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tv   [untitled]    November 8, 2021 10:00pm-10:31pm AST

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resort rates are and why india is this firm's for me. we move full to grow and frank, we balance for real economy, blue economy and the digital economy with the new job creation law, indonesia is progressively ensuring the policy reform to create quality jobs invest . let's be part window. this is growth and progress. invent even easier now. ah, calls for an investigation after palestinian rights groups claim. the phones of activists were targeted with his ready spyware. ah, montana, this is al jazeera live from london, also coming up afghanistan's hunger crisis, where more than half the population is malnourished. agencies worn millions of
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children could starve to death. desperation at the border, hundreds of migrants try to breach the razor wire fence. the separates banners and poland, collectively and individually. we are still falling short and comp 26, a call for agency from the former president. as discussions turned hill compensate for countries, the damage they suffer from climate change. ah, no 6 palestinian right scripts recently designated to terrorist organizations by israel say at least 3 of their activists had their phones hat. i say these really spyware tool pegasus was used on our phones for more than a year. for sick reports from ramallah in the occupied west bank after weeks spent rejecting his really accusations of links to a designated terror organization,
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6 palestinian rights groups went public with accusations of their own and investigation found that 6 i phones at least 3 of them belonging to staff from the palestinian and jose had been infected with pegasus spyware disorder. and the heck, i believe it's a strong feeling to have your privacy violated. even the simplest of things my wife couldn't sleep for 3 days after finding out. being extremely worried about our privacy was violated as a family, the children, their pictures are conversations with family and friends and gonna, pegasus is so to governments around the world by the israeli company, and so on. the license from israel's ministry of defense. in recent years, there have been many reports of the spyware being used by or authoritarian re, james to target journalists, activists, and politicians. last week, the u. s. blacklisted the company, pegasus is supposed to be blocked from use on israeli or palestinian phones on monday. and as i said, we cannot confirm or deny the identity of our government customers, as we stated in the past. and as
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a group does not operate the products itself. the company licenses approved government agencies to do so. last month, 3 days after the investigation into suspected phone hacking began. israel designated all 6 organizations as tara groups accusing them among other things of funnelling money to the popular front for the liberation of palestine. there was significant pushback from international donors, but this sunday, the israeli army endorsed the move, giving itself the power to shut down offices, confiscate money, and make arrests. the groups are demanding international protection and an investigation into who's behind the spyware attack. this technology was used in these cell phones, but we don't know who was implementing get and what for. and this is why we are calling for more investigation in the case. and in order to point who's responsible and to try to find him accountable for the relation, the story has emerged on the same day as the washington post published results of
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an investigation into an israeli facial recognition system known as blue wolf. it said to use a huge database of smartphone images, the palestinians taken by israeli soldiers to target people to detention. we thought comment from israel and the alleged use of the pegasus spyware, on israeli and palestinian phones. but so far, the only response has been from the military, which is denied using pegasus as for the palestinian groups. they say they will continue to operate as normal, despite the heightened risk. hurry for that, i'll just say for ramallah in the occupied westbank. the un, as acute hunger spiked around the world with a number of people facing famine rising by 3000000 over the past year. the well food program says 45000000 people across 43 countries are being forced towards the brink of starvation because of conflict. climate change and co 19 some 12400000 people inferior don't know where their next meal will come from. that's more than at anytime during the decade. long conflict. but also meeting increases in hunger
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in ethiopia, haiti, somalia, and go to kenya and burgundy. but this year, spike is largely due to surgeon food insecurity in afghanistan. wi fi is upping support for almost $23000000.00 people, which is more than half the population. charlotte bennett reports from cobble where agencies say without immediate medical intervention, millions of children may stop to death. ah cody soggy is one of the busiest food markets in western cobble. the produce comes fresh from farms outside. the city prices are cheap. for 3 years re zohler has been here with his wheelbarrow. he's a karate one men who for a small fee transport shop is groceries. yet for the last few months, his wheelbarrow has been mostly empty. he says, shoppers can't afford his services. girls. melissa was, he wasn't, there is no business. he tells his man, we just roam around. he approaches women,
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hopeful they may need help as innovative ala auntie. do you need a wheelbarrow? he asks, but they walk away or ignore him. that i generally follow that. i say he is 5 hours into his work day and his earned only 20 seams. he used to earn about $3.00 a day enough to pay his rent and feed his family. frustrated, he hits harm. he spends his day surrounded by food, but even more frequently returns to his family empty handed. afghanistan's economy is collapsing, under the last government 75 percent of public expenditure came from foreign grants . usaa un sanctions meant that evaporated upon the tele bonds. takeover taliban officials say they need sanctions lifted an aid agencies to return to tackle the problem. oh, with little money to go round banks limit withdrawals. employers can't pay their staff and resolve in his family a paying the price. to day they had green tea for breakfast,
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lunch is darlin bread. they will rush in the leftovers for dinner with those who know what i want. i fear, bullard alone from carbone left. the hotel one has gone. mister, i used to bring a lot of food to the house before the taliban, but now there is no work there. and it is pushing me into even more of a crisis and that i am due to pay $22.00 for rent. but i still owe for last month, and a children's health is getting record day by day. they are not alone. 95 percent of people in afghanistan are not consuming enough food. and more than half about 22000000 people a malnourished some so severely they may not make it through the winter. this is what realist trying to avoid. al jazeera has visited multiple hospitals in recent months. the ward swelling with more children being treated for malnutrition. agency say it's the worst food crisis in afghanistan since records began. they say children are already starving to death. we are looking at 5000000 children who are
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one step away from starving to death. so that serious 5000000 children are going hungry. they're diluted food. yes, arriving on bread and the day that really the i'm getting is not is not enough to sustain the re is all a doesn't know what to do. he says the pressure is immense. the days are getting shorter and he wonders if he and his wheelbarrow bring harm just enough for his young family to last. the winter. charlotte belo soldiers era, couple a busy as the executive director for the u. n. world food program, he says afghanistan is in a deep humanitarian crisis and called on the international community to unfreeze assets urgently. you are already hearing stories of, of our women, mothers selling one child to feed the other children and hope that that child can be taken care of by another family. and it hasn't gotten as bad as this going to
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yet yet. and the next 6 months are going to be heretic unless c international community truly unfreezes those assets. so they can pay the teachers because now students really aren't in school. it's not a girl. boy, thank some money fe. ah, african union has been holding an emergency meeting in the wake of increased fighting in ethiopia between government troops and to grind rebels. hundreds of thousands of people rallied on sunday in several ways. european cities in support of government forces battling the revel, advanced their t. p l. f has captured strategic towns along the road to the capital and is threatening to move on to and as other nato has more from the we are hearing of increased fighting in eddie is about 350 kilometers at the very least away from the
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capital addis ababa, if european defensive forces will supported by irregular combat on such as them hata militia, some thousands of civilian school picked up arms in response to a whole by prime minister b that they ought to defend the country. but it came to stop. the rebels from coming any nearer to the capital. so far, government officials are saying their lives of the house. and the typical of fighters on their end are saying that they were forced to head towards this up by another attempt to break a siege on the to gray with jim out of a seat. they say that's been cut it out by european defense forces, something that does run that the people of to guy without enough food and most basic supplies. and they say that they will continue doing that until that siege is broken. the african union piece as a kid at the council is lifting as we speak. they are talking about distortion in
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ethiopia. of course, the african union is the key here because it is considered the organization that is at the front lines and also having its base here many of the international community filled up. it is best suited to help and this conflict diplomatically gunman if see several villages in north key view in the eastern democratic republic of congo. an armed group known as the n 23 is reportedly behind the takeover. it took large sways of territory in the region in 20122013. before been chased out by companies and un forces. hundreds of people are crossing over to you, gander, to avoid violence. poland disclosing part of its border crossing with ben ruesch after large groups and migrants tried to force their way through passes, gathered in the border region on monday, attempting to bring down a barbed wire fence that's been erected along the frontier security forces. you
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tear gas to push the migrants back, starting an angle report her chopped between the woods and a highway in bella. ruth. these people have been walking towards the polish border, anxious to enter the european union. on the other side. polish security forces in riot gear, part of the 12000 that have been stationed there, guarding the front here, preventing hundreds of refugees and migrants from breaching the border. but it is a deadlock that risks igniting into another migration crisis on the doorstep of the you. for months, thousands had been entering the block through bella. ruth, at 1st via lithuania and latvia, now mainly through poland. the e. u has accused belarus in leader, alexander, look a shanker of orchestrating wave upon wave of undocumented migrants and asylum seekers. in retaliation they say,
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for sanctions it imposed on his government over its violent crackdowns on the opposition court in the middle of his brinkman ship. those attempting to escape the harsh conditions. they find themselves in it, no shelter being to steer towards poland by bela risky and state border officials. some had taken a chance after hearing that bella was tim travel agents was selling these invitations to the new owner to find themselves surviving for weeks in the forest. that board of poland and belarus did give us the cutter. they. they provide everything then. but when you say when, when you said to them, okay, i want to go to men sick. i want to go, oh, i want to go back to my country. so dangerous, they said no, you should go to berlin bin bills. they bought the gun, our dollar heads. when we were, when we say we need to go to it so far,
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poland nationalist government has refused help from the use frontier agency, despite reports by polish border guards of hostile behavior and threats from better were seen forces for those stuck in this no man's land there is no guarantee how long they will have to face the elements with little access to food and water, human pawns, between 2 hostile neighbors, sonic imo al jazeera, still to come on al jazeera, early results give nicaraguan president daniel ortega, a 4th term in an election the u. s. is called a pantomime that's already battling frequent storm surges. we'll look at how the usaa to miami that's to adapt to rising sea levels. ah, how low there is more wet weather to come for southern and southeastern areas of
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europe. over the next few days we've had torrential rain caused flooding in parts of the balkans and in italy. this was the scene in venice. as saint mark's square was flooded. now it's dried up here, but the heavy rain is going to pick up towards the end of the weekend. it is going to get wetter across central and western parts of the mediterranean in the days to come. but for the north of this, it does look a lot finer and dryer for warm, coming through for berlin and for london, the temperature is here. above average for britain, an island, it is gonna remain mixed but rather mild for much of the week. for the western windy weather, we have to head up to scandinavia. we've got a wintry mixed blowing across my way into sweden and onwards to the baltic states. and western parts of russia. it cooled down across much of eastern europe, but it is going to remain dry lots of fine conditions. but it really gets wet and windy round a mediterranean. we take a closer look with more heavy rain on schedule for sicily, for sardinia and corsica,
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as well as some of those valley eric islands. we've got some wind warnings out here . and as we go into when say it's going to get very wet indeed for the eastern coast of spain with barcelona seeing some storms and showers, the temperature at 18 degrees. ah, in the vietnam war, the u. s. army used to heidi talks to code the side with catastrophic consequences . agent orange was the most destructive instance chemical warfare. a decade later, the same happened in the us state of oregon. these helicopters flying over the ridge, bringing something and they didn't even see the kid's foot 2 women are still fighting for justice against some of the most powerful forces in the world. the people versus agent orange on out, is there a ah
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ah, one of the top stories here now to 06 posted in rights groups recently designated terrorist organizations by israel, say at least 3 of their actors have had their phones hacked. and they say these radio spyware to pegasus was used on their phones for more than a year. economic and humanitarian crises in afghanistan, a deepening well food program has for its weight behind calls, the international community on freeze assets. more than half the population doesn't know where the next meals are coming from. the african union is holding an emergency meeting, as ethiopia is year long. conflict against ryan rebels intensifies hundreds of thousands of people rallied on sunday in several ethiopian cities in support of government forces. battling a rebel advance. as expected,
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nicaraguan president daniel ortega has clenched a 4th term in office after winning 75 percent of an early count in sunday's election. the countries that supreme electoral council says around half the ballots have been counted. the european union has already rejected the results. se nicaragua has transitioned into an autocratic regime at the u. s. called election a pantomime. a russia has condemned western nations cause not to recognize the po, most opposition, figures had been arrested or barred from running our latin america. to lucio newman has been following developments from san jose in neighboring costa rica. the government has already put out what it says are the initial results, which will probably be the final result says saying that president daniel ortega won by nearly 75 percent of the votes. no surprise there. but the, what is interesting is what the opposition coalition that has that monitored the
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elections from inside nicaragua says it says that between 79 and 84 percent of nicaraguans abstained in that election. and that is pretty consistent with what we've been hearing from gallup polls. that, that indicate that president ortega's popularity is below 19 percent. now, the reaction, the international reaction has been swift and harsh. world leader is the same. this was not a matter of who would win about whether daniel ortega has won the election, but rather were there he has stolen and grabbed the election. the united, the european union has just put out a statement saying that it does not recognize the legitimacy of elections which were not competitive and that it will consider what moves to take next beyond sanctions against individuals in nicaragua, the united states government was among the 1st is to called the selection of sham and to also say that it would come, would take measures. it did not expect to apply which but all that were at the
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disposal of the u. s. government and its allies to put pressure on the ortega government to restore, quote, democracy in that country. the u. s. as we opened his boulders to all vaccinated travelers for the 1st time in 20 months, visitors for more than 30 countries, including the u. k. china and the e. u had been banned since early 2020. when pandemic restrictions began. they can enter with a negative k 19 test. a mexico us board has also opened more than 15000000 people crossed into united states from mexico in 20. 19 before the pandemic plan borders between mexico and canada have also reopened on home and doing just now from tianna and mexico. and what's the situation there now? oh, what we're actually at the busiest border crossing point in the western hemisphere . that's what they call sunny seed throw in pick one of the place right now.
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actually one sort of clarification. the border is not reopening. there's a loosening on restrictions all the way through the trade between mates. united states is so important. it's $1700000000.00 a day that they didn't want to cut that off, but what they have done over the last 90 months to save, you know, essentially trouble. you can't go over the border in the united states and that's what's changed. now. people can go visit, they can go see their relatives, they can go see their friends. they can go shopping in the states. that's so important to the people where we are in tiquana because as a real cross border sort of lifestyle here, there's actually called for residents in p one a. which means that just because you're a resident and to quantity, you can go 25 miles into the united states. so people have really used to be able to during that now, what was expected was the on the 1st they did the border was reopening for those non essential visits. they would, i'd be absolutely packed here that there be cues going right back into tiquana. you
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can see that it's busy here, but that's not completely the case. it seems a lot of people in the city. we wait a couple of days before the traffic goes down and then we'll go across. we've waited a year and a half. what's a couple of days more so we seeing a sort of calm situation at the moment, although there are a lot of cause and a lot of people you can see to the other side of me, these officials as well in their white shirts. so they're just moving these people from migration and mexico on there here, because obviously this border, it isn't just about the pandemic. it's also about migration people from latin america and beyond trying to sort of follow that dream and get in to where they think there's some hope from the united states. and what's happened is that a lot of people. 3 some of them from brazil, some of them from russia been driving over the border in carson and claiming asylum as soon as they get on to united states. so just b o, but yellow sort of markers on the road there. that's where people can officially claim asylum. in the united states submits, can migration authorities are sort of helping out the,
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the united states authorities by claiming those people before they can get that. so i suppose that's a sign that even though the restrictions are loosening on this border, they're still that big issue of migration from mexico for the united states. that's going to continue to be the case john home and thank you very much indeed. security officials in iraq say they're investigating to determine whether an iranian back group was behind a drone attack that targeted the prime minister was tougher honey me escaped on head on head from the attack on his residence in baghdad. on sunday, he was carried out using explosives laden drones and the united states as offered to help the iraqi authorities investigating attack. i've been violent protests against recent connection results from the country. we as president barack obama, has warned, well, leaders, that time is running out to stop de catastrophic effects of climate change need is, are in the final week of the cop $26.00 summit in glasgow and aim to seek consensus
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on financial help are developing and vulnerable countries upon or used his address to praise progress made since the 2015 parish climate deal. it said it's not enough collectively and individually. we are still falling short. we have not done nearly enough to address this crisis. we are going to have to do more. and whether that happens or not to a large degree is gonna depend on you, not just those of you in this room, but anybody who's watching or reading a transcript of what i say here today. aggressions is that the sanity gasket and says about my speech was broadly well received. he is speaking in the private capacity. he has nothing to do with the negotiations here. but he, he is
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a key figure in terms of a climate control. because he did sign on behalf of the united states, the paris a give agreement in 2016. of course, donald trump had other ideas without agreement and pulled out of it when he became president. but now, under jip ivan, the u. s. is back and as a bama was saying, it's back and it's strong and it's taking a leadership role along with others. now this address, as i say, does have no bearing on the proceedings here, but it has certainly encouraged a lot of young people because he did single out this issue of youth leadership. and how old are people if they're not engaging? if they're in denial over over climate climate control of global warming, then they should get out and make way for the youth. because that that generation was the one that was, is threatened with what he called a catastrophe. so he spelt it out in not in optimistic terms at all. he did
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refer to progress being made, butts, the lack of initiative. the lack of, of ambition by many countries are failing to make the mission targets of 6 years ago. hughes activists have been critical of the rhetoric of rich nations at the summit, saying previous promises to help poor countries have not been kept. the months of the climate crisis was promised by the leaders, including president obama 1000. the median donors, climate finance was promised to arrive 520202021. and he has to wait and now he must wait until 2020. once again, the leaders come to the club and met with reach branches must make wood on
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their promise. a $100000000.00 of climate finance for noble country. as the summit enters its final days, many actors say they're disappointed that it's commitments haven't gone far enough as we just heard there. and as climate change accelerates. some people in coastal cities are taking action themselves and they gallagher reports from miami, miami set to become the most vulnerable coastal city in the world, according to the economic organization, resources for the future. and it's not hard to see why the city faces a constant barrage of storm surges, coastal flooding and rising sea levels that if not addressed, threaten its future. if we get a coastal surge from a storm or even a high tide, it can flood this area. the challenges that miami's chief resilience officer works on every day. dozens of projects have already been completed, but the challenge is a huge said evolution. in the way we occupy this land and how we deal with the
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water making room for water that you know, we didn't think was going to be up on the land. i think we'll be here. i just don't think we'll look the same. that's a hard pill to swallow, in a city that's expanding and known as the gateway to the americas. but they're all plumbers of hope. for decades, miami is being considered the city at the forefront of tackling rising sea levels. and there's no question it is vulnerable. but many people point to this building the present museum of miami as a picture of what the future might look like. sitting over 3 meters higher than current storm surge requirements, the museum incorporates the latest in porous materials, water management techniques and drainage. okay, well this is fine, that's do more of it despite the cost of construction of well over a $100000000.00. it's an example of what can be done. we knew exactly where this building was going to be. we wanted to make sure it was here forever. and it starts right there, what are the needs of an art museum, but what are the needs when you are on the water in miami,
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florida like many coastal cities, miami city planners of finally taking action. some architects and visioning, a very different relationship with the rising, sees designs like this may be revolutionary, but experts say the alternative is unthinkable. we have an opportunity, hopefully to innovate and to think of ways that we can live with water and, and still not have to pack and go right because, you know, this place is 6000000 people. you know, in an urban areas is no easy to us. the challenges in the costs involved the monumental sea levels continue to rise. the city could soon run out of options, and the gallagher are 0. miami, florida. a chinese astronauts has made history as the country's 1st woman to complete a space walk. when yapping and her mail colleague, georgia, gang spent woman 6 hours outside china's new tangle space station,
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installed equipment and carried out tests as part of a 6 month mission. to get the station for recruit and operational by december. next year, wang is china's 2nd women in space after you yang, carried out a mission in 2012 and a run. you can catch up any time with our website. the rest of that is amazon dot com and histories for you. at any time you will see can now watch us live on there by clicking on the orange line icon out of there dot com ah top stories, we're down to 06 palestinian rights groups recently designated terrorist organizations by israel. say some other activists who had their phones hacked. i say the israeli spyware tool pegasus was used on their phones for more than a year. and investigation found that 6 mobile.


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