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tv   [untitled]    November 10, 2021 1:30pm-2:01pm AST

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ah hello there, there's more stormy weather on the way to southern areas of europe. thanks to storm blast that spring, wet and windy conditions, disruptive and possibly dangerous conditions to the western and central parts of the mediterranean, isn't really wet and windy weather on the way facility for sardinia, for corsica, and eastern areas of spain as well as the valley. eric islands and north africa. now it is a slow moving area of low pressure. we could see rain turtles of up to 200 millimeters fall in places. and that of course brings a risk of flooding. we've got gales in force as well. so rough seas and waves that could reach up to 6 meters. now what is going to linger here for at least the next 2 days? but further to the west of this, it is looking lot fine for much of the i burying peninsula lots of sunshine coming
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through for western parts of spain and portugal and to the east. it is looking dry here. once that wintery mix pushes away from the black sea across central areas, it is fine and dry or more settled as well. we think some warns come in to the balkans temperatures on the rise. here in scandinavia though, it continues to be rather wet and windy road of that snow, affecting western parts of norway. but for britain, an island, it'll be turning west towards a weekend. that's your update. ah, the frank assessments, what's the point of the un if multilateralism isn't part of its dna, we need somewhere we're sovereign states can exchange views. informed opinions is focused likely to change biking behavioral. it's not going to change their behavior . they're going to continue to do what they do when it's going to be more in trade and less in terms of trying to match with this more games mentality. in depth analysis of the days global headlines inside story on out jesse era,
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indonesia the country with an abundance of results. re byron walk, indonesia whose turns for me we move pool to grow and fraud. we balance for green economy, blue economy, and the digital economy. with the new job creation law, indonesia is progressively ensuring the policy reform to create quality jobs. invest, let be part linda. this is growth and progress. invest even easier. now, lou ah ah, this is out
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a 0 quick reminder of the top stories. this are 72 drivers. he worked for the world food program and he feel peer have been arrested by the government. the un is also pushing for the release of 16 ethiopian staff who are also detained. bolan's prime minister has turns his focus on russia for what he says is an orchestrated attack by beller bruce using refugees and migrants. mateusz more viet ski has previously blamed the country for worse and crisis on the border. and the u. k. has released a draft cop 2060 over urges countries to step up their climate goals by the end of next year. leaders have been asked to revisit and strengthen the 2030 targets. china is struggling to contain its latest outbreak of the dell to variance of covert 19 infections of no spreads to 20 provinces, prompting debates around the countries 0 tolerance strategy and tough control
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measures katrina, you has more form beaching a chinese city on the border with russia is turning to unconventional means to control covered 19. it's offering a reward of $15000.00 to anyone who could help trace the origin of the latest outbreak. hey, her city officials have declared a so called peoples war against the virus. as cases around the country continue to climb more than 1000 infections have been reported since late october. the resurgence has spread to 21 provinces so far and has been accompanied by unseasonably cold weather in the countries north conditions which have helped the virus to thrive. yoga withdrew fraser complex and store epidemic prevention and control situation this winter and the next sprint. china will continue to hear through st epidemic provision and control measures. some authorities have expanded the definition of close contacts using mobil 4 and data to track people's location
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and activities. officials here call it space time or overlap which sounds like something out of science fiction, but it's very simple. if you spend just 10 minutes within a certain radius of the normal curve, 19 case, you're more val foreign will alert authorities, which means a person can be quarantined even though they hadn't come into actual physical contact with an infected person. nearly 77 percent of china's population is fully vaccinated. but while singapore, australia, and new zealand have opted to live with the virus, beijing is sticking to its 0 tolerance strategy. policy was criticized by for ologist kwan e on hong kong television this week. so for all local governments, i'm attorney this 0 tolerance policy. if we continue to do this, i'm sure i'll country colony will one day collapse. he also raised questions about chinese vaccines, which have lower protection rates than other vaccines. the chinese government has
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dismissed consent thing. it strategy has kept the virus death, toll low for now targeted, locked downs and long quarantine periods. a common place and the lives and travel plans of millions will continue to be up ended at short notice. katrina, you out. 0. dating the philippines response to the pandemic has taken a greater toll on its economy than expected growth almost harvest between the 2nd and 3rd quarters of this year. and as jamila allen duncan reports for manila, some believe it could be the last asian country to bounce back. claire for wednesday. hello, good morning, mike. bonnie is taking a call from a prospective employer at a shipping company, greg road failure to pick when is her? i've been, i've been interviewing one money and enough that been another couple come to me, those to very i can very the company which is i upload 1st visit and then they will,
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the 9 months. matt says he sends his resume to at least 20 companies each week, but he hasn't found any work. the story of mat boonie is a story that is repeated a 1000 times over people. you're dell, as there are more and more job applicants here. desperate to find a job overseas, they tell us their situation has been worse. and by that corona virus pandemic hormone. but on the mission of keith blanca floor and darwin, evangelist, to work for agencies that recruit seafarers and b, keep a waiting list. they say with so few jobs around, it's getting longer. the philippines imposed one of the world's longest locked downs when the pandemic broke out. but it led to one of the country, his worst economic recessions. in decades, unemployment is now at 8.9 percent. it's highest so far this year. thousands of
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small and medium businesses have also shut down and communities dependent on to rid them or facing the greatest difficulties. mussman middle again, the bush, m a global gas. no, there will be an issue up to 6 years. and with that, we hope that means an upstart on our economy. again, we understand the people are not going to agree to be locked down again. so with this reopening, we hope it will be a better christmas for everyone. but some analysts say it's not that simple with, with the more money and purchase barring, or harmonies without more support for max $1.00 we collect the price. yes. i think it'll be a long snow nick already, at least until the end of next year. there will be early, perhaps event. plenty, plenty, many filipinos see they've always faced hardship. but the pandemic, coupled with the lack of government assistance, is making it worse. jamal alan dorgan al jazeera manila,
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tensions or escalating in the chin as he in turn over gara, following the death of a protest, her during confrontations with police, but as to say, a man died on choose day after police far tear gas and protested booking roads. the reposing a government decision to reopen a landfill site that was closed earlier this year. armed forces have moved in to protect public institutions and buildings. after a police station was set on fire. agencies say up to 5000 people are fleeing into iran from afghanistan. every day, more than $300000.00 refugees of arrived since the taliban took power. in august, the norwegian refugee council says humanitarian aids is urgently needed. is calling for countries to step up funds and quickly before the winter weather arrives, or joining us know from to her on this young eagle and secretary general or food
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norwegian refugee council. and it's good of you to join us on than user. that's a significant number of afghans who are arriving in iran, a country which isn't were though it's, it's on significant problems. are the iranians able to host as many refugees, what a conditions like for the refugees are arriving? what the, the reason for all of this is of course, but in all gone, it's on the crate. it's just so tremendous that the moment congress of thousands of africans have a mass at the border inside i've gone, is found on the board, it here to iran. in iran, there is already 3 and a half to 4000000 africans coming over the years, over the border and from the fighting and up gone. it's done now with full $5000.00 each day. they were in iran,
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it will be overwhelming. there is not enough resources to help them. so the international community has the neighboring countries inside up gone on very much so, but also the neighboring countries, the iran and talk is not but this present. so logistical problem doesn't say because iran, of course is subject to very strict international sanctions, and many countries don't want to do business with the taliban. so what's the solution to this? how do you get aids to the people who needs is? well i think many are asking themselves that question, but it is a poor style. lemme we are not helping the taliban inside a gun. this we're helping the same african civilians who were there be pulled the taliban takeover were there on the ground. and i see my organization at 2008 work is on the ground. there is a big 8 machinery there,
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that space and delivery. we didn't go for the door with the, the soldiers in the department who left, but we have to have, you know, developing money, humanitarian money, a re energizing of the economy, an end to the sanctions that are paralyzing banks. and here in the iran. indeed, we can work even though there are sanctions, but of course the sanctions are making it difficult for the african refugees to find work and that excessive base. the problem, i think the world that is obsessed with a few 1000 on the, on, on the polish border to europe. they should understand that the problem is, yeah, it's been up gone, is done. it's in the neighboring countries, millions need urgently assistance now here. and just give us a sense of what it's like. i mean, you make the point fair, that the attention is often not where the attention needs to be. what,
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what sort of things are these african refugees facing water conditions like for those people right now, to start with, of course, they come from the misery. nobody wants to cross in torment. border crossings over the mountains that that truck border to iran is close to border to a to all of the neighboring countries is now really close. so people have to come illegally a overall in. ready very rugged terrain. they have nothing when they come. they are exhausted. and they were told course to start for now because they would have to live with from relatives on the iranian side. very important that we are able to specify the international contributions to these neighboring countries that bear the responsibility for 90 percent of all african
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refugees. i mean 90 percent are in iran and pakistan. they are not in europe or elsewhere. they are here and the aid operations too small is too slow. we need a big plan from the donor concrete to help africans inside up on his own and in the 2 neighboring countries. ok, young guns were out of time unfortunately, but it's great to get your perspective there. thank you so much for joining us on the al jazeera news. thank you. and you report says human rights abuses, including killings and torture by me and mars military could amounts to more crimes . since the coo and february, hundreds of thousands of people have been displaced, 3000000 or in needs of age. the group fortify rights says soldiers have used civilians as human shields and for forced labor. greece says the 1st
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european port of call for many asylum seekers from africa and asia. but now this a new contingent making the journey all the way from cuba, john cyril polis reports from athens on how these people have managed to get from the americas to eastern europe. federal and louder has been traveling since may when they sold their business and left their native cuba. the pandemic combined with us sanctions, has caused unprecedented food shortages and hardship at home. last summer. the communist regime in havana faced its biggest protests in decades leading to a harsh crack down left by seneca angelique campbell. the government talks about the external embargo a great deal, but there's an even worse internal one home. it says the government sees is agricultural production and distributes food as it deems fit. you cannot vote for the president. there are only certain types of businesses you can be licensed to do
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. there is no democracy, then there are people who disappear, have been killed. to get to greece louder, and pedro flew to moscow where cubans can travel without a visa. from there, they flew to bel grade, also visa free, then walked most of the way through sober and north macedonia, into greece. their goal was to reach spain or italy. they ended up on the greek island of zac infos, where they planned to catch a flight to milan in northern italy. but about a 130 other cubans had the same idea on the same day. this is what happened when police tried to arrest them. oh. c 7 no, so the benevolent india it seems that this flight was oversold and when the police saw one keep impossible off another, they put us all into separate rooms. they kept us there for 8 hours and told us that were going to take us to a hotel. instead, they took people to the police station, the wound, and children. alas,
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federal and louder have now joined the thousands of refugees who live legally or illegally in athens and like african and asian nationals who sought asylum here for years. cubans in the balkans are a completely new phenomenon. greece is an attractive way station for asylum seekers who want to travel deeper into europe. it has a fell kilometers of mountainous land border which are difficult to police. and it's a member of the shank in area, which means that once here, it's relatively easy for someone to travel to 25 other european countries without border controls. cubans 1st port of call would normally be the united states. charles cook is an immigration lawyer and the u. s. and explains what's happening. the system was broken by the administration, and so far the bite administration, it's 10 months, and offices not really made a lot of effort to fix that because of carbon. so all these,
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all these factors are coming to play here that are driving people to other places. greece is the other place right now. hundreds of cubans are now in greece, and they're waiting to find out whether all forties will take up their asylum applications, or encourage them to keep walking jobs, or oper, los altos or athens. a pregnant jamini journalist has been killed in a car bomb attack in the southern port city of aidan police. an explosive device was planted in a vehicle carrion, russia, abdullah al hersey and her husband, whose wounded both worked for a gulf faced tv channel prime minister. my in abdul malik, as sight called it a terrorist attack. no one has claimed responsibility. a lack of fertilizer insur lanka has prompted warnings of fred shortages from farmers. thousands have been protesting against government decisions to ban all imports of agro chemicals
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is part of a government clamped animal. it calls non essential imports during foreign currency crisis and, and efforts by the president to make farming 100 percent organic. you are says it strongly opposes the international communities re engagements with syrian president, bashar asserts it follows a visit to damascus by the united arab emirates. foreign minister she had developed in science, who is the 1st emerald city to go to the country since 2011. when the civil war began, the u. e. previously supported syrian opposition forces for you as president, donald trump has lost the legal battle to block the release of documents to a committee investigating the capitol hill riots the house congressional committee wants to see them to determine how much trump or his inner circle may have been involved in the attack in january. trump's lawyers argued that telephone records,
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visitor logs and other white house documents were protected by executive privilege, but the judge disagreed. still ahead on al jazeera will have the sport for you, and the mpa, champions managed to snap a 2 game moves in brun kara will be here with the latest after the break. ah. with
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a whole ah ah ah, it's time for the sport, here's far. hello, thank you so much, england, captain owen morgan, it's play down. his sides. billing is favorites heading into their semi final
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showdown against new zealand. at the t 20 world cup, a leader looking to win this competition for a 2nd time and follow what they're trying in the one day woke up in 2019. they beat new zealand in that final 2 years ago, semi happens in abu dhabi. later on wednesday, both sides only last one game and the super 12 stage lose a strong. it's easy to see a lot of easy stress tournaments. i'm the quickest because challenge, it's easy to change. the date in england side is one of the strengths and in i will try and plan accordingly to the best availability, but largely want to focus on the sort of cricket. but that we want to play the group and keep developing on that. and as we've been doing throughout this
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tournament, joining us now from hamilton island, australia is former england captain adam holly oak. thank you for speaking with us . once again he came today. what do new zealand have to do to be england? a thinking on came into this for i was in progress and i did pretty well for the online as well. just comes down on the day really trying to keep trying to keep the play as well. so just have to keep trying to do that and. and england just got a pressure pain i want to ask you about the 2nd semi final tomorrow, pockets on versus australia. what kind of game are you expecting? that's an interesting one because i'm not sure that many people expected those 2 sides to be in the semi final before the toner. now was quite sure. what do they
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came in? it's a bit of unknown quantity. so they played brilliantly there for leaving the surprise side of the toner with liz, the told them and it looked like they were out of it come back and snuck in the semi finals. so they're coming into for letting me find a really interesting game to very interesting. semi final i think they go either way in a semi finals. 2023. speaking from your own experiences, captain, how difficult is it to keep your players focused when there is all feel drama, for example, the yorkshire races and scandal would it have had an effect on england's build up? do you think? well, it is difficult when the scandal around people get distracted,
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saying that the consumer professional dealing scandals over time. i think this particular scandal is not a huge contingent in the, in the side there from your little kind of a i don't think it really have much effect on them. it's quite alone. why, why can't i get these done? it's national progress. there might be some connections back, but i really don't think it'll have an effect on the outcome again. ok. who is going to win this tournament? do you think your money on the smart money? i think 1st late the 1st semi final england pakistan. i'm sorry, england, and i think that when that one will probably be the favor if. but with the 2nd semi final pakistan get through, i think they got to be really riding away. my money has to be on england.
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and i'm slightly by that. i think you would say that they'd probably be favorites the number one side in the world, that very confident and alignment, but i'm going to have that with a betting man, and i want to make a large amount of money. okay. okay, great. adam holly. ok, thank you so much for your time. thank you. martha one is new head coach. chevy says he's ready to lead the team away from the most difficult moment in the club. history savvy is taking charge of training for the 1st time since his official introduction. on monday he won every possible trophy as bar supplier, including 4 champions, league and 8 spanish li titles. right now, the club are off the title, place and have debts of more than $1500000000.00. the nfl has fine, the green bay packers along with their star quarterback aaron rogers for violating
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the leagues copay. 19 protocols. rogers was fined around 14 and a half $1000.00 for attending helloween party without being vaccinated and not wearing a mask. his team, the packers were hit with a further $300000.00 fine. last week, the 37 year old admitted he's not vaccinated after testing positive for coven, despite telling reporters in august, he was in the n. b a. these philadelphia 76 ers continue to struggle as 4 of their key players remain out of action after testing positive for coven 19 are beaten by milwaukee box. yes. and total control had 31.26 rebounds to lead the n b a champions to a 118 to 109. when over the sixers the box one for just the 2nd time and the last 7 gate. okay, and that is all your sport for now. holler back to you. thank you very much. indeed that far it will not sit for this news or to keep it here on al jazeera though
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peter toby will be with you after the break. with more of the very latest from around the world save us ah. with a, with the latest news as it breaks local family say that this is the only way they have to make a living. but it's having a huge impact on the environment with detailed coverage, regional and intellectual actors have been urging global upon to reverse his school
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. and we're throw the transitional government, which he dissolved from around the world. aid groups alleged greek also refused, have often tried to prevent potential asylum seekers from entering greek territory . from the al jazeera london broke off and passed 2 people in thoughtful conversation. we were 1st generation of blackberry, he people and we had to really find our way with no hope and in the case and the world is a much smaller place, which is better to get away with these regional boundaries, film direct, thank you. in to tell me thing is home right back again. you think about racism making certainly have if making often visible you hear me and threat faith coming soon on out to fara. the corona virus has been indiscriminate in selecting its victims. it's devastating effects of plague, every corner of the globe, transcending class creed and color. but in britain, a disproportionately high percentage of the fallen have been black or brown skins.
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the big picture traces the economic disparities and institutional racism that is seen united kingdom fail, it citizens britain's true colors. part 2 on al jazeera. ah, the un works for the release of 16 ethiopian staff, and more than 70 world food program. drivers have been detained by the government. ah, malcolm on peter w, watching al jazeera, alive from doha. also coming up, having accused bella ruth's, of creating a refugee and migrant crisis on its border. poland also points the finger at russia . the u. k publishes a draft cop 26 deal urging countries to take more.


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