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tv   [untitled]    November 10, 2021 9:30pm-10:01pm AST

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when shall rain, we could see some flooding here, as well as a bit of a wintery mix and sleep. and some of that rain edging down by the time we get into friday, a rock. we'll see some of those showers as well. q way to wait as well as coastal areas in the west of iran. but for the south of this, it is looking a lot finer and dryer and settled as expected. that's not the case for bonds of the west of africa. we have seen some flooding for the 2nd time in 2 weeks and coastal areas of the ivory coast. the rang eases, but it is still there over the next 2 days. but for the heavy showers we have to move to central parts of africa. we are going to see the storms pick up across western areas of the democratic republic of congo and get bond. now if you move to southern africa, zimbabwe that seems to me with a very wet weather. similar story for scenarios of south africa. but there'll be sunshine in cape town at $22.00 degrees celsius. ah,
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the end of the country with an abundance of results for the road far and wide, indonesia whose firms forming we move pool to grow and fraud. we balance for green economy, blue economy, and the digital economy with the new job creation law, indonesia is progressively ensuring the policy reform to create quality jobs. invest, let part when the vicious growth and progress in indonesia. now i the dakota oil pipeline snakes through indigenous land, but not without resistance but right in front of the bull, and they will, she's beaten, arrested, and shot as protested. they all beat it and so proclaimed water protected. the women of standing rock on al jazeera
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blue. ah, ah, what geology era reminder about top stories with us and china have released a joint declaration at the comp $26.00 climate summit. 2 biggest emissions of greenhouse gases, se they'll work together to strengthen action, to keep global warming to well below 2 degrees celsius. ethiopia government is told al jazeera, it is not targeting to grinds based on their ethnicity. independent human rights commission in our d'silva says hundreds have been detained for they spook, arrested to include $72.00 well su, program drivers, european commission president,
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us lavonne de lion has met us president joe biden at white house. they are accusing bellows of encouraging migrants to cross and all that on the line says you sanctions against bella, luce, will they expand it as a bag, joins us now live from the border. i said, what's happening there? well we've just been stopped by the police and there's also some military there behind us. now they're checking or cause her to making sure that nobody can get pass. now that's because back in september, state of emergency was declared in the 2 regions that border, or the bill of roost. border encompasses around a $180.00 towns and villages. now, powers such as that haven't been used in poland since the fall of communism here. now that has alarmed some groups, a group say that that state of emergency is hindering their efforts to help that many people that are trying to cross over the border. now the numbers are not clear, but some are estimating. it's around 2000 people at the border under,
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by the roof side they're trying to cross through. now re, are not allowed through. and the question is, or what are we not seeing? what are the polish authorities doing to keep those people out of their country? now we've had some very tough talk from the prime minister here. he has blamed her by the rules of busing. those people to the border was also gone further to say that said the plan that has been hatched in moscow blaming russia. her and he's also said that people will not cross over into this country and that this border isn't just a line in a map. it's for the polish people have shed blood over it. but at the heart of all this, our people, women and children were, are freezing temperatures right now or a son with no food or water behind or behind her sex coupler kilometers behind us. waiting at that border, trying to cross into poland and into the european union. okay, so you can get any closer, i guess. then due to the are the,
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the police presence behind you? i said, what are you hearing in terms of humanitarian aid? is anything coming either from the, from the polish side to help those people who as you say, are in the colds and one that seemed also very hungry. it doesn't seem like it. now we have seen images of polish authorities fighting tear gas at those people are trying to cross age groups are trying to carry out some forms of direct action trying to get past this cordon and trying to get to people that may be crossing over. but it's very, very little. we are hearing that some people have managed to cross or but again, their over 15000 soldiers are here that are supporting the priest and the border authorities are so those people that are trying to cross our finding it very, very difficult. and right now they seem to be stuck in these freezing temperatures
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. are without much support. i said a lot of the images that we're seeing are i shot by people filmed by people who are there. because of the difficulty in gen, less getting access. i know it's been difficult for you even to get where you are now that just walk us through a little bit about you know what you've faced, trying to get to that point. well, we were 1st stopped by the police here. they wanted see our documents. they searched our car and they told us that we weren't allowed to go any further. they are the journalist hill, so we're not allowed to go any further. now we did question the authorities here. and one of the reasons that we were given was that this is also to protect journalists, or from any harm that may come from us, from just a view of the polish authorities. now, journalist the i do want to get closer to do want to see what's happening, but also what are the polish authorities doing? what actions are they taking to stop those peoples of vulnerable people?
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the age groups are saying are very vulnerable, trying to cross in to poland and it's also important to her state that many of those people don't want to stay in poland. they want to make their way her through poland to germany. and this is a political issue between the european union now and brothers. but at the heart of it are potentially thousands of people are stuck between the 2 countries. right, for now we'll have to leave it there. thank you so much for that update there. i said, bake former french president wants our alarm is testifying at the trial of 20 suspects links to the paris attacks that took place in 2015 alarm was sad. the start the font stadium when the 1st attacker detonated his vest. gunman later opened fire and several other parts of the capitol, including the birth of clan concert hall, $130.00 people were killed. it was the country's worst atrocity since world war 2. natasha butler is live for us now in paris. natasha. what has the form the
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president has are alone said about whose decision to testify or false. all on said that it was important that he testify so that he could clarify his role is frances, a former leader on the night of the attacks. but also that he could go through some of the decisions that he made after. and he said he hoped that his testimony would help some of the survivors, the victims, and their families. better understand the events of that evening and off to it's now since the attacks in a 2015 that in many questions as to whether or not more could have been done to have her prevented them. now, francois molanda said that he felt that the french intelligence services had done everything that they could to try and prevent any attacks taking place in france. but of course he painted a picture that suggested it was very difficult. indeed, he said that there were multiple threats that the french intelligent intelligence
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services knew that there were threats to france from iso as early as 2014. he said there were threats against crowded places. things like shopping centers or pipes are crowded or sports areas or cavities, but of course, for us all on said you can't put security or police everywhere all the time. he said that whether they that he said that the threats of november 13th, there was nothing specific that he knew about that evening. but there were threats . he said, nearly on a daily basis. he was also asked at why france was targeted an alarm to answer that he felt that the attackers targeted a france because france was the country of human rights. natasha. what has he said so far about the actual night of the attacks and, and his experience of what happened when he suddenly painted a paid show of
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a night of confusion of chaos of shark. he talked about being in the national stadium or when an attacker 1st detonated a vest outside. he said he heard the explosion and he said very fast. what was happening. he was told by his security forces that attacks had taken place across the city. he was whisked away, he said he decided very quickly to close the borders because the attacks were continuing or even as he was making all these decisions. and there was a real concern that some attackers might be able to escape the country. one of the most poignant moments though, was when he talked about his decision to visit the batter, car concert hall, where so many people were killed. he said that he arrived outsiders and he saw people coming out stumbling out, oversee extremely did traumatized by what was going on. and he said that those images really marked him and they will a stay with him. he decided, he said, not to go in a he had already a given the green light to a security forces,
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special forces to go in and arrayed the concert hall because our hostages were being held inside. they were later freed. but very moving testimony indeed from the form of french prisons and thought about our casa developments there in the house. thank you. you, as president joe biden says reversing, soaring inflation is a top priority. you data shows peices have risen by 6.2 percent in the last year, and the biggest increase since 1990 and amick relief programs of fuel demand for goods leaving supply chain stretched. rob reynolds reports from the port of long beach near los angeles. at least $100.00 giant cargo ships are floating in limbo off the southern california coast carrying billions of dollars worth of goods they can't unload. it's the most visible sign of today's global supply chain crisis. we have never seen the volume containers were seen to day. we are
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busier than ever. we are at full capacity. but the warehouses are also fully subscribed. the ports of l. a and long beach are the largest in the us, and lying about 40 percent to one half of all imports, mostly from china. but due to coven error online spending sprees by american consumers, staffing shortages and sheer lack of storage capacity compared to the volume of shipping, the ports are jammed, even after ramping up to 247 operations. endemic had the effect of impacting every segment of supply chain all at the same time. on top of that, the pandemic triggered heighten demand for goods overseas from u. s. consumers, u. s. consumers are buying goods at a historic pace. you as president joe biden has allocated government funding and is
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urging more coastal ports warehouses, trucking companies and other links in the supply chain to work 247. to solve the problem, we have to take action now together with our partners in the private sector, to reduce the backlogs that we're facing. the winter holiday gift giving season is fast approaching. so what's on board all the ships stuck out in the harbor waiting to unload? well, there's clothes, computers, furniture, electronics, and of great importance to parents and grandparents everywhere. toys, isaac larry and sells toys. lots and lots of very popular toys. kids can't get enough of this, can i get his m ga entertainment company includes god, i haven't items like l. o, well, surprise brats and many others said these none and enough for prize. did. linda emitted cats a kitty cat camper we have received. she's going to be hug authorities here. how
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does to easier over 70 percent of the demand is fitting on both and contain containers than the china factory. they will make it for christmas and i'm talking about the supply chain logistics nightmares. the snarled supply chain is slowing down global economic growth and boosting inflation. now, it might mean a lot of disappointed kids. i love children more than enough to my wife to consumer who is watching these. please go a shop early. experts predict the crunch will persist. well into next year, reynolds joins us now live from san piedro port in los angeles. rob, what's the plan to tackle inflation and to also tackle the supply line crunch
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well, of the authorities in the united states from the white house to the federal reserve, the, the us central bank all say that this supply chain crunch is adding greatly to inflation . and you talked about how inflation is up 6.2 percent year on year here in the, in the united states. it's also up in germany, it's up in china. and of course the supply chain snarl creates scarcity, can't get these goods off the ship. so they are less available and scarcity usually means higher prices. in addition to that, the price of shipping has skyrocketed. the price of hiring a container on the trucking end of this complex supply chain web. it is very difficult at the moment for trucking companies to hire drivers. that's a coven effect as well. and you know, it as well as we mentioned in the story,
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the holiday season is coming up and it starts after thanksgiving, which is in late november and it and it ends in late chris, at christmas time and in late december. and this is the time of year where a lot of stores and shops and, and merchants make the bulk of their money because consumers are buying. now if consumers are, are not able to get those items, including toys and gifts, that's going to drive up prices even further and create a lot of frustration and probably political blow back. now the president biden, as you mentioned, is visiting the port of baltimore today as a sort of symbolic way of trying to get people to hurry things up. he's also been on the phone. the ceo's of the, the big, big box retailer is target and wal mart. and also you p. s. and fedex, the delivery companies, trying to get things moving the port by me. they see their work and 247. but
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there's at least a 100 ships out there waiting to unload it. all right, we seem to have lost straw reynolds them. i apologize if that was all reynolds. there are reporting on the supply line crunch being trailed across the us. let's move on. china struggling to contain its latest outbreak of the delta variant of covert 19 infections have now spread to 20 provinces pointing to base around the country. 0 tolerance strategy and tough control measures. katrina, you has more from asian a chinese city on the border with russia is turning to unconventional means to control covered 19. it's offering a reward of $15000.00 to anyone who could help trace the origin of the latest outbreak. hey, her city officials have declared a so called peoples war against the virus. as cases around the country continue to climb. more than 1000 infections have been reported of late october. the resurgence
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has spread to 21 provinces so far and has been accompanied by unseasonably cold weather in the countries north. conditions which have helped the virus to thrive. yoga withdrew face a complex and stir epidemic prevention and control situation this winter and the next the spring. china will continue to hear to st. epidemic provision and control measures. some authorities have expanded the definition of close contacts using mobil 4 and data to track people's location and activities. officials here call it space time or overlap which sounds like something out of science fiction, but it's very simple. if you spend just 10 minutes within a certain radius of unearned coven 19 case, your mobile form will alert authorities, which means a person can be quarantined, even though they hadn't come into actual physical contact with an infected person. nearly 77 percent of china's population is fully vaccinated, but wa, singapore, australia, and new zealand have opted to live with the virus. bating is sticking to its 0
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tolerance strategy. the policy was criticized by for ologist, one e on hong kong television this week. so we're all local governments on attorney, there's 0 tolerance policy. if we continue to do this, i'm sure i'll come to the colony will one day collapse. he also raised questions about chinese vaccines, which have lower protection rates than other vaccines. the chinese government has dismissed concerns saying it strategy has kept the virus death, toll low for now targeted, locked downs and long quarantine periods. a common place and the lives and travel plans of millions will continue to be up ended at short notice. katrina, you out. 0 paging. still head to on al jazeera force pakistan's cricket is our aiming to stay on course for a 2nd. t 20 world cup puzzle. and he's here with that sort.
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ah ah
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ah, ah ah ha for his andy, thanks so much. came all new zealand of bates in england, and i'll be dobby to reach the final of crickets. teach. whence eat? well, cup england. batting percent, and i'm basin half century for marinelli help them to a title of a 166. the fall. you zealand last 2. what it's in the plane cleaning out of captain kane williamson. down mitchell went on to play a match winning. anyhow. he finished and 72. nothing is news in one bought 5
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wickets to the can talk it with an over to pakistan. second, australia in the 2nd semi in dap on thursday. the asian sort of been informed seen of the tournaments, our father, man on pizza, and explained to when a 2nd, c. 20 will title australia looking to win the competition for the 1st time we've been talking to form english are multi panel. so he believes pakistan go into this matches fights hockey star, have probably been the star team of the tournament and they had a point to prove since there were a couple of cancellations. international course and job is great as yesterday. have confirmed that next year they will talk to pakistan after think over 28 years or 24 years. sorry. and just great news. we'll you know pockets on cricket. they, they, they, they have, they would get a huge motivation. they started the campaign against india with a thumping victory,
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10 wicked victory on and detect just grunt, you know, each game by game. and they was predicting that walk is not what you, when the, when the t 20 woke up because, you know, they, they, they 116 games arrived in the u. e. so they, they are, they are the strongest team in a studio. and they, they, they know they've got their best to lever now they know the best border, and it will be a great game. and i think, you know, focused on, you know, probably be that the winning team, the afghanistan's national women's football team has just played the 1st match since being evacuated from cobbled last month there among thousands of refugees trying to dial. once the taliban came into power in august, many of it seems said the only way they could continue playing football was to leave leo halting has this report from dough hawes khalifa, international stadium. the few fans at this game know what it's taken to get here. these afghan refugees barely fill one section of the stadium,
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but cheer to support their national women's team. all the same yeah, this is the 1st time the women's team have played since being evacuated from cobble last month. they're up against pic chart, the nation hosting them. we have always retreated, the state of thought that the legacy of the world covers for the entire reason, not just for cover. and there's no better way to showcase that them to hover up gum brothers and sisters who are temporarily staying in dora to be part of all of us. of the celebration of the world cup on the celebration of portable people was behind the operation to evacuate nearly $100.00 footballers. after the taliban took control of afghanistan in august. the future for women is sports. there is still very uncertain. women were not allowed to take part in sports during the taliban 1st rain that ended in 2001. but now the afghanistan women's national team gets to
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compete on one of the biggest stages in the world. and one that will host the world cup this time next year. the khalifa international stadium sits in the heart of doha, close to where thousands of african refugees are stain. many came without their families, but have found close relationships on the field. we've been asked to hide the players identities for their safety. you're alone. if emily is not with us, but i, savannah more so like need of up here, sit there. and if you are in happy together, i really feel proud. the team expects to stay together and try to find asylum in another country. they've been invited to play other teams around the world. as they look to find a new home base. walk a tar, went on to win this match, the team coordinator said the experience was invaluable. i feel about being
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a and again, being using the mission of life of garrison is like really proud for me. and it's really good day that one day i was able to bring the goes out and we the girls are using the new stuff like a from kennesaw. if you have a dame, it never come again. it's for you. you have to fight boy and football in my life. you know something in my head while the away team can't go home. they're hopeful their futures will be brighter. both on and off the field. leo harding al jazeera, don't know plaid from perry, san germans. women's team has been arrested by french police as part of an investigation. and what sac on its he mates, an auto della, was arrested on wednesday morning and a statement pitchy said they condemned in the strongest possible terms of hans committed. the alleged assault took place a week ago, and he has been sulking publicly for the 1st time since becoming you. cassie,
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united manager, his 1st big signing made by the clubs, new owners, a saudi arabian bank consulting bought the same last month. how's a big job on his hands with the side 2nd bottom in the premier league. my focus is football. running the team and managing the players. thus all i'm gonna talk about and this will i'm gonna think about we've got some really good conversations. i've been very, very impressed by the vision of the club, but to be honest, i haven't delved into that too much because it's all about the short term. obviously, the position of the team we need through to try to address that very quickly and move up the league and the i, mr. stanley is to avoid allegation and playing legend andre shanker was officially taken up his 1st role in club management shanker now in charge of it's how he saw genuine stuff to guarding ukraine to the quarter finals that this is your theme championships. generally have secured just one would in 12, sorry,
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a league matches this season. okay. that is i sport, says i looking for. thank you very much for that and a lot of news out don't go away. those don't, a whole in london will be with you in just a moment. plenty more of the daisies, phoenix on ah mm. a november on al jazeera, 5 years after that, his story, he feel between fog rebels in the colombian government algebra examines white tensions and violence of rising once again. m a u award winning for flies investigates the untold stories across the us,
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millions encompassed on boat in parliamentary elections under a new constitution. and more than a year after the lat, pole figured a political crisis in mercy and personal short documentary africa direct showcases african stories from african filmmakers china mugs, $100.00 days until it holds the winter olympics. but how will the pandemic and crew for a boycott impact the sporting event november on al jazeera healing the debate? 90 percent of the world's refugees have come from a common impacted country. the climate emergency is putting more pressure on services across the world and amplify your voice. it's not really the future 8. now this is not a lock, can get it to be completed. we cannot lose hope. we know what to do, and we have the tools to, to get back with all these patients. this stream on al jazeera,
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a water crisis in america's west, is intensifying historic division up liberated ecosystems to create agriculture at the expense of our tribe. that's where your friend since time get the strong taken away from the weak fault lines. investigate how climate change is pushing an oregon town to breaking point. we will fight because it's in a black. we are literally to the point the people are going to start seeing each other when the war to stop on al jazeera. ah, you panel now sit on your hands. as the world asks you to act as worldly does urge to go further in their climate pledges. china and the u. s. commit to concrete measures to limit global warming to one and a half degrees. ah, hello, there are joe doll. this is al jazeera live from london,
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also coming up with you in says 72 world food program. drivers have now been detained in ethiopia as a long.


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