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tv   [untitled]    November 11, 2021 1:00pm-1:31pm AST

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ah ah ah, this is al jazeera ah, hello there, i'm hello my, he didn't, this is the news are live from doha. coming up in the next 60 minutes. cooperation is the only way to get this job done. an unexpected climate deal between the us and china draws a cautious welcome from activists. migrants and refugees are still stuck out the border between bella luce and poems,
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facing freezing temperatures, sand, a diplomatic standoff. by my side, bake here close to the polish pillars. cordova arrived 2000 lovely to the 10th and i tried to cross to poland and ultimately the european union and running on empty people in burundi are struggling to find medicine, cash and fuel after use of sanctions and the impact of co with 19. and i'm far as small, have all the de sport, including pakistan's cricketer, they're aiming to stay on course for a 2nd. teach wanting rock a title when they take on australia and the semi final ah. are we start this are at the top 26 summit in scotland, where environmentalists are cautiously welcoming a surprise announcement from the u. s. and china that they'll work gather climate
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action. the countries issued their joints deck liberation separately on wednesday, or amvoy said they would cooperate, seek, celebrate emission reductions and meets the temperature goals of the 2015 paris agreements. yeah, local gold. closer climate is a common challenge faced by humanity and will impact the wellbeing of future generations is becoming increasingly urgent and severe. turning a future challenge into a crisis happening now on the subject of climate change. there is more agreement between china and the u. s. the divergence making it merrier with huge potential for corporation. the united states and china have no shortage of differences, but on climate and climate cooperation is the only way to get this job done. this is not a discretionary thing, frankly. this is science. it's math and physics that dictate the road that we have
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to travel. well, a heads of the last day of the summit on friday, the nearly $200.00 nations taking parts have not worked out. the final details of how to tackle climate change. when a moments will get more out of beijing with our correspondence. katrina, you 1st still that speak to andrew simmons. he's at the climate sonnets in gauze. go. andrew. what impact says that surprise announcement from china and the u. s. hands on the summit. little sunny a surprise if not a shock to many people, but there is a guarded reaction from most quarters. a towards that this announcement, this joint announcement of 2 superpowers at the 2 biggest emitters of emissions that of warm this planet at. so there is a lot of more detail to come and term. the un secretary general antonio, that there is
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a said is an important step in the right direction. frowns timmons who's the executive vice president of the european union, and heading the e. u delegation. here he told al jazeera that he was encouraged by this, he had a briefing ahead of the announcements or from a diplomats at so there was knowledge of this in, in the, in the venue over her a few hours may be. but no more than that. it really was as a well held secret, john kerry, at the usaa climates, envoy. he says that there were around 30 meetings with china over a period of 10 months. so there had been dialogue there between these 2 foes, these 2 huge economic superpowers who are now saying they're working on reducing emissions, particularly china, however, you know, what are the promises when you look at them? there isn't really anything there that they, you can add to the successes or of the emission reductions here yet. it's really
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going to be, if anything, a big confidence booster or 4 of these negotiations that are going on right now to try to get more reductions in emissions that has to be more progress bar. as johnson, the u. k prime minister. spell that out on a thursday with on wednesday with an absolute direction to state leaders a to, to really a get in touch with then seizures and push them harder at to make some progress on all of it. there are 2 real figures involved here. one, the 1.5 celsius degrees are limits the cap as was a enshrined in the paris agreement of 2015. and this disturbing figure of $2.00 celsius, which is the prediction that we could face at that really more or less very dangerous figure of global warming. if, even if all the promises made in this,
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in the proceedings here were fulfilled. and sadly, at the record shows that if you look right back over the years that promises have been made and broken, not just on, on the actual emissions, but also on helping the poor countries to convert their economies from fossil fuels or to greener energy. that is something of a disaster area for cop or they just have not fulfilled promises and a poor countries. some of them are still waiting for money so that they're not exactly happy at all about negotiation. so this will go to the wire. it's shadel to end on on friday, but that could be extra time. there may have to be extra time given at to reach a conclusion. and there will be a full, a statement at the end of it. a communique, if you will, a listing the achievements, boys, johnson, as i say,
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is pushing hard and so as the un secretary general the terrace right now, there is a lot of tension here about the end result, but it has to be said that the china, us announcement with a lot of people wondering where it will go next and where that when will that will actually show any positive results that has given people extra hope. okay, andrew simmons there lie for his form, the cop 26 of it in glasgow. thank you. andrew, let's head across the b j. now we can speak with katrina. you katrina, how is this surprise announcement being received in china where you are? because of course president c came in for criticism for non actually attending this summer. it and people also tend to forget, but people living in china are also quite keen to see environmental improvements. that's right, it's a very hot topic here in china. i think this was really seen as quite
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a positive thing and really welcomed with some relief. as andrew mentioned, there weren't any concrete targets, but in the joint declaration that was kind of a framework which laid out some areas that the 2 countries are going to work together on specifically, methane emissions, technology sharing, reforestation. so those are all very positive that it's good to know that these 2 countries can work together on or are pledging to work together to further that commitment to try to keep them. temperature rises to 1.5 degree celsius is also being seen as a positive thing, because we have to remember this bilateral relationship really has been following a negative pattern over the past few years. it seems to go from bad to worse. and this has been since the previous trump administration, as john kerry alluded to himself, there are a growing list of disagreements from taiwan to hong kong since young the south china sea. so this is also being seen as a possible turning point in the relationship earlier on thursday afternoon one,
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when been the chinese foreign ministry spokesperson said about this declaration, that this was proof that both countries can still work together on major international issues. he also said that this corporation can benefit not only both countries, but also the world and inject positive energy into the multilateral process. so from china's perspective, i think they're really hoping for 3 things out of this joint declaration. first, that it will, as he said, inject positive energy will give a jolt to this home stretch of cop 26 to go see ation. encourage other countries to further their own commitments to beijing is really hoping that it will send a sign that china is committed to tackling climate change. as you mentioned, the aging has been battling a bit of backlash, a lot of criticism, because president, you didn't paying, did not show up to the conference in. and he has not left china since the beginning of the pandemic. also,
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beijing failed to deliver any further targets or further concessions when it comes to climate change ahead of this conference. and that was very disappointing to many experts. i said that her it so that, that, that china miss this opportunity to show more leadership bend ambition. when it comes to climate change target. so i think baiting is really looking at this joint declaration and hoping it sends positive optics about china and its own intentions . and thirdly, china is really hoping that this will send a positive turn ahead of what will be a virtual solid expected between president joe biden and president, she didn't pink at some point early next week. now, of course, there had been many disagreements. they continue to be very strong disagreements, particularly over taiwan. so we will be watching whether this cooperation, as mentioned on this joint declaration could possibly spill over into other areas also. okay, lots of moving parts. they're great,
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you're keeping an eye on them. thank you so much. katrina, you lifers from be june or the tech industry in the republic of ireland is booming. country is rapidly becoming a home for data centers, which process and store everything we do online. but it's having an unexpected negative impact on efforts to tackle climate change. as me barker reports form dublin on the outskirts of the irish capital take joint microsoft lay the foundations of, of bars view data center. a short walk away from where google has all of its colossal hops. they're so big they can use as much electricity as a small city and eat around 500000 liters of water a day to cool their systems. we need them to support the internet and store content . and for years, the irish governments welcome the tech giant with open arms and tempting low tax rate. but there were deepening concerns that within a few years, a 3rd of islands,
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electricity will be used to power a rapidly growing network of centers. some expert say the figure could be even higher, would worries about the nation's energy security. i think that the worry is if it's very cold winter for example, and there's a big demand on the grid for, for heating and so on. and yeah, there could be, there could be blackouts, islands racing to produce 70 percent of its electricity from renewables, mainly wind by 2030. but in the short term, data centers will rely on fossil fuels, mostly natural gas, to keep running opposition and peace. want to freeze on all new centers until that impacts fully known. certainly we can't do without email and we can't do without a mobile phones. i'm not saying to us, i'm not a lot ice. i'm not dissing all these things, but we have too many of them already. and we've planned for too many more.
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the irish capital is europe's largest data handling hob, a quarter of the continents data comes through here, where there is, of course, a cost and environmental cost for everything that we do online. the internet accounts are roughly 4 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions. last the same as the entire world's ad traffic, a figure that's expected to double within 5 years. none of the tech jaunts we approached agree to be interviewed, but several, including google and i. b. m confirmed that committing to easing strain of the national grid in the shorter next generation center, such as this one of the construction will also generate their own electricity using an onsite gas powered energy plant. this site near dublin's being built to house surface from chinese social media, giants, tick, tock, the global growth, the data is enormous. it has to be processed securely and in large data centers like these am and therefore they are essential infrastructure. we, you know,
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the world needs to be able to process the stated they are needed. the issue is how do you do it in the least damaging and most sustainable way possible? there are future plans to power centers using wind and other sustainable means with any surplus energy adding to the national grid, but with an average of 3 internet connected devices for every human on the planet. ecologist say the transition needs to have happened yesterday. they've palka al jazeera dublin. plenty more hes only use are including my landlords in ethiopia. capital had been ordered to register the identities of their tenants within a week and after years of investigations and law since the settlements in the case of your city, water was contaminated. i'm legs, sports, the warriors continue their street from the envy. have more come out later in the program. ah.
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the european union is due to impose more sanctions on the belly, russian government early next week. you commission president or sullivan de lion made the announcements as a migrant and refugee crisis on poland borgia with bella. luce escalates thousands of people and couldn't. children are stuck in freezing and dangerous conditions. as i said, beg reports form the border they're not asking for much. in fact, of these children just want water journalists are banned from this area. but the person filming these scenes on the border between bellairs and poland says there are babies as youngest, 2 months old. here some families have not eaten for several days. at night, temperatures drop well below 0. at least 2000 people, many of them from the middle east are stuck in makeshift camps along the razor. wire. social media footage from recent days shows refugee and migrant,
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escorted by mast belushi insecurity towards the border. sometimes shots are fired and people have often been beaten as in these pictures, although john, by polish forces mom, all those mom though the you says, belly. ruth has been encouraging migrants and refugees to and to poland in lithuania, in retaliation for sanctions imposed over human rights. violation you ambassadors have now agreed. this justifies a new round of sanctions and better ruth. and the block once action to stop more desperate people arriving on its borders. important, which brings very well to the original turn threes into the transit turn, threes. what are the currency trenches of the policy is also important, which is close to the airlines. what are the concrete effects of the decisions in the system? and in fact, in the launch of an hybrid attach against you. but michelle, by she let,
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the united nations human rights chief has issued a statement effectively condemning all sides in the stand of saying, hundreds of men and women and children must not be forced to spend another night in freezing weather without adequate shelter. food, water and medical care, under international law, no one should ever be prevented from seeking asylum or other forms of international human rights protection. for its part, russia, a traditional backer, a better route is accusing brussels of being hypocritical. she talked to you, she can greatly improve on the situation, is indeed very tense and there's a tendency to escalate tensions that causes concern is apparent that a humanitarian catastrophe is looming against the background of europeans reluctance to demonstrate commitment to their european values in a phone called german chancellor angular market as appealed directly to russian president vladimir putin to exert his influence on the regime in minsk. as governments take the blame game, the humanitarian situation guest dire by the day on the border out there in the
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darkness, beyond the police road block or up to 2000 people, including women and children, with little shelter, food, or water spending the night in freezing temperatures aside bake al jazeera poland. well, we can speak now live to our saint bank. he joined, says no near cuz nit sir, which is on the poland bella reese border. i said it's looking particularly cold where you are right now. just give us a sense of what the situation is like at the minute. yes, it is cold where we are. we believe the temperatures dropped below 0 last night and we've been seeing military vehicles going up and down these roads all morning. in fact, there are some passengers as i speak now, just right of me. oh visa military vehicles passing by. we understand the cobra has deployed around $15000.00 soldiers to this area. we've seen soldiers patrolling,
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rid their guns. we've seen police checkpoints in the exclusion zone. they've been stopping caused searching the boots and the exclusions on the sector because the government here declared the state of emergency in that border region which encompasses around 184 villages and towns. and we are not alive into the exclusion . as old agencies are not allowed, and they saying that hinders their efforts to help those very vulnerable people. and as you said, there's about 2000 people stuck in that no man's land between poland and bella roost. unable to go back further into by the roof, unable to cross in to poland, in that forest without much shelter, little food, water in those freezing temperatures. and because we are not allowed into the excuse. and so we don't know exactly what the polish authorities are doing. in trying to keep them out of poland and out of the e. u. we have seen footage of polish authorities finding tier gus at some of those
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people are. but you also seen footage of very roosted authorities beating those very vulnerable people at the asset. it does seem to be a bit more, it seems to me, but more than just these 2 thousands or so people who are trapped in that very cold wet, no man's land said, just tell us move it from the to whole 6 at play here because it seems wider than this, isn't it? absolutely. we have the polish authorities here who don't want anyone coming into their country. they're paying to some of their right wing of voters here is national independence. they hear. but europe believes that better roost at the regime in better rouge. read, led by the executive, the crush ankle has invited his people into their country and then bust them to the border in retaliation to the european union. putting sanctions on the against by the roost. both of lucas shinkel believes that poland and the through a new were
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a part of efforts to g, the g to mice, him in europe. so he is using this as a tool to get back at europe. now europe believes that this is a manufactured crisis, and the prime minister here has gone further to say that is when masterminded in russia. russia is a backer of bella. ruth, not the are talk of sanctions. now, the russian flag carrier of thought has come out to say that they have not been involved in. are you bringing people from the middle east in africa? she better. ruth, but the situation is tense between these countries in the why do geopolitical politics of it is that you have your opinion on one side, you have the polish right when government that doesn't want any people coming to their country, think up to their audience, but you also have bella ruth and russia on the other because they were accused by the roosters accused of a violating human rights. that the government there is saying to the european union
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and poland while you are denying the human rights of these vulnerable people. and all, while this is going on, you still have those people stuck at the border. ok, i sat back there. john has lie from the poland, belarus porter, thanks to bring his up to date there. i said we appreciate it. focused on this hosting senior diplomats from the united states, china, russia, and afghanistan to discuss the situation. and since the kind of an take over the worsening humanitarian situation than the refugee crisis on the focus of the talks, it's the 1st official visit by a member of the telephone cabinets to pakistan. since the previous afghan government fell in august and speak 19, come on hines, or he joins us from capital, is on the bus come, all those talks are on underway right now. and all parties really have an interest in making some progress here. don't they? absolutely. the of on foreign minister, leading
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a high level delegation deposit on target, got a number of issues that include cross border movement of our trade transit trade people to people to contact these little connectivity. but also important to the fact that the troika main meeting is underway and it's not my bod. and that does include the special envoys from the us, china and russia, on of honest on day of god, addressed by the budget. funny, foreign minister who said that it had extremely crucial that the international community shirt gaping gauge, rid of run it on in order to avoid it. if you're g or humanitarian tri state or their country plunging into civil war. busy or an economic collapse. so those are onwards of god's will be meeting the dollar barton foreign minister also on the
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guidelines of the conference. and of course the managerial delegation discussing a number of issues with buckets on it. read and come out. this reminds us of why this is so important because the humanitarian situation facing people in afghanistan really is bleak. it it is indeed bug is done that already pledged to support and have gone red humanitarian assistance. the concern is that this is another off window of botanist on the international community has not yet recognized that dollar bond. there is an economic collapse on the horizon. and if god guard not all go well for the entire region, because they did a number of ref, you're diedro crossing into a finest on the fear that if the situation worse and then of on it on, it would lead to a bigger migration. i brought into budget thought net read so boggart on continuing to trace that engagement should be the way forward. busy enhanced engagement,
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and is it extremely crucial in order to avoid a humanitarian catastrophe in a bloody okay, come out high to that lie for us in the back of santa capital is on the bads. thank you. come on in an interview with al jazeera, a member of the ethiopian government, has denied allegations of mass arrests and ethnic profiling. athena ports of police finding up high profile to grinds from the bank, seal to priests, the 70 drivers working well. food program has also been taken into custody. un says they were arrested during government rates targeting tick ryan's at a yearly or at least 9. you and workers were detained in a capital. i don't think and believe it is this through the ethnic profiling, but people might be out of that. i don't think that i chill rent. i don't have that information. and if that happens, the government doesn't allow me to click on the,
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on the date of emergency this issue that people should be treated with. and most of the advocates within that to happen in any person. so somebody about it, this might happen, but they want to be better, my systematic one, if it happens that it also be a criminal act than anybody that does would actually be held accountable. but they want to be systematic. and there is no systematic harvest, just because of your profile. and if the police might have found out some suspect, then they will be bound to paint and then also do do investigation. if any individual does not have adequate evidence to judge again, if you must be released but are planting some people will not get that my truck systematic. but because we're in complex situation, you know, how many people are being attacked and how many adults that are being done. and then you know, a number of actor. so you must have a much careful individual and that that thing should not be done in the hot bath at the lee and then police must do their job. but we would also look into that the
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process, if there is any, every validity, then that must be addressed. yeah, we're getting reports that landlords and ethiopia as capital have been ordered to register the identities of their tenants within a week. let's go straight to independent journalists, and you'll get that show whose life is in just some focus through this. you measure what's behind it. well the state of emergency, the command passed on a diff, a an additional order telling all 10 or landlords to register their tenants. i'll pass on their id, s a and to the government. and this continues us. the emergence, the state of emergency continues for a 2nd week. it has so far detained. thousands of people that are the european side as insisting, as you heard from the state, from the minister of state. read one. hussein who said this has nothing to do as
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ethnic city. it has everything to do was the state of emergency, which is meant to bring order to it yoga, which is now in a conflict with a t p left. but the head of the ethiopian human rights commission daniel, but color. busy is contradicting what the government is saying he's he has told al jazeera he sees some kind of ethnic element in the detainment of so many people that he has been watching from a distance. so far, 9 un officials are still in their detention centers of the government, and addition are $72.00 drivers of w. p contracted drivers. and this again will, is set to continue. and these europe and minister stated that all those that have been detained are either being someone must have pointed them to the
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government or the state is looking at them. are someone who is either supporting or providing resources to the t p left. and this comes as the t p a left is rumored to come closer to our d'silva. there was a report that was done by an international media that said they are in the salary. so the suburbs of these, which the government has disputed. and again, the minister said they are not anywhere near our dis, and they'll never come to our des. so this is where we are. 1 and many people continue to be affected, but again, to the ethiopian government, this is the state of emergency. this is about the feel good. this is trying to bring some kind of security to a nation that money embassies are telling their citizens to run away because something is about to happen, including conflicts and the capital of ethiopia, a diesel. okay. samuel gets issue there with her for the troubling update from adams about samuel to know. thank you. well,
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it's more hed still only use are including will have the latest on the new confidence votes for macedonia, prime minister, and sport find out. he came out on top in this bass overseen to form a tennis for pump ones. story coming up for you and sports with the season. ah. hello there. we've seen some really stormy weather effect, southern parts of europe over the past few days. and is more of that to come as we head towards the end of the week, but it's also going to get rather wet and windy up in the north. but across those central areas, there's still a lot of fine and dry weather to be found. lots of sunshine as well, but it's kind of a closer look at the south and we've got storm blast that's plaguing the western and central.


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