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tv   [untitled]    November 10, 2021 12:00pm-12:31pm AST

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visit places, state even when there are no international headline. houses, there are really in best to not to privilege. as a journalist. ah, the un works the release of 16 ethiopian staff and more than 70 world food program drivers have been detained by the government. ah, hello and welcome on pete. adobe. you're watching l to see are alive from dough are also coming up. having accused bella luce, of creating a refugee and migrant crisis on the border, poland also points the finger at russia. a draft deal from the cop 26 climate summit calls for tougher targets donald trump. lucy's
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a legal battle to keep some of his records away from the investigation into january's capitol hill writes ah, our top story, the united nations is pushing for the release of ethiopian staff. we've been detained by the government in ada sapa, un, and humanitarian sources. say they were arrested during government rates targeting to graham's 72 drivers to work for the will through the program. i've also been arrested as far as i know, no explanation given to us by why these are the staff members are, are detained. ah, they, there are 16 remaining in detention and 6 have been released. so that that's 3rd the, the breakdown they come from various are you and agencies,
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they are all national staff. it is imperative that they of that they be released to 0 correspondent mohammed joins us live this half hour out of this up above mohammed, so many drivers more than 70 plus un stuff plus that dependence. what is it that these people have allegedly done wrong? well the government accused them or what is called terrorism, and they seem to be all from one community. that's a guy some government officials who will also say they have been found to be working with the ticket. i fight who are currently fighting. it's the defense for on to say they have every intention for much on the cup with all this up about this has been condemned by human rights organizations and also the states department of the united states. we say targeting people because of the at this it is wrong
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that they condemn it with. busy i'm in every possible tom. this has been the case in the sub about in the past week or so with a massive security push a month by the police. not only targeting up and the guys for us and putting them in here in this alba. but also recovering many local police in the sub a site, every covered bus, hidden rubbish, shapes and garbage dom, well as that's been across the city. so this is just lots of the soup was, has been 2nd thing up next to guys. the government has been cutting on so far. we have not thought from the government such of why as to why that you work, including those driver tools when they are doing your work, enjoy
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a certain level of immunity which we haven't bought from them as to why they will talk. is there a sense they know that the clock is ticking as well when it comes to the diplomatic efforts that are taking place behind the scenes? yes, indeed. and that is what lucia abbas one. your former president of nigeria, who is optic and media special envoy to the home because he's saying he's saying that that yes, that is a window of opportunity often, but it's closing status on his face. he will apply it will have a plan for dial. by the end of the week, he has been to see the leadership. all that's a great fight in mckellar. that copy of the ticket region is also troubles to them . hot on the upper regions where the conflicts has filled over in the past few weeks. he's doing that while at the same time, the us special envoy to the horn of africa, jeffrey feldman,
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is also cutting on his own parallel times to try and bring the suicide to the table itself. my mother, i've bought this on a tuesday after he left. 1 for me, but he cannot say he's a doctor for you to tell both the department about the community and they've got a call about walking together. i'm going through the whole dialogue thing, which is not tug that's been given to that's a good fight. that's why the government battle belonging for saturday. so can i session and the government has not said what it is ready to lift the tide before they sit down with the rebels, but in a tweet to lay on tuesday, 5 minutes i'll be off. my said that your government was willing to work with us to try and overcome the temporary challenges the country is going through and that's how we report it. no, thank you very much ma'am. is it? are they joining live from just about amnesty international says he's documented 16
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cases of women being raped by to cry and rebel fighters during their recent advances and the conflicts and c o p and the organization says it happened during the groups takeover of a town in horror in august. part of a statement from amnesty secretary general says the testimonies we heard from survivors describe despicable acts by t p l. a fighters that amount to war crimes and potentially crimes against humanity . they defy morality or any iota of humanity. turning our attention out to europe, the polish prime minister has turned his focus on russia accusing the russian president vladimir putin of masterminding, a migrant and refugee crisis at poland. border with bella rose mateusz, morabe. etzky had previously blamed bella bruce for orchestrating the crisis. but not without the support of moscow. a long time alley ally of the bell, a russian leader. his rich hands. yeah, in the middle of every humanitarian crisis,
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there are always human faces. and these are the children, women and men stuck in a deadly stand off on the poland. better roost border thousands and now in makeshift camps along the razor. wire humanitarian group say they are lacking food and medicine. social media footage from recent days show several 100 refugees and migrants escorted by masked bell russian security. heading towards poland. the large numbers of escalated a crisis. it's been boiling for many weeks. this family says it's kurdish. the grandmother isn't well, they're lucky enough to have found their way into poland after 2 weeks in the forest. but what's next for them isn't clear, according to the refugee charity watching them be escorted away by puerto gods. we can never be certain what happens to the people that lead to that we offer help in the for us because the polish authorities are breaking the law and
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a convention they offend. send them back villareal, even though they apply for international protection here. for months, thousands of been entering the e. u vibe salaries at 1st through lithuania and latvia. now may me 3 poland. the e u accuse is better. russian lead alexander lucas shanker. of orchestrating ways of migrants and refugees in retaliation at the sanctions imposed on his government for violent crackdowns on the opposition. he accuses poland of military intimidation. brought the subordinate pro to me grant the earlier part of them. women is so fighting migrants with tanks today. well, excuse me, we both have the military background. we understand that being in a war with these poor people on the polish bella, russian border and moving in tank columns with it's obvious that it has some sort of drill a hole, intimidation, africa. of course we face it without anxiety. we kind of stuff according to
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a for you. on monday, poland said it had withstood attempts by migrants to force their way across the border. prime minister mateusz more of etzky, has been visiting troops, versions of them. summations with amazon, who would think to 3 months ago that we will be dealing with actions that are characterized by the use of human shields. as lucas shank has regime uses civilians, weapons in a hybrid war. what we can see today are new methods, and you are a passion against the nova model that germany is urging e u. member states to do more so far, there's been little coordinated action from you, though that might be change a president coined on member states to approve extended sanctions against the russian authorities. and she also announced the exploration of measures against that country. airlines that are active in human trafficking. several people along
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the border have already died from exposure. there could be many more to come. rory, talents out 0. me for my georgia president, me hell suck hash really is expected to appear in court today on some more charges linked to his time in office. he has been on a hunger strike for more than a month now whilst in jail. his supporters of rally to day to call for his release cash billy was arrested in october when he returned to georgia for the 1st time in a few years. he'd been convicted in absentia. of abuse of power charges he says were made up robin christie walker. as more now from tbilisi. the relationship between government and opposition was bad since because that because we come back, it's given oxygen to the opposition. but at the same time, it's really create a sense that something's got to give. the reason i'm standing here at the moment is that i'm outside the security services ministry building. and you can see the traffic behind me and be behind that. a row of police offices and behind them vocal
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protest, this huge number. yes. but we've seen earlier, arrests taking place and they have come out today because they're very angry at the way they say the government has being. mr. stuck, i believe he's now he's 41st day of hunger strike and that means every day, the risk for that being serious complications with his health. and on monday night he was moved from a prison outside of the town to a maximum security prison. here in sibley called gil donnie, which has a medical facility, and that's when the suckers meeting was taken. but he's supposed to say he's a great risk there because inside that prison inmates who have a nice guy and you have a grudge against me, as many they say because he was the president during his sen. yeah. who brought down the criminal network. former us president donald trump has lost
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a legal battle to block the release of documents to the congressional committee. investigating january's capitol hill riots. the house commits he wants to see them to determine how much from for his in a circle may have been involved in the attack. drums, lawyers argued that telephone records visit a logs and although white house documents were protected by executive privilege, but the judge disagreed. bill schneider is a political analyst and public policy professor george mason. he explains not more about what this ruling could mean. it was it very explicit ruling by the judge. and she pointed out, and this was the key sentence. presidents are not kings, and the plaintiff in this case, donald trump, is not the president. he was trying to exert executive privilege retroactively over over documents that pertain to his own presidency. joe biden is the said that he would not exert executive privilege over those. he's the president and what the judge said is we have a unitary executive, only one person con, at the time can be president, and as president biden,
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who has refused to exert executive privilege over these documents. why is he trying to hide this information? because the suspicion is that he was very much involved in an attempt to subvert the constitution and to overturn the electoral process in the united states, namely to namely congress his role in confirming the electoral vote. that's a very serious and grave affair. what president biden has said is that this is an issue of grave public importance equivalent. the judge said to watergate and to $911.00 to iran, contra. and therefore, it's great public importance means that that's more important than executive privilege, especially retros retroactive executive privilege for a former president still to come here on this program. separatist leader in nigeria is to back in court on charges. please close argument while reporting from york, the islands in northern scotland, where the power of the sea is driving the green revolution.
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ah, how low they will look at our trailer in a moment. but 1st, let's have a look at the weather in southeast asia and changes on the cards for southern parts of indo china. we're seeing the rain pick up across southern areas of vietnam, cambodia, and onwards to southern thailand, you can see that wet and windy weather working its way across the gulf of thailand, bringing some torrential rain and we could see some flooding in these areas as we go into the we can, we've also got this smudge of thunderstorms and showers, working its way out of southern philippines. over to borneo. this is where we are going to see the heavy rains in the days to come. now was we moved down to australia. it's a very wet picture and that rain is set to continue. we've got flood warnings out for 5 states and territories. here are severe. thunderstorms rolling out from the
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center to the east, and alice springs had its highest eddy rainfall in 20 years. that rain set to continue across those central areas, but for the west, the sunshine comes out for perf, it is looking rather clear here and it's clear for darwin, but we are going to see thunderstorms kick in on saturday. you can see that tropical moisture bringing a lot of that rain all the way down to the southeast. it's going to remain unsettled here for much of the weekend and into next week. that should weather update. ah. oh, the land of the free americans never been a rural democracy. the blackfeet would no ridge for a new episode of democracy may be exposed divisions and struggles in america's electoral system. a fight foreign against equal representation. and the democratic process is the country that's learning how to be a democracy,
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but it's not there. one person one vote on al jazeera lou. ah, welcome back. let's update your top source for you. so thought to day 72 drivers to work for the will to program in ethiopia had been arrested by the government. the u . n. is also pushing for the release of 16 in the open staff who are also detained . colin's prime minister has turned his focus on russia for what he says is an orchestrated attack using refugees and migrants. mateusz monrovia etzky had previously blamed bella roost for western crisis on his board. the former george
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and president befell, sack casually, is expected to appear in court on more charges linked to his time in office. he's been on a hunger strike for more than amongst none whilst in jail. this supports his rally to day to call to his release in saddam some schools and universities of suspended studies in solidarity with strike action against last month's military takeover. sedans, protest movement has been pushing supporters to maintain demonstrations and civil disobedience campaigns. it's rejected internationally, back to initiatives, to return to a power sharing arrangement with the military. a separate leader in nigeria is due back in court, accused of treason numb. d cannon has pleaded not guilty. he runs a group called the indigenous people of b ephra. that was a secession. estates that split from nigeria between 1967 up to and until 1970. the nigerian government blames can new for inciting violence there through his social
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media posts and radio broadcast. he was previously jailed on criminal conspiracy charges, but skipped bail in 2017. he was arrested in kenya in june and taken back to nigeria live now to fidelis and bar in a butcher. fidelis, take us through what we think will happen in court today. well in october, when i'm the kind of came to court and the government a charged him, the amended as 7 charges which are included, charge is about to terrorism, treason and perpetuating force. hold up against the president, mohammed will harry, true, his herbs, the controversial read your b ephra which is based in london. and also as social media posts up to day, his lawyers will be i being that said, discharges should be dropped because they believe that, that he discharges we are fabricated according to one of the lawyers. in fact, one of them described the charges as laughable saying that he has not committed all
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the allegations that the court, the government has brought against him in court. so be hoping to see if the judge would grandy request of his lawyers to set him free or whether, you know, there will also be also debating the issue of whether, if he is been detained in court. that, that we, if he said the court allows him to be for the detain, would or he'll be take him back to the a detention center of the department of security services, or whether he'll be allowed to go to the major correctional center to be detained, pending the next got hearing. okay, we'll leave it there. fidelis, thank you. fidelis and bar. talking to life from a project. me b, u. k. has released a draft cop 2016, which countries to step up their climate goals by the end of next year. leaders are asked to revisit and strengthen the 2030 targets on tuesday. analysts warned
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emissions pledges made by various countries so far will lead to a global average temperature rise of 2.4 degrees celsius the century. the target is 1.5 degrees and resilience is in glasgow. he spoke there to iceland, environment minister, who thinks the mentor is there for a deal more intense negotiations, taking place in this building. and they're getting longer, more involved, more tense. that has to be said, that's what we're hearing from all sources. there's so much to play for here as a lot of things to do and not a lot of time to do them in with me right now is one of the representatives of a small, the smallest states iceland, the environment minister goodman, the good branson. thank you very much for joining al jazeera. welcome. thank you, and tell me this. how is it going? how does it look? i would say i'm more positive towards a battery. so i was
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a week ago and i based on the fact there have been some improvements when it comes to the mtc and when it comes to contribution of country and trying to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions. and also that we, we here know that we might be likely to close the financing, got to the developing countries, the $100000000.00 promise that was made here on the president of the united states of america bomber referred only on monday to the disappointing action of russia and china and not being here and saying that that was crucial. they were there was, it was dangerous, it was dangerous, dangerously lacking that response. what do you say to that? and what do you say to that, coupled with the, that the pressure that the lobby groups for the fossil fuel nations are putting on the whole effect. and 1st of all, obama also president obama also said that has been made progress in 2015. and i
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agree with them because a lot of businesses, a lot of countries have stepped up their game. there are countries that still need to do better. there are countries that are responsible for lots emissions and you mentioned china and russia, we could say australia and all this as well. and i'm really hoping that they will, like we all need to, to step out of the game when, when it comes to climate issues. hundreds of serbians have rallied in belgrade on tuesday to demand the removal of a mural showing a convicted war criminal. the police were deployed to prevent demonstrators at to paint over the mural, the bosnian serb war time commander, rat comb, luggage, or protest who was detained after she threw eggs at the painting and international tribunal sentence march to life in prison for genocide during the war that ended in 1995. a pregnant yamini journalist has been killed in a car bomb attack and the southern port city of aidan police, an explosive device was planted in a vehicle carrying russia. abdullah, i'll harassing and her husband was wounded. both of worked for
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a gulf based tv channel, the prime minister main abdul malik say, you'd called it a terrorist attack. there was no claim of responsibility. the u. s. as it strongly opposes. the international community is re engagement with the syrian president butter al assad. it follows a visit to damascus by the united arab emirates. foreign minister, shake abdullah bin zahid is the 1st emerald t official to go there since 2011. when the civil war began, the u. e. previously supported syrian opposition forces. the philippines response to the pandemic has taken a great a toll on its economy than expected growth almost half between the 2nd and 3rd quarters of this year. as jermel allen doggone reports now from manila. some believe it could be the last asian country to bounce back. claire for their hello money mat boonie is taking a call from a prospective employer at a shipping company. they got here yesterday, but when is
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a been interview 11 money and they love her that then another company came to me yesterday. i kept her in the company, which is a of lead business man. somebody with a 9 months mat says he sends his resume to at least 20 companies each week, but he hasn't found any work. the story of mat boonie is a story that is repeated a 1000 times over. people here tell us, there are more and more job applicants here desperate to find a job overseas. they tell us their situation has been worsened by the corona, virus, pandemic hormone. but on the mission of keith blanca floor and darwin, evangelist, to work for agencies that recruit seafarers and they keep a waiting list. they say with so few jobs around, it's getting longer. the philippines imposed one of the world's longest loc downs. when the pandemic broke out, but it led to one of the country,
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his worst economic recessions. in decades, unemployment is now at 8.9 percent. it's highest so far this year. thousands of small and medium businesses have also shut down and communities dependent on to rid them or facing the greatest difficulties. mussman middle of them negotiable, gus no, there will be an eating openness fixtures. and with that, we hope that means an upstart on our economy. again, we understand the people are not going to agree to be locked down again. so with this reopening, we hope it will be a better christmas for everyone. but some analysts say it's not that simple with what the more money in purchasing, barring or harmonies, without more support for max one, we sent the prices. i think it'll be a long snow nick already, at least until the end of next year. there will be early, perhaps, even don't plenty, plenty,
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many filipinos see they've always faced hardship. but the pandemic, coupled with the lack of government assistance, is making it worse. jim l as in dog and al jazeera manila, like a fertilizer for lanka, has prompted warnings of food shortages from farmers. thousands have been protesting against government decisions to ban all imports of so called agro chemicals. as part of a government clamped and political non essential import during the foreign currency crisis, and an effort by the president to make farming 100 percent organic. i think we're traditional pet farmers. we call to our land. the problem at this point is fertilizer. and we are hoping that we will get some if you receive some, then we will use it. but if not, we have no alternative. i have no knowledge on how to make compost fertilizer. india, taj mahal has been blanketed by small g as air pollution levels, rich dangerous heights across new delhi and other parts of northern india is mostly
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blamed on farmers violating a ban on crop burning. but many people also ignored restrictions on fireworks during the wally have been widespread. medical complaints including breathing problems and headaches and toxic foam has covered parts of the yamuna river, which flows through new delhi environmental activists states from industrial waste and untreated sewage being illegally poured into the river into depot, teasing, bathing their, to mark a religious festival. finally, the hot water is extremely dirty, but we don't have many options. it is a ritual to take a bath in a body of water. so we have to come, maybe the government pays attention to the cleaning of yemen. maybe the world looks to solutions for the global climate crisis, scotland or clean islands, or the forefront of the renewable energy revolution. as mc, clark now reports the islands have a heritage of innovation dating back thousands of years. the story of invention on these remote islands is coming full circle. cultural and architectural innovation
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flourished here way back in the elliptic times, even before the pyramids were built, 5000 years on orkney is again at the vanguard of the future. we all knew i didn't fit on arranging customer through the north sea and the north atlantic, where the tides career back and forth between the islands and the u. k. mainland and in the title raises, does power power that can drive all walls? this is the orbital oh to the world's most powerful title turbine. roaches spin in the ebb and flow generating enough electricity for 2000 homes. it's just one of many prototypes being tested by the european marine energy center. here on orkney research suggest title power could provide up to 10 percent of the u. k. electricity with the same guaranteed output as gas or co title. and she's really interesting because it entirely predictable is driven by the position of the moon
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and the position of the earth and the sun. so we know where the tides are gonna be when the trucks can be running a 1000 years from today. some of the machines are on the sea bed, some of the machines associate on the surface, but altogether they actually provide a huge energy source that's available. the island is him, have already capitalized on another force of nature. community owned commercial scale, wind turbines. they help generate more electricity than is required on the islands, the surplus being sold on to the u. k. mainland. this also a huge, offshore wind project planned and green. hydrogen is already being produced to power marine and road transport. i spoke to dr. sandy cur harriet, what university he told me the arcadian green revolution has turned the island economy around. we get students to come here from around the world under kaden's that come back to learn about renewable energy in this community. and a number of them, steve and jacob,
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jose was say at the local air renewable energy companies not really reverse in the, in the brain drain that we see around the rest of the u. k. while there's still a long way to go these islands a well on the road to carbon neutrality, wind and tide, a driving a size make change, giving the rest of the world a glimpse of things to come. nick clark, al jazeera, the orkney islands, scotland. oh, this is al jazeera, these are the top stories, 72 drivers who work for the world food program in ethiopia had been arrested by the government. the u. n. is also pushing for the release of 16 ethiopian staff who have also been detained. madeau has more now from addis ababa. the government accused them of what is called tad or is them and they seem to be all from one community. that's a good. i am some government official.


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