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tv   [untitled]    November 11, 2021 1:00am-1:31am AST

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but finding a replacement, his priest problematic, will it be 3rd time lucky in the bulgarian election? special cap rates on county thera, ah, climate cooperation is the only way to get this job done. in a surprise announcement, china in the united states, the world's 2 biggest emitters, announced enjoy plans to boost that climate efforts in the decade ahead. ah, i'm sorry, i'm in london, you're watching al jazeera, also coming up on the program. you know, it's a nation, so 72 well food program drive as of now been detained in ethiopia, or is along grows over the widespread arrest of ethnic to grind the war of what
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escalates between batteries and the e u, leaving hundreds of migrant stock. the polish order in freezing conditions and afghans bryce for harsh winter court between starvation at home or displacement abroad. in china and the us is issued a joint declaration at the club $26.00 summit and glasgow promising to work together to enhance climate action. their envoys said they would corporate to accelerate the emission reductions needed to meet the temperature goals of the paris agreement. this after draft agreement was released focusing on keeping temperature rises below one and a half degrees celsius to avoid the worst impact of climate change. it calls for countries to submit long term plans for reaching that 0 by the end of next year. analysts say that current pleasures put the world on track for $2.00 degrees of
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woman. and scientists have worn that global emissions need to be cut by 45 percent by 2030. and to 0 over all by 2050 deal calls more financial support for developing countries beyond the $100000000.00 promise in 2009, which won't be delivered until at least 2022. and the countries to accelerate the phasing out of coal and subsidies for fossil fuels, but doesn't set any fun dates or targets for doing this. nearly 200 countries will now negotiate the details as consensus from all nations is required for this to work and resume as reports now from glasgow. it came out of the blue since the chinese special envoy to cop $26.00 announced his country was going to work with the united states on climate action. ah sharmen ah, well our father will you go to me all the choices here? i'd like to announce any holden's message. china and united states have jointly
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released at china us joint glasgow declaration and enhancing climate action in 2020 a light. shortly after that came john kerry confirming what amounts to some sort of partnership the united states and china have no shortage of differences. but on climate and climate cooperation is the only way to get this job done. this is not a discretionary thing, frankly. this is science, it's math and physics that dictate the road that we have to travel. china and the u . s. aren't only the 2 biggest economies on earth. they're also responsible for the biggest emissions of carbon dioxide and methane gases. and that's why such a joint effort may have added value details about exactly what effect to below have . i'll limited at this stage. but regardless of that, it's given
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a lift to proceedings here at a difficult time. earlier boris johnson had headed back to glasgow on an electric train, not the private jet. he used to fly to london last week. his mission to try bridging the gaps on a final agreement. the world is hud leaders from every country continent stand here and acknowledge the need for action and the world will find absolutely incomprehensible. if we fail to deliver that, and the backlash from people will be immense, and it will be long lasting. and frankly, we will deserve their criticism, and their opprobrium fossil fuel states may not like it, but the draft working text has devised a ratcheting up effect on cutting emissions. countries would review progress with foreign ministers meeting next year and with heads of state gathering in 2023. no
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one needs reminding of what's at stake. although this new time lapse study of 6 weeks shows how quickly iglesia in iceland can melt cop 26th negotiations are getting more intense not helped. by latest research showing temperatures could rise by 2.4 degrees celsius. not near enough to the 1.5 celsius cap to be anything other than dangerous. and that's even if all the promises for emission cuts and other measures come to fruition. countries like the gambia in west africa, which is one of few states managing to comply with demands from the paris agreement in 2015. we are leading ganga is need, will be negotiation on adaptation. what software we're talking about long term financing. we're talking about loss and damage. we're talking about other sticking issues that are not forthcoming from deep negotiations. so this is a concern for our developing countries, a least developed countries for that matter. this is highly unlikely to be the last
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version of a draft agreement with rules of consensus in which every one of nearly 200 cop members have to agree. it's feared a final action plan is more likely to be watered down rather than toughened up. andrew simmons, al jazeera glasgow or earlier i spoke to jennifer morgan, exact inter greenpeace international. tell me that while the last china declaration is positive, the pledge is made in glasgow dank. i far enough. certainly, i think took many by surprise here in glasgow. and i think indeed, exactly because of the tensions that go that are going on around the world between the 2 mega parties and powers. i think it's, you know, we need these 2 countries to be collaborating on climate change. so that is important, and i think that's welcome, but the real question is, what they are going to do now here in glasgow to scale up the ambition so that the
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most vulnerable countries really have a chance in the future. the agreement itself is very focused on implementation. it is focused on reducing methane emissions and collaborating. technically, it's a bit too vague for our liking on how they are going to close the gap between where things are now and this 1.5 degrees target. and i think that's where the multilateral system needs to come in. we need all countries to commit us and china, but all countries commit to keep coming back to the table year on year at a state level to close that gap. and that's, you know, it's good. these 2 countries are collaborating because we need collaboration. but they need to now join others the most vulnerable countries to, to get moving and have a continuation to, you know, at the head state level. because right now, you know, we're in are in trouble and what was delivered here, the foreign glasgow is deeply inadequate.
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ah, united nations is saying 72 truck drivers delivering 8 for the world food program have been detained by the ethiopian government. the contract as well and some merit the gateway for a convoys trying to reach the tech gray region, which the u. n says is under a de facto humanitarian blockades. un humanitarian sources say they were arrested during government raids, targeting ethnic to grinds under the new state of emergency, or accused of supporting rebels in the northern region. and it comes just a day after emerge that 16 un workers have been detained in the capital, addis ababa? will that the ethiopian human rights commission? daniel? but kelly says he is deeply concerned about the mass arrest of ethnic to grinds. since the state of emergency has been declared to need your peer, the they, their branding models commission has been monitoring and following up saturday st.
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off not just 16, but actually hundreds of people. and there appears to be ethnic i element to see satirists, which worries us, in a sense, largely it's nick. the grandson, been a target to, to for house, a search and database. and we've been following up the case so far. hundreds of people and i do understand that's a set of images. he gives power to police to a suspect to our race, to people on the ground. so for the reasonable suspicion, but we are concerned about our release of the state of emergency and it's directives to being applied in the wrong way. which is why we have already expressed a concern and we continue to monitor that database. so if, say what are people or drawn hussein as if your appear statement is there for
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foreign affairs. speaking to al jazeera earlier, he denied allegations of arbitrary detentions. i don't think, i believe it is this through the ethnic profiling, but people might be out of that. i don't think that i children, i don't have that information. and if that happens, the government has an alarm in the state of my clean on the, on the date of emergency, this issue that people should be treated with. and there must be adequate reason that will happen in any person. so somebody about it, this might happen, but they want to be better, my systematic one, if it happens that it also be a criminal act than anybody that does would actually be held accountable. but they want to be systematic, and there is no systematic harvest just because of your profile. and if the police might have found out some suspect, then they will be bound to and then also do do investigation. if any individual does not have adequate evidence to judge against them, you must be released. but finding some people will not get that my truck systematic
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. but because we're in complex situation, you know, how many people are being attacked and how many i just started being done. and then you know, a number of actors. so you must have been much careful individual and that, that should not be done. in the us at the lee and then police must do their job. but we would also look into that the process, if there is any, every velocity, then that must be addressed. independent journalist samuel got to to has more now from addis ababa on the latest developments. the ethiopian human rights commission as a government agency. so aware hearing conflicting reports that there has been lots of detention at the moment. many of them are saying they're being attacked, they're being detained because of their ethnic backgrounds. but the, your brand side insist this has nothing to do is once ethnic background, but has everything to do with detaining people that the deem are in support or
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providing support to the t p. i left that to agree on people's liberation front and wish the government accuse us of being a terrorist organization. this comes to us, the conflict are begun in november of last year. it moves forward again. there are many attempts to settle this at the table. the u. s, the united states in boy to honked the horn of africa was in the summer about trying to speak to different actors. trying to settle this. the ugandan president is looking at hosting under as a leader summit next week, trying to curve this conflict that has really our faith that millions of people. but ours is accusing european union of provoking a refugee migrant stand off on its border with poland as an excuse to impose new sanctions. this is the latest shot in an escalating war of wides. you says the banner ocean, present alexander, look as shank has led people to poland still step in order to the stabilize the
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region stuck in the middle as some 2000 people left in freezing and dangerous conditions at the eastern edge of europe. as that bag is there, i did not asking for much. in fact, these children just want water journalists are banned from this area, but the person filming these scenes on the border between bellows and poland, says they are babies as young as 2 months old here. some families have not eaten for several days. at night, temperatures drop well below 0. at least 2000 people. many of them from the middle east are stuck in makeshift camps along the razor. wire. social media footage from recent days shows refugee and migrants escorted by mast belushi insecurity towards the border. sometimes shots fired and people have often been beaten as in these pictures, although shown by polish forces. mama all day. mamma though the you says belly. ruth has been encouraging migrants and refugees to end to poland in lithuania,
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in retaliation for sanctions imposed over human rights violations. you ambassador, as have now agreed, this justifies a new round of sanctions and better bruce. and the block wants action to stop more desperate people arriving on its borders. important, which brings very well to the original trend threes into the transit to increase. what are the consequences of the policy? it's also important to explain to the airlines what are the concrete effects of the decisions in the system. and in fact, in the launch of the hybrid attach against you. but michelle, by she let, the united nations human rights chief has issued a statement effectively condemning old sites in the stand of saying, hundreds of men and women and children must not be forced to spend another night in freezing weather without adequate shelter. food, water and medical care, under international law, no one should ever be prevented from seeking asylum or other forms of international human rights protection. for its part, russia, a traditional backer,
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a better route is accusing brussels of being hypocritical. shatoya, could you shoot me greatly improved on the situation, is indeed very tense and there's a tendency to escalate tensions that causes concern. it's apparent that a humanitarian catastrophe is looming against the background of europeans reluctance to demonstrate commitment to their european values in a phone called german chancellor and the market has appealed directly to russian president vladimir putin to exert his influence on the regime in minsk as governments take the blame game, the humanitarian situation. guest dire by the day on the border. there in the darkness, beyond the police road block or up to 2000 people, including women and children, with little shelter, food, or water, spending the night in freezing temperatures. aside, beg, i'll jazeera poland slat for you on the program. thousands of hindus are risking the health to take a dip in a river covered in toxic phone. ah
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. hello, the wet sand. stormy weather continues across a good part of australia. sunny central and eastern parts. still seeing more heavy bursts of rain foundry down pause. we have the risk of flooding this messy area of low pressure, just pushing across new southwell. so ne, in areas of the southwell southern, there's a, queensland, we have flood warnings in force. it's flood warnings, ad gusty, wind warnings, damaging winds coming in across south australia as we go through thursday on into friday. the wet weather will drive its way further east was go, cuz the sunshine coast brisbin seeing some very heavy right all the way up towards cans where to where the makes his way across cervix toria, a c t c, some very wet weather, mcgrath. he see some wet weather making his way towards new zealand temperatures in
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christchurch. not too bad though. around 26 hours, she sat there stay some warm sunshine ahead of the rain, warm sunshine ahead of the rain to still in place across eastern parts of japan. hilary lay precious swirling away in the sea of japan, say some wet weather coming into western japan as we go through thursday on the other side of the mountain. sheltered temperature, getting up to around 21 degrees in tokyo, over the next day or 2 may more for the korean peninsula of much of japan. it's dry . ah, a water crisis in america's west is intensifying, deep historic division obliterated ecosystems to create agriculture at the expense of our tribes. that to where your brand since time again, the strong pay good away from the win fault lines. investigate how climate change his pushing an oregon town to breaking points. we will fight because it's in
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a blood. we are literally to the point that people are going to start seeing each other when the war to stop on al jazeera, hulu. ah main stories now a draft global climate deal has been met with disappointment and calls for greater ambition. but the u. s. in china of use the you and climate summit to join in out greater cooperation to update that targets the u. n. says 72 truck drivers delivering 8 have been detained by ethiopian government. as a growing alarm over the widespread arrest of ethnic to grinds is the conflict in the country spreads. battery says that you is promoting
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a refugee migrant stand off as an excuse to impose new sanctions. 2000 people are stuck in freezing conditions on the border with poland. our human rights abuses committed by me and mars military, including killings and torture, could amount to war crimes monitoring group $4.00 to $5.00. right says that since the coo and february soldiers have used civilians as human shields and forced labor . also, as the military has locked life, saving humanitarian deliveries while arresting aid workers and destroying food trucks, hundreds of thousands of people have been displaced this year and 3000000 are in need of 8 the military as display civilians by killian's torture, other human rights violations. but then afterwards, they're blocking the delivery of humanitarian aid to the civilians in need. it's a desperate situation. it's worth mentioning as well, that the displacement, the force displacement in the block in a bid that we've documented in karate state is being replicated in other parts of
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me and more as we speak, including chin state, especially again, region and other places. aid agencies say up to 5000 people are fleeing into iran from afghanistan every day. more than $300000.00 refugees of arrive since the taliban took power in august. the norwegian refugee council is saying humanitarian aid is urgently needed, both in afghanistan and for house countries like iran, bianca gupta, reports. after a tough year, afghans are now preparing for an even harsher winter, firewood, charcoal and heaters lie unused in shops and on the streets beyond the reach of many afghans who can't afford to keep themselves warm, their marble habitual. gotcha. the one a corner is that people are miserable. there are no salaries or work opportunities . the government needs to create jobs for the people and pay them salaries of since
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the taliban to controlled in august. the united states has blocked billions of dollars of, of gone a stance overseas at its leaving. it's already troubled. economy in ruins, unemployment, poverty, and hunger are forcing thousands of people to cross into neighboring iran every day . or more. watch a coll, collin. chill co workers. what shall we do? why isn't help being delivered? why is their money blocked off? why does nobody deliver hope to the people of have canister? i mean help that would keep them in afghanistan. help that stop them from leaving their homes and going to borders. know every single day. we have several 1000 people at our borders with afghanistan. iran house, one of the largest number of con, refugees in the world would decades. afghans have been making the way across iran's long eastern border. but agencies see the number of arrivals is increasing. in iran, there is already 3 and a half to $4000000.00 africans coming over the yes. over the border and from
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the pricing and i've gone is done now with full $5000.00 each day. there were in iran, it is, it will be overwhelmed. there is not enough resources here to help them. so the international community has to help the neighboring countries inside up gone on very much so, but also the neighboring countries, iran and pockets on us sanctions and iran. also hunting efforts due to the current situation of sanctions to the country. unfortunately, we are not able or we are not able to receive the national donations assistance because the banking challenge are blocked and then we are not able to receive the donations. for now, millions of guns are caught between starvation at home and displacement abroad,
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with little help in sight. priyanka the alt 0 with former friendship present once we're alone has been reliving the night of the 2015 paris attacks while testifying the trial of the 20 cell specks. it was at the start the front stadium when the 1st attack detonated. his vest. gunman later opened fire in several other parts of the capital, including the batter climb concert hall. a 130 people were killed in countries worth atrocities since world war 2. and tasha butler has more now from paris. milan said that he quickly knew that an attack was taking place, a security services a whisk into the center of the city. he said that he ordered the borders to be closed immediately because it was clear that there was several attackers. nobody knew where they were, the attacks was still ongoing, and he wants to prevent anyone escaping the country. he said he also decided to go to the practical concert hall, where the people were killed. the attack was still taking place. there had been
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hostages taken, he had ordered a raid to try and free those hostages. and one of the most poignant moments of his testimony was, he said, arriving the bicycle concert hall. he saw young people coming out, obviously, very traumatized, and he said their faces, their fair in their faces will be edged in his memory for ever. been many questions since the attack as to whether or not more could have been done to prevent the alarm that was off this repeatedly in the court. he said that it was very clear to the french intelligence that there were many right from eiffel. again, from people that were right, for example, against crowded areas, things like shopping centers, perfect all on that. look, it is impossible to put security in police in every crowded area outside every shop, outside, every concert, whole ford stadium, thousands of hindus and walking holy festival. by taking a dip in a river near delhi, the risking their health. by doing it,
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pollution levels are to record high covering the younger and a toxic phone. and a water quality is getting worse. of new metal has more now from noise in per dash on the banks of the yamuna river, which on far side looks like it's covered in softball, both. but the white substance you see floating on the river is actually full. that is caused by the tons of household and industrial ways that flows into this river every day. now this is a perennial problem, but gains attention during this time a feel. and that's because the young man is considered sacred by many who have come here for that and was for the dip. and today, neither the side of this full nor the strong tension has discouraged these devotees from taking a dip in this water. you don't not got big hug. they've got to get monet mullins up . it's disgusting to see. the thing is yamuna supposed to read us of our sins with the i'm not blaming any government money. my but they should pete this. we were
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symbolized our faith and culture, and the festival happens every year. the government should have taken care of it. we couldn't celebrate last year because of the pandemic. since cases are down. everyone has come out to celebrate. now on that side of the ridge is the city of new delhi and the young not is the main force of water for the cities residents. barely 2 percent of the river actually flow through the city, but that scratch is one of the most polluted in the entire world. the government has spent billions of dollars over the last few decades to fill it up. but the river is as dirty as ever. in fact, it's done under immense fire for the themes that you can see the high. and today the deli government deploy boards to actually clean out are the full. but these move have done later to actually saw the ongoing problem, which is a huge ecological economic and help hazard. now,
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dozens of people have been detained in georgia during protest in support of the former president mchale 2nd. she really wasn't allowed to attend the call case, her government's response to protest in 2007. he was arrested in october after returning to georgia for the 1st time in 8 years and has been on hunger strike for more than a month. robin foster walker reports now from tbilisi. police arrest dozens of suckers, really supporters protesting against the former president's treatment while in jail . o attentions have been escalating since the return of the former president to georgia, his arrest and subsequent 7 week hunger stroke. now the government is trying to cast doubt on how serious that hunger strike is publishing this cctv footage. his supporters say doctors prescribed him essential supplements. oh yeah. or position
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leaders, expressed outrage at the government's tactics saying the videos release is a breach of his privacy. they are all so furious that he was transferred to the medical unit of a maximum security prison on monday. not the private clinic, many had been calling for is the case demonstrating how deep the russian resume has gone across all the red lines of basic rule of law, decency, at how deeply trying to plunge our country through hateful revenge violence. russia put in russia style politics, the former president's own trials, the use of excessive force during anti government protests under his leadership in 2007. but suckers really did not appear in court. prosecutors in the defense instead arguing over why the penitentiary service refused to deliver him, allegedly, due to a security threat. because our cause really supports us our own way,
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that he's being denied a chance to finally defends himself in person in court. and that's a growing says, the frustration among the opposition that he's been denied his rights. the way our government treats him is absolutely office. it's you human drama in what kind of country do they arrest? president, president should come and go. the government says sucka city will be given no special treatment for electric. i got another lovely ro misuse. everyone knows that this whole show that he staged serves the sole purpose of somehow moving him to a private clinic. we have commented on this and i can do it again now because of the nish sir cash. really let me arrived in georgia for the sole purpose of carrying out a revolution. the us state department has called for me kozsuch as really to be treated with dignity and respect. i with the outrage over his detention
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comes a growing risk of confrontation, rubbing 1st year. walker algae 0 timothy. ah, i quit look at the main stories before we go. a draft global climate deal has been met with disappointment and calls for great ambition. the income tax from the lens, climate summit in glasgow is calling our nations to revisit and strengthen their pledges. but in the last couple of hours in either states and china have jointly announced greater cooperation to strengthen their targets. delegates have until friday to finalize a text and aims to keep a woman to less than one and a half degrees above pre industrial levels. the united states and china.


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