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love the death, the boob. we can see that the new, our sovereign counsel is dominated by the military members and lead by the military members. so mr. i will hand that the, that the army chief of sudan is the head of the, the council. and his deputy, or mr. i, me to also that the leader off the paramilitary, grew very powerful paramilitary goof, rapid suckled forces his now as the deputy or mister o'brien. and in this, a member of this sovereign council, there are 3. are there are, there are the military members as well and 5, represented from the civilian side, and each of them is representing a different, a region off a su, done. so in that says the north of the not true than middle one at middle stan and also the core, the fun dot for however one member is missing from the east through them is to that is quite critical. been due to that, that the importance of a did
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a port sudan and now there are negotiations on the way to, to, to, to appoint a representative from is true, but through that as well. and also the 3 leaders of the on a da da da militia as the on the groups who are signed, the juba piece agreement in 2020. they're also now here in and we can see the road . it's this picture. what is what, what's clear is that mr. edwin has consolidated his position among the tribes representing the different regions in sudan and also within the military. apparently, he could create a quite a quite compact that way of order and the army and other security forces. the militia groups rabbits up with forces, they're all now behind him. and in that sense, he is sending out a message that he has a built, a national consensus of their tribes different regions of sudan and military are
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police and also the mil she, our groups. however here, the critical issue is that none of the members of the transitional government are now back in miss enough to let him do the office of prime minister. he is not back and revenue. this picture shows that the negotiations between army and mr. ham duke house failed because when i met the army, general edward on he is said that clearly they are in negotiation in the negotiations with mister ham today. and he says that he will be very happy to see him back in the office. but now this a member off there did that the call so showed that the negotiations failed and none from the previous transition, the government is back here and it is, this is quite, are going to be at the create him complications for mr. one m for sudan as well because mr. ham look is quite popular in the, in, among the people in the street and he's quite popular and eyes of the international
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community as well. right. as of now, we have heard that that are already protest starting in 70 part of the city. and people are quoting for mass gatherings on saturday. and also, as i said, the international communities reaction is going to be critically important here. as of now we haven't heard of that yet. okay, thank you so much for so sorry. our reporting from harton. ah, well, the un secretary general tanya terrace has made another appeal at cop 26 summit climate summit in glasgow. it's harris raised alarm at the climate crisis and said that the goal of limiting global warming has been on life support. he welcomes an agreement by the u. s. on china to increase corporation, but he said the pledges were not enough. fans must be implemented. governments need to pick up the base and show the necessary ambition on mitigation adaptation and finance in the bellows way. we cannot settle it for the lowest. common good will be
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later. we know what must be done. keeping the 1.5 goal with enrich means reducing emissions globally by 45 percent by 20 cert. meanwhile, the u. k. prime minister boris johnson has welcomed a deal between the us and china to work together on climate action. the countries issued their joint statement separately. on wednesday, their envoys said they would cooperate to accelerate emission reductions and meet the temperature goals of the 2015 paris agreement. and your simmons is joining us from glasgow 1st. andrew, on the un secretary general's messages at top 20 sakes me. what was, what was the take away message from what he had to say? storm warnings, cold words, and a sort of language that was blunt, really no cliches at all. antonio get there ish at said that we were on course as
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a, as a, as a, a will community to need a 45 percent reduction in emissions by 2030. but despite all the pledges all the pledges given here and in coalitions of the willing elsewhere with cuts on deforestation, cuts on emissions, other initiatives and reduction of coal power. all of that would mean that by the end of this decade, emissions would still be climbing. so really there was no chance of staying in touch with that 1.5 celsius safety cap for global warming set at the paris accords and in the paris cop in 2015. so he went on from there to, to make this warning, the amounts, the announcements, hearing glasgow are encouraging. but they are far from enough. the emissions gap
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remains a devastating threat. he went on to talk about the finance and adaptation gap, also to represent a glaring injustice for the developing world. now what is referring to there is a, the massive financing needed for the countries that have suffered a climate emergencies at devastating floods. forest fires, o sea levels rising, all of that has been a let down because there's not enough money there. really, experts say as scientists and economists and politicians accept the trillions of dollars might be needed to actually combat all of this and also to pay for the poor countries. the vulnerable, the poor countries are developing countries at to, at convert from fossil fuels to green energy. that's a massive area as well. he said that was full. so crucial a pretty depressing message. the everything rest only basically the courage of the
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delegations here to come up with an agreement here that will actually so the demands of so many people internationally. ok, thank you so much. andrew simmons reporting from glasgow. well, joining us from new york city is isaac stone. fest, she's the ceo strategy risk, that's a consultancy firm. first of all, your take isaac stone on what the secretary general had to say. did he go far enough in his warnings decided for a new and diplomatic. the words were quite stark, as your colleague just said. certainly we'd like to see when they are more especially critical on certain countries for not doing what they should do. but i think in the context of the united nations, they were pretty forceful work. all right, well what about that agreement? that surprise agreement some with say between the us and china, they've pledged to work together on climate action. do you welcome that agreement?
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i welcome that the united states and china are both standing up there, prioritizing, fighting climate change, which is a major, major threat to us global security and the financial health of the globe. i am quite worried about the agreement and about the strategy. the united states is adopting, whereby it thinks, cooperating and yielding to beijing is a better strategy than pushing back and challenging beijing. and i believe that, sorry, go ahead. no, i was just going to ask you to elaborate on that. what do you mean by that? and what are you basing that on? so china has more to lose with climate change, but united states and probably any other country in the worlds. and, you know, for decades we've all understood that the chinese communist party mostly acts to further its own interest. so that would lead us to believe that beijing can and well prioritize finding climate change if it's or not, its own interest. and beijing like
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a couple of these issues with other things that wants it to be part of the bilateral relationship, as opposed to just focused on climate. whereas the us, thanks again, high boss climate from the rest of the relationship. and what will happen is that the us will yield and other very important areas of the relationship because it feels like it needs to work with china to fight climate change. and beijing both gets help quite in climate change and also a stronger hand in other areas of the relationship. all right, but on the last climate change specifically, isn't this a good step forward? i mean, it was a bilateral agreement back in between the u. s. and china, previously that paid for the way to the 2015 paris agreement. so could this pay the way for white or break the when it comes to climate change? specifically, anything can happen. after all of these agreements, we keep seeing china increase the percentage of coal that it uses, increasing its, its general pollutants more broadly. and so we're getting a lot of agreements. we're not actually getting movement on the chinese side,
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the climate change. so, you know, shooting things out a few months ago that they're going to drastically reduce the increase in call. so still going to increase the amount of call that's part of the mixture. and they didn't even fall on that because the energy prices are facing. so i'm not optimistic from what you've seen so far from comp 26. it is wrapping up friday will be the last day. what's been your reaction? i'm glad that countries are recognizing that this is a problem. then i do feel like there is a really important magical question, the united states and western europe industrialized 1st and are most responsible for earlier climate change. and the question is, how much should they be burdened by that today versus china? and you'll actually agree india, 16, some discussion on that. not all that much. i think that's an important point. but
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i think broadly, the surprising agreement with the us in china seems to better suit john kerry biden's climates are than the people in the united states. and china. ok, thank you so much isaac. so fish for joining us out to new york. we appreciate your time. thank you. thanks. now the former south african president as the w to clerk has died aged 85. he was the last apartheid leader handing over to nelson mandela after south africa's 1st democratic election. they shared the nobel peace prize in 1993. let's get more now on the death of president f. w. a clerk with family de miller. she is joining us from johannesburg and from his foundation did release a video recording which they are calling his final message. tell us more about that . well, it's the last time that anybody has heard from the former president. he'd been
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quite silent in recent years, but also court had some controversy about 2 years ago when he spoke about apartheid . not to wanting to acknowledge it as a crime against humanity. but in a video that's since been released to by the foundation. he also talks about how he said, since it the early eighty's, his called what he says, his has had what he calls the conversion that his views had changed that apartheid was wrong and morally unjustifiable. and that is the closest his ever come to saying, just how bad apart it was perhaps prior to that, not wanting to fully admit to the atrocities that were done during that period. the former president was a staunch member of the national party at the time. he's somebody who came from a conservative african of background and he was
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a member of the brood of on to right wing african organization. and so this was quite a turn around for somebody who had defended apart 8, he says a separate development. and then to a point where he then engaged with the 1st democratically elected president, nelson mandela. and he also as a one of the political leaders today, i said i should in democracy. but those on this is what he said in his final recording a round of par tate and the impact it had on south africans. i with al qualification apologize for repaying and the her and the dignity and the damage of our 4th birthday, gung to burke brown and indians. in south africa. i blew. so look o noon mark capacity as the former leader of the national bond. but also in the
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u. v, there has been some mixed reaction to both that recording as well as the death of the form of president. there are many in south africa said he would say that he navy was never held accountable for what happened joe, during the party. it's during his presidency, for instance, when the voy, but tong massacre took place in 1992 with dozens of people were killed in clashes between the african national congress and the cost of freedom, party, and inquiries into that lay to didn't rule out the fact that state's police and the army had contributed. oh, had orchestrated some of those clashes and that many victims of things had happened during a party the violence, the disappearances that to place them. families and survivors of that too wouldn't really take much consolation from what the former president has said in that final message, but prison syndrome, of course,
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a message to the public. today's city was saddened by f. w. declare pausing. he played a key role in ushering in democracy and he had the courage to step away from the party policy implemented by his party and then on the other. and you have people who still regard the former president as a brutal oppressor. ok, thank you so much fun with another report from johannesburg. russia as the smithson concerns raised by france on a potential deal between molly, under private military contractor. molly's foreign ministers in moscow for talks with his russian counterpart, sergei lovegrove. it follows reports the malia, and military is close to recruiting mercenaries from the wagner group, which is based in russia. french troops have been fighting against the arm groups in the region. frances foreign ministry says it plans to raise the issue in a meeting with russian officials on friday. nicholas hock has more from the car. this is a really important meeting for molly and as the foreign minister of money explained,
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i believe job, the situation is deteriorating so badly that i need the help of a good friend here, referring to russian help. and now there has been a help coming ahead of this meeting that's happening in moscow. russians have delivered helicopters filled with ammunition, this a gift from moscow. and then there's been an announcement made by the russian ambassador in molly, that $2000000.00 in military help will be given to, to the, to the government and bomber over. now, that's not a significant amount for russian, but it is a big deal for molly. so for the, for the, the people in charge of molly right now, the military into, in charge. they need help from wherever it can come from. and right now they're looking at russia for help. this really is the french, of course, because we, it's particularly this, this, this the go, she ation, that's happening between the malia and government and the private military russian
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contract or the wagner group that's been active in the past in ukraine and then in syria and successfully in the central african republic, and there's a sense almost of dish or from, from the cold war that in places where france was the primary partner to for, to its former colonies. well, they're being replaced by the russians. that has been the case in the central african republic, and the french are feeling that their influence on molly is slipping away to the hands of russia. environmentalists in new delhi, you have accused the government of not understanding the link between the environment and public health. pollution has reached a critical point in the capital. the air is choked with smog and the sacred yamuna river is churning. toxic foam, have limited reports. these images have come to define new jellies, pollution crises. hundreds of devotees are taking
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a dipping river covered in take form caused by toxic waste that flows into it every day. it is really dirty, but what can we do? we need to do our rituals and had to do them and dirty water. we can't do this at home and have to come here for the festival. you only need it shouldn't be full. but what can we do? people were responsible or making so much money in the name of cleaning. the small stretch of the younger that flow through delhi is the main source of water for the cities, 20000000 people. it's also one of the most polluted in the world. the government has for billions of dollars into cleaning the yamuna, but it's 10 polluted and covered in full. most of the it's all bad people on entering the water and forced to clean now for full and such a barricade. the stoppard from reaching the bank. but critics say that this has nothing to solve the issue, and now people have some funds to change and the food. meanwhile, the equality in one of the was most polluted cities had plunged to it was level to
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see much of it has come from neighboring states where farm fires like these have been burning for weeks. politicians admit the strategies have had little impact. the biggest obstacle is that via the valley government has a very aggressive action plan against pollution. we do not have any kind of a regional action plan, mandated by the central government on pollution that holds all the northern states accountable for that action. environmentalists have criticize the government for its approach to these crises, lack of political will lack of bureaucratic mil and lack of urgency and correlation . understanding the link between public call you in public health in our political and your real graphic class is extremely important. and that is the mean problem that makes our a toxic ariba trotting. and as far as disappeared, study say air pollution, cost billions of dollars every year, and is one of the leading causes of death in the city. millions of people are
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struggling while the government tries to find a solution. pop new metal al jazeera, new delhi, hong kong, multi $1000000.00 art museum. m plus is set to open its doors to the public. the 60000 square meter venue on victoria harbor aims to rival london's tate modern and new york's museum of modern arts. but active as say the cities desire to become an arts hob is under question. as beijing cracks down on descent and criticism. here with the news, our coming up, sports news, and iran leave it late to get the when they need to stay all boys for a place next year is tough and ah
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ah oh like the
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ah ah, for the for things with every thank you so much the straight will play new zealand in sundays t 20 cricket wilka fun australia have just been pakistan by 5 work. it's in the semi final pakistan putting 1st in the by it's got a 176 before and a 20 overs previously on the title in 2009 now straight. they've never been t 20 well champions. their reply started badly. captain aaron finch out, 1st of all, it comes to turning point in the notes that over mattie weigh drops by half an alley weight then hit his neck 3 balls, the 6 and that sort of country over the line. over as ingrafila, the player at the center of racism scandal in english domestic cricket says he's
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been hurt by comments made by the countries test. captain jo, roots, or feet has acute job tripping institutionally racist and rooters play flat county . throughout his career report found refer could been a victim of racial harassment and bullying. but the club initially said it wouldn't be disciplining any one root is in australia, preparing for the ashes series during an interview on thursday. he said he couldn't recall witnessing any racism, yorkshire, or figure this to say on social media. disappointed is not even the feeling incredibly hurts, but uncomfortable. troops are hard to accept, it seems or it did say he hopes to be meaningful changes in yorkshire, and has offered support that efforts in any way. he can look at finding a way to, to educate as much as we can and make sure that you know that these hard learnings, that we can and now radically from, from the school and make sure that, you know, moving forward as a county we, we really can make a difference in this area,
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and i mentioned it in my, in my statement, you look at the word that the current england teams have been in the last few years . it's something that we can, we can play about now, one of the english footballs hosp full names is now a premier league manager stephen gerald is taking charge of aston villa. the 41 year old is leaving scottish club ranges where he won't be late console. last season for liverpool in england captain, it's a pretty big job ahead of in the village club, just outside the relegation zone. kern engler, managers has. gerald does have what it takes to succeed. stevens always had fantastic leadership qualities. i was probably a more senior player. i'd been 30 when he 1st came into the england squad and around 02000. he was always a talent and but he always had great dr. we, we know the number of games that he led for club and country where he made
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a difference in really important moments. so he had a favorite start to managerial career. he leaves one massive football club to join another what we've been talking to football. right? gavin hamilton about gerald's 1st managerial job in english football. it's a gamble of thoughts for both student gerald, i'm correct. he's done extremely well. scotland within the confines of scottish, although the pressure ranges is enormous and he's coach that very well. but this is a huge step off to the west of the our team can be described as the sleeping john. there are a very big club, they have to set up the money to the club school and then the schooling. so there's an opportunity to make his mark the long been associated with a move to his former club. there are some stuff in his coaching career,
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but this is a challenge for him to prove himself in the primary seamless, not by renovation of their above. but they're not reach rec, and 6, and they have the potential huge potential much better than the one. now run left it late to stand close for a place that next year's world cup in castle. they were trailing one mill against lebanon and then later qualify it to school twice. in stoppage time to grab, a su, won't win results and shows it runs by 3 phase. south korea. we're not groups of the symmetric qualifications spawns or saudi arabia and australia 1st. and 2nd group being very much in sydney, finished, and a goal, a stroll, saudi on top 3 points clear of straight. you learn a great book that sits all in and you know, you,
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if you've got something that's in your hands when you're in a great position rather than having to rely on other results. so the most important thing now we go play chinaman, get 3 points and have a great christmas japan or just to point behind australia. they kept the pressure with a one. no one of the viet nam, that suit seems finished. 3rd in their asian qualifying groups, guns were play off, apply the could lead to a well cups bowls. carleen a brisk of i won her opening match at the high profile tournaments. finishes off the women's tennis season. in a battle between 2 former well, number one's plesk of it came from a set down to peak. albino, missouri thought at the w. c. a finals in mexico despair. the only place for the paid event before the other 6, all making that decades. okay. plenty more for me in a couple of hours, but that is how we're looking for nascar. thank you so much, andy, and thanks for watching the news. our on al jazeera,
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that's it from myself and andrew, the team and how we hand you over to our teams in london. we'll have more news coming your way. bye bye. ah ah, life is never scripted. never foretold. it's never, no, no matter what happens. never sto open you read between the lines. listen, always listen, never stop asking, never stop question a wanting to discover the unknown. cheer
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