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tv   [untitled]    November 8, 2021 11:00am-11:30am AST

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is a country that's learning how to be a democracy, but it's not there. the one person one vote on al jazeera lou. ah, the army cheese behind sedans, military takeover, promises a democratic transition in an exclusive interview with al jazeera. ah, i'm about to say this is odyssey are alive from doha, also coming up, cementing she doing things. leadership are key, meeting expected to pave the way for a 3rd term is underway in beijing also ahead vote counting in nicaragua. president ortega is expected to win a poll that the u. s. is calling a pantomime?
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i think we'll be here. i just don't think we'll look to say and taking action on wising scenes, we look at the cities battling to keep the water a bay. ah, sedans, army general who led last month's military takeover hopes and agreements will be reached to form a new government on monday. this is happening after a civilian arm was dissolved last month. our daughter alba han told al jazeera they've been negotiating with ousted prime minister, abdullah, han, dark and political parties to reach a consensus is also pledged that he wouldn't be part of the future government after the transitional period. once the elections take place in 2023, nor allowed them or it is our pledge, a pledge we made to ourselves by the sudanese people and the international community that we are committed to completing the democratic transition,
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holding elections on time and committed to not stopping any political activity, as long as it is peaceful and within the bounds of the constitutional declaration and the past that have not been suspended. we also ask the international community to look at the issue critically and through the reality and wait to see what we do . we are committed to handing over power to civilian government, a government of national competency, and we pledge to preserve the transition from any interference that can hinder it. now, does it as wrestle selda who interviewed our daughter are behind, has this update from cartoon. the protesters are, are putting the barricade on stress to block the main roads, which is slowing down the system. and which is something that definitely the army doesn't want to say because it wants to get the life back. as soon as soon as possible to get back the the to get the life back to the normalcy. but on the other hand, there has been roughly around 80 people arrested. this is what harry did,
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did the teachers union have said look at the done did of the international calls also are for were hand to just restore the civilian government. there had been also some sources seen that out there. also prime minister of the lamb duke has met the representatives off the appointed parties and his, he told them that he would, he would accept whatever they decide. and he will follow the people in the cities to when i air. when a, as at, in the mr. upton, for what the hell behind the army general up at that will hand weather days, negotiations the politic of negotiations, or specifically, or on to with hum, duke or not. he said that the negotiations are with hom, duke, and with some other candidates as well. so some sources close to up to la. hm. duke says that up la amsec told the people around him that he's not going to be a part of a government that a mr. i will hand declares and he can watch the full interview with sedans,
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general or the father alber hun on at talk to al jazeera. later that's today. at 1430 g m t china's willing communist parties holding a key leadership meeting in beijing. president. she didn't ping is expected to further extend his grip on power. the meeting will lay the groundwork for the 2022 congress where she is expected to seek a 3rd 5 year term, hundreds of top party officials, including state leaders, ministers, and military chiefs and attending at n a u has more on the significance of this meeting in beijing we've only had 3 historical resolutions announced in the last century also which says how important this meeting will be. the platinum itself takes place every year, but it's not very often at all that we hear that a historical resolution will be announced. and, and what's that basically, this is a statement or a speech that will have a huge impacts on chinese politics going forward. it will sort of say what is
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acceptable, what is not, what should be celebrated, what should be criticized, and it will really lay ground work down for the future direction of the party. so we've had cheated paying, and he will be central to this meeting and he's expected to really underscore his power during this meeting this week. now, it just for a little bit of history, he came to power 20122013. and he started his rule with this powerful anti corruption campaign in this campaign full so very effective in eliminating she's opponents and his enemies as well. and in 2018 we had the announcement that there will be an ending of presidential term limits allowing she to ping to continue for 2nd term and into this unprecedented 3rd term, which is also about to begin. and earlier this year, when the communist party celebrated it's 100 years in power, she's been paying announce the achievement of shall called chevrolet,
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which is moderately prosperous society. and this is really seen by, by many here in china. she's saying that he can deliver on a promise made to the chinese people about 100 years ago, that he can make china more wealthy and more powerful. that was seen as a step into further legitimizing his position as the valid leader of china and the marks of senior research fellow at the center for china and globalization in beijing. he explains the importance of the resolution. the communist part is discussing. one of the key features of the chinese system is a very close integration between philosophy, history and politics, which is very different from the west where philosophy and history are seen as a very specialized topic that are somewhat removed from day to day life. but in china, this close integration is largely the reason for the success of the c p. c.
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we have to recognize that with more than 90000000 members of the communist party of china. membership is larger than the total population of countries like germany and turkey. so, managing, running such an enormous organization, i think takes vision as well as management aptitude. but this is also a message to china as well of where china's headed over the next 100 years. of course we just saw 100 down the grocery, c, p, c. and finally, i think this is a message to the world, because we know that we are facing unprecedented global challenges, that host threats to the future of humanity and which china is offering is a system that has been proven to work, but it's based again, very, very different philosophical and political principles and this integration between
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philosophy, history and politics. i think that makes it unique. and this i think, is really focusing global attention on this new paradigm. this new way of governing that could lead to real breakthroughs for humanity. the vice president's criticized nicaragua was vote on sunday as a pantomime election that was neither free nor fair. joe biden says his administration will use all diplomatic and economic tools at its disposal to whole daniel, or take us government accountable. ortega is expected to win another presidential term after disqualifying. most of the opposition, the government of neighboring costa rica says it won't recognize the vote. our latin america editor, alyssia newman reports from there because she was not allowed to enter nicaragua, nicaraguan soldiers, police, and sandinista party supporters came out bright and early to vote. but in most of the country, the streets and the usually bustling polling stations were empty. this was in
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response to a call to boycott in election in which all the competitive opposition candidates were imprisoned, or disqualified from running. foreign journalists were barred from entering the country to cover the voting. president, daniel ortega and his wife, sally moody, you the vice president. nevertheless, hale the election as fair free and democratic ortega then described opponents and their alleged foreign backers as terrorists. soon, the more you see our demons, demons who do not want peace, who do not want tranquillity for our country. they upped for violence, for war, for slander, for campaigns, for what, so that nicaragua is once again plunged into violent confrontations. oh, la lydia lopez is one of the many who did not float. still in mourning for her 21 year old son, died done, whom she says was murdered by ortega, security forces during an anti government protest. i read all the time where we go
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. now there's be no justice because you know how we are with your take a maria regime for them. these victims don't exist. there be no murders or political prisoners. oh, why public protest been outlawed in nicaragua? in neighboring cluster, we got thousands of nicaraguan refugees march to denounce what they insisted was a farce. what daniel ortega has organized is a political circus. that's why we are dressed as close to mach his circus. we continue crying out for justice, for all those he has killed, scenes taking power at least the other 8 government critics were reportedly arrested in nicaragua before the polls opened. many of the exiles say they were forced to flee their country here into costa rica as exile so that they wouldn't end up like these people who are among the more than 300 nicaraguans who were killed by police or paramilitary groups during the 2018 uprising now many
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nicaraguans are asking the international community to step up to the plate. u. s. government is expected to announce stronger sanctions against ortega government shortly while the use as its considering what action to take to put further pressure on the government. as for the election results, with all the competitive oppositional candidates behind bars, the po was never about who would get the most votes, but rather about mr. and mrs. were takers permanent, in power to see a newman al jazeera sank will say, costa rica to sienna breeder is a central america analyst at the international crisis group. and he says one major concern about the elections is that they're happening in a police state. but also on the other side, you have this opposition movements which are incomplete disarray and over the past few years of not managed to nurture. what was the spirit of the age
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2018 mass protest movements, and not prioritizing demands of social and political change that these movements brought forward, which is also somehow these illusions and received a lot of nicaraguans. so it will, but this election would not be a test only for ortega to see how many people will actually show up to vote for him . but also for the, for the opposition movements to the show. if they still have a way over the population. they, the countries, social political crisis is actually how sustainable and it does lead to prompted a strong economic recession over the bus. he is just badly recovering dca, mostly, thanks to global trend in the economy and a lot of resources being funneled as well be more years of government. it's actually the results from basically one sided volt will unlikely result. first of
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all, the lack of legitimacy that has internally and internationally, it will definitely chase away for our investment and oddly get a hold of international loans. so the combination of these sort of continuous or deepen isolation to nationally and regression certainly will definitely 1st of all . busy pronged more and more new car wants to leave the country and not only to costa rica, which was a traditional mission country, but increasing and also to the us still hadn't al jazeera, i'm featured, i'll be here on the ione and coast of grease find out later why ama to sports tourism is injecting millions of dollars into the local economy. ah,
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look forward to brighter skies the winter sponsored my cattle airways. the atmosphere still restless as it should be, it being autumn. so that's really windy weather is probably the thing to focus on the immediate future. and this low in the western meadows thing that's in place winding itself up and causing some pretty nasty weather. in fact, there's a strong wind blow across into the norton formation coast. and then wrapped around the low itself, is that normally gail from the knocker? so 2 aspects to look at really the strong winds with the rain to hit north coast. val. jerry, and this wind of which there is a red warning out at the moment, lasting through monday and into tuesday. the range, the south of that is still falling in. buzzing has a government in exactly the place where it costs flooding only a couple of days ago. now that does tend to improve and the wind will eventually ease for this low if anything gets worse, lose back through the valley arcs towards the east coast to spain, not be there on wednesday as well. it is not a place to be at the moment in the northern part of europe,
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it sir watson seesaw already. the cold as in the east was snow, goes to the baltic states and is all quiet for a while. this is monday, then you're drawing upper subtly when more mass in fact, getting quite mild despite the rain going through scotland and england. and ireland . i was snow on the northern tip once again through norway and sweden and then finland, just like autumn. ah, the weather sponsored by katara always in the country with an abundance of results . ray r a y in easier his friends for me. we moved full to grow and frank, we balance, but real economy, blue economy and the digital economy. with the new job creation law, indonesia is progressively ensuring the policy reform to create quality jobs, investment. let it be part linda, the his growth and progress in indonesia now. ah
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ah, what to about? is it a reminder of our top stories? this our sedans military leader says he will not be part of a future government after the transitional period. then i'll address father alber. hon told al jazeera he's committed to transferring power to civilian leadership. once elections are held in 2023. president eugene paying and hundreds of top officials of china's communist party are attending a key leadership meeting in beijing. the talks will lay the groundwork for the 2022 congress where she will seek a 3rd term vote counting underway in nicaragua was elections. president daniel ortega is expected to win a 4th term elections been called
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a pantomime by the us. most of the oppositions been bought from running and some been arrested. the u. s. has offered assistance to iraqi authorities investigating the assassination attempt on the countries. prime minister armed drones targeted must have all heard him, his residence, and a highly secured green zone. in the early hours of sunday, escaped the attack unharmed and comes after violent unrest over recent election results were led speak to markland under warhead, whose life for us in bagdad? what more do we know about this investigation? what details are we getting about the attack itself? with the rubber as you know, investigations that are still ongoing and a spokesman of their commander. any chief surgeon, a major general lay ahead of so just stated today that it investigations, it proved that to drones came from an area they were launching from an area
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north east of baghdad, about 20 kilometers north east of baghdad. and the 2 drones that they were flying at a low altitude. that's why they were not detected by or dose. and they did not fly over the u. s embassy. that's why they were not structured or hit by the u. s. defense system. he also mentioned as his cabinet stated that in his words that we know that there betrayed hers. we know who is behind it and we will expose them up as you know, they as a state department it or has offered to help in the investigation. but we know that and causing me, he's most a probably alluding to iranian backed armored groups. we know the long history of rivalries, animosity, in fact, between a chasm is government. and those armored groups are affiliated with iran. that
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includes alma groups in that popular mobilization of forces. and these protestors that you can see behind me the tents that had been set by protest didn't need the green solar. the are on this pot now because they are accused of carrying out these attacks. but they deny that they deny that, and they say that there must be a 3rd party trying to ferment violence between bet protest her as and alchemy, a government. but in fact, that all follows the friday's violence between the security forces and the, and the, and the protested which left or at least one dead and many, many injured. but as you know, that in the past, these armored groups affiliated with iran, they were accused many, many times it the accused of sending drones to try to target u. s. facilities including military bases,
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including many locations inside the green zone itself. so now the accusations are being directed to the iranian begged groups, but the deny that and they say that in fact a military commander of the has bola brigades, in error in iraq. he stated that that it could be a made up scenario and, and call them he himself is trying to play the role of a victim. margaret dog overheard bringing us up to date from baghdad. mamma, thank you very much indeed. as even climate summit and as its final days in scotland, many activists say they're disappointed it's commitments haven't gone far enough. and as climate change accelerates, people in some coastal cities are taking action themselves. under gallagher reports miami, miami set to become the most vulnerable coastal city in the world, according to the economic organization, resources for the future. and it's not hard to see why the city faces
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a constant barrage of storm surges, coastal flooding and rising sea levels that if not addressed, threaten its future. if we get a coastal surge from a storm or even a high tide, it can flood this area, their challenges that miami's chief resilience officer works on every day. dozens of projects have already been completed, but the challenge is a huge said evolution. in the way we occupy this land and how we deal with the water making room for water that you know, we didn't think was going to be up on the land. i think we'll be here. i just don't think we'll look the same. that's a hard pill to swallow, in a city that's expanding and known as the gateway to the americas. but there are limits of hope. for decades, miami is being considered the city at the forefront of tackling rising sea levels. and there's no question it is vulnerable. but many people point to this building the present museum of miami as a picture of what the future might look like. sitting over 3 meters higher than
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current storm surge requirements, the museum incorporates the latest in porous materials, water management techniques and drainage. okay, well this is fine. let's do more of it. despite the cost of construction of well over a $100000000.00. it's an example of what can be done. we knew exactly where this building was going to be. we wanted to make sure it was here forever. and it starts right there, what are the needs of an art museum, but what are the needs when you are on the water in miami, florida, like many coastal cities, miami city planners, a finally taking action. some architects envisioning a very different relationship with the rising sees designs like this may be revolutionary, but experts say the alternative is unthinkable. we have an opportunity, hopefully to innovate and to think of ways that we can live with water and, and still not have to pack and go right because, you know, displacing 6000000 people, you know, in an urban area is no easy to us. the challenges in the costs involved the
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monumental, the sea levels continue to rise. the city could soon run out of options and the galaxy rogers era, miami, florida, and effect global warming as having of the world's food supplies coming under scrutiny. the un estimate 800000000 people regularly suffer from shortages and hunger. rob ronald's visit at a ranch in san joaquin valley in california. for how are things going tough. mike wood is the 3rd generation farmer in california's san joaquin valley. he grows 200 hector's of omen trees. but recently he's been thinking of selling the ranch. yeah. the consideration of sale has been right in the front of the gray matter for quite some time. actually, this dolly is a cornucopia of agricultural plenty rich soil in a benign climate produced a vast bounty of meat, milk, vegetables, fruits,
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and nuts. but global warming is changing the valley. 2021 was the 2nd try us here on record. while some years are wetter than others, repeated drought strains, the capacity of an elaborate system of canals and reservoirs that bring water from far away. it's getting hotter to the valley. he had a record $45.00 degrees celsius in september land where fruits or vegetables might be grown would be left idle. it's not unusual to see sites like this entire orchards ripped up and ground into mulch. these effects aren't unique to california, china, russia, nigeria, brazil, all over the world have their own localized impacts. but the one thing in common is that global warming is causing those impacts and humans are causing global warming. scientists say some of the world's most important breadbasket regions are
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also the most at risk of failure due to climate shocks, persistent drought and extreme temperatures here in california and other farming regions around the world raise an important question about the future of our species. how can an ever warming planet feed a human population that is expected to grow from 7900000000 to day, to nearly 10000000000 by mid century? simply expanding farm land won't do. the more forests are cut down the worse global warming gets. scientists say we must adapt or starve our ability to be able to feed the planet is going to require some wholesale changes both and how we produce food . and how we share food across the planet is going to require that we probably change our diet and move more towards a plant based science. this is the emitter,
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mike wood is optimistic when the technology will provide a solution. when i talk about the technology, i'm talking about the ability to produce 50 percent to a 100 percent more than we did on the same acre 4 years ago. hope for the future in a time of climate uncertainty. rob reynolds al jazeera in the san joaquin valley, california. when the corona virus pandemic hit the world, a global travel ground to a halt. international sports tourism was among the hardest hit sectors losing billions of dollars in revenue. some parts of europe have showed strong signs of recovery this past summer, but it's not being driven by cheap holiday packages. there's pete adobe reports for messina, in greece, traveling triathletes are a unique bunch. they train all winter, they choose an exotic destination, they go there, they race, but they don't really see the destination at all. they're more concerned with the
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pain of racing pain. is the watchword for a long form triathlon. swim bike, run 1.99021 k quick as you like on your own. go. we combine them. sports events went down fun occasion i get you know? yes for 1000 your is for every one. i would say my mom, hard for me and is that gary high about where the ione and, and mediterranean sees come together is a historic, a beautiful part of his coastline in greece. but summer time has gone. it is over all the european schools have gone back in. there are no moms and dads playing with the kids on the speech. it could be forgiven for thinking, tourism here is dead and buried for at least the next 4 or 5 months. you'd be wrong
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with the local number crunches here on the greek coast of messina work on a 4 day assumption of making money for every prosperous competitor they calculate. there are 1.9 other people just along for the ride, but the groups we spoke to however, number considerably more than 1.9 people per competitor. they were traveling and multiples of $34.00 or 5, and they all budgeted roughly a $150.00 per person per day, plus flights plus accommodation, plus ca higher. and that all adds up with the race director for an amateur destination event like this one has to understand the sport and the business with a pandemic. capt field are roughly $1500.00 people having spent $400.00 each just to get to the start line. that's the start of a healthy profit margin. you can see the figures. it's huge. it's,
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it's 4 to 5000000 euro on this race day. there were 3 other half ironman frat lawns, taking place across europe. that was essentially a cash injection into the e. u tourist economy at $25000000.00 in just one day. they know what they want and this people because they invest a lot in being i are on men or ladies, eh, they, they are, i would say more wealthy than ira segments. everyone we spoke to was united by 2 things. firstly, they want to get past cobit, they say it's been 2 years. enough's enough. they also want to train plan book, race and spend spend, spend pete, adobe al jazeera, messina, grease chinese astronaut wine yelping has made history. is the country's 1st woman to complete a space, walk. why and fellow astronaut sizing gang is spend more than 6 hours outside
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china's new chunk gongs space station. they installed equipment and carried out test part of a 6 month mission to get the station fully crude and operational by december next year. ah, this is our 0. these are the top stories, the army general who lead a military takeover and sudan last month says he will not be part of a future government. after the transitional period, speaking exclusively to al jazeera mother of hut are behind, says he's committed to a smooth democratic transition. once elections are held in 2023, the military took power last month dissolving the civilian arm of the government and declaring a state of emergency. nor aladdin or, or it is our pledge, a pledge we made to ourselves by the sudanese people and the international.


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