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tv   [untitled]    November 6, 2021 3:00am-3:31am AST

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more than a year after the last pole triggered a political crisis in mercy. at personal, short documentary africa, direct showcases african stories from african filmmakers, china monks, 100 days until it host the winter olympics. but how will the pandemic improve for a boycott? impact the sporting event november on out jazeera ah if european opposition groups form an alliance to dismantle prime minister abi operates administration, but the government calls it a publicity stunt. ah, either i'm given out this is al jazeera alive from dough off. also coming up demonstrates is in iraq rallying against the results of last month's parliamentary
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election, clashed with security forces. 3 white men accused of killing an african american man, while he was jogging, go on trial in the us state of georgia to wait long celebration quiz as usual, and blah, blah, blah young climate activists march through glasgow demanding more radical action from world leaders at the top $26.00 summit. ah, the political crisis in ethiopia is deepening as 9 ethiopian factions form an alliance against the government. they want to bring down prime minister abbey up at either bite negotiation or by the use of force as the conflict between rebel forces and the central government escalates. the un security council was calling for a national dialogue and a peaceful resolution. my can reports far from the fuel of conflict,
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ethiopia and opposition groups gather in washington, dc. 9 political and militant group signed an agreement to work together with the expressed intention of removing the government by negotiation or force it to appear as been doing this has been carried out, a systematic racism in the country, almost like appetite in the south africa. but this is the time where we need to recognize every human being in the country. the government has dismissed the alliance as a publicity stunt. but it comes at a time that armed forces from the majority aroma group have joined to gray rebels and advancing on the open capital. after days of private discussion, the ethiopian crisis was due to come under the spotlight and the security council. but at the last minute, the meeting was cancelled. the security council president reading author statement
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. the members of the security council expressed deep concern about the expansion, an intensification of military clashes in northern the p. o. p. the members of the security council for their express use, concern about the impact of the conflict on the humanitarian situation in it. yoga, as well as the stability of the country and the wider region. it's understood that this replaced a statement that ireland and kenya had been working on, which called directly for a cessation of hostilities. a phrase that russia reportedly objected to. the role of kenya is critical in assuaging african fears. about western intervention in ethiopia. a senior diplomat has told me there's broad consensus that the african union, along with ethiopia, neighbors must take the lead in resolving the crisis. the prevailing view is that
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african problems require african solutions. but now all, we'll have to wait until next week to see what action if any, the security council takes in support. mike, hannah al jazeera united nations. vicki huddleston is the for me, us charged affairs in ethiopia. she says, mediation is needed. that premise to ave ahmed should step down fast a year ago, the p o p enforcers that represent a country of 100000000 had down defeated grant forces. because out exceptional leadership get occasion. and because they are, people were big star by the prime minister's government when he get great deals to let you and i did nation who in medicine, then they took 2 rows and a year later that you,
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grand defense forces are literally outside a. so of course others are joining with that most notably the romo liberation front, which used to be opposed to the degree and it's now joined and others have joined us. well, this is probably a good sign because it runs out to t graham forces because the key grams are not acceptable as rulers to many in ethiopia. but the situation for the prime minister is dire. essentially, he has lost their civil if he steps. now, if we can get to a, you backed up by the us, maybe even china else area. you know, countries with real flow and tell the prime minister, you have to step down. what we need to see in ethiopia is media mediation, truth and wreck of reconciliation, perhaps
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a conference of religious leaders. but the only way we're going to get there is for the prime minister to step down protests in iraq against the results of last month's election, have turned violent. demonstrated cash for police and back that they're angry about the outcome of the parliamentary poll. and 1st of the boat was rig security forces fight in the air, abuse to tear gas, to trying to spot the crowds or the 100 people have been injured until head has more from the rocky capital. the situation remains tense near the green zone. after friday's clashes between the protesters and security forces. now these, the protesters who are supporters of the political parties that last in villages live election, say that friday was the last day for peaceful pros. they say that they're going to escalate because their part is lost and in the election,
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what they say that they're going to escalate until and unless the election commission conducts a manual recount of all the votes. on the other hand, they let the election commission says that it has conducted a manual recount of 25 percent of the vote and the results identical. they're not different from the old. there is a now the violence on friday has been condemned by official political parties across iraq. and in fact, the political cost is accusing the government forces of cracking down on the protest was the ha knob we have been attacked by right. police and other government forces there were shooting live bullets, mature gas at us. this area is very sensitive because it's very close, though, the green zone, the green zone, a very important area that has headquarters of
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a diplomatic missions. they had quoted of the s embassy and government offices. these protesters have been occupying this area for 3 weeks now sitting up tense and they say they will not leave this area until the election commission response to their demands. the trial of 3 white men accused of killing an unarmed black man in the u. s. states. his georgia has begun. amar to albury was shot and killed last year while jogging. but even before friday's proceedings began, there were accusations of racial bias and gac reports. ah, when a mod aubrey was killed last year, his family compared his death to a modern day lynching. now 3 white men are on trial for his murder and a case being seen as racially charged. but even before opening statements were
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heard controversy over the almost entirely white jury sparked accusations of racism . this court has found that there appears to be, ah, intentional or discrimination in the power. despite that statement, the judge is pressing on with this high profile case, saying there were no legitimate reasons for not selecting black jurors or whether the prior festus. some of what we've already been faith in, in this case is another part of the injustices arm that we see here in glenn county . i'm not dislike this case, but with many. so it's just another part of what we face every day. it was only after this video became public that gregory mc michael had son travis and william bryan were arrested. all 3 men claimed they were trying to make a citizen's arrest a law abolished since mister arbor his death. suspecting the 25 year old of stealing from a nearby house, the prosecution say all ahmad abra did was run away. finally tried to run around
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their truck as he saw on the gateway to the stranger, which re put already told him that they would come and let me go. and what aubrey's death and the subsequent killings of george floyd, brianna taylor and other african americans at the hands of law enforcement, led to a wave of national protests against accusation of racism. all 3 men of entered pleas of not guilty saying they were acting in self defense. the defense team says travis mc michael, who fired the fatal shots, was protecting himself and his father. it's tragic that a matter of re lost his life. but at that point, travis mc, michael is acting in self defense. he did not want to encounter a mot our bri physically. he was only trying to stop him for the police. or
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once again, race is on trial in the u. s. with an outcome that will be closely watched the time of a mod aubrey's case. georgia was just one of 4 states with no hate crime laws. that's now changed and all 3 men still face federal charges. and the gallagher al jazeera u. s. house of representatives is expected to vote on the nation's infrastructure bill, but have delayed president, joe biden social welfare bill until the end of the month. the one trillion dollar infrastructure bill already passed in the senate. it includes the biggest upgrade of roads, railways, bridges into apples, hundreds of caster has more from washington. the confusing part is they're actually 2 pieces of legislation and they're both significant. there is the biff that is the infrastructure bill about one trillion dollars to upgrade america's roads, bridges, and mitigation for climate change. so significant. but then there's also that 2nd
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piece of legislation, which is the social welfare bill, which is potentially even bigger, it is more expensive and it has been described as the biggest expansion of the social safety net in decades in the u. s which includes universal pre k and child care credits, a climate change action including giving tax credits to people to buy for people to buy electric vehicles up to $12000.00 per family, as well as a, as well as expanding health care access. now, the democrats have been supporting the ideas behind these policies, but the problem is that some moderate democrats are bulking at the price tag because in total, these $2.00 bills combined are somewhere around 3 trillion dollars. now supporters of the bill say that that it will be paid for by increasing taxes on large corporations and on the wealthy. but those moderate democrats want to see evidence
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of that in reports that, that analyze exactly how much this will cause a these are, this is the wording of the legislation that has only been published for about 24 hours stella head on al jazeera. then you covered 19 pill, pfizer says, can cut the risk of hospitalization and death by almost 90 percent in china. threatens to stop people who support taiwan independence from entering the mainland . ah, ah, look forward to really, to scully's, the with sponsored boy cutoff airways. hey there, hope your weekends go and while the rain is still coming for the southern slice of india, so let me show you, we'll call it pretty much from go right through to caroline. and then look at this
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toward the arabian sea that could cook up into something tropical. so we'll continue to keep tabs on that. and with all of this rain for southern india, there is the risk of seen some flooding. we have seen flooding on too long, just east of colombo, 400 homes damage, and so 6000 people have been displaced. another spot we've seen flooding indonesia as main island of java, more so toward the east, but the torrent of water powerful enough to slide this bus down the street. there is the risk of seen some thunder storms for this area whom men city call them poor in jakarta. just some rain for singapore with a high 33, bangkok i think should stay dry, but the better bet will be central and northern parts of indo. china on saturday, a run of rain between the gang seeing the pearl river valley east of grey lin wayland has the high 22 degrees and we're going to get clipped with some showers in type pe. cool air is really dig across for beijing. 13 degrees, not quite there yet. you're going to start as rain and then eventually it's going to switch over to snow about 10 centimeters. hope those shovels are handy. that's
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it. that's all we'll see again soon. take care. ah, the weather. sponsored by katara ways. in the vietnam war, the u. s. army used to heidi talks a car beside with catastrophic consequences. agent orange was the most destructive in chemical warfare a decade later. the same happened in the u. s. state of oregon in helicopters flying over the ridge, spraying something and they didn't even see the kids put 2 women are still fighting for justice against some of the most powerful forces in the world. the people versus agent orange on out there. ah, ah ah
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ha, you're watching out his era reminder of our top stories. this are 9 groups including to grind, forces have formed an alliance against ethiopians government. they want to bring down the government either by negotiations or by the use of force. protests of iraq's parliamentary elections have turned violent. demonstrators call last month's most a sham security forces fired in the air and use tag asked to transfer the pounds over 100 people were injured. the trial of 3 white men accused of killing an unarmed black man has begun the u. s. state of georgia. a monta aubrey was shot dead while he was jogging after being chased by the group and pickup trucks. nearly 2 years ago. climate activists credit on burke has branded this. he has cop 26 summers, a green wash campaign. she was addressing young protesters after they marched through central gars, go the talk that the summit's aim to find ways to limit global warming to 1.5
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degrees celsius. demonstrate to say the promises made her not enough. andrew simmons reports from glasgow. why don't we? why, why don't we want it? voices of a generation that will live to see some of the worst effects of climate change. unless there's more progress in the cop 26 venue a few streets away. the protest is demanding to know why diplomats and politicians have failed them for 26 years since the 1st cop summit. in 1995 scottish families and school children joined the crowds among them protested from some of the worst affected countries devoting all their time to climate activism. all ugandan edward norma kanga, and for susanna for ruth drew move, who's from bangladesh. they arrived here at the beginning of the week on board the greenpeace ship rainbow warrior and their messages are simple,
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but serious is not our job still. we have to be here. we have to as our goldman to action, which is there were given a lot of hopes up in england over 25. and then we are demanding and let this be the last scope of auction, not just words. you can see so many forms of activism within these demonstrations. there's anger, there's awareness. there's also a message being spread to communities all over the world. one of realization that the moment is now, that's what swedish activist, greater tom berg is saying, there's no time left. she blames it all on world leaders. this is no longer a climate conference. this is now a global north, green washing festival. a 2 week long celebration of business as usual and blah, blah, blah. that's been
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a contrast of approach from another climate activist brianna bruin, who's from samoa in the south pacific. she had this direct address to world leaders . you, we, on the weapons that can save us or sell us out. you don't need my pain or my tiers to know that we're in a crisis. brianna believes word leaders need to listen closely to what protest is. i'll say the fight for climate justice of the fight for family, for loved ones for friends, for joy are, those are all the things that young people are striking on the street for. those are the things that people are in this huge conference building for cop 26 has already made some progress on reducing methane gas emissions phasing out coal fired power and reducing deforestation. but it's not deemed enough yet to make the difference that's really needed. the pressure will increase on saturday with global
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demonstrations planned andrew, some of those al jazeera glasgow major flooding and bosnian capital has caused widespread power cuts including to an oxygen filling facility used for covet 19 patients. the plan was completely submerged. hunting fairs, hospitals will run out of vital supplies. justice corona virus cases rise. rescue if used inflatable boats to move city residents to higher ground authorities, one could get worse with more heavy rain forecast of the weekend truck make. a pfizer. there's a new cove at 19 pill. it's developing cuts, the risk of hospital admissions, or death by almost 90 percent. a trial of the experimental drug was stopped following early positive results. the company plans to ask regulators to authorize its use as soon as possible. president joe biden says the u. s. has already secured millions of doses of the truck that he have. swayer davis is the director of health for the city of saint louis in missouri. she says the initial results of the pill
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sparks excitement. the preliminary data, the visor has released is very encouraging. when you see a clinical trial being halted because the data is so overwhelming and they feel confident enough to present that before the f d a after. absolutely wonderful. and for those of us who've been doing this work for the past 2 years and have seen the impact, especially on the most vulnerable and our most marginalized, we always have hope. but i always say that i do not get ahead of myself until we can see the data evaluated. and it has been approved by the appropriate agencies. starting with the f d. a data will be reviewed, they will do the additional science. and then i will go through like all of that have been through the appropriate channel for external validation. meaning, yes, we believe pfizer and really we have a leadership advisor and all of the pharmaceuticals are taking the lead and helping us get to where we need to go. but it is appropriate for the community to have
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external validation. so that means other scientists, other members of the community, be able to look at this and make sure that it can go out because really haven't held as opposed to a job, something that someone can take it home easily with such potentially high efficacy . and the ability to prevent severe illness and death in high risk individual is something that we want to support. we have to make sure it goes through the appropriate channels. the bodies of for women said to have protested against taliban war and of course dawn had been discovered. after being shot dead. they were found close to the northern city of missouri. a sheriff dumped in a ditch with multiple bullet wounds. one of them has been identified as prose and suffered a 30 year old university lecturer from the region. a father says she left home suddenly 10 days ago after receiving the phone call was hoping to leave the country was my phone is the founder of the women and peace studies organization in cost on
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. she says, abuse toward women is getting worse and many a living in fear with each of them and we have a good open. we have a contact on daily basis. and what i hear is from each of them is heartbreaking. we had children, you know, they have, we talk to their children crying. so one is that everybody's grappling with this huge level of poverty right now. people are not able to buy even bread for the children by the, on top of that the, via has added. so that they are, there is so much despair. i cannot tell you the messages that i get, for example, from women who say that will you at the stake, my children, that if, for example, i'd be killed or something that had happened to me, at least somebody would, would actually look after my children. this is the level of, you know, a despair among the women and the see at that, that day at one of our members actually gone to the passport office yesterday and to get the, to apply for passports. she, she went there at 3 o'clock in the morning because the line is so huge,
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so people have to go very early to take that thought. and then she was kicked in the stomach by a, you know, dad, this whole general fight that whoever was there to was connecting def, don't the documents from people and, and they, we, she was like, and she was crying and telling me that, you know, like we don't know, what does our like fault why are being punished? we don't have our jobs or we have lost our job. been income is gone. our bank accounts are not working. we do not have money in our children. are hungry weed out we could, our kid can not go to school. and on top of that we had being beaten. we had being, you know, facing a feast with so much violence. so is no mercy. the u. s. is bad to impose new sanctions on nicaragua, off the election set for sunday. president daniel ortega is running unopposed, has nearly all opposition figures were arrested ahead of the polls. many hoped upcoming elections would bring a more democratic government and
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a neighboring costa rica, thousands of big regulations seek refuge to escape poverty from what they say is political repression. i let in america, and it understand human, spoke to some of those migrants in costa rica. this roll region in costa rica, near the border was nicaragua is to day home to 70 nicaraguan farmers who had to flee their own land. they were lucky to be able to rent this farm to raise and sell pigs in order to feed their families. there among the thousands of poor nicaraguan farmers who began protesting in 2013 against president daniel ortega's plan to expropriate their land and build a multi $1000000000.00 trans atlantic canal. by doing so, they became enemies of the state, along with tens of thousands of other nicaraguans who crossed into costa rica in the last 3 years to escape reprisals for taking part in anti government protests. no miracle nicaraguans are emigrating as never before because the repression is
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continuing. and so does the migration to costa rica span the united states. people can't live with the psychosis, the fear that they'll be in prison, beaten, and tortured. and then there's the economic situation on record numbers of nicaraguans are leaving their country, the 2nd poorest in the americas, after hating ah, since president daniel ortega launched a new crack down against opponents. earlier this year, the number of nicaraguans attempting to reach the united states has more than quadrupled according to the u. s. customs and border patrol. but the vast majority come here to costa rica to work in the fields, like the cassette his family. they to say they had to abandon their farm in nicaragua because they protested against what take his plans to take their land. now they're struggling to afford rent and food. so 2 of their 4 children are helping unpaid coffee. oh margaret. oh, even though we were poor in nicaragua,
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we were in our country for, but the fear that they'll suddenly come and kill you while you're working. we're walking down the road is to have that. because that's what they're doing. it's hard work when the beans, so green, and even was the whole family working all day from 6 in the morning until 2 in the afternoon. they'll be lucky if they make about $8.00 to date. yet as difficult as it is for people who work here in the countryside to make a living, it's much more difficult for the nicaraguan exiles when economic migrants who go to the capital. the la can't be a neighborhood in san jose is where many of the more than 130000 nicaraguans have asked for refugee status, are living in the majority in overcrowded dwellings. they can't afford to leave a yanna minute. unemployment soaring and costa rica and the nicaraguan migrants who work in construction or as housemaids are the 1st casualties. what i ain't got a little mess because i used to work as a main one. but since the pandemic,
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they don't give us work because they say they don't want any one in their homes. and they also ask for documents with their main opponents. now imprison ortega should easily win sundays presidential elections. and that said, these migrant will likely only increase the exodus from their trouble. torn country and c, a. newman, al jazeera at equilla, costa rica, china plans to prevent people who support taiwan, independence from entering hong kong, macau. or it's may mat comments come a day after a european union delegation visited taiwan. china considers the island to be a breakaway province to meet under going reports. does this all mean the message from members of the european union parliament to taiwan is clear. you are not a law look at our future together between this is the 1st such visit by his senior e. u delegation guy. the official said their visit involves understanding how ty,
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wine is battling against online disinformation efforts. they blame was on china. so with european countries, they're facing similar challenges when it comes to online dis, information marford supplied against us. euro mean we die once ministry of foreign affairs has welcomed the 7 member group while calling the visit significant way. but it comes at a precarious period regime in the past few weeks at china has been increasing its military pressure on ty wine by sending an unprecedented number of fighter jets into its air defense zone. beijing has warned e or officials of possible sanctions. it continues to maintain a one china policy and considers tie one to be a breakaway province. drove out into all on china, goose the european union, the correct it's mistakes and not assembled wrong signals that they won independence forces. so as that the have a serious impact on china,
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you relations for way, each official say isolating taiwan is with fuels the dispute between the ireland and b. jing, it's not a pro cation to come to k one. it should be no more. and this is a message we are sending, we don't think that it's adding oil on fire. we think it's the contrary. the more we sure we care of both our relationship with day one, the lease or chance you have to enter into a conflict in beijing. the parliamentary officials say europe must veer away from its previous approach on china, which they seem to have contributed to the decline of democratic freedoms in hong kong. the tree, the trip is expected to be the 1st of many, the members of the parliament say it is important for europe to see ty, one as a strong democratic power,
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capable of standing up on its own jamal alan dog and al jazeera manila. ah.


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