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tv   [untitled]    November 9, 2021 9:00pm-9:30pm AST

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oh, this episode the launch of algae 0 ingrid and it worked from a broadcaster into a multi platform global met with this story of algebra. a unique path. ah, this is al jazeera. ah. hi there, i'm kimbell. this is the news art live from doha, coming up in the next 60 minutes, 16 national staff have been detained while 6 have been released. the united nations calls on ethiopians government immediately released staff members detained. the capital id sub above poland, warns of escalation after blocking hundreds of migrants had refugees from causing
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the border from bedrooms. a court in sudan orders internet services that were locks of the military takeover to be restored. and the world bank says things getting worse with people and garza, despite signs of hope for the overall palestinian economy. uninstalled, england's world cup cricket caps in reacts to the racism scandal engulfing the country's domestic game or in morgan says the issue is as serious and irrelevant as anything his sort of achieved on the pitch. ah, we begin this news all with breaking news out of ethiopia. the un says the government has detained 16 of its local staffers and the capital id sub a bar, and its calling for their immediate release. 6 other, you and workers were also detained, but they have now been fried. the detentions happened over the past few days. as
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far as i know, no explanation given to us by why these the staff members are or detained a fee. there are 16 remaining in detention and 6 have been released so that that's the breakdown. they come from various un agencies, they're all national staff. it is imperative that they, that they be released. let's go to add a some of our mohammed as live with the latest. uh huh. do we know any more than what we heard there from the un spokesperson? well is now we know they were local stuff, understanding the security operation in about the security operation was started as soon as this state of emergency was declared by if you're p s. covenant
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a few days ago. and ever since then, many people have been arrested across the capital. and this you and work is water, us that in the cause of that operation, they are national stuff. officials are saying they do not enjoy as much of diplomatic immunity as is the national stuff of the united nations and the you and, and the if you have been government have had an easy few months. last september, 7, you and officials was deported from ethiopia for what the government called an interference into the internal affairs of if you appear last month to you on officials, what a cold after an audio recording of you and workers accusing senior un officials in december of being sympathetic to the to grand rebels was posted online. so at this point,
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government officials are not saying why they are but us that the so you and one case and we're waiting for a comment from the government on this. ok, so we don't know why, but what is that that crown to this, i just explained that until our view is, you know, did the movements made by t p f, i says, in recent days in recent weeks and the concerns about this conflict escalating even further indeed, that is the feel for everyone. and one of the reasons why the international community right now is in rush to bring parties in these conflict to negotiations. you use special envoy to the offical form of president of the ownership of a bus. and joe has been to visit and mckayla, which is the oldest of the t p f. i just met this in the all officials there and today troubled to them and offered regions where the fighting has filled over in
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the past few weeks. and the rebels on their side are saying that they were forced to had too excited about to try and break a siege on the, to grab the agenda, which is causing a mess. if you might have teddy in crisis. and the government to defense forces supported by irregular combatants for from b. i'm hot on bill issues as well as i'm sort of malicious and thousands of people who have taken up arms in response to a call from prime minister. be on that for if you just to defend their country. i'm trying to talk them in the truck so far. they're saying that lines are held, but the international community is pointing out that these are small window of opportunity for talks to take place between these 2 parties. and that they have to take advantage of that window of opportunity in response to all the diplomatic
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shuttle prime minister abbey. early on today, tweeted that his government was really to work with your best friends to deal with what they called the temporary challenges. if your kid was facing. thank you for that, ma'am. and i get from i some of which are joining us now from new york is david del compare campaign lead of the start to growing family for refugee international . david is also a former deputy country director for archer. thank you for joining us on the news. i know that the humanitarian circle, like the journalism circle, is often quite small. what are you hearing from your sources about what's happening in our d soft ball? with the un workers and do we know why? thanks for having me. we don't have enough information as to why the attention of you and staff and their children occurred given the reports of hundreds of not thousands of epic to gray and arrested analysis of
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a recent days. one can assume that they are arrest as part of the larger issue of ethnic targeting in the country, which both deeply disturbs added to another example of the crisis spreading across the country. ok, what's it been like trying to work in ethiopia, both in the sub a bubble, also integra, one of the challenges that you've been facing well, refugee international is a non operational advocacy organization. so we don't have staff on the ground. ok for the un and the n jose in adis and the rest of the country. it's a very difficult situation where especially in the north of the country right now, there's very little ability to deliver assistance because of the blockade. there's very little assistance being able to reach to places like i'm, i'm in a far because of the ongoing conflict and for, for the us staffing, grey and geo staff integrate the blockade, prevent them from doing their jobs. so it is a massively frustrating situation for them. and tragic because they see the people
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around them who need help. so what about even just trying to get information out? i mean, i know we had this un report come out just a few days ago, which was an investigation done at the request of the european human rights commission, which documented numerous violations and abuses from all sides in this conflict. what's your experience been like trying to get information and to verify exactly what has been happening with regards the un human rights. if you have been human rights commission report and they were able to reach 5 to 6 places. but there's been more than 30 different locations identified and widely reported on in the media that require further investigation. the, the incidents of violence and possible abuse is going to far and equally need to be investigated by an independent body that can, can go to the ground and conduct those interviews in a decent proper way. right,
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thank you very much for your time today. we have to leave it there. my apologies. we have to leave it there for a time. that is david county there from refugee international. the you is accusing bella luce of the stabilizing the block by encouraging migrants and refugees to cross into poland. but russia is firmly backing out a roof and is accusing the e u of hypocrisy. the close of the creases through who is creating the crisis building fences with bob liars and concentrating relatively at the border. you asked to be called for respects for the principles of international humanitarian law. but when it comes time to abide by them, you shift the responsibility to others. i would like to ask you a question. what is this misc filled policy in the middle east that has led to the appearance of sitting or refugees and the borders with paula lithuania? when the same thing was happening on the borders of other countries into you or refugees were coming from other countries to the u. you wrote to are quite
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different indeed. and now you are threatened to introduce actions against home and for what, because you do not wish to accept the refugees that are seeking to come to you to the european union. it's time to stop shifting the blame here. we're going to just the un refugee agency says it's alarm that the situation on the border and says thousands of honorable people must not be used for political purposes. or challenger polls that you've got in the middle of every humanitarian crisis. there are always human faces, and these are the children, women and men stuck in a deadly stand off on the poland. better roost border thousands and now and make shift camps along the razor. wire humanitarian group say they're lacking food and medicine. social media footage from recent days shows several 100 refugees and migrants escorted by that a russian security heading towards poland. the large numbers have escalated a crisis that's been boiling for many weeks. many, if they can get into the,
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you don't want to stay in poland where they know they're not welcome. no, we are going to get money. gemini died, no former month, thousands of feet entering the plot through better roost at 1st by lithuania and latvia. now may need 3 pollings, the e u accuse is better. russian leader, alexander lucas shanker, of orchestrating ways of migrants and refugees in retaliation for sanctions imposed on his government for violent crackdowns on the opposition. on monday, poland said it had withstood attempts by migrants to force their way across the border. or 30 of accused batteries have tried to spark a major confrontation and mobilizing soldiers and close the border crossing. prime minister mateusz more of it, ski has been visiting troops. who would think 23 months ago that we will be dealing with actions that are characterized by the use of human shields. look a shame because machine uses civilian weapons in
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a hybrid wall. what we can see today, a new methods, and you are a passing against the nova mental but potent authorities have been accused of illegal behavior to forcibly transporting people. they've caught back across the border rather than offering humanitarian assistance and the chance to apply for protection. as being little coordinated action from the you, germany is urging member states to do more russia, a close ally and advisor to vent a roost says the crisis as a result of the western policies in the middle east. and urges it to help batteries and know you're still gonna get us to the root of the problem is the policy carried out by western countries, including nato's and u. member states regarding the middle east and north africa as they were trying to impose a western style, a better life. several people along the border have already died from exposure. there could be many more to come, rory, talents out his era. boycheck,
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she's been ski, is the editor in chief of his god in fight. a political car says magazine. he says the situation is being spoken concern among local communities. boland is using and mobilizing all the service men at the disposal that are necessary to contain the situation. the parliament has also adopted the bill to erect physical barrier. this physical barrier on the border, 400 kilometer long border with bellows has been just endorsed. so it's actually what, what the country can do to protect the border. what it could do, and it's not yet to doing, is providing visible assistance to those who actually get through. poland has declared that it has new laws prohibiting those people who
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cross illegally from accessing as island immediately, there are still pushback on the border and also there is a lack of lack of presence of journalists because officials deny access to the, to the zone for the for the press to be able to, to cover the report. definitely, this is a concern for the whole country as societies also showing very visible signs of solidarity. notably, people in the area in the border area of several municipalities are organizing how you have activities and jose actively trying to assist to those people. but at the same time, there was a pushback law. so when those people are assisted and when they are healthy enough, they're being put again at the border and they are not being led through into their destination that most often is germany. a caution sudan has ordered that internet services be restored more than 2 weeks after most were blocked,
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the national consumer protection council, food telecommunication company. so if the shut down, they faced arrests. if the court's decision isn't implemented, the outage was imposed to prevent protests and a campaign of civil disobedience after the military takeover on october. the 25th or so sir, joins me alive from call to me rousseau. so the court has made this order. will it be followed through all? will the police adhere to that order? well as of now, despite their course decision or of asking the authorities to immediately put an end to his internet blackout that the internet is not restored yet in a very few place or in the company have access to the internet. people are still not able to receive any signal on their forms and the other the wisest that due to this internet blackout and the restrictions on the internet menu of the that the
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newspapers are not able to conduct the printing works and the several, the digital platforms are completely shut down, shut down. so the internet is not available as of now yet. and the government did the army after the military takeover on 25th of october, foot a foot and internet blackout or across the company are says than is still here despite the call is at the despite the court decision, it's not implemented as of now. but the, the reason that army took such a decision was to reduce the ability of the protesters, tu, tu, tu, tu, tu tube. but to conduct the mass protest against the military. and to a certain extent, they have succeeded because for, for the protest, because the cities have been very much a dis connected. so the lie, the internet restrictions on making the life extremely difficult. here, as i said, the court decision is there, but it's not implemented yet. so what next did the national consumers are
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protection council says that if the court decision is not implemented, they will now sue directly the director of generals and the managers of these 3 telecom companies and asking the court to release another were the off of that the address of this managers, however, whether that's possible or not, it's a different issue because in 2019 there was a similar case. and when did the popular protest, i guessed austin prime at the outset. at bare president bashir were in place, and there was an intern at black or forced taught the 7 days and the that the, the national consumers protection caused by death. i'm also sure there's telecom companies and the court released a, a similar word by that time. and it was, and it fun, but now there are different dynamic in the company and concealing the influence and the whole control of our army is chief, will hands full control over the security forces. it's very much unlikely that the
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security forces without his approval wolf or a bill will be able to arrest the managers of this 3 telecom companies. and so 3rd are in carto. thank you. 90 moorhead on the news are including reaction from baghdad is pro iranian faction sign and deal with the government to resolve for post election crisis. the un climate summit and glasgow, and looks at why girls and women are disproportionately affected by global warming . and, and for some bad news with his woke up with and he will be here with that story. ah, pro iran fractions in iraq have reached an agreement with the government in baghdad to ease tensions of election results. comes days after what was described as an assassination attempt against prime minister must suffer. academy armed drones
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targeted his residence on sunday, but he escaped unharmed as they no claim of responsibility had them. he says the attack as a well known and would be exposed among other one had his life for us in bagdad muffled the head of the al couldn't force was in iraq meeting, i believe with the prime minister and with some pro iran faction leaders. no coincidence is at the stay de escalation happened afterwards, all was announced afterward. welcome. as you know, this is it is mailed to the command that over goods force part of a rainy publican, revolutionary guard. the impact highly influence influence shall personality, especially with the iranian groups and iraq. and his visit was not an onset for public, but he met with a called me alongside a number of she probably iranian lit can leaders heads of the political parties the
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last in the election. and also a number of military commanders, commanders of the iranian groups. the message from iran through knew was clear that iran does not want any escalation, does not want any escalation in baghdad for the time being. he also tried to settle down the disputes between cosmic government and the parties the last in the election. now he also mentioned kline, you mentioned that neither iran nor iranian on with groups and iraq, have to do with have anything to do with the assassination attempt. we know that a cause me himself following the assess the nation attempt, he stated that in his words, we know with them. he means those behind destination attempt and we will expose
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them. he is most probably alluding to iran in the groups. we know the long history of the rivalry animosity, in fact, between customers, government and those for iranian army groups. this is meanwhile, as you know, that the investigations indicated that the 2 drones that were sent to attack the results of the prime minister was launched from an area 12 kilometer is north east of dud. and that area is controlled by a pro iranian group. meanwhile, 2 iranian army groups and pro renewed political leaders deny that and say, some of them say that, that there could be a 3rd party trying to ferment, can use, try to for meant violence between cause me and, and them. the others say that it could be a made up scenario to show academy as
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a victim of the why had in baghdad. thank you while sob. a. lucy is the middle east analyst and it's tumble. he says there are signs that the pro iran militia was behind the attack that had been many threats by militia leaders against iraq, your prime minister, especially after the killing of some protesters. the 2nd one is that the drones, the analysis of the drones that have been used to conduct this attack have been analyzed. and there are 2 similar drones that were used in effects against us forces. so it's pretty much confirmed that they did conduct this attack. what as it goes, well, basically just pressure and the political establishment and to taking them into consideration and take them, taking them seriously. because they do want to be part of the force coming
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iraqi government. it's going to affect them both financially and politically. and militarily, if they're not, so it's basically just the sign or a black, a warning to the prime minister and the political establishment at large. that we do need to be taken seriously and be considered part of this political coming. political solution or formation of theory of military says, israel has carried out as strikes, targeting central and western provinces, wounding 2 soldiers, stay tv showed explosions. it says a syrian defense system shooting down israeli missiles, syria says the war plain 5 missiles while flying over 11 on a british based monitoring group says raids hit near a military airport in homes. province. sanctions are running high in the to new z and city of are going to off the death of the demonstrator in over not protests. the public prosecutor's office says an investigation is underway demonstrate to say
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the protest to suffer cases of the police volunteer gas. the terry ministry denies that residents are against the reopening of a landfill sites that was closed earlier this year. the dispute was seen as a 1st test for the government appointed by president. so i seized power in july. the all bank says things the dismal and getting worse, the people in gaza and a report on the state of the palestinian economy. it says unemployment and the besieged trip stands at 45 percent. is particularly concerned about the high dependency on social assistance unemployment in the occupied west bank is 17 percent of the world bank warns the palestinian authorities challenging financial situation has lifted unable to borrow from domestic lenders. the well bank expects overall growth of 6 percent and the palestinian economy this year. but says this will likely so in 2022 kept on shankar is the world bank country director for the
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west bank and gaza. explains why the officials in gaza and the west bank need to reduce the budget deficits this year, around the fi vaccination rates. there's been an uptick in the economy. so there has been certainly a rebound for up to 6 percent. what is going to happen is that the, the still are struggling with a huge deficit off $1400000000.00. and while, while the wind has been grow, it's not sustainable with a huge deficit. so that's the reason we are projecting that is going to come down to 3. but then unless the whole huge deficit is addressed, the palestinians do not have access to the international market. they do not have that currency and they do not have a monetary policy. so they instruments, we still have a very limited so hence we would be would need support from donors,
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from the government of israel. and certainly the bank is doing is bit and there's also actions which the palestinian authority, which is, which is doing government. they have bought some extremely important reforms recently, which we need to give them credit. i'm at the same time. we also need international donors. that's been a huge drop off in international donor assistance this year in particular. so i think that all 3, all parties needs to come together to be able to support the palestinian people and increasingly tense political deadlock and both near her to governor is raising concerns that the country could go back to war. it's been nearly 3 decades since it's 3 main ethnic groups signed a us back piece deal now demands for more autonomy from bosnia sub community is threatening to unravel it. jamal a shell, send this report from sorry, over it's been a gloomy few weeks in bosnia herzegovina,
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with dark clouds filling both the sky and the country's political horizon. after almost 3 decades of peace, the prospect of war is being discussed by many people. the reason statements and the parent attempts by leading politicians here in bosnia syrup and clave of republic, a serv scott threatening to withdraw from state institutions including the national army paving the way for cessation. after the un stop official warned, the country could break apart. the united states sent its envoy to the region meeting, buzz me as 3 member presidential council, as well as other sort of leaders. the message from each of them was there would be no war. but divisions in the country are clear to see and republic a surf scott. it's a struggle to find the bosnian national flag raised anywhere, not even on government buildings. instead a variation of serbia, property, flag adopted by strip. scott is widely flown. i don't have any feelings to to
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dislike of of my state. i'm respecting it, believe me. but i do not have feelings because my people didn't, didn't be a part real part to, to create flick lubishefski trust which belongs to bosnia and sir president miller, dot x party and is the mayor of a town in republic, a service. scott that borders sorry, a vote. he claims that attempts to form a militia or as he calls it, an army would not contravene the countries constitution. there is no position of, of army have to go within that constitution. so if you're talking about the coming beck some, some jurisdiction from state level on entity level, then you must said that all this your additions present, yours ation of most a has to go no state level. it is not written that seemingly contradictory stones
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is what's causing concern for many borne after the war journalists law. john tom. each tells me young people have no appetite for armed conflict. the problem he sees is in the political system set up by the dayton peace agreement with them the 3 pets in the country. ridge g presidencies up sort of dysfunctional. most young people i know want to leave both syracuse to lorina. they feel dear you with me raised his years of views like these have ang birts, la jones, parents, whom as a result, he hasn't seen for almost a year. now. ethnically, a syrup he sees his family don't share his views on the unified, pluralistic state. beatrice at the mostly have, i will remain, she didn't fight for a society where everyone is equal regardless of the name or the city. so it seems that for now, bosnian politicians and international diplomats have agreed at least verbally to prevent any further escalation. but the reality is bosnia herzegovina is far from united and was the country's currents constitution helped to bring about an end to
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the last war. the fear among some is that unless it is amended, it could one day possibly be the reason for the starts of another jamal and shall al jazeera sarajevo, still head on al jazeera and legal setback for those trying to hold pharmaceutical giants to account for the us ot wait crisis from formerly fields and agreement to return our fax solution from former colonies. daneen and ins boss will hear from some of the world's best tennis players is a great ready to impressed at their season ending tournaments. ah.


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