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tv   [untitled]    November 6, 2021 8:30am-9:00am AST

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as for both john barcelona has appointed club ledgent, javi hernandez as head coach. the 41 year old had been manager a could tarry club outside since 2015. you help bought salina when 25 titles as a play chavez replacing ronald come and it was fine last week following a string of defeats a traditional who was rising festival has returned to the northern syrian city of rocca, former iso strongholds. it is the 1st time the event has been held in a decade rocket slowly, being rebuilt, after it was left in ruins. following years of fighting it was, i saw a de facto capitol until being recounted in 2070 ah, this is our desert. these, your top stories, the us house of representatives house voted to pass a one trillion dollar infrastructure bill and had repeatedly stalled off to
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differences within the democratic party. another vote on the social welfare will be held later in the month. heidi j caster reports. this is the finale to a month long game of brings men ship that we've seen displayed within factions of the democratic party. and it certainly has been an uncomfortable time for president biden. and for house speaker nancy pelosi this morning, president biden said to the nation. he wanted this bill deliver to his desk by evenings and it looks like that is going to happen. the hold up here was because liberals within the democratic caucus in the house of representatives, had, had been withholding their support for this infrastructure bill. if there had been factions have formed an alliance against the government of joint forces with rebels from the northern to gray region, were threatening to advance on the capital. the unsecured counsel is calling for
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restrict iraq's prime minister has order an investigation all to security forces injured more than a 100 protesters, crowns rallied in the council bagdad angry at the results of last month's parliamentary election. at least 11 soldiers have been killed by gunman during a raid on a military outpost initiate it happened in the southwest near the border with molly nicaragua has restricted campaigning for sundays elections sizing. pandemic restrictions, dozens of opposition figures were rested in the run up to the vote. one of brazil's most popular cingus has been killed in a plane crash. maria mendoza died alongside her manager. an 8. but 26. 0. 1 the latin grammy for her album in 2019 they see headlines. democracy may be coming up next. kiera by a pacific island mason rapidly falling back him to rising. the level of the
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in fact we have up bank. i need my timing from an in been calling me for monica or mac appendix. oh, 0 one call. mm hm. n o u n i n t my young lampa had i'm oh wow. ah, what risks are you willing to occur in the fight for freedom? ah, i say that one of the face that is always motivated me to feel so strongly about democracy is the powerful stories that have emerged of the risks people have
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and the fear they live in when they don't have any freedom at all. ah, you look at the risks of these young civil society are diverse in thailand, and you look at the risks that people and men mar are taking right now and you can't help but admire their courage. their determination, ah ah,
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the ah me. i mean id client loan. hi man. i go on your yeah. i thought we talked a lot about the dilemma of democracy. let's talk about the dilemma as of authoritarian
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rule in authoritarian rulers are sitting on a dilemma. and that is, if there people get educated, become aware, get empowered in any way, society and economy develop the country as successful. people are going to demand freedom. and if the country is not successful and they're stuck in stagnation, then they're going to get disillusioned with corrupt, predatory, unsuccessful governance. and they're going to demand change in
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i mean, why not, not happen by eliminate a made me your thought only me hand off if i got i can. ok, well my, my ron ah, it seems like a dark time for freedom and democracy and
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it's perhaps too easy to get depressed and resigned. but i think it's very important to be hopeful and resolute because history teaches us that authoritarian regimes have their own contradictions and vulnerabilities and they constantly have to face the possibility that people are going to rise up and demand their dignity. authoritarianism has no solution. we who have the privilege of living and democracies have to be supportive of those who are taking risks for those who are struggling against great odds and not yield to despair. and recognize that we never know when an opening is gonna come when an accident is going to happen. when a fruit vendor is going to emulate himself and say enough is enough and ignite a popular uprising. and i think history still lives with all of the difficulties of
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the current moment on the side of freedom and democracy. and it is a value worth striving for, and worth devoting a life to working to bring about and improve ah oh, the land of the free americans never been a real democracy. the blackfeet, when overtures a new episode of democracy, may be exposed divisions and struggles in america as electoral system, a fight for and against equal representation. and the democratic process is the
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country that is learning how to be a democracy by this my beard. one person, one vote on al jazeera ah. ready i money inside in doha. here top stories on al jazeera, the us house of representatives, hands voted to pass a one trillion dollar infrastructure bill central to jo biden's economic agenda. it had been repeatedly delayed by differences between moderate and progressives within the democratic party. heidi j. castro reports from washington the late night vote to pass.


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