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tv   [untitled]    November 10, 2021 5:00pm-5:31pm AST

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ronnie skillfully 3 key areas of develop who filling a prominence of connecting the world, connecting the future, wanted garzo cutters, gateway to whoa trade. ah, 72 drivers working for the wild food program are detained by ethiopian government. after the rest of u. n. employees in addis ababa ah, hello there, i'm hello, my hitting this is al jazeera life and doha also coming up belarus and russia. far back in a war of words with the e you about a migrant crisis as hundreds of people sit and wait in deplorable conditions. a draft of the cop 26 agreement urges deeper emissions cuts sooner. that sign to say
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it fails to properly address the crime as emergency. the former french president francois alone does to testify the trial of 20 suspects linked to the 2015 paris attacks. ah. the united nations as pushing for the release of 16 ethiopian staff who have been detained by the government in add a sub over u. n. and humanitarian sources say they were arrested during government grades targeting to grahams. 72 drivers for the world food program have also been arrested . madeau has more from addis ababa. they are all. busy to guy as solicitude, they are to guide people and the government is accusing them off and get the men in
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terrorism activities, which is a thin live vedic acquisition that they are in support of the to ground rebels. we're currently fighting the european defense forces now, and it's not known why they will take it to be, especially given that they are, you and the workers. even the drive was, was involved in the process of taking much did at 8 to the, to guy and region of the main reason why this so many to can drive us with the wi fi is because of the existing tensions and animals city. good to in different communities in ethiopia, it's only to glen drive us who can deliver it inside at the to gray region. and of course the saw you and workers and they enjoy a certain level of immunity according to international protocols. but that has not been respected in, not asking them you and officials here in a to some of the say you and security officials have been to visit them as some of
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the 16 in the detention areas. and they have also appealed to the minister of foreign affairs to release them. but so far, no action has been taken to our stand and the scenes national says it's documented 16 cases of women being raped by to grow and rebel finances during their recent advances. in ethiopia and conflict, the organisation says that happens during the groups takeover of a ton in horror in august. part of the statement from man this, the secretary general leads the testimonies we heard from survivors describe despicable act spine, t p. fighters. that amounts to war crimes and potentially crimes against humanity. they define morality or any iota of humanity. to saw her talk a as horn of africa, research or for amnesty international. he says the global community must take action against those responsible for these attacks. individual qualities,
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kind of like most to be have the response. you also cited that investigation should find out all of that. the commandant, at least in one case, one of us and who look magical mind was the one who and before now i just followed. so it's very difficult to make a judgment smaller is that make that's why i just read or system this point. we can assume that out of eyes added last notes, spoken out because of why crimes and crimes identity is proving through labor and that international. so
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i mean that priority age government countries, really? i can't expect that that government states to fail to bring them suggested that content international us feller is, says the keys, the e u of provoking him brought refugee and migrant standoff on his border with poland as an excuse to impose new sanctions. it's the latest in the back and forth of allegations in the crisis that's left around. 2000 people stuck in freezing and dangerous conditions on poland. stores that net in bava has more. i know they're not asking for much. in fact, these children just want water journalists are banned from this area, but the person filming the scenes on the border between belarus and poland says they're a babies as young as 2 months old. here. some families haven't eaten for several
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days. at night, temperatures dropped well below 0. at least 2000 people, many of them iraqi kurds, and now stuck in makeshift camps along the razor. wire. social media footage from recent days shows refugees and migrants escorted by mast bellow russian security towards the border. sometimes shots are foiled. 7 and people have often been beaten as in these pictures filmed by polish forces, mama all day. long though the e. u says the government of alexander lucas shanker is playing a dangerous game in retaliation for sanctions imposed over human rights violations . for its pot, russia, a traditional backer of belarus, is accusing brussels of being hypocritical. she darted. you're seeking a great, impose on the situation, is indeed very tense and there's a tendency to escalate tensions that causes concern is apparent that a humanitarian catastrophe is looming against the background of europeans
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reluctance to demonstrate commitment to the european values this away. dea, poland is neighbor and fellow you member has now imposed this state of emergency along its border with better roofs. this is the prime minister visiting border guards on wednesday. in a phone call, german chancellor, angular mercury has appealed directly to russian president vladimir putin to exert his influence on the regime in minsk. but as governments play the blame game, the humanitarian situation becomes more dire by the de nadine baba al jazeera, the united nations human rights chief michelle bachelor, has cold own states to resolve the migrant crisis. in the statements, she said, hundreds of men, women, and children must not be forced to spend another nights in freezing weather without adequate shelter, foods, water, and medical care, and under international law, no one should be prevented from seeking asylum. let's get more from dominant cane.
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he joins with my phone berlin and told me that we are seeing these diplomatic blows being treated but as have been any movements in terms of resolving this crisis will from the one side of things from the european union perspective, you have lots of different voices. but they all seem to be pointing in the same direction. if we can say that, that effectively from the center from brussels, you have people saying we share the view of the polish governments. we want to express off solidarity with the polish government. and so today we heard from the president of the european council of ministers, charlotte michelle's saying that that the european union can find its way to helping poland with its infrastructure at the border, which of course effectively means shoring up that border. we've heard from the spokesperson for angle immaculate, she spoke to president putin in moscow,
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and deplored conditions on that board and referred once again to this concept of instrumentalists, zation of migrants of refugees. the clear view being express expressed here in berlin, but also in brussels. and elsewhere, certainly in moscow, in moscow, in warsaw, pardon me, that the yellow russian government is choosing to use the fate of these migrants, these refugees on their border as an instrument of their foreign policy. and we know that the viola russian government says this is absolutely not the case. and that the bill of russian government has identified itself alongside the russian government in its argument with the you. so lots of words being traded slots of angry words being traded. but so far, at least no direct action plan and something like, what about the people who they're themselves? michelle been chalet heads and obviously coal for foods in water and medical
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supplies to get to them. but they're still trapped in on the boards. and there it is. there any business, it's all well, they are trapped to that border channels. we've been hearing the night time. temperature is around hovering, around freezing, and over the course of the next few days in the next few weeks as we go further into the european late awesome towards winter. and that part of the world, it gets increasingly very cold indeed. and stays that way for much of the day and certainly all night. so it's arduous and then we know that there are some we've managed to get across the border to get across into polish territory while for them . then, according to international conventions, that's the 1st place in the e u that they could claim silent, but we know the welcome, awaiting them in poland, is not as warm, perhaps as the welcome that might await them here in germany. we know that very many of those who have made that journey have risked the arduous journey and got to
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germany while they tried to claim asylum here. we know also that many of the people who are trying to get across right now, they say they want to get to germany. and the figures back that up, that over the course of the last 5 weeks or so on average, every week, more than a 1000 people have declared themselves to the juvenile authority. having made precisely the journey that the people currently at the frontier wants to be making . so in the short term, they have to deal with the conditions that they are facing right now. those who get through have to hope that the polish governments will honor international law and treat them well. but it's not clear, it's all what is going to happen. the only thing that certain is that while there is uncertainty, their situation will stay as it is. are came, had stamina cane at reposing from maryland. dominic finance, thank you. ah
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you k has released a draft cop 2016. that urges countries to step up their climate goals on the end of next year. leaders are asked to revisit and strengthen their 2030 targets on tuesday. analysts warns emissions patches made so far will lead to a global average temperature rise of $2.00 degrees celsius. the century. a target is 1.5 degrees or climate scientists and environmental groups say the draft doesn't address the emergency facing the planets and re, simmons has more from glasgow boys. johnson, the u. k. prime minister has travelled up to glasgow by train this time, not the private jet that we used to leave the conference last week for to attend to business in london. ah, he will be addressing every one later on. he says there are some bridges to cross. he says, people do need to step up. let's look at just some of the highlights. the issue is
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the fossil fuels which has been clearly identified as a major issue in this draft document. that's not normally the case. it's not detailed. that's rather inflamed emotions were particularly with the fossil fuel nations like saudi for example. um there is a, an agreement here that will be an annual look at emissions. and there would be within a year, countries would have to come back to the table and renegotiate those levels. and in 2030, i'm sorry, in 2022. a. so we're talking to years time heads of state would come back. so we're talking here about annual reviews rather than 5 year reviews that and other things . let's look at the whole package now and speak to james cameron, who is an independent advisor to the presidency of cop $26.00. so tell us this. you seem to be optimistic about some aspects to it, but really we're,
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we're still in a position where we're not attacking the 1.5 celsius. we're talking $2.00, which is on the way to, to, to catastrophe. so people are justified out may and saying this isn't looking good . well, i mean, you're quite right that the, that the package is we've got right now is a pretty good package so far as these practices go. lot of compromises. 197 countries trying across language. it satisfies them all. by the way, the tax which i think is pretty good right now will be put under pressure the next 24 to 48 hours. and in some respects, i really hope what's there now, stays there now. so the headphone on sarah, have a wave of the contagious fell for variance. challenging china covered 0 stress strategy. and then you report says human rights abuses find the most military since occur in february. could a mind to bore crimes. ah
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hello there, there's a contrast to the weather when it comes to south asia, it's looking finer and dry up in the north of india. and pakistan as well as bangladesh, but down in the south. well, it's getting a real focus. we've read warnings out for camel. now do an under pradesh on thursday, we've seen flooding here. we're likely to see more. and this is similar story for sri lanka. we've got some flooding happening in the south, more intense range to come, and that's thanks to the north eastern one soon as well as low pressure that's worked its way west across the bay of bengal. now that rain does these slightly come friday shifting up to more central areas. but we are expecting another round of rain to come into play as we go into the weekend. that was the move across to east asia. we had a bit of a wintry mix in the north east of china,
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snow storms here, ice conditions. they continue on thursday, but by the time we get to friday, they'll push out to the east. it does start to dry up the temperature picking up slightly similar story for the korean peninsula. fine and dry up in the north showers in the south and low pressure pushing across into japan, bringing some of the heavy rain to the north of horseshoe. but for tokyo, it remained fine and dry the temperature sitting at 21 degrees celsius with sunshine, through the weekend, ah, in the country with an abundance of results for the trade already wat indonesia whose turns forming we moved full to grow and frock. we balance for green economy, blue economy, and the digital economy with the new job creation law, indonesia is progressively ensuring the policy reform to create quality jobs.
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invest, let it be part linda. this is growth and progress. invent indonesia. now, lou ah, this is al jazeera, quick reminder of the top stories. those are 72 drivers. he worked for the world food program in ethiopia, have been arrested by the government's u. n. as christian for the release of 16 ethiopian staff who are also detained. belarus, as accused the you of provoking a migrant stand off on its border with holland as an excuse to impose your sanctions. it's the latest allegation and a crisis that laughter and 2000 people in
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a dangerous conditions on pullman's border. and the u. k. has released a draft cop $26.00 deal that urges countries to step up their climate goals. by the end of next year. leaders have been asked to revisit and strengthen the 2030 targets. francois barnes as expected to testify at the trial of 20 suspects linked to the paris attacks that took place in 20. 15 alone was president at the time and set out a stadium when the 1st attacker detonated his best. gunman later opened fire and several other parts of the capitol, including the batter, clone concert hall, $130.00 people were killed. it was the country's worst atrocity since world war 2. when a tasha butler is live for. as in paris, sir natasha falls, while aunt is expected to take the stand as a witness. what can we expect?
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netherland is expected to take the stand the court county in recess, though because what happened a short while ago? who's the lawyers on all sides of the debate? whether or not the former french prism should be able to testify, there are some who say that his presence from the court room would actually politicize this child. others though, say it's absolutely essential that he is heard during this trial because he was such a key figure at the time he was the president of france at the time of these attacks . he was in a frances national, a stadium on the night of november 13th, when an attacker blew himself up just outside the stadium. for us all on quickly was ushered out of the stadium by his security services into central paris, where it became apparent, bartow groups of attackers had targeted restaurants and cafes on the bicycle, a concert hall, france, all on that evening, declaring a state of emergency in france and saying that france was at war. well,
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if he does appear in the court, it will certainly be a key moment in his child because he will be in the same room as some of the accused, including a cellar upstairs are up to slum who are, is of the sole surviving suspected attacker from that evening, in fact, early on in this child, abdur slum named francois longed, he said that it was false walls, alarms, decision to carry out french as strikes in syria. that was one of the main reasons for the attacks of november 30 and the touch of one of the big questions survivors or families of the victims. hopefully, alarms can shed some light on, is whether these a tanks could have been prevented. yes, so many want to hear from all arms about a what he knows what he knew then and whether as you say the, the taxes have been prevented. you know, at the time, in 2015 frauds was in
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a state of emergency already, because, or why should the least say the france was sown in a state of very high vigilance. security load because there had been attacks just 10 months earlier on the charlie ado offices, the newspaper offices here in central or paris on a jewish supermarket. already the su security services were on the alerts just 3 months before these november attacks had been intact on a talis train, or between or amsterdam and paris. so many wonder how it is, but such a huge attack could take place just so soon or after those other attacks. and in the years since 2015 documents of emerge, which show that frances intelligence services had received notes, for example, that i saw members of i saw in syria were recruiting people in, in, in europe, or to carry out attacks against certain targets. in france. it is also emergent,
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some of the attackers that are part in november 13th we're actually are either one to surveillance or say any on the radar of the french intelligence and security services. so there are lots of questions the remain unanswered. and as you say, you know, for some of the survivors for the victims, families will, they will want to know more about whether or not a such carnage could have been prevented. ok, natasha butler. they're reporting lifers from paris. natasha. thank you. agency say up to 5000 people are fleeing into iran from af canister on every day. more than 300000 refugees of arrived since the talented power in august. the norwegian refugee council says humanitarian needs is urgently needed. it's calling for countries to step up funding quickly. before the winter weather arrives. john grunz as the secretary general of the norwegian refugee cancel,
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he's into her on to survey the situation and says the humanitarian emergency must be viewed separately from politics. the reason for all of this is of course, but in all gone, it's dawn, the crisis. it's just so tremendous at the moment. hundreds of thousands of africans have a mass at the border inside. i've gone down on the border here to iran. in iran, there is already 3 and a half to 4000000 africans coming over the years, over the border and from the fighting in afghanistan. now with full $5000.00 each day, they were in iran, it will be overwhelmed. there is not enough resources here to help them. so the international community has the neighboring countries inside. i've gone on very much so, but also the neighboring countries, iran and pockets though we are not helping the taliban inside
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a gun is not were helping the same african civilians where there be pull the taliban take over where they're on the ground and i see my organization at 2008 work is on the ground. there is a big 8 machinery, that space and delivery. we didn't go for the door with the, the soldiers in the department who left. but we have to have, you know, developing money, humanitarian money, a re energizing, of the economy. tensions are escalating in that unit in time of occurrence, following the death of a protest or 2 in confrontations with police protests to say a man died on choose day after police far tear gas as demonstrators blocking broods the, reposing a government decision to reopen a landfill. site that was closed earlier this year on forces have been deployed to protect public institutions and buildings after police station was set on far and
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ask and suddenly who had 10 members killed by a u. s. drone strike say there are still waiting for justice. the august attack in kabul kills an aid worker and his family, including 7 children. afterwards the pentagon said it would pay compensation, but a watched or rule that while the attack was a mistake, it did not break any laws. the targets of the drone strike were members of iso in afghanistan, bull muffle quarters, while they were more color with the dead body of my nephew was behind this car. the body of my brother was behind the other car. his son was in the driver's seat as well as his other kids who were also inside that cow when he attack happened. there was a worse incident in my life that a u. s. promised us that they would take the family out of afghanistan, so they must fulfill their commitments after that it has been almost 3 months and we have not heard from the u. s. government sofa. and you report says human rights
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abuses and credit killings and torture by me and mars military could amount to war crimes. since the co and february, hundreds of thousands of people have been displaced and 3000000 are in need of aids . matthew smith is the chief executive officer and co founder of 4 to fi rights, a human rights advocacy group. he says, the military has also been blocking life, saving humanitarian aids to women and children. certainly since the qu, on february, 1st, the me, a mar, military has been attacking civilians throughout the country. what this flash report looks at is, is centrally a snapshot of the situation and carini or kaya state an eastern, me and more. and what we found is that the military is displaced civilians by killian's torture, other human rights violations. but then afterwards they're blocking the delivery of humanitarian aid to the civilians in need. it's a desperate situation. it's worth mentioning as well, that the displacement, the force displacement in the blocking of aid that we've documented incur any state
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is being replicated in other parts of me and more as we speak, including chine state, especially the gang region and other places. this is a military that has been responsible for mass atrocity crimes committed with complete impunity for many years. and a currently right now with regard to the situation of the delivery of aid, they are arresting aid workers, their confiscating food stocks or destroying food stocks. while it's still displacing more people. and so really what has to happen right now is neighboring countries surrounding me in marnie to authorize cross border aid. the aid is not going to come from places that the military junta is controlling. so the only other option is cross border aid. a, we do know that the government of thailand is, is currently considering this thailand right now has an opportunity to set a positive example for responding to this heinous situation. and we hope they move
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forward with that. china is struggling to contain his latest outbreak of the delta variance if coven 19 infections of nice spread to 20 provinces. promising debates around the countries 0 tolerance stress, g. katrina, you has more from teaching a chinese city on the border with russia is turning to unconventional means to control curve at 19. it's offering a reward of $15000.00 to anyone who could help trace the origin of the latest outbreak. hey, her city officials have declared a so called peoples war against the virus. as cases around the country continue to climb. more than 1000 infections have been reported since late october. the resurgence has spread to 21 provinces so far and has been accompanied by unseasonably cold weather in the countries north conditions which have helped the virus to thrive. yoga withdrew fraser complex and store epidemic prevention and control situation this winter and the next spring. china will continue to hear
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through st. epidermal provision and control measures. some authorities have expanded the definition of close contacts using mobil 4 and data to track people's location and activities. officials here call it space time or overlap which sounds like something out of science fiction, but it's very simple. if you spend just 10 minutes within a certain radius of the normal curve, at 19 case, your mobile form will alert authorities, which means a person can be quarantined even though they hadn't come into actual physical contact with an infected person. nearly 77 percent of china's population is fully vaccinated. but whilst and couple australia and new zealand have opted to live with the virus bating is sticking to its 0 tolerance strategy. policy was criticized by for ologist kwan e on hong kong television this week. so for all local governments, i'm italian, there's 0 tolerance policy. if you continue to do this,
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i'm sure i'll country colony will one day collapse. he also raised questions about chinese vaccines, which have lower protection rates than other vaccines. the chinese government has dismissed consent saying it strategy has kept the virus death, toll low for now targeted, locked downs and long quarantine periods. a common place and a lives and travel plans of millions will continue to be attended at short notice. katrina you out is irritating. ah, this is al jazeera, these are the headlines. the united nations, as pushing for the release of 16 ethiopian staff, have been detained by the government in our server un and humanitarian sources say they were arrested during government raids, targeting to groans, 72, dr.


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