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tv   [untitled]    November 9, 2021 12:30am-1:01am AST

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and say it's going to get very wet indeed for the eastern coast of spain with boss a loaner seeing some storms and showers the temperature at 10 degrees. ah, the climate has changed every year for millions a year, decades of talk. but little action is all about distract, create confusion to crate, smoke and mirrors. the shocking truth about how the climate debate has been systematically supported. the oil industry was a main bank roller for opposition to clock back to campaign against the climate. do you think that's a bad thing? more shooting did was for sure. absolutely. on august eve, and so on, world of comfort and sunny, thanks lose without you business class. which way your privacy is paramount. and your experience comes huh. sit
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back. relax in your own private space and let us take care of everything. catera always the air line you can rely on. lou ah, or one of the top stories, yolanda 0. united nations has warned that a year long conflict to me to her i region of ethiopia has reached disastrous proportions and risks descending into civil war. and year long conflict in the t grow region of ethiopia has reached disastrous proportions. the fighting places,
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the future of the country and its people, as well as the stability of the wider horn of africa region in grave uncertainty, in the country over a 110000000 people over 90 different ethnic groups and 80 languages. no one can predict what continue fighting insecurity will breed. but let me be clear. what is certain is that the risk of ethiopia descending into a widening civil war is only to real economic and humanitarian crises in afghanistan, a deepening the world food program has turn its weight behind calls for the international community to unfreeze state assets. more than half the population doesn't know where the next meal is coming from. a 6 palestinian rights groups recently designated terrorist organizations by israel say at least 3 of their activists have had their phones hacked. they say the israeli spyware to pegasus was
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used on their phones for more than a year. gunmen of seas. several villages in north key view in the eastern democratic republic of congo and arm group known as the m. 23 is reportedly behind the takeover. it took launch swathes of territory in the region in 20122013. before being chased out by congolese and un forces, hundreds of people are crossing over to you gander to avoid violence. welcome web has this update from nairobi. they were defeated swirly by the when you leave kimberly's army 8 years ago and the m 23 fighters at that time, most of them were, fled into uganda and remain there. some of the commanders were in the neighboring rwanda and both through the and you got the were accused of banking group by you and investigated the local populations in the areas very much. so it is a rwandan in cash and into eastern congo rwanda and you've got new ways denied
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being involved in this group. we don't know exactly why it's re service again now and you haven't communicated anything. hasn't said what it demand or what it dames are. but compared to 8 years ago, the situation is very different into far as the connelly's army is not nearly as strong as it was at that moment when it had some substantial support from un peacekeepers and some foreign support. it also comes at a time where eastern congo is relatively insecure to other groups. the adf, another one called cadet co, just to the north of this area, have been attacking a lot of towns and villages and ambush in vehicles on the road. in recent years, the area is generally less stable. we don't know how strong in 23 is at this moment with the has any foreign before, as it was widely believed to have before the us is reopened its borders to
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vaccinated travelers for the 1st time in 20 months. visitors from more than 30 countries, including the u. k. china and the e. u. had been ban since early 2020. when pandemic restrictions began. i can now enter with a negative co 19 test. the mexico us porter is also open. 15000000 people crossed into the united states or mexico in 2019, before the pandemic plan. borders between the us and canada have also reopened kimberly's on those spent the day at to nap or to newark, new jersey. many loved ones were funny. reunited many happy reunions here at newark liberty international airport. hugs kisses embraces white loved ones and family members and friends who haven't seen each other for many, many months in some cases. more than a year. there was young young woman from vermont who is waiting here at the airport to see her french boyfriend she hasn't seen in 22 months waiting for that plane to
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land. as soon as she saw him, gave him a big hug. these are the kind of stories we've seen here at the airport throughout the day as the 1st flights are arriving here at the airport. for people that are tourists that want to come back to new york after being kept away for so long during the pandemic, or people that are here to see their loved ones as well. i'm really happy that we can be together. builder like it, you know, it's been tough. i think a lot of people like, you know, having you know, stuff in the cove. it being one of the good things. i'm still shaking very excited here. i'm excited to go on any adventures. there's so much to do. show him been here once before, but but it's not just about reunions. it's also about the economy. foreign tourists spend over $250000000000.00 a year in the u. s. that went down to almost 0 during the last 2 years or so.
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during the pandemic when foreign tourists were kept away for so long. here in new york city is likely to see the biggest impact about 13000000 foreign tourists visit new york city every year. that went to 0 during the last 2 years, essentially during the pandemic, but now with tourists welcoming. welcome back here into new york city. it is going to be a big boost to the local economy as well. i mean, well, businesses at the mexican border, towns are hoping the return of non essential travelers will help them recover from the pandemic. john holman reports from tianna in mexico. a monday sunday, i see that the biggest lam border crossing in the western hemisphere went back to something like normal. the pandemic restrictions of us have placed on its southern border with mexico were finally aged for international trade that were me much met
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mighty board of factories. the macula told us had already been allowed to cross the goods in the us for the past year. but it's the so called non essential travelers can locals and tourists have now been clear to visit, as long as they are fully vaccinated. in is, is one of many and one who's been counting down the days. the 1st thing that i'm going to do is cross credit with my kids and they continue to take that back commission for them. it makes the call. we don't have that opportunity. there are many people in your family as well. the old friends that have been waiting for the opportunity to cross the border. whatever reason, as well, seeking glad. yes, of course. all of my friends want to go shopping and many people who have family. they want to see them again and have the life we had before. it's really exciting. a california is border businesses will be so like to see them again to without
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limits. can customers hundreds close down during the pandemic. but in tiquana, it's been quite the opposite. restaurants have benefited from americans heading across to dine in the country where restrictions are not strict people. i think we're tired of eating home and they start coming over here to the one because they're free to see it over here. what now? so you and the restaurant twos are hoping the us visitors will keep coming and that locals won't abandon them. now they're free to head to the state. they will be a 50 percent increase in traffic heading across the border. tiquana authorities believe, but many waiting on the streets or intense for the chance to cross won't be able to join. that rush. is the camp of asylum seekers who want to get into the united states for the easing of the pandemic restrictions aren't going to make any
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difference for them. and it's a reminded that cove it isn't the only issue at this border. there is also migration and it will continue to be so, even when the pandemic is long gone, these people are stuck at the only crossing points, the u. s. in tiquana, which remains closed while the rest of the border gets moving again. which i hold on join just live now from net to honda. and john, how busy is it being at that crossing today? we're actually at the start of the day. it wasn't that busy a tow. it was actually 35 percent less busy, that the traffic authorities from tiquana told us, and that usually was, and that's because people from tiquana seem to have got their strategy a bit wrong. everyone was thinking it's going to be chaos today. we've all the q, so we just way to al a bit. every waited and obviously the people that did come had quite a nice ride for now it's a heating up a bit. you can see that there's more traffic, as we mentioned in the piece. this is the busiest lab border crossing in the
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americas, usually after those going through here. this is a chance to really bring back to life that board cross border life so that they've always had people in met. could board of cities to explain have a special card, which means that they can go into the united states 25 miles in that. and while they're doing that, they can visit relatives, friends, they can go shopping. so really that's important, not just to a cross border community, but also to businesses on the other side. in san diego and sunny sea turtle. they've really suffered as a result of the fact that this is all been shut down. it hasn't just been mexico where we are, that has suffered. now one thing that has it shut down is the trade between these 2 countries. this is about people. the trade has been open pretty much for the disclosure. and that's because it's worth so much to both countries. $1700000000.00 a day during 2020. but now the individual people from tiquana are going to be able
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to and all across this mexican border are going to be able to enjoy the united states. that one thing that we mentioned is, what is the piece is that cove it the pandemic and the residence here? that's not what this board is all about. is other aspects to that as well. one of those key ones is migration. people coming from other places like in america and beyond that also want to get into the united states and see this is sort of promised land. an earlier on here we saw met, can migration officials out and fools. we'd been told one of the reasons that they're here at this border, especially today, is to try and prevent migrants. people seeking asylum from basically getting into the united states getting passed, but yellow line there. i've been saying, hey, can you take us in driving over that yellow line? so it's going to be a big issue here, not just now, but in the future as it pretty always has been on this divide. townhome and thank you very much indeed. as expected, nicaraguan president danella taylor has clenched a 4th time in office after winning 75 percent of an early count in sundays election
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. the country supreme electoral council says around half the balance have been counted. the european union is already rejected. the results say, nick, iraqi has transitioned into an autocratic regime. us call the election of pantomime and russia has condemned western nations calls not to recognize the po, most opposition, figures had been arrested, who barred from running a latin america to lucy newman has been following developments. from san jose in neighboring costa rica, the government has already put out what it says are the initial results, which will probably be the final result says, saying that president daniel ortega won by nearly 75 percent of the votes. no surprise there. but the, what is interesting is what the opposition coalition that has that monitored the elections from inside nicaragua says it says that between 79 and 84 percent of
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nicaraguans abstained in that election. and that is pretty consistent with what we've been hearing from gallup polls. that, that indicate that president ortega's popularity is below 19 percent. now the reaction, the international reaction has been swift and harsher. world leaders are saying this was not a matter of who would win about whether daniel ortega has won the election, but rather were there he has stolen and grabbed the election. the united, the european union has just put out a statement saying that it does not recognize the legitimacy of elections which were not competitive and that it will consider what moves to take next beyond sanctions against individuals in nicaragua, the united states government was among the 1st to called the selection of sham and to also say that it would come would take measures. it did not express apply which but all that were at the disposal of the u. s. government and its allies to put pressure on the ortega government to restore, quote,
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democracy in that country. former us president barrack obama has warned world leaders, the time is running out to stop the catastrophic effects of climate change. leaders are in the final week of the 26 summit in glasgow and then to seek consensus on financial help for developing and vulnerable countries. obama use his address to praise progress made since the 2015 parish climate deal, but said it is not enough collectively. and individually, we are still falling short. we have not done nearly enough to address this crisis. we are going to have to do more. and whether that happens or not to a large degree is gonna depend on you. not just those of you in this room. but anybody who's watching or reading a transcript of what i say here today,
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and youth activists have been critical of the rhetoric of rich nations at the summit. st previous promises to help poorer countries have not been kept. of the climate crisis was promised by the leaders, including president obama. these $1000000.00 finance was promised to arrive. wait 20202021. we have to wait until you wait until 2020. once again. the leaders come to the club and with climate. fine. hon. country and rich countries agreed to give developing nations a $100000000000.00 a year to adapt to climate change back in 2009. the deadline of 2020 was missed a government se the hope to achieve this by 2023 is estimated climate change could
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cost developing nash countries up to $580000000000.00 by 2030 every single year. may i speak to miss janelle tan, she is from youth advocates for climate action, philippines. she joins us from glasgow. thanks very much, the vote for being with us. so what's your impression of the current progress that was made on, on this, on these meetings that are supposed to be all about trying to find the, the, the funding to help countries adapt to climate change? i think it's still my enough clearly is so called leaders aren't understanding that the claim because it's already happening today. and so we need that finance today. in 2009 president, former president obama pledged the $100000000000.00 us dollar climate finance for countries in the global south in 2009. that was the same year that they will get. santa devastated the philippines and i 1st experienced that very real fear of grounding in my own bedroom and my whole being washed away by the floods and these
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scenes of typhoons washing away for homes by thousands and people be scattered, rooftop. it's still happening in the philippines today, and today we still don't have that $100000000000.00 us dollars per year. climate finance like a promise. and what we need right now is drastic emission, that's and reparations from the global market, the global stuff, so that we can adapt and bounce back from all these impact sort of projects. i mean, you come from the philippines, other projects in particular that you think would, would help or make a difference or it depends on the community. really, there are some communities where you have a man, grows being planted around the bright species of mangrove is planted around the day would be really helpful because it will help with a storm surge is in some it would be the dams and summer would be a better early warning flood system, it really depends for community. and that's also another thing that we talked about
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when we're talking about that issue. a lot of our countries don't even know how that has to look like, because there hasn't been any research and support in the finding what the people centered at that age and looks like. and, and tell us about the, i mean that there has been more money promised again this time round isn't there. and yet you say that the money that was promised before, hasn't been delivered to you any more confident that, that the atmosphere has actually changed at all. and that perhaps things have improved towards people realizing that the atomic changes here and they need to do something. i am confident that it has to happen. that doesn't mean that i am happy and congratulating them for doing the bare minimum. it means i remain critical. i won't say now that oh, you're not going to be able to do it because then that gives them like an excuse. well, you don't believe in me. ok, whatever you give up. now today we have to remain critical. we have to hold them accountable. all the pledges and make sure that they do actually do this and seeing
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some positive steps such as nicholas sturgeon's support into the lawson damage fund . specifically, i think those so crucial and so important that we need to see more of that. but we also have to make sure that when we talk about climate finance, it's not in the form of debt or loans but in the form of grants. because otherwise we go into that. are countries that are impacted by the impact going to that the same countries that are causing the climate cases in the 1st place and they get some profit scheme messaging out. and thank you very much indeed for talking to us . most of it. thank you. thank you. so much now, chinese astronaut has made history as the country's 1st woman to complete a space walk. wang yapping and a male colleague. giant gang spent more 6 hours outside china's new chang, space station, installed equipment and carried out test as part of a 6 month mission to get the station fully crude and operational by december. next year, wiring is trying to 2nd woman a space after you young, carried out
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a mission in 2012 tom sport now his andy thank you so much. lauren, while bar salinas, new head coach, shabby hernandez, has described the club as the biggest in world football and says he's on a rescue mission to save that same reputation. the boss of playing legend has now been officially introduced following the dismissal of ronald truman. thinks that for the 41 year old, whose only managerial experience so far as with the castle club, how sad he takes charge of barcelona. with the team in unusually bad shape. vasa on 9th, in the spanish league on a run of 4 lea games without a win. shabby will also take over a pretty depleted squat with 11 1st seen plays out injured. and i have a difficult time recruiting new talent given boss as dire financial situation. the club a more than $1500000000.00 in debt. it's really important that we put rules in the
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tim is, is that the main point, the 1st point and then we can talk about values, respect peter effort is, is very important because if we don't have these values, we will have them. and there we can talk about the game, although the way to play how we are we gonna defense. but in my opinion, the most important thing is put these 1st the 1st rules. and then we wanna decide how we play and how we, how we want to go, how one of the fence or we've been talking to barcelona based football rice at rick sharma. he says making sure barza qualify for next seasons at iraq. pin champions league is a top priority. patience is the key word. it really is because is picking up a seamless down in the dumps its almost as low as possible for trouble at best to go and always on the pitch where the team are putting in dire performance. as we
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saw last weekend, they were throwing up off somebody in san diego and they drew 3 to show you the, the critical degradation of the squad. and the men who think relation job is lack of experience is probably the one factor that makes him an unknown quantity. the other question mark is whether javi style style is very similar to the side where the file will fit while you go in and it's more than the around whether he can adapt that because he's been doing with outside it's been been very exciting, very in. but i think that, you know, the leader is a different proposition a for when they qualify for the champions league or be an unmitigated disaster both for the squad because a lot of those players like frankie deal for example. so you need to arrive with plenty of other options to choose from desk to guns, to buy me. and it shows buffer to be outside of that competition would be a grand humiliation for the club. it would be, it would be shocking and was still for the finances because get me in the champions
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league is a golden ticket. that money is absolutely essential to boss glena. so just thought rebuilding school to start, you know, being able to compete. collins in the trunk window again at a house be named as a manager of premier league team and you cast the united. he succeeds steve bruce. he was fired last month. how was the 1st big signing to be made by the clubs, new owners, a saudi arabian bank consulting bought the team in october. the former, born with manager. well, he faces a big challenge as well, with new castle sitting 2nd bottom in the table. when you man in challenges, you should county cricket club has offered an unreserved apology to form a plan as a refill or a fake has accused. the english county team have been institutionally racist report, found rethink was the victim of racial harassment and bullying. the club initially said they wouldn't be disciplining anyone. the scandal has led to the resignation
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of several senior figures out yorkshire, and the club is now suspended from hosting international matches with bravery in speaking, i believe it was the law and should be created. this is never been through this and i'd like to apologize to him with sort of, you know, family expedients on the way we could handle this. all england international marinelli has also weighed in on the issue one of as seems teammates admitted to using a derogatory sla, referencing his pakistani heritage. but your she took no action claiming it was part of a friendly exchange between the pious people have said that somebody might say, well, somebody wants to be real careful. like to study
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a language. ready but i think the environment is really a language. ready doesn't doesn't really. ready come on. busy a huge steps going forward. ready in the future so it won't be. ready ready route by the australian cricket say mister tor pakistan for the 1st time in 24 years, the tool will take place in march and april of next year will include 3 test matches, $31.00 by internationals and at sea. 20 and use comes just 2 months after new zealand and england abandon their tours of the country due to some security concerns australia last played in pakistan in 1998. while both pakistan on australia and miss sammy's of the ongoing seats, when seat will cut the st. can't be sort of india. but the pre tournament favorites to at least sign up with a when beating namibia here in dubai by 9 wickets in their final game. outgoing
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india coach ravi shuster, saying his players were physically and mentally drained. okay, that is high school's looking for now. let's get back to lauren in london. thanks. and in dan briefly, italy's biggest mafia, trial and decades has ended with the conviction of 70 people. the case involved in durango to our group considered the most powerful matthew organization in the country. the fast track trial held over the weekend involved 91 people. defendant's face charges including attempted murder and extortion. some were given jail sentences of up to 20 years. and are getting worse, catch up with all the stories we're covering by checking out our website address that is al jazeera dot com and details there of the situation. only poland, bella luce, border with the migrants there and said for me on taylor 1st news i, i'll be back in just a moment. another for one of those nice. thanks for watching hyphen
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ah ah. and somebody else is there a london bro cost center to people in thoughtful conversation? we were 1st to ratio black versus people and we had to really find our way with no hope and no limitation. the world is a much smaller place. we do better to get away with these regional boundaries films . all right, thank you. in to tell me thing is home, right. skin you think about lisa? thank you. stephanie have, is making often visible due to v unscripted coming soon on out to the era award to
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crisis in america's west is intensifying the historic dividend obliterated ecosystems to create agriculture at the expense of our tribes. that's the way your friend since time. again, the strong pagan away from the weak fault lines, investigate how climate change his pushing and oregon town to breaking point. we will fight because it's in a blood. we are literally to the point the people are going to start seeing each other when the war to stop on al jazeera, to know where the fires are and where they are going. greeks look to the skies worrying side helicopters have been getting closer to major towns and cities. this one is just a wealthy and become much bigger than if you can see by the train tracks the fires, climbing up the hill just behind us on the ground. this is what the business of fighting fires looks like. holding back, the inevitability of mother nature's fury is dangerous and exhausting work. we're
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down to give whatever with the hope is the fire will stop when it runs out of fuel . but for the moment, the fuel is everything in sight ah, denominations warns the year long conflict in northern ethiopia could easily descend into all out civil war. ah, i learned taylor, this is our 0 live from london, also coming up afghan histones hunger crisis, where more than half a population is malnourished agency, se, millions of children could starve to death. desperation at the border between valerie and poland as hundreds of migrants trying to breach the res was fence.


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