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tv   [untitled]    November 11, 2021 5:00pm-5:30pm AST

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tisha exports to break into foam. this is as good as it gets, the spy and your phone on al jazeera. ah, holland, the boys war forces to its border with bellows were hundreds of refugees and migrants of stuck in limbo. ah, and i am hell am i he, dean, this is al jazeera life and doha also coming up south africa's former president f. w. the clerk who helped ends the era of apartheid has dies at the age of 80 phones . cooperation is the only way to get this job done. an
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unexpected climate deal between the u. s. and china draws a cautious welcome from activists. and we look at what's causing a layer of toxic form to appear on parts of india, secret yamuna river. the standoff continues along poland border with bella, ruth's where hundreds of people are brave in cold temperatures. the hope of entering europe, the use accusing bela roosts of sending refugees and migrants across its borders in retaliation for western sanctions. it's now planning more sanctions. we will whiten our sanctions again, fellows so very rapidly at the beginning of next week. there will be a widening of the sanction 2nd fellows, as far as i'm informed, the united states have prepared sanctions that will be in effect at the beginning
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of december. and these europe, sanctions will not only be against personalities but also against entities. so it is important that the crushing goal regime understands that their behavior comes with the price will in response to the bell. russian president, alexander lucas shanker, is threatening to shock dying. the natural pipeline mother of natural gas falls through his country to the e. u. now it's being reported that russia's national airline, aero flaunts, could be sanctioned for its alleged role in the mass. transportation of migrants for the kremlin has rejected at claim i said beg, has more from the poland spell of his buddha. while those differently and increased prison or presence of military here, we've seen military vehicles traveling up and down the roads. here we've seen soldiers patrolling the countryside, carrying their guns. there's also checkpoints,
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heck, because there has been a state of emergency in that province is bordering the balloon border in september . encompasses around a $184.00 towns and villages. and those powers haven't been used in poland since communist rule hair. now they are increased number of people trying to cross the border. we are hearing that some are managing their way through. now we've just spoken to some people that manage across in the last few days. and what they told us was that they were bussed from bell roof to the border. and the soldiers showed them the section of the fence or even cut it open for them. and told them to cross into poland and the e u. they also claimed that they were beaten by the soldiers. there was no way for them to head back to better herb minsk. so that's what we're hearing. oh, but there is the state of emergency here cause i've been checked. people are people's identifications i've been asked for and that's because poland stance is
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very clear. they don't want anybody crossing into their country. oh and going even further into the european union. paulette forget more on the situation on the poland spellers boards or earlier i spoke to evil. last show volunteer. you provide humanitarian aides and supports on the border. i've been involved in an effort to provide some inter, an aid to the people migrant refugees stranded in depaula in the us on the police side of the border beyond some culture strict area because no one can enter that part and even the from internal organization and enter this part, but i actually met even beyond this is close to the city of the border. so like one or 2 or 3 kilometers from the border in before us in the dense forest. my son and the other volunteers and also the inhabitants from the region. we've been providing
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mentor in a direct to the like on the front line and say in the form of providing food, warm foods, tea, clothes, shoes, you know, all the basic stuff that is needed in water and so on. so medicine, something very, very aid to, to the people's lar stranded and been involved in the grass through the gun he gets because the professional beach maintaining organizations are not here. i know they are not allowed to enter the area, but also the present them from thing beyond the area and i was i would expect that they would, they would opt and and for, for being out. and just just come here thing and bowlens and far groups are taking part in illegal marches in response to the migration crisis on the border with belarus, those rallies come on independence day, bringing united life pictures from war so far right?
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supporters are showing it. there is solidarity against the cities liberal mayor, but also over the rising number of refugees migrants trying to enter the country from belarus since last summer and the former south african president f w. the clerk has died. aged $85.00 is the last apartheid leader handing over to nelson mandela at south africa's 1st democratic elections. they shared the nobel peace prize in 1993. for me, the miller looks back on the clerk's life. this was the moment when south africa's last white leader signaled the end of a part 8. i wish to put it plainly that the government i stake on a firm decision to release mister mandela unconditionally. i am serious. in a speech to parliament, frederick william to clack, or if w, as he was known, stunned the world, he freed nelson mandela and promised equal rights that would lead to south africa's
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1st fully democratic elections. ah, if we did not take the initiatives we do, i have no doubt in my mind that we would have reached a point that the majority of all were people in south africa would have taken hands with the total international community. and would of united behind one common goal on that is to overthrow the regime. we avoided that this was the montela was the nelson mandela, a free man within days anti apartheid lead announcement. ella walked free after 27 years in prison. for god we pray. oh god, god, i think a deeper conservative afy garner f. w was never known as a reformer, but had come to relies in his own words that to cling to power for the white population group means facing a revolution. ah,
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we must find a way in this company. as blacks, and as whites do live together in this ha revolution almost tame. anyway, the black townships erupted in violence. our hard line african straightened bloody revenge. lengthy negotiations resulted in a non racial constitution and mostly peaceful elections in 1994 o. millions of black people voted for the 1st time endorsing the african national congress and nelson mandela's president. as the man who co wrote the end of a party to clack shared the nobel peace prize with montela, he later cheered the global leadership fund promoting good governance world wide to many within the ranks of his african people. if w was a traitor to the end,
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history will remember a leader who knew that white supremacy had run its course. ah, the u. k is fine as simple as johnson has welcomed the us and china deal. both countries have declared that their work together on climate action countries issued their joint statement separately. on wednesday, their envoy sat they would corporate to accelerate emission reductions and meet the temperature goals of the 2015 house agreements. yes, local goals closer. climate is a common challenge faced by humanity and will impact the well being of future generations is becoming increasingly urgent and severe. turning a future challenge into a crisis happening now on the subject of climate change. there is more agreement between china and us than divergence making it merrier with huge potential for corporation. the united states and china have no shortage of differences,
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but on climate and climate cooperation is the only way to get this job done. this is not a discretionary thing, frankly. this is science. it's math and physics that dictate the road that we have to travel. well, auntie simmons joins his line, phone, glasgow, and to just talk us through the feeling there at the top 36 summit after that us china announcements. will you heard that john kerry talking about math? some physics dictating the way we travel. a lot of people will be asking why that wasn't the case many years ago, on realization, globally, vance warming was a potentially fatal thing for mankind. so what we're seeing now is
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a lot of trepidation in the corridor was around here. a lot of guarded welcomes because you can look through the text and it does sound good. you know, this is a partnership of 2 superpowers. and the 2 biggest economies in the world and the 2 biggest polluters in the world with 40 percent of a greenhouse gas emission coming from these 2 countries. china, as obviously not gone the to the legs that joe biden is going right now in terms of, of what he's planning. but there are aspects to it that are hopeful because there is a reference to a methane with china wanting to talk more with the u. s, about at the technology is used in terms of reducing methane, methane a lot more, isn't about methane them than in the past. it is actually, it does stay and it was lost. something like 12 years compared to
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a century with carbon dioxide. but it is a potent a gas, so it can be an easy when to hit out to reduce methane emissions and get results right away. and if that is, is the way of going forward. we've heard this before with other initiatives, but this on a, on scale. this could really be not necessarily a game changer, but a very significant factor. so that is an important area. what environmentalists want to see is a timeline for this. now, as a suggestion, it will happen within this decade, so it would reach the be some targets that would go before 2030, but they want to see things on paper. how long will that be? everyone's asking, when are we gonna have is when are we gonna is and done antonio get there is the un secretary general has, has as welcomed it, but as a slightly guarded welcome. it says a very court, instead of we're going to hear from him later that he'll be addressing a plenary in something like well about an hour and a half. so i think,
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but we will hear more from him because that, that the stress is on now and getting a result here. the has to be some positivity about of them. been lots of sidebar initiatives, the coalitions of the willing who are reducing emissions. but altogether, when you look at all the promises, even if they're fulfilled, it still doesn't get to this one point. 5 celsius cap the was enshrined in the paras agreement of 2015. and the science sense that when you look at them all, even if all the promises are actually delivered. but we've seen so far, we're going to be talking about $2.00 degrees centigrade. a dangerous, a very dangerous figure, a dangerous temperature i had with century. so that, but it's really what it is with the charlie u. s. deal. and there are other initiatives going on as well as well. the other
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initiatives are one of which has just recently been announce air. can you talk us through that briefly? yes, of course there is a whole agenda that's been released on by costa rica and denmark and it's called beyond oil and gas alliance. now this is an attempt to spread the word right across the globe a to convince governments. it's a ban oil exploration, no investment in oil and gas any more. so a denmark has set the, the lead really because it is the biggest oil and gas producer in the european union. um, and it's a band anymore exploration. and last year, it's also planning to stop all production by 2050. now this is very bold stuff really because it demarco's a small country and it may not have a massive investment in oil and gas, but it is it saying 0 tolerance on this?
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and it's really moving forward now costa rica at the house, no oil reserves. so it's knowledge. but nonetheless, it's banning it bought by statute. and we're also singer a raft of other countries coming along as well. france, greenland island, sweden, and possibly more. so this is an interesting development, but it's very much a sidebar. the main issue is a decision on what cop is about in this course. 26 is past 2 weeks. that has to come in the next 2448 hours and a lot rests on that. now can she summons live from the cop 26 of it's in glasgow entry? thank he most were still hurts. here on al jazeera orleans is quickly becoming a major diesel home for major hub raw data storage. well, why, but it's reason concerns impacts on the climate. and germany ruffles
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were scope, maintained infection numbers, etc, yet, so you have ah hello there. let's start in south asia, and we've had a depression poll west across the bay of bengal, bringing more wet weather to southern areas of india. we seem flooding in sri lanka flooding, and tom will not do. this is the scene in the city of janai. they had their heaviest rain in more than 5 years, and that rain is set to continue, but the warning ease is here. on friday, the rain is going to pick up across corolla. we could see some flooding here, and we have those warnings out across sri lanka. we've seen some flooding, we could see more, the ground is already very saturated in these areas. there was a go in to saturday, that rain shifts further. the central area of the west and get things some heavier
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showers. i'm east and coastal areas of india, seeing the rain roll round, but up in the north is about finer and dryer. pakistan, sing lots of sunshine, you deli, sitting at 27 degrees celsius and bangladesh. manages to escape much of the wet weather now was move to east asia. we've had a bit of a wintry mix dominate the north of china. well it has cleared up. look at that. we've got the temperature picking up across beijing. so no story for shanghai and for the korean peninsula, we've got some pretty dry days ahead for the wet weather. we have to head to japan that sure update. ah, i say that come and check out this guy. what's the up to skip up receiving crucial weather and navigational data from me to keep his crew and passengers safe. everything looked ship shape, all east, happier than a fisherman with
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a net full of pulse crew out suits. luke, thanks to me. he's on a video cool. with his wife to tell her about his promotion i, i, captain, ash hale, sat space to deliver your vision blue ah, it says out a 0 quick reminder, all the top stories this are russia has denies playing any role in the migrant crisis. so on the poland, belarus border, the european union has placing more sanctions on belarus. next week. former south african president f. w to clark has died at the age of 85. is the country's last apartheid year president. you case?
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prime minister boris johnson has welcomed the us and china deal. both countries have declared that they'll work together on climate action. countries issued their joint statements separately on wednesday. the tech industry in the republic of ireland is booming. country is rapidly becoming a hub for data centers, which process and store everything we do online. but since having an unintended negative impact on efforts to attack or climate change, the barcode reports formed dublin on the outskirts of the irish capital tact john microsoft lay the foundations of of boss, new data center. a short walk away from where google has one of its colossal hubs. they're so big they can use as much electricity as a small city, and eat around 500000 liters of water a day to cool their systems. we need them to support the internet and store content
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of for years. the irish governments welcome the tech giant with open arms and tempting low tax rate. but there were deepening concerns that within a few years, a 3rd of islands, electricity will be used to power a rapidly growing network of centers. some expert say the figure could be even higher, would worries about the nation's energy security. i think that the worry is if it's a very cold winter for example, and there's a big demand on the grid for, for heating and so on. and yeah, there could be, there could be blackouts, islands racing to produce 70 percent of its electricity from renewables, mainly wind by 2030. but in the short term, data centers will rely on fossil fuels, mostly natural gas, to keep running opposition. m. p. 's want to freeze on all new centers until that impacts fully known. certainly, we can't do without email and we can't do without a mobile phones. i'm not saying to us, i'm not a lot ice and not diss and all these things, but we have too many of them already. and we've planned for too many more
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the irish capital is europe's largest data handling hob, a quarter of the continents data come through here, where there is of course, a cost and environmental cost for everything that we do on line. the internet accounts are roughly 4 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions last the same as the entire world's air traffic. a figure that's expected to double within 5 years. none of the tech jaunts we approached agree to be interviewed, but several, including google and i. b m confirmed that committing to easing strain of a national grid in the short term. next generation center such as this one on the construction will also generate their own electricity. using an onsite gas powered energy plant, this site near dublin's being built to house surface from chinese social media giant, tick tock, the global growth, the data is enormous. it has to be processed securely and in large data centers
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like these am and therefore they are essentially infrastructure. we, you know, the world needs to be able to process this data. they are need, as the issue is, how do you do it in the least damaging and mo, sustainable way possible. there are future plans to power census using wind and other sustainable means with any surplus energy adding to the national grid, but with an average of 3 internet connected devices for every human on the planet. a call just say the transition needs to have happened yesterday. leave back al jazeera dublin, germany has recorded more than 50000 covey 19 infections. it's the highest number since the pandemic began. germany's likely he, chancellor, on that shouts called a meeting to discuss how to react. well, the 8 breaks being blamed, and germany is relatively low vaccination rates. 2 thirds of the population have received the chapel. that's cross nighted. dominic came, he's life for us in berlin. dominic, these are staggering numbers. was behind it?
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yes, the numbers of new infections are at the level now that they have never reached previously in this pandemic. over 2 years, germany has prided itself to a certain extent on its ability to deal with the virus and not to see the sorts of catastrophic numbers that other countries in europe and across the world have seen . but now it's their turn. so it seems more than 50000 announced to day relish relating cost yesterday, but the numbers have been going up all this week. we've had rising numbers. the problem, some people say is that there is no real sense of government in this country. there's a can take a government in office while a coalition government that will replace it is trying to work out what, who gets what job and that sort of thing. all of which is engendered the feeling
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that people are fiddling while rome burns, while the man who does want to be chancellor and says he has a plan, is olaf shots, the current finance minister. and he was speaking to members of parliament earlier today. this is what he had to say as the us is not until once the virus is still with us and threatening our health. therefore, it's very, very important that we take all measures to be sure that we can protect the health of the citizens of our country. although the situation is different because many people have been vaccinated, it's still not good, especially because to few people so far have taken the opportunity to have the vaccine or go from. the point about the situation here is that this is a federal republic of 16 states, or the states are empowered to look after their own affairs and the federal government. then steps in where this this states leaves off as it were. but given the seeming vacuum of power at the center,
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many different states are starting to think they should go their own way. so here in berlin, for example, you have specific rules in place where people have to either prove they've been vaccinated or that they've recovered from cove it in order to go to public places. but it's not the same everywhere in the state of bavaria or in the south. well, the prime minister there, a leading conservative has declared that his state is in a catastrophic position because of the levels of cove it specifically around the border areas with austria and the czech republic. we know that there will be a meeting at the federal level of the federal government and the state governments to work out what the next steps should be. but that won't be for a week. and all the while pending that meeting, you have this increasing st. solve inertia and all the while also many, many tens of thousands of new infections and a vaccination rate that has plateaued a just 2 thirds of the people k as dominant cain life in berlin. dominic,
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thank he at least 26 people have been killed. my floods and lance lies in sri lanka, roads and homes across the country are inundated, after more than a week. as heavy rain will in 200000 people have been affected. it's monsoon season and rains were expected, but the floods came suddenly. this time mines lean is expected to ease over the coming days. now fernandez has more from colombo, the rains have been a bucket thing across the country and for people affected, there's been no respite for 5 days. essentially, when the skies have opened up and we're not talking small showers, essentially the material logical department has told us that 100 millimeters 150 millimeters a day. i mean, this is the kind of quantity of rain that certain areas don't even receive in
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a year. but this has been the problem and this is why we're seeing that. that's all . what we've heard is that the tool has gone up to 26, and a large number of those fatalities basically losing their lives in earth, flips or massive landslides, as opposed to all of them being drowning in lots of the flooded areas. so there have been landslide warnings in a number of parts of the country. and even sort of, you know, very, very unfortunate and said cases where the entire families have got crushed under trips. there was one family in rumble kind of 2 days ago. 3 members of the same family were killed in an, a landslide that have been one or 2 sort of, you know, called the silver linings where they have been rescued. but generally, the landslides have been the problem and the national building research organization warning that the very real threat of for the,
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for the slips is very, very possible environments the sinew, delhi have accused the governments of not understanding the link between the environment and public health pollution has reached a critical point in the capitol. they are is chalked with smoke and the sacred yamuna river is churning toxic foam of natal reports. these images have come to define new dallas pollution crises. hundreds of devotees are taking a dip in a river covered in take form caused by toxic waste that flows into it every day. then that it is really dirty. but what can we do? we need to do our rituals and had to do them in dirty water. we can't do this at home and have to come here for the festival gun. little if you only need it shouldn't be fully. but what can we do? people who are responsible on making so much money in the name of cleaning the small stretch of the yamuna that flows through delhi is the main source of water
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for the cities. 20000000 people. it's also one of the most polluted in the world. the government has ford billions of dollars into cleaning the yamuna, but it's still polluted and covered in full. most of the it's also banned. be broken, entering the water st. forced to clean out the pool and set a barricade to stop it from reaching the banks. but critics say that this has done nothing to solve the issue, and now people have gone yet despite the stange and the meanwhile, the equality in one of the world's most polluted cities has plunged to its worst levels, the season. much of it has come from neighboring states where farm fires like these have been burning for weeks. politicians admit the strategies have had little impact. the biggest obstacle is that via belly government has a very aggressive action plan against pollution. be, do not have any kind of a deed, an election plan mandated by the central government on pollution that holds all the
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north indian states accountable for their actions. environmentalists have criticized the government for its approach to these crises. lack of political will, lack of bureaucratic mil, a lack of urgency and correlation. understanding the link between probably can call you and public health in our political and we are real. tragic class is extremely important. and that is the mean problem that makes our a toxic our him a frothing, and as far as disappeared, daddy say air pollution cost billions of dollars every year. and is one of the leading causes of death in the city. millions of people are struggling while the government tries to find a solution partner middle august, the last new deli ah .


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