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tv   [untitled]    November 12, 2021 7:00pm-7:31pm AST

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to reverse his school and with so the transitional government, which he dissolved from the round, the world 8 groups a ledge. greek also refused, have often tried to prevent potential asylum seekers from entering greek territory . ah . in a landmark deal concert in the us agreed to have cost represent washington's diplomatic affairs in afghanistan. quarter will establish a u. s. intersection within its embassy in afghanistan to provide certain costs for services and monitor the conditions, security u. s. diplomatic facilities. ah, sam is a dan. this is al jazeera alive from dell hall. so coming up the clock ticks down for world leaders to come up with
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a climate deal at the cop $26.00 summit. we'll have the latest from glasgow plus i'm going to smith in the amazon. brazil has promised to and illegal deforestation by 2028. but the reality on the ground means that could be a hard promised to keep activists call for poland to allow. and jose access to refugees and migrant stuck at the border amid freezing weather. ah gutter and the us have reached a landmark deal on a scanner stand. just over an hour ago, u. s. secretary of state antony blinking, announced that from now on the whole represent the interests of washington in cobble counter will assume the role of what blinking called a protecting power to facilitate communication between the u. s. and taught upon government which the west does not recognize. announcement comes during a visit,
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buying causes foreign minister to washington, a great pleasure to the 1st established cutter as the united states protecting power in afghanistan, a cutter will establish a u. s. intersection within its embassy in afghanistan to provide certain consular services and monitor the condition, security of u. s. diplomatic facilities in afghanistan. the 2nd agreement formalize is our partnership with cutter to facilitate the travel of afghans with us special immigrant visas. a role that it's already been playing in many instances and serve as a transit point for eligible afghans as they complete their application process. there is still much to be done in afghanistan and public remains committed to continue denisha city walk alongside with the united states and partners on the world. we are dedicated to contributing to the severity of afghanistan and the safety end will being of the afghan people. the strategic di, looked to day,
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was discuss issues of mutual interest and literary effort. our determination to deepen our co operation in various fields, including strengthening our defense and security partnership. rosalyn jordan joins us live from the state department so on. does this agreement mean for the level of us engagement with the taliban now? well basically this is a way for the by net ministration to avoid giving any sort of tacit recognition to taliban rule inside afghanistan. it also gives the us the ability to make good on it's legal obligation to us citizens and their immediate family members, which is to provide them counselors, services, and perhaps most immediately get them out of the country. if they decide that they want to leave afghanistan without each man with tall bon officials, the u. s. is of al, goal would be basically impossible to achieve. now what this also does is does
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provide a sort of rob back channel of form of communication between the u. s. and the taliban. let's not forget the us government and cut on had provided a space for the us and the taliban to negotiate the end of the u. s. troop presence in afghanistan through it's a good auspices, over the past several years. so this is not an unusual role for the government of got out to be taking. however, this does a, in effect ela, they cutters a status as a regional law power broker, because it was just 4 years ago i've, our viewers will recall that katara was the subject of a regional a blockade carried out by the g. c. c. now, and it's being trusted by washington, which at one point was taking sides with the gcc to actually represent its interests inside afghanistan. it's a bit really big development in the relationship of whether or not it means that
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the u. s. is going to be one step closer to formally engaging with the taliban. as some analysts have suggested, that's a ways off. if ever that does happen. all right, thanks so much rosalyn and john at least 15 people i enjoyed after a bomb was sent off in a mosque in afghanistan, mancha ha province. the device was repulsively place in the suddenly mosques pulp. it has been a space of similar thanks. i'll mostly shall, moss, almost over being claimed by high school in afghanistan, in no claim of responsibility for this bombing though so far. ah, now is the last day of that un climate conference in glasgow which has been described as a final chance to avoid catastrophic global warming. a draft agreement is being considered by nearly 200 nations. the aim to keep the paris agreement alive. it
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caps global warming at $1.00 degrees, but there's still a long way to go, unless same current pleasures another laugh and the world is on track. for 2.7 degrees of warming. and it's been some progress. china and the u. s. the world's top greenhouse gas meters signed a deal earlier this week. are the deals aimed to end deforestation, cart, methane and phase out fossil fuels. how to finance that transition though? remains the sticking point. one of the most significant commitments to come out of cop $26.00 was the promise by brazil to end illegal deforestation by 2028. bernard smith joins us from man house in the amazon rain forest. so promises live that bernard impact the lives of the people behind you, right? they do some a. yeah, this is the rio negro,
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the main passenger m. ferry port here and mouse taking passengers and goods down the rio negro to where it joins the amazon, many of the people here, rejoining some the 60 cities or the 500 different indigenous communities that make up the amazon and live here. as of the challenge for brazil is to maintain or keep this pledge to and illegal deforestation in an area that is home to more than 6000000 people. this patch of amazon rain forest has been illegally cleared and prepared for burning, say, and that it is the main suspect denies all knowledge. short of catching him red handed with a chain saw as little the environment police can do. why did i, the inspectors say they often feel i work is in vain. diffuse, it's difficult. it's tough that we're trying to preserve an area like this in the
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heart of the amazon, amazon. and when we get here, we see that people don't treat this nature with the affection and love that we have for our amazon. well, we know that our future depends on this 3rd, just $110.00 environment police and 20 inspectors covering an area bigger than spain and portugal combined. that makes brazil's commitment to end illegal deforestation by 2028. look like a tall order. an estimated 11000 square kilometers of brazilian amazon was cleared just in 2020 releasing hundreds of millions of tons of c o 2 into the atmosphere forest moving from being net syncs of carbon dioxide to net sources. the amazon is a sync, but lang clear and here in the brazilian rain forest means these areas and now emitting more carbon dioxide than they're absorbing for bobby. and there's more
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pressure on the rain forest as the population grows and jungle is cleared for housing. you know, going to, the government does not have a public policy for the population. it is clear that there will always be this deforestation which harms are forrest in nature. this is painful because preservation is a historical struggle of the indigenous people. we are the ones who keep the force alive and preserved until this day. there are 62 cities in amazon, a state, and a population of more than 4000000, with thousands more arriving every year looking for work when ours and the neighbor cities are getting kind of say connected, more intensively in terms of urban development. so in the next decade, we will have a huge metropolitan area at the local scale organization means, for example, what we see here, the destruction of this urban rivers. and so it diminishes, and it compromises in the quality of their urban assistance. the destruction of the
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brazilian amazon has intensified under the presidency, jaya wilson, r o, a vocal global warming skeptic. so activists waiting to see proof of his government's you commitment to cutting emissions. there's a long way to go. if brazil is to regain the position at once held as a world leader in reducing deforestation. now brazil is amongst the developing countries and often criticizing rich countries for failing to come up with money promised over the last 10 years to help them adapt to climate change. brazil says it needs $10000000000.00 a here to combat deforestation. now that is the subject again of a sticking point, a cop $26.00. how much money the rich countries should give the poor to help them? combat climate change. mark burnett, thanks so much bud smith. they're still had an al jazeera. there's been another
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high profile appointment in sudan just weeks after the mercury sees power as the comp 26 wraps helping glasgow. we've taken the discussion to the streets, asking people around the world what they think individuals can do to tackle climate change. ah ah, look forward to brighter skies the winter sponsored my cattle airways. hello, we've got high pressure dominating the weather across china. now it's long as you try and settle. it does mean overnight, fog and frost for many certainly into central and northern parts. still rare, cool. air in place up towards the ne, temperatures down into single figures here that will figure so for sol, 13 celsius temperature starting to pick up. temperatures will fall away. therefore
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japan 70 celsius in tokyo should be largely dry, but the western side of honshu into hawkeye. they're still seeing some rather wet weather. there we go. we got that dry weather now coming in across a good part of china. beijing, temperatures recovered now, getting up to around 15 celsius with some sunshine, low folk, frost to a problem overnight. heavy showers continuing. meanwhile, across sir central and southern parts of vietnam mil thessaly monsoon, driving those showers down through into thailand's northern parts of malaysia, good scattering a showers through malaysia also started to see increasingly wet weather coming in across a good part of indonesia with the risk of some flooding the flooding risk continues into southern parts of india. meanwhile, again, the ne monsoon has been driving some heavy rain. it'll circulation and all tropical cycling. now making its way further westwards. we have got warnings enforced, the corolla. oh, the weather sponsored by cataract ways. in the country with an abundance of results,
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ray barnett won indonesia whose turns forming we moved full to grow and frock. we balance for green economy, blue economy, and the digital economy with the new job creation law, indonesia is progressively ensuring the policy reform to create quality jobs investment. let's be part linda. this is growth and progress in indonesia now. ah, the me wanting out, is there a time to recap our headlines now? the secretary of state is announced that will represent the diplomatic interest of
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the us enough chemist cut the will assume the role of protecting power. the u. s. doesn't recognize it's on a bond government at least 15 people have been injured after a bomb was set off and assume the mosque enough kind of samsung ha province. in a space of similar attacks on a, she almost almost all of been claims like ice well enough kind of 9200 nations are considering a draft agreement on the final day of the un climate. some it's in glasgow. the core aim is to keep the parents agreement to live the camp global warming at 1.5 degrees. volunteers in the house and demanding more access to the border with valerie for refugees and migrants are trapped about 2000 people. living in dia, freezing conditions as governments trade, accusations, and threats about the crisis. that is to be submitted to us to what's available for those since mid october. we've been approached by over 3000 people that being
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trapped since the beginning of november. we've been asked by at least 900 people of undertaken 131 humanitarian intervention to help those stranded polish government needs to allow humanitarian organizations to access restricted zone. in another development barriers is national airline says it will no longer allow citizens of iraq, syria, and yemen to board. it's flights from turkey bar room has been accused of flying in migrants from the world's trouble spots to enable them to enter the e u. it denies that though, as a bank has more from the polish side of the border, they are stuck essentially on the better side of the board. at least what we've been told from the people that we've spoken to that managed to make it across is that they were bussed to that border by belushi and soldiers, who dressed in civilian clothes, cut that border fence and pushed them across. and then some of them are managed to get through the past, the polish forces herb, some of them,
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some of them were pushed back. now poland says there's thousands at that border and possibly over $10000.00 still in bella roost that poland is also deployed. extra troops to the area, the set up a state of emergency, a seclusion zone that doesn't allowed. they don't allow jernace to aid workers through. we've been stop several times along this road. today, we are very close to the border by soldiers. they stand at the checkpoint through their binoculars, looking straight into vehicles, stop the vehicles, and ask for documents. and these are on 15000 or polish forces. now here now this morning, there was a press conference by activists who were imploring their government, the polish government to allow 8 workers to they said that we are not professionals, and we need to be able to get aged to those people, those vulnerable people, men, women, and children in this freezing temperatures to get to them because they have very little shelter, food, or water at this point in time. earlier we spoke to monica matter, sous
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a human rights activist group working with the group a granite. so she told us more about what's right groups, want the polish government to do so far. for a couple of months, we could no response, right? we are pleading actually with authorities to allow humanitarian, a professional humanitarian to enter the vessel emergency don't. but so far there was no official answer from the polish government. i mean, the only unfair within the last couple of the day, because of the large gatherings of migrants on the left side, there is even ball got more gathering, you know, of the polish army and polish border forces. on the polish side. we know what happens in the polish side, but i mean you can also obviously see pictures and you've just been pictures from the bela written side. people just tried to cross, you know, through it to a very difficult area that of like pray, middle for it. you know, with huge logged or all the trees fallen with one, you know,
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they get lost. they don't know where to go. it's kilometers and kilometers a forest of unknown area. they have no food, they have no shelter. they have no drinking water. when we meet them at the poli sides, they are usually in a very difficult mental and you know medical state, they are absolutely exhausted. they are terrified because obviously they are hiding in the for a 4 days just not to be caught by border patrol. it's sort of like a, you know, hunger game, but just in relies. so they are really, you know, horan horan condition. we call this for the collation of the violence on the border . and instead of, you know, treating it as a conflict with location court and like that of conflict in a normal way would be army to army. but, you know, army standing in front of another army. but here we have people who, you know,
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are innocent people, they are just looking for a way out of there and they are in the middle of it. we are calling to police authorities and also to the you and, you know, humanitarian agencies please let everybody enter into the emergency don't and provide military and assistance. please try to think of some solution and develop some solution at the you level. how to, you know, get this people head without them being caught in the crossfire and police start to treat it as humanitarian crisis and not only geo political war. the powerful head of a sudanese power military units has made the been made the deputy head of the new sovereign council, 100100. the gallow retains the position he held in the recently dissolved council sedans, military out of the civilian government, 2 weeks ago and established a new ruling body. his morgan has more from cartoon or seen protest on friday
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afternoon against the new upon the appointments and the swearing and all the new members of the sovereignty council as well as the 5 previous or rather the 4 previous military members. because general, that was born in on thursday evening. now the fact that the military members of the sovereignty of the new sovereignty council are the same members from the previous one is not a surprise. the military was the one who sees the peak over omitting the force of the freedom and chase coalition that the coalition that signed the power sharing agreement with the military in august 2019 following months of anti government protest against former president bashir. now the fact that there is no member from the 4th of freedom and change comes at no as no surprise. but the fact that members of the armed group, the sudanese revolutionary front, have not been forgotten, is regarded as a surprise because their names were on the list that was announced on the evening. so 3 members of the sovereign sick of the new coverage council have not been for
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name. the head of the sudanese revolutionary prime says that they are against the military take over and they have urged people to continue to fight and resist against the takeover. this all comes as the united nations and the u. s. calls the development worrying. they say that any, this is hindering the return to the democratic transition and have called on for the release of a prime minister, abdullah hamburg, who still under house arrest and the release of other political prisoners. they're called for more protest in sudan. people say that they do not want to see the military and any governing role or in politics at all. and they want the military to stick to only to only securing the country and the roles as any military around the world. now if he appears government has outline conditions for possible talks with rebels from the northern te gray region, the armed wing of the be great peoples immigration from. so t t l f is pushing towards that is the ab about 5 minutes and says the p p l f must
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be from the am hara and the hall region bordering to grey. before we can begin, thousands have been killed and over 2000000 more displaced since the conflict started last november. 11 and government is failing its people. that's the verdict of the un envoy and extreme poverty. who's on a visit there? olivia, the shooter says blevins is in danger of becoming a failed state. then hold the reports from beirut. the un human rights council sent an envoy to lebanon to look at how the government here has been addressing one of the world's worst economic crises. olivia are the shooters, spoke to those affected officials, as well as the donor community, which he said is running out of patience with the government for failing to reform the system. and it's not just the international community who lost trust in them. when i told many people about my mission, when i spoke to families who are destitute in bush homage in the body,
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in bob bake, they often answered murphy. dolly, there is no state. they have lost confidence in the ability of the state to provide a response. so he is the un envoy explained in detail how hears of long standing inequalities, the lack of social protection systems, and an economic model that benefited the rich contributed to the collapse. for example, the connections between politicians and the private sector reached the highest levels of political power in lebanon. 18 out of 20 banks had major shareholders linked to political elite. lebanon is also one of the most unequal countries in the world where some 10 percent of the population holds nearly 70 percent of the wealth . while 40 percent of public revenue comes from taxes that affect the poor. the authorities have been blamed for decades of mismanagement and corruption have failed to stop the economic collapse. it took 13 months of political bickering
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before they agreed on a new cabinets in september. but it hasn't been able to convene in the past month because of the new political crisis. they should tear blame government in action for what he called a manufactured crisis that ruined lives and condemned the majority of the population into poverty. the population is facing unprecedented challenges, impoverishment is widespread. i saw scenes in lebanon that i had not imagined i would ever see in the middle income country. the un envoy then described lebanon as a failed state, at least not yet. he did say it is headed in that direction with a government failing its population. that doesn't believe it will work in the public's interest than there should be route. now the evidence is heading towards a partial lockdown and an effort to ease a record rise in covey. 19 infections. more than 16000 people have tested positive
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in 24 hours. that despite having 85 percent of its population, fully vaccinate bars and restaurants will close early for the next 3 weeks. as part of the latest measures, the un high commissioner for human rights says the trial of an american journalist and me in law has been unfair and harsh on friday. of course, the ongoing sentence, danny fenster, 211 years in prison. it was the managing editor of frontier, me and ma, an online magazine. franco, go to reports danny fence. this trial was held in secret, but for many people and me and mar the voted against an american journalist inside young on high security prison. the message was clear, fenster was handed an 11 year prison sentence on charges of incitement, breach of immigration laws and unlawful association. the 1st such ruin against a western journalist since the military coup in february,
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the punishment for the more serious allegations of sedition and terrorism added this week is yet to come. which could see fenster chill for life. it's clear that denny is being made. an example off and what it shows is that the military and her do not care what the international community thinks they will do as they wants. and is one example of how are they basically showing the international community at their cannot be held accountable. danny fence there was arrested in may while he was in his way to the u. s. to see his family in detroit. his lawyers say the char just relate to his time at me and mar. now, a news outlet which he left a year and a half ago, washington is demanding his release, calling the charges profoundly unjust. these charges are all based on the allegation that he was working for me. i'm on now a band media outlet. in the aftermath of the february, 1 military coup in muma,
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danny had actually resigned from yama now in july 2020, and join frontier the following month. so at the time of his arrest in may, he'd been working with frontier for more than 9 months since the military, over through me and mazda mccracken elected government to fall on sushi and put her in jail. the cracked on against anti co protesters and journalists has been unrelenting they had been quite cool, a former regime or something. it was, it was hard to listen to tackle some issues that the governmental want. the qu, in february, more than a 100 and we have been arrested and currently according to a to the, to the made by a report in the borders. there are 49 media practitioners who are currently under bar. the u. s. is info sanctions against me in most matri leaders and a powerful network of businesses and companies. friends to sentencing,
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conscious days after former use diplomat, bill richardson met general mean on lying, who led the coo, active, a se fence day has been use as a bargaining chip to force washington to soften its dance. before his family. all they want is for him to come home. if younger looked up, our 0 childless communist party is passed a resolution that will pave the way for president she ging ping to extend this time in power. the motion puts him on equal footing with the parties most important historical figures, including founder now the dong she is now expected to pursue a 3rd term breaking with tradition. now while lead is a comp 26 of laid out their efforts against global warming more than the rest of us, do we put that question to people around the world? i don't need me. i cycle. and today i'm going all the way up to hold. i'm going to
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take public transport rather than my costs. so, and i'm trying to cut down on international travel, taking things anywhere. you know, i go by train as much as possible. i'm trying to be energy efficient at home, and i've realized that i'm already doing a lot of things like not using a dryer, recycling, cutting down buying secondhand clothes and light fixture. so there's a lot i can do at home now and we'll keep going forward on that direction for the city i contribute by recycling. and also i take part in every environmental campaign to raise awareness that we must take action now before the damage is irreversible. i'm still trying to, the plaintiff, i'm going overseas, but whenever it's possible, i will go on on, on the train. so i'm, you know, small things. thinking about my behavior and what i buy, and what i'm really focusing on is buying local,
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especially when i'm back home. because i go to lunch at home, i try not to conceal plastic. i have a compost bin where minus the organic waste of the house. also i have an organic garden in the community where i live. we don't use chemical products, so we can eat vegetables without any chemicals, your supply trees. so i try and do my best to minimize by carbon footprint. ah, let's take a look at some of the headlines here now to see right now the u. s. secretary of state antony blinkin as an ounce cutter will now represent the interests of washington and cobble door, whole facilitate communication between the u. s. and taliban government, which the u. s. does not recognize. the announcement comes during a visit by causes foreign minister to washington. so thank you. are the 1st establishes cutter as the united states protecting power in afghanistan.


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