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tv   [untitled]    November 9, 2021 11:00am-11:31am AST

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al jazeera english proud recipient of the new york festivals broadcaster of the year reward for the 5th year running. ah, the risk of ethiopia descending into a widening civil war is only to real the un security council. he is a dire assessments about ethiopians conflicts under warning. there's only a small window of opportunity to act. ah, hello, welcome on peach adobe. you're watching all to see are alive from de. also coming up, poland blocks more refugees and microns, trying to cross rebuttal, ruse, accusing its neighbor of orchestrating a crisis at the border. the us in europe lead international condemnation of
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nicaragua was long time leda daniel ortega describing his re election as a false calls for the un to investigate off to palestinian rights groups accuse israel of hacking activists focus ah. the conflicts in ethiopia to cry reach and is at risk of becoming a nationwide civil war. that's the warning today from the un security council, which matters. rebels threatened to march on the capital, addis ababa government forces slipping, battling them for a year. now, the african unions envoys meeting local leaders to push for de escalation. as mike hannah reports from the united nations. the message to the security council is clear, the time is short, the window to secure a mediated settlement. the conflict is closing in a country over
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a 110000000 people over 90 different ethnic groups and 80 languages. no one can predict what continued fighting and insecurity will bring. but let me be clear. what is certain is that the risk of ethiopia descending into a widening civil war is only to real. the council was addressed remotely by the african representative leading mediation efforts. all these me? yeah, and i did not agree individually. train them political, political solution through dialogue for closer to say window of opportunity. but the high representative warm that the window of opportunity is small. the piano bescedy made his country's position clear
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. we remind everyone concerned that there are no 2 parties here. there is a government representing the all of the people and representing these who instead, and there is a group advancing. it's a criminal, close ro atrocities. it's a stance that has the support of some members of the council, especially russia, which is privately insisted that an elected government should not be asked to negotiate. because forces attempting to unseat it. the security council president has insisted there's no division on the issue. and it does appear that all agreed on to point that there's a vital need for humanitarian assistance and that it's the african union that should take the lead in mediation efforts. the majority view perhaps reflected in the statement to the council by the u. k. emergency which said the dressing, the humanitarian and human impact of the conflict should be the immediate focus. it
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continued. it's past time for all parties to put the e p o p, and people 1st my kinda era united nation. now poland has closed part of its board with bella roofs, as a crisis. escalate several refugees and migrants. poland and the accused bella roosts of encouraging the migration flow. in retaliation for sanctions, the migrant say they're trapped in an increasingly desperate situation. sonya k go reports. are trapped between the woods and the highway in batteries. these people have been walking towards the polish border, anxious to enter the european union. criminal charge on the other side. polish security forces in riot gear, part of the 12000 that have been stationed, that guarding the frontier, preventing hundreds of refugees and migrants from breaching the border. but it is
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a deadlock that risks igniting into another migration crisis. on the doorstep of the you. for month, thousands have been entering the block through bella. ruth had 1st via lease when you and last year. now, mainly through poland. the e. u. has accused bell ever seen leader alexander, look a shanker of orchestrating wave upon wave of undocumented migrants and asylum seekers. in retaliation they say, for sanctions imposed on his government of its violent crackdowns on the opposition court in the middle of his brinkman ship. those attempting to escape the harsh conditions they find themselves in with no shelter to poland by bela lucy and state border officials. some had taken the chance of the hearing that bella was to travel agents, was selling these invitations to the you only to find themselves surviving for weeks in the forest. the board of poland and belarus,
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the cuts are they they provide everything then. but when you say when you said to them, ok, i want to go to tech. i want to go. i want to go back to my entity so dangerous. they said, no, you should go to berlin, bin bills. they bought the gun to our dollar heads. when we were, when we say we need to go to men said so far, poland nationalist government has refused help from the eas frontier agency. despite reports by polish border guards of hostile behavior and threats from better ricin forces those stuck in this no man's land. there is no guarantee how long they will have to face the elements. but little access to food and water, human pawns between 2 hostile neighbors, sonic imo al jazeera, thousands of refugees and migrants are traveling north through mexico hoping to reach the us border. they make up a caravan of people,
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mainly from south and central america. they say they've been constantly pursued and harassed by mexican police and the security forces. group ones comprised about 4000 people, but is now dwindled to around 1300 the u. s. in europe or encouraging the will to condemn nicaragua was elections that they say were a fast the long time president daniel ortega was declared the winner with 76 percent of the vote. most opposition challengers had been arrested or barred from running a latin america editor. the c, a newman reports now from san jose in neighboring costa rica issue is not whether nick robin president, daniel ortega, one sunday's controversial election, but rather whether he seized it might take a had imprisoned. scores of critics, including 7 of the most competitive would be candidates and bard independent observers and journalists from entering the country. international condemnation was swift and harsh, nor san resolution, and nearly this was not
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a free election. and this should not surprise us because this was a chronicle of fraud and foretold. albion. countries from chile to neighboring costa rica to the united states and the european union denounced the election as illegitimate and democratic. and a pantomime saying they would not recognize the results. but venezuela, hubert and russia have rushed war. take this defense. look here, when you, my uncle was the bill when the voting was over yesterday evening. the white house announced its refusal to recognize it and called on other countries to do the same . we considered unacceptable and firmly condemned such a policies through the biden administration, and the e. u is already considering going beyond current individual sanctions against vice president reciting. leo, who was ortega's wife, or the chief of police, was accused of gross human rights violations in neighboring costa rica, television journalist, c, a p, nether, who was accused of terrorism and released from prison. following
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a brief amnesty continues to broadcast from exile. her news channel was rated and expropriated along with other independent media. she says, restoring democracy in nicaragua will be difficult. now you get ammonia now, you can either have, nobody wants to die, nobody wants to rot in jail. in nicaragua, the ortega's have gone out of their way to spread fear and spy on people going house to house. but i have faith in god. i'm waiting for a miracle, the miracle of freedom finally go. but while they wait for that miracle, opponents of daniel ortega and his wife acknowledged that what they also need is to put aside their differences and join forces, something that has eluded them for years, amnesty international is predicting that there will be a new wave of repression against critics of the government following the selection, which should only fan the number of people who are fleeing from the country and looking for refuge elsewhere like here in costa rica. record numbers of nicaraguans,
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already joining other central americans in their quest to reach the united states. adding more pressure to an already unprecedented migration crisis in the region. lucy and human al jazeera san jose costa rica. serious military says israel has carried out and strikes, targeting central and western provinces, wounding 2 soldiers, state tv showed explosions. it says fear in defense system shooting done is ready. missiles, serious as the warplanes 5 missiles while flying over 11 on u. k based monitoring groups as rates near a military airport in the province of homes, a fire as a school in asia. the 2nd biggest city has killed at least 26 children aged between 3 and 8. it happened in the rowdy close to the southern border with nigeria. 3 classrooms made of straw and wood were destroyed. many schools in the rural new year used those materials, making them a dangerous fire risk mourners to pay tribute to 18 people who died in
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a collapse gold mining nija. they gathered at the sites in denisa township. at least 7 more miners were injured on sunday, when a well gave way tramping people at the bottom, the guttering li man. mine's only recently discovered thousands have been seeking work there. and officials say there have been difficulties in controlling the site that rover are going to review how to reorganize this operation and create the conditions for people to work with, dignity, and also to work legally. we are going to look at all of these and show maximum security of police in june sci fi tear gas at people protesting against the reopening of a landfill site. the site in the southern town of i got reb, was shot earlier this year when local people complained about the spread of disease and, and environmental disaster. the closure led to rubbish piling up on the streets when workers water to start taking the waste back to the landfill. people try to block them, leading to classes, and seen as
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a 1st test for the government appointed by president case said, who seized executive power in july. more than $2000000.00 in emergency aid has been announced by the european commission in response to widespread flooding in south saddam. at least 40 people have been killed and more than 750000 effected since the disaster began in may. it's the 3rd straight year of severe flooding blamed on erratic weather systems the sciences of linked to climate change. the former us president obama has declared time is running out to save the planets. speaking at the carpet, 26 climate summit in glasgow. the 2nd and final week is focusing on helping vulnerable countries to adapt. mr. obama praised progress made since the 2015 paris steel, but he did warn it is not enough collectively and individually. we are still falling short. we have not done nearly enough to address this
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crisis. we are going to have to do more and whether that happens or not to a large degree is going to depend on you. not just those of you in this room. but anybody who's watching or reading a transcript of what i say here today, to stay with us here in al jazeera in the news ahead. reopening borders all fully vaccinated travelers and out into the united states plus on doors as of aria diaz, yell film festival in doha, were $85.00 films for $44.00 countries around the world. we find out why this your theme has important message. ah, ah, look forward to brighter skies the winter sponsored my cattle airways for at
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least the 3rd day running. there are warnings of severe weather in the western med from the valley. eric's run across the italian coast notes. i think this one is going to get worse rather than better than this big sway the fairy quiet weather crossed the bulk of europe till to get to the the attempted change of season in the north. so down to the met 1st, there's an almost normally gail may play across min orca. and that's like to come further westward that's around the circulation. you'll notice i've written violent coastal wind up here. there's a seasonal wind. comes out of croatia to northern coast to dalmatia is violent it, it often gusts up to about hurricane force and is damaging it's known about. so people taking care but it's, they're all the same. this is a very messy part of europe at the moment effect. i think lord, now jerry, the thing is that he's ret, regressing so raining east and spain and the far south of france is likely during wednesday. and now the attempted change of season through or to invention to winter
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. huge amounts of snow, still likely be long way north and all the south. this is a breeze. it comes out from the south. rest of the south attempt is on the mild sites 15 in the sunshine and london and 12 example in glasgow. this continues the next day or so. so i said the central part of europe remains quite quiet. ah, the weather sponsored by cats are right ways. serious dark his days with one man leading the country through us. present alice out as lost legitimacy. he needs to step down. how has he retained control through over a decade of war? we examined the global power games of president bashar al assad. we believe assad simply carrying out iranian orders. what keeps you awake at night? many a reason that could effect any human asset master of chaos coming soon on all g 0. ah
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ah, welcome back here watching all 0 live from to how you top stories this half hour. the un security council says the conflict in ethiopia is to cry. region is at risk of becoming a nation wide civil war. the african unions envoy is meeting local leaders to push for a de escalation, colon has closed part of its border crossing to bella rues soft. a large groups of migrants tried to force their way through poland. the accused bella roost of encouraging the migrant float. in retaliation for sanctions, the u. s. on the e. u. a leading calls to reject the outcome of elections in nicaragua, the president daniel ortega, one around 76 percent of the vote on sunday. most opposition triggers were arrested or bored from running. that satellite images appear to show china has built mockups
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of a u. s. navy aircraft carrier and the destroyer in its northwestern desert. i believe to be intended for target practice suspensions rise between washington and beijing . over taiwan and the south china sea. china's government hasn't commented. the u. s. is fully reopened now to vaccinated. international travelers ending pandemic restrictions imposed 20 months ago. visitors from more than 30 countries have been banned since early last year. they can now enter with proof of vaccination and a negative cobit 19 test land borders of mexico and canada of also properly reopened john holeman. as at one crossing near towana on the us mexican border actually were in the sunny seat row, which is the busiest border crossing point in the americas. and you can see the cars sort of rolling down here going towards the united states. so united states checkpoints, united states officials here, and the people that live in this city, tiquana, they've got
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a really cross border lifestyle. they've got call to the if you're a resident in t one or you can go 25 miles into the united states. so a lot of people do that for their shopping, where they want to go to restaurants when they want to go to cinema and krishi when they want to see family. and they want to see friends who are the over the other side of the united states. so it's a really big deal for them. the people that women speaking to that they've been able to get back into there. of course, there's another population in cities like pick one or met scope board with the united states, not so floating migrant population. many of them wanting to seek asylum in the united states. the want to get into that country where they feel that they are going to have a better future. we spend time with some of those people as well. some of them are in a tank cap that just by the side of the buddha, and obviously this is going to be a different situation for them. the fact that this border and the restrictions are easing permit, can locals to get back across and for visitors? does not gonna change the situation for them,
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that do remains as firmly closed as it was done before. so there's a different situation for the different population to melanie lieberman works for the point sky. that's an online travel blog. she told us earlier. travelers are understandably excited, but they are likely to run into problems. the infrastructure is in place, it's been developing, but it is a logistical challenge. and one thing that travelers have to keep in mind is that there are ongoing staffing shortages across the industry. so really, i think one of the things that travellers are going to need to think about, particularly if they're traveling abroad for the 1st time, is that they should expect delays. they should expect them different challenges along the way as this system gets up to speed. certainly leaving extra time to have your documents check the recording is going to be really critical. travelers can expect some good deals on international place, but we expect those prices to rise as demand increases. and that capacity comes back online. but certainly this is a huge opportunity for airlines,
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which is really a major international hub for the hotel industry, which is some waiting to build rooms. i mean, this is such a significant turning point because it affects so many travellers, and i think that's one of the really key things here is a major turning point that it's going to take some time to see just how long it takes for that recovery to really show denmark is re imposing coded 19 restrictions as a grapples with rising infections. they include people meeting a health path to enter bars, restaurants, and other public places. on monday, denmark reported more than 2000 cases. for a 5th day. us investigators a c $6000000.00 in ransomware, payments and charged to alleged hackers, ukrainian mans and custody. while the russians suspect is being sought by the authorities that lead the men or types of the russia back hackers group are evil. it said to be behind the tanks, costing us firms millions of dollars. to date are evil. ransomware has been
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deployed and approximately $175000.00 computers worldwide with at least $200000000.00 paid in ransom. as a result, because say, attack businesses that relied on to say as services across the united states and around the world were impacted. investigations have revealed the phones of 6 palestinian rights activists were hacked by an israeli company, military grade spyware. it's called pegasus is reported to have infected their devices for more than a year. hurry faucet reports now from ramallah and the occupied westbank after week spent rejecting is really accusations of links to a designated terror organization. 6 palestinian rights groups went public with accusations of their own and investigation found that 6 iphones, at least 3 of them belonging to staff from the palestinian, and jose had been infected with pegasus spyware. into heck, i think it's
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a strong feeling to have your privacy violated. even the simplest of things my wife couldn't sleep for 3 days after finding a, being extremely worried about our privacy was violated as a family, the children, their pictures are conversations with family and friends. i guess this is so to governments around the world by the israeli company, and so on the license from israel's ministry of defense in recent years, there have been many reports of the spyware being used by or for a terry and re james to target journalists, activists and politicians last week, the us blacklisted the company, pegasus is supposed to be blocked from use on israeli or palestinian phones on monday. and as i said, we cannot confirm or deny the identity of our government customers, as we stated in the past. and as a group does not operate the products itself, the company licenses approved government agencies to do so. last month, 3 days after the investigation into suspected phone hacking began. israel designated all 6 organizations as tara groups,
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accusing them among other things of funnelling money to the popular front for the liberation of palestine. there was significant pushback from international donors, but this sunday is really army, endorsed the move, giving itself the power to shut down offices, confiscate money, and make arrests. the groups are demanding international protection and an investigation into who's behind the spyware attack. that this technology was viewed in these cell phones, but we don't know who was implementing get and what for. and this is why we are calling for more investigation in the case. and in order to find who's responsible and to try to find him accountable for the relation, the story has emerged on the same day as the washington post published results of an investigation into an israeli facial recognition system known as blue wolf. it said to use a huge database of smartphone images, the palestinians taken by israeli soldiers to target people for attention. we saw it coming from israel on the alleged use of the pegasus spyware, on israeli,
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and palestinian phones. but so far, the only response has been from the military, which is denied using pegasus as for the palestinian groups. they say they will continue to operate as normal. despite the heightened risk. hurry for said, i'll just euro ramallah in the occupied west bank. in bolivia, transport and retail unions have gone on strike. they're opposing a law. the government says is needed to fight what it calls elicit prophets and terrorist financing is theresa bo. oh, they say they're on the streets to fight government attempts to centralize power and crack down on descent. thousands of people turned out on monday across valley via protesters are concerned about a law. the government wants to pass to fight, elicit profits, and terrorism was athletic as me lackey fe. mosher says the law will hurt people like her near a forest and we want a low to be a not that are articles that harmless that could make us lose all our belongings.
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they should fight for our country for our well being. we are here for our children . x were say the low violates rights to due process and could be used to persecute political opponents. the nation is deeply divided since abel morales was forced out of office in 2019 after i disputed election that forced him to leave the country. oh lisa, so from what alice mast party won the elections last year with a landslide vote during his state of the union speech on monday. he said he has the responsibility of helping will even move forward. and that's why he's hoping to pass a series of laws that will help the country recover from the pandemic. when the people voted last year, it was said clear that they did not want unconstitutional governments and gave us legitimacy to govern. it told us they want political, economic, and social stability to advance. they trusted the economic reconstruction of our country, of the health system after the pandemic, the right to education,
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and showed us the way of peace through justice. but not everyone agrees. in the lowland city of santa goose, the stronghold for the conservative opposition, protesters, block roads and set tires and fire. the government says the opposition is using the law as an excuse to generate instability in the country. the strike while widespread does not have the support of a major labor union close to the government. but or monday 1000 showed their concern on the street. they believe the last to fight what the government calls enlisted profit could lead to an attack on private property. and that's why they vowed to remain on the street until the government give them to their demands. so i'll just see the full astronauts have returned to us safely to spending $200.00 days on board the international space station. their space ex capsule splashed on
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off the coast of florida during the mission they worked on the exterior, the i s s, and they taste tested the 1st chili peppers, grown in space. new and independent cinema from around the world is being showcase at a film festival. here and cats are the agile festival is looking to turn the page on the pandemic. dalso jabari reports from doha bark are 31 feature films and 54 shorts. that is the line up for this years. as yell film festival, the organizers are hoping this year's events will be a fresh start since the pandemic force most events to be held remotely last year. yet that the land nozzle on as yet film festival returns with this years the press play out is to move forward out of pause mode and rekindle people's passion for play, exploration and discovery. through shared cultural experiences,
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each elephant k o u costano, this phone festival highlights talent in the middle east and now includes more countries. the program has 85 films from 44 nations, nearly a 3rd of them made by women filmmakers. i'll mention wanted vendor. this is the trailer for the latest film from to time academy award winning a radian director, ascot pharaoh di the movie hero is a compelling slice of life story that won the grand prix at cannes film festival earlier this year. so if this iranian actor m u j d d plays the lead character, a man who is down on his luck on the surface. but as the twist of fate unfold, a rich tapestry of human behavior and deep philosophical quandaries are revealed. samantha and jedi says that's exactly why the film has global appeal bonanza mon before to injure this films about humanity and human relations. and sometimes you
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have a film that's about to specific society which differs in each country because of cultural differences. but once you have a story by people in the relationships, then it doesn't matter where the story is told, it's universal. and that's why a global audience can relate to this film. hero is opening the as yell fell festival this year, and it's aaron's official submission for next year's academy awards director as far how these work is being screened alongside other award winning films from lebanon, turkey, and germany, all of which highlight the broad reach and impact of this event in the world of cinema, international films are just one part of as yell the median cars are section plays an important role in expanding the countries cultural footprint to an international audience. one such filmmaker is katara matched alloy me, he his short film, and then they burned the c as one to international warts. the film is about his mother's gradual and terminal memory loss over the course of many years. a lot of work will make us need to be represented to within the places that they're in. um
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and i think it because it a just a sort of a platform that celebrates all kinds of backgrounds. people that come from old places, but that called but got home. i think that really isn't important. platform as yell means generations in arabic. a fitting name for a festival, with the goal of supporting emerging talents and influential artists for many years to come. dorsey jabari al jazeera, doha, ah, this is al jazeera, these all the top stories. the un security council says the conflicts and ethiopian to grier region risks becoming a nation wide civil war. the african unions envoy is meeting local leaders to push for the escalation in a country over a 110000000 people over night indeed differ.


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