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shawna is pursuing prosperity and influence on the globe and stage one at one aisd investigates what beef means for one of its closest neighbors. taiwan on al jazeera, ah. ready china and the us, the planets 2 largest emitters, announced a joint plan to tackle climate change. ah, diamond jordan, this is out 0. live from dough are also coming up. the u. s. president pennies, his hopes on an infrastructure bill to count a rising inflation. a hopeless situation on the bell roofs, poland border, thousands of migrants to remain stranded in desperate freezing conditions. and after years of investigations and law suits, as a settlement in the case of michigan city was water was poised by net
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ah china and the u. s. so they should a joint declaration that the cop $26.00 summit in glasgow promising to work together more closely to bring about reelection on climate change. at separate news conferences there and voice said they would corporate to accelerate emissions reductions and meet the temperature goals of the paris agreement. andrew simmons wraps up developments from glasgow. it came out of the blue since the chinese special envoy to cop $26.00 announced his country was going to work with the united states on climate action. ah, sharmen are well are far will you go to me all the shows here? i'd like to announce any who didn't message. china and united states have jointly released at china us joined glasgow declaration,
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an in house in climate action in 2020 a line. shortly after that came john kerry confirming what amounts to some sort of partnership the united states and china have no shortage of differences. but on climate climate cooperation is the only way to get this job done. this is not a discretionary thing, frankly. this is science. it's math and physics that dictate the road that we have to travel. china in the us aren't only the 2 biggest economies on earth. they're also responsible for the biggest emissions of carbon dioxide and methane gases. and that's why such a joint effort may have added value details about exactly what effect to below have . i'll limited at this stage. but regardless of that, it's given a lift to proceedings here at a difficult time. earlier boris johnson had headed back to glasgow on an electric
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train, not the private jet. he used to fly to london last week. his mission to try bridging the gaps on a final agreement. the world is hud leaders from every country continent stand here and acknowledge the need for action and the world will find absolutely incomprehensible. if we fail to deliver that, and the backlash from people will be immense, and it will be long lasting. and frankly, we will deserve their criticism, and their opprobrium fossil fuel states may not like it, but the draft working text has devised a ratcheting up effect on cutting emissions. countries would review progress with foreign ministers meeting next year and with heads of state gathering in 2023. no one needs reminding of what's at stake. although this new time lapse study of 6 weeks shows how quickly iglesia in iceland can melt cop 26th negotiations are
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getting more intense not helped. by latest research showing temperatures could rise by 2.4 degrees celsius. not near enough to the 1.5 celsius cap to be anything other than dangerous. and that's even if all the promises for emission cuts and other measures come to fruition. countries like the gambia in west africa, which is one of few states managing to comply with demands from the paris agreement in 2015. we are leading ganga is need, will be negotiation on adaptation. what software we're talking about long term financing. we're talking about loss and damage. we're talking about other sticking issues that are not forthcoming from deep negotiations. so this is a concern for our developing countries, a list velo qualities with atlanta. this is highly unlikely to be the last version of a draft agreement with rules of consensus in which every one of nearly 200 cop members
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have to agree. it's fair to the final action plan is more likely to be watered down, rather than toughened up. andrew simmons al jazeera glasgow shebra tansy as more now from washington dc. i mean, the message is released. china in the us are fighting on this one issue and it was, it was reported that in fact in order to get to this initiative, china in the us have had 10, had to have 30 rather virtual meetings over 10 months in order to come up with this, this initiative and we had heard actually in the recent weeks john kerry was hoping for some, some kind of splashy announcement with china. so what did they come up with? went to a pretty, pretty willy, really but, but again, as you say, we got something. so there is a working group that are setting up, which is specifically going to be concentrating on what the 2 countries can do in the 2020, in the short term. is a good, is a good words for, for those who are complaining that often countries simply say, look,
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we will do this, we have these long time goals. this is specifically, this is specifically about the short term when, when action is the most crucial. so that's, that's good surely that on me fame, us any you've been pushing china. busy to join some global compact on reducing anything chimes, there's no buy principle. we're not going to be involved in that. that's up to the developed countries, the historical pollutants who do that. so what they're saying in this initiative is, are they will set up their own national action plan specifically about me saying, all right, that's, that's good. no change in when china will reach peak emissions. still 2030. but this is interesting to carry about press conference and as far as us officials are concerned, i think china has already reached peak peak emissions of greenhouse gases and has already kind of plotted, which is interesting us president joe biden is on a national tour showcasing his infrastructure economic plan, he says, is the fixed in the countries soaring inflation, biden's that knowledge that consumer prices are too high up to new day to reveal their vision by 6.2 percent in the past year. that's the biggest spike in 30 years
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. and to make relief programs of fuel of demand for goods, which is over stretching supply chains and causing a massive shipping backlog. today i'm here to talk about one of the most pressing economic concerns of the american people. and it's real. and that is getting prices down. number one, number 2, making sure our stores are fully stocked and number tree getting a lot of people back to work while tracking and tackling these 2 above challenges. i mentioned today's economic report showing unemployment continue to fought for consumer prices remain too high. rob reynolds has more from the us port in some petra, los angeles. the supply chain crisis, which we've been taught with seeing here in southern california, with more than a 100 ships at last count out at sea, waiting to bring their containers into port and unload the goods that american consumers have already ordered. and that american consumers are expecting to,
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to pick up and buy a big box stores or through amazon or other e commerce, they're all waiting out there. and this is creating a condition of scarcity when you have scarcity of goods and high demand. it's a recipe for a higher prices and therefore inflation. now we have been talking to people here in this port complex, in the, in long beach and los angeles, the biggest in the country about what's going on, what are the causes? we've also been talking to, to the, the heads of companies that are waiting now to get their goods off the boats and on their way to consumers. better roosters accusing the european union of provoking a refugee and migrant standoff on its board. border with poland as an excuse to impose new sanctions. is the latest in an escalating back and forth with
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e was saying, beller russian president, alexander lucas franco, as lord people to poland doorstep. that's left about 2000 people stuck in freezing and dangerous conditions at the eastern edge of europe as a bag, as they're not asking for much. in fact, these children just want water journalists are banned from this area. but the person filming these scenes on the border between bellows and poland, says there are babies as young as 2 months old. here. some families have not eaten for several days. at night, temperatures drop well below 0. at least 2000 people, many of them from the middle east are stuck in makeshift camps along the razor. wire. social media footage from recent days shows refugee and migrants escorted by mast belushi insecurity towards the border. sometimes shots are fired and people have often been beaten. as in these pictures are shown by polish forces
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momma all day. momma though the u says bela root has been encouraging migrants and refugees to end to poland in lithuania, in retaliation for sanctions imposed of human rights violations. you ambassadors have now agreed. this justifies a new round of sanctions and better bruce. and the block wants action to stop more desperate people arriving on its borders. important, which brings very well to the origin, turn threes into the transit turn, threes. what all the current sequences of the policy is also important to explain to the allies. what are the concrete effects of the decisions in the system? and in fact, in the launch of the hybrid attach against you. but michelle, by she let, the united nations human rights chief has issued a statement effectively condemning all sides in the stand of saying, hundreds of men and women and children must not be forced to spend another night in freezing weather without adequate shelter. food, water and medical care,
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under international law, no one should ever be prevented from seeking asylum or other forms of international human rights protection. for its part, russia, a traditional backer, our brother ruth, is accusing brussels of being hypocritical. she tilted you, seeking a great improve on the situation, is indeed very tense and there's a tendency to escalate tensions that causes concern. it's apparent that a humanitarian catastrophe is looming against the background of europeans reluctance to demonstrate commitment to their european values. in a phone call, german chancellor, angular market as appealed directly to russian president vladimir putin to exert his influence on the regime in minsk. as governments take the blame game, the humana turn situation guest dire by the day on the border out there in the darkness beyond the police road block are up to 2000 people, including women and children, with little shelter, food, or water, spending the night in freezing temperatures aside, beg, i'll 0, poland time for
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a short break here in al jazeera, when we come back a day after you and staff were detained as concerns. workers from another humanitarian group have been targeted by ethiopians. government will have the details, plus i really clar reporting from your me islands in northern scotland, where the power of the sea is driving the green revolution. ah, how i welcome to look at the international forecast. we got some bad storms erupting across the plains of north america. big area cloud coming through here. head of that is not cheap at high pressure and chart, so largely settle and try make the most of that on thursday, around the eastern seaboard. because here comes a stormy weather, some really heavy rain driving through the the northern plains easing across the ohio valley,
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the tennessee valley pushing towards that east coast. northern edge of that, we have got some significant snow for one celsius there in winnipeg. somewhat dry for calgary around 2 degrees and then we got snow on the other side of the what just around the rockies. some very wet weather into b. c. and also into a pacific north west. washington state in particular sinks and very heavy rain. that when she mixed pushes a little further east was for friday, increasing cloud a southerly wind, picking temperatures up in calgary, temporarily at least to around 12 celsius or something of improvement and improving whether to just around the eastern seaboard been a rash of showers. some of the wintry, either side of the laced rest of the u. s. doesn't look too bad place to say things looking little better. now for jamaica, we have seen some very heavy rain recently, just around at western side of the caribbean. that wet weather is pushing further west. ah ah, the land of the free america has never been
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a real democracy of life. he would never reach me. and you, at the side of democracy, maybe excludes divisions and struggles in american electoral system to fight foreign against equal representation. and the domestic presence is the country that learning how to be a democracy with one person, one vote on al jazeera. ah, oh oh, well get back into your mind about top stories here. this al a china and the u. s. a promise to work together more closely to combat climate change in spite of their differences. both of pledge to speed up emissions
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reductions to meet the goals of the paris climate agreement. yes, president joe biden says his infrastructure economic plan is the fixed of the country. soaring inflation. date is revealed, prices have risen by 6.2 percent in the past year. that's the biggest spike in 30 years. and bill ruth says the e u is provoking a refugee and migrant standoff as an excuse to impose new sanctions. about 2000 people are stuck in freezing conditions on the border with no u. s. judge has approved a $626000000.00 settlement for those hon. bye the lead water crisis in flint, michigan. the suit was brought forward by tens of thousands of residents. most of the money will be coming from the state of michigan, which was accused of overlooking issues leading to the water crisis. but lawyers fees could consume as much as $200000000.00 of the sacrament. money, let's bring in melissa mays. she's a flint resident and founder of the water you fighting for campaign and joins us live from flint in michigan. melissa, great to have you with us. so $626000000.00. sounds like
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a lot of money. in reality though, is that going to be enough for the victims? i mean, given as we just said, that 200000000 that's maybe a 3rd a bit weak gobbled up by lawyers fees. well, even if you take the lawyers fees out of it, there's a $100000.00 people in the city of flint. so if you divide that 600000000 from the date down by that it's not very much. and then you look at what the costs have been the fact that its been 7 and a half years about dealing with, you know, contaminated water medical fees in our home alone. our kitchen and one of our bathrooms are good because the water 8 through some of the plumbing in the ceiling and walls, and behind our appliances. and it had to be gutted down to the studs. so that, you know, tens of thousands of dollars that we have to pay back and loan we had to take out to be able to have a usable house. and that's just our house. and we were fortunate to be able to get a loan where other families haven't been no, in no way shape or form. is it enough? money is a step in the right direction. sure. is it a win win?
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okay. yeah, it is because, you know, i mean, we want against the state government that had, that hasn't happened for civil cases. and let me ask you a question. if a do you think that racism had a role to play in this story and in flint is mostly black american, many people are poor. they've struggled financially and economically. the cities civil rights commission said that systemic racism was at the hearts of flints, water problems. so how did race play into this? do you think? oh, absolutely, i mean if we were a middle class or wealthy white community, this wouldn't have happened. and if it did, it would have been picked quickly. we've seen other cities like an arbor, which is the upper, you know, upper class white college town. they replaced all of their lead pipes before one pipe was removed in flint, and they didn't even have a water. no, yeah, absolutely. with racism, and it was a lot easier to ignore poor black people in the inner city a point. and we do have a high, you know, hispanic population and immigrant population. and so it was very easy to ignore
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these people and they ignore to ignore that. we had to go to court that the only way we've made any changes was by getting attorneys that believe that and that dude in our, on our behalf and that even the bill that, than that 2015 that's been going on. and so yeah, absolutely. we're a poor majority, minority community and apparently, according to the state government and the government in federal whereas throw away disposable people. and the city of michigan was, was accused of repeatedly overlooking the theory of public health risk of the water supply. and we understand there are more lawsuits pending against engineers, the hospital of the private companies. are you still holding out even more compensation? melissa? oh absolutely. we are still doing the federal government in the e p a because they ignored our cries for help when the state and city ignore to. and then we also have the private firms, the private engineering firm, the only in land and work we found out through these hearings. and he, you know,
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going back and forth to court for the past several years. they had their hands on a lot more with the decision making and the downplaying than was, was expected. and you know, i mean that's where we're hoping since this part of the partial settlement is an 80 percent at kids under the age of 8 being more hoping that adults will become a state of properly with the next part. and hopefully, the other defendants as far enough to settle. melissa, just a final thought. you, i mean, not the dust settles on this multi 1000000 pound settlement. other lessons to be learned from this. do you think? yes, there are. when public health is politicized, like it is a cobit as well, people die and it is far, far better to take care of your people, the people that you've been warned to protect ben, to let it drug out and to cover it up and watch people die because get what we will do get attorney, and we will win. but we'll see if that makes any difference for other cities to not replicate the same kind of a disaster unless they want to pay hundreds of millions of dollars. well,
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melissa mays really good to get your insight into thoughts. thank you very much. indeed for talking to to 0. thank you. thank you. now the american teenager who shot 3 people killing 2 during racial justice protest last year has broken down while testifying at his own murder trial. col. rittenhouse says he shot the 3 men in self defense. prosecutors argue rittenhouse carried an assault style with him to the protest, accusing him of instigating confrontations. re his lawyers demanding a miss trial of what they say out of bounds question. chili's president says he is convinced that impeachment case brought against him by the opposition will be dropped. sebastian benita is accused of corruption falling the leak of the pandora papers which expose the hidden wealth of leaders and business people. the documents linked any error to the sale of a multi $1000000.00 project through a family business to a close friend. but he says he has the support of the senate, which will determine his fate. if the american bethune, we are convinced that this accusation is unfounded, neither in fact nor
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a law. after reading it calmly, we have concluded that the accusation is based on false facts or cunningly related to simply speculation or supposition, and does not to meet the standard required for a constitutional accusation. in our rule of law. more than 70 drivers working for the world food program have been detained by the ethiopian authorities, un and humanitarian sources said they were arrested during government raids, targeting ethnic to grinds a day earlier. 16 you and workers were detained in the capitol rebels into gray. have in the past week claims of capture towns on the main highway to addis ababa? well, the head of the ethiopian human rights commission says he's deeply concerned about the mass arrest of ethnic to grimes. since a state of emergency has been declared denito pierre, the they, they are very modest commission, has been monitoring and following godsa based off not just 16, but actually hundreds of people. and there appears to be ethnic
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i element to see satirists, which what he says are in a sense that are largely ethnic. the grands have been had targeted to for how search and arrests and are we have been following up the case so far? hundreds of people and i do understand that a set of images, he gives a power to our police to a suspect, to our race, to people on the ground. so for the reasonable suspicion, but we are concerned about at least scoffed the state of emergency. and it's a direct thieves to being applied in the wrong way, which is why we have already expressed a concern and we continued to monitor or a self say what other people will read. what i'm saying is, if you appears state minister for foreign affairs speaking to al jazeera, he denied allegations of arbitrary detentions. i don't think, i believe it is this through the ethnic profiling,
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but people might be out of that. i don't think that i children, i don't have that information and if that happens, the government doesn't allow me to click on the, on the date of emergency this issue that people should be treated well. and there must be adequate reason that to happen in any person. so somebody about it, this might happen, but they want to be better, my systematic one, if it happens that it also be a criminal act than anybody that does would actually be held accountable. but they want to be systematic, and there is no systematic harvest just because of your profile. and if the police might have found out some suspect, then they will be bound to paint and then also do do investigation. if any individual does not have adequate evidence, which i assume you must be released, but are planting some people will not get that my truck systematic. but because we're in complex situation, you know how many people are being attacked and how many adults started being done . and then you know, a number of actor,
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so you must have been much careful individual and that that should not be done in the heart of the lee and then police must do their job. but we would also look into that the process, if there is any, every validity, then that must be a former boss. back member of both the governors presidency is warning the temperatures on visions of the country sibley to a dangerous bacteria. is it beg of is concerns come after miller? i don't propose a law that would take his reason of republic, a subs go out of a states institution, the qu, prepare it for, for last the keith slowly he was leading us to this situation. and now his stock trying to make and it will because obscure state and he want to achieve the gauze that hasn't been achieved by war, by courage and large by political means. it desert that a thick on peace agreement, if you take
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a peace agreement to will that piece piece agreement collapse, the piece itself will also collapse. so it is something absolutely the angels unpredictable. those who knows in we've says it will lead. they said they will, they will not allow the armed forces unless they have to be on the territory of others. so it means they are going to make but a military policy which will attack and prevent states to function on that part or the 31st with that if they're really continuing, this sounds kind of scenarios possible. the auto nation security council is calling for an immediate end to fighting and me and mar the rest statement from all 15 members comes in with an escalation of violence and reports of a military build up of heavy weapons and troops in the western state of chin and on wednesday, protested rallied against the military men mas largest city young gun. since february's crew, hundreds of thousands had been displaced and 3000000 or an 8. before the french
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president false alarm has been re living the night of the 2015 parents attacks while testifying at the trial of the 20 suspects. he was at the national stadium when the 1st attack, a detonated his best. gunman later opened fire and several other parts of the capitol, including the better plan concert hall, $130.00 people were killed. it was the country's worst atrocity since world war 2. natasha battle has more from the french capital. well 1st, all alone said that he wanted to testify to clarify his role as the president at the time of those attacks on the night, but also some of his decisions off. so he said that he have what he said might help shed some light on those events for survivors and family of the fiction, of in many question since the attack as to whether or not more could have been done to prevent the alarm that was off. this repeatedly in the court,
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he said that it was very clear to the french coach and said that there were many right from high school. again, from people that were right. example. again, crowded area, things like shopping centers, perfect. all on said look, it is impossible to put security in police in every crowded area outside every shop . i thought every concert hall was full stadium, but he said that everything had been done to try and work right. you also said that some of the attackers were on the radar, the intelligence services, some were even under surveillance, but nobody imagined that they would carry out the sort of violence that they did. now the world look for solutions to the climate crisis. scotlands, oatmeal islands are the forefront of the renewable energy revolution. as our 0 nick clock reports, the items have a heritage of innovation thinking back thousands of years. the story of invention on these remote islands is coming full circle. cultural and architectural innovation flourished hair way back in neolithic times,
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even before the pyramids were built. 5000 years on orkney is again at the vanguard of the future. we all know i didn't fit on the range in cost between the north sea and the north atlantic, whether it's high, it's career back and forth between the islands and the u. k. mainland and in the title raises does power power that can drive all walls. this is the orbital o to the world's most powerful title turbine. roaches spin in the ebb and flow, generating enough electricity for 2000 homes. it's just one of many prototypes being tested by the european marine energy center. here on orkney research suggest title power could provide up to 10 percent of the u. k. electricity with the same guaranteed output as gas or co title. and she's really interesting because it's entirely predictable. it's driven by the position of the moon and the position of
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the earth and the sun. so we know where the tides are going to be when the thoughts can be running a 1000 years from today. some of the machines are on the see bit, some of the machines associate on the surface, but altogether they actually provide a huge energy. so stance available. the island is him, have already capitalized on another force of nature. community owned commercial scale, wind turbines. they help generate more electricity than is required on the islands, the surplus being sold on to the u. k. mainland. this also a huge, offshore wind project planned and green. hydrogen is already being produced to power marine and road transport. i spoke to dr. sandy cur harriet, what university he told me, the acadia and green revolution has turned the island economy around. we get students that come here from around the world under kittens that come back to learn about renewable energy in this community. and a number of them, steve. and i take up jose was say, the local and renewable energy companies not really reverse in the brain tree that
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we see around the rest of the case. while there's still a long way to go these islands a well on the road to carbon neutrality, wind and tide, a driving a size make change, giving the rest of the world a glimpse of things to come. nick, clock al jazeera, the oconee islands, scotland. oh, i could check the headlines here on al jazeera, china and the u. s. a promised to work together more closely to combat climate change in spite of their differences, both pledge to speed up emissions reductions to meet the goals of the past climate deal. well, you as climate envoy john carries has corporation is key to getting the job done. the united states and china are releasing a joint declaration which lays out how we will limit warming on this plan.


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