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tv   [untitled]    November 7, 2021 2:00am-2:30am AST

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i still don't feel like i actually know enough about what living under fascism was light. how much money did you make for your bro? in deliverance i made bab al jazeera english, proud recipient of the new york festivals broadcaster of the year award for the 5th year running ah mass protests in cities across the world, calling on needed to take immediate more radical action to address the climate crisis. ah. hi there, i'm kimbell, this is al, just their alarm from dull ha, also coming up, a fuel tanker explodes and sarah leon killing at least 99 people and injuring tells
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us court suspends the bottom administrations cove at 19 vol. that requires employees that launch businesses to be vaccinated or get tested weekly and chaos at a music festival. in the us state of texas, 8 people are killed in a crowd search at houston. all the sudden your ribs are being crushed. you have someone's arm injured, liking your neck. ah, large demonstrations have taken place in cities around the world, calling for urgent action on climate change. thousands rallied in what they're calling a global day of action. the protest come as lead as mason, scotland, for the call $26.00 climate summit. while they're discussing ways to slow the global warming and re simmons pulse glasgow. a mass expression of alarm from cities on every continent, demonstrators, from all walks of life, calling for immediate action, not just promises in the crisis over climate control,
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all over the world. there's outrage that in the past, so many pledges to cut emissions and provide funding to create clean alternatives to fossil fuels. haven't been honored. it begs the global question. it stately does renee god promises in the past, then how can they be trusted now? yeah. 6 disillusionment about cop 26 fill these glasgow streets just a short distance from a summit venue here an indigenous guardian of the amazon rain forest from costa rica. are you angry? see if i know how per kilo m was. yes, i'm angry. we've been saying this for years to the point of no return, but governments and just not listening. you are not getting this with a nearby a mother who works as a clerical assistant or generation in previous generations created such as she is with the world that my children are going to end up inheriting. so if we don't try
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and start to, i know we're just going to leave the future children with major problems and it will never be overcome. this 8 worker was trying to be optimistic. we have the answers to this climate crisis. we've got the money, we need to support vulnerable communities. we just need our world leaders on the negotiations, the claimant's on the hunting right night to do the speed we needed. but such optimism though was in short supply generally called $46.00 is now halfway through under pressure on world leaders in their representatives. the climate diplomats couldn't be greater the message from the streets here and cities across the globe is quite clear. they must do better. demonstrators turned out in australia where forest fires at the end of 2019, at the beginning of 2020 killed 33 people. a more than a 1000000000 wild animals. and south career protest has expressed doubts about
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whether the government would own a promises to phase out coal fired power window. the 2 new list award, i think it would be difficult to south korea to stop. it's acts as a climate villain ah glasgow. some complex negotiations will be underway in the coming days to try to find a solution to this climate crisis. no war in the meeting rooms will be reminding the huge level of pressure upon them. andrew simmons al jazeera glasgow. the number of people killed after a fuel tanker exploded in sierra leone is now at least 99 last happened when the tank had collided with another vehicle at a busy junction in the capitol. free time. those debris reports oh, a crowd of people had gathered near a fuel tanker that had been involved in collision. unaware of what was to happen. moments later, dozens of people were dead or badly burned. when the leaking fuel tanker ignited
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a huge fire and explosion, it happened in wellington and eastern suburb of sierra leone, capital freetown, according to local media, a bus full of people nearby was completely burnt. the fire also incinerator shops and market halls in the neighbourhood and cause extensive damage. omar for fanta is a journalist who has been at the scene. those are late yesterday evening. i'm off the raw show up when heading home most are being around. it's the am local time when the this bunker right behind me all the children and 0 was run into by the truck, which you can also see just by the, the point i think about the want to talk want. there was some pets or leakage from the talk and then some motorbike gammas on what about docs right after a thought is coping the fuel from the truck, from the tanker and then there was a topic hold up in this area so that when that was the 1st, ball, i mean more less demo struck. you have to what we don't know,
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but what was the was on what once it's happened, then those what chops in the truck picking up because that was on hit them to far balls. wallace, noble, good area. on many of those who died or there were bones, weapons, sub job, it goes on local local. but robin motor bucks read us was hoping fuel from bunker president julius mother b o who is in scotland attending cop 26th climate talks on saturday. called it a horrendous loss of life. the head of sierra leone, national disaster management agency, echoed the same sentiments, saying it was a terrible, terrible accident. the port city of free town, which is home to more than a 1000000 people, has faced several serious disasters in recent years. in march, more than 80 people were injured during a major fire in one of the city slums. that this place more than 5000 people. the government has brought in the army to assist local police and medical personnel. door such up ari algae 0. the u. s. embassy in ethiopia. capital has ordered to all
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it's non essential staff to leave the country earlier in the week. it had advised its workers to leave on a voluntary basis, ethiopians year long conflict with rebels from the north and to cry region has wasn't in recent days. the un security council has hold for an end to the fighting, but a meeting to discuss the crisis was despond. genoa, samuel ghetto, has more from addis ababa. were al jazeera, has learned that the u. s. envoy to the horn of africa. geoffrey feltman had a meeting with the new york on actors in this conflict, and they were not able to agree on a roadmap on how to solve this conflict that begun a year ago and move it as fast moving forward. but this comes us opposition leadership as being assembled in washington d. c. we've looked at some of the names and we have been,
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i have been checking of they are do have the support needed with the exception of for the t p. a left which is represented by a former foreign minister, was a minister for 2 years under the t p. left late coalition government, and the oil left there doesn't seem to have any support on the ground. and ethiopian government has highlighted their efforts as publicity stunt. instead of having a coalition to us, they said defeat this government. the government led by prime minister abbey armored. but the pressure to ethiopia is still growing. it comes as the canyon president in the ugandan president in particular, is trying to have a summit to trying to understand and solve the issue of conflicts in the country. and the u. s. government, which is threatening to consider trade argument with yoga, is also insisting on having some kind of settlement on this conflict. president
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biden's push to require employees of large businesses to be vaccinated against cove at 19 is facing a legal challenge. u. s. federal appeals court has suspend it that vaccination roll . the mandate requires companies with more than $100.00 employees to ensure their staff is vaccinated. those who haven't received the job are required to be tested weekly. the government has until monday to respond to the court stay order. the court says this cause to believe there are grave statutory, and constitutional issues with the mandate. several states have sued the administration saying the mandate is unconstitutional, and illegal on that field is a professor of law and health management. at drexel university in philadelphia. he joins us now live from there. thank you. time, do we have any idea what the grave statute, free and constitutional issues with the mandate which were referred to by the court? do we have any idea what those are exactly? we really don't. the court didn't say we can look at the objectors of briefs
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and to get a sense of that. but most legal experts think that the mandate is on solid legal ground. so we'll just have to wait and find out. it is true that a mandate of this scope using emergency powers is unprecedented. on the other hand, that doesn't mean it doesn't have a legal basis, so we'll have to wait and see. okay, what are the legal issues at play here? the what they're using is a provision in the occupational safety and health act that allows emergency regulations. if worker health and safety is immediately threatened, and the presumption is a cove, it is such an emergency. we could see objections that coven isn't that kind of emergency. and that the regulations are overreach, that while the government can do certain things to ensure worker health and safety,
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this is going too far. ok, where is this particular case in this particular court likely to go? will it go to higher up courts? i mean, how long could this case strike on the objectors have filed suit in a number of jurisdictions. this court is in new orleans. it's one of the most conservative. so it's not surprising. it would be the one to take the lead and to try to strike down the mandate. it has indicated that it will consider a permanent injunction. what it issue today is a temporary injunction pending further arguments, and it gave the biden ministration very short time frame for presenting its position. there's a good chance that the court will uphold his position and it will go to the supreme court. okay. doesn't make any difference. i mean, will it be part of the administration's response that, that people aren't actually forced to get the vaccine? there are other options, right? they can get tested instead. yes, i think so,
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particularly people who have medical risks for the vaccine and people who have strong religious objections. they don't have to take the vaccine. there are no known medical contra indications to having a test and wearing the mask. similarly, there are no known religious objections to testing and masking, so it is not really so much of vaccine mandate as of exceed versus testing, mandatory option. and i think that helps a tremendous amount in terms of the legal basis for it. all right, thank you very much for your analysis there. robert field, a professor of law at drexel university. thank you. so come here on al jazeera kidnapping. kids and hazy has become big business, the gangs making learning a dangerous situation. and we visit the ancient june of jordan hopes to become a world class destination without even having
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a hotel ah on both coasts. the u. s. 2 others are active at the moment with maybe the most active as this is mastercard. that's an area of low pressure is been giving heavy rain to florida, south carolina, particularly in charleston. very high tides because you got the wind added to it. that's just going up through north carolina. then we'll probably go off shore and take the weather with it, leaving behind still chilled required to weather on the pacific coast. it's rain or snow depending on whether in the cascades or whether you're on the coast, which is not unusual. that'll spread some rain further south into a california in the middle. it's just cold, not specially so if anything happens to rise, a toronto is warming up a little. and his dry texas and quite warm in houston 25. there's
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a lot of persistent shout sandstorms. they've been around for a while, they're still there and the bahamas going down towards the turks and keiko's through the east side of cuba, jamaica i'm ticky honduras, and the character that seasonally known, but again, it's stuck. it's given the potential for flooding, moved down towards costa rica. there's recently been flooding in the seasonal rains for the sas, but in columbia almost over the border in ecuador washing away a couple of hires is admissible. just the underground walls. there's more rain to come in the same area, the threat continues. ah, but it's the was. 2 most populous democracy, diverse dynamic, and undergoing moment to seen context india dixon in depth. look at the people and politics of india. exploring how the coven 19 pandemic struck the nation. it's continuing impact and the lessons learned for the future. join me fade as those are
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for context india and alex is either hulu. ah, welcome back. your watching al jazeera are monitored our top story is this all large demonstrations have taken place in cities around the world, schooling urgent action of climate change. thousands rally just passed, so the global day of action becomes as leave as mason, scotland for the called 26 climate summit. the number of people killed after a fuel tanker exploded in sierra leone is now at least 99. the boss happened when the tank had collided with another vehicle,
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a busy junction in the capitol frito. u. s. federal appeals court has halted the body. administration's coven, 19 vaccination rules for businesses. mandate requires companies with more than 100 employees to ensure this staff vaccinated. the government has until monday to respond to the suspension police in the us so working to determine what caused a stampeded at a music festival and texas that killed 8 people. hundreds more, were injured after a crowd surge during a performance by rapid travis scott on friday. night witnesses say people were so cramped together that they started hyperventilating, petticoat hang reports in outdoor music festival quickly turned into a mass casualty event. problem started early in the day when a security checkpoint was over run. these people rushing, toppling over each other to get into the sold out. concert officials aren't sure if it contributed to what came later. 050000 people. watching reber travis scott. the
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crowd surged for unknown reasons. and cameras caught what the next people collapsing the show when on the star seems to realize something's wrong, but he just wants security to get it in to get it in the scenes of concert goers climbing the stage in an apparent attempt to stop the show ignored then finally, police stepped in based on our latest information. know, 8 people are reported or reported dead from from the band last night. in terms of their ages. one is 141 is 16 to 21 years of age. to 23. 1 is 27 and one remains unknown at this, at this time, the more than
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a dozen sent to the hospital hundreds treated at the scene. and now the investigation. how did this happen? why were there not more security officers, police officers, medical personnel for a crowd of at least 50000 people they knew would come paddling, al jazeera and internationally mediated, trying to get sudan back on the road to democracy, appears to be in deadlock with both sides, rejecting proposals pro democracy activists have called for 2 days of civil disobedience before brought against any power sharing arrangement with military sources, say the general to lead last month's armed takeover have also refused the plan. general abdel father albert hon, is on the increasing global pressure to restore the civilian that government. it morgan has more talks from cop who well talks between the military headed by general abdel, put the album han and the civilian component, or rather the f, f. c. the civilian coalition has so far failed to produce any results,
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despite mediation efforts by the united nations, despite called by the united states for with duration of the when the transitional government and the release of prime minister of the land has been detained since october 25th when the military took over, now that law has resulted in type of security for prime minister abdulla from the under house arrest. ask for 2 of his 8. he has been demanding the military return back to the school before the military takeover, which was on october 24th when he had a civilian government, which he was the prime minister of general adams at the time said that he will appoint a civilian government, made up of technocrats, people not affiliated with any political parties and talks by various size and various mediation teams, including south sedan, including national figures here in the country, has failed to try to bring the 2 sites together with each side, adamant that they want. they want their position to be the one that that is dominant over the talks. now this all comes as a food,
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nice professional association called them people for more strikes. so tonight on saturday, they have called on civilians to set up barricades on the neighborhoods. and on the main street to encourage people. and also it is the number of people who would go to work on sunday and monday they say that the best way for them to show them military, that they don't want a military rule or an army. that taking over the transition period is to is to, to go to go on general, strikes and civil disobedience. iraq's prime minister has ordered an investigation into violent confrontations during the protest and back that on friday, several people were injured with security forces trying to disperse, the crowd, demonstrated with challenging the results of last month selection, insisting that the vote with rick, are they no official confirmation of casualties that a funeral procession ought to be related was held in the city of mount off a 2nd of heavy rain in the balls the and capital has caused more major flooding and 9 slides. rising rivers in this area of a region,
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her 4th hundreds to evacuate their homes. tomorrow a shell is their intent. this report. torrential, rain and severe weather has caused widespread flooding across several parts of bosnia herzegovina, burying cars, houses, and damaging roads and facilities. the country is no stranger to floods and lance lights, but people see the sheer amount of rain that's fallen in the past. 48 hours has been unexpected noise. what a short, all of a sudden the rain started falling, and within 10 minutes cars were covered by water. and all of this, the breeze came in in the towns of con, it's on the south of the capital, sorry val. heavy machinery was brought in to clear the streets, but many roads will still need to be repaired before they can be used. again, emergency services have been deployed across this municipality, as well as other areas of the country. it's not a blog on systems. people and machines are working hard to repair the damage. this
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is only one of the many effected locations along the red river, a popular tourist location, restaurants and businesses have also been hit hard. despite having a robust drainage system built to weather storms, the amount of water proved too much. the entire drainage system has been plugged up . we cannot clean it fast enough. what can you do? thankfully no one was hurt and thank god, it's only material damage that can hopefully be repaired. the local mayor who was on site monitoring the situation told al jazeera that by friday afternoon, some 60 truckloads of debris had been removed, but several towns in the area remained cut off with roads leading in and out of them unusable for the amount of rain that fallen in the last 36 hours equals the amount the usually falls during an entire month. many businesses of homes have been damaged, but it's too early to assess the full extent. on a national level, the government has stopped short of announcing
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a state of emergency, but sees the situation is serious. people here are taking it upon themselves to fortify their homes, stacking some bags and other objects to fend off against the floods. was the most severe damage caused by the floods has been outside of sorry, a vote here in the capital. the rainfall has been consistent. raising the river of olsen as a result. fears that unless the weather improves parts of the city to could be flooded. dramatic, i'll show you and i'll just 0. sorry, i will protest isn't georgia calling for the release of former president mc hale soccer. shirley south city was jailed last month when he returned to georgia. i've been convicted in a sense of abuse of power. he's on hunger strike and demonstrated that demanding to transfer to a product clinic because he's getting weaker real fast. he say the 53 year old vital signs are normal gangs,
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and haiti are increasingly targeting schools and students the un children's agency . unicef says the gangs are also forcing teachers to pay so called protection money, or risk being abducted sean hinge and reports from puerto prince. emma in haiti's capital learning is a dangerous business. the education of the use of puerto prince occurs behind iron gates beneath spiral blades of barbed wire in an atmosphere of pervasive fear. i'm afraid that the gangs might come and kidnap me. i don't feel good, but i do it because i love school. principal villages, older bear runs the school on a shortage of funds and students. a few crisis leaves many out of work and unable to afford education, nor even the commute said everyone worries about kidnapping, but we keep working. we operate on fit for many of hades,
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youngest and most vulnerable getting there is the most dangerous part of the day. i sometimes have gunshots on my way to school, although i'm for i don't have trouble going because i live close. okay. yeah. haiti's children has become a black market commodity in recent weeks, the countries powerful gangs of increasingly used a vacuum of political and police power in the capital to rob teachers and snatch their students for ransom. a week ago this school was open, then some gangsters spotted a parent at the bank, followed in here, killed the parents in injured several others. now like many schools in haiti, this one is close. parents arrived to find uniformed children on stretchers, leaving teachers across the capitol, afraid to come to work, but often showing up anyway. i hope they'll be a change because the way we're teaching kids right now in the summer is not
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favorable. my hope is that the situation we have right now will change, so we can function where despite the dangers each day, thousands of children arrive in class after braving the capital streets. but for many, the price of education in haiti, his simply become too high. john henderson, al jazeera, puerto prince nicaragua was president, is running for a 4th consecutive term, the sprite widespread criticism. the campaign has been neither free nor fair. dozens of opposition figures have been arrested. daniel of taker is running virtually unopposed in sunday. vote. latin america edison. this in human has more from san jose, the capital of neighboring costa rica, apart from very strong to allies, there will be no independent observance during the selection, and that includes journalists, in fact, the reason why i'm here in san jose costa rica and not in nicaragua, capital is that for the 1st time ever, the nickel problem government has decided that foreign journalist cannot into the
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country. this is absolutely unprecedented. never happened before in nicaragua, nor in cuba, or even the whaler when there are elections. but that is the situation right now. however, there are journalists in nicaragua, many of them working underground, who are going to be sending information all the time here to costa rica and to other parts of the world to try to keep people informed. thousands of people in poland have taken to the streets and renewed protests against the nations strict abortion law. the rallies were thought by the death of a 30 year old, pregnant women, doctors didn't terminate for fetus. despite determining that it would not survive a woman family say she was denied life saving treatment because the doctors were scared to break the abortion law. all them began enforcing and the total ban on abortions in january in the global competition to attract tourists, countries the seeking ways to set themselves a path unesco approval can elevate awareness of
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a particular site. that isn't how she can name reports from the jordanian city of ourselves. creating a world class destination is challenging. the city of assault is draped over 3 hills in jordan's highlands. it's described as a place of tolerance and urban hospitality. this year it became a unesco world heritage site, the so that in became a true and as a smoke and you agree. assault thrived during the weaning years of the ottoman empire. it was a regional trading hub and away station for pilgrims traveling to jerusalem. christians and muslims lived here, side by side, and opened their limestone homes, to visitors, passing through as a living heritage. 60, as you see is this phil, i sophie was to live and the bell phone and the old area and the heritage buildings . and there were mixed with your like, but especially i'm differentiated from other because like any,
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any person visits also suit he can interact with locals, they can listen to their stories. the push for assault to be recognized by unesco as a world heritage site began 26 years ago. after 2 failed attempts, it was finally granted the designation in july. now the hope is tourists will come think it's very picturesque and interesting. yeah, i heard that's like a very im, ancient cd ultima tie. allen the i looked like larry nice. the assault development corporation is working with a government to devise a $10000000.00 plan to restore and renovate the historic buildings and create amenities for tourists. the city of 82000 people doesn't have a hotel or q 3 gallagher mobile. we are waiting for the government to set a good amount of money to improve the tourism sector. allison toy to attract to it . if we are worried about this, because if things did not work well,
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laughing will change even with recognizing the government may not have the funds, city leaders or already looking to the private sector to help transform assault into a world class destination for tourists in keeping with the tradition of hospitality created by their ancestors. people say they're ready to welcome them. natasha name al jazeera assault. jordan. ah, this is al jazeera, these are the top stories, thousands of activists around the world beliefs and what they're calling a global day of action. protest is a demand and government and big business do more to limit global warming at the cop $26.00. how much does go.


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