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tv   [untitled]    November 12, 2021 3:00am-3:30am AST

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broadcasting thumbnails have been august, i happy al jazeera english proud recipient of the new york festivals broadcaster of the year reward for the 5th year running ah, 2 weeks on from a military case. it owns army chief, prevails a new council to manage the nations of fires, but excludes any part of the opposition. ah, and i want money in sight. this is al jazeera ally from dough. so coming up, all politics plays out between dollars in the you. thousands of migrant space. yes and not nice and freezing conditions on the countries border with poland. as a cop 26 climate summit draws to
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a close un secretary general cause on well lead us to pick up the pace on agree to a deal to fight global. i'm jody vance. and vancouver, coming up, trying to honor both indigenous children, found in unmarked graves on former residential schools as well as fallen soldiers, the canadian government and 1st nations leaders come together. ah, we begin in see don, where the army chief has appointed a new ruling council. walden, 2 weeks after the military seas power, general abdel, fata albert hans been sworn in as the head. but the new 14 member council excludes members of the main opposition coalition. and strong condemnation from the un, which says through, dawns, been put farther away from returning to constitutional order. my cana reports, ah, once again the protesters take to the streets of cartoon,
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ah, the city has been at the sent off pro democracy demonstrations since the uprising that overthrew former leader omar l. bashir. the formation of a new sovereign counsel described as an extension of the military's takeover. and in the united nations, the office of the secretary general was quick to react. we're obviously taking a look at these developments. oh, i would say they're very concerning. oh, we want to see a return oh, to the transition. as quickly as possible. the transition government was intended to guide the country towards democratic elections in 2023. it was disbanded by military leaders last month. the prime minister placed under house arrest and a number of political figures imprisoned. the security council held a hastily arranged meeting to discuss the crisis. no statement was issued by the
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council as a whole. the u. k is the pen holder, which means that takes the lead on the issue. and the ambassador had this to say, we remain gravely concerned by reports of further unilateral action by the military, which is against the spirit and the letter of the constitutional declaration. we had a very helpful briefing from the special representative of secretary general capacities who was very frank in his assessment that the window now is closing at fort dialogue and for peaceful resolution. the protestant cartoon could also have been intended to spur international reaction. but for the moment, the security council is weighing what it's next action will be. mike hannah, august era, united nations, you hannah's valden or him as a horn of africa unless he says he dons milk. she will have a hard time holding on to power. this is a qu,
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they call themselves provision, usually cool leaders when they take over and the remaining part for a long time. we've seen this over and over again in many places. however, in this situation, i think because the sudanese military will have a very tough time holding on to power because any civil society will not allow this . and so dan has too many for lines, too many problems before the military to depend on guns and be able to hold on to power. but the military looks reckless when you consider the fact that sudan in august has had like 387 percent point $55.00 something inflation and you know, food prices are out of reach for many sudanese economics is in shambles. and
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i don't know what the military leaders are thinking in terms of being able to hold on to power because i don't really see any country that would support them. i think they might be depending on a certain middle eastern countries, but that will not be enough to hold on to understanding more shapes with valerie, accusing its neighbor, encouraging migrants and refugees, and takes territory. european unions preparing new sanctions against galleries. president, alexander lucas frank has says he's prepared to retaliate. a customer gas applies to the bike has moved from the polar galleries border with thousands of people come to town in the cold. as the temperature plunges, they tried to keep warm as best they can. men, women, children huddling around fires. but the rue says there are more than 2000 refugees and microns camped out here with more arriving all the time we're used to for de la
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fled syria. he's now relatively safe in poland when he was driven towards the border by bela lucien police. but he says he was also beaten. he gave me the fries with her his the foot. so i passed away from all to a couple minutes or a whine, ozone broken, born in here and my eyes are small, darker through an awful lot of men. it'll be all sin, shall manage to cross the border just a deer go. he says billy routine forces bust them to the borders, dressed in civilian clothes, they cut the wires on the board a fence and forced them to cross or do it. oh he still afraid and didn't want to show his face. he said, either you cross or you die here on 5 of the soldiers beat me on my leg and took 2700 euros from me and forced me across the border. there are poles here that are trying to help. this charity has collected clothes and food. i
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think we are all very afraid that people die very quickly in really ah, and we will not be able to do anything about it because they will die on the blower sensate or in the zone of the special. and they're just as they at least 7 people have died here in recent months. there's a real fear that number could grow. but also how long can discontinue this 15000 polish forces at the border with daily attempts from people to cross. the still 1000 stuck in freezing temperatures with nowhere to go aside, beg, i'll de 0, poland. while the un security council has held a closed door meeting to address the board, a crisis western countries including the u. s. and the u. k. say belarus is trying to destabilize his neighbors and calling for stronger international action. the bell russian authorities should understand that putting pressure on the european union in this way through
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a cynical instrumentalists zation of migrants will not succeed. the former south african president, f. w to clerk has died, aged 85. he was the last apartheid leader handing over to nelson mandela to south africa's 1st democratic elections. they shed the nobel peace prize in 1993. i made mila looks, act on declare life. this was the moment when south africa's last white lead a signal to the end of the party. i wish to put it plainly, that the government i stake on a firm decision to release mister mandela unconditionally. i am serious, i am sure, in a speech to parliament, frederick velander clerk o f. w. as he was known, stunned the world, he freed nelson mandela and promised equal rights that would lead to south africa the 1st 40 democratic elections. ah, if we did not take the initiatives we took,
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i have no doubt in my mind that we would have reached a point that the majority of all the people in south africa would have taken hands with the total international community. and would have united behind one common goal on that is to overthrow the regime. we avoided that this was the montela was the nelson mandela, a free man within days, antea party leader nelson mandela, walked 3 off to 27 years in prison. for god, we pray for god's guidance, i think a deeper conservative africana f w was never known as a reformer that had come to realize in his own words that to cling to power for the white population group means facing the revolution. ah, we must find a way in this country. as black and white do live together in the river,
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lucian almost came anyway. the black townships erupted in violent outline, african, as threatened bloody revenge. lengthy negotiations resulted in a non racial constitution and mostly peaceful elections. in 1994 millions of black people voted for the 1st time in tossing the african national congress and nelson mandela president. as the man who co wrote the end of apartheid, the clack, she had the nobel peace prize with mandela. he later cheered the global leadership and promoting good governance world wide to many within the ranks of his african people. if w was a traitor to the end, history will remember a leader who knew that white supremacy had run its course. still ahead on our desert. what's causing the toxic foam covering parts of india sacred yamuna river
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and why it's dangerous on and is quickly becoming a major humphrey data storage well wide, but it's raising concerns about the impacts of the climate. ah ah, look forward to brighter skies the weather sponsored by cut on airways. hello, the weather is largely quiet across much of china and the korean peninsula, but we had got some showers just rattling their way into that. a western side of japan, a cool breeze blowing through here as that wet weather, snow over the high ground. sheltered by the mountains are defined in try for tokyo over the next couple of days. 21 celsius on friday. there are 19 degrees on saturday. that's a little dry. by that stage, you notice there's a dry weather tad warm are there for solar at 13 celsius,
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similar temperature there to for beijing, much of china will be settled and sunny lottie dry to across the good parts of the, in the china region. but we have got some where to weather in play with st very heavy rain recently, just around the northern parts of malaysia, 200 millimeters afraid coming through here on this little mass of cloud. and that will continue to punch is way across a similar area as we go one through sashay, pushing across into the, by a been goal where we have a tropical cyclone. now this is just been declare, very close to china. it's brought some very heavy raining here over the, the past few days. in fact, in the last 24 hours chen, i 199 millimeters of fame, full november average 353 millimeters, the frame for the last 5 days. $900.00 millimeters, a frightful and this more to come. oh, the weather sponsored by cataract ways. i the dakota oil pipeline snakes through indigenous land. but no without resistance
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broke right in front of a day with beaten, arrested, and shot as protested. they all beat it and so proclaimed. watch a protective women of standing rock on al jazeera. ah ah, you watching out? is there a mind if our top story is this? our c don's army chief of the foster albert han has appointed a new ruling counsel led by himself weeks out to the military seas power. and he 14 member council excludes members of su,
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dan's main opposition coalition. thousands of refugees trying to cross into the european union remain trapped on the border between belarus and poland. the e is accusing bella reese of encouraging the migrants on is threatening. the sanctions at a re says it will was highly i tossing off council tries to europe, and the un security council has met to address the board of crisis western countries, including the u. s. and the u. k. salary is trying to destabilize its neighbors and are calling the stronger international action. as the united nations climate summit enters its final day, the un sexy general has urged delegates to pick up the pace and agree on a way for it. and tony, good terrorist says, efforts to keep global warming to one and a half degrees above pre industrial levels is on my support. on discussions and
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commitments so far have failed to meet the humans goals. he told attendees he remains hopeful. we remain honor catastrophic temperature rise trek well above 2 degrees celsius. so net pseudo pledge is required. rabbit, suspend the mission scott these beckett and i welcome great good mission of these facts. in yesterday's us, china corporation agreement that i can see that an important step in the right direction. but promise is ring hollow when the fossil fuels in this for the seal receive ceilings in subsidies as measured by the i m f. or when countries are still bill being gold plans are when kind of uneasy without surprise starting markets. and the vested decisions environmentalists in new delhi say the government doesn't seem to understand or acknowledge the link between the environment and public health. and ation has reached a critical point in the cap till the air is choked with smoke. and the sacred
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yamuna river is churning out toxic. fine, honey miss. how has the story? these images have come to define new daily's pollution crises. hundreds of devotees are taking a dip in a river covered in pic form caused by toxic waste that flows into it every day. then it is really dirty, but what can we do? we need to do our rituals and had to do them in dirty water. we can't do this at home and have to come here for the festival gun did live, you owning it, shouldn't be frenzy. but what can we do? people who are responsible for making so much money in the name of cleaning the small stretch of the yamuna that flows through delhi is the main source of water for the cities. 20000000 people. it's also one of the most polluted in the world. the government has ford billions of dollars into cleaning the yamuna, but it's still polluted and covered in full. most of the of it's also banned b booth. and entering the water, sent both to p. now the pool and such
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a barricade to stop it from reaching the bank. but critics say that this has done nothing to solve the issue, and now people have them all, despite the stange and the food. meanwhile, the equality in one of the world's most polluted cities has plunged to its worst levels, the season march, if it has come from neighboring states where farm fi is like these have been burning for weeks. politicians admit their strategies have had little impact. the biggest obstacle is that via belly government has a very aggressive action plan against pollution. we do not have any kind of deeds, an election plan mandated by the central government on pollution that calls all the north indian states accountable for that action. environmentalists have criticized the government for to coach to these crises. lack of political will, lack of bureaucratic mil, a lack of urgency and correlation. understanding the link between public ecology and public health in our political and we are
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a real graphic class is extremely important. and that is the mean problem that makes our air toxic. i rim of trotting a and a forest disappear. study, say air pollution, cost billions of dollars every year. and is one of the leading causes of death in the city. millions of people are struggling while the government tries to find a solution. happening little al jazeera, you deli, i'm tech industry is only up to not, but so is it's environmental impacts. how hungry data scientist, demanding more electricity, leading to warnings of blackouts, may park her ports from dublin on the outskirts of the irish capital tech john microsoft laying the foundations of a vast new data center. a short walk away from where google has one of its colossal hubs. they're so big they can use as much electricity as a small city, and eat around 500000 liters of water
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a day to cool their systems. we need them to support the internet and store content of for years. the irish governments welcome the tech giants with open arms and tempting low tax rate. but there were deepening concerns that within a few years, a 3rd of islands, electricity will be used to power a rapidly growing network of centers. some expert say the figure could be even higher, would worries about the nation's energy security. i think that the worry is if it's a very cold winter for example, and there's a big demand on the grid for, for heating and so on. and you're, there could be, there could be blackouts, islands racing to produce 70 percent of its electricity from renewables, mainly wind by 2030. but in the short term, data centers will rely on fossil fuels, mostly natural gas, to keep running opposition and peace. want to freeze on all new centers until that impacts fully known. certainly we can't do without email and we can't do without
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a mobile phones. i'm not saying to us, i'm not a lot ice. i'm not dissing all these things, but we have too many of them already. and we've planned for too many more. the irish capital is europe's largest data handling hob, a quarter of the continents data come through here, where there is, of course, a cost and environmental cost for everything that we do on line. the internet accounts for roughly 4 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions. last the same as the entire world's ad traffic, a figure that's expected to double within 5 years. none of the tech jaunts we approached agree to be interviewed for several, including google and i. b. m confirmed that committing to easing strain of national grid. in the short term, next generation center such as this one of the construction will also generate their own electricity using an onsite gas powered energy plant. this site near dublin's being built to house surface from chinese social media giants, tick tock,
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the global growth. the data is enormous, it has to be processed securely and in large data centers like these am and therefore they are essential infrastructure we, you know, the world needs to be able to process the stated they are needed. the issue is how do you do it in the least damaging and most sustainable way possible? there are future plans to power census using wind and other sustainable means with any surplus energy adding to the national grid, but with an average of 3 internet connected devices for every human on the planet. ecologist say the transition needs to have happened yesterday. they've palka al jazeera dublin. the dots fry ministers, been holding an emergency meeting, and may bring back lockdown measures as the country deals with its own spike in corona, virus infections. all the 16000 people tested positive in 24 hours a record since the pandemic began. public health experts recommending measures including shutting down theaters and cinemas. it could be western,
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europe's fast partial lockdown since the summer. and announcement on the new policies is expected. this friday. gemini, meanwhile, has recorded more than 50000 coven 19 infections. it's highest number since the pandemic began. germany's likely new chancellor will r sholtes called a meeting to discuss how to react. the outbreaks been blamed on germany's relatively low vaccination. right. at 2 thirds of the population hasn't received the jap, pakistan's foreign ministers urging the international community to avoid repeating past mistakes. and to pursue positive engagement with afghanistan. sha mahmoud gresh. he was speaking at a meeting in the slum about with senior diplomats from the us, china, russia, and afghanistan to discuss the situation since the taliban took over. they also focused on the worsening humanitarian and refugee crises during the talks. it has
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become difficult to be even saturday, little resume development project. the government is really under the thick of the fear dropped. then further down the road, slide survey limit, the new administration's capacity grumbling dot com. all hider has more from islamabad. the and get him on foreign minister made on what ducky has gone. rid a large delegation to discuss a number of issues. red bug responded to the bi lateral with, however, did go inside detroit, a meeting in islam abad, which is also attended by the special envoy for one if on from the united states, china and russia. if, if the 9th meeting the next meeting expected and join are the buggers on the foreign minister speaking at the meeting stress, the need for the announced cooperation and an enhanced engagement video on
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government in order to award a humanitarian and economic. glad enough, one it on august on of god had been off game for the enhanced engagement with the dollar bond in order to avoid the movement of refugees all the prospect of an economic collapse. august on had placed a board due of one if don edwards, to negotiate on the mortality of cardboard movement and trade. but at the same time, the dollar on delegation is likely to meet on the sideline, the special envoys who i had to attend to drive a meeting. and it will be important to see what comes out of dag moscow has dismiss, concerns, waste my phones about a potential deal between molly and a product security fan based in russia. molly's foreign minister in talks with his russian counts bounce. they left off. it follows reports that the molly and militaries close to recruiting $1000.00 mess and reese from the controversial
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wagner rape nicholas hack has more in the soil from deco. this is a really important meeting for molly and as the foreign minister of money explained, i believe job, the situation is deteriorating so badly that i need the help of a good friend here, referring to russian help. and now there has been a help coming ahead of this meeting that's happening in moscow. russia have delivered helicopters filled with ammunition, this a gift from moscow. and then there's been an announcement made by the russian ambassador in molly, that $2000000.00 in military help will be given to, to the, to the government and bomber over. now, that's not a significant amount for russian, but it is a big deal for molly. so for the, for the, the people in charge of molly right now, the military into, in charge. they need help from wherever it can come from. and right now they're looking at russia for help. this really is the french, of course, because we,
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it's particularly this, this, this the go, she ation, that's happening between the malia and government and the private military russian contract or the wagner group that's been active in the past in ukraine and then in syria and successfully in the central african republic, and there's a sense almost of dish of them from the cold war that in places where france was the primary partner to for, to its former colonies. well, there being replaced by the russian, that has been the case in the central african republic, and the french are feeling that their influence on molly is slipping away to the hands of russia. a space ex rocket carrying full ass nodes, has dogs at the international space station. we have confirmation that that hard capture is complete. crew dragon insurance officially made it to the international
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space station. applied to be 600 person to reach. in the last 16 year old, take a look at these live pictures after multiple delays and adjourn long term. not as florida. in the early hours of the morning. the astral will now spend 6 months in performing station maintenance and carrying out with such, such as how to grow plants without a few more minutes free. can a canadian indigenous leaders are marking remembrance day as an overdue turning point? no relationship with the canadian government prime minister justin today has faced multiple control the seas this year, specifically over his government's handling of indigenous issues. jodie found reports from vancouver just to let them know that, hey, not forgot. each november 11th at 11 11, am canadians like indigenous veteran david ward paused for
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a moment of silence. it's a day to honor fallen soldiers. the message of, lest we forget and poppies memorialize those who gave their lives and military service. lowering flags to half staff is part of the remember and stay protocol. although this year in canada, the protocol had to be revisited. for much of the year, canada's flags had already been flying at half staff in memory of indigenous children. in may, 215, unmarked children's graves were discovered at a former indian residential school in kamloops, british, columbia. the discovery at kamloops and subsequent ones at other schools shocked the nation and have triggered outrage among indigenous groups who believe others may still be buried elsewhere. now, as flags are lowered again to remember, the country's fallen soldiers. canadians are now also remembering indigenous
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children by saying lest we forget the so time for us to reflect. and certainly for the indigenous community. they believe they learn from that maybe in a future room. such makes such mistakes. for david ward, both a may t native and canadian armed forces veteran who has lived experience. it's an appropriate response. it dropped was to defend canada, but people and the land and that were all created. but the thought once we combine all the stuff that's going on, we'll get better candidates. government is still trying to take steps to recognize and heal the wounds from its past. assembly of 1st nations chief roseanne archibald delivered her plan entitled a healing path forward to prime minister justin trudeau on his october 18th visit to kamloops residential school and says she sees the tide turning. so the world is
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watching for sure. and canadians are watching, and that's where it's really important is that we continue to witness this together and to walk through it and not take our eyes off that and not try to, you know, don't go back to sleep, stay away. indigenous leaders, warren canadians, to brace themselves for more discoveries of unmarked graves at former residential school sites, and with flags returning to full staff. following remembrance day, the government of canada must come up with an alternate way to address that pain. jodie vance al jazeera vancouver ah.


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