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tv   [untitled]    November 10, 2021 4:30pm-5:01pm AST

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this firms forming, we move full to grow and fraud with balance for rena economy, blue economy, and the digital economy. with the new job creation law, indonesia is progressively insuring the policy report to create quality jobs. invest, let part when the lease is broke and programs invest in the new year now. ah ah, this is al jazeera could provide to all the top stories. this are 72 drivers. he worked for the world food program and a few here. have been arrested by the government the year and his also pushing for the release. the 16 ethiopian staff who also detained. belarus is accused the you
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of provoking a migrant stand off on its border with poland as an excuse to impose new sanctions . it's the latest allegation in a crisis that spiked by 2000 people. dangerous conditions on poland. border b, u. k. has released to draft cop $26.00 till that urges countries to step up their climate goals. by the end of next year. leaders have been asked to revisit and strengthen the 2030 targets. francois loans is expected to testify at the trial of 20 suspects linked to the paris attacks that took place in 2015 alone who was president at the time. was that a stadium when the 1st attacker detonated his fest, gunman later opened a fire and several other parts of the capitol, including the vatican, concert hall, $130.00 people were,
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was the country's worst atrocity since world war 2. will. natasha butler is my friend. no in paris. natasha has from so long taken the stand yet because many of course will be keen to hear what he has to say. bernard bernard with way, bernard, nasa, former french president. no, not yet taken the stand in fight. one thing happening in the court behind me is the law is science have been debating on whether or not he should take the stand, some believe his presence in this call actually politicize this trial. other say that the essential that we hear what he has to say, here's the cool such a key part of those. the fence of november, 13 2015 alone was in france's national sport stadium just outside of paris for a frog germany frenzy match when some of the attackers blew themselves up outside. and there is a very key photo all that moment where we see an aid whispering and all on there.
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and the stadium alone being alerted was unfurling in paris. the fact that the attackers were on a on a rampage, killing people in cafes, balls, and restaurants alone. was quickly taken by his security service from the stadium, into the capitol, into the hall to the city where he declared a state of emergency. and he said that fraud was at war. naval alone does take the side of the pair in chords, initial wall, it will be certainly a very important moment in this trial. he will be in the room with some of the accuse including the slot who is the only surviving a suspected attack from november, 13th to slum who own. in this trial said that for all owns decision to bomb civilians in syria was part of the reason some of the attack and decided to
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carry out carnage on that night. and natasha, if from so long this is taking the stand as a witness. but many people will be wondering if possible that his government himself could have done more to prevent those attacks. and that tragedy from taking place is that likely to emerge during the trial itself. well, one of the reasons so many people want to hear from, for so long days is to find out more about what he knew, what the intelligence services might have known about that evening. what lie t my be able to shed on whether a lot of those attacks many have been prevented because in the years since 2015, there have been a number of intelligence documents that have come to life that have shown that the french intelligence services, the security services were aware, for example,
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that i saw was a recruiting people in europe though good potentially looking to attack kind of targets in france. they were so ne, a surveying some of the people who were at the attackers on that night, including a, a one of that main attack as well. the mastermind, i should say, of the attack a suspected mastermind. he was suddenly on the intelligence services a radar. so there been many questions as to why the french intelligence serves his baptist and do enough, could they have done enough, could they have prevented at what happened on that evening or whether or not francois, who really be able to answer some of those questions? i mean, it doesn't seem very, very likely that he would admit such failings from his own intelligence services. nevertheless, there will be those, the victims, families, the survivors who will like to see him in this court because he is such a key witness if you like. in this draw. okay, that's and sasha butler,
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johnny's lie from paris, latasha for no, thank you. tensions or escalating and each in his entire of a garden following the death of a protest. her during confrontations with police protest. just say a man died on cheese day after police are tear gas. that protested blocking rooms. well, they reposing a government decision to reopen a landfill sites that was closed earlier this year on forces have moved in to protect public institutions and building softer. a police station was set on fire will allow. eliza borkman is an independent journalist and she joins us now. from its eunice, just seen the situation is escalating somewhat there just give us a sense of what's happening right now. well, i mean, this has been building the situation and i garrett, been the science building for some time. and it really changed her head as you said on tuesday. i'm, this is not going away. i mean,
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it's pretty much domination been used here. and people are angry about the death of the land who died from excessive use all the chick ass. and it's interesting that the democratic alliance parties like ethical and democratic currents, are she demanding from that? that said, i side open inquiry and they're holding him responsible. these policies are cheese footage high side and they supported the his use of article 80 on july 25th. as certainly, as we move towards december and the weather is getting colder. prices are rising and inflation is going up. the, the, the kind of battle that full fighting corruption, the high side presents as his main thrust is began now beginning to wear a bit thin people because they're not st results. they're just seeing a secure g aunt says to what should be socially, not a comic on says it's a, it's,
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i should economic problems ever quite because we can, this is a lot of tension that i'm sure and day, and understandably so, of a faith if we can't really forget the context in which this is taking place through and as you can we because on the surface of it, it looks like it for bruce asked about a rubbish dump. but you know, he has been through an awful lot of turmoil, not least when the president's guys seeds essentially is took power completely and, and dismissed the entire government high war people reacting to this is this feeding into the general mit there? absolutely. i mean, what, what we've seen in nature is we have a society that is very split down the middle though, still people who have very much pro, tie site because they very much anti and not. but but on the other hand, there is a strong group campaigned and so calling themselves to nations against the crew who
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have been persistent, me demanding. and she, they tie side steps down for the presidency. they are demanding that they get to the constitution of 2014, and that we go back to normal elementary functioning. so there's, there's a real polarized ation in the country and it is very, very tense. and what's happening in europe is not just about a rubbish. it is about the breakdown in like who services are rubbish, has been piling high in the streets and people just don't understand why they pay taxes when the government, local government. oh, doing nothing to help them. so this is what's really feeling things and ends with the people that ties side coast and effectively he's decided that he wants to buy to cree. i just want to nominating a government. you know, people are deeply concerned, but it's just not the same old same old. oh yeah, a lot of talk a little bit so, and very little action from people in power. okay. let's see of old fine. they're
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bringing us up to dates from china. salisia. thank you. thank you. climate. former george and presidents mikella successfully is expected to appear in court to on some more charges linked to his time and office. he's been on hunger strike for more than a month while in jail. supporters of rallied to coal for his release soccer really was arrested in october after returning to georgia. for the 1st time in 8 years. he'd been convicted saying absentia of abuse of power charges he says were made up as the world looks for solutions to global warming. scotlands orkney islands are at the forefront of the renewable energy revolution. net carports, the islands and heritage of innovation dancing back thousands of years. the story of invention on these remote islands is coming full circle. cultural and
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architectural innovation flourished here way back in neolithic times, even before the pyramids were built. 5000 years on orkney is again at the vanguard of the future. oh, i didn't fit on the range in castro through the north sea, and the north atlantic, where the tides career back and forth between the islands and the u. k. mainland. and in the title raises, does power power that can drive all walls? this is the orbital oh, to the world's most powerful title turbine, roaches spin and the eben flow generating enough electricity for 2000 homes. it's just one of many prototypes being tested by the european marine energy center. here on orkney research suggest title power could provide up to 10 percent of the u. k. electricity with the same guaranteed output as gas or co title. and she's really interesting because it's entirely predictable. it's driven by the position of the
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moon and the position of the earth and the sun. so we know where the tides are going to be when the thoughts can be running a 1000 years from today. some of the machines are on the sea bed, some of the machines associate on the surface, but altogether they actually provide a huge energy source that's available. the island is him, have already capitalized on another force of nature. community owned commercial scale, wind turbines. they help generate more electricity than is required on the islands, the surplus being sold on to the u. k. mainland. this also a huge, offshore wind project planned and green. hydrogen is already being produced to palm marine and rode transport. i spoke to dr. cindi cur of harriet, what university he told me, the acadia and green revolution has turned the island economy around. we get students that come here from around the world under kittens that come back to learn about renewable energy in this community. and a number of them, steve and jacob,
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jose with the local air renewable energy companies not really reverse in the brain drain that we see around the rest of the case. while there's still a long way to go, these islands a well on the road to carbon neutrality, wind and tide, a driving a size make change, giving the rest of the world a glimpse of things to come. nick clock al jazeera, the oconee islands, scotland. greece is the 1st european ports of coal from many asylum seekers from africa and asia. but now this and you contingent making the journey all the way from cuba, shown several police reports from athens and hi. these people have managed to get from the americas to eastern europe. federal and louder has been traveling since may when they sold their business and left their native cuba. the pandemic combined with us sanctions, has caused unprecedented food shortages and hardship at home. last summer, the communist regime and havana faced its biggest protests in decades leading to
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a harsh crack down left they, seneca, donald campbell, the government talks about the external embargo a great deal. but there's an even worse internal one moment. so the government seizes agricultural production and distributes food as it deems fit. you cannot vote for the president. there are only certain types of businesses you can be licensed to do is no democracy, then there are people who disappear. have been killed, to get to greece louder and pedro flew to moscow where cubans can travel without a visa. from there they flew to bel grade, also visa free, then walked most of the way through serbia and north macedonia, into greece. their goal was to reach spain or italy. they ended up on the greek island of zak infos, where they planned to catch a flight to milan in northern italy. but about a 130 other cubans had the same idea on the same day. this is what happened when police tried to arrest them. oh. c 7
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no sort of been, you went in, do you? it seems that this flight was oversold and when the police saw one keep impossible off another, they put us all into separate rooms. they kept us there for 8 hours. had told us that were going to take us to a hotel. instead, they took people to the police station there worn and children. alas, bedra and louder have now joined the thousands of refugees who live legally or illegally in athens, and like african and asian nationals who've sought asylum here for years. cubans in the balkans are a completely new phenomenon. greece is an attractive way station for asylum seekers who want to travel deeper into europe. it has a 1000 kilometers of mountainous land border which are difficult to police. and it's a member of the shingles area, which means that once here, it's relatively easy for someone to travel to 25 other european countries without border controls. cubans 1st post coal would normally be the united states. charles
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cook is an immigration lawyer in the u. s. and explains what's happening. the system was broken by the ministration and so far the by administration, it's 10 months in office has not really made a lot of effort to fix that because of it. so all these, all these factors are coming to play here that are driving people to other places. greece is the other place right now. hundreds of cubans are now in greece, and they're waiting to find out whether all forties will take up their asylum applications, or encourage them to keep walking. jumps out over los altos or athens. we've got the sport coming up for you next turns. england's cricketers close in on another world title. we'll hear from one of the country's former stars about their chances that's coming out with flora after this. ah
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ah ah, welcome back to the news our u. s. shipping is backed up so much that importers don't think the problems will be cleared. my christmas president joe biden will visit port facilities on wednesday to announce higher the government plans to untangle the mess or browse reports from the port of long beach near las angeles. at least $100.00 giant cargo ships are floating in limbo off the southern california coast carrying billions of dollars worth of goods they can't unload. it's the most visible sign of today's
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global supply chain crisis. we have never seen the volume of containers were seen today. we are busier than ever. we are at full capacity. but the warehouses are also described. the ports of the l. a and long beach are the largest in the us, and ling about 40 percent to one half of all imports, mostly from china. but due to coven era online spending sprees by american consumers staffing shortages and sheer lack of storage capacity compared to the volume of shipping, the ports are jammed even after ramping up to 247 operation. demik had the effect of impacting every 2nd in the supply chain all at the same time. on top of that, the pandemic triggered heightened demand for goods overseas from us consumers. us consumers are buying goods at a historic b. u. s. president joe biden has allocated government funding and is urging more
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coastal ports warehouses, trucking companies, and other links in the supply chain to work 24 seventh's. to solve the problem, we have to take action now together with our partners in the private sector, to reduce the backlogs that we're facing. the winter holiday gift giving season is fast approaching. so what's on board all the ships stuck out in the harbor waiting to unload? well, there's close computers, furniture, electronics, and of great importance to parents and grandparents everywhere. toys, isaac larry and sales toy, lots and lots of very popular toys. kids can't get enough of this, can i get his m g a entertainment company includes god, i haven't items like ella. well, surprise brands and many others for this. not enough for pride. the little needed at kitty kat campers. we have research. it's going to be a hug,
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a story. these here are the stories here. over 70 percent of the demand is sitting on boards and co pay containers the china factory. they will make it for christmas and i'm talking bud supply chain logistic nightmare. the snarled supply chain is slowing down global economic growth and boosting inflation. now, it might mean a lot of disappointed kids. i love children, more than enough goes my advice to consumer food watching these, please go, i shop early. experts predict the crunch will persist well into next year. rob reynolds, al jazeera, long beach, california. it's time for the sports. here's ferrara. hello, thank you so much england. captain owen morgan is played down his sides billing as
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favorites, had a into their semi final showdown against new zealand at the t 20. well kept. england are looking to win this competition for a 2nd time and follow up their tribes in the one day world cup in 2019. they beat new zealand in that final 2 years ago. the semi begins with w shortly, a loose, a strong strengths, a lot of injuries, threats, tournaments, langley or chris guys are extremely challenging potentially more all of us are joining us now from london is former england star monte pana, sorry, thank you so much for speaking with us how prepared are england for this match? yeah, well good afternoon. thanks family on the show. i'm willing to have been in splendid form since the tournament has started and they've won convincingly in the 1st 3
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games on obviously again, south africa, which was the last game because last by i think 10, ron. so, m a, i think, new zealand, i'm winning the toss and electing, you know, to bat 2nd, to chase or at abu dhabi. we've seen this year that a 9 victories have come. but the teen batting 2nd. so it's up to new zealand now, up to the seem as how they bowl in the power play and throughout the whole corneo was because england will miss, you know, jason roy, you know, at the top of the order, but it was a fine replacement in johnny besta, there was some billings you come in, but they may possibly see it for how the bowling in them or in morgan. so, you know, that brings people in and out because tom knows its actual doubt as well. so, nothing new zealand happy up for a moment, but to will all depend on how england,
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but on this abbey surface evidence, that 10 this game has been overshadowed by the yorkshire race and scan. oh, to what extent do you believe that would have affected england's preparations? well, i think in a england does that have a very, you know, a strong so you know, a team around them and they've lost, i think key players more than i think you know what's happening at yorkshire. and i think jason roy is, is a big component in that team. and him and ross butler, what i've been brilliant now, just butler has been actually a school of a 240 runs, you know, in the torment already. and he's operating $122020.00 cricket with a strike rate of over a $150.00. so i knew today, you know, the be a lot of pressure and responsibility in on him. and we've seen with the other teams, you know, lots of australia, the key batsmen, like david warner,
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when he gets out early, then it puts a lot of pressure on the, on the rest of the funding. i know, but this, this england team, they buy all the way down all the way down to 11. so when you didn't have a good 20 years, they've got to in a, beyond their game brought the whole of england's innings because this england team come back all the way down. i want to ask you about the 2nd semi final tomorrow pakistan versus australia. what kind of gain are you expecting? well, that is going to be an absolute thriller. i thought you saw have probably been the star team of the tournament and they had a point to prove since there were a couple of consolations international course. and it's great to see a stranger have confirmed that next year they will tool to pock. you start off to on the go that it were 28 years will 24 year. sorry. and just great news will in a pocky song, cricket, they, they, they, they have, they would, they had
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a huge motivation. they started the campaign against india with it was a thumping victory, 10 wicked victory on and detect, just grown. you know, each game by game and, and they and was predicting that box is not what you, when the, when the t 20 woke up. because, you know, they, they, they were 116 games arrived in the, in the u. e. so they, they are, they are the strongest team and honest radio. and they, they, they know they've got their best 11. now they know the best border and it will be a great game and, but i think, you know, baki san a probably be that the winning team there. okay. her we'll see. montana, sar. thank you so much for being with us. thank. thank you very much. thank you. r sloan is you had coach a chevy says he's ready to lead the team away from the most difficult moment in the clubs. history. shabby is sick in charge of training for the 1st time since his official introduction. on monday he went every possible trophy as a bar to player, including 4 champions, leagues, and 8 spanish leap titles. right now,
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the club are off the title place and have dad said more than $1500000000.00. the nfl has fine. the green bay packers along with their star quarterback aaron rogers violating the leaves coven 19 protocols. rogers was fined, around 14 and a half $1000.00 for attending a how a wind party without being vaccinated and not wearing a mask is team. the packers were hit with a further $300000.00 fine. last week, the 37 year old admitted he is not vaccinated after testing positive for coven, despite telling reporters in august, he was in fact, immunized. are you saying that he? he immunized himself is just a play on words to do to keep the pressure or i think it's, it's shameful. what he did may mean is too important to really for them to discipline him in any meaningful way for to you'd have to talk to them about it. i, i think they should, they should do something in the n, b a,
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the philadelphia 76 years continue to struggle as 4 of their key players remain out of action after testing positive for covered 19 it would be in by milwaukee box, janice and tito, cool. no full had 31 points and 60 rebounds to lead the n be champions 218-2109 went over the sixers, the box one for just the 2nd time in their last 7 games. okay, and that is all your sport for now. holler back to you. thank you very much indeed, far without suit for this news or to keep it here on al jazeera, though, i'll be back with you on the other side of the break. more the latest. ah, from the al jazeera london broke up fantastic to people in thoughtful conversation . we were fresh at ratio black for his people and we had to really find our way with no hope and no limitation. the world is a much smaller place. we do better to get away with these regional boundaries,
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film direct, thank you. in to tell me things come right in the think about racism making certainly have if making us visible judea v unscripted coming soon on out to their killing the debate. 90 percent of the world's refugees have come from a common impacted country. the climate emergency is putting more pressure on across the world and amplify your voice. it's not really the future. 8, now. not a lot can get this completed. we cannot lose hope. we know what to do, and we have the tools to do to get back with a patient. this team are now to sierra frank assessment. what's the point of view? and if multilateralism isn't part of it's dna, we need somewhere, we're sovereign states can exchange informed opinions is focused likely to change biking behavioral. it's not going to change their behavior. they're going to
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continue to do what they do when it's going to be more in trade and less in terms of trying to match this more games mentality. in depth analysis of the days global headlines inside story on al jazeera cotton, one of the fastest growing nations in the world. news on the cuts of needed to oakland and development. international shipping companies to become a key, middle east, and trade and learning skillfully my 3 key areas of development, filling up from it. so connecting the world, connecting the future. ronnie, cost cutters, gateway to whoa trade. aah! 72 drivers working for the wild food program are detained by
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e. feel p has government after the rest of you and employees in december. ah, other than i'm how them are hitting this is al jazeera life and doha, also coming up belarus and russia. far back in a war of words with the you about a migrant crisis. as hundreds of people sit and wait in deplorable conditions. a draft of.


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