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tv   [untitled]    November 13, 2021 12:00am-12:31am AST

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ah, a diverse range of stories from across the globe, from the perspective of on networks janice on al jazeera. ah, this is al jazeera ah, hello, i'm sorry, i'm no mozy. welcome to the news our live from london coming up in the next 60 minutes. a future of the plan is, is high in the balance talks continue on the final day of the cop 26 climate summit . but can an agreement be reached of climate catastrophe. forging a new relationship with the taliban. the u. s. as cattle will represent washington's interests in kabul,
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the struggle to survive on europe's doorstep agencies at saying they must be given access to the border zone between better ruth and poland. and as another military figure joined sedans and the ruling council. international prussia grows for a return to civilian rule. i'm devin ash, with sport a blow to lose hamilton's f one title hope says he's given a grid penalty for the brazilian grand prix. and the 1st half hattrick from england captain hurricane has put his side in complete control of the world cup, qualify against albania. ah tours continuing and gauze go on the final day of cop 26. a summit. describe as the final chance to avoid a climate change catastrophe. negotiators from $200.00 nations, a considering a draft agreement which is working towards one clia go to limit global warming to
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one and a half degrees. and it's feared that current pledges to cut emissions would see global warming move well beyond that and hit $2.00 degrees. the latest draft agreement asked countries to hasten the emission cutting plans from 2030 to the end of next year. but the language is weak and it's framed as a request. it says by 2025 rich countries should double their funding to help poor nations quote with the impacts of climate change. previous draft didn't set a target date. 2023 is the new deadline for rich countries to give poor countries a $100000000000.00 a year on climate financing. the previous deadline had been 2020, and the draft dale expressed deep regret. the missing that target for the 1st time fossil fuels are targeted with the draft telling countries to move more quickly in phasing out coal power and fossil fuel subsidies. but again, no date was set for that. this is our collected moment in history.
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this is our chance to forge a cleaner, healthier, more prosperous world. and this is our time to deliver on the high ambition set by our leaders. at the start of the summit, we must rise to the occasion. so we will continue to champion 1.5, which is our coalition from north star hospital subsidies must end. we must double adaptation finance from current level. often damage is to central federal for workshop. we must strengthen action on law from damage, and we need an article 6 resolution that results in real reduction. the 0 sum offsetting era must end. with a minimum,
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we need to walk away. you can minimize. the challenge now is for those of us who are progressive to fully belong in need to hold the line for children or grandchildren. this is critical real well our environment at a to nick plank joins is live now from glasgow. nick, when we last spoke you mentioning a flurry of last minute talks that taking place. where are the negotiations right now? well, the whole spy may euro very quiet, but the negotiations behind the scenes a going on a pace. in fact, we just heard from alex alma at the presidency, the u. k. president of cop who's says that there are intensive consultations with groups on going through the night a. but there will be no plenary a primaries where all the countries the world get together and make the final resolution that would pass this call at. but there will be no plenary to night at,
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in fact, no plenary before 10 am to morrow. we've had to drop tack so far. we are anticipating a 3rd at 8 o'clock tomorrow morning. so there will is very likely be any kind of resolution here until lunch time at the very earliest. i'd say we go on a well into the day at lots of national interests at stake on the whole variety of issues here, especially cold. so you can have situations where some delegations were, we'll have to get in touch with our capitals to seek permission on which way the negotiations should go. as far as a concern, a deal breaker here could be finance, not just the 100000000 dollars year that was pledge way back in 2009 and is now being pushed forwards to 2023, which is elicited a lot of distrust from developing nations, but also the concept of loss and damage where my developing nations in the teeth of climate change are compensated for loss or damage. this is a red line for the g 77 coalition of developing nations. and if they don't get what
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they wants, that is where the fireworks will be in the negotiations overnight. and tomorrow. a big part of all of this, of course, has been deforestation. we're gonna head now to amazon estates in brazil from where bene smith marbles this patch of amazon rain forest has been illegally cleared and prepared for burning. is the end that had been the main suspect denies all knowledge shown, and short of catching him red handed with a chain saw as little the environment police can do. i did at the inspectors said often seal their work is in vain. diffuse, it's difficult, it's tough and we're trying to preserve an area like this in the heart of the amazon, amazon. and when we get here, we see that people don't treat this nature with the affection and love that we have for our amazon. well, we know that our future depends on this or just $110.00 environment
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police and 20 inspectors covering an area bigger than spain and portugal combined. that makes brazil's commitment to end illegal deforestation by 2028. look like a tall order and estimated 11000 square kilometers of brazilian. amazon was clear just in 2020 releasing hundreds of millions of tons of c o 2 into the atmosphere. forest moving from being net thinks of carbon dioxide to net sources. the amazon is a sync, but lang clearance here in the brazilian rain forest means these arrows are now emitting more carbon dioxide than they're absorbing a little above. and there's more pressure on the rain forest as the population grows and jungle is cleared for housing. see no cost that i believe the government does not have a public policy for the population. it is clear that there will always be this deforestation which homes are forrest in nature. this is painful because
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preservation is a historical struggle of the indigenous people. we are the ones who keep the forest alive and preserved until this day. oh, there are a 62 cities in amazon, a state, and a population of more than 4000000, with thousands more arriving every year. looking for work when ours and the name of cities are getting and how can i say connected, more intensively in terms of urban development. so in the next decades we will have a huge metropolitan area at the local scale organization means for example, where we see here that struction of this urban rivers. and so it diminishes and it compromises in the quality of for their urban ecosystem. the destruction of the brazilian amazon has intensified under the presidency valuable scenario, a vocal global warming skeptic. so activists to waiting to see proof of his government's new commitment to cutting emissions. there's
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a long way to go. if brazil is to regain the position, it once held as a world leader in reducing deforestation. bernard smith, al jazeera in the brazilian amazon were clever justice, a big, big issue in brazil, and that's a subject we're going to talk about now with augusta for honda jasmine, his environmental climate lawyer at. first of all, i'm just asking about the situation here to stay to play what, what's your assessment of where we're at? well, it's pretty normal for cops now to i run into saturday and sometimes sundays. so we're in for a long night. i think that's quite, quite normal. they should be. did you think we're heading in a good direction or is it a little when it was? and i think that 3rd from the point of view of climate justice for, you know, making sure that the vulnerable countries really gain something here. yes, it's a good delay because they're pressing for changes, right. do you think they will walk away from here with some satisfaction that the
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demands have been answered? well, the tax that we had this afternoon certainly represented many a fair demands. and his insistence that parties come back year on year to improve their ambition and an insistence that lawson damage be addressed through a funding mechanism, not just the technical workshop, but actually that there is a window facility that they calling it in figures. what does that she means, what? what is the difference between a funding mechanism into technical workshop? well, a mechanism can comprise a number of different fans and a more decentralized way, some other fun can be nominated to hold the money as opposed to off establishing legally a fun under the convention itself. was the seeing more and more litigation are we in the climate world to stir fossil fuel companies being taken to court governments themselves that think of the future that's going to be the norm. and if i was a ceo, especially for the meeting sector, but also if i was in a involved in marketing advertising, supporting the legal professions, the advertising professions, i'd be very worried because actually where in effect supporting business as usual,
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which is killing us. so yeah, that's her, not a good time to be here, and they see the litigation against some of these fossil fuel companies, but it doesn't seem to make advance, wouldn't make any difference in how they approach the future. i think they come a long way there. now saying that they're going to be net 0, there's not enough substance behind that. there's a lot of green washing behind that, but they have come a long way from denial and from deliberately trying to torpedo talks further, a veteran of these talks, i can tell you, they've come a long way and there's still a long way for them to go to clean up their act, much was made at the beginning of these talks of keeping the $1.00 through celsius target incite within cross will it be took that were um if, if if countries come back to the table year on year? yes, we can do it because we know that the fundamentals of the economics of switching to clean feels is, is that, you know, makes sense for everyone. so there's no blocking that reality or i for hundreds,
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great to have your thoughts for sure that very much money as well. thanks very much . indeed. all right, lot lower to go waiting for that touched more morning now. so we'll see what that's got in it. and then we'll have a better idea of how much longer this is good a lot. and it could be here, it will be probably a long night. thank you very much. nick clark in glasgow. you are watching the news, our life from london still ahead on the program, on its way to becoming a failed stage. the u. n's harsh criticism of lebanon and its government, changing things. historic move, the chinese president officially recognized as the peoples leader and scotland move a step closer to qualifying for the wild card in cat are next year we'll have action from that when over moldova, in sports, ah, our cattle has agreed to represent the concealer interests for the united states in afghanistan, it's a development that represents a new level of diplomatic ties between cat are in the us and acknowledges the
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difficulty in dealing with a group that united states doesn't recognize as a legitimate government. rosalind jordan has our port on this. ah, when the afghan government fell to the taliban in august, the us relied on its military and on cutter to evacuate, americans and afghans at risk. nearly 3 months later, washington and doha, are formalizing a collaboration born out of crisis cutter will establish a u. s. intersection within its embassy in afghanistan to provide certain consular services, and monitor the condition, security of u. s. diplomatic facilities in afghanistan. the 2nd agreement formalize is our partnership with cutter to facilitate the travel of afghans with us special immigrant pieces. the last of the u. s. embassy officials left cobble on august 31st. so it's been very difficult for the state department to get passports and visas to us and afghan citizens. now,
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cutlery officials and cobble will fill that void more important. they'll act as a go between for the taliban and the biden administration. the cutter re foreign minister says the agreement will help advance another u. s. cutter priority supporting the afghan people, especially when it comes to human rights. we believe engaging with body bonds since they are empowered right now is very important for us to ensure that are our facilitation for humanitarian assistance is moving smoothly and also encouraging them and urging them all the time to a stand up to their commitments and their pledges. for the international community . the agreement also shows just how far relations between the u. s. and cutter have come, despite occasional differences. after nearly 50 years of diplomatic ties, the trumpet ministration backed the g. c. c. blockade against doha,
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imposed in june 2017. a diplomatic route, only resolved in january, and analysts say cutter's new role representing the interests of the world's most powerful country. and contentious region represents a payoff of years of diplomatic ambition. cutter has been in the game so to speak for quite some time when it comes to the situation with relations with on. so i actually think that it's a very logical choice and i think it makes good sense from the us perspective. the deal between the us and cutter is limited and scope. it doesn't mean that they agree on how to engage the tall a bond as a political entity. and only experience will show whether having a proxy represent the u. s. is interests and cobble will actually satisfy it's long term national security goals. rosalyn, jordan, l g 0. the state department. i found a boss is the author of the taliban revival, and as
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a distinguished professor of international relations at the neary south asia center for strategic studies, joins us via skype, from abu dhabi. so what does this agreement mean then for engagement between the bite and administration and the taliban, given that they don't actually recognize a taliban or have any sort of diplomatic relationship with the group? oh, thank you. i think this is important for 2 reasons. one of course, this shows united states got the relationship, the strength, and the bonding between the 2 states. scott that had made a very important role in bringing the u. s. and the thought of on across the table for negotiations. secondly, i, i think, which was clear from the report that we just heard from you as well, of which is that to us is not. and you to recognize some of us on the body, bombs, government in, of understand. and this is a standard practice. us is represented in it on, for example, through switzerland. u. s. is represented in north korea to sweden. so this is a standard practice. this is wait and see. but this is also good news. good news
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for those americans and their families and bring guard hoarders enough on a son who want a place to apply. if you're there to get a visa or some of that information. now they have an office and an address income to approach united states. is this, this contrast with the role of, of, of the elements within the international community. for example, the e. u has laid out certain conditions for engaging with the taliban government that included the safe departure of foreigners and afghans. he want to leave the country at promoting and protecting human rights for women and minorities. and then also allowing free access to fi 9 italian operations in line with international humanitarian law amongst of the conditions is this, is this a shift away from that approach? not necessarily the reason being that in this case, of course, one this,
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what has happened is in some ways, maybe inadvertently facilitated by the use of taliban negotiated d. m. and taliban have made a commitment there from promised that they will not allow of honest bond to become a hub of international terrorism. again, they will not allow the land to be used against you, so perhaps for any else. so that is that arrangement and expectation. so, so the, some coordination, some corporation is needed at the, for the cd counterterrorism of operations. and for those who are those americans and american allies who are in the finest on. also, yesterday, i think there was a meeting in pakistan, represented by a box on china. and russia and united states via these points were reiterated that we want to telephone a sam gobbled very clearly. the vault inclusive government were rights of women and
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children are protected. so this point was made really clearly issue had to said very specifically because they were in the process of making a humanitarian it commitment. so i think that there was, that condition was very clearly specifically mention, but us has also been seeing that very, very clearly in all the positions to thought about to the, to the best of my knowledge. how could this hotel, i think asian meant alleviate. what is a di, humanitarian crisis now unfolding in the country. even the levels of violence have declined. since the taliban came to palla you now have millions, despite it in the country, many who are trying to leave and it significant on the population facing a hunger crisis. potentially in the winter months. you're right, you're absolutely right. the humanitarian crisis that is unraveling in a lot of storm is, is a tragedy. and i have no reluctance to say that international community has failed
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to find a diamond again. and now these are the best guess politics is on one side of the formalities. other, these other understandings on counterterrorism are extremely important. but at this time, the or many of on should be our priority number one, and did life did honor their dignity bid this sustainability as, as a basic human right to have food. i'm in depth something so basic. and it's, i'm not seeing the kind of urgency globally um, in that regard when the crisis wouldn't be in front of us. be, god forbid, we'll see people dying on the street. some guy, honest donald of hunger, that we do live to act the time to act is now and we have to as an introduction to entity get our act together without deduct. thank you very much. hassan abbas joining us from the debate this time. thank you so much. well now 2
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people have been killed and 18 injured after a boma set off in a mosque in afghanistan's manga province. the device has reportedly placed in the sunny most pulpit that has been at have been a spate of similar attacks. but these have been on sham mosques, many of which i think climbed by ice sale in afghanistan at the no claims of responsibility for this latest attack. i found now european commissioners saying that it won't be intimidated by threats from that a ruse to cast off russian gas in a growing argument of a migrants in refugees. thousands of people remain stuck at the countries border with poland. but european officials have been involved in efforts to stop the flow . turkey has a band, syrian yamini and iraqi citizens from catching flights. immense blocking one well used route. and then iraq has also stopped all direct flights. europe says batteries as directing people to that order in retaliation for sanctions. while
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thousands of people are lining up at the border of poland and batteries, the problem is far wider than just those countries. you've got lithuania, latvia, and ukraine all saying that they have seen a surge in the number of people trying to enter from bella roost. most of the people trying to get to poland from batteries are converging on the cars nature crossing where they've cut barbed wire fences to try and force their way across. now, exacerbating the crisis is the 3 kilometer exclusions own poland is established along its 400 kilometer long border with that a roost. but journalists, international observers and, and jose are old, banned from entering the region. and then in the past couple of days, ukraine has said that it will double its number of troops along its border with banner is to prevent people from entering from that site as well. al jazeera nadine barber has more now on this oh, in the dog cuz dogs bark a child cries out daddy. while polish troops film was seen along the razor wire all
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parts of a standoff that's been going on for weeks now. oh wow. but winter's arriving, and on the polish side, local activists of warning that they can't cope what they're demanding, the government in warsaw that recognized the agencies access the borders and with better, russ saying 10 refugees and migrants have already died on polish territory on yet published on what's come on you thought? no. we have been responding to the situation to save lives where the government has restricted access to humanitarian organization is to deliver aid and the restricted area. nevertheless, since mid october, we've been approached by over 3000 people that we trapped. and since the beginning of november we've been asked by at least 900 people, they have no food, they have no shelter. they have no drinking water when we meet them at the polish sites, they are usually in a very difficult mental and you know medical state. they are absolutely exhausted. they are terrified because obviously they are hiding in the forests for days just
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not to be caught by our border patrol theses were filmed by russia. sputnik agency, apparently showing bella roshan forces, handing out food, is not clear how many of the thousands of people camped out will have got anything . here as a woman lies ill on the grounds. people show a bellow russian, god, what asthma inhaler she needs. some families have been given the basics of diapers, medicine, and drinking water. but as the main response on either side continues to be a military one, these people are stuck in a political game. they can't control and still they keep coming. oh, these images apparently show polish troops watching has been a russian security forces, direct people along the border when they get there, the only thing they seem to get in any quantity right now is would to burn innocently because of called her baby seek her eyes. her problem lies
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out water, her baby, because she can sleep, she crying because of the a thursday's emergency un security council meeting. western states issued a joint statements accusing belarus of putting migrant lives in danger for political purposes. and new european union figures showed nearly 8000 people have tried to enter the block from belarus this year. but poland sony responses to bring in more troops. this is the president visiting some of them on thursday. and every day that goes by more desperate people find himself stuck in the forest. nadine baba al jazeera, are now engaged developments and sudan because that in protests in the capital after the countries top general installed a new military run, transitional council. international pressure is growing on general abdel for to upper hand to reinstate a civilian lead government, which he other through last month. war demonstrations had been planned in the coming days. are still solder reports. ah,
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with these protesters in hard to say they don't want military rule. they came out to denounced the formation of a new ruling castle and asked by the military on thursday. it appears opposition to the military is grove. im somehow promised to resist the army takeover through strikes and mass rallies. the next one is planned for saturday and i shouted in while you only have done what i am going to attend the 1000000 man march to morrow . i'm one of the people who are inviting people to join the protests because i called for a full restoration of civilian government. so those are me chief general up. the fact that we're hand was one in on thursday as head of the new transitional council . the 14 member by the include civilians from macro sudan, but not from the forces of freedom and change. the main civilian coalition that had been shade in power with the military since 2019 on thursday, people in at least 5 the 3 or students capital horton, protestant,
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the sudanese professionals association, one of the civil society groups leading to protest has rejected the new governing council nesbitt, but the will you see either you people are calling for a new sovereignty council headed by civilians. a civil government led by mr. abdullah. hum, duck people in the street must decide about government shot it. suzanne has been grieved by political crisis since general hound declared a state of emergency last mont dissolved the in tedom government and detained civilian leaders, including prime minister up the lamb. duke. the international community has come down to move and urge him to reinstate the civilian leadership. yes, secretary of state anthony, but income is expected to was at the region to find a political solution to so dance crisis. the u. s. embassy horton has wanted citizens to be on the alert and away the gatherings had offset her. these protest right now, concerns are high that the protest may not pass peacefully if the security forces
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interfere. russel sir that o da 0 harton and other stories are following the u. s. is imposed sanctions on era tray, as military and other state entities over the conflict in northern ethiopia. such say antony, blank and is called for the immediate withdrawal. if our train forces from ethiopia is as credible accounts implicate them of committing aim, if committing serious human rights abuses, and their presence on the ground is undermining the government and addis ababa or ethiopian government has outlined conditions for possible talks with rebels from the north and take right region fighters for me. take right people's liberation front pushing towards addis ababa, our minister abbey ahmed. as the group miss withdraw from the am horror and a far regions ordering tick right before any talks can begin. thousands of people have been killed and more than 2000000 displaced since this conflict began last november. you at the news ally from london most delightfully on the program has
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been international prussia applied on libya. toll free and credible elections with sanctions threatened for anyone who disrupts that process. when you go for liberia schools to stop girls from dropping out and how football is improving the school and is full. it said yeah. guerra speaks out of the claims. his heart condition could, and ah, hell i will see a change of the weather across central parts of europe as we go on through the next couple of days, but no change in the weather for central edge of the mediterranean, more thundering down pools, more flooding rays, they're just around the western side of the med sicily seeks more heavy showers and the belly eric still very unsettled. we have got some wet and windy weather now making his way across sir. the british charles had the arlen de violet sliding down
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into those central air. and that's we are going to see that where to weather coming in through the low countries through jeremy, some snow there. i really alps we're going to see some wintry mother making his way show as they're just pushing their way down across the adria attic towards the balkans to the east of that. it is generally dry. if a little on the cool side, we'll see that to dry weather continuing as we go on through sunday, we'll see the wet weather continued costs at western side of the mediterranean. lot . you drive by this stage for the british, charles, i'll it will say a little bit of weather wet weather just pushing in last you dry for a good part of spain and portugal below the pyrenees. we'll see some snow. we'll see some wet weather just leaking into northern parts of algeria. plenty, a shower there, around the gulf of guinea. we have seen flooding recently. some areas of nigeria more heavy showers to come here over the next fail to see where to where the pushing all the way across into sierra leone. ah.


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