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tv   [untitled]    November 11, 2021 5:00am-5:31am AST

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the rain recently just around the western side of the caribbean, that wet to weather is pushing further west. ah. ah. a possible thought in relations between china and the united states, the planets to largest produces of emissions announce their joint plan to tackle climate change. ah, we get on come all santa maria here and job. this is the world news from al jazeera . the u. s. president is admitted consumer price as a to high and as pinning his hopes on an infrastructure bill to counter the biggest jump in inflation and 30 years. also a hopeless situation on the battle roost. poland border thousands of migrants are
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still stranded in desperate freezing conditions. and afghans price for another harsh winter themselves caught between starvation at home or displacement abroad. ah, hello from china in the us have issued a joint declaration at the cop 26 summit and glasgow. promising to work together more closely to bring about some real action on climate change. at separate news conferences there and voice said they would cooperate to accelerate the emissions reductions that are desperately needed to meet the temperature goals of the paris climate agreement. i had the last day of the conference on friday, the final details of how to tackle climate change. there yet to be a great though, amongst the almost $200.00 countries taking pops, andrew simmons wraps up developments from glasgow. it came out of the blue since the chinese special envoy to cop $26.00 announced his country was going to work
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with the united states on climate action. ah shannon are well affable. you go to me all the choices here. i'd like to announce any hotels message china and united states have jointly released at china us joined glasgow declaration, an in house in climate action in 2020 a line. shortly after that came john kerry confirming what amounts to some sort of partnership the united states and china have no shortage of differences. but on climate and climate cooperation is the only way to get this job done. this is not a discretionary thing, frankly. this is science, it's math and physics that dictate the road that we have to travel. china and the u . s. aunt, only the 2 biggest economies on earth. they're also responsible for the biggest
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emissions of carbon dioxide and methane gases. and that's why such a joint effort may have added value details about exactly what effective will have . i'll limited at this stage. but regardless of that, it's given a lift to proceedings here at a difficult time. earlier boris johnson had headed back to glasgow on an electric train, not the private jet. he used to fly to london last week. his mission to try bridging the gaps on a final agreement. the world is hud leaders from every country continent stand here and acknowledge the need for action and the world will find absolutely incomprehensible. if we fail to deliver that, and the backlash from people will be immense, and it will be long lasting. and frankly, we will deserve their criticism, and their opprobrium fossil fuel states may not like it, but the draft working text has devised
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a ratcheting up effect on cutting emissions. countries would review progress with foreign ministers meeting next year and with heads of state gathering in 2023. no one needs reminding of what's at stake. although this new time lapse study of 6 weeks shows how quickly iglesia in iceland can melt cop 26th to go see ations are getting more intense, not helped. by latest research showing temperatures could rise by 2.4 degrees celsius. not near enough to the 1.5 celsius cap to be anything other than dangerous . and that's even if all the promises for emission cuts and other measures come to fruition. countries like the gambia in west africa, which is one of few states managing to comply with demands from the paris agreement in 2015. we are leading ganga is need, will be negotiation on adaptation. what software we're talking about long term financing. we're talking about loss and damage. we're talking about order sticking
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issues that are not foot coming from the negotiations. so this is a concern for our developing countries, a list velo qualities for that matter. this is highly unlikely to be the last version of a draft agreement with rules of consensus in which every one of nearly 200 cop members have to agree. it's feared a final action plan is more likely to be watered down rather than toughened up. andrew simmons al jazeera glasgow a little early we spoke to lauren gifford, a post doctoral research associate at the university of arizona, school of geography, development and environment. she's at the cop $26.00 and says there is growing skepticism about turning. the pledge is made at the summit into real life actions the china us agreement to, to enhance climate action is more of that theater. and the devil's always in the details. and these negotiations and here in glasgow where we are all day. what
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people are really looking at is the nuances of the agreement and how people are talking about increasing flows of finance, dealing with climate adaptation and supporting and financing climate adaptation. compensating small island states where things like the loss of damage that they are experiencing because the climate change and things like that. what comes out of the un process, the you and triple c process is non binding agreements and they have frankly never been met. right? so, you know, a lot of it was what we say exists and discourse. it exists then for station and in it drives policy. but we keep continually ramping up. ambition, if they say, and that's what the us china agreement was going to do. and, but that doesn't mean that people actually act on that intended ambition until other news. and you as president jo biden's on
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a national tour showcasing his infrastructure economic plan, which he says is the fix to the country. soaring inflation. biden's acknowledged the consumer prices are too high. up to new data revealed the risen 6.2 percent in the past year. the biggest inflation spike in 30 years. rob reynolds reports from the port of long beach near los angeles. at least $100.00 giant cargo ships are floating in limbo off the southern california coast carrying billions of dollars worth of goods they can't unload. it's the most visible sign of today's global supply chain crisis. we have never seen the volume of containers were seen today. we are busier than ever. we are at full capacity. but the warehouses are also $46.00. the ports of the l. a and long beach are the largest in the us handling about 40 percent to one half of all imports, mostly from china. but due to coven era online spending sprees by american
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consumers staffing shortages and sheer lack of storage capacity compared to the volume of shipping, the ports are jammed even after ramping up to 247 operation. it's been demick had the effect of impacting every 2nd of supply chain all at the same time. on top of that, the pandemic triggered heightened demand for goods overseas from us consumers. us consumers are buying goods at a historic base us president joe biden has allocated government funding and is urging more coastal ports warehouses, trucking companies and other links in the supply chain to work 247 to solve the problem. today i'm here to talk about one of the most pressing economic concerns of american people. and it's real. and that is getting prices down number one, number to making sure our stores are fully stocked. and number 3, getting
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a lot of people back to work while tracking and tackling these 2 above challenges. i mention today's economic report showing unemployment continue to fall, but consumer prices remain too high. the winter holiday gift giving season is fast approaching. so what's on board? all of these ships stuck out in the harbor waiting to unload. well, there's close computers, furniture, electronics, and of great importance to parents and grandparents everywhere. toys, isaac larry and sells toys. lots and lots of very popular toys. kids can't get enough of this, can get his m ga entertainment company includes god, i haven't items like l. a well surprise brands and many others. so these none and enough surprise didn't live in any cats. a kitty cat camper. we have research, he's going to be hug authorities. here are the stories here. over 70 percent of the
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demand is sitting on boats and contain containers, the china factory. they will make it for christmas and i'm talking but the supply chain logistics nightmares, the snarled supply chain is slowing down global economic growth and boosting inflation. now, it might mean a lot of disappointed kids. i love children. more than enough goes my advice to consumer who is watching these. please go, i shop early. experts predict the crunch will persist well into next year. rob reynolds, al jazeera, long beach, california. bella roosts is accusing the european union of provoking a refugee and migrants stand off on its border with poland as an excuse to impose new sanctions. the latest in escalating back and forth with the ease saying about
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iverson president, alexander lucas shanker, has lowered people to poland doorstep law says about 2000 people, stuck in freezing dangerous conditions at the eastern edge of europe. as that bag is there for us. i did not asking for much, in fact, these children just want water journalists are banned from this area, but the person filming these scenes on the border between bearers and poland says there are babies as young as 2 months old. here. some families have not eaten for several days. at night, temperatures drop well below 0. at least 2000 people. many of them from the middle east are stuck in makeshift camps along the razor. wire. social media footage from recent days shows refugee and migrants escorted by must bella roost insecurity towards the border. sometimes shots fired. huh. 7 and people have often been beaten as in these pictures are shown by polish forces momma all day. momma
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though the u says bela root has been encouraging migrants and refugees to enter poland and lithuania in retaliation for sanctions imposed over human rights violations. you ambassadors have now agreed. this justifies a new round of sanctions. i better ruth, and the block wants action to stop more desperate people arriving on its borders. important, which brings very well to the origin, turn threes into the trends if to increase what all the current sequences of the policy is also important to explain to the allies, what are the concrete effects of the decisions in the system. and in fact, in the launch of the hybrid attach against you. but michelle, by she let, the united nations human rights chief has issued a statement effectively condemning old sites in the stand of saying, hundreds of men and women and children must not be forced to spend another night in freezing weather without adequate shelter. food, water and medical care. under international law, no one should ever be prevented from seeking asylum or other forms of international
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human rights protection. for its part, rush, a traditional backer, a better route is accusing brussels of being hypocritical. she tortured you, she can greatly improve on the situation, is indeed very tense and there's a tendency to escalate tensions that causes concern. it's apparent that a humanitarian catastrophe is looming against the background of europeans reluctance to demonstrate commitment to their european values. in a phone call, german chancellor, angular market as appealed directly to russian president vladimir putin to exert his influence on the regime in minsk. as governments take the blame game, the humanitarian situation guest dire by the day on the border out there in the darkness beyond the police road block are up to 2000 people, including women and children, with little shelter, food, or water spending the night in freezing temperatures, aside beg, i'll jazeera poland just before we take you to a break here,
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some recent pictures as a new team of astronauts head for the international space station. 3 here. one here. ignition and lift i got. it was about 2 minutes ago. the skies above the kennedy space center in florida, lit up there is 4 crew on board, the spy, 6 rocket, 3 them from nasa, one from the european space agency on board. they are expected to dock in about 22 hours. that the i assessed to begin a 6 month science mission aboard the operating a bar tree live pictures now from on board. that's incredible, isn't it that we can actually see that as that's happening high above the earth under control. it's my computer that 20000 slay gets to the spaces right in the news a heads in a day after you and staff were detained. there are concerns workers from another
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humanitarian group have been targeted by ethiopian governance. and it's been more than 2 months. relatives of a family killed by a u. s. drone strike in afghanistan are still waiting for justice. ah, ah, look forward to brighter skies the winter sponsored my cattle airways hollow. we've got some cool wet sam, windy weather pushing across the sea of japan. it'll drive its way over towards that western side of honshu into her kado, sheltered by the mountains not faring too badly for tokyo temperatures here getting up to route 21 celsius over the next couple of days. but you see how that ray just lingers across the western side of honshu, some snow for a time over the high ground hop over the water with towards the korean peninsula. cool enough, but at least it should be largely dry night celsius. getting up to about 13 celsius
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in beijing temperature starting to recover now or the overnight, those temperatures do fall very close to freezing. so some very cold mornings at once again. much of charter is largely dry and settled. got a few showers doubt was hong kong towards taiwan. plenty of showers may while across southeast asia, some live the showers running in across so central and southern parts of vietnam. once again, that wet weather will continue to push its way. a little further westward could see some flooding just around the gulf of thailand, pushing out into the bay of been go where of course we are looking at flooding into eastern parts of in the particular round or under, but dash down towards tumble. now, do chen? i has flooding at the moment. more rain to come here over the next couple of days. oh, the weather sponsored by casara ways. oh, the land of the free america has never been a rural democracy. the blackfeet,
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witness, ridge for a new episode of democracy maybe excludes divisions and struggles and america's electoral system. a fight for and against equal representation. and the democratic process is the country that's learning how to be a democracy, but it's not there. one person, one vote on al jazeera lou aah on al jazeera, these are the top stories this out china and the u. s. promising to work together more closely to combat climate change in spite of their differences, both pledged to speed up emissions reductions to meet the goal to the parents agreements. you as president joe biden says,
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his infrastructure economic plan is the fixed to the countries soaring inflation. you date is revealed prices have risen 6.2 percent in the past year, which is the biggest spike in 30 years. and bill of roofs says the e u is provoking a refugee and migrant standoff as an excuse to impose new sanctions. 2000 people are stuck in freezing conditions on the border with polish. more than 70 dr. is working for the world food program have been detained by ethiopian authorities, un humanitarian sources. so they were arrested during government rates targeting ethnic to grimes a day early as 16 you and workers were detained in the capitol. while the rebels in the past week say they've captured towns along the main highway to ada sapa, the head of the ethiopian human rights commission is daniel mckayla. and he says he is deeply concerned about the mass arrest of ethnic to grants. since
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a state of emergency has been declared denito pierre, the lady very modest commission has been monitoring and following up saturday st. off not just 16, but actually hundreds of people. and there appears to be a to nika, are elements to the satirists, which what he says are, in a sense that are largely ethnic. the grands have been had targeted to fort house, a search, and artists, and our we have been following up the case so far. hundreds of people. i do understand that's a set of images. he gives a power to our police, to a suspect, to our race, to people on the ground. so for the reasonable suspicion. but we are concerned about our at least scoffed the state of emergency. and it's a direct thieves to being gar applied in a wrong way, which is why we have already expressed a concern, and we continued to monitor her that of
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a soft several people. but we've also heard from red one, her sane. ethiopia is state minister for foreign of her through told al jazeera, he denied allegations of arbitrary detentions. i don't think and believe it is this through the ethnic profiling, but people might be audited. i don't think that i chill rent. i don't have that information. and if that happens, the government doesn't allow and it might clear on the, on the date of emergency this issue that people should be treated with. and most of the advocates within that to happen in any person. so somebody about it, this might happen. but they want to be better, my systematic one, if it happens that it also be a criminal act than anybody that does would actually be held accountable. but they want to be systematic. and there is no systematic harvest just because of your profile. and if the police might have found out some suspect, then they will be bound to pay and then also do do investigation. if any individual
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does not have adequate evidence, which i assume you must be released but are planting some people would not get that . my truck systematic, but because we're in complex situation, you know, how many people are being attacked and how many adults are being done. and then you know, a number of actor. so you must have a much careful individual and that that should not be done. in the hot bath at the lee and then police must do their job, but we would also look into that the process. if there is any, every validity, then that must be addressed. relatives often ask and family kills us. drones strike service still waiting for justice. the attack and cobble in august killed an aid worker and his family, including 7 children. the parent again later said it would pay compensation. but there was a watchdog ruling that while the attack was a mistake, it didn't break any laws. the actual targets were eiffel members who knew? well they've, i'm ok with the dead body of my nephew was behind his car. the body of my brother was behind the other car. his son was in the driver's seat as well as his other
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kids who were also inside that call when you attack happened was the worst incident in my life to us promised as that they would take the family out of a kind of stone. so they must fill their commitment off so that it has been almost 3 months. and we have not heard from the us. agencies meanwhile say up to 5000 people are fleeing to iran from afghanistan every day, over 300000 refugees of arrived since the town amount of power back in august, this report from priyanka group to after a tough year of gone. so now preparing for an even how she winter, firewood, charcoal and heaters lie unused and sharp, and on the streets beyond the reach of many of the guns who can't afford to keep themselves warm them either. josh or the current people are miserable. there are no salaries or work opportunities. the government needs to create jobs for the people
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and pay them salary. since the taliban to control in august, the united states is blocked billions of dollars of afghanistan's overseas at its leaving. it's a ready, troubled economy in ruins. unemployment, poverty, and hunger are forcing thousands of people to cross into ne, bring iran every day, or more watcher, calling cherokee matthews. what shall we do? why isn't help being delivered? why's their money blocked? why does nobody deliver hope to the people of afghanistan? i mean, help, that would keep them in afghanistan. help that stop them from leaving their homes and going to borders. know every single day. we have several 1000 peoples in our borders with afghan iran house, one of the largest number of con refugees in the world. for decades, afghans had been making the way across yvonne's long eastern border. but agencies see the number of arrivals is increasing. in iran,
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there is already ran up to $4000000.00 africans coming over the years over the border and from the pricing and i've gone is gone now with full $5000.00 each day. they were in iran, it will be overwhelmed. there is not enough resources here to help them. so the international community has the neighboring countries inside up gone on very much so, but also the neighboring countries, iran and pockets on u. s. functions and iran, also hunting efforts, due to the current situation of sanctions. to the country, unfortunately, we are not able or we are not able to receive the national donations assistance because the banking challenge are blocked and then we are not able to receive the donations. for now, millions of guns are caught between starvation at home and displacement abroad.
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with little help in sight, priyanka gupta, alt 0, dozens of protest as have been arrested in georgia, the trying to former president mccall soccer really continues. on hunger strike since his arrest last month and prisoner far, he say he won't be allowed to attend his trial decision. that has angered sockets, really supporters from forest walker, with the support from tbilisi, the police arrest dozens of suckers really support is protesting against the former president's treatment. while in jail. the tensions have been escalating since the return of the former president to georgia. his arrest and subsequent 7 week hunger strike. now the government is trying to cast doubt on how serious that hunger strike is publishing this cctv footage. his supporters say doctors prescribed him essential supplements. oh yeah. opposition leaders expressed
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outrage at the government's tactics saying the videos release is a breach of his privacy. they are also furious that he was transferred to the medical unit of a maximum security prison on monday. not the private clinic. many had been calling for mr. case demonstrating how deep the varnish museum has gone to cross all the red lines of basic rule of law decency, at how deeply trying to plunge our country through hateful revenge. violent russia put in russia, style politics. the former presidents on trial for use of excessive force during anti government protests under his leadership in 2007, but successfully did not appear in court. prosecutors in the defense instead arguing over why the penitentiary service refused to deliver him, allegedly, due to a security threat. because there has really support his r. i,
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that he's being denied a chance to finally defends himself in person in court. and that into a growing says the frustration among the opposition that he's been denied his rights. oh, our government is absolutely office. it's you human in what kind of country do they arrest? president, president should come and go. the government says sucka city will be given no special treatment. toiletries only got this lovely ro, mrs. every one knows that this whole show that he staged serves the sole purpose of somehow moving him to a private clinic. we have commented on this and i can do it again now because of the nish sir cash really arrived in georgia for the sole purpose of carrying out a revolution. the us state department has called for because suckers really to be treated with dignity and respect. i with the outrage over his detention
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comes a growing gris of confrontation. robin 1st year walker algae 0 shibley's, a former boss, neck member of bosnia herzegovina, his presidency, is born in the separatist ambitions of the country serb leader on dangerous back here. is that big big of it? shes concerns come after mirror that mirror. i'm so sorry. miller rad dodge proposed a law that would take his region of republic esparsa out of the states institutions . mil, under the qu, prepare that for for law. the keith slowly, he was leading us to this situation. and now he started trying to make and the republican subs costly. and he want to achieve the gold that hasn't been achieved by war by current rich and large by political means it
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desert that it's a thick on peace agreement. if you take peace agreement to will take peace, peace agreement collapse the piece itself will also collapse. so it is something absolutely the intervals unpredictable. who knows in which says it will lead. they said they will, they will not allow the armed forces unless they are to be on the territory of artists. so it means they are going to make but a military policy which will attack the state and prevent states to function on that part or the therapy footnote that if they're really continuing, that sounds kind of scenario as possible. the american teenager who shot 3 people killing 2 during racial justice protests last year was broken down while testifying or at his own murder trial. cal rittenhouse says he shot the 3 men in self defense . prosecutors argue rittenhouse carried an assault style weapon to the protest and
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accused them of instigation. confrontations. normally i was, the u. s. judge has approved a $626000000.00 settlement for those harmed by the lead water crisis in flint, michigan. the suit was brought forward by tens of thousands of residents, flints, water supply was switched back in 2014 to save money, toxic levels of lead cause deaths and severe health problems among residents. and 2nd stream of lava from the erupt in volcano, in the canary islands, has now reached the ocean and hit the atlantic at a beach on the western side of la palmer, a region that is sparsely populated. so no new evacuations have been ordered. scientists say seismic activity around the volcano is decreasing 8 weeks after it began erupting ah half past the hour. and these are the top.


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