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ah, sedans top general appoints a new interim governing body, putting himself in charge 2 weeks after he seized power. ah, helen, welcome on pete, adobe your watching al jazeera life from doha. also coming up, picking me in the face with his foot. refugees and migrants had reached poland say they were beaten, robbed in order to cross the border by bela russian soldiers as the rocky relatives of those who attempt to the desperate journey described their hot break after loved ones went missing or were separated. we remain on her get the stuffy
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temperature rise. well above to these cells. and the un chief warns of cooks hollow climate promises before what shaping up to be a fort final day at the cop $26.00 summit. ah, sedans, military leader has appointed a new ruling council and put himself in charge of it 2 weeks after he seized power . general abdel fatter albert hom has included civilians, but not the political coalition. that had been sharing power with the military before the takeover. we'll go live to catch him shortly. first, mike, hannah reports on the reaction prompt. the un once again, the protesters take to the streets of khartoum. the city has been at the sent off pro democracy demonstrations since the uprising that overthrew former leader
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o my elbow. she is the formation of a new sovereign council described as an extension of the military's takeover. and in the united nations, the office of the secretary general was quick to react. we're obviously taking a look at these developments. oh, i would say they're very concerning. oh, we want to see a return oh, to the transition. as quickly as possible. the transition government was intended to guide the country towards democratic elections in 2023. it was disbanded by military leaders last month. the prime minister placed under house arrest and a number of political figures imprisoned. the security council held a hastily arranged meeting to discuss the crisis. no statement was issued by the council as a whole. the u. k is the pen holder, which means it takes the lead on the issue. and the ambassador had this to say, we remain gravely concerned by reports of further unilateral action by the military,
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which is against the spirit and the letter of the constitutional declaration. we had a very helpful briefing from the special representative of secretary general val capacities who was very frank in his assessment that the window now is closing at fort dialogue and for peaceful resolution. the protestant cartoon could also have been intended to spur international reaction. but for the moment, the security council is weighing what its next action will be. mike hannah, august era, united nations. ok, let's drill down now into some of the key recent events before sudan reached this point. military and civilian leaders were sharing power. after the ousting of the long time leader on the alba, shia in 2019, he faced a popular uprising after that, the 2 sides bickered and blamed each other for slow reforms and problems that kept
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piling up. things came to a head last month when general abdel fatter although han dissolved the interim government and detain, the civilian prime minister. wrestle said our joint live now from cartoon wrestle is this looking like a soft qu where you are well, the, the, the, this, the, the new ah, a that the new sovereignty council is dominated and lat by army. because army for now has the upper hand. mr. i will hand this with an army chief as appointed himself as the head of the sovereignty council, as i expected. and he has a point of his deputy, a mr. amelia, who is also there, that the head of the largest parameter group in, in, in, through than a, namely ref, his support force as the deputy ahead of their sovereignty consul. and that are 3 other prominent army generals or so being
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a member of this new consult. so alongside is army generals. we see that there are 5 civilian members, each of them representing a different region off. so than the, the north shoe than middle sudan. and the dark for a dick a corridor found the only missing member that regarding his region is, is true that he stood on his critical do to hosting the strategic portal through that which connects harpooned to their radishi. and some regards it as through don's gateway to the outside world and also to re um, leaders of the militia as arm groups who are there to sign the job piece agreement in 2020 are also now here in this i did this cooperation last se, and which did they hear the critical issue is that this formation of the arkansas show us that the negotiations between the army and also
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prime minister. hum duke. how failed so far? because there is no one a from the ousted the government that's now represented in this. and it is a sovereignty council, and that is concerning for many because at because the key issue as going to be whether without also prime minister abdulla hum to be back in the office. mr. brown would be able to is attention in the streets and also get this support from the international community because internet community repeatedly asked for the restoration or for civilian government and the release of the political prisoners. and also the prime minister. hum, due to be back in the office. okay, russell. many thanks, russel said, are there talking to was life from cotton. refugees and migrants have been describing being beaten and robbed at the bellows border with poland before being ordered to cross over. about 2000 people are living in dia, freezing conditions as governments trade accusations, and threats. over the crisis altos here, as i said,
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big reports now from the border area. as the temperature plunges, they tried to keep warm as best they can. men, women, children huddling around fires. bella ru says, there are more than 2000 refugees and microns camped out here with more arriving all the time we used, the father law fled syria. he's now relatively safe in poland when he was driven towards the border by bella ruffian police. but he says he was also beaten. he gave me the fries or with her, his, her foot. so i passed away from all to a couple minutes or why nose and broken barn in here, and my eyes are small, darker through an awful lot of men. it will be little seeing a sham managed to cross the border just a day ago. he says billy routine forces bust them to the board. they're dressed in civilian clothes. they cut the wires on the board
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a fence and forced them to cross or do it. oh he still afraid and didn't want to show his face. he said, either you cross or you die here on 5 of the soldiers beat me on my leg and took 2700 euros from me and forced me across the border of the arp holds here. they are trying to help this charity has collected clothes and food . i think we are all very afraid that people die very quickly in really ah, and we will not be able to do anything about it because they will die on the bellows on site or in the zone of the special. and they're just as they at least 7 people have died here in recent months. there's a real fear that number could grow. but also how long can discontinue this 15000 polish forces at the border with daily attempts from people to cross. the still 1000 stuck in freezing temperatures with nowhere to go aside, beg, i'll de 0. poland will you and security council did meet buying close doors to
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discuss the border crisis. western countries including the u. s. and the u. k. insist that bella roost is trying to de, stabilize its neighbors. but russia, an ally of belarus, says that is simply not true. kristen salumi reports now from the united nations. here appear. members of the security council called this closed door meeting, a mid rising tensions at the border between poland and beller roosts. afterwards, the estonian master spoke to the media flanked by other european members of the council. in the united states, accusing the president, alexander lucas shanker. of bella roost of facilitating migrants crossing. the european union has been at odds with beller roosts ever since. the contested 2020 elections after which it imposed sanctions on the country. the bill of russian authorities should understand that putting pressure on the european union in this
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way through a cynical instrumental ization of migrants will not succeed russians. deputy ambassador also spoke his president, vladimir putin has also been accused of being behind the crisis by poland. but the deputy ambassador denied his country or bela roost, had anything to do with bringing migrants to the border. there is a game of fer shifting gleam. now are you repeat union? they want to picture bill or was, and sometimes even the russia as perpetrators of this crisis. well, we've got used that. so the main slogan off for european under western politics right now is a keep com and leon russia. so it's no surprise for us. he went on to say that if any one was responsible for the crisis, it's the western nations who created the conflicts which many of the migrants are fleeing. now as the cop 26 climate summits enters its final day, the un secretary general as urged delegates to pick up the pace. and tony gutierrez
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says, efforts to limit global warming to one and a half degrees are quote on life support. discussions and commitment so far have failed to meet the un gold's. we remain on a catastrophic temperature rise trek well above 2 degrees celsius. so net 0 pledge is required, rabbit sustained, the missions cuts these vectors. and i welcome the recognition of these facts in yesterday's us, china cooperation agreement that i can see that an important step in the right direction. but promises ring hollow when the fossil fuels industry seal receives steal using subsidies, as measured by the i m m. or when countries are still building gold plans. or when carbon is still without the price they starting markets. and the vested decisions are you, as journalist, has been sentenced to 11 years in prison and me and mar, that's according to his employer. danny fenster was the managing editor of frontier
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myanmar, an online magazine. earlier this week, he was given to new charges of terrorism and sedition. he was arrested in may while trying to leave me in more accused of encouraging descent against the military jointer. still to come here on al jazeera, how the chinese communist party is cementing president. she ging status in political history. also head iceland is punching way above its weights when it comes to agricultural innovation. ah, how i them for this still no late shopping site, that wet weather. we have across western parts of year palermo sicily, st. 75 millimeters. the fright in the past 24 hours, piping and into the southwest of france, st. 63 millimeters of right. and that wet weather that's still going to be there as
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we go on through the next couple of days and more heavy showers. coming through here, choppy waters are strong winds as well. we got some wet windy weather farther north, as this area of low pressure just makes his way in. across island, the island of ireland pushing across the united kingdom. as we go 13, friday, only 2 sash, se, se, blustery showers rattling through here in betrayed us. not too bad. it is law. she dryly more he missed and fog slow to clear, but it will, grassy brighten up here quite nicely. some a conditions as we go on for sashay for eastern parts of europe and noticed that wet weather now sliding down across civilized countries into germany into france. but seeing that make his way across italy into the balkan slightly dry, there for sardinia and corsica fried the valley. eric's will still see more blustery showers over the next couple of days, which will lap on to the shore of northern parts of algeria. nor the marius of tunisia as we gave you friday and saturday. meanwhile, the shouts continued right across west africa.
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ah, frank assessments, what's the point of the you? and if multilateralism isn't part of it's dna, we need someone, we're sovereign states can exchange informed opinions. he's focus likely to change biking behavior. it's not going to change their behavior, they're going to continue to do what they do when it's going to be more in trade and less in terms of trying to match up with this more games mentality. in depth analysis of the days global headlines inside story on out jesse era. ah ah,
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welcome back. you're watching out to 0, your top stories this out. so don's military leader has appointed a new ruling counsel and put himself in charge of it 2 weeks after he seized power . be 14 member body excludes the main opposition figures. it's been condemned by the united nations. humans climate summit and says it's final day to day and nations have yet to find a way to alleviate rising temperatures. the un secretary general says he's hopeful but delegates need to pick up the pace in order to move forward. refugees and migrants of described being beaten, and rob tips the fellers border with poland before being able to cross over about 2000 people, living in dia, freezing conditions as governments trade, accusations, and threats over the crisis. now to baghdad, him ranken reports now on iraq. he's swooping caught up in about crisis. the lad as well as family from norton iraq went to bella roost with the hope of finding a better life. instead, they found tragedy. his diabetic son, galen,
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died on the journey after not being able to get insulin. while the smallest daughter him on got separated from her 5 year old son in the woods between bell ruth and poland. she's now in a polish hospital while her child is in bel roofs. and her husband is trapped on the border. at this who ammonia, i thought i could send them to gemini for the treatment they needed. we had, they could go via by the roof to gemini, but instead they are stuck in bella. luce rud. it's a common tale 11 members of do. ali hodge's extended family are stuck on the polish belushi border. he says they went to europe to improve the lives of the children. that there are no opportunities for the youth in iraq. all there was a close. life is hard, university graduates can find jobs. they are forced to do this for ok, he's trying to reach europe. it's melanie's journey. they fly to buy the roost than will long distances and often rely on people smugglers to get them to the polish border. the barouche, the authorities have not done much to stop them. near as hussein has a child,
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a kidney failure in desperate need of treatment. she said she and her husband had to sell everything known to get their son to poland and study tad. evelyn rustin, we took a plane from baghdad and stayed 2 nights in belarus. the smugglers took us to the border and they said, cars would take us through the forest in they lied, we had to walk on, but the polish authorities on them back to rock and would die so hard for a mother to think that her son is going to die, many rockies range stuck at the border, camped among the trees and groups. the forested area is an unforgiving place, temperatures plunge below freezing a night. some have died on the journey. but for many iraqis and others hoping to cross into western europe, it's not clear yet what future lay face. iran con our desert dr. china ruling communist party has passed a resolution that will pave the way for president teaching ping to extend his time in power. the motion recognises she is vital to china as well and puts him on an
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equal footing with the parties most important historical figures including founder and sit on that she is not expected to pursue a 3rd 5 year term breaking with tradition. katrina, you join us live from beijing. katrina just talk us through the significance of this motion passed by the ruling party. what it does is it really does pave the way for president she didn't being to start his unprecedented 30 term in office next year. and ultimately, what it does though, is that this plenum, as it's been called here, the 6th plenum has elevated sheet in paying beyond the status of just a normal leader. it's really elevated him almost to the status of a living legend and how it's done. this is by passing what has been called a historical resolution, a land mock resolution, which they've, they've only been to others past in china's,
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in china's communist party history. and what this will do is act as a sort of manifesto that will guide chinese politics for the next few decades. so it's huge lease in significant. and what we've had in this resolution are really 2 things. one, it's looked at the history and the achievements of the communist party in the past 100 years looking back and celebrating those achievements, but also glossing over some of those mistakes and disasters. what that's done for the communist party is helped them to trying to convince the people that this is the only legitimate political force in china. the only legitimate political system that is capable of ruling china. that's one thing that it's done. also what they've done, of course, is talk a lot about she didn't ping celebrate his achievements as leader, and his virtues as man. um, so what we had is, is communicate, officially issued after the end of the plenum on thursday, and it referred to,
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she jumping repeatedly as a call leader. it says he has successfully adapted marxism to modern china, and it calls him a man worth of tremendous political courage and a powerful sense of mission. now, that is a lot of adulation and that's been reflected in state media reports all week. but what it does practically is enshrined she gen paying as a bigger who here is critical to china's success in critical to china's power going forward. so no matter what happens in the future, she didn't pick more. ready, go down. and chinese history is a very powerful leader. now mentioned that only 2 other historical resolutions have been passed in the communist parties history. the 1st was passed by the communist party found up multiple in 1945, and not the donor has since gone down as a gun down in history. as a man who stood up for china stood up to foreign forces. now the 2nd was passed by leader dunk shopping in 1981,
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and he says it's been remanded as the man who made china rich. now this resolution passed in 2021, only the 3rd ever will try to help she be remembered as a man who made china a superpower. now what this also means in practical terms, is that the way the governance has changed here in china over the 1st 2 terms of she's office is that it's been centralized under him. in a sense. she didn't thing has become a kind of gatekeeper for the major decisions around domestic and international issues. and critics that we have spoken to have raised concerns about the potential dangers of this. it means that some problems may be very slow to be attended to slow to be responded to means china could be very insular and also less open to a critical debate as well as constructive criticism. and that could have huge implications only for the 1400000000 people living here in china. but of course the
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rest of the world also katrina. thank you very much. katrina, you that joining us from aging canadian indigenous leaders of marked remembrance day as an overview turning points in the relationship with the canadian government . the prime minister just intruder as faced multiple controversies this year, specifically over his government handling of indigenous su should events now from vancouver as just to let them know the k, but not forgot. each november 11th at 1111. am canadians like indigenous veteran david ward. pause for a moment of silence. it's a day to honor fallen soldiers. the message of lest we forget and poppies memorialize those who gave their lives and military service, lowering flags to half staff is part of the remembrance day protocol. although this year in canada, the protocol had to be revisited. for much of the year, canada's flags had already been flying at half staff in memory of indigenous
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children. in may, 215 unmarked children's graves were discovered at a former indian residential school in kamloops, british columbia. the discovery at cam loops and subsequent ones at other schools shocked the nation, and have triggered outrage among indigenous groups who believe others may still be buried elsewhere. now, as flags are lowered again to remember, the country's fallen soldiers. canadians are now also remembering indigenous children by saying lest we forget, but so time for us to reflect. and certainly for the indigenous community to take leave. they learned from the movie in the future room, such make such mistakes. for david ward, both a may t native and canadian armed forces veteran who has lived experience. it's an appropriate response that dropped was to defend canada. but
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people and the land and that for all canadian to luck with us. once we combine all the stuff that going on will get better candidates. government is still trying to take steps to recognize and heal the wounds from its past. assembly of 1st nations chief roseanne archibald delivered her plan entitled a healing path forward to prime minister just in trudeau. on his october 18th visit to kamloops residential school and says she sees the tide turning. so the world is watching for sure. and canadians are watching, and that's where it's really important is that we continue to witness this together and to walk through it and not take our eyes off it and not try to, you know, don't go back to sleep, stay away. indigenous leaders, warren canadians, to brace themselves for more discoveries of unmarked graves at former residential
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school sites, and with flags returning to full staff. following remembrance day, the government of canada must come up with an alternate way to address that pain. jody vance al jazeera vancouver. after we could set banks, donald trump's had a small legal victory in his battle over white house documents. the records are being sought by a congressional committee, which is investigating january's riots by the former u. s. president, supporters on capitol hill. in recent days, a judge had ruled the documents should be released as soon as friday, but an appeals court has blocked that. for now. there has been much discussion at cop 26 about how countries need to reduce the impact of food production on the planet and still grow enough to feed 8000000000 people. one country future proofing its food supply chain is iceland. charlie angela went and had a look at techniques that could be adopted globally. we are inside europe's largest indoor banana plantation. it's 20 degrees inside the could be minus 10
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outside the plant here and more for research than consumption that show what can be achieved even in the harshest conditions using iceland, plentiful supply of geothermal, heat, and green energy. we are self sufficient with cucumbers. we produce all the cucumber that we consume per year in tomorrow if we are about maybe $55.00, possibly up to 60 percent in the next couple of years. little air with salad we're producing about half of all the solid is consumed every year in lead, bel, pepito parker and deer, and culinary hopes we produce about 20 to 30 percent of all that iceland. climate may seem like a disadvantage when it comes to agriculture. in this country has to huge advantages, an endless supply of pure water and renewable energy. as a result, innovation is sprouting in the industry. as farmers and scientists work out how to
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best use resources and minimize waste and free time, the desire to reduce the carbon footprint of to motor imports has grown into profitable business. here the elements a tightly controlled by computer and has no need for pesticides this far nor others, and looking even further into the future. this protein rich micro allie uses just one percent of the water and one percent of the land needed to grow soil p protein . this closed loop system is called negative and highly efficient gobbling, carbon dioxide emitted from the geothermal plant next door. it's an environment that could be replicated on a local level to produce protein year round prov. you harvest maybe once or twice, maybe 3 times a year. so 3 times a year you get the whole and then you have the receipt. with this lee harvey is about 5 to 10 percent of the entire every day. the next day it's rick wiley. this
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small island is punching way above its weight in terms of agricultural innovation. even china sent a delegation to learn more about how to grow crops and controlled environments. radical ideas like this, they're going to be key to shaking up the global food system. a system currently vulnerable to climate change, pests, and disease. a system that can no longer run entirely on traditional farming methods. charlie angela out there re quote iceland. so while leaders a cup 26 of later their efforts against global warming, what can the rest of us be doing? we put that question to people around the world. i don't think me, i cycle. and today i'm going all the way up to who with billing on to take public transport rather than my cost. so and i'm trying to cut down on international travel, taking plans anywhere, but i go by train as much as possible. i'm trying to be energy efficient at home.
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and i've realized that i'm already doing a lot of things like and not using a dryer, recycling, cutting down, buying secondhand clothes and, and light bolt fitter. so there's a lot i can do at home now, and we'll keep going forward on that direction. now for the city at risk, i contribute by recycling. and also i take part in every environmental campaign to raise awareness that we must take action now before the damage is irreversible. i'm still tracking the plane if i'm going overseas, but whenever it's possible, i will go on on, on the train. so i'm, you know, small things. thinking about my behavior and, and what i buy, and what i'm really focusing on is buying local, especially when i'm back home, where any cassandra ziegler planted at home. i try not to conceal plastic. i have accomplished been where majesty organic waste of the house. also i have an organic
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garden in the community where i live. we don't use chemical products or we can eat vegetables without any chemicals. we ought to plant trees. so i try and do my best to minimize by carbon footprint. ah, just gone exactly half past the hour, 730 g m t. you're watching ultra 0. these are your top stories. sedans, military leader has appointed a new ruling council and put himself in charge of it. 2 weeks after he seized power . be 14 member body excludes main opposition triggers and has been condemned by the un obviously take.


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