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tv   [untitled]    November 6, 2021 4:30pm-5:01pm AST

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carrying out iranian waters, what keeps you awake at night? many a reason that could effect any human aside master of chaos. coming soon on al jazeera in the country with an abundance of results for the trade. lauren, walk indonesia who's this turns for me. we moved full to grow and frock. we balance for green economy, blue economy, and the digital economy with the new job creation law, indonesia is progressively ensuring the policy reform to create quality jobs. invest, let be part when denise is growth and progress in indonesia. now. oh, a
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hell of again the top stories on the i'll just renew our climate campaigners around the world rally and what they're calling a global dave action at the top 26 summit and glasgow activists have expressed their disappointment. the promises being made are just not ambitious enough. sir, the own deputy health minister says at least 1009 people have been killed and many others were left severely burned, following a fuel tank or explosion. and sir leo's capital. the one security council and call for an end to the fighting in ethiopia. but a meeting to discuss the crisis and for 9 opposition groups in washington have formed an alliance against prime minister returning to our top story on the climate summit in glasgow while hundreds have gathered in ireland calling for action. pitt lends only make up 3 percent of the world landmass, but store more carbon than all the world forests combined for the irish governments
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has announced its phasing out the use of peters fuel to meet its emissions targets me barker, but ecologist, embarking on a re wilding project in central ireland pete bugs in the whole lives of island ecologist for turning fact time, restoring the country's vast people to what they were millennia ago. beats an accumulation of ancient vegetation. the when dug and dried burns for hours. for generations, the lambs being drained and harvested to heat homes and fuel power stations, with more than 80 percent of islands, boggs loft, and the process. but now the same state funded company board pneumonia that strip these bugs dry is putting up wind turbines. and steering this, the biggest ecological restoration project in europe have plans are incredibly efficient of pulling carbonite or the atmosphere square meter per square meter.
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they pull the can pull more carbon, i sent of the air than square meter of amazon in rain forest. so when it's burned or when it oxidizes, the problem is it releases so much, but when it is thriving, a lives growing in the way it should be incredibly efficient. in a few decades time. this lunar landscape will be the lungs of island. the scale of this project is absolutely immense in the next few years and area of land, the size of the mold eaves will be restored. thankfully though the process is reasonably simple, the channels you originally drain the peak bugs for extraction, all filled in, allowing pools of water to form on the surface. and eventually all important masses to grow that will capture carbon within 15 to 100 years. and those most is extremely good job and that's all that has been close for the last 4 years.
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but the pace of change has angered traditional turf cutters. many employed in industrial extraction found themselves suddenly out of work. a member of parliament . michael fitzmaurice is defending what's seen as a historic right to continue extracting small amounts of pete for domestic use. in rural island, this remains the easiest and cheapest way of heating a home. offshore wind will be 101215 years we just got to kind of process and do all the things to for hydrogen. we're probably using to 20 years away. and we have got to make sure that while we are doing that, that it's a smooth transition. not a roof see that we are face the e used device to transition funds to help rural communities meet the challenge of going green, including financial compensation for abandoning pete extraction. but it's harder to abandon a way of life unchanged. for centuries, climate change though demand's immediate action and islands p bugs are one of our
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best lines of defense. the welcome al jazeera and central island. there was congress has passed a one trillion dollar infrastructure bill central to jo biden's economic agenda. it had been repeatedly delayed by differences between moderates on progressives within the democratic party. hydrogen cluster has more from washington, dc. the late night vote to pass president jo biden's trillion dollar infrastructure plan was the finale to money long game of friendship between opposing factions of the democratic party sentiments. the motion is adopted. members of the democratic progressive caucus dropped their resistance after announcing a deal had been struck with moderate pardoned by haliday and diversity is something that we all respected admire. we are not a lock step party. we are not just one person and nobody else need to show up. and
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that exuberance is the vitality of our party. the legislation will fund upgrade to the nation, aging highways and airports, expand broadband internet access, and according to the white house create millions of jobs for bided. it was a significant when i tell you, and some of the anxiety people are feeling about the economy. that's how we give people some breathing progress and say in exchange for their support of the infrastructure bill. house moderates have agreed to vote for a 2nd pillar of the president's domestic agenda by mid november. that proposal would expand americans access to health care, child care and education, while tackling climate change and raising taxes on wealthy corporation. the plan costs nearly $2.00 trillion dollars with republicans opposing president biden social spending plan in mass calling. it government overreach and siding, its costs. democrats would have to be nearly united in order to secure its passage,
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but already to democratic senators have voiced concern over some of the plans proposals, and without their support. the bill will not become law. democrats got a scare earlier in the week when disappointing state election results exposed the parties vulnerability in next years, mid term election. that's driven party leaders to push harder for progress in congress. in hopes of showing voters, democrats can move past intra party dysfunction to effectively govern heidi jo, castro, al jazeera washington. iraq's prime minister has ordered an investigation into the violent confrontations that took place in baghdad. and some people have gathered in parts of the city to continue their criticism of the government as follows. reports suggesting several people were killed when security forces tried to disperse protesters on friday. they were angry at the results of last month. parliament re
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election insisting the vote was rigged. following the stories very well had, he's joining us from baghdad. so what is the situation on the ground and how are people reacting to see yesterday's passion? 3 and this is a one of 2 major locations near to the green zone that the angry protest have occupied. this is a fresh location that they have just occupied, sitting up that tense. and now as you can see and hear behind me, they're receiving condolences in these tense, behind me, condolences for the victims, those who were killed on fridays clashes between that put us to the and the security forces. but i have to say that the government is still denying it has killed any of the protectors. and that is because there were a mutual, they were,
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they were exchanging, fired with security forces. as you know, that these protested as up. most of them are military individuals, despite the fact that there are in civilian outfits. but most of them are affiliates with popular mobilization forces, the military arms of the political parties, they're previously dominant political parties that lost in the legislative election . now these professors say that they're going to receive condolences here and these tense behind me for the coming 3 days. and then after that, they're going to have an open sit in here near the green zone until the government responds to the demand until the electoral commission. holds a manual recount of old votes. remember, the electoral commission said it has conducted manual recount of 25 percent of the
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votes that included the disputed ballad stations. and there isn't, are identical with the previous evidence. there is no difference between the new reserves and also resonance. that's the main reason that is, the main reason that triggered at friday's at clashes there protested as we're angry. they say that friday was the last day for a peaceful protest. after that, we're going to escalate. okay, thank you much more i've been had for that update from back down into done pro democracy activists are stepping a pressure on the military to restore a civilian lead government. further protests are being planned and hard to me, and the sudanese professionals association has called for a general strike on sunday and monday general the for the high. but hon is also under increasing international pressure. the french foreign ministry says it's now reconsidering whether it's a scrap cartoon, $5000000000.00 debt to paris. at least 8 people have been killed during
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a stampede at a music festival in the u. s. state of texas. dozens where a trampled $1000.00, the found started moving towards the front of the stage and panic. set in around $50000.00 revelers were attending the after world music festival in houston. hungary, as prime minister victor or van is on a one day visit to bosnia herzegovina for a meeting with bosnian serb leader miller until it comes off to the bosnian serb leader. don't take an ounce plans to establish a separate army within the country, and that violates the 1995 dayton peace agreement which ended the more than 3 year conflict. though the once republic, sir scott, a state like entity which makes up about half of the country to govern itself, be sara took of it as the minister of foreign affairs of bosnia herzegovina. she says strong intervention from the international community is needed to prevent a slide into conflict. i'm afraid that momentum has been lost with the latest
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report of you, which did not qualify bosnia for candidate status. and somehow we are left in limbo in the run, no thing as a vacuum in international politics. it is always skilled by somebody. so in the case that you are not urgently included in european union, at least being given candidate status and the nato. i'm afraid that somebody else might come to the territory and innovate occupied 3030. i mean, it is very difficult to come to some unanimous position in european union, but i believe that they wouldn't like like to have a fire in the front yard. in if something happens in bosnia, it's mean that we are losing stability in whole region. not only wasn't and has it is very difficult even now in one to leave it. oh, it is very difficult in macedonia. so if something happens here is going to fool
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all other countries in the problem in for european union, it will mean lot of travel much more migrants and war war higher in the big down. so it's not a good be expect that european union find a way how to become much more active, much more efficient. we have a hope that united states offering missing so much last 25 years in building institutions in bosnia and herzegovina. in building piece in building progress are going to stay and they're going to push in that direction. those who are responsible for the situation should be panic, should be removed from the power, and we have to continue building normal functional stick. cassandra prime minister mon con, has revealed a $700000000.00 relief package to support poor households. the measure comes after a huge jump in price is
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a fuel food and medicine. low income families have been under strain with inflation rates at a 70 year high. come on, hider has this reports. if islam of odd famous opera market, which right now is full of hundreds of st. rent dead, and more and more people are buying old shoes and old clothes because of bugger stones, worsening economic wars. the country has seen its fighter lane cost of living is central gum order did. which are the essential. what's the wyvern such as flaw? cooking oil, other it's angelica margie's and even made their thing. rich, i've seen a 400 percent right site that people out of got suffering dead m o proteins under opposition. parties of course are digging. i'd want edge of die saying that iran cons government edge phase. however, the prime minister has promised to try to hes daughter, most wondered about 50 percent of the population they think will be help read this
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new to leave back age by how many to leave baggage if can the government continue to off off i. d dimer in the countries economic head is getting worse by the day. the countries already and gallsworthy i medford wiping the 6000000008 baggage for whited by d i m f. but experts won that strict conditions from them will relate to even higher prices, which will put an additional burden on the consumers. so did a b. i had been able to help august on in their short term by depositing 3000000000 dollars in cash deposits. and the countries prime minister of gods and hopefully that they will be able to revive the economy. but for it takes won. the government will after do much more. it will after improve its governance. also did a move in competencies and to in shaw the country is ford back on the road to recovery. one of brazil's most popular singers has been killed in
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a plane crash. my earlier men don't. star died alongside her manager and an aide. both pilots were also killed in the accident in a rural area of the south western state of munoz jet. jodi us is 26 year old performed country music present enjoyable so narrow has said the entire country is in shop. the still ahead on the algebra news our as javi prepares to return to barcelona. we take a look at what fans can expect from their former captain. turn coach. ah, one of the fastest growing nations in the world won the cause of needed to oakland and develop that school track international shipping company to become a p middle east and trade and learning skillfully mapped out 3 key areas of
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develop who filling up from it. so connecting the world connecting the future while the cato castillo's gateway to whoa trade. ah, 25 years ago, new era television news in the middle east began with a 2 part documentary series mopping the 25th anniversary of al jazeera, telling the story of the channels logged in, and now it became a recognized global brand. ah, the story of al jazeera, a unique pop, lou.
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awe in the global competition to attract tourists, countries are seeking ways to set themselves apart. unesco approval can elevate awareness if a particular site, but is natasha of a name reports from jordan, creating a world class destination is challenging. the city of assault is draped over 3 hills in jordan's highlands. it's described as a place of tolerance and urban hospitality. this year it became a unesco world heritage site, the so the in became through and it's a smoke and you agree. assault thrived during the weaning years of the ottoman empire. it was a regional trading hub and away station for pilgrims traveling to jerusalem. christians and muslims lived here, side by side,
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and opened their limestone homes to visitors, passing through the living heritage city. as you see, is this phil. i felt if he was to live and the bell phone and the old area and the heritage buildings. and there were mixed with you like, but especially i'm differentiated from other because like any, any person visits, felicity can interact with locals, they can listen to their stories. the push for salt to be recognized by unesco as a world heritage site began 26 years ago. after 2 failed attempts, it was finally granted the designation in july. now the hope is, tourists will come think it's very interesting. yeah, i heard that's like a very me ation cd autumn on looks like very nice. the assault development corporation is working with a government to devise a $10000000.00 plan to restore and renovate the historic buildings and create
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amenities for tourist. the city of 82000 people doesn't have a hotel. mobile, we are waiting for the government pacific with the amount of money to improve the tourism sector in a some way to attract today. we are worried about this because if things did not work well, nothing will change. even mid. recognizing the government may not have the funds. city leaders are already looking to the private sector to help transform assault into a world class destination for tour it in keeping with the tradition of hospitality created by their ancestors. people say they're ready to welcome them. natasha name l 0, assault jordan. time for an update on the sports news. here's drama. thank you to rein resort with the manchester w. a man city heading for the 1st premier league when a be and i did it for 2 years. there into the 2nd half now at old trafford, was assigned
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a leading tune and it was an and go pretty common one by and i to defend by the gifted see the lead off to just minutes united now without the clean sheet and the last 14 home game, i'm 50 got a 2nd just before half time. not a silver beating your knife, keep david to his paces, but city in control, the break if it stays like this, victory would be 56 points clear of the local rivals in the table. barcelona, i have confirmed a former captain jaffe as a new head coach. he'll be presented at the club on monday. having signed a contract until 2020 for the spot. he had said good bye to his club. and kat. i'll sat on friday, he'd been with them since joining as a play in 2015 before taking a coach. 2 seasons, a guy shabby returns to a trouble boss. laina, he said, 9th and the league vans are hoping the man who helped them win 25 titles as a player can help them re gainful. despite a tricky financial situation and legal side possible, they had to pay a release close to debbie but he was more attainable and cheaper than some of the
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other option. but he's an absolute legend club. the feel good faculty bring can be important because has been a lot of negativity, these and simply and messy. last and with the results on the run. ok. and then and job will bring some excitement back to the supporters. a tough for finish. top 3, finish. will will be acceptable, whereas in the past, nothing other than than when in the leak was, was possible for possible coaches. but given where they are at the moment, given the changes of the sport as, as being through the last 12 years, the top floor is now the k and maintaining jump in place for the money that brings in the prestige of course, the piece cup a football tournament and i've kind of stand kicked off on friday in cobble 6 months. teams will be playing for the trophy over the next 10 days. for the issue of women's participation in schools under the taliban won't go away. off about australia's decision to postpone at the 1st have a cricket test against afghanistan in protest. either women being banned from sport, the head of the football federation had this to say was the horn and the hall with
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all of them in spotty, suspicion in sports depends on the policies of the slamming state. when the policy to regarding women's education is announced that women will also participate in sports. i've got sounds man's cricket theme of face new zealand in a t 20 wild cup on sunday. meanwhile, the west indies appear to have said good bye to one of the legends batsmen. chris gail, who's one of the greatest players in the shortest formats, open the boxing again, so straightly earlier, white hitting pack coming for sick and the 3rd eva, he was out the very next ball and he raised his back to the crowd as he left the field with a big smile on his face. so he took a wicket as well. if this is his last game, guy will finish his t 20 career with a total of $14321.00 runs, which included a wild, reckless score of $175.00 of just $66.00 full england's test gaps, enjoy rate and around the ben sykes have arrived in australia ahead of the ashes
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series, the 2 plasma among the fest to arrive in brisbin where they will complete 14 days quarantine before the 1st test, which starts with a capital on december. the 8th. those members of the team who are still taking part in the t 20 world cart will travel to australia and little bit later new york city's new met eric adams has confirmed. he won't be changing the cities coded 19 vaccine requirements when he takes office in january. the current rules prevent brooklyn. that stock, hiring irving from playing home games for the mba side because he's not have the job. my reaction is no surprise. i didn't, i didn't expect the mer to change the mandate. nobody's going to focus on our team . if we could have carrie back, we'd all be, you know, ecstatic, but the focus on our team, we keep building, we keep growing and hopefully we'll be a really good team at the end of the year. on the call that state thing to missing too much, kevin duran, got 29 points to become the 1st plant and brooklyn's history to score at least 20
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points. in the 1st 9 games of the season, they held off late rally by the detroit pistons. when 9690 and extend the windstream again, that is a stars starting point of baseball, the newly crowned wild theories champions have been parading that trophy in atlanta . ah, is the brave 1st title in 26 years. i want the fans lined the streets to party with the team, the clench the trophy with a 7. nothing went over the houston astros earlier this week over in the n h. how the edmonton oilers came back from for one down to be the new york ranges and they had one moms, a thank captain economists, david with a contender. goal of the season, he beat for range of the paid in the park. late in the 3rd period, sending the game to overtime, david to the reigning and h l. m vp, once again showing why he's one of the greatest players in the game today. bill is
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one tom, 2 with 65. well, championship leader, max of staff and we'll go for poll position in mexico later after setting the fastest time in f, one practice on friday, he was more than half a 2nd quicker than title. rival lewis hamilton, the stop and radical call have an advantage over hamilton. societies in mexico city because of the way that designed to deal with the high altitude and been at the track. the seconds teammate surgery perez recovered from a crash in 1st practice to finish for the quickest hopes arrest on the mexican shoulders, and red bulls team boss isn't running out smoking the drivers around to give fans what they want. i mean, our preference would be to see if check a were in that position for him to, you know, to when, when his home race of it's no big result for any home driver. but as a team, you know we have keep an eye on both of these championships and though you know what's at stake in this race like any other aah has the same amount of points
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attribute attributable to it and therefore we treat it like any other race another mexico sporting safer stars is an action later with boxer can. alvarez is stepping into the rang for his much anticipated fight with caleb plans. alvarez is hoping to become an undisputed well champion when he faces plant in the safe and middle weight unification bout in las vegas. and mike tyson was there to watch the way in and what does it mean to have this guy right here? what did you say? i mean, so do you roller being the underdog? you're having, everybody gets absolutely. i love it. you get to hear from all you want, you can do for me or you want, hey, remember, it's easy to say no. see, it's easy to say no, see, easy to remember there. that's always what for now, pizza will have more for you later during ok, jammah. thank you so much. and thanks for watching the news. our on al jazeera,
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we're back in just a moment with more of the day's new cedar. ah, they just said it's time for a different approach. one that is going to challenge the way you think we're digital sound bites and we're digging into the issue from international politics to the global pandemic. and everything in between. join me if i take on the lars. dismantle the misconceptions and debate the contradictions. upfront with me, mark lamar help one out 0 the climate american see is upon us. but why have government left? it's so late to act. we've allowed climate change to get out of control. people impala investigates why so little has been done. a systemic threat requires
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systemic change and asks, what further in action could me think about 20 big? none of them have a syrian how to do it. crisis, what crisis own al jazeera? there are some things you can never forget. and there are scenes which will be etched in your memory forever. in syria, we documented atrocities. and in the northern city of a level, we witnessed something we will never unsee the bodies bound and executed their hands, tied gunshot wounds to their heads were bad enough. but watching the relative identify their loved ones. that's one of the hardest things i've ever done as hard as it was. we had and needed to film because maybe one day, those responsible can and will be held to account. it is an honor, but at the same time it is a challenge to do this job,
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to bear witness to history as it's made to make sure what is recorded is accurate and truthful. i'm don't know whether the the the thousands of people around the world protest calling for urgent action on climate change. ah sure what you know is there a life for my headquarters in del high and daddy and also a has a fuel tanker explodes and surely own killing at least 99 people severely injuring dozens more the political crisis facing bosnia herzegovina that could unravel the piece.


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