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tv   [untitled]    November 12, 2021 5:00pm-5:31pm AST

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profit, anticipate the consequences. the media was complicit in perpetuating this myth. i'm here to tell you that i think that many people die because of it. listening. pay, deconstruct the media on this era. ah, me. make a phone in my eyes. i small deck. harrowing stories from migrants on refugees who say they were beaten by security officials and by the roof. they made their way to the polish border. ah, real life quarters and hi daddy and obligate. also ahead. the clock ticks down for world leaders to come up with a climate deal of the cop $26.00 summit. we'll have the latest from glasgow plus i'm going to smith in the amazon. brazil has promised to end illegal deforestation
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by 2028. but the reality on the ground means that could be a hard promise to keep. 3 quarters of girls in liberia are unlikely to finish school, but for some football is giving them inspiration. ah, and d o volunteers in poland or demanding more access to the border with bella roo stotts were refugees, and migrants are trapped about 2000 people are living in dire freezing conditions as governments trade accusations and threats about the crisis institution. but it seems as to what's available for those since mid october. we've been approached by over 3000 people that's being trapped since the beginning of november. we've been asked by at least 900 people and the undertaken 131 humanitarian intervention to help those stranded polish government needs to allow humanitarian organizations to
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access restricted zones. and in another development, bella versus national airlines has it will no longer allow citizens of iraq, syria, and yemen to board. it's flights from turkey. fellow ruth has been accused of flying in migrants in the world's trouble spots, to enable them to enter the e u. it denies that out. there is a big reports in napoleon, bella luce, border as the temperature plunges, they tried to keep warm as best they can. men, women, children huddling around fires. bella ru says, there are more than 2000 refugees and microns camped out here. with more arriving all the time, we use the fact the la flat syria. he's now relatively safe in poland when we he was driven towards the border by bella ruffian police. but he says he was also beaten. he gave me the fries with her, his, the fort. so i passed away from all to a couple minutes. i broke my nose and broke a bone in here,
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and my eyes are small decor threw up all of his men. it'll be all sin, shall manage to cross the border just a day ago. he says billy routine forces bust them to the borders. dressed in civilian clothes, they cut the wires on the board a fence and forced them to cross or do it. oh, he still afraid and didn't want to show his face what they said, either you cross or you die here on 5 of the soldiers beat me on my leg and took 2700 euros from me and forced me across the border. there are poles here that are trying to help this charity has collected clothes and food. i think we are all very afraid that people die very quickly in really ah, and we will not be able to do anything about it because they will die on the bellows . on site or in the zone of the special and i just as they at least 7 people have died here in recent months. there's
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a real fear that number could grow. but also how long can this continue? this 15000 polish forces at the border with daily attempts from people to cross. the still 1000 stuck in freezing temperatures with nowhere to go. for a response from monica a to this is a human rights activist working with the group and granites up. she told us more about what rights groups want the polish government to do so far. for the couple of months. we could no response, right? we are pleading actually with authorities to allow humanitarian, a professional humanitarian h to enter the special emergency don't. but so far there was no official answer from the government. i mean, the only answer within the last couple of the day because of the large gatherings of migrants on the left side, there is even ball got more gathering, you know, of the polish army and polish border forces. on the polish side. we know what happens in the polish side,
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but i mean you can also obviously see pictures and you've just been pictures from the bela root inside. people just tried to cross, you know, through, through a very difficult area that, of like pray, middle for it, you know, with huge logs or all the trees fallen with you know, they get lost. they don't know where to go. it's kilometers and kilometers a forest of unknown area. they have no food, they have no shelter. they have no drinking water. when we meet them at the polish sites, they are usually in a very difficult mental and you know medical state, they are absolutely exhausted. they are terrified because obviously they are hiding in the for a 4 days just not to be caught by border patrol. it's sort of like, you know, hunger game but just in relies. so they are really, you know, horan horan conditions, we call for the installation of the, of the violence on the border. and instead of, you know, treating it as
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a conflict with location court and like that of conflict in a normal way would be our mutual army. but, you know, army standing in front of another army. but here we have people who, you know, are innocent people, they are just looking for a way out of there and they are in the middle of it. we are calling polish to police authorities and also to the and you know, many foreign agencies please let everybody enter into the emergency don't provide military and assistance. please try to think of some solution and develop some solution at the you level. how to, you know, get this people head without them being caught in the crossfire. and please start to treat it as humanitarian crisis and not on the geopolitical war. at least 15 people are injured after a bomb was set off in a mosque and i'm going to stand 9 gerhardt province. the device was reportedly
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placed in the city, moscow pulpit. there's been a space of similar attacks on mostly she mosques, almost all have been claimed by iso and i've done this done. there's been no claims of responsibility for this bombing so far. the me now, the cop $26.00 climate summit is in what to do to be its final day. but with negotiators still working through sticking points on a climate deal, some delegates believe it'll stretch into the weekend on thursday. the un chief, i'm sorry, good terrorist earth countries to pick up the pace. he warned. efforts to limit global warming to one and a half degrees are on life support. let's go straight to anderson and see who's at the cop 26 summit over in glasgow. so andrew, what is the latest on these negotiations? well there is this new draft new text and it has a number of changes which water down the,
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the actual power it has in terms of even addressing the issue of 1.5 degrees centigrade as a global warming cap. and one of them is the fossil fuel sector as be the big push, a by countries in the industry, against a measure actually mentions fossil fuels and mentions a phase out for the 1st time in a cop document. and it's a, it goes like this, the actual wording for the latest version, a refers to phasing out only inefficient fossil fuel subsidies and says that about $45.00 coal plants could be built if they have equipment to capture, install their carbon emissions that $45.00 figure is, is erroneous actually, but this issue of, of building a coal plants, it is something that's annoyed, a lot of people. and also this issue of, of describing inefficient fossil fuel subsidies. well, most experts would say,
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all fossil fuel subsidies are inefficient. that's. there's also moves from a number of countries reported by one newspaper to include china and saudi arabia at to knock out any reference to fossil fuels at all a furthermore, or there are efforts to try to get an annual reviews or of the targets for carbon emissions because we have this figure of 45 percent increases in its, in, in, in this emissions are up until at 2030. and right now you put all all pledges together or is still going to increase by 2030. so a critical situation. and with me right now as personnel, charles who's just come out of a negotiation session and you're dealing with another issue which is or damage or loss and the cost of all that's and what is your main issue?
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is it just about getting money to sort this out, or is it just the, the worry about this $1.00 being unreachable in the realities that we've been entrusted with an enormous responsibility of protecting the future for generations . ready that are depending on us. 1.5 has now been seen us some sort of ideal target. it is not. we ignore the science to our apparel. 1.5 gives us half a chance. and so, yes, we've made some progress in moving the trajectory from 2.7 to 1.8, but at 1.8 jamaica, another swan countries may be immersed at that point. we may house the kind of frequent and intense weather events that we will not be able to withstand. and so 1.5 is not ideal until we have to do what is necessary to get us beyond and below 1 point one, you demanding as minister of state for jamaica, what he of diversity, we have to raise our ambitions, have concrete commitments. so we have to see this not as an ambition, but as
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a necessity. we have to put the money that is necessary to pull us below $1.00. because if we don't, we are going to have to contend with children born now, who will be $132050.00, and they will be fighting for food and be fighting for water. and you're talking about damage already done as well, aren't you? what he with longing? what are you facing? what is jamaica face in the materials in, in adaptation? we are talking out below, building up our capacity, our seawall defense and other things to withstand what is already coming in terms of lawson damage. you're speaking about the consequences that's the after effect. that's the damage that we've already. busy felt from hurricane from floods that are consequent to the effects of climate change. so all of us have to appreciate if you do not reach the mitigation commitments, you make it harder for adaptation. if you don't put the money towards adaptation, you make it even harder for you to deal with loss and damage. it's all connected
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and quickly plays the issue of money. a $1000000000.00 a $100000000000.00 was pledged to be released on an annual basis. 2020 a bit by bit. what's happened to it. and so firstly, land. we have not happened that we have not achieved that commitment. and we hope to achieve that commitment by 2023. but we need to move beyond that commitment to putting in place the kind of funding that will be sufficient to attend to the needs that the scientists have dollars. 100 bill a may not be enough. the you and do you inept to port that came old recently said he will need 300000000000 or maybe 500000000000. so money needs to be put not as just a target, but as a necessity to see if countries elijah mc and ultimately to save us all it's $1.00 ecosystem, one, planet, one world. panell. charles, thank you very much for showing those views with us as a minister of states of our environment and,
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and to climate change in jamaica units. get back to those negotiations right now. so thank you very much and do all the best you. ok, andrew, thank you so much. andrew summons report from glasgow still ahead on al jazeera, there has been another high profile appointment into don, just weeks after the military sees power. and it's the world's most expensive spice form for generations when it's fast becoming a victim of climate change. ah hello, we've got high pressure dominating the weather across china. now it's long as you try and settle. it does mean overnight, fog and frost for many certainly into central and northern parts. still rare, cool air in place up towards the northeast temperature, down into single figures here. double figures though, for sol,
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13 celsius temperature starting to pick up. temperatures will fall away. therefore japan 70 celsius in tokyo should be largely dry, but the western side of honshu into hawkeye. still seeing some rather wet weather. there we go. we got that dry weather now coming in across a good part of china. beijing, temperatures recovered now. getting up to around 15 celsius with some sunshine, low for can frost to a problem overnight. heavy showers continuing. meanwhile, across sir central and southern parts of vietnam mil thessaly monsoon, driving those showers down through into thailand, northern parts of malaysia, good scattering showers through malaysia. also started to see increasingly wet weather coming in across a good part of indonesia with the risk of some flooding. the flooding risk continues into southern parts of india. meanwhile, again, the ne monsoon has been driving some heavy rave, it'll circulation and all tropical cycling. now, making his way further westwards, we have got wallace enforced the corolla ah,
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with frank assessments. what's the point of the un if multilateralism isn't part of indiana, we need somewhere where sovereign states can exchange views informed opinions in focus likely to change biking behavior. it's not going to change their behavior, they're going to continue to do what they do when it's going to be more in trade and less in terms of trying to match this more games mentality. in depth analysis of the days global headlines inside story on our j 0 lou the hello again. the top stories on al jazeera and geo volunteers and poland are
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demanding more access to the border with bella. ruth, that's where refugees and migrants are trapped. about 2000 people are living in dire freezing conditions as governments trade accusation, non threat about the crisis. okay, 15 people are injured after a bomb went off in a mosque and then our province. the device was reportedly placed in the sunni moss pulpit. there's been a state of similar attacks on mostly she, i'm off the cop 26 climate summit is in what's due to be the final day with negotiators still working through sticking points on a climate deal. some delegates believe it'll stretch into the weekend. the powerful head of a sudanese paramilitary unit has been made the deputy head of the new sovereign council mohammed have done. the gallow retains the position he held in the recently this all council sedans, military ousted the civilian government, 2 weeks ago and established
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a new ruling body life to have been morgan and hard to me to tell us more about who's been sworn in. and was this particular appointment expected? well, yes indeed. now let's not forget that when general i've been put, the hon announced that he's involving the transitional government. he said that he was basically against the force of freedom and change coalition. and the division that was happening between them, and that is why he felt that the army had to retain control or rather take over control of the country. so the fact that 5 military members from the former sovereignty council, which was dissolved by the general hon, is not surprising. the fact that his deputy, how much come down below the head of the para military, rapid support forth is retained his position is not surprising as well. but an also surprising is the fact that no member of the forces of freedom and change coalition is included in the new sovereignty counsel is made up of 14 members. only one civil
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him from the former, from the former sovereignty counsel is in that, but that's person that's, that's character is a neutral character which was agreed upon both by the military and the forces of freedom and change coalition. now interestingly, despite 13 members being named out of the 14, with the 14 feeds being consulted upon by the, by the authorities. there are some members who have not been point in specifically members of the sudanese revolutionary front. they are the arm groups that signed a peace agreement with the transitional government in the south and capital juba in 2020. now they asked for the provisions of back peace agreement are supposed to be getting at least 3 seats in the sovereignty council. but one of the members put up a statement just hours after he was announced, that he will be in the sovereignty council, calling this a military takeover and that his group and his party is against it. and that they will continue to call for legitimate government. so that is obviously going to create some problems. meanwhile, before the freedom and change coalition,
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the coalition best find a power sharing agreement. in august 2019, under which a sovereignty council, the provision for 70 council of created, they have come out and condemned the appointment saying that this is a can new ation of the cool and the will continue to call for people to resist against that. we've seen on friday afternoon, people coming out in protest against these appointments and were expecting more process as political parties and local resistance committees call for a mass protest on saturday. thank you so much. have a morgan reporting from heart to anyone attempting to obstruct libya's upcoming elections? could tracy when sanctions that set to be the warning from a conference taking place in paris, the egyptian president of the high seas, among those attending tow, the un back selections in december, we'll put an end to a decade of violence. there are fears the country is, rival factions might reject the outcome. lebanon's government is failing, its people off the verdict of the un envoy on extreme poverty who is on
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a visit to the country. all the shoot tara says lebanon is in danger of becoming a failed states. then i heard that reports from bay roots. the un human rights council sent an envoy to lebanon, to look at how the government here has been addressing one of the world's worst economic crises. oliver the shutters, spoke to those affected officials, as well as the donor community, which he said is running out of patience. with the government for failing to reform the system and it's not just the international community who lost trust in them. when i told many people about my mission, when i spoke to families who are destitute in bush homage in the pony in by bake, they often answered murphy. dolly, there is no state the have nots confidence cindy ability of the state to provide a response. told me this is the,
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do you and boy explained in detail how hears of long standing inequalities, the lack of social protection systems, and an economic model that benefited the rich contributed to the collapse. for example, the connections between politicians and the private sector reached the highest levels of political power in lebanon. 18 out of 20 banks had major shareholders linked to political elite. lebanon is also one of the most unequal countries in the world where some 10 percent of the population holds nearly 70 percent of the wealth . while 40 percent of public revenue comes from taxes that affect the poor. the authorities robin blame for decades of mismanagement and corruption have failed to stop the economic collapse. it took 13 months of political bickering before they agreed on a new cabinet in september. but it hasn't been able to convene in the past months because of a new political crisis. why they should tear blamed government in action for what
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he called a manufactured crisis that ruined lives and condemned the majority of the population and to poverty. the population is facing unprecedented challenges. punishments is widespread. i saw scenes in lebanon that i had not imagined i would ever see in the middle income country. the un envoy then described lebanon as a failed state, at least not yet. he did say it is headed in that direction with a government failing its population. that doesn't believe it will work and the public's interest, then they're also data. they wrote the un high commissioner for human rights as the floor, the persecution of journalists and me, and mar. the statement comes after a us journalist has been sentenced to 11 years in prison. danny fenster was the managing editor of frontier me in march online magazine. earlier this week he was given to new charges of terrorism on sedition. he was arrested in may while trying
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to leave me and mar, accused of encouraging descent against the military gentle one of the most significant commitments to come out of cop 26 was the promised by brazil and others to an deforestation this decades about 60 percent of the amazon rain forest lies within brazil's borders and its destruction has gathered pay since president j are both scenarios of power. bernard smith reports in the amazon where significantly under resource policing of deforestation means brazil's new commitment might be hard to realize. this patch of amazon rain forest has been illegally cleared and prepared for burning. if they let, had been the main suspect denies all knowledge shown in short of catching him red handed with a chain saw as little the environment police can do. i did at the inspectors said they often feel that work is in vain. diffuse, it's difficult, it's tough and we're trying to preserve an area like this in the heart of the
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amazon, amazon. and when we get here, we see that people don't treat this nature with defection and love that we have for our amazon. well, we know that our future depends on this 3rd, just $110.00 environment police and 20 inspectors covering an area bigger than spain and portugal combined. that makes brazil's commitment to end illegal deforestation by 2028. look like a tall order and estimated 11000 square kilometers of brazilian amazon was cleared just in 2020 releasing hundreds of millions of tons of c o 2 into the atmosphere. forest moving from being net syncs of carbon dioxide to net sources. the amazon is a sync, but lang clear and here in the brazilian rain forest means these areas and now emitting more carbon dioxide than they're absorbing for bobby. and there's more
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pressure on the rain forest as the population grows and jungle is cleared for housing. see no cost. if the government does not have a public policy for the population, it is clear that there will always be this deforestation which harms are forrest in nature. this is painful because preservation is a historical struggle of the indigenous people. we are the ones who keep the force alive and preserved until this day. there are 62 cities in amazon, a state, and a population of more than 4000000, with thousands more arriving every year looking for work when ours and the neighbor cities are getting kind of say connected, more intensively in terms of urban development. so in the next decade, we will have a huge metropolitan area at the local scale organization means, for example, what we see here, the destruction of this urban rivers. and so it diminishes, and it compromises the quality of their urban assistance. the destruction of the
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brazilian amazon has intensified under the presidency, jaya wilson, r o, a vocal global warming skeptic. so activists waiting to see proof of his government's new commitment to cutting emissions. there's a long way to go. if brazil is to regain the position at once held as a world leader in reducing deforestation. bernard smith, al jazeera in the brazilian amazon china, the communist party has passed a resolution that will pave the way for president cheatham paying to extend his time and power for the motion, puts him on an equal footing with the parties. most important historical figures, including founder miles i don't katrina, you reports from beijing. he has no air, no, no rival. and now she didn't. thing has been elevated to a status only one person has held before the people's liter. this week about 400 of
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china's health officials adopted a landmark resolution that strengthened the 68 year olds grip on power and paved the way for him to begin an unprecedented 3rd term in office. next year, an official communique released at the end of the gathering refers to she was a man of little courage. when you have this kind of messaging put out domestically and have him lived and celebrated in this way and presented as the driving force of this great effort to achieve the rejuvenation of the chinese nation. it makes people inquiring generalizing to add additional importance to him and to see him as some kind of national savior. she didn't think philosophy known as she thought is already taught widely in schools, universities, and workplaces. now his vision of communist party history has been accepted as the
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official history of the party. the accomplishments listed include the crackdown on math protests and subsequent political reform in hong kong. poverty alleviation and pandemic control. the resolution itself, i think, will serve as a big rallying point for the chinese people to fully acknowledge the great success of the communist poly of china and the chinese nation as a whole. only 2 other leaders, communist party founder, not the dong and economic reformer. dung sell paint, have had historical resolutions adopted during their rule, but unlike previous resolutions, she's makes no acknowledgment of any mistakes or problems. she isn't paying is china's most powerful leader for decades. and the resolution unveiled this week enables him to rule for decades more. they genes aim is clear to promote the communist party and unify the people under. she's authority supposed to say this
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allows him to effectively guide country in the face of increasing domestic and international challenges. all critic say it further silence is scrutiny and constructive debate. there is much more of a tendency for the party, the government departments and agencies, and i guess the broader policy making community outside of men to fall into line with the directives and political vision of the polio asia, which is warring jaya domestically a war in the world she will begin his 3rd $10.20 with a leadership re shuffle by the end of the year. katrina, you are the 0 peter. the un security council has met behind closed doors to discuss the border crisis between poland on beller roofs. western countries, including the u. s. u. k, insists valor is trying to destabilize its neighbors. russia, an ally above the rule says that simply not true. christian salumi reports from the
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united nation. european members of the security council called this closed door meeting, a mid rising tensions at the border between poland and bella roofs. afterwards, the estonian master spoke to the media flanked by other european members of the council, and the united states accusing the president, alexander lucas shank. of bella roost of facilitating migrants crossing. the european union has been at odds with beller roost ever since the contest in 2020 elections after which it imposed sanctions on the country. the bell of russian authorities should understand that putting pressure on the european union in this way through a cynical instrumentalist zation of migrants will not succeed. russia, the deputy ambassador also spoke his president. vladimir putin has also been accused of being behind the crisis by poland.


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