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tv   [untitled]    November 11, 2021 1:30pm-2:01pm AST

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were had so only use are including will have the latest on the no confidence votes for macedonia. prime minister and sport finds art cards on top in the special overseas, on the tennis for problems. story coming up for you in sports with ah hello there. we've seen some really stormy weather effect, southern parts of europe over the past few days. and there's more of that to come as we head towards the end of the week. but it's also going to get rather wet and windy up in the north. but across those central areas, there's still a lot of fine and dry weather to be found lots of sunshine as well, but it's have a closer look at the south. we've got storm blast that's plaguing the western and central areas of the mediterranean. so moving area of low pressure,
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you can see it swirling away, bringing some really wet and windy conditions to southern parts of italy, such as sicily, sardinia, corsica, valley, eric islands, what is eastern areas of spain and algeria, we've seen some flooding here, as we're going to thursday, it's going to pick up for those that northeast and corner of spain, as well as the southern areas of france, passing rough seas, some very heavy rain. and we could see flooding with that. this system is set to linger here for at least the next few days. now for the north, this is looking a lot warmer across a central areas, temperatures edging up slightly above the average. now it's been mild and mixed for much of a north, west britain and ireland, but it is going to get wet. and when you look at that low pressure pulling and bringing the rain with it. and by the time we get into a friday, it's going to be southern parts of no way to see the weather weather that sure weather update. ah ah,
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ah, this is alta 0 quick mind of the top stories. this are china and the u. s. i promised to work together to combat climate change despite their differences on other issues. both pledge the speedo, the missions cuts to meet the goals, the 2015 parents agreements. russia has denies playing any role in the migrant crisis along the poland bellows border. the european union as placing more sanctions on feller roots and next week on pakistan, this host to sinew. diplomats from the united states, china, russia and afghan is done to discuss the situation with taliban takeover. the 1st
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official visits by member of taliban cabinets to pakistan. let's take you back to the top story now, and that's us. china climate pledge we couldn't speak now with richard white's. he's an expert on chinese american relations at wiki, strut, global consultancy, enjoys his note from washington, d. c. a. richard works. thank you so much for joining us at this very early error where you are, but this is big news, isn't that this pledge between the us and china on emissions as significant? would you say it is? well, in the short term it will probably have a very positive effect. i think as a timing is very dramatic. as the delegates within slogging away for 2 weeks may be energy would be. so i again getting something like this. what are the boast and i was unexpected in the sense that a secretary carrie had gone to china earlier this here and had been
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told, well, we really can't cooperate on climate unless we caught play another areas and sort of gave the impression the chinese thought to us wanted this more and they did and therefore they can use the situation to extract concessions. but apparently in this joint deal they both agreed to cooperate and make reciprocal concession. so it's a good sign, at least for short term progress. well, a good thing for short term progress. critics would say that isn't this just the us in china green to stuff that they've already agreed to do? well, not it's not. and some of the cases now. so they set up a working group. they had one earlier that hasn't met in years, so that can provide a mechanism to updating their commitments, making them more detailed. i think we saw the chinese commitment on methane reduction as could be really helpful. and given how dangerous methane is as
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a club chair, a climate changing chemical compound b. perhaps one thing that caught me by surprise was the willingness that the u. s. the shell, to share carbon capture technology with china. as you know, the china u. s. technology sector has been fraught with difficulty these past years and the limits on exchanges here. so the intellectual property is half and so on. but this is a sign that you know that the u. s. m. when, when a, their benefits for both countries would be willing to allow china access to such high and valuable technology. and in terms of sticking to the deal that they've agreed to this time, right. and is there an enforcement mechanism because the dangerous with that it could just be more, a stretch in both says blah, blah, blah. right, well, this is a big problem with the whole processors not really know in force and neck. and as some, i think it fast will get the countries to gauge review and may and you know,
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where they're lagging in the progress in terms of them and they've made. but it's not like the un security council can punish firefighters with sanctions or other means. and we've, we've seen the pastor, certainly leaders leave the deals. i suppose one factor that may come into play is the voters themselves may be willing to punish leaders that don't meet us in the past. this is not been the case, but it was growing interest in climate in many countries. maybe this will be something that the leaders will feel more of a sense of national responsibility if not to the letter of whatever they signed in and in glasgow will. of course the voters are only really in one of the countries taken part in this agreements. and of course, it all depends be the on the, the politicians in charge of the particular time. we've seen what happens when the
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electric decides to vote for a leader who doesn't believe in climate change or doesn't believe that the making these changes as a price worth paying is the danger that this is a fragile agreement to just be torn up when the winds shift politically in either country. yes. in the us we have an example or a different per president coming to power with a different priority. and of course china, as we're seeing this week, as of is very much moving in a direction of a one party state. and so when that person change one person, one party state, when that person of the top changes, they can change all sorts of policies. but in many countries, we've seen leaders make claims to even here in the us to support various climate initiatives. and it is possible in the future that voters will take those more and it will count and may have into
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a past one deciding whether to reelect them. ok, richard, vice. joining us from washington d. c. we appreciate your analysis. thank you very much indeed. thank you. bungle us has been holding elections in rural areas, but they've been boy courses, find the largest opposition party the bangladesh. nationalists say, fair participation is being blocked. the village council elections are expectancy, consolidates the governing a wall, me leagues power that were widespread allegations of misconduct during the last 2 national elections. the chief election commission says security measures were put in place to avoid potential violence. nonsense macedonia is, parliaments is holding a no confidence votes against the governments of soren's. i have it follows the social democratic prime minister postponing his announced resignation indefinitely . i have suffered a heavy defeats in local elections. the main white men opposition leaders secure to
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support the $61.00 upon that $120.00 legislators to bring on the motion. if all $61.00 vote in favor of it, if governments will be removed, if neither party succeeds, only a governance and early election will likely be held in the spring, john, sir of paris is a lie for as ins copier. john, what's going on here? hello hello, it's very much. as you described, this government could fall by the end of the day. if the prime minister loses the vote of confidence, he must within 24 hours. and in his resignation to the president, no v o. the lack of satisfaction in this government's performance stems largely, as we're hearing from it's ineffectiveness in progressing north macedonia, down the path to towards e. u membership. the latest disappointment came earlier this year, when there was
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a special meeting of e u leaders to decide on whether an official invitation would be issued to tell pena and north macedonia to begin accession talks. and that invitation didn't come . that seems to have been the last straw for a lot of people who went to the polls on the last day of october in local elections that were held nationwide. the ruling coalition that the social democrats last, almost 3 quarters of municipalities. and after that prime minister zones, i have said i no longer have the confidence of the people. i must go. however, he has not gone. and that is what prompted the 61 legislators you mentioned 2 days ago to back an opposition call for a vote of no confidence. nominally the government controls 62 and peas, but the fact that 3 of them cited with the opposition call for a vote of no confidence suggests that mister z,
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i may not control all 62 of his m p 's. and it's therefore, perhaps more likely that he will lose that confidence motion. ah, but we still don't know. it is still very much up in the air. there's a lot of horse trading going on in the parliament building behind me with a loss of small parties in either the ruling coalition. all the opposition coalition, which is in its inception at the moment, are asking for ministries and various rights under whichever government sir will rule the day after this vote of confidence. it is very likely whoever wins this sancho motion that a general election will have to be held to cement the government that will emerge from this process. and can john several police there lie friends, come here, john at thank you very much. indeed. i was bringing some breaking news now and the former south african presidents, f w. the clerk has dies. used the countries last apartheid era presidents. he
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shared the 1993 nobel peace prize with nelson mandela for their work on reconciliation in south africa. f. w. a clerk was $85.00 sticky notes he burgundy and fuel supplies are running out. economists say it's because of sanctions imposed by the european union and the us in 2015 president pierre, and couldn't cesar run for controversial 3rd term. catherine sawyer reports now from which impala this has become a familiar sight on the streets of which were watery spend much of their time cuing for fuel. happy man, mary says it's taken half 4 hours to get hot tank fields with her to go on that time. and it's a big problem because we're often late for work. a completely disrupts our days. some economists say the country is running low on foreign currency. that's needed for imports like fuel than medicines. when you borrow he and they are frustrated.
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this has been going on for weeks now, but it's not the 1st time to experience the a shortage of fuel war. neither is the, the 1st feller, the government is facing a shortage of foreign currency. sam palace, it all goes back to 2015 when there was a political crisis for my president pierre, and cruises as decision to run for controversial 3rd time. 6 years ago sparked political unrest. one in 1000 people were killed and many displaced. donors, like the european union and the u. s. withdrew government funding and sanctions imposed on the country are yet to be lifted. the pandemic and a closure foreign exchange bureaus by the central bank in 2020 made the situation was the cost over there, covered the 19th test to cross the border. you have to be tested for 30 years. do that to mean that to, for air,
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as more trader. it's too much the movement of for trade as a between the d r a c and a balloon the remains slo, despite to the border, has been reopened. it presents a big amount of, or of money in terms over foreign currency when those are small trade as are crossing daily. hurry to borneo don as your imports goods from asia, europe, and neighboring countries. he says he struggling to stay afloat. i did them in the past, there's no money in circulation. we need to import things from asian of a neighboring countries to buy those goods. you have to have foreign currency. if we don't, that means there's a big problem is he tells us he hopes sanctions will soon be lifted and border crossings fully reopened. because without that the economy can't start growing again. cathy and sorry al jazeera but you were,
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the u. s. judge has approved the $626000000.00 settlements for those harms. my the lead water crisis in flint, michigan. the suit was brought forward by tens of thousands of residents. most of money will come from the state of michigan, which was accused of overlooking issues leading to the water crisis. to save money, flint changed where its water came from in 2014. people immediately complained about the smell and the taste. but later emerged the water was contaminated with lead and had not been properly treated. but state officials insisted it was safe. rejecting findings by dogs as groups michigan civil rights commissioner later said systemic racism lay at the core of the cities water problems. flints is mostly black in its residents, aren't mostly democrats. the governor at the time was a white republican lawsuits related to the water contamination dragged on for years
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. wednesdays agreements is designed to settle most of them. at nearly a 3rd of the total rent, $200000000.00 could be claimed as lawyers, fees for most amaze is a flint residence. she says the settlement isn't nearly enough. even if you take the lawyer sees out of it, there's a $100000.00 people in the city of flint. so if you divide that 600000000 from the date down by that it's not very much. and then you look at what the cost of been effect that has been 7 and a half years about dealing with, you know, contaminated water, medical, the in our home alone, our kitchen and one of our bathrooms are good because the water 8 through some of the plumbing in the ceiling and wall, and behind our appliances. and it had to be gutted down to the studs so that you know, tens of thousands of dollars that we have to pay back in loans we had to take out to be able to have a usable house. if we were a middle class or wealthy white community,
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this wouldn't have happened. and if it did, it would have been fixed quickly. we've seen other cities like an arbor, which is the upper, you know, upper class white college town. they replaced all of their lead pipes before one pipe was removed in flint and they didn't even have a water crate. we are still doing the federal government in the e p a because they ignored our cries for help when the state and city ignored us. and then we also have the private earned the private engineering firm, the only and land and work we found out through these hearings. and these, you know, going back and forth to court for the past several years. they had their hands on a lot more with the decision making and the downplaying than was what's expected. and, you know, i mean that's where we're hoping that this part of the partial settlement is aimed 80 percent at kids under the age of 18. we're hoping that adults will become a bit of properly with the next part and hopefully the other defendant, smart enough to settle also. so heads on al jazeera,
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we've got the sport for you in new zealand, scriptures get some revenge. reaction from the 2 twins eat world come coming up after the break. ah
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ah oh oh oh oh, i'm to this board, here's faro. holla, thank you so much progress on take on australia and the 2nd semi final, the tweet t 20 world cup. later on thursday asian side have been the informed team at the tournament so far. a remain unbeaten as they aim to win a 2nd. t 20 world title or we've been speaking to former england star monty panel
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star about how he sees the match going hockey saw him have probably been the star team of the tournament and they had a point to prove since there were a couple of cancellations. international course, and it's great to see a stranger have been that next year they will talk to pocky on after i think over 28 years, i will 24 year story and just great news will you know, poppy song, cricket they, they, they, they have, they would get a huge motivation. they started the campaign against india with something victory. fenwick, at victorian and they've just grown, you know, each game by game and they, it was predicting that was not what you, when the, when the t 20 woke up because, you know, they think they $116.00 games arrived in the u. e. so they, they are, they are the strongest team and a stranger, and they, they, they know they've got their best level. now they know the best. and it will be
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a great guy. and i think you know what the san and, you know, probably be that the winning team, the well, whoever winds up next for them will be in new zealand and black cap spin england to reach the final england batted 1st and under half century from known only helping to a total of a $166.00 for for hearing loss to early wickets in reply to the dad of captain kane williamson. but there were mitchell smashed and i'm beaten. 72 is using when one by 5 wickets. suite moment for the key means after losing to england and the one day world cup final in 20. 19 a country i'm yes of z. we've had some success in the last few years or, you know, we're going to enjoy the ones who are actually, obviously, we celebrate that, but then we move on pretty quickly. i'm not going to find them on sunday and little which i can on should be good. fun of ghana sans national women's football team
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have just played their 1st smash and being evacuated from cobble last month. they were among thousands of refugees flown to dough. once the taliban came to power in august, many on the team said they the only way they could continue playing football was to leave li harding reports. the few fans at this game know what it's taken to get here. these afghan refugees barely fill one section of the stadium, but cheer to support their national women's team. all the same b, o, this is the 1st time the women's team have played since being evacuated from cobble last month. they're up against per chart, the nation hosting them. we have always retreated. the state of thought that the legacy of the world covers for the entire reason, not just for problem. and there, there is no better way to showcase for them to hover up gum brothers and sisters who are temporarily staying and or her to be part of all of us. of the celebration
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of the world cup on the celebration of portable people was behind the operation to evacuate nearly $100.00 footballers. after the taliban took control of afghanistan in august. the future for women in sports there is still very uncertain. women were not allowed to take part in sports during the taliban 1st rain that ended in 2001. but now the afghanistan women's national team gets a compete on one of the biggest stages in the world. and one that will host the world cup this time next year. the khalifa international stadium sits in the heart of doha, close to where thousands of african refugees are staying. many came without their families, but a found close relationships on the field. we've been asked to hide the players identities for their safety. if you are alone. if emily is not with us, but i dana more so like me to fuck your sister. and if you are in happy
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to get her, i really feel proud. the team expects to stay together and try to find a silent in another country. they've been invited to play other teams around the world as they look to find a new home base. walk a tar went on to win. this match, the team coordinator said the experience was invaluable. i feel about being a and have a gun being using the mission of life of denison is like really proud for me. and it's really good day that one day i was able to bring the goes out and we the girls that are using the new stuff like a from kennesaw. if you have a dame, it never come again. easy for you. you will have to fight for it. and football. if my love, you know something in my head while the away team can't go home, they're hopeful their future's will be brighter,
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both on and off the field. oh, leo harding al jazeera the golden state warriors had continued their winning run in the and b a b, the minnesota timber waltz for their 6th street. when andrew wiggins started for the warriors with the season high, 35 point. oh steph curry chipped in with 25 more to lead golden state to 123-2810 victory. dan is now and 3rd seed carolina plesk of our has won her opening round of the season ending finals in mexico and a battle between 2 former world number one split scanner i came from a sat down to beat to time grants, and champion garbage luther in 3 sacks about wheres are the only 2 veterans and this tournament with the other sex making, guaranteed use one of those being a nach con to right is donny and breeze through her opening round robin matching water laharerra. she beat french open champion barbara crayton. cobra in st. sa
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underwriters on an 11 match when he ran after quenching back to back titles at the crumbling cut and transylvania. okay, and that is all your sport but now holler back to you. thank you very much indeed a for now the sydney price has been illuminated with images of poppies for remembrance d. a memorial marks. the armistice signs on november 11th, 1918, and in fighting in the 1st world war or piece of course significance. because those far as grew on the western front battlefields, after the war conflict costs around $60000.00 australian lives on us to stay is marks. of course, at the 11th her or the 11th stays so in around. so 2 and a half minutes time or about set for this user id, or we will be with you after this very short break. with more of the days news talking about developments and bella luce and of course,
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the death of f. w to clerk to keep it here on auto sales. ah, ah good luck, i'm local i the dakota oil pipeline snaked through indigenous land, but not without resistance. a
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they were beaten, arrested, and shot as protested. they are needed and so proclaimed, which are protected. women of standing rock on al jazeera with a november bill, feeble gary, and vote in a 3rd parliamentary election. this year, public outcry,
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the widespread corruption brought down former prime minister boy k bar itself. but finding a replacement has proved problematic. will it be 3rd time lucky in the ball, gary? an election special coverage on out there. o. south africa's laws to party to europe, president's f. w to clerk has died at the age of 85. ah, well come on peter w. watching al jazeera live from dough are also coming up. cooperation is the only way to get this job done. an unexpected climate deal between the us and china draws a cautious welcome from activists plus. i'm a sag beg here.


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