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was gonna tell them, but i, i used the, i use deadly force to start the threat that was attacking me. the sydney opera house has been illuminated with images of poppies to mark remembrance day. the memorial marks the armistice signed on november, the 11th 1918 ending fighting in the 1st world war poppies are significant because those flowers grew on the western front battlefields after the war. the conflict costs around 60000 australian lives. ah, this is al jazeera, these are the top stories, china and the u. s. a promise to work together to combat climate change despite their differences on other issues, both pledged to speed up emissions cuts to meet the goals of the 2015 paris agreement. katrina, u as in bridging this is really important for bating because it's helping to demonstrate that it, it, it is serious about tackling climate change and that's after i guess weeks of skepticism and disappointment. firstly,
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present and she didn't ping is not attending cop 26. he did not even give a video speech, he just submitted a written statement. and also before cop 26, china did not submit any new targets or deliverables. so it basically just elaborated on it's already given goals of achieving a cotton picking by 2030 and the european union will place more sanctions on the bell. russian government, early next week, the commission president or shall of underlying made the announcement as a migrant and refugee crisis on the polish border with belarus. escalates. pakistan is hosting senior diplomats from the united states, china, russia, and afghanistan to discuss the situation since the taliban takeover is the 1st official visit by a member of the taliban cabinet to pakistan. since the previous government fell in august, boeing's accepted responsibility for the 2019 ethiopian airlines crash that reached a settlement with families of the victims. it does not involve compensation,
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but does allow them to pursue individual claims in the u. s. court. the 157 people on board were all killed on the boeing 737 next, crash, just off to take off from addis ababa. it was the 2nd crash involving that type of aircraft in just a few months. in an interview with this channel, a member of ethiopian government has denied allegations of mass arrests and ethnic profiling. there have been reports of police rounding up high profile, took ryans from a bank, c e o to priests. at least 70 drivers working for the will food program have also been taken into custody a day earlier, 16 you and workers were detained in the capital. the u. s. judge has approved a $626000000.00 settlement for those harmed by the lead water crisis in flint, michigan, the suit was brought by local residents up. next it's fault lines. hello. has an usa from 10. i'm back with a half hour at 11. see the setting the discussions? what is greenwashing is when an oil company talked green, but act 30 unflinching journalism. are you committed to building
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a vibrant democratic? i've got a sam sharing personal stories with a global audience. our minister had no idea what was happening on the shop floor, but i could see the body bags explore an abundance of work to ass programming. climate change is another principle. if the issue of survival on algae 0 we have no more time to wait. where on fire were covered in a blanket of smoke. the whole west is an drought. 2021 in the summer of wrecker breaking hayton, extreme drought across the america west. this is laura. dry field looks like in oregon's klamath basin, billed to running dry, because the federal government has shut off water to farmers. most years, farmers here use the water and upper klamath lake to irrigate their crops. that
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lake exist thought that all this land out here could have water that watered ours. we should pray for rain. we need water. these farmers won't be able to stay here if they can't get water. you alone are the lord. if you give life to every, hey animal, the driver saying it's all there, water, it is all about them having the power over us. and that power is water. the government is withholding water from farmers to protect endangered fish that are sacred to native american tribes. here, his fisher mode, the 1000000 species of plants and animals, the climate change is striving to extinction worldwide. we destroyed their habitat for agriculture, for irrigation, for colonization,
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for profit was one, the last of a dying breed higher christian story tells us that if the fish die, the people die. but before that happens, we will fight because it's in our blood. this feels like war this world that we're living in now. oh. c on this episode of mine's climate change in supplies, one of the fiercest warren wars in the west and pushes an organ town to which breaking point. oh ah, upper claim. it's like the heart of the struggled over water in oregon's klamath basin for thousands of years. the lake team would sucker fish that sustained the
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climate tribes. vast woodlands acted as a filter for the water. then, in less than a 150 years, agriculture pushed the fish to the brink of extinction. as farmers trained the wetlands to grow potatoes for potato chips and hay for dairy cows. now deprived of its filter, the water turns toxic every year. and want to see the the impact firsthand with my eyes. i want to see what it is we're fighting for. this is the 1st time i'll be able to see it face to face with how many of those fisher left on all told round 24000 and no babies to replace them.
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no, no driven us. every year the cloud, blue green algae clots the water in the lake, state health authorities weren't people and their pets to keep out with nowhere else to go young, succor fish die in mass before reaching adulthood. there for you are to have your dar drink, that it would become incredibly ill if not till this year. because of the extreme drought, extracting water farms could put the remaining fish at risk. there is very much a correlation between the quality of this water and the mortality of this fish. and the quality of this water is a direct result of irresponsible agricultural practices. one view of this is that what's happening here is a preview of what's to come because a climate change. does that resonate with you?
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absolutely resonates. we obliterated ecosystems to create agriculture and irrigation. it's always extraction, extraction extraction, profit at the expense of our intent, people at the expense of our tribes at the expense of what little resources we have left. ah, 1st is the west usa, 17 state where water is well the richness crisis. go back to the early 19 hundreds, when the federal government trained lakes canals in re routed rivers to deliver water to farmers. with the irrigation projects were part of the governments pushed to encourage white settlers to move west. lou, later, the climate tribes lost their land to a federal policy known as termination. i was here fence termination.
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when i terminated the tribe we indian land were broke up and sold. we ought to find it. just like the roman bid. there's gone, we're stronger, better way, it's been since time get the strong take it away from the way they always have our people have survived genocide, murder, disease, and war with survived federal termination. but one thing we did retain was our right to hunt fish trap and gather on these lands in a treaty, the federal government promised the claim of tribes that they would always be able to fish. the fishing piece of that implies that there will be fish for them to fish
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. so that's the 1st promise that the u. s. government. and then the u. s. government handed out a bunch of homes. so bunch of white settlers and the promise seem to be you can have this water forever and there were a lot of promises made that cannot all be filled in recent decades, the ports of the for the government must honor the clam and tribes treated before it fulfills its promises to farmers because the climate tribes were here 1st, their water rights to proceed, everybody else. so even if you have a piece of paper from the federal government that says you can have water every year. if there's not enough water to go around, the climate tried to come 1st. we build the clone with your additional project in the early 20th century, like we didn't most of these big water projects in the west. and there was an assumption that the hydrology, the early 20th century, would persist until the end of time. that was faulty assumptions. here we are in
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2021, and the 100 change global warming. we're in the midst of it. and there's not as much water to go around. i think of my god, when i see i was my dad's little fishing buddy. ah. when you are hoss native path and not native, there's a bit of learning and trying to figure out what what exactly am i where do i fit in my mom married my dad at the disgust disapproval of her parents. my grandparents. ah, they were just not happy. she married a klamath indian. that is one source of tension. addison may be
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why i am the way i am. oh, i moved away 2 days after high school graduation. i never wanted to come back. she went away to college just right out of high school and lived away for quite a few years. after coming back after living in a more open diverse community. it was a shock when she came to class basin. i came back in 2016. 0, it was uncomfortable hearing this repeated sense of entitlement from 5th generation farmer, 6 generation armor that their grandfathers told them that there would always always be water at the time. i remember thinking, well there's the problem. your grandfather is hold you. there would always be water,
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but my dad was telling me we gotta release fish back because there's not enough ah, was the federal government who wanted all of us people to come down here and farm has nearly reclaim land. so my family did came down here. we've invested our whole entire life for 4 generations in the making this based on what it is today of now the tables turn it on the same federal government to pull my family to come here. 115 years ago is now telling me to get the hell out of here or forcing me for a better time to get the hell out of here. a i feel betrayed without access to water from upper klamath lake. some farmers in the basin are pumping water from underground. the water this in the canals coming from a well your neighbors? well, yes sir. this is just out again. nathan was hard to let anybody else here again with his water basically.
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yeah, well, i guys, i mean, my family's been here for, you know, 117 years 15 years. i feel like what i was born do i've, i feel like i do a good job at it. and i've got everybody in the entire world against me. and that's not a good feeling. i rodney machine did not kick anybody off any piece of ground for his own benefit. i wasn't the one that was in here physically, kellen and moving him and taking them off their land. the fish is the only way the tribe can get retribution on the white man. 20 years ago was the same story apart. there's 5000 mara main street in 2001 another severe drought threatening the
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fish with the government shuttle, the water. thousands of farmers packed the street to plant falls symbolically moving water into the irrigation canals. we will pass it to with sun john and van to his grandson game. they called it the bucket brigade generation. i was in 7th grade. everybody was there. we were united as tensions rose, members of the claim of tribes based harassment in town. under pressure, federal officials turned the water back on later that summer. federal government came and gave us our water but the victory for farmers was a disaster downstream. 34000 sam and washed a short dead. taking water from the lake during a severe drought at unleashed an epidemic, a fish disease, it devastated the york tribe,
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which has subsisted on sabbath for thousands of years. i remember smell just the smell of genocide as so i'm best way to describe it because he's now so much death in these places that offer nothing but by forgiving opportunities to day the tribe estimates at less than 5 percent of the salmon run remains. oh, despite the fishkill market protesters memorialized their success, $1001.00 to be installed and metal bucket under the county building farmers and it stayed on display for 13 years. a powerful symbol of farmers defiance in message that this bucket sent was klamath supports the former. ah, i use the bucket brigade, is that basically that bucket is all
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a recess monument. ah, this summer, when the government shut off water to farmers. the bucket reappeared in town last week is 40 by 80 canvas tent popped up out of nowhere. a group of farmers and our right activist made national news when they set up camp next to the head gates the irrigation canals and threatened to take the water by force or gotta stand up and take it or we're not going to have a high water here again, that was dan neilson, very good neighbor, very good brand, but here it is. happy to have him because without him, there wouldn't been a lot of stories with this here. they parked the bucket next to their tip. like climb that, the bucket right here behind me is racist. white people are racist if you're a christian erasers. if you believe in the constitution you're racist.
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how serious it is getting here. we are literally to the point that people are gonna start shooting each other before. this is also not i am concerned for myself in my safety. i've had people come up to me and say you're the chairman the better or watch you back. i can actually say have a hand gun now that i never had before. ah, the climate tribes said this hostility goes beyond protest like the bucket brigade, they say it's baked into the way farmers and ranchers manage their land and that some refused to make human small changes the could save the fish, just to spite the tribes. leroy gingrich family has wrenched these 280 acres for the better part of the century. ah,
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but although oregon law requires that he keep his cattle from contaminating the lake, he refuses to put up fences. they complain that the cows are contaminated, the like that fair complaint. his 1st this is from the oregon department of agriculture because one indian complaint i dwan big bear. you're faint when i can't see through i enjoy my view. i've had that view all my life. i enjoy it. nora, this is mine. are my favorite spots here within indian farm. when go rider bear, before little trail trailed, men walked by union many
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a year. now if you look right up on that top of this rock right up here, you see an old indian bowl there for keynote, man, you're good to really look and ah, why not work with them? you know, have you ever tried to work with a gimme with a what? a gimme? gimme gimme gimme gimme. that's like working with the tribe. gimme gimme, gimme gimme. they don't give you. gimme gimme, gimme gimme ah . the cause of colonialism that brought those forwards here. the 1st place,
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how big of a stumbling block is that to moving forward? i would say it's more than a stumbling block. i would say it is the root of the entire problem. a sort of set where mindset that way people one and they should be able to run the place as they see fit. the beating heart of the whole problem in may 2020, as black lives matter, protests spread across the country. demonstrators gathered in downtown klamath falls and a few 100 people. counter protesters armed themselves against friends, neighbors, parents, children, teachers, students who were armed only with posters. there was a face off on main street, a few more yelling at us, go back home,
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but when you tell that to an indigenous person, where are we supposed to go? this is just a tiny bit of the hatred and disdain. he thought to our tribal members on out from that horrible device of incident, our city council form the equity task force a several of us contact the city council. what are you going to do about this? what can we do? and so that's how i ended up on the task force. we retained our right to hunt and fish happened and failure for us to do that is an act of racism and act of white supremacy. and i can say that to you guys, but you could say more
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than a year after the protest, the racial equity task force is preparing to deliver its final report to the city council. this blue is the color of peace, but it also represents water than silver. of course, this are healthy fish in our healthy, peaceful, rivers, and green. it represents our agricultural industry here. the i've lived here in this community grow almost 70 years, and i have here and i've been in the background and i haven't i haven't realized so fearful i am to live in this community. my home to where you're doing in the navy, woman, you are doing things and i always wanted to do this helps me put myself out there
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in through you with you. besides you ah, with you look, work, dad, to me. i see a lot of dentistry. i was really nervous that because the task force agreed to take on confronting racism against the tribe. i was concerned that we were in danger. yeah. i knew that would be our position. i knew that there would be unhappy people. so what we're here to day to talk about is the equity task force is final report.
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next i will be introducing joey gentry, who's a member of the equity task force, who will be speaking on the water issue in climate thank you. thank you again for being here. klamath has a history of racism that continues to be handed down from generation to generation . our water crisis still exists today because of racism against the tribe and racism against the tribe exists in part today because of our water crisis. i'm just going to read some community sentiment in words and indians. could it get any worse? this is a cowboys and indians fight, too bad. we didn't finish the job the 1st time we're asking you to issue a formal proclamation, acknowledging that a long history of anti indigenous racism has worse and disagreements over water. how i knew i was a native how i knew i was climate indian is because i fished with my dad
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we're just asking for our fish to be preserved to prevent them from going extinct. the following month, the city council disbanded the task force without acting on his recommendations. ah, louis our creation story tells us that if the fest die the people die. so we have to hear the message that our fish are telling me. and so if it doesn't rain, people are going to go to the kitchen or no water going to come out of the tap is
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happening. gracious god, we are grateful that we can come together as your people and lift up things that are on our hearts to you, the living god listens to our prayers. who encourages us to have massive wildfires, mass of hurricanes. and there's about to be water shut off on big scale, existential crisis that we best solve. i don't know how we fix it, but i know that coming to terms with that history and it's a problem, is step lawn. oh, for this turn i almost camp here. unlike
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a 2001, widespread support for the farmers protest, never materialized this summer. they packed up and left, 2 days after the racial equity task force presented at fort worth, travel quickly that the bucket was going. oh, they're gone, gone. the buckets gone to their guy? how awesome is that a good. i hope this distraction is gone. i guess that we're doing some work,
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i guess that it's starting to make a difference. so now the real work begins. i'm with with
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a ah, this is al jazeera ah hello there, i'm hello. hey, dean. this is the news are live from doha. coming up in the next 60 minutes. cooperation is the only way to get this job done. an unexpected climate deal between the us and china draws a cautious welcome from activists. migrants and refugees are still stuck at the border between belarus and poland,
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basic freezing temperatures, standard diplomatic standoff. i'm a big here close to the polish for the.


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