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tv   [untitled]    November 11, 2021 6:30pm-7:00pm AST

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of saudi arabia, you see the showers edging in here, as well as coastal areas of the red sea. but shamal shake will see the warm weather though it will remain rather cloudy through the weekend. now with the head across to central parts of africa, it's not as wet as it has been recently, a few showers across the open rift valley for the wet or whether we have to head further west. we got storms rolling across the west of the d. r. c into the camera and gas bon, we could see some flooding from that in a further south. the rain picks up for much of angola. we've got some heavy showers coming into play for them. bob were in particular for herrera. we're expecting thunderstorms to last here through to the weekend, but there is still a lot of warmth coming through the temperature sitting where we expect it to be for this time of year. but look at that wet weather through to sunday, ah, in the country with an abundance of resources and want indonesia,
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firms for me, we move to grow and fraud. we balance for reno, economy, blue economy, and the digital economy with the new job creation law, indonesia is progressively ensuring the policy reform to create quality jobs, investment, likely pa, going to lose his growth and progress in indonesia now. mm. welcome to a world of confidence, service excellence. with business class, where your privacy is paramount, and your experience can sit back, relax in your own private space, and let us take care of everything. catera it weighs the airlines you can rely on. lou
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ah ah, hello again. the top floor is on the al jazeera news. our poland is sending more troops to its border. bella luce accusing its neighbor of encouraging migrants on refugees to enter its territory. european unions preparing new sanctions against bellows. israel, bahrain, the u. e. r o conducting naval drills in the red sea. this is the 1st time the 3 nations have acknowledged holding a joint exercise. the u. s. has also taken parts your case prime minister, boars johnson has welcome the u. s. and china deal. both countries have declared the bill work together on climate action. countries issued their joint statement separately on wednesday. now irelands tech industry is on the up but,
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but so as it's environmental impact how hungry data centers are demanding, ever more electricity leading to warnings of blackouts need. barker explains from dublin on the outskirts of the irish capital tech john microsoft's leg, the foundations of, of boss, new data center. a short walk away from where google has one of its colossal hopes they're so big, they can use as much electricity as a small city and eat around 500000 liters of water a day to cool their systems. we need them to support the internet and store content . and for years, the irish governments welcome the tank jones with open arms and tempting low tax rate. but there were deepening concerns that within a few years, a 3rd of islands, electricity will be used to power a rapidly growing network of centers. some expert say the figure could be even
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higher, would worries about the nation's energy security. i think that the worry is if it's very cold winter, for example, and there's a big demand on the grid for, for heating and so on. and yet could be there could be blackouts, islands racing to produce 70 percent of its electricity from renewables, mainly wind by 2030. but in the short term, data centers will rely on fossil fuels, mostly natural gas, to keep running opposition and peace. want to freeze on all new centers until that impacts fully known. certainly we can't do without email and we can't do without a mobile phones. i'm not saying to us, i'm not a lot ice. i'm not dissing all these things, but we have too many of them already. and we've planned for too many more. the irish capital is europe's largest data handling hob, a quarter of the continents data comes through here, where there is, of course, a cost and environmental cost for everything that we do online. the internet
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accounts are roughly 4 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions. last the same as the entire world's ad traffic, a figure that's expected to double within 5 years. none of the tech jaunts we approached agree to be interviewed, but several, including google and i. b. m confirmed that committing to easing strain of the national grid in the short term. next generation centers such as this one of the construction will also generate their own electricity using an onsite gas powered energy plant. this site near dublin's being built to house surface from chinese social media, giants, tick, tock, the global growth, the data is enormous. it has to be processed securely and in large data centers like these am and therefore they are essential infrastructure. we, you know, the world needs to be able to process the stated they are needed. the issue is how do you do it in the least damaging and most sustainable way possible? there are future plans to power centers using wind and other sustainable means with
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any surplus energy adding to the national grid. but with an average of 3 internet connected devices for every human on the planet ecologist say the transition needs to have happened yesterday. they've ball how to 0 dublin floods. landslide is for lanka have killed at least 26 people. roads and homes across the country are inundated, after more than a week of heavy rain. more than 200000 people have been affected its monsoon season and rains worth expected, but the floods came suddenly. this time, the rain is due to ease in the coming days. when l fernandez has an update from colombo, the rains have been bucket thing across the country and for people affected, there's been no respite for 5 days. essentially, when the skies have opened up and we're not talking small showers, essentially the mitre logical department has told us that 100 millimeters 150
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millimeters a day. i mean, this is a kind of quantity of rain that certain areas don't even receive in a year. but this has been the problem and this is why we're seeing that. that's all . what we've heard is that the tool has gone up to 26 and a large number of those 3 italy is basically losing their lives in earth, flips or massive landslides, as opposed to all of them being drowning in lots of the flooded areas. so there have been landslide warning in a number of parts of the country. and even sort of, you know, very, very unfortunate and said cases where the entire families have got crushed under trips. there was one family in rumble, couldn't 2 days ago. 3 members of the same family were killed in an, a landslide that have been one or 2 sort of, you know, causes who were linings,
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where they have been rescued. but generally, the landslides have been a problem, and the national building. we break away from too long to take you to grab, go to listen to the un sexual general. i'm trying to get her a speaking call. god, truth, the glide, much action struggle required is all hands on back. it is everyone's responsibility . and you are showing the way. i'm inspired by the mobilization of civil society by the moral voice of young people keeping god fit to the fire by the dynamism and the example of indigenous communities by the pilots. engagement of women is groups by the action of more and more cities around the world by a growing consciousness, as the private sector aligned the balance sheets and the investment decisions around. net seattle. i thank the i level climate xum champions goes out. we know
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and my goal topic and so many others for your efforts. you are indeed re think about the world. and governments need to pick up the baby and show the necessary ambition on mitigation at the station and finance in a balanced way. we cannot settle for the lowest common denominators. we know what must be, donna. keeping the $1.00 goal within which means reducing emissions globally by 45 percent by 2030 at the present set of national determined contribution even if fully implemented would still increase the emissions by 2030. according to the latest joint analysis of the national use them in contributions by you nap and the u. n. f. people see we remain on a get the temperature rise. trek well above 2 degrees celsius.
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so net 0 pledge is required. rapid suspend the emissions cup these beckett and i welcome the recognition of this faq in yesterday's us trying the cooperation agreement that i can see that an important step in the right direction. but promise is ring hollow when the fossil fuels industries you'll receive steel, humans in subsidies, as measured by the i m m. or when countries are still building gold plants, or when carbon his team without the price, they're starting markets and the vested decisions. every country, every city, every company, every financial institution, must radically carefully bully and verifiably reduce that emissions. and the carbonic that portfolios starting now, their friends, while it's hot from enough new
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friends, no problem. you know, we can think stock of ross last week. a number of countries committed to working collectively to hold and reverse forest loss. a lending innovation by 20 source is do we need meaningful concrete section and resolve in the 20 twenty's more than 1000 cities around the world. f committed to reach net 0 by 25th, you know, sometimes thought earlier. oh, cc lucko ss the 20 certainly deadline. the net 0 asset owner as alliance. the gold standard for credible commitment and transparent targets is managing 10 til us dollars in assets and catalyzing change across industries. i encourage the much larger glasgow finance alliance finance 0 to follow the same bests. the global coal pipeline, as the could, is by 76 percent, is spent the 15 the g 20, including the c largest public financiers. f,
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committed to ending overseas called finance. 28th new members joined the boarding fast ho elias raising the membership 165 congress seats, these regions and businesses and 44 countries and 3 and 72 companies and regions. f, committed at the top 20 seeks to transition from go to clean power, and this will be an enormous task. that is why i've been calling for the formation of coalitions of companies, international financial institutions and private finance. as well as the renewable energy companies to support these momentous shift and to organize felicia in support of specific companies that need to spin their energy transition. some certainly member states and regional development banks f blabs, the media support for the clean energy transition in campus. and i had more
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financial institutions and investors to follow suit. i welcome the partnership that will allow south africa to rapidly did commission its full plans while ensuring that workers and communities are not left behind indonesia yet now. if pledge to face outgoing by 2014, they will need the support. and we need to see the coalition sleeva resilient the infrastructure that they should encounter on the front lines of the climate crisis from small island developing states to the least developed countries. friends and colleagues, the announcements hearing glasgow are encouraging, but they are far from enough. the nations yet remains a devastating straps. the final said that the petition gap represents a glaring injustice for the developing world. we need even more emissions in future
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revised nationally these. i mean contributions and we need pledges to be implemented with commitments to concrete. we need action to be very 5, and we need to bridge the deep and real credibility the gap. as an engineer, i know that suitable structures, the solid foundation. we must be able to measure progress progress and to adjust when off track. we have a critical, massive global commitment soon at 0 from both government and non texas. we must know who mean on the quality and the implementation of plan on measuring that and icing on reporting transparency and accountability. and that is why beyond the mechanisms already set out in the bodies agreement, i've decided to establish a high level expert group to put both clear standards to measure and analyze net, you know, commitments from non state actors. the level expert group will build on existing work and said meet the city of recommendations to me during the course of next year
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. and they will work in transparency inclusive manner. and i invite you all to corporate fully in that establishment, and then with them we need the action if commitments of to bust the could at the believe the best. when he told each other, accountable government, not state vectors and the civil society. because only together can we keep 1.5 degrees be the rich and the equitable and resilient? well, we need and i thank you for your commitment and for your dedication to these. that is the most important part of all. i have a 0, antonio gets harris. he's speaking at the called 26 summit taking place in glasgow right now. which in fact is wrapping up friday will be the last day in what he had to say. is it the goal of limiting global warming to 1.5 degrees celsius is on
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quote, life support as he described it. and he also added that until the last moments hope should be maintains and also saying announcements that he's heard so far a cop 26 have been encouraging, but they have been far from enough. that's all according to the un secretary general speaking in glasgow. and let's get you some breaking news out of so done because we are hearing that the army chief there has appointed a new ruling sovereign council. you'll recall that last month, i've been at the head, but hon. dissolved to don's transitional government and he also detained civilian leaders in a military takeover. let's get more on this story here. morgan is joining us on the line from her to have i. what more do we know about this announcement that's been made? well, let's do. the announcement was made on the television and the members that are included in the sovereignty council have been and i'll include them for that. and who is the head of grantee council? the same position he held in the previous property council chief,
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dissolved on the day of take over on october 25th is deputy will be general mohammed. i've been haven't done that. the head of the parable to rapid support for that also included in that sovereignty council are the members the military members of sovereignty council? so some places that news hoping to counsel come from the old one that was dissolved by the general on the day of the military take over. there are also members of the groups. they also retain their position asper, juba, piece agreement, fine between the transitional government, which was dissolved and the various groups in the south capital july and up to about 2015 to 2020. so some of those members and some of those members in the sovereignty council that were right out today, come from the own sovereignty council. but they also knew members on the list, some of them independent asked for their positions, which they were they were running for. or rather during political campaign, they were claiming their independence and our new names that were not in the
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previous government member 1000000000 members from the forces of freedom and changed coalition or not including the sovereignty council. and this all comes as people continue to protest against the military take over. we've seen mass for with us on october 30th against the traffic over saying that they don't want the army to decide the governing pillars of this transitional government. and they've rejected the takeover and anything that would come with it. this is likely to inflame the process movement for that they have been called and mobilize ation process. my walk through this rather on november 13th. and if anything, with force as angry to take over, it is likely that we will see the decision ongoing been more. okay, and we will keep an eye out on the streets. have morgan for the time being. thank you so much for that update from cartoon. while russia is dismissing concerns raised by front and on a potential deal between molly, under private military contractor. while these foreign minister is in moscow for talk. so there's russian counterpart survey live roles. it follows reports the
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malia and military as close to recruiting mercenary as from the wagner group, which is based in russia. french troops have been fighting against our in groups in the region. now, frances foreign ministry says it plans to raise the issue in a meeting with russian officials on friday. we'll get more on this with nicholas hopkins joining us from the car. so what's expected to come out of the meeting? nicholas? well this is a really important meeting for molly and as the foreign minister of money explained, i believe job, the situation is deteriorating, so bad lead. i need the help of a good friend here, referring to russian help. and now there has been help coming. a head of this meeting that's happening in moscow. russians have delivered helicopters, filled with ammunition. that's a gift from moscow. and then there's been an announcement made by the russian ambassador in molly, that $2000000.00 in military help will be given to, to the,
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to the government in bomber over. now that's not a significant amount for russians, but it is a big deal for molly because the situation has deteriorated, deteriorated considerably. just last week, there were attacks happening in the center of the country where the harvest was being burned by arm groups associated to to affiliate gelatinous, at least one with the mean and the stomach state and the greater sahara. and these harvest are important because this is the end of the rainy season. the start of the lean season and there's been more and more people displaced. according to the un, half a 1000000 people have been displaced. 4.5000000 people in need of urgent humanitarian assistance. so for the, for the, the people in charge of molly right now, the military agent in charge, they need help from wherever it can come from. and right now, they're looking at russia for help, despite the presence of the biggest un peacekeeping mission operation in the world,
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in the deadliest one, where there's 14000 soldiers on the ground. and this, despite the presence of french soldiers on the ground and use soldiers on the ground. well, the situation has gone from bad to worse, and that's why they're the malia are keen to get help from the russians. let's let me ask you this. i mean, why is this, as described by some rapprochement between molly and russia or the french so much? yeah, this really is the french, of course, because we've, it's particularly this, this, this, the go oceans that's happening between the malia and government and the private military, russian contract or the wagner group that's been active in the past in ukraine and then in syria and successfully in the central african republic, and there is a sense almost of dish or from the cold war, that in places where france was the primary partner to for, to its former colonies. well,
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they are being replaced by the russians. that has been the case in the central african republic, and the french are feeling that their influence on molly is slipping away to the hands of russia. and that is particularly bothersome to, to, to president menu. and i was trying to garner support around this to cooper this year. opinion special forces force that's deployed in molly. and if for them, they don't want to see russian fighters and even soldiers on the same deployment or on the same playing field. so we'll be meeting on friday with our gail. are for off his french counterpart. are you going to discuss matters further during thank you so much. nicholas hack reporting from the car environmentalists, the new delhi, have accused the government of not understanding the link between climate and public health. the indian capital is facing a worst thing, pollution with air quality failing to improve on the moon, a river,
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foaming toxic waste. heavy metal, ah, these images have come to define new daily's pollution crises. hundreds of devotees are taking a dip in a river covered in pic form caused by toxic waste that flows into it every day. then that it is really dirty, but what can we do? we need to do our rituals and had to do them in dirty water. we can't do this at home and have to come here for the festival gun that will have your own in it. it shouldn't be filthy, but what can we do? people who are responsible on making so much money in the name of cleaning the small stretch of the yamuna that flows through delhi is the main source of water for the cities. 20000000 people. it's also one of the most polluted in the world. the government has poured billions of dollars into cleaning the yamuna, but it's still polluted and covered in full. most of the of it's also banned. be broken. entering the water, sent both to p. now the full and set
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a barricade to stop it from reaching the bank. but critics say that this has nothing to solve the issue and now people have from all, despite the stange and the food. meanwhile, the equality in one of the world's most polluted cities has plunged to its worst levels, the season. much of it has come from neighboring states, where farm fires like these have been burning for weeks. politicians admit their strategies have had little impact. the biggest obstacle is that via belly government has a very aggressive action plan against pollution. we do not have any kind of deeds, an election plan mandated by the central government on pollution that holds all the north indian states accountable for their actions. environmentalists have criticize the government for its approach to these crises, lack of political will, lack of bureaucratic will, a lack of urgency and correlation, understanding the link between public ecology and public health in our political and we were really glad to class is extremely important. and that is the main
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problem that makes our a toxic ariba frothing and how far is disappearing. study, say air pollution, cost billions of dollars every year and is one of the leading causes of death in the city. millions of people are struggling while the government tries to find a solution. pardoning metal, al jazeera new delhi in brazil, inflation, they pandora america, and the lack of investment and social programs mean the number of people going hungry is growing as an enjoyable scenario. is trying to amend the constitution to allow him to spend more to address more time to address the problem. the critics say he's using poverty as an excuse to increase his own campaign budget ahead of next year's election. monica in a cab reports from rio de janeiro, matthews and bob laza has been walking the streets of re diginero for the past 3 decades. she works for the n g o citizenship action,
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distributing food for the needy. this alleyway is not the place where one would expect to find hunger for, but since 2014, the number of hungry in brazil has doubled from 9000000 to 19000000 people. that's the equivalent of the entire population of chile or romania. i mean my to use that tells us that behind every door she finds a desperate family scene. jenny said she lost her job during the pandemic. in november, the government suspended the emergency aid. she doesn't know how she'll feeding her 4 children. and the 5th one, she's expecting the family receives a $65.00 monthly check from the government social program. boom. so from media, i should try to work on, but it's worth nothing. inflation to sir is more than 10 percent over and food
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prices have tripled. many brazilians living in poor name was like this one now depends solely on donations to put food on the table. with families like got enough facing additional problem. they don't even have the means to cook it. one 3rd of what gardener receives from the government social program peace through the gas. none of her neighbors can afford using a regular oven. they've resorted to bricks in alcohol to cook. their meals will jackie foul. but the worst days are the ones towards the end of the month. when you have nothing to cook and you must tell your children to go to bed early on an empty stomach, because sleep will make the hunger go away. results present jade bull sonata has promised to new social program, brazil aide, substituting the old one. but there's no money to finance it up on us. congress
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approves the constitutional amendment permitting the government to pass the spending cap. critic sable sonata is using hunger as a weapon to get hold of money during in the electoral year. what's happening is up also not as using hunger as a to, to expand, expands his money so he can make a better campaign in the next year. so he is extinguishing both a formula. that is a problem that is proven worldwide. that is one of the best programs of, of, of money transfer for the poor. and he's creating a new program with no rules. we don't know how the problem is going to work. there's no money for it. there's the rules the find or how it's gonna work exactly . well, the politicians thicker, millions of brazilian families have no food on the table, monica inactive? i'll just xerox edition iraq. that's it. for the news our on al jazeera,
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but we will be back in just a moment, right after the break with much more of the days new. see then ah mm hm. and the city of cobble is experienced so much upheaval for decades and they says another change to get used to and one that's boss from easy about a situation. and now it's not clear about all the people are just lost and confused . there are deep rooted fears about the erosion of basic frights, in particular for women and girls, despite assurances from the taliban and about to return to cruel punishments for
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certain crimes. everybody will be safe, nobody's kid will be kidnapped again for ransom. now together, they're feeling thy way forward into their new reality. ah, so don's military chief says he's formed a new ruling. sovereign counsel will get the latest from cartoon ah, you're watching al jazeera life from a headquarters in delphi. i'm jo, navigate also heads. poland deploys more forces.


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