining the government and addis ababa will earpiece government is outlined conditions the possible talks with rebels from the northern tech, right region fighters from the tag, right? people's liberation front of pushing towards addis ababa. the prime minister, abbe ahmed, says, the group miss, withdraw from the m horror and a far regions that are ordering to cry before any negotiations can begin. thousands of people have been killed in more than 2000000 display since the conflict 1st began last november. go to lebanon now, where the government is failing its people, according to the un envoy on extreme poverty who is currently visiting the country . alleviate a shooter says lebanon is now in danger. becoming a fail state. st. honda reports from a capital barrett the you and human rights council sent an invoice to lebanon to look at how the government here has been addressing one of the world's worst economic crises. oliver, the shorter spoke to those affected officials,
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as well as the donor community, which he said is running out of patience with the government for failing to reform the system. and it's not just the international community who lost trust in them. when i told many people about my mission, when i spoke to families who are destitute in bush homage in the pony in by bake, they often answered. massey dolly, there is no state the have nots confidence cindy ability of the state to provide a response. told me this is the, do you want to have a boy explained in detail how hears of long standing inequalities, the lack of social protection systems, and an economic model that benefited the rich contributed to the collapse. for example, the connections between politicians and the private sector reached the highest levels of political power in lebanon. 18 out of 20 banks had major shareholders
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linked to political elites. lebanon is also one of the most unequal countries in the world where some 10 percent of the population holds nearly 70 percent of the wealth. while 40 percent of public revenue comes from taxes that affect the poor. the authorities robin blame for decades of mismanagement and corruption have failed to stop the economic collapse. it took 13 months of political bickering before they agreed on a new cabinet in september, but it hasn't been able to convene in the past month of a new political crisis. why they should tear blamed government in action for what he called a manufactured crisis that ruined lives and condemned the majority of the population and to poverty. do population is facing unprecedented challenges, impoverishment is widespread. i saw scenes in lebanon that i had not imagined. i would ever see in the middle income country, the you and envoy didn't describe lebanon as a failed state,
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at least not yet. he did say it is headed in that direction with a government failing its population. that doesn't believe it will work. and the public's interest, st hunter, al shahida, beirut, i've been protests on the streets of the hague, in the netherlands against the countries returned to pasha locked down from saturday, about $200.00 protest. this clashed with police after the restrictions were announced. dutch government says bars and restaurants will have to close early, and sporting events will be held behind closed doors. supermarket and non essential retailers will also close earlier, while social distancing measures will be in place, is set to last for 3 weeks. and we have pictures her mom. look, we have for pictures most angeles now are actually fans of britney spears, have gathered outside the courtroom. this after a significant ruling by the judge in the case of her conservatorship, essentially ruling that that has now ended. and so there people have gathered
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outside the court, giving very action. and now a multi $1000000000.00 museum of modern art is opened in hong kong. as part of an ambitious project to transform the city into a global hub for culture. it comes at a time when freedom of expression is something many people in the city don't get to put on display. robert pride reports, it's cold and plus, and it's designed to rival some of the best museums in london, paris. so new york, it's been years in the making, but it's opening now comes after the imposition of hong kong, controversial national security law. that even modern art it seems, cannot escape. we will uphold and encourage freedom of artistic expression and creativity. on the other hand, our dedicated curatorial team were ensure that all the exhibitions will comply
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with the laws the national security law was introduced to stop months of st. protests and riots. but critics argue it is stifled free speech, and that includes artistic expression already that have been restrictions placed on the local movie industry, as well as in publishing and newspapers. it did not have been unusual to even mention national security in the opening of an old museum in order to lay the foundation that the opening of m plus does not mean we artistic expression is about the law. it is not the works of an impressive range of international and chinese mod not tests are on display, including by prominent dissident artist i way way. but other work by him considered to controversial will not be displayed. why you happen middle name, which cannot, or in paper, oh, to give fats. it's own in parity. awe about our freedom of
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speech and data, or is the question as the museum opens to the public for the 1st time, the sometimes baffling world of modern art will not only prompt the question, is it art? but in hong kong case, is it legal? rob mcbride al jazeera, ah, look at main stories now. a draft agreement at the you and climate conference has asked countries to accelerate their emission cutting plans. it says that by 2025 rich countries should double their funding to help poor countries cope with the impact of climate change. a previous draft did not set a target date, but the language remains week. for the 1st time fossil fuels a targeted with the draft telling countries to move more quickly in phasing out poll.


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