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tv   [untitled]    November 5, 2021 9:00pm-9:30pm AST

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phone lines, investigate, have climate change, his pursing and oregon town. the breaking point. we will fight because it's what we are literally to the point that people are going to start when the war on al jazeera. ah, this is al jazeera, ah, hello, i'm emily angry. this is the news ally from joe coming up in the next 60 minutes. if you be an opposition groups abroad, agree on an alliance against prime minister, be honored as the us citizens to leave the country. protests against the rocks parliamentary election results turned violence in baghdad. but crashes outside the high security green zone sedans, military orders, the release of for detained cabinet ministers,
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as pressure mounts to restore the democratic process. and funeral proceedings are underway for former us secretary of state colin pal pizza standard with your support. india keep their hopes alive at the t 20 will couple and football and emotional. chevy says goodbye food to tarry team, getting the green light to coach his former club, barcelona. ah, hello and welcome to the program. several a p o p and anti government groups in washington dc have signed an agreement to form an alliance against prime minister abi om and it comes as a t o p as ami calls on former soldiers to join. it's 5 against rebels from the took ry region. the coalition calls itself the united front of a c o, p and federalists. and can federalists forces. they say, if the government doesn't negotiate with them,
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they will attempt to dismantle it by force. as a response to the method of crisis facing the various nations of the country and to reverse the harmful effects of, i'll be adamant out to critique rule to our peoples and beyond. we have any coordinated the object need to collaborate and join our force towards a safe transition in the country, hence, hobby stablish of the united front of the federalist and confederate forces. okay, let's get more on the latest developments with alan fisher who's lived for us in washington. they say, hello there, allen. this group certainly isn't mincing words saying they'll attempt to dismantle the government by force. how significant is their formation? was a coalition of 9 groups, both political and military opposition. a to the canton government and addis ababa it significant in the some of these groups were actually literally fighting between
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themselves not that long ago, but they've come together and what they describe as a common enemy. they see the abbey amad has presided over ethnic cleansing. and also genocide and has run down the economy. they are hoping by putting this coalition together, they will perhaps spark some international support. now the fact that they're doing it here in the united states is not a coincidence. first of all, we have the state department just in the last couple of hours issuing an alert to all americans any to your peer advising them to leave the country. seeing that the security situation is very fluid. that's not something that will help the armored government. then you have the u. s. envoy who has been in the country and has been negotiating. they are hoping that they may be able to put pressure on him to convince the prime minister that this is time for a political transition, though they've said that they want this to be peaceful. but as you also point out,
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they are wanting that they were, they're willing to take the capitol by force. now there are a couple of groups who said they're on the edge of the capitol. the police chief in adis, albert says that is just propaganda and lies. that is simply not true. some of the other groups have said they could take the capital within weeks and with my and in months. no, clearly the international community will want to avoid any sort of fighting. the u . s. position might become clear in the next couple of hours were expected to hear from the state department, and also could become clear as the united nations security council sit down in new york to discuss the current situation in ethiopia. alan, thank you very much for that update alan fish alive for us. let's get the latest on the ground in ethiopia. jealous samuel get it show a has more from addis ababa so far, the u. s. embassy and d'silva has been telling its citizens, most of them, if you open canadians, i mean, if you open americans, i'm sorry. who have of we're,
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we're living in the field. yeah. say they're willing to even financially support them so they can leave it because the u. s, according to the u. s. side. this conflicts as getting close to our d'silva and it's certain to affect us money of citizens. but the invoice of the president biden has just left and we know sure if he had a chance to meet with the prime minister who has insisted that the us government is in support of the p. p. i left the support them. they give them weapons. it's been leased by the fuel inside, but this comes up because need in us, well as the kid in and you gun the president, push ethiopia, and the t p are left to sit down and find some common ground. but the development we're watching from a distance in washington dc. the ethiopian side has just reacted. the justice minister has called the 9 coalition with
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a mission of defeating the government. what it, what they're doing. he's described it as publicity stunt. and it's not being taken seriously in, within the sub over to the rest of the days news and more than $100.00 people have been injured in protest against election results in iraq. security 1st forces have 5 in the air and use t gas to try to disperse. the crowds demonstrated say there's been boat rigging and rejects the outcome of the election. mama up the law had him back down with move. these are the supporters of the political pauses that last in net the election. they trying to put pressure on the government to put pressure on the electoral commission to change what they consider the fraud. they accused the election commission of vote rigging. now, today's flashes have resulted in over 120 injuries and they have been
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reactions from political parties, from politicians, and also government officials. they have been calling for called of the security forces have finally managed to take control of one area at near the green. the green zone, the area that witnessed the violence security forces used gas canisters, and it was also gives the forces were also shooting and shooting in the air to disperse the protesters. now these protest day, the majority of them we can say, are military individuals. they belong to the popular mobilization forces, the popular mobilization forces. these are the military arms of the political parties that last in the elections. and they have been brought here in the green zone to try to put pressure on the government to put pressure on the electoral
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commission to change what they consider fraud in the election results to sudan. now where it's military leader has ordered the release of for civilian cabinet ministers who would attend in last month's military takeover. that's just international pressure intensifies to reach a deal on a return to power sharing with civilian late is in a phone call with us secretary of state antony, blinking, general abdel fata, albert hutton said he agreed on the need to accelerate the formation of a government un secretary general, antonio good tear is also spoke to him on thursday and urged him to restore the transitional process. meanwhile, alfred, prime minister dela hummed oak remains under house arrest. but the us and the un pressing for his full release and reinstatement. and the un held an emergency session on sudan, the high emission of human rights said the military take over there is deeply disturbing she's cold for an end to the debbie use of force by the army and police
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will protest are expected tomorrow. okay, let's bring in at russell a set out who's live for us in the capital costume. hello, there we're so what's the latest from where you are and what more you hearing about these pro military protests to moron. while the there has been some of the important politicians release yesterday, the minister of information minister of youth and support minister of telecom, administer of trade. and also there are still many detainees as well. the important figures in a suit that the minister of industry, administered off a minister of the cabinet minister of the religious affairs and the support person or the sovereign corso. how much vacuum who was also having the dismantling committee that has been established after albert, she was also and that mechanism was in charge of dismantling the system from the
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elements of the machine error figures. so the 2 political party is the old leaders or saw steel under the arrest, namely the head of the so that he's congress party and box party as well. and 2 important why this of the previous, the, all the prime minister. hum duke also still under the arrest alongside this arrest . there are journalist activists and protesters and the members of the a resistant committees and the forces of freedom and change also as well. some of the governors include how to governance governor is also under the address yesterday that has before li just but right off the bat, the military. the military rule here arrested for 3 important members of the forces of freedom and change. and that drove the condemnation from the united nations, the united nation special envoy to sudan. walker per to says that he strongly
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deplore and condemned the arrest of there's people who he has just met them to. they also, the government has dissolved all the boards of the estate companies and agriculture projects and, but has, as the companies to keep professional under the new, the new people or the managers are appointed. when it comes to protest, people say that the protests are losing momentum. today, there was a protest at l. l. a and 3rd mosque, which is, which was led by my party what's, which is 11 of the largest traditional party in sudan. however, there are the calls, particularly for sunday, the youth professional union including the banker union. there are quoting for massive general general strikes and civil disobedience. but the government said that despite the called, the institutions are going to keep professional and the schools are going to remain open. we do not know whether this call are going to success, accessible or not. but on sunday,
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dealt with that will be evidence wrestle we're hearing that us citizens have been urged to leave a p o p r. is this internal international pressure rather proving to be effective in these negotiations to form a civilian government? are we any closer to getting a resolution? well, there has been important that will help us today, particularly at the united nations human rights, a consul. so just the high commissioner of human rights has condemned to coo and he says that he's just denouncing the rest of the politicians, the activist, and so one. but the human rights council in geneva to they also has decided, has agreed on appointing an expert that's going to monitor the human rights way. elation here and report back to the council in geneva in me 2022. practically, this kind of condemnations or the human rights woods are not going to have an effect at an impact all over the good did the formation of
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a civilian go and busting wonderfully is quite important because it shows the international community or communities position regarding the allotments in the country and when it comes to whether v as military rule is going to survive or not, people experts familiar with the she says that it's mostly going to rely on the international support and that is quite important for the military general hand as well. so the negotiations with the prime minister, hum duke are still going on hand is insisting how do to be back as a prime minister, because he hopes that if he can convenience due to be back as a prime minister, then it's going to lead him to get an international support which is willing to be quite determinant on whether these military rule and also mr. will have personal political carrier or so good survive or not. plenty of moving parts to this story. thank you for that update wrestle, sat alive for us in it. cartoon. ok,
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plenty morehead, on this new power including china threatens just don't people who support high ones independence from entering the mainland. wherein costa rica with tens of thousands of nicaraguan farmers had fled after being branded enemies of the state. and in fort b, n. b, a, launch an investigation into the phoenix suns on allegations of racism and miss sojourning ah, okay to the us now and after attains in finding a mom among democratic legislators. the u. s. house of representatives were expected to begin voting and debating on 2 major bills. the nearly 3 trillion dollar economic plans are a keystone of jo biden's domestic agenda. let's bring in white house correspondent, kimberly healthcare whose live for us in washington, dc. how long they, kimberly,
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we're not likely to say that happened today when well, it's certainly looking unlikely. and here's the reason why. after weeks of building support for these pieces of legislation, democrats were poised to vote on this. we already know, republicans aren't going to support it. but at democrats do hold a narrow majority, and so it was looking like there was going to be a vote. but then about 7 members of the president's own democratic party said, you know what, wait a 2nd. i'm not sure about the price tag on this. i want to see exactly how much this is going to cost. and as a result, i, i, it's kind of pushed it to the what sort of the congressional budget office to score this legislation. what that means is it'll be looking at how much this proposed legislation could cost the american taxpayer. the problem is that could take weeks and that's not with this white house once they want to see this quickly. they've been waiting for some time and feeling increasingly frustrated. in fact,
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the president speaking it is the last couple of hours said he was going to go to his office, make some calls, was hoping he could get this done right away, but it is looking less and less likely that this will pass the u. s. congress with each hour and kimberly just how important is this for president bought and how important is it that we get it passed and say critically important for the u. s. president, for a number of reasons. first of all, it's the really the thing he campaigned on, it would be the broadest, the sort of, most dramatic change and shift in the social safety net that we've seen in decades in the united states would bring about, i think that would address climate change. it would bring about early childhood education, it would tax millionaires and billionaires, and it would also rebuild america's crumbling infrastructure something the previous president tried to do and failed. so this is ambitious, but if it doesn't pass and it's so far, it looks like it will. it's just a question of when and this would be devastating for you as president joe biden. in
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fact, americans are getting growingly impatient or increasingly impatient. in fact, of the pool numbers for the u. s. president have been falling steadily since august and are now hitting some sort of concerning numbers in terms of which pull you look out in the eyes of the white house. so they want to see this past, not only because they have promised the american people, but also because it could have political blow back for this president and his agenda moving forward. if it does not pass that u. s. congress and then he signs it into law. okay, we'll keep us updated it. kimberly how can live for us in washington d. c. thank you. still in the us and a funeral form, a secretary of state, colin powell has taken place in washington. d. c. pal died last month from $1119.00 complications. us presidents and colleagues gather that the national cathedral, the 84 year old, was also a national security adviser to former president ronald reagan and chairman of the
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joint chiefs of staff, a former president george paige w bush. he was the 1st black person in us history to feel those roles. phil of ella has been covering the memorial outside washington national cathedral, phil, who was there well, he said he wasn't married or anybody who is anybody in politics or has been presidential circles for the last 20 years or so exciting donald trump was hey, i mean to in the last few minutes, general. secondly, paul has left, he's to be taking his final resting place has left about 5 minutes. a company by a huge motorcade for a private family barrier. this was a private private service, but there was a huge gas list. we had the current president joe biden here along with 1st lady joe biden previous presidents as well. brock of all the with for the 1st lady, michelle obama, george bush, who as you mentioned, he served on the, along with for the 1st lady laura bush. i'm secretary of state,
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we had hillary clinton for the secretary of state. we had come to lisa, right? you have the current secretary said anthony, thinking, we heard tribute, not just to him in terms of his korea, but also as a person, as a father, as a grandfather. he was you the joyce. why his son, michael, who talks about him and childhood, how he was a happy childhood and he said, you know, so and his achievements emulate his character. we had some madeline. all right, to who is his predecessor, a secretary said she was under the clinton administration, where she said, you know, we were from different sites, but we were close friends. she even gave some touching anecdotes where she talked about how one comments she made once he said, merely gave not yours. and i may all have together to remember him, the ends of his life. you know, he died as you say, 84 years old last month for those complications due to that covert 1900 infection. he was vaccinated. but he was also in that high risk, high vulnerable category because he had a number of health conditions. he had been diagnosed with a type of blood cancer,
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heart disease, and ultimately it was those complications that led to his dad. okay, thank you very much for that update. phil of l live for us outside the washington national cathedral. thank you. in the us, the predominantly white jury is hearing evidence in the case of a black man murdered while he was out jogging. 3 white men are accused of killing aubrey in the state of georgia. prosecutor say they chased and then shot the 25 year old last year. the cases become a focal point for anti racism protests. the judge says there was intentional discrimination in the jury selection, but has allowed the trial to move forward. the un migration agency says there is a little time to help african facing a multi laid crisis. as winter approaches. the economy is in free fall with conflict, severe drought, and the pandemic coating growth. foreign aid has dried up since the taliban took over in august. the un says it's rushing to give winter assistance to half
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a 1000000 displaced afghans. the more resources needed for fuel and shelter, and against our faces, a severe malnutrition crisis, with more than half its population struggling to find food. children particularly affected, antonio vit. reno is the head of the un international organization for migration. i spoke to him a short time ago about his recent trip to afghanistan. antonia, it's such a pleasure to have you here. you've just arrived back from cobble. what did you see on the ground? i saw a country that is a in, in humanitarian emergency. and it's likely to be in a very severe humanitarian crises in a couple of weeks. you said it all for the security. which means that people have difficulty in 5 full a freefall of the economy. that is emergent need of cash to make the economy function. the dropped,
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which has severely impacting this placement of population. only 6 and a 1000 people were moved because of the drop these ear and arise in coffee. 19, all these together gives you a picture of a race against time. that's where we are a race against time to protect and prepare the populations for the winter that is approaching. and as you know, in a county sense is a very severe part of it. it's necessary that the all do many tad in actors f free access to the beneficiaries because we perform our duties in and the dependent way . and at the same time that we can mobilize all our stuff, man and women, we all need them to provide this to the african people. and tony, i want to end on a hopeful night. you've spoken about being pressed by the work being done by humanitarian actors and the resilience of the afghan, painful in the face of immense challenges, which is such a powerful statement. what have you witness?
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that's giving you hope i've seen in the face of the people all much they suffer. but the, at the same time are proud they are of being africans and they are committed to overcome the kind of difficulties. just give you an example. we have 7 and the people operating in says the 4 prophecies in all provinces of a case. and i've seen that old humanitarian agencies and the number of heads, yos, death is what gives me hope that together with the afghan people we will overcome these greatest. china says it will storm people who support tie one's independence from entering hong kong, macau and its mainland. us and european union delegations visited time one in recent days. china considers the island to be a breakaway province. jamilla allen dorgan explains, it does assure me the message from members of the european union parliament to taiwan is clear. you are not alone look at our future together,
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but this is the 1st such visit by his senior e. u delegation. gonna be official said their visit involves understanding how taiwan is battling against online disinformation efforts they blamed was on china. so european countries are facing similar challenges when it comes to online dis, information methods applied against us euro vi, once ministry of foreign affairs has welcomed the 7 member group while calling the visit significant way. but it comes at a precarious period. in the past few weeks, a china has been increasing its military pressure on ty wine by sending an unprecedented number of fighter jets into its air defense zone. beijing has warrant e or officials of possible sanctions. it continues to maintain a one china policy and considers tie one to be a breakaway province,
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drove out into all of on china goose the european union, the correct it's mistakes, and not assembled wrong signals that they want independence forces, so as not to have a serious impact on china, you relations away, he official say isolating taiwan is with fuels the dispute between the island and beijing. it's not a pro cation to come to k one. it should be no more. and this is a myth, is we are sending. we don't think that it's adding oil on fire. we think it's the contrary. the more we sure we care about our relationship with day one, the lease champs you have to enter into a conflict in beijing. the parliamentary officials say europe must vere away from its previous approach on china, which these seem to have contributed to the decline of democratic freedoms in hong kong. the tree, the trip is expected to be the 1st of many,
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the members of the parliament say it is important for europe to see taiwan as a strong democratic power, capable of standing up on its own, jamal alan dog and al jazeera manila. the top un official in bosnia hurts get head so good. vina says the pe steel that ended the war 26 years ago is under threat above being served later. has announced plans to establish a separate army within the country that violates the $995.00 date him pace agreement, which ended the 3 and a half. he conflict jamal al sheil reports from sorry, ever. plans by the bosnian serb leadership to exit some of the countries. tripartite institutions, including the military and judiciary, are described by the international communities. hi representative, kristian schmidt is tantamount to cessation they constitute, he sees the greatest existential threats of the postwar period. he's talking about bosnian serb leader millard dick,
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whose threatening to former militia in the sir brun entity of republicans served sca and force out the bosnian national army. if necessary, he sees the serbs will call in their friends to help a presumed reference to serbia proper. and russia, alida beauregard, would go to the republic as epsco will control its own affairs in a legal constitutional manner, including by having its own army judiciary, fiscal administration, as well as intelligence and security agencies. we will re establish all these institutions. we are here essentially being blackmailed, i would say both politically and in all other ways by a corrupt a lead in bosnia and herzegovina succession is the lead who is willing to star the conflict and war in order to prevent themselves from going to prison cell. this is not an ideological question. this is not a political debate. this is not a constitutional debate. it is a desperate attempt by those in power to remain in power under any costs.
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last month, the training exercise by bosnian serb police was denounced by muslim bosnia can pro our leaders the other members over 3 way power sharing government formed by the 1995 dayton peace agreement. they took place on the mountain overlooking, sorry, evolved from where serb snipers and artillery laid siege to the capital. beginning in 1992 thousands of civilians were killed in a war that culminated in what has internationally been recognized as a genocide when more than 8000 muslim men and boys were massacred by serb troops in the eastern enclave of shrubbery. neat saw the high representatives report to the united nations this week sees there's a very real prospect of a return to armed conflict in bosnia. despite this, there appears to be no obvious appetite on the part of western powers, including nato, to increase their security presence. they are politic, sanctions are part of daily life in a country such as boston, herzegovina,
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where you have different groups competing for political power. but you didn't ever see threats ah, of it violence, or beatrice and session, or be had parallel institutions come this far as they have now. at least not in a very long time. mineral dudek has 4 years called for the separation of the cerebrum. part of bosnia from the rest of the country. yes. and just weeks ago, he shared these scenes on social media. he and colleagues singing sir nationalist songs in their cerebral headquarters. it was a reminder that the u. s. sponsored peace in bosnia did not bring ethnic harmony, nor did it come with any long term guarantee. on the ground in the capital life goes on as normal. there's no physical evidence that an armed conflict is even possibly looming. however, when you do speak to people, there's an almost tangible worry that unless the international community intervenes
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and stops not ex separatist plans. the bosnian serb leader, backed by his allies in belgrade, the muscle could force the country into a potentially deadly scenario. jamal al jazeera sarajevo still had done al jazeera, the netherlands considers reopening a controversial gas field as fuel prices. so ahead of winter and devotee 20 world comp new zealand age is closer to the semi finals will have all that and more later on in school. ah hello slicking a cool cipher pass.


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