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tv   [untitled]    November 10, 2021 8:30pm-9:01pm AST

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and rates and other vaccines. the chinese government has dismissed concerns saying it strategy has kept the virus death toll low for now targeted, locked out, and long quarantine periods are common place. and a lives and travel plans of millions will continue to be up ended at short notice. katrina, you al jazeera teaching. ah, this is al jazeera and these are the top stories. if you're b, as government is told, al jazeera, it's not targeting to grinds based on their, at the misty, the independent human rights commission and anti sub o'bar says hundreds have been detained. the latest group poorest, it includes $72.00 world food program drivers. european commission president, us lavonda lion has met us, president biden at the white house. they're accusing rather, ruth, of encouraging wyvern's to cross into poland. on the line says
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e u. sanctions against by the roost will be expanded and also retired. we. she tried to stabilize democratic neighbors. we already made our companies so that they will actually show much traffic and then u. k prime minister boss johnson has warned, well, they did, they need to be far more ambitious climate goals addressing because 26 so much he said the go she, asians to keep the planet from warmer, more than 1.5 degrees,
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we're getting tough. earlier the u. k release to draft agreement asking these to revisit and strengthen their 2030 targets by late next year. dozens of protest is have been arrested in georgia as the trial of former president, the can thought surely begins. he's been on hunger strike and has been transferred to a military hospital. president of r t say he won't be allowed to attend his trial. soccer shitty was arrested in october after returning to georgia for the 1st time and 8 use for the french president, for orlando is testifying the trial of 20 suspects linked to the parents attacks that took place in 2015 alon was at the start, the fall stadium when the 1st attack a destination, his best government attacked several parts of the capital, killing $130.00 people. as the headlines use continues here on al jazeera right off the earth, right see soon, bye bye. ah
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ah . 3 quarters of all londoners are now significantly affected by human nativity. the few remaining pockets of wilderness left out of himself at risk of becoming a cooler. you got this that i recall to industry, organization, climate change and hunting old these days he made ecosystems and destroy biodiversity. 60 percent of the world's animals population have been wiped down
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since the 9th and seventy's. scientists claimed that the planet is witnessing a mass extinction. in response award, white movement is now underway to rewire the countryside to restore land, to nature. one initiative at the tip of south america is succeeding all expectations i have come to, but i've only had to meet chris dunk is a philanthropist. was dedicated the bus to the gates to the protection of his area, the conservation projects he started with the husband doug, has become a true inspiration to those who believe the wilderness can heal itself, if given half a 10th. mm but they're going. yeah. he said last, mountains and forests binding seldom tea. the energy, dina, ah, the famous 40 to stunning landscape for century it has been unimportant region for
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life. took farming, and many of its grasslands have been graced there at the regions. hot lights that go in the national park. oh, and here to find out how this became one of the biggest conservation projects in history. hello. hello. nice to meet me and i'm chris. how can you do me? a former ceo of their company, but they're going in greece, murray, doug tomkins, an interpreter for an adventurer who had found the driver brand in north faith. both friends made them by your mentor protection center to their company ethos. but christian went to do more from the early ninety's, bought over $300000000.00 us dollars of land for preservation across te leonard dina. they build parts complete with largest come grounds and trails to support eco
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tourism. after duck sudden death in 2015, chris at gary demanded as president of their sunday sion tompkins conservation. what was it you saw here that made you take a decision to change? you know, the next 20 years? i didn't see it frankly. douglas on his side. he saw a landscape that was beat up and miles of fence line to take down, and doug convinced me this was the conservation chance of a lifetime. 2004. in the check of ali cretin, doug bought this cheap rent of almost 200000 acres of over grace grasslands. they said about pretending to nate to, along with a handful of smaller farms using a process called rewinding. rewinding is the restoration of an entire ecosystem to its natural state by removing foreign species while reintroducing and perfecting
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native ones. it begins with the removal of livestock allowing the vegetation to flourish. these encourages insects, an elderly lady, most attracting birds, and others born predators. removing fences allow the return of herbivores with her prey lawn by a big spread doors for those of the top of the food chain. with then also multiply . spacious and critically low numbers. oh, totally absent, a rehabilitated ultimately fray and predatory populations regulate one another. and the eco system evolved into a balance from selfless painting wilderness. when we bought this property, there were probably 500 miles of fence line that needed to come down. and when you take the fences down, you see wildlife coming back and because for 80 years it's been excluded from the best grasses. frances, are to keep wild life out of the best grasses and keep the ear
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livestock in the vasquez. so it's very exciting to see the grasslands and the forests begin to restorative sounds. and that's the joy of taking fences down one on the mike, benefiting from these gross is there when i go close relative of the lama and the keystone species. that is one that plays a crucial role in the functioning of the ecosystem. not often you see one by itself . they are pretty emblematic of the pedagogy and step if they're plentiful and they're calm like this one is. then you know that the system is coming back and that they feel no threats course and that's why i'm, i want to see what re wilding looks like of closed with chris can sell sell the parts director
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of conservation has agreed to show me creased and has been a guiding hand under rewinding process since the parts beginning. so no one knows the flora and fauna here better than him. ah, on route we bump into a few of the locals. paying me l. no toner, but they take me out. in some way do are now less well and it's part of the community for up course of the spark. the big mio praise on small birds rodents. and in 6th, the thriving healthy grassland leased him takes me to the edge of the park when it borders on a working branch. the difference in the grass on either side, he says striking here is a good example of what happened. mean one place where you remove the livestock and one place where landowners decide to put more life stokes,
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and the land is able to support in terms of food. so the consequences that you lost the vegetation and you see the composition of the plans is different. so if you have life talk permanently eating the grass, they don't have the chance to release they've seed and their recovery is very slow . there are some consequence like erosion that is very hard to address and it will take over a century to be really recover. ah, on the eastern edge of the park, kristen and the team have established a breathing center for an in danger. reality will be ostrich called the darwin, syria. young korea artificially incubated and brought here to acclimatize before being released. ria, they are associated with but i going to an estate with the grasslands, so i grassland without the re, as he's not complete. and the main per poles of the center is that this got the
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population is providing in the be those engine a things for the white population. the main issue here was that the white population was so tiny size less than 20 bird. the white population abriya was estimated by hunting and the destruction of their hobbies, but he's now slowly growing as successfully dispersing. here are some of their via that have been released. then you'll see that there is a line of fans right now. we are removing it and that they prove they connectivity off there that have been relieved to be mix with ria. we are now in that generation and we are planning to keep this program running the next 35 years. when we estimate that we can rates a population of about a 100 bird saying that while i know tiny, the growing ria population will,
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in turn, has sustained their only natural predators and the species and most excited to see the lucid king of pedagogy, near the puma i come to meet at the pool there for my heard there and pullman hunter to me and he and others in the area used to kill over 10 pumas each winter to protect their community. of good morning i see the thing i eagerly from us the kid we don't like, always talk on sunday. are you with any i be in the room? mean no, i didn't to when i am, but my boss interesting quinn. funny my, let me see, you know, works as to why like warden and mr. parks resting into my trucking experts. if anyone can find the full mac, it seemed like it but i had and
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i went to the middle center. who do i have you know me about and i'm not going to, well, you nothing. and i was here give us for my, i mean my baby and i said okay. and i said, well yeah, don't worry about that. okay. if you don't get away, you will mentor me. i mean, i mean, i need a neighborhood if you have a yes to see that knowledge, this man house of the land. i can see there that he can distinguish up my check anywhere here almost preferred to hunt at night on our campus of seeing one are very clean. so we're doing the next best thing. setting a camera trap which i see on the team used to monitor their activity. when i went
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to one of them and looking at me, i think they come over here one way. you cut your in jail. so the various turns and descend, bade she dro into must curious that another cat has been here. we're going to look this coming up for a few days and see whether we get lucky. ah, it may be hard to actually see a puma, but for crease, their return is incredibly important. predators have been systematically persecuted for decades and decades, so their numbers get precariously low. every ecosystem has what's called their apex species. here in pedagogy a, it's pumas. and if you take out the very top predator everything cascades down from
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that and comes out of order. even though it's early here in the park, in terms of re balancing, we can see some big changes where there are water systems. the grasslands are definitely coming back, the number of whom was in the park, and the numbers of one now close in the park foxes. but the success comes when all of those species are truly back in a system that is functioning without human intervention. as well as helping to clean air and water. large expenses of forest and breath land olson. that's where i li, sequestered cardboard. a crucial way to mitigate climate change. least regenerating forests also play host to treat to so rare. it's almost mythic and it's rehabilitation could be the parks thing. the biggest challenge to
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wildlife rangers have promised to help me find it. but i saw in the nearly the by the perfect. but that again was really when i don't know further when i get anyone, i'm not sure and it's on the new trucks. we're moving, we're using telemetry be something that the radio frequencies emitted from color some the beer when i lost my mental tunnel anyway. yeah. sorted in the middle to say, well, no, i don't know if you can see and perfect. ok then ahead 9. they were for city much longer. very yeah. at the study there they had a thought. what is it okay. yeah. ah,
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how did that destruction and boating have brought the away? molly? sometimes called the stealth ambien deer, to the brink up extinction. there are fewer than 2000 left in the wide, just one percent of their regina population, all of them in chile and argentina. declare cynthia, are all great, philip, all i found out on a fellow vivid allergic. it in, in of all a few. uh huh. he, the men will fit a littler from info vejo he and monumental negatively. menton is almost a former, a little boy called kinetic one with in the name, but i am lithium ilunga. yeah. dana quarter. i know he cleared in it a messy mail demo up there sunday. none of
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them are really close to the may i out of iraq. america knock on the center. they're gonna phenom malloy? yes. i can. we can get another opinion. ah . the nearly invites me back to his family home to meet his wife bay. yeah. their family comes from a long line of go, just wrenching people found the cross, but they go near who are often fiercely proud of their way of life. many go just in the nearby community of cochran. c conservation as a threat to both their livelihoods and their culture. then he had worked on the old ranch as a shepherd for 6 years before taking a job, conserving were morally in the park that replaced that. here for election fe keith
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are we are in a couple years. see if in the voucher for can for me, for me to man, man or you know, another hotel is on parking. there's a settle, same thing, k, the answer it on. could amanda for enter the dement su, am for poker. it came in with 2 photograph. it will give us a good one. herb entered the filament. and there is film a 100 word puzzle. nicky parker, martha fell a fella fancier night of us had parking for kimberlia co. they were mullin and wound or can we pull it all over to put up a lift those. the steel ranching also complained that paul must leave the park to keep their livestock all 16 people working on the ranch when it was kills. where then employed at the park, 8 of them, a spark wardens like the near by 2018. the park employed more than 90 people during
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high season. meanwhile, tourism has created sustainable sources of income for local populations. this was truly an emblematic ranch. so just the image of this region shifts when the land is shift and that was really hard on people, which i completely understand. i would hate to have this area of me, 100 percent tourism the culture would fracture. the structure of society would begin to fall apart and that's not what i'm interested in. i'm interested in working ranches alongside conservation areas, so there's dignity and health on both sides. but when kristen dog started buying land, local grievances were just the beginning. some chilion said it was the u. s. congress appeared to control the country's weather, or even establish a scion estate. the donkeys also infuriated conservatives when they joined
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a popular campaign to stop a giant dam project near the park. but their high profile, rolling the wilmont in which thousands took to the street, forcing the government to reject the project, won the many admirers across chile. one way their translation hopes to contribute to local communities, while also convincing them of the benefits of conservation through a free cation program. vacation officer can molina is leading a school group from the nearby settlements of frankie low and mortar on a 2 day trip a, i mean she got the music audio, but i can also take a look this up either because he believes i look this up on him excuse unix olympics. lexi his unit. you do not have it. don't come newcomers. i suppose it somebody's choir enter. fond of the on the internet for
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me. well yes. on the local. yeah. care. getting out of the 30 out old al e saw it. the amendment, the significant deal because if you don't get, i mean you could go yeah to me and then a couple. you didn't have any one income, then i'm ok. cambia. hello. he gotta come for a me or the yes he is a hell he will get some more thought up or go down in a little. busy gusio and mother, i'm gonna put you cookie killer not to release, and i shall go on a cell glass. a he i'm taken is a lonely cool company that gets a lamentable professor, particularly when i get there. he's in our colonial manner, caribbean. so when i'm ready to send a hug i did for so when i don't talk a bit or jack was i had the employee now, you know, the going to limit it despite leaving in the countryside for some of these kids is their 1st time counting in the why fi? the kilogram did an idea what joe and myself can sample i know condemn. we pulled on monday. a little fun
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with russia. new kid. i meeting up with our senior. the chick are common itself. ah, we have heard that the puma has been spotted with the carcass of a when acco and go to take it out. i took it, it didn't because tabitha se yet my performer could a you'll get all that again. sir catherine, which i took a little while, my toner, he put elephant, the vehicle and he, he gotta daphne, and i think mattel, nashikuru and plan ah, let me think on that hipaa. yeah, the google without,
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i'm already said all over that. isn't bill to figure than i thought, hey, you know for huh. not only where no, don't, and double favor and then so you know, it's early passer he, he m p i. e, glue. ready? no, no buffer, no, no luck these time. but they're still on the team, have used camera traps to look you meant over 35 pu must now rested in to the park with balance. returning the tompkins foundation, thieves ready to do what they have always done with their parks. the native to the state in a 2018 signing ceremony with them pretty. and michelle by chalet, priest handed over these and another part worth the combined 1000000 acres. it was billed us, the biggest donation of private land to a state in history. 1 the chilean government also contributed $9000000.00 acres of their own oil. this land now forms 5 new national parks and expand 3 others. an
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area 3 times bigger than yellowstone, and yosemite combined. these assault perhaps the naval the rudolph parts project, a scenic road, 1700 miles long, connecting 17 parks across chile, boosting the economies of the community some route. ah right now, the largest and other today's facilities are closed down until the handover process is complete. so the whole team, they're all thing to buy to one another, and it's not likely to have the bag next year so that it's sad, less than 4 years after dog died in a kayaking accident scene, their dream finally become a reality isa. fine. a moment here is the day that dad died, he was ana kayaking trip with our best friends and they got caught out in
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a severe westerly wind. they were getting pushed farther farther out into the sun during the length. and so they decided to abandon the kayak and tires went ashore and it was just till latch dug was in the water for her to a half hours and they got him out his helicopter to the hospital and clanking and somehow the weren't friends so fast. the dog had either died or was in trouble and as we drove to the hospital, people were taking their hard hats off and opening up. and if anything really got caught up there was
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anyway, we got to call you i can he died 20 minutes before me. soon after dogs death, she lives national. congress voted to make him i don't read to lay a citizen. it was an official recognition. both of the tompkins contribution to the country's natural heritage and of how much the public have come to embrace them. what a life harris, a guy who had no limitation to his line. you're so easily stopped by things that are difficult or seemingly impossible. sampling 20 people. yeah. i don't we leave behind a legacy of if you don't establish some sort of value system that awards piece between human and non human world and you'll never get where we need to go. me. i'm using my final evening in the park to take
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a proper hike. the only way to truly appreciate the spectacular play phone back into town. we said one of the few remaining grade wellness of the word experience as show me just how precious this ecosystems are. and how easily they can be through the human activity. let us also gave him hope to see that these craft and some forest had been revived to welcome back the amazing creatures at once put them home in ah, a
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country with an abundance of resource rate. and walk into these firms for me, we move to grow and frank, we balance for green economy, blue economy, and the digital economy. with the new job creation law, indonesia is progressively ensuring the policy reform to create quality jobs. invest, let to be part with his growth and progress in the media. now with,
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[000:00:00;00] ah, this is al jazeera ah hello can vanelle. this is the news all live from dall coming up in the next 60 minutes. is government denies targeting to grinds based on their ethnicity? it comes under pressure to release thousands of detained united nation staff. this is the attempt of an authoritarian regime to try to destabilize its democratic


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