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cases, african stories from african filmmakers shine marks 100 days until it host the winter olympics. but how will the pandemic include for a boycott, impact the sporting event november on out jazeera ah? the future of the planet hanging in the balance talks continue on the final day of the cop $26.00 climate summits. that can agreement be reached that climate catastrophe. ah hello, i'm mariam ozzy in london. you're watching al jazeera, also coming up on the program. forging a new relationship with the taliban. the where says cat, i will represent washington's interesting hobble. the struggle to survive on
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europe's doorstep. agency say they must be given access to the board design between bella, ruth and poland. and as another military figure joined saddam's new ruling council . international pressure grows for a return to democracy. our talks are continuing and glasgow on the final day of cop 26 summit described as the final chance to avoid a climate change. catastrophe. negotiators from $200.00 nations, a considering a draft agreement which is working towards one clear goal to limit global warming, to one and a half degrees. and it said current pledges to cut emissions would see global warming move well beyond that and actually hit $2.00 degrees celsius. will the latest draft agreement as countries to hasten their emission cutting plans from 2030 to the end of next year. but at the language is weak and it is framed as
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a request. it says by 2025 rich countries should double their funding to help poor nations quote with the impacts of climate change. previous draft didn't set a target date at all. 2023 is the new deadline for rich countries to give poor countries a $100000000000.00 a year in climate financing. the previous deadline had been 2020, and the draft. dhl express deep regret for missing that target. for the 1st time, fossil fuels are targeted with the draft and countries to move quicker in phasing out coal power and fossil fuel subsidies. but again, no date was set. this is our collective moment in history. this is our chance to forge a cleaner, healthier, more prosperous world. and this is our time to deliver on the high ambition set by our leaders. at the start of this summit,
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we must rise to the occasion. we will continue to champion y fi 5, which is our whole listener to start houses with subsidies must end. we must double adaptation financed from current level. often damage is to central press. to settle for workshops, we must strengthen action on lawful damage. and we need an article 6 resolution that results in via reduction the 0 sum offsetting era mustang with a minimum really to walk away bare minimum. and the challenge now is for those of us who are progressive, all along, we need to hold the lines. oh, fuck children or grandchildren. this is critical now. and our environment added to nick clark joined us now from glasgow. and as we were hearing him, those clips have been declarations and pledges made throughout the sun. but
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actually this is hang, it doesn't go far enough in terms of addressing that the climate emergency, where do we stand on the final day of cop 26. well ma'am you join us with a furious piece of negotiations. go on behind the scenes as delegations, roaming, corridors, putting pressure on other delegations to try to get them round to that point of view. there's even room as of another plenary being called to night, a painter is where all the countries gather together in one big assembly whole. that could mean at one of 2 things, either we're closer deal on lightly a we're a 1000000 miles away from a deal, which is more likely, or we're expect to be a 3rd text jew out at some point in the u. v. be interesting to see what that has in it. developing survived from overnight we had a global stop take of the 2nd text. be the 3rd tech late to the 2nd tech we had a global start take aware up with that. and actually that was pretty constructive. most countries were mostly supportive of it and there's
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a long way to go. but there was some hope that we're on the right track, the key issues for his young cole and fossil fuel subsidies. the remarkable thing is that, that is in the text notes, and that's the 1st time that that's happened. but will it stay in the text overnight? it has been watered down already, emissions loop to get countries to up that commitments at to 2022. previously from the parents agreement is 2025, so to bring it forward to 2022, there's a lot of kit back against that. and climate finance. the big one which could be a deal breaker here. at that whole story of a $100000000000.00, which is pro is way back in 2009, and it's being pushed for to 2023. and a lot of the developing countries are very, very angry about that. so they will want to see the anti out all of that one. let's forget and i guess, given what plugin who's a climate program manager illustrated biggest environment and ga, betsy australian convent conservation foundation. to give her what she will take of where we're at right now. i think they think ocean is, are holding by
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a thread right now. i mean, it's not unusual for a call like these to go at least 2448 hours over, but the breadth of the issue still in ply for which they still rate or bracketed text around it. the fact that so many of some, after these negotiations are happening by the public domain, we're seeing a lot in the media about what countries are wanting to get out of the final hours. and just how, like these negotiations are going up manes that i still think there's a lot of work to do in the next. so to $24.00, to $40.00 at alice. right. so what should we look out for as the discussions go on and coming out? well, the big one will be climate finance and loss and damage. the g 77, the conglomeration of devout developing countries, usually led by india, have now formed a block with very clear what radi instructions about. what i want to say am thy spain. many would argue, very patient waiting for the money that thy fame promised from rich countries to both help them developing a wide it doesn't increase their recent too much,
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but also helps them adapt to the catastrophic impacts of climate shineseal already experiencing. so that will be big, i'm call subsidies and the call text is never pain. a call phase at all, or a commitment to end or not build you call projects in occult text before that will be big, particularly for countries have still quite relied on call such as a strategy, but other countries as well. so that'll be want to watch his hand, which brings me, owns rules, trailer, your government. of course. what do you make of the tactics here at this quote, while strategy, spain missing in action at best, or a block at worst? the policies that australia brought to these call where a polling we were dragged, kicking, and screaming in the fall, few dies just for full. these call to a net 0 by 2050 target, a target that many countries had signed up to a long time ago. but in that announcement, there was no updated 2030 target. we haven't updated that since paris. there wasn't our new policies to look at how a strategy would phase out of fossil fuels,
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which still mike, up the vast bulk of our domestic energy. and way, the biggest export of coal and gas in the world. so those a lot of attention on the role australia would play. unfortunately, australia is yet again, buying a blocker in these negotiations and has driven down ambition in order to drive down out domestic ambition as well. or i got to leave with that. thanks very much. indeed for that i got refreshing from the australian conservation foundation. thanks very much indeed. i well, it's very much a waiting game. we've got that 3rd text coming up. once we see that we'll have a much better idea of where we're at and glossy. thanks. how much our environment at 10 o'clock. funny developments at that summit. thanks, nick. ah, cattle and the united states have reached a landmark agreement on afghanistan and yes, secretary of state antony blank and announced that from now on till i will represent the interests of washington in campbell cast. i will assume the role of
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what lincoln called a protecting to facilitate communication between the united states and the taliban government, which the us does not recognize. the announcement was made during a visit by kat house for minister to washington. it is a great pleasure. there is still much to be done in afghanistan, and butler remains committed to continue then as a city walk alongside with the united states and partners on the world. we are dedicated to contributing to the severity of afghanistan and the safety end well being of the african people. there's still a huge, a guy look today would discuss issues of mutual interest and literally effort. our determination to deepen our cooperation in various fields, including strengthening our defense and security partnership, and diplomats outlined a number of agreements determining how you as in cat, i will cooperate in afghanistan. the 1st established cutter as the united states
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protecting power in afghanistan. a cutter will establish a u. s. intersection within its embassy in afghanistan to provide certain costs for services, and monitor the condition, security of u. s. diplomatic facilities in afghanistan. the 2nd agreement, formalize is our partnership with cutter to facilitate the travel of afghans with us special immigrant visas. a role that it's already been playing in many instances and serve as a transit point for eligible afghans as they complete their application process. rosalyn jordan has more on how the agreement will provide back channels between the last and a taliban. this is going to be an indirect engagement, but it's a relationship that to the u. s. has a long been practiced done because cutter was of the place where the u. s. and the taliban negotiated the end to the u. s. military presence in afghanistan. that agreement, of course reached during the trumpet ministration back in 2020 a. but because the u. s. does not recognize the taliban as the legitimate
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government in cobbled because of deep concerns about cia. it's a treatment of afghan women and children of its treatment of religious minorities, of its commitment to engaging in put the u. s. considers a fundamental rights the right to free expression, the right to a political engagement. the right to challenge the government saw policies. it is not going to extend that recognition, but the u. s. has an obligation to us citizens and to afghan citizens who worked alongside the u. s. government during the 20 year long war. and so this is really a way for the us to be able to meet its obligations to us citizens and their families, as well as to afghan citizens who cooperated with the u. s. military l largely as well as basically having that back door channel to communicate to the taliban on to lesson until there is some sort of political transition. one that would meet the u
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. s. a. standards, in which case you would then see a recognition of the government and cobble at least 15 people are injured after a bomb was set off in a mosque. and afghanistan's nangle province device is reported is made in east any must hope. it has been a spate of similar attacks on mostly she are mosques, many of which have been claimed by iso in afghanistan. no claims of responsibility for this bombing so far. this still had on al jazeera, on its way to becoming a failed state. the un slash criticism of lebanon and its government, hong kong museum of modern art, where freedom of expression comes face to face with chinese years. ah
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hell i will see a change of the weather across central parts of europe as we go on through the next couple of days, but no change in the weather for central edge of the mediterranean, more thundering, downpours, more flooding, razor just around the western side of the med sicily seeks more heavy showers and the valley. eric, still very unsettle. we have got some wet and windy weather now making its way across sir. the british charles, i have the arlen de violet sliding down into those central air unless we are going to see that where to weather coming in through the low countries through germany, some snow there over the alps, we're going to see some wintry mother make gets weighed shows they're just pushing their way down across the adria tick towards the balkans to the east of that. it is generally dry. if a little on the call side, we'll see that so dry weather continuing as we go on through sunday. we'll see the wet weather continued costs at western side of the mediterranean lodge dry by the state for the british. charles, i'll it will say a little bit of weather wet weather, just pushing in largely dry for a good part of spain and portugal below the pyrenees. we'll see some snow. we'll
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see some wet weather just leaking into northern parts of algeria. plenty of showers there around the gulf of guinea. we have seen flooding recently. some areas of nigeria, more heavy showers to come here over the next fail to see where to where the pushing all the way across into sierra leone. ah, if america held up a mirror to itself, what would it see in a sense, race is the story of america what's working and what's not. a lot of people were only talking about that. it wasn't at the top of the agenda. if america can handle multiple challenges on multiple frauds, we need to go back to school. the bottom line on al jazeera, we understand the differences in the genes of cultures across the world. so no matter what, when use in current calls that matter to you, lou
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ah, back i look at the main stories this hour now with you on climate conference in glasgow due to conclude negotiations off continuing a draft agreement ask countries to accelerate that emission cutting plans but it's been seen seen as weak cats are as agree to represent u. s. in afghanistan, the secretary of state says that cattle will maintain contact between the u. s. and the taliban government, which the u. s. does not recognize the european commission is saying that it won't be intimidated by threats from batteries to cast off russian gas. in the growing argument of migrants, thousands of people remain stuck at the countries border with poland. but european officials have been involved in efforts to stop the flow,
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turkey as bond syrian yet money on a rocky citizen from catching flights to minsk blocking one well used route. rocks also stopped all direct flights. europe says batteries is directing people to the border and retaliation for sanctions. while thousands of people are lining up at the border of pollen and batteries, the problem is far wider than just those countries. lithuania, latvia, and ukraine of all said that they've seen us surge in the number of people trying to enter from barrows. most of the people trying to access poland from battery. so converging on the con yaeger crossing, where they have cut barbed wire fences to try and force their way across, exacerbating the crisis is the 3 kilometer exclusions own poland is established along is 400 kilometer long border with that a roost, journalists international. observe as an joes are banned from entering the region. the past couple of days ukraine has said it will double its number of troops along its order with batteries to prevent people from entering the country. the dean
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barbara has the latest. oh, in the dog as dogs bark a child cries out daddy, while polish troops from the scene along the razor wire all parts of a standoff that's been going on for weeks now. oh wow. but winter's arriving. and on the polish side, local activists of warning that they can't cope what they're demanding, the government in warsaw that recognized the agencies access the borders and with better, russ saying 10 refugees and migrants have already died on polish territory on yet published on what's come on. you thought, no, we have been responding to the situation to save lives where the government has restricted access to humanitarian organization as to deliver aid in the restricted area. nevertheless, since mid october, we've been approached by over 3000 people that we trapped. and since the beginning of november, we've been asked by at least 900 people, they have no food, they have no shelter. they have no drinking water. when we meet them at the polish
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sites, they are usually in a very difficult mental and you know medical state, they are absolutely exhausted. they are terrified because obviously they are hiding in the forests for days just not to be caught by our border patrol theses were filmed by russia. sputnik agency, apparently showing bella roshan forces, handing out food, is not clear how many of the thousands of people camped out will have got anything . here as a woman lies ill on the grounds. people show a bellow russian, god, what asthma inhaler she needs. some families have been given the basics of diapers, medicine, and drinking water. but as the main response on either side continues to be a military one, these people are stuck in a political game. they can't control and still they keep coming. oh, these images apparently show polish troops watching as bell russian security forces . direct people along the border when they get there,
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the only thing they seem to get in any quantity right now is would to burn innocently because of called her baby seek her eyes. her problem arise out with her baby. he cushion closely, she crying because of the but those days, emergency un security council meeting, western states issued a joint statements accusing bela ruth of putting migrant lives in danger for political purposes. and new european union figures showed nearly 8000 people have tried to enter the block from bella, roost this year. but poland sony responses to bring in more troops. this is the president visiting some of them on thursday. and every day that goes by more desperate people find themselves stuck in the forest. the dean barber al jazeera international pressure is growing on sedans, military leader, to rein state the civilian law, transitional government. on friday, the commander of sedans, powerful rapid support forces was named deputy head of the new military. ron
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willing council, being led by anti photographer han hill, has repeatedly promised hand of the pallet, a civilian authorities, or an 100 government officials and political leaders have been detained. since occurred last month and been more protest in the capital against the new military council. and the morgan has more from hi, tim, or seen protest on friday afternoon against the new upon the appointments and the swearing and all the new members of the sovereignty council. as well as the 5 previous or rather the 4 previous military members. because general i've been put the hot was born in on thursday evening. now the fact that the military members of the sovereignty of the new sovereignty council are the same members from the previous one is not surprised. the military was the one who sees the peak over omitting the force of the freedom and chase coalition that the coalition that assigned the power sharing agreement with the military in august 2019 following months of anti government protest against former president bashir. now the fact
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that there is no member from the 4th the freedom in change comes at no as no surprise. but the fact that members of the armed group, the sudanese revolutionary front have not been for name, is regarded as a surprise because their names were on the list that was announced on the evening. so 3 members of the sovereignty of the new sovereignty council have not been for name. the head of the sudanese revolutionary prime says that they are against the military take over and they have urged people to continue to fight and resist against the takeover. this all comes as the united nations and the u. s. calls the development worrying. they say that any, this is hindering the return to the democratic transition and have called on for the release of a prime minister, abdullah hamburg, who still under house arrest and the release of other political prisoners. they're called for more protest in sudan. people say that they do not want to see the military in any governing role or in politics at all. and they want the military to stick to only to only securing the country and the roles as any military around the
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world. the united states is imposed sanctions on eritrea, military and other state entities over the conflict in northern ethiopia, secretary of state unseen, lincoln is called the immediate withdrawal of ara train forces from ethiopia, says credible accounts implicate them of committing serious human rights abuses and their presence on the ground is undermining the government in addis ababa? a. c o. p has come, does outline conditions for possible talks with rebels from the north and take ry region fighters from the tech. right. people's liberation. front. pushing towards artist oliver. i. minister abbey. i am, it says the group miss withdraw from the am her and a far regions bordering to grab a foretold can. again, thousands of people have been killed and more than 2000000 display since the conflict began last. amanda lebanon's government is failing its people, that is the verdict of the un envoy and extreme poverty who is on a visit to the country live here. the shooter says that lebanon is now in danger of becoming a failed state. and a hunter reports from
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a capital bay route. the un human rights council sent an envoy to lebanon to look at how the government here has been addressing one of the world's worst economic crises. oliver, the shooter, spoke to those affected officials, as well as the donor community, which he said is running out of patience with the government for failing to reform the system. and it's not just the international community who lost trust in them. when i told many people about my mission, when i spoke to families who are destitute in bush homage in the pony in bol big, they often assert murphy. dolly, there is no state. they have not confidence in the ability of the state to provide a response. so to me, this is the un envoy explained in detail how hears of long standing inequalities, the lack of social protection systems, and an economic model that benefited the rich contributed to the collapse. for
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example, the connections between politicians and the private sector reached the highest levels of political power in lebanon. 18 out of 20 banks had major shareholders linked to political elite. lebanon is also one of the most unequal countries in the world where some 10 percent of the population holds nearly 70 percent of the wealth of 40 percent of public revenue comes from taxes that affect the poor. the authorities robin blame for decades of mismanagement and corruption have failed to stop the economic collapse. it took 13 months of political bickering before they agreed on a new cabinet in september. but it hasn't been able to convene in the past months because of a new political crisis. there should tear blame government in action for what he called a manufactured crisis that ruined lives and condemned the majority of the population into poverty. the population is facing unprecedented challenges,
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impoverishment is widespread. i saw scenes in lebanon that i had not imagined i would ever see in the middle income country. the you and envoy didn't describe lebanon as a failed state, at least not yet. he did say it is headed in that direction with a government failing its population. that doesn't believe it will work. and the public's interest. santa hunter, al shahida, beirut, us journalist has been sentenced to 11 years in prison and near mar, danny france. there was the managing editor of frontier me and mar, an online magazine. the 1st at 37 year old was arrested in may while trying to leave the country accused of encouraging descent against the military. enter is also facing 2 additional charges of sedition and terrorism, which carry maximum sentence of life imprisonment. the un high commissioner of human rights as danny fenced, his trial has been unfair and harsh. members of the asia pacific economic
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cooperation or a pack have met virtually in a summit hosted by new zealand. tony, one country group is agree to do all it can to improve access to cove in 1900 vaccines and reduce carbon emissions. it also focused on economic recovery. i shoring up supply changes with us president jo bite and promising to bolster american relations with pacific economies. through open trade and investment. summit closed with new zealand prime minister just into all done paying tribute to the outgoing john chancellor, anglo merkel. they've been invited to attend by den a much anticipated light shall summit between the chinese new presidents will happen on monday. the announcement comes just a day after the 2 nations agree to this kind of corporation and the next decade says the fast major opportunity to repair relations with tensions rising of china's position on taiwan and american supportive pro democracy protest in hong kong. unofficial brings us more from the white house, some it still happen unless there is an outcome agreed in advance, and that's we're expecting to see joe biden would love to meet judging,
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paying in person, but that's not happening at the chinese president simply not leaving the country and hasn't done it since march last year. so this will all be done virtually. it will be done here at the white house. on monday they will talk about a number of things that they have in common. first of all, getting on top of the corporate crisis, there's the global supply chain as well. 3 there is also the climate change, and we know that joe biden was pretty critical of the chinese for not showing up in glasgow essentially seeing that if you want to be a world leader, you have to show up to lead at there will be other things that they will touch on including nuclear weapons, they will talk about it, china's military operations in and around taiwan. i remember it's just a week ago that the americans have said that they are obliged. joe biden said that they are obliged to defend taiwan and would do so. and of course, there's been quite a leap forward in chinese military technology with them testing a supersonic aircraft that can go into space or something that might milly who is
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the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff. here in the united states said the change in china's wealth and also its military operations is the greatest geopolitical shift in more than 20 years. so yes, they've got a lot to cover while they were able to do it one day, probably not. but if they can show some sort of cooperation on things like exports and visa controls, then they will regard this as a success. and it's really about getting the relationship back on track. because the relationship between the chinese and the united states has been, it's still me for a number of months. germany's disease control center is calling for people to reduce their contacts or avoid large events in the country faces, records, infection rates, public health officials also want authorities to consider banning big events and closing venues in the worst effected areas. the outgoing johnson angler merkel plans to meet the state governors next week to coordinate nationwide measures
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country it a new daily high on thursday with more than 50000 cov it infections the netherlands will return to partial locked down from saturday. bars and restaurants will close early, and sporting events will be held behind closed doors. supermarkets, annoyed, essential retail as well so close earlier, while social distancing measures will be put in place. no measures will last for 3 weeks, and the dutch government hope sell help in the fight against a record rise in infections. more than 16000 people test positive in the last 24 hour period from monday to austrian province as will have locked down measures in place for unvaccinated people, daily infections of search to record levels in the country and up. all 3 in salzburg are the hardest hit. those who are unvaccinated in the 2 regions will only be allowed to leave their homes for specific reasons, such as buying groceries or going to the doctor up. the austrian government will decide on sunday whether to impose the same restrictions on the rest of the country
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. we can get more details on how the coven 19 pandemic is playing out in europe with the possibility of more restrictions unfolding right here on our website, al jazeera dot com ah main stories now, a draft agreement at the un climate conference is asking countries to accelerate their emission cutting plans, it says that by 2025 rich countries should double their funding to help poor nations quote with the impact of climate change. a previous drafted not set a target date, but the language remains weak. the 1st time fossil fuels are targeted with the draft telling countries to move quicker in phasing out coal power and fossil fuel subsidies. but no date has been set. this.


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