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champions these projects, but he says it's clear what problem milan must tackle. think very yes go. we've got 80 cars every 100, you know, everything. now we have, we dropped to $46.00. so mean we are, we are reducing the number of cars and increasing this space for 3 and 4 green infrastructure. but these don't enough. we need more because climate change is impacting the c t like heat waves and flesh building a vision to redefine milan for those who call at home and those looking for sustainable models to follow. adam reiney al jazeera milan. ah, this is al jazeera, these are the top stories, china and the u. s. a promise to work together to combat climate change despite their differences on other issues, both pledged to speed up emissions costs to meet the goals of the 2015 paris agreement. katrina, you has more this is really important for beijing because it's helping to
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demonstrate that it, it is serious about tackling climate change and that's off to i guess weeks of skepticism and disappointment. firstly, president, she didn't thing is not attending cop 26. he did not even give a video speech, he just submitted a written statement. and also before cop 26, china did not submit any new targets or deliverables. so it basically just elaborated on it's already given goals of achieving carbon peaking by 2030 and pakistan is hosting senior diplomats from the united states, china, russia and ghana strong to discuss the situation since the taliban take over. the interim africa and foreign minister. i mean con talkie arrived in islam about on wednesday, the european union will place more sanctions on the bella, russian government. next week you commission president of underlying made the announcement of the migrant refugee crisis on poland. border with bella, luce escalates boeing's exempted responsibility for the 2019 ethiopian airlines
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crash as it reached a settlement with families of the victims. it doesn't involve compensation, but does allow them to pursue individual claims. in the american courts. 157 people were killed when the boeing 737 max crash just are to take off from addis ababa. it was the 2nd crash involving that type of aircraft in just a few months. a u. s. judge has approved a $626000000.00 settlement for those harmed by the lead water crisis in flint, michigan. the suit was brought forward by tens of thousands of residence in an al jazeera interview. a member of the ethiopian government has denied allegations of mass arrests and ethnic profiling. there have been reports of police rounding up high profile to grinds from a bank, c e o to priests, at least 70 drivers working for the world food program. i've also been taken into custody a day earlier, 16 you and workers were detained in the capital up next, it's the stream. we're back after that with 30 minutes about is there
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a will he use? we will see you very soon, but from the al jazeera london broadcasts and pass to people in thoughtful conversation. we were 1st generational black worship people, and we have to really find our way with no hope and no limitation. the world is a much smaller place. we do better to get away with these. ready regional boundaries, films, i think you're in to tell me things come right back in you think about race with picking stuff and they have is making often visible due to v unscripted coming soon on out to thera a hello. i'm rachelle carry in for me. okay. and you're in the stream accusations of racism in england. george sher county cricket club are sparking a wider conversation about how minorities are treated and the sport do they, we ask is english cricket, racist. and if you're watching us on you to please during the discussion,
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leave your thoughts on our live comment section and you too will be in the stream. ah, for recent investigation found that former yorkshire county cricket club member as emer fake, was routinely subjected to racial abuse and harassment or fake says he often felt like an outsider and that the abuse got so bad. he contemplated taking his own life . here's what he told sky news in september 2020. the thing that hurts me more than anything else. his people. so it happened privately. a lot of people said is wrong. but when it came to it, no one, no one person or 2 stood up against these powerful people. and so what you're doing is wrong. so the yorkshire case is exposed, and many se is an ugly truth. the despite the verse fan base english cricket is too
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white and does not reflect a changing united kingdom. joining us from the u. k. to discuss this, we have alex tutor, he's a former england cricket here and current coach it can. bolton also london bay sports corresponded an author li wellings, and lastly sod city. he's an editor with the pat passion dot that welcome to everyone. so this discussion is not an abstract discussion, as you can see there. and this is a very personal discussion for a lot of people i'm really painful. so having said that, i want to go to you 1st alex, what is your reaction to seeing um, how much pain he was in describing what he'd been through? yeah. so disappoint, i'm so proud that he stood up. as you said, you know, he would have felt alone under pressure a little bit. people would have said stuff to him don't do it, don't go against them. and luckily he had enough in themselves to say know enough
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is enough. and he stood up and then and praying god, he got back by a writer called ga bell who picked up the story and ran with it. and it gave it some some credence for because you know, we had a follow up packing and international news. people started to listen and then it, as we know, you know, the story quickly came forward, but he went for a tory time. you know, he came forward years before and it fell on deaf ears and you know, people had told him to, you know, just to sort suck it out, get on with it. and that's just wrong. and we all where we all today. and another said, we all where we all today is because, you know, sponsors saw it to pull away from yorkshire and they started to get hitting a pocket. and that's when they started to take this really seriously and it, but it should never have got for that. first. can you tell me what the journey must
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have been like for him to finally say something publicly? because as a, as a person of color, i know, you know, we have a lot of things, macro aggressions, micro aggressions, that we just kind of roll with the punches. but how bad do you think it must have been for him to go public? it must have been very, very difficult for him because at 1st he will be. so am i doing the right thing and then there will be all the issues regarding retribution, his future, what people believe him, all i sat and all those things were actually going through his mind as either there was self doubts as well. at some point he did think was he doing the right thing, but i think i am his faith helped him the support that he got from members of the public or the ration cricketers. and as alex said, they're members of the, the major as well. that was absolutely crucial, but i think in there is no surprise in what as it is,
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that seems allegations were. i think a lot of people are actually surprised with what has come out, but this has been going on for decades in english cricket. this isn't something new, this isn't to be surprised about. it's it, it's been going on for a very long time. it's been brushed under the carpet. nothing has been done about it. people have said that we will. people of sector at clubs letter. yeah, we'll look into it, we'll, we'll take this forward, but nothing was done as i say, it was booked on the carpet for decades and i think and those in the corridors of power in english, cricket probably thought that this would be another case where it would be bushnell carpet, lenient. the people who are genuinely surprised. are they willfully ignorant? i don't think anybody should be surprised by what we've seen here. i think what's for the tragic about it is the battle as alex was saying that as a murphy because faced actually bringing this to the public. i imagine all of those
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years where he said he dreaded going to work every single day he contemplated suicide. he's a young man and he's career where is his career. he's cricketing careers in taxes. he's got so much talent. and this was someone who was a captain of england youth. i. and the point that we'll get into here is that this is you. she is now very explicitly in the spotlight, and clearly there's been a long doing. i'm clearly the way to handle this has been appalling and that you're here and there will be a massive focus on you. sure. i people will try to get to the bottom of what happened historically while they do now, and of course, crucially what i do in the future. okay, so not just your chair. it's so much more than that. it's other cricket counties. it's other people. it's but it's other people in society and that's what you sure of reflected that. absolutely. and we are gonna definitely broaden it out beyond yorkshire, but we're not like your shorter just yet. before we do that,
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i actually want to play. i'm a little bit of what they're, they're newly installed leader had to say, let's listen to that. i think the receipt for his bravery in speaking out as even there's a whistle blower and should be pres this search. and it should never have been put through this and i'd like to apologize to him. we're sorry for what you and your family expedients on the way in which we've handled this. what happened to you must never happen again to anyone. while some strides have been met in the idea of racism across the world is false. this episode highlights a huge amount of work still needs to be done. is it clear a need for urgent and size make change starting from within
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and i've determined to leave this club to better, a more positive future. ok. that all sounds and looks great, right? bed bed the y, c. c also said that some of what as amer fake experienced was, well, some of that was harassment and bullying. they actually said some of that wishes friendly banter between players and that there really weren't going to be any consequences for anybody. i'm someone who actually follows us on twitter. i think put this very well, friendly banter. it's only friendly banter if everyone agrees it is. and it's very clear that refit did not think that there was anything funny or friendly about this . alex, your reaction to how the club is, has handled this message. as lee said, it's been i don't know where you should have been for the last 2 years. 18 months
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especially offered a joint floyd incident. people just had enough and for them to have the internal investigation and then the site, you know, at the end of it, it's just friendly banter. was just unacceptable. what are you telling the next generation of asian kids and you should try to get through the group teams and into the, into the so you to play professionally. you know that it's open season, but if anyone says any finish, just going to be fine for you. know, my worry is that, you know, the people at the top, you know, these are high powered people. these are people who have big businesses, the flow for don't have this internal investigation. and then to come up with a solution that is just 3 bags or we're going to brush under the carpet. no one's really going to challenge us. and then for it to come out was just for me, was just brain dead for me and they're paying for it now and they're paying for it
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in the pocket where they're getting hurt because sponsors are pulled out and they only got serious one. sponsors started to take away their money and that's how you hurt people in this day and age size, i am alex reference, you know what kind of message to send to kids. an and the cricket is an extremely popular sport. i'm for it for people at south asian backgrounds, 30 percent, a recreational cricket players across england and wales, half south asian background, only 4 percent of professional cricketers or british asian. why is that? what is the disconnect? well, it's few issues there. i mean, 1st and foremost it's see a lot patel they're speaking very openly and honestly and a person of a cricket club as well. i think that's a airbag issue. so there's a lack of coaches of ethnic and outreach with an english kit, cricket. there's a lack of people from ethnic minorities within the boardrooms running these clubs
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and in positions of power. well, i mean that's something that so needs looking as well, isn't cricket is africa being cooked as in england are disillusioned with cricket. they, they see themselves as talented cricketers this see themselves as good enough. they are sometimes better than the peers. sometimes they are on a level with their peers. what they getting isn't a fair cra. so i was told to go to mac, they'll be playing academy level. you'll be playing at below 2nd 11 level, sometimes even the 2nd 11 level and they'll be performing well when it comes to actual selection. when it comes to renewal of contracts too often, those lads are the ones who are chased out of the club who get the letter, which says, sorry, we don't need you anymore. so, but then spreads. look about the look of birmingham look at london. manchester. these areas you'll see parks absolutely full of asian cricketers lodge who are very,
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very good cricket as well. why don't they make that to the highest level of pre k, as i said, because of a lack of belief, not only in themselves that they will, i will. okay, in the. okay, these, chris, so let me, let me, let me bring that to you though because i think this is a problem. that is, i'm prevalent and a lot of sports the nfl, the national football league in the u. s. the 1st thing you'll hear about when there is an, a black head coaches, well there weren't enough assistance. we didn't have the pipeline. well, you could fix that if you want to fix the pipeline. clearly there is a tally pool for a, for a cricket not to be as white as it is. this is a choice. people are making lee. what worries me is that people in support running for know they need to fix things now because they're back. so against the wall, so there is some good that will come out of this because some things will be fixed . i mean, it's extraordinary that the murder of a black man in america and the protest,
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a lot of the protest happened around sport. only that could lead to any action. and as alex said, then you shall one even taking any notice of that at all. and that their case is actually that they're in isolation. but what worries me is around yoga. so the english cricket bolt, you know, our beth had a diverse, diverse tape on the field in a world cup, semi final against new zealand. they're bringing to a new game that's more inclusive in terms of gender and families, as well as wives. i called a 100, so some of the thought they're doing is working. but what about the past decade and are some of the administrators still in power? and what were they doing at the time? what gets lee, so out a 0 my to prob about the lack of block football coaches globally that i was heavily involved with. we might have in 2015. who else? i mean not 0, hasn't diversity in it's a newsrooms and it's production. who else was making programs as you've still got
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the same administrators, the same people in the board room, making these the students and a lot of them in a k work, cosmetic, there's a lot of cosmetic changes. is the culture changing? evidently in the driving is institutional. i mean, what you're saying is that this is something that it is very foundation needs to change. it's not just shifting people on here and there are people that look the way you want them to look for what your cause is. right, alex? yeah, i just actually makes a great point. i've always said, unless people always say they wanna have change and make change and they put lip service out. people are sick and tired of it now they've had enough. but when you look at the talk and i'm talking about the boards in level now, are you walking? is predominately white middle age or older men that off in charge. and we are not privy to what happens in those meetings, but you can, you can sort of have a guess of the conversations that are going on in there. and so we're just going
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back to your point about, you know, especially with the asian guys, you know, playing, cricket, listen where i grew up in else filled ok in one's in south london and the cricket club, the i was affiliated with, honestly about 80 percent asian guys, and they play i representative age group stuff by side says you do not see that transferred. when it comes to contracts. you just do not see it. you will see them be in use plain and 2nd thing gains, and they're doing well just as good as that, why counterpart. but when it comes to that contract, they're not getting it. i'm for meet us. i'm fed and you know, as, as us as a, as a black man play and, you know, the majority of black kids would have had that conversation with it. that would have terrorists that you have to be twice as good. if you'll get
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a fight for england, said she played for them 20 years ago, how many black cricketers to england and i think i, you know, i, you know, it well for a foreign, you know, chris jordan, joseph roger tom of mills. i mean, that's how many i told you, notice only a faint, 7 or 8 plaintiff 1st cost cricket. at the moment when i, when i played in the ninety's, every county had at least 3 or 4. so as a young black man, i'm looking at freakin, a co is still a close shop. there is an opportunity, you know, i'm going to give a go. if you look now and i work in a school, if you look now and obviously, you know, you have to have, you know, sky you'll or whatever to watch international cricket. the kids are not seeming, you know, to the kids that you're trying to entice to this great game. not seeing it. but
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that's part of the problem for me. i know it's money based on these companies putting up a lot of money. ok, did on, on the hook to work for one, but, you know, i work for me. so i got to go. so an interrupt because i do want to, i do what i knowledge. so many people that are watching us on youtube in laos and in a comment that said the u. k. elite is oblivious to the legacy of privilege class is a and colonialism that they have left in their way. cricket is just a small part of that. and so i want to pivot to you on this. i know that you say that you have experienced racism both playing cricket and now on the other side reporting it. can you share some of that with our audience? that's right. yes. i mean i, i've been calling crickets since 2009, and you go to some press boxes and you get some very strange looks because it is made up of largely, or white middle class individuals. and i mean,
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some of the faces are familiar now to me, so they recognized me for you to get the occasion where sometimes people look at you and think, hang on, what's what see doing it here. i mean, my, my own experience of racism that this year was particularly bad. i was coming to england pakistan series and i went to 4 different venues as a journalist of color. and there were incidents at every single one of those venues . i'll give you an example, one of the venues as he and accredited journalist, you get a parking permit if you require one. and so i went towards the, the car park, actor nittany, one of the venues, and the, the car park attendant there, said to em, sorry man, this is only for press whether without even speaking to me, without even asking me who i was, a wireless from. i to pass, pass around my neck, and then he said to me, well no, sorry, met you. are you not allowed in the it's, it's for press only when i showed in my press pass that i was accredited pass i
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tried to media. i showed in my year, passports as well, and the, the email on my phone to say that i was accredited. and he said, well, i could buy one of those press passes from anywhere. you know that, that looks fair to me. there is constantly having to prove yourself over and over and over like even to get into some of the press box is they are doubting if you are authentic media. they're checking your press, passes again and again. even while you start in the press box, you, as i see you getting those strange looks and this summer we have them. obviously the, the core with protocols. you have to have a corridor regulations on your for to make sure that you had an a negative test even showing those to some of the, the security personnel. they wouldn't believe you yet. or sam, him, it's amazing that people was showing on their phones who weren't of an ethnic background. there was st consortia consume at them. i mean, i could give you account, go samples. these are just a couple, you know, you have to actually be part of it to, to realize how budget is. well, go ahead,
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go, go here real quick, alex. go ahead. no, no, i was just, i could tell you a quick story. i was playing in england on the 19th. i'm in taunton some years ago and i spoke about it. we did a documentary on sky about it because i wanted to know well to so old black caribbean, british black caribbean players off. and i turned off in the morning of this game, walton to the change room and the coach not to mention his name, but the coach at the time. i had said, oh, do you have my car stereo? and i had no idea what he was talking about. okay. he said, well my calls be broken into, it must be. and i'm like, wow, are you say this only because i'm the only black guy in this team. and then as i was 17 at the time, and i got very upset because my dad raised me right. and i challenged him. but i had a pharaoh. if i on leash on this guy, i'm going to jeopardize my chances of play for england,
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which i've always wanted to do. so as i've got older and i've got more educated on the subjects, it was like, you know, i, you know, he was taking a big a whole cuz then it was, you know, you take that chip off your shoulder as always gary, because it has been, it's your fault if you, because it's nice because i'm getting angry and then we should all be regressive in so long trying to come different. let me bring in something that you all i have mentioned. all 3 of you have referenced that. the way to change this, because obviously this racism is a reflection of what's happening in society at large with the way change. this sometimes is money and sponsors, and that's how this works. i want to play something from a cricket fan of santa santa video as to mar hamby. this is what he set. this news that's been coming over the last week has been surprised, was the only surprise as being that is now being taken seriously. and that sponsors have understood their responsibility and have started or withdrawing their support
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of the club. hopefully you will be a huge catalyst for change or not as that your credit card. but for cricket clubs around the country we, i, i that i went to that debt to speak to that please. so why is this happening now? why is this as a murphy case happening and unfolding every day? i said, we need to be careful that as each new allegation of a proven fact comes up about your chair. though we don't just leave the story that we keep doing this and expanding it because his case hidden away. what of occasion the hidden away and what's anybody doing about it? now i do want to be in another school vocal vest apartment in the past in his program has. i took a very hard line on racism in football on it or sports, but i feel i've said publicly for a long time and i've spoken to people above organizations that fee for and you,
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wiper and then all of the organ, i say organizations under them should get a legal framework in place that when they're all repeated vices acts, repeat offenders, or even a brick, a get to a situation where it's $11.00 proven i incident, the teams nations players start to be expelled because i'll tell you all fines and suspensions are not enough, they know when they read on what happens is there a token gesture, so they will take, continues in, is there a token just as an throughout school and what's happening as well? and i'm, i'm being educated on this as well, but covering the back covering that's happening. and virtue signaling from some of the people that should be tougher in the 1st place in the time to get tough is when they're on instances, like as a murphy get tough because, you know, this kind of thing is going. busy on in the 1st place, well it makes a culture or it doesn't happen. so let me put this i, we're almost out of time,
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but it isn't the bottom line. yes, it's sponsors, etc, etc. but racism and things like this in when white culture decides that it, and that has to be in there. and they're the ones that run the ship and can say that this is enough. i mean, some of the people that are saying their surprise are the same people who their friends are actually saying base things. so it that isn't that how a culture actually changes at league and have the last, where on this you're both asked to change and it is changing or we need to be honest, but that has been pretty close to source, would change since the joint ford situation or was about a lot of the, in the book on my thing about the moment that i'm worried about some of the cosmetic changes happening and some of the back covering. but i'm educated to the chinese that is happening hoster. i'm the, you can't be what you can't say. so each time there is a, what i feel might be a cosmetic change. it's actually making a difference on this case. and the terrible thing that as a murphy has gone for,
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yes, the one thing we can get out of it is i won't have to go for it. ah, that is a perfect way to end it. mr. lee welling, thank you very much on the outside of your who said, i did know there was a race aside to cricket. well now you do. unfortunately, that is all the time we had a big thank you to all of our guests in our community for changing in our discussion until next time. thanks for your time. ah. awards crisis in america west is intensifying, deep historic division obliterated ecosystems to create agriculture at the expense of our tribes that to where your brand since time again, the strong take it away from the weak outlines. investigate how climate change is pushing an oregon town to breaking point. we will fight because it's in a flight. we are literally to the point that people are gonna start seeing each
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other when the war to stop on al jazeera, november on al jazeera by years after the historic he field between fog rebels and the colombian government. alger theory examines white tensions and violence of rising once again, emma award winning pool flies investigates the untold stories across the us, millions encompassed on boat in parliamentary elections under a new constitution. and more than a year after the last poll triggered a political crisis in mercy and personal short documentary africa. direct showcases african stories from african filmmakers, china marks 100 days until it host the winter olympics. but how will the pandemic include for a boycott, impact the sporting event november on out, jazeera shawna is pursuing prosperity and influence on the globe. and stage one at one aisd investigates what this means for one of its closest neighbors.
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taiwan. on al jazeera, they just said, and it's time for a different approach, one that is going to challenge the way you thing from international politics, to the global pandemic, and everything in between. upfront with me, mark lamond hill on al jazeera ah cooperation is the only way to get this job done. an unexpected climate deal between the us and china draws a cautious welcome from activists and katrina here in bolton with more on how a pressing global crisis is brought together to rival and brand unity. ah,
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hello again. i'm peter w, watching l to 0 life from doha. also coming up were on the border between poland and bella roost.


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