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tv   [untitled]    November 7, 2021 1:30pm-2:01pm AST

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ah, hello again. the top storms on the al jazeera news, our iraq leaders have condemned with their calling an assassination at times on the prime minister as a hideous and cowardly attack. arm drones targeted was called the main residence on baghdad. green zone in the early hours of sunday, thousands of people have rallied any c o capital in the government forces battling a rebel advance. the ryan rebels have captured strategic towns along the highway to the capital and threatened to move in on top of all. libya's electoral commission says it would open registration on monday for candidates in presidential and parliamentary elections. the vote is scheduled to take place on december 24th, according to an un back one. more now on our top story and the attack on the rocky prime minister as residents. let's bring in say, doing a teen any who's a middle east analyst focus on iraq. he's joining us here from doha. thanks for
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your time with us on the news. our officials are saying investigation is still ongoing. what do you think was behind it? in fact, will we ever know it is very clear that the protestors or the attackers behind this are the followers of the same political parties and part of military groups that are associated with the federal alliance, which is the parliamentary coalition known for its affiliation with iran. interest within the piano and the iraqi politics in general. we witnessed on the last early election that took place on october 10th alliance, 117 parliamentary seats, in contrast to their 48 feeds, which was one and 2018 parliamentary elections. this is a huge loss to their parliamentary and once it also represent a major sir back to their political and social influence, which they believed was an acid that they enjoyed from the rocks victory against
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isis. and 2017, which they of course were a part of however, and october 2019 and won the october protest movement kicked off around the rock with protests calling for reforms. systematic change and to corruption and an end to securing them and regional interventionism with a particular focus on iran. it was clear that the protestors and activists and researchers were facing political violence from the very same arm. the groups claimed to liberate iraq from ices. these groups are the ones, arguably protesting and attacking by mr. calling his government and denouncing the integrity of the elections, which they for years praise and promoted for that's also clearer now than a very bad suntrust movement was the $73.00 seats. and the party led by how many was he was the turn speaker, parliament, and much it was about as vonny, k d, p will form
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a majority government with some other alliances with other small parties and vocations to propose the upcoming prime minister seems to be it will either be to continue with the term turned by mister tommy, whose good alignment and operation was. father had a boucher and, but as he or the federalist might propose the subject candidate, which seems so far to be unlikely, in contrast to call the news. right. our report on the ground or per report or on the ground was speaking to some of the professors that remain camp to outside the vicinity of the green zone and who belonged to some of the parties that you were just mentoring. and they were saying this, well, wasn't them? this could be some sort of 3rd power, 3rd party, excuse me, trying to for ment strafe in the country. is that a likely possibility? and it is expected, they call a 3rd party or a 3rd site doing this. that was the same justification they used when they were
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attacking publicly and open the attacking and killing us. there's doing their tober put this movement. they can't, of course, claim that they will be attacking the prime minister however, throughout their social media, official, social media platforms and channels. they were threatening payment as they're telling me they were threatening the government, but they would lead to on this b dns. so one day they're threatening something and then the next day they're actually implementing what about himself. he's called the prime minister, spoke after that attack, and he's calling on all factions for a constructive dialogue going forward. that's what he's saying. i mean, how likely is that given the mood on the streets and the shadow that has been cast in the wake of the disputed election disputed by some, i should say, while he, he's betting on the chances of trying to convince the protest there is, or the parliamentary groups on the street for a constructive dialogue. it's also this force that is expected from
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a prime minister who is not really sure competent enough that he might be the prime minister for the next term. he and the rest of the iraqi government are a, we are the to defense of highlighting support. they have lost their parliamentary influence. they so far will might not have an influence to name the prime minister or most of the power ministries. so they're using their, their last tool or method of pressure which is violence. it's a very similar method they used against the protestors who protested against the political class or a government that was influenced by their political parties or their own rights. ok, thank you so much. they do in a k, nanny. we thank you for joining us on our now series of attacks on civilians and indian administered cashier has sparked fears of a renewed conflict in the region. authorities have stepped up security to avoid further unrest happening, metal as more. oh,
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but her family is mourning the loss of its eldest son. shy, the jaws was shot nanny a week ago. his brother is so overwhelmed with grief, he faints. his mother implored him to wake up. she says he's all she has left off to losing shaw head and i saw a gun with him. he was on his way from work at an apple farm. we had been waiting for him when we got a call saying he was shot dead at a checkpoint in chopin district. we don't know what actually happened. authority, se shaw had was caught in the crossfire between paramilitary forces and what the court suspected terrorists that happened off to indian administered push me suffered. it's was violence in month in october. at least 33 people were killed like sha hip, 10 was civilians, government in thoughts by india and pakistan. the disputed territory has long suffered tension and unrest in did. administered kashmir has seen a decades long armed rebellion against new daddy's rule 2 years ago. the indian government revoked the regions autonomy and imposed one of the strictest lockdown
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in history for the fueling resentment on the recent incidents have triggered memories of the 19 ninety's. when insurgency was at its most violent, the targeted killings of minorities was common and led to an exodus of thousands of cush meeting hindus. the government has responded by putting more soldiers in patrol and they often frisk people, members of prime minister in the reins remodeled postage and the party denounced this comparison and insist the security measures will prevent further attacks. who elecom ibp? i goes upward back then separate. distant militants roamed free me. that doesn't happen now because they don't have any present. 0 detritus are becoming irrelevant, which is why they're targeting unarmed civilians and border migrants. some political analysts accused the government of failing to stem a sense of alienation among the regions. youth that is fueling a separatist movement in the region. this is some work creating a huge sem. something's short, the among the marshes,
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and they appealed that they are back to the situation that was with them. they're very lee and i thought about subdomains kashmir in early nineties, when in such as she was active to speak, a police investigation is underway into the civilian killings and security forces have detain hundreds of people for questioning over the last few weeks. but child's family disputes the official version of the incident and wants a more thorough prob, they say they're waiting for justice and struggling to cope with the void left by his passing. pardon him, ethel al jazeera, new delhi gangs in haiti are increasingly targeting schools and students, the un children's agency. unicef says criminals are forcing teachers to pay so called protection money or risk being abducted sean $100.00 reports from porto prince. oh wow. in haiti's capital learning is
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a dangerous business. the education of the youth of port a prince occurs behind iron gates beneath spiral blades of barbed wire. in an atmosphere of pervasive fear. oh, i'm afraid that the gangs may come and kidnap me. i don't feel good, but i do it because i love school. principal vill dress older bear runs this school on a shortage of funds and students. a few crisis leaves many out of work and unable to afford education, nor even the commute said to do kitchen. everyone worries about kidnapping, but we keep working. we operate on fit for many of hades, youngest and most vulnerable getting there is the most dangerous part of the day. i sometimes have gunshots on my way to school, although i'm for. i don't have trouble going because i live close. haiti's children has become a black market commodity. in recent weeks,
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the country's powerful gangs have increasingly used the vacuum of political and police power in the capital to rob teachers and snatched their students for ransom . a week ago this school was open, then some gangsters spotted a parent at the bank, followed in here, killed the parents in injured several others. now like many schools in haiti, this one is close. parents arrived to find uniformed children on stretchers, leaving teachers across the capitol, afraid to come to work, but often showing up anyway. i hope they'll be a change because the way we're teaching kids right now in the summer is not favorable. my hope is that the situation we have right now will change, so we can function when you will, despite the dangers each day, thousands of children arrive in class after braving the capital streets. but for many, the price of education in haiti, his simply become too high. john henderson,
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al jazeera, puerto prince voters in nicaragua are going to the polls and elections widely described as illegitimate, both at home and abroad. resident daniel ortega is set for a 4th consecutive term after opposition figures were jailed or banned from running . international observers have also been prevented from overseeing the votes or latin america. editor of the cinnamon reports from san jose, and neighbor in costa rica. after al jazeera was denied entry into nicaragua, as usual, dick rob was armed forces distributed and guarded ballots ahead of sundays presidential elections. but there's nothing usual about this. one. most noteworthy is who is not on the ballot, not a single competitive candidate from nicaragua, mean opposition parties. in the lead up to the poll president, daniel ortega, who's running for a 4th consecutive term imprisoned 7 mainstream opposition candidates, and disqualified the rest,
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accusing them of everything from money laundering to treason, or visit that who's gone go. what we are doing is trying criminals with bloated again, as the country, the security of our country by trying to organize another uprising. another could deter it. no, no, no. the cracked down on opposition. candidates and activists ahead of the elections, forced architect maria uncle is still gallo to seek refuge in neighboring costa rica. conger lincoln, a man thought the latter basil marbury. when the repression increased, i started receiving direct death threats while police surrounded my house and refused to let me leave a manage to escape before we had corruption any regularities. but these elections ridiculed the wells electoral system of democracy. daniel is laughing at the entire world by holding this type of vote on the e. u and international human rights organizations are calling the election of farce . the biden administration has already announced it will impose new sanctions. but
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there are a handful of candidates on the ballot besides mr. and mrs. ortega, who is the vice president. some people are more disclosures and they are very unknown figures in the country, very little known. and they run for parties that are widely perceived as collaborators with the government. so i'm blaming this video posted on social media networks, calls on nicaraguans to protest against what is being described as a fraud by staying at home. a catholic church has also joined the campaign, b and are in good. all city are so blessed they would be if they had been witnessed reconditioned for every one plus participated in free, just transparent and competitive presidential elections within facile observation and want to highlight. but president ortega is going ahead with the election overseen only by his close allies and in another unprecedented move. he has band foreign correspondent from entering the country while hundreds of his critics have
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gone into hiding or into exile here in neighboring costa rica. oh, there are reports that ortega loyalists to going house to house, to intimidate voters, to cast a ballot that could make a difference in the turn out, but not in the outcome which is already a given. she and human al jazeera, sonco se costa rica scotlands as a world leader in the transition to renewable energy plans to develop a new oil field in the north sea. are still going ahead, even though many platforms are unused. mcclark reports from northern scotlands. it's not a view you'd expect from a village, high street, 300 kilometers north of the climate talks in glasgow. a vision perhaps of the future. unused oil and gas rigs park top in cromartie, furth, not pumping fossil fuels from the depths of the north sea. the perth is a barometer of the state. if you case oil and gas industry, when there's
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a downturn, it gets pretty crowded. these platforms are awaiting new contracts. the contracts will be few and far between as the move to renewables gathers pace. at the end of 2019 the oil and gas authority estimated there were between $10.00 to $20000000000.00 barrels of oil still to be recovered in the north sea. in fact, as i speak as a bit underway to open up the jaunt combo oil field about 250 kilometers to the north of here around the shetland islands. but the reality is says the move away from fossil fuels, gavin pace sites like this will become more and more common. whitely when farm south of glasgow, the 2nd largest onshore wind farm in europe, across scotland, wind power is a big part of the energy mix in a country that's aiming to be carbon neutral by 20455 years ahead of much of the world here. 215 turbines generate enough power 435-0000
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homes. in 2020, nearly 100 percent of scotland energy came from renewable sources. which raises the question, why the need to invest in new oil field at all? this is the, by all of us getting on the same journey. okay. and getting on the revolution because it's more of a revolution than a journey. in all honesty, i'm to 2050 and that's the target is to get us the 2015 net 0 by 2050. so you can't just switch everything off immediately. so oil and gas production is still a massive part of the economy. it's a massive part of her we, holmes, i hope, the fuel or transport system. so we need to go in that transition. we need to go and not revolution, and that will happen over a period of time. back in chrome, it's either the yellow stanchions of offshore wind turbine. stan sentinel ready to be deployed out at sea, where the petroleum platform has rained for decades. and as the all rick becomes slowly redundant, the renewable sector is expanding a pace. the re plans here in the 1st for a hydrogen hub and to create
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a base for floating wind farms. but the transition away from fossil fuels needs to be carefully managed to make that a success for everybody involved, including the workers. we need to make sure there's good quality jobs for them to move into. that means that renewables need to be trading enough jobs and that she has to be a pathway set of people can move from the fossil fuel jobs to the green shops. there is no doubt about the direction scotland is heading in. the question is, how far behind will the rest of the wealthy mcclark al jazeera property. furth, scott, still ahead on the news our the panther is match, and any child record with their latest, when a gemma will have all the sports coming out right after the break. ah,
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life is never scripted. never full told. it's never no. no matter what happens. never stay open you read between the lines. listen, always listen, never stop asking. never stop question a wanting to know more. discover the among chia, the human story. b and punctual. be courageous. fine b m told story. celebrate excellence. keep alive the pioneering spirit. never stop. we haven't for 25 years. we've never stopped on our journey. never stops when our commitment to you al jazeera 25. he is a unique path. lou
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. ah, well liberians, governments as leading a campaign to get african americans to come and settle there, the government is offering citizenship sand, a chance for people to reconnect with their roots. historic buildings are being torn down to make way for a new apartment blocks. local architects want to protect the old properties to conserve the countries troubled history. nicholas hark reports in the capitol, monrovia, online barriers, providence island, and african american is in search of her past. who are a prichard from michigan, is stepping in the ruins of the 1st home, built by fried american slaves, brought to africa some 200 years ago. it's on providence island that they founded
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the republic of liberia. providence island feels like liberty proud as island feels like healing um providence. highland feels like joy and anticipation in providence island means is a place where i can remove. i can take the chains from my neck. i can shake the dust from my feet and i can start new. that's what i have in the countries oldest church, the young gather to celebrate thanksgiving. we tradition brought by the free slaves, supported by the american colonization society. the founding settlers became the country's elite and they kept many african needed in servitude transforming their traditions, culture, and architecture. according to the truth and reconciliation commission, this helped fuel liberia's civil wars. a quarter of a 1000000 people died during the 2 decade long conflicts were in downtown monrovia
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from where during the civil war, snipers would shoot at people in it's in this neighborhood that yet again, a 100 year old building is being torn down to make way for new apartment blocks now for so this is library moving away from its past, looking towards the future for others. preserving these old buildings is an essential act of remembrance of le bear as troubled and divided passed. but this is like that was the end, been looked so much alike. i saw a shak that the owner richard tolbert wants to tear down, but architect, joseph jones sees history worth preserving. you cannot forget about your pass. we'll want the kids, they're big to do cuz we're studying architectural to understand how houses were built in la bureau before and why. almost all of the free slaves came from america, southern state of south carolina. the service came here, trying to emulate
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a margaret called shaw their bread, american culture, back to liberia. very industrial. we're not to be africans. liberia history does not start with the arrival of african americans. jones believes some of the street names should reference the nation. 17 indigenous groups and efforts be made to preserve the diverse architectural history of the country. as an increasing number of african americans make labor at their home. laura pitcher believes there's so much to learn from the past in order to build a better future for all liberians. nicholas hawk al jazeera providence island librarian, and for an update on the sports news with jemma. thanks during the mexican box a canal alvarez. a shade. why he is regarded as the best a pound for pound fighter in the world by becoming the sports 1st undisputed as super middleweight champion alvarez's south decay laplant and the 11th round of their unification bout in las vegas. he dropped the american with the letter and even though his opponent got up on his feet canal,
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it sent him back to the floor. the referee then stopped the fight as canal at adding plants. i b. s. bout to the 3 he already had. he's the 1st box there from latin america to the crowned and undisputed champion in the fall bout era. we will need them. we put it that they couldn't. i've always had a connection with the mexican fonts. i'm really happy, but mexican fonts were able to witness this fight and shared the success with me. it mean for low to be a mexican undisputed champion? say these dr. after bottle says it'll support lewis hamilton's formula. one title chase by getting maximum points for the team. the fin took us a price whole position for sunday's mexico grown. pre boss has locked out the front right with how much that and he finished 2nd the quickest and qualifying i'm with it's 12 points behind max assessment and the championship standing with 5 races left is read for rival. he's been quicker, we will stop and said on the grid. seems like we're clearly behind red blood and lab. good morning, but maybe the weather trusted
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a bit bit warmer. maybe the better. but that impulse on all the work we did that the quick enough, well we can, we have no idea while suddenly ahead of them, but we'll take it. but that was honestly not on the cost the rental in my say g p it 5, right? po positions for francesco bang, naya, italian sets on that record to snatch top spots for the l. golf grown pre from de kathy t made. jack miller knew well, champion of water. all right, we'll stop from 7 chelsea boss thomas take all says bunny. we're lucky to steal a point against his side as they came back to draw one all against the premier league leaders. chelsea went into the break for the one the lead off the cry. how much headed them in front. just saw that half an hour. a dominated the game that they couldn't keep. burly out must have israel equalizing it to the wayside. on 79 minutes, liverpool can move with an appointed chelsea in the table. i. d. west lake chelsea
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. what the only ones to throw away a lead, soft lane west rena. last time again, south of ego and seemingly complete control. so they ended up drawing a real south florida and equalize it only 6 minutes into stuff it's time is now for games without the when football league go straight to the following his arrival back and saying, he bought it in the sand, watching the offline. it came on saturday. he was taking up from the young says he's gone 5 games without the faith. while ball flying down in 9th round with a back on top of the spanish league off for c one victory over via via color goes, penny. karen benjamin got his tens of the 11 massive from about 5, but it's in france, it was a nearly no, that's no problem for paris because i'm out of the options. find out and just name off. he's a little goes again, what i present in can you bind to kill him back a 2nd? yes, he held on for 3 to win by
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a name. and many by me that because extended alley to the top of the window, he got to 4 point starts off that a be 5 will be one to end the visiting 5 thought to the season. rather than the go to 6. the goal of this calendar year. what in venice, there's only one way to arrive to a game, and that by days radiate aroma, ditch the traditional timber. the head of the max on sunday, because that susan stadium overlooks the looking, that the highest rank players in men's tennis, navy, junk, rich, and daniel met the dad's go head to head in the file as a power small as life and the re much of september's us opened decider no matter the outcome, joke of it will end the year as well. number one, it's a huge achievement. obviously. very, very proud of it and grateful to be in this position. once again, to make the historic 7 time and surpass my childhood hero b. tempers is incredible in obviously overwhelmed with all the beautiful positive
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emotions. it's difficult for me to understand the magnitude of this achievement, not just for myself, but for the sport. while i'm still active player, probably when i retire, i'll be able to reflect on that a little bit more. and the m b a, the dallas mavericks. i became the boston celtics. thanks to a buzzer. the lucas launch. it's made a game winning 3 points as time run down on the clock. he finished with 33 points. the hold off is 6. 171 is in the n h l. the florida house is not the best thought to a season of any siemens history that on 21 points off the 11 games and ended on a hurricane street with a 5 victory. and all 3 things is $6000000.00 breeders cup has been won by horse called nicks guy. it was written by jockey. jo visorio in the show piece, raised in del mar, california. next guy can talk to debbie when medina spirit gave trying to brad
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cox's 1st breed of cop with that is all your thought. i have more for you later doing. thank you so much jim or we'll see you later on and thanks for watching. the news are on al jazeera, more news coming up. right after the break, bye bye for know. ah, ah, a 25 years ago, a new era in television years in the middle east begin to part documentary series must be the 25th anniversary of al jazeera, telling the story of the channel launch. ah, now it became
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a recognized global brand. ah, this story of al jazeera, a unique puff question, the narrative. you don't have ways to shake weight or decent formation east squeal or not you don't comp anyway to verify, identify who is telling the story that those debates and these are multi national corporations that are interested in profit, anticipate the consequences. the media was complicit in perpetuating this myth. i'm here to tell you that i think that many people died because of the lifting pace. deconstruct the media on out is era to know where the fires are and where they are going. greeks look to the scotch in a worrying sign, helicopters have been getting closer to major towns and cities. this one is just a wealth. didn't become much bigger than if you can see by the trade trucks,
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the fires, climbing up the hill just behind us on the ground. this is what the business of fighting fires looks like. holding back, the inevitability of mother nature's fury is dangerous and exhausting work done to give whatever with the hope is the fire will stop when it runs out of fuel. but for the moment, the fuel is everything in sight ah . coals for com as us and we generally it is condemn a drone attack targeting the rocky prime minister's residence ah hello there i missed out the attain, this is out of here at life and also coming up with
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support for iep. you have his prime minister as federal forces battle advancing rebels from the navy. is it a.


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