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tv   [untitled]    November 11, 2021 4:00am-4:31am AST

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courageous. fine b untold story. celebrate excellence. keep alive the pioneering spirit. never stop. we haven't for 25 years, we've never stopped on our journey. never stops when our commitment to you al jazeera 25. he is a unique path. ah, it's a 100 hours g m t. i'm come al santa maria with a look at your headlines. china and the us have issued a joint declaration at the cop $26.00 summit in ground sco, promising to work together more closely to bring about real action on climate change. both pledge to speed up emissions reductions to meet the goals, the power agreement. i had the last day, the conference on friday, the final details of how to tackle climate change of yet to be agreed upon amongst
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the almost $200.00 countries taking pot. here is climate and by john kerry though, says, cooperation is key to getting the job done. the united states and china are releasing a joint declaration which lays out how we will limit warming on this planet. and how together will take action here at the cop. as well as in 1st come present. biden had a conversation with present she a number of weeks ago in which both of the leaders express their hopes that despite areas of real difference and we know there are we could cooperate on the climate crisis. more on this one with shebra tansy in washington and the message is released. china in the us are fighting on this one issue and it was, it was reported that in fact in order to get to this initiative,
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china in the u. s. and had 10 had to have 30 rather virtual meetings over 10 months in order to come up with this, this initiative. and we had heard actually in the recent weeks john kerry was hoping for some, some kind of splashy announcement with china. so what did they come up with? went to a pretty, pretty willy, really but, but again, as you say, we got it, it's something. so there is a working group that are setting up, which is specifically going to be concentrating on what the 2 countries can do in the 2020, in the short term. these are, these are good, is a good words for, for those who are complaining that often countries simply say, we will do this really long time goes. this is specifically, this is specifically about the short term when, when action is the most crucial. so that's, that's good surely that on me same us you've been pushing china. busy to join some global compact on reducing anything chimes, there's no buy principle. we're not going to get involved in that. that's up to the developed countries, the historical pollutants do that. so what they're saying during this initiative is,
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are they will set up their own national action plan specifically about me. thank. all right, that's, that's good. no change in when china will reach peak emissions still 2030. but this is interesting to carry about press conference, and as far as us officials are concerned, i think china's already reached peak peak emissions of greenhouse gases and as already kind of platform, which is interesting over headlines will roost, says the european union is provoking a refugee and migrant standoff as an excuse to impose new sanctions. this is the latest in an escalating back and forth. the e u itself is accusing president alexander lucas shank, of using people as a form of hybrid warfare. a 2000 people are stuck in freezing conditions on the border with poland, conditions described as horrific years. president joe biden says his infrastructure plan is the fixed to the country. soaring inflation. u date has revealed prices of risen 6.2 percent in the past year. the biggest spike in 30 years re deliver walden
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70 drivers working for the world food program have been detained by ethiopian authorities, u. n. and humanitarian sources say they were arrested during government rates, talking ethnic to grimes. although the government has denied this in an interview with al jazeera a day early, a 60 new and workers were detained in the capitol. as the rebels in t grey have been the power st claim to have captured towns on that main highway to ad isabella, relatives of afghans killed in the u. s. drones try say they're still waiting for justice. the attack in kabul in august killed an aid worker and his family, including 7 children. the strike was meant to target iso and protest as a rallied against the military government in me and mas largest city young gone on wednesday, a cold for people to boycott. the education system taken over by the military following february's qu, meanwhile, monitoring group for fi rights is outlined rights abuses by security forces. it includes killings and torture, which they say could amount to walk crimes you're up to date. with the headlines,
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al jazeera world starts right now. oh, lou. oh, ah. in mid 2020, a mobile phone belonging to al jazeera arabic was hacked over the next few months, working with an organization called citizen lab. the team from al jazeera,
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unpicked an extraordinary story of some of the most advanced spyware in the world, and how it's used, not least on al jazeera, as journalists with a click of a button. you can bring down nations to their news very rapidly if you so desire. and if you're willing to take the roof, because every system can be israel, manufacturers, pegasus, some of the most advanced spyware in the world. it 1st came to attention in 2016. since then, various governments have bought the spyware for their own use. questions today. ah, how does pegasus work? who is using it? and who are it's victims? well, there's very little in the actual detail behind pegasus spyware. the code,
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the malicious code that was used, that's very, very difficult to find out more about, i thought was all of the fact les leslie in live in a kennel model food because of, of had he felt with it. let me go live at one. and them i can use, i'm heather mold. what canal doesn't song of old? what have i only in know you're about for men. a lot of them could the solidify you for be 30 here facade the men, and had the follow with odyssey or arabic, investigative reporter, time at all, miss ha, followed a complicated technical process to track this infamous spyware. over many months, he had one of his own phones, monitored constantly with the help of citizen lab and an international research laboratory based in canada that specializes in data surveillance citizen la, who's the 1st to expose the existence of israel's pegasus spyware. in 2016,
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they disclose details of what they called an exploit infrastructure. connected to a phone belonging to an activist from the united arab emirates, the infiltration, the hack, led to the rest of our madman. sewer remains in prison to this day. the new hacking technique was called a 0 day exploits. and pegasus was, the spyware used to infiltrate monsoons formed bill ma sac from citizen lap, has worked for several years to expose pegasus. so what happened in 2016 started with this man. i madman sort of the activist in the u. e. and he noticed some suspicious messages on his phone and that he was getting the asam as he thought they were weird because they came from unknown numbers and they were promising information about human rights. so he forwarded them to me at citizen lab, we had known each other for a while. i got a burner phone, not obviously my,
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my real phone, a burner phone and clicked on the links. and while i was doing this, i was recording the internet traffic and recording the activity on the phone and what was installed. when i clicked the link was a very sophisticated, spyware payload. and the interesting question was, but who could be behind this? who might have programmed the spyware who might have sold it, who might be using it, and the process to figure that out is called attribution. so what we did in the report is we noticed that when you clicked on the link a 2nd time, it wouldn't cause the infection. it was only limited to the 1st click and the 2nd click would send you to a decoy website to try and make it look innocuous or benign. so we clicked on the 2nd time we got redirected to google, but it wasn't just any redirect to google. it was a very specific piece of code that someone had sat down and written on their computer. so we figured, well,
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maybe this is part of this spyware somehow. and if we can scan the internet, we can find other servers that had the same weird redirect to google. so this is exactly what we did. we used the popular open source v map program. we scan the internet and found 149 other servers, and this is where it gets interesting because this 2nd redirect to google was also returned by 3 servers. and s o q a dot com q a n q a dot com, and mail one dot and s o group dot com and the name here and i so group we found in a brochure in these really government's website. they had a brochure for this company, and so group, which is based in israel, and sells a product called pegasus, which is spyware, for mobile phones. in the case of pegasus citizen lab did very good work and was very, very conclusively able to say that pegasus had been written by and so groups. but
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it's actually stream li, rare that we're able to get that sort of concrete attribution and say this malware was written by this company. the n s o group is a technology company based in hatch layer in israel founded in 2010. it employs over 500 cybersecurity experts, peg as a spyware is viewed as its most important product use. israel is one of the most sophisticated cyber actors in the world. and i think that a lot of this is because the israeli army is training people to do this sort of offensive, packing for you know, in their military service. most of them allow me in the if he, how he should go home. how does your men wish that someone left within the huff a way the way is,
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is that what alaska is failure alarm will be. the customer will do heavy, i should get more about little cover was off at the thought was a little slightly r n a say, which is called unit a 200. it's pretty big. we allow them to create companies. and we, and order for the companies to develop, they need to make what they need to make money. they need to make money. thomasville miss house spoke to william benny, who for over 30 years, worked with the us national security agency, a former cryptography, and later whistleblower benny was the n. s. a technical leader of intelligence. many has a high level understanding of the agencies data collection systems. what that means is, any i phone or any phone in the world, 1st connecting to the network,
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when you want to use it, you're immediately known worldwide. i mean, all the switches have you and they capture your i. p. s and all and your phone and at mac numbers and all that. that's how they bill you. so that also is the known by the network in the implants, computer network exploitation implants, they have around the world over. this was in 2004 under 2010, somewhere in that range. they had over 50000 implants and all the switches, servers, and networked worldwide. i mean, that means they own the entire network. so that if you, your phone comes on the air, then they can, they can know who you are and where you are when citizen, lab exposed, and so, and it's pegasus spyware. in 2016, it attracted world wide controversy. anna, so claims its mission is to develop technology for government agencies to quote, detect and prevent terrorism and crime. however, the nature of its targets,
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the individuals whose phones have been hacked, raises questions about these claims. when pegasus was released a few years ago, it was mainly targeted on human rights activists, journalists, and politicians, and targeted people, maybe of people with high wealth. but it's never gree going to be used on the, on show public if you would to target everyone in math net. i don't think that would be as important to the people behind it. they didn't want to see my day to day that was your day to day going out to specific people. the danger of such spyware as its ability to infiltrate every piece of private information and hack the targeted device through the most used applications. oh. in 2019 whatsapp owned by facebook accused and eso of hacking the popular
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communications tool. and this waste fear, amongst the huge numbers of global users. of hort sab, especially at a time when some targeted victims appeared to meet with dreadful consequences it, i saw him select gala softly darvin visit phone miss they, him been must they live on lane or the blue bell over. so need to know who to share a quote, how of a swirl of me, dog, the la dog, my uncle, shave mo. good to have my will ma'am. let myself go must who i love them. he does. i mcdonnell, was they via sealants on mexico. i up on me issue michelle mexico visual of the whole and i make see connie, there's a lot of the all nozzles, you holland, nearly a clue away eat till night. she had do i would be called to a la mr. la vellum, in shallow vejo mc hud, do when they'll um. so if you do think that you are someone who's an important target, you're likely to face scrutiny by some government in the middle east or elsewhere.
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and you are a journalist, an activist or a member of civil society. i'd recommend that. yes. please do get in touch with, with citizen lab or other researchers who work in this space in the art and yeah, any elijah model and we saw wanted to know how difficult it was to monitor a phone, suspected of being hacked. and here how many a santa basically it involves installing an app on the phone, which allows us to inspect the internet traffic. and, and we do this for some period of time, depending on what the at a user would like. we can do it for a short time. we can do it for a long time and try and identify suspicious patterns or evidence that, that the phone might be hacked. while working as an investigative journalist almost howled, was he sweats and other suspicious messages through different apps. the threats
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increased over the months ramping up. as he worked on more sensitive regional subjects, he decided to install a tracking up on his work phone, developed by citizen black to trace possible hacking the conventional way to hack a smartphone is to send a suspicious message to the targeted form that includes a short text and a link when the user clicks on the link, software takes control of the phone and thus makes the device accept any command sent through the link. the device is then automatically connected to a server used by the hackers, and that is how the spyware gets installed on the phone. the user doesn't see the spyware on their phone, which has already been packed. the hackers can then control the device and all its functions. the main challenge for spyware is to find
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a vulnerability in the targeted phone, particularly as modern smartphone security protection techniques have developed significantly. pegasus managed to advance this capability considerably to be able to penetrate various kinds of smartphone. once the infection happened, the malware itself did the same stuff that we see a lot of malware do, which is spying, phone calls spy on text messages and whatsapp messages and any other encrypted messages you're sending and turn on your microphone and turn on your camera. um, what made it especially sophisticated was that they were willing to use brand new exploits for i phones to in fact their victims. and some of these exploits could cost upwards of a $1000000.00 each supply of pegasus spyware, to its clients, costs millions of dollars. and it can only used for a limited period of time. that means targeting a large number of smartphones from long periods of time,
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costs hundreds of millions of dollars. this extremely expensive cost raises questions. who can afford this spyware? who are an esl groups, main clients. on its website and a so group says its spyware is, quote, used exclusively by government intelligence, as efficiently requested by the governments themselves. does this mean that pegasus cannot be purchased by other parties? when people leave the israeli military service, they have all this very specialized, very highly sought after well paid knowledge. and so they take it to private companies such as an as oh group, right? and then they, they sell it to a countries that are known to violate human rights. because, you know, even though they are perhaps very intelligent about computer security. they clearly haven't thought so much about the human rights implications of what they're doing.
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or maybe they don't care banga saws in of op, bought each and will hail it. eat doing that you more i went in there like legal singlish name co, mr. holt. silt a bit, the haunted me denote it of, in a haunted as he get on the go go me modeling on the of had lawyer. they are the will highlight the zillow ton themselves as a ally. mahalo de la mexico in mac law. got mission moving la va, so deep yamaha i lay hold amiable york in the mahala layer, although of lay the columbia of bell ben mill, admitting old bo lum. by working on this investigation, tom, at almost how so many signs of hacking attempts on his phone. the one he had fitted out to track any infiltration. after 7 months on the 19th of july 2020, he received a phone call from citizen lap, informing him that the phone had been hacked.
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the hacking happened a few days after he had erred. an investigative documentary about an indian tycoon which disclosed controversial leaked documents about the tie coons linked to the you eat and his flight from that country. i'll miss hall had used the same phone to communicate with officials and individuals in the u. e. in order to give them the right to reply to the allegations in the film. so the 1st thing that we saw on your phone was on july 19th between about 103311288 m g m t. there were a very high number of connections to apple servers. now usually your phone will just communicate one apple server for icloud, for your backups, for your contact thinking the information. but in this case, in less than an hour, we saw your phone communicate with 18 different apple servers. and this was very
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unusual. you don't usually see those on phones, so that was the 1st clue that something suspicious was going on. and immediately after this communication stopped, we saw your phone reach out to this website regular, ours dot net. in other words, your phone connected to this website. and this website stands out, because we know from our research, a citizen lab that regular ours dot net, this website is linked to an a. so group pegasus spyware. so we saw your phone reaching out to this. and if so, packets a spyware server, which let us to suspect, and then later conclude that your phone was infected. so what we can see from the recording of your internet traffic. so let's go to this point in time here, 1129, where the phone communicates with the pack us a server. and we can look beforehand to see what was going on immediately before that. and the only thing that we see is this communication with i cloud with apple
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servers. we don't see any evidence that you pressed on a link were clicked on anything or went to any website. so what we think happened is that these communications with the apple servers delivered the initial exploits to have your phone. in other words, you didn't click on anything. your phone was automatically hacked, a so called 0 click, like we said 0 click exploits delivered through apple servers. this is a very expensive export. yes, this is if you think about the sophistication of exports to break into phones. this is as good as it gets 0 click means hacking, without clicking on any links. pegasus does not require any action by the user or a click on any suspicious links. the user receives a call from an unknown color to the internet, and the phone gets hacked, even without answering the phone call. after that pegasus spyware is installed on
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the targeted phone. taking full control of the device was definitely the most sophisticated attack i've seen in the last few years. a fact it was able to be installed on a targets device without the target, even clicking or anything. so 0 click attack. this is incredibly impressive. and like, is a very barely thing to better do that. it so sophisticated. but as it is rare, it's difficult for us to, to really know much more about it is something of this magnitude was able to be conducted to steal such data is the bit of a worry. see how that if the rock as you'll click tomato miss hong wanted to know if the 0 click process enabled, complete access to all the applications and content on his full death in milan. and he has as far as we know, they can access everything on the phone. we saw from looking at the log files on
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your phone that they were able to access the media framework. so they were able to turn on the microphone turn on the camera. if they wanted to and listen in to meetings or conversations going on around your device or they were also able to tap into the key chain on the phone. this is where your passwords for email accounts. social media may be stored in the fact that citizen lab was tracking thomas phone helped him take precautionary measures to prevent sensitive information being accessed. the most important thing was for him to discover the moment the hack into place and who else was affect it. vote we found working together without the zeros i t team is that your case was not the only one. there were at least $36.00 other cases inside al, jazeera of phones that were communicating with servers that we linked to and s o groups pegasus spyware. in other words, there were many different people at al jazeera who were hacked and targeted. not
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just you. i'll miss holland, the team from citizen lab, analyze the data connected to the hacking technology which targeted these devices. the hack appeared to be part of an organized campaign targeting symbol tenuously. the mobile phones of dozens of al jazeera journalists in order to spy on them. according to citizen labs technical report, israel's pegasus spyware, was used to infiltrate these phones by looking at the links and the accounts, the hacking of the phones was carried out, mainly in the u. e. and saudi arabia. the 2 countries that most used this advanced israeli technology in the region. but what we saw with the infections inside al jazeera is that about half of them were from this operator that we call monarchy. it's
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a code name that we give these operators when we refer to them inside citizen lab. and this operator is spying mostly in saudi arabia and cutter, but not very many other countries. so this tells us, well, if they're spying mostly in saudi arabia, maybe it is, in fact the saudi arabian government and the other half were from this other operator that we call sneaky castro inside citizen lab. and this operator seems to be mostly targeting inside the united arab emirates and cutter. so this tells us that the government, in this case may be the united arab emirates government. in other words, to different governments. it looks like we're behind this campaign ah, deals to purchase pegasus spyware on no longer a secret. many reports claim that saudi arabia and the u. e. have spent hundreds of
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millions of us dollars to buy pegasus from israel. such deals seemed to be reinforced. after the recent you asked brokers so called normalization deal between the u. h. e and israel, ah ah, a water crisis in america's west is intensifying deep history dividend obliterated ecosystems to create agriculture at the expense of our tribe. that's the way it's been since time. again, the strong taken away from the weak outline. investigate how climate cane hit pissing an oregon town. the breaking point we will fight because it's in a black. we are literally to the point that people are gonna start seeing each other when the war to felt on out this era. that comes here every year for either
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budget, a 5 day festival where everyone dresses in white men, women and children submerge and running water of the tigris river, depend their body then wash away their sins. this baptism is a monday in ritual, also known as civilians. in iraq, they are the followers of one of theistic religion which predates islam and christianity a monday. it was the 1st relation to the world, i believe one god created life, and he used to have a lasting a skins or a bomb. well, the 1st books of prophet adams sheet, and they want to dispel the myth about which cross and magic being associated with the gnostic religion, sabi, and say their numbers are barely a 5th of what they were before. the 2003 invasion because of iraq security, there's being a close religion. one can only be born into the faith in marrying into their religion is forbidden, and the population has dwindled even further because thousands have taken refuge
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elsewhere for safety. shawna is pursuing prosperity that influence on the globe and stage one east. investigate what the phase one of its closest neighbors. 51 on out you 0 lou to about is there a world is coming up 1st to check the headlines and china and the u. s. a promise to work together more closely to combat climate change, in spite of their differences, both pledged to speed up emissions reductions to meet the goals of the paris agreement. us climate envoy john kerry says cooperation is the key to getting the job done. the united states and china are releasing
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a joint declaration which lays out how we will limit warming on this planet and how.


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