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tv   [untitled]    November 5, 2021 3:30pm-4:01pm AST

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terrible demonstration of the failure of human souls. we meet with global news makers and talk about the stories that matter on al jazeera. ah, i'm her mom. he didn't go home with the headlines on al jazeera. she don's military leader has agreed with the u. s. secretary of states on the need to speed up the formation of a new governments, general abdel fattah albert han has ordered the release of fort civilian cabinet ministers detained in last month's military takeover. hipaa morgan has more from cartoon. those who are relieved are the minister of information, the minister of trade, the minister of are of communication and the minister of youth and sports. the minister, the cabinet minister in the office of the prime minister,
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is yet to be released, as well as the minister of industry, and the spokesperson oper dissolve sovereignty council. so it's clear that there are still other official to have been released, general abdel for that oberon on the day he took over when he addressed the media. and the nation said that those who did not face criminal charges will be renewed while those who are not really is, are the ones who are potentially facing criminal charges. so it looks like those ministers who are yet to be renewed. the will be facing criminal charges. the un security council is set to meet on friday to discuss the escalating conflict. any theo, p. m. international calls are growing for an immediate as cease far. and he has envoys in i to some of us, you push for the escalation rebels from the northern te grow region. say they taken times on a highway to the capitol in the government's declared, a state of emergency china has reported 68. you covered 19 cases as it scrambles to contain a new outbreak. more than 900 infections have been reported since the search began
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in mid october, spread into half of china's provinces. officials have maintained a 0 tolerance approach to the pandemic. defending the use so severe and sudden locked downs. china says it will stop people who support tie one's independence from entering hong kong, macau, or it's mainland. beijing says those who support independence will be held criminally liable for life. the comments come after us and european union delegations visited taiwan in recent days. china considers the island to be a breakaway province. and climate activists are gathering at the cult $26.00 summit and glasgow. large crowds of joined a youth. they rally organized by the fridays for future global strike movements. groups, as the promises made by leaders so far won't be enough to protect the planets for future generations. where those are the headlines stay, stay with us here in al jazeera
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with when oh, when we started the litigation, this became a real david and goliath back because we had the u. s. a whole us attorney's office representing the federal government and the largest law firm in the state of oregon, representing i, a fe which is a front group for the chemical manufacturers and for timber sprayers. the far service had been unwilling to do any kind of community health survey after
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the spring to see if anybody wasn't fact being harm. it was simply saying our chemicals aren't harming anybody, but it wasn't looking to see if they were harmed. and it was very stunning. you know, that they would spray an area and within a month that miscarried drape and what they call spontaneous abortion rate. with sky rock, according to the hospital date, m. o. between my husband and i and our nurse practitioner, we delivered between 10150 children a year seeing a larger number of birth defects than we would've expected. we saw a number of congenital hearts and i think it was 1978.
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i delivered an answer, phallic child, that's a child that doesn't have basically the normal brain. in my lifetime of delivering babies, i would not expect ever to see one. and about a year later, we delivered a 2nd. allen's appellate child. those odds were just astronomical. that a small practice like ours would have to allen's valley children. it made me realize that there was something going on. and the something that i was aware of was broadcast spraying of herbicides. at that point, it was mainly to for d over our water supplies because we drink surface water at the coast bmw
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the kids were involved in the whole herb dessy battle. they were helping write the news letters and draw the pictures and help with signs. mm hm. there's the poster or late. daphne made, she did that when she was a battle. ah, they were right in the thick of it. we had like 5 minutes to come up with a name from this group. citizens against toxic sprays pans. it wasn't the most. imagine it worked, i guess i wasn't entail. basically katz was formed and started questioning at which, you know, filing a court action,
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and then it suddenly got some attention. and there was a lot of pushback from the chemical companies and the timber companies. chemicals are being used as, as a means of achieving environmental goals really ah, and the, the attack is not scientific. it's a purely emotional, know the public good does not understand. and know we unfortunately haven't, are successfully communicated to the public as yet. take 245 d, for example. 2 for 5 t is about is toxic, is aspirin? ah, it turn the safety factor in the use of 245, t is far greater than the safety factors use of aspirin. and as a public understand that one saturday morning when my husband was making rounds at the hospital, 2 fellows in suits showed up at my front door and said they wanted to talk
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about the urban sides. and i said that was fine. my 2 children were running around a very happily playing they didn't really say where they were from i said, come on in, have a cup of coffee because i had had a number of reporters and other people show up there when then when they said, you know, at all times where your children are. i realized that i didn't i and i said it was time to in the interview because it was clearly a threat against me and my children die. and it worked. i'm dog. and then the head, dark tinted windows on both sides, suddenly showed up outside of carol. and steve's house, who were the leaders of the citizens against hearts or to pray movement. for phoebe
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the car was parked here, but they were walking up here with all their deer. obviously thinking i wasn't home . he didn't really explain why they were here. it was when i realize the other guy was sneaking up there and it and talking to the kids, then i got kind of angry. he was asking them all about what kinds of deformed critters we had in the freezer because we did, we saved a bunch of them hoping to get them analyze, you know, to see what was in them. but the rear door flew open as it drove away and they could see that there were large video cameras in there. the phone company itself, their employees told us that our phones were being tapped. there was an obvious attempt to try to intimidate the folks who were bringing this litigation to try to reduce herbicide ariel sprang. well, we won
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a temporary injunction. what the judge in the catch case, thanks to all those scientists and studies that we were able to compile ruled was that hey, you've got to include in your environmental impact statement, the effects of these chemicals in vietnam. and that was a blow to the fire service because by then there were some really documented impacts in vietnam. we strayed 20000000 gallons of that stuff over there. their watersheds are contaminated, their rice fields are contaminated, their wells are contaminated depending on who you wanna believe. for 5 100000 adults contaminated with it and half a 1000000 children ah
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ah, with ah donasia. oh, that for yeah. engineer has shown the victim doki get, did you have a theme? oh, yes ma'am. thank you for fun. for slacking for 2nd, b with there were negative feelings towards what we were doing. the propaganda put out by
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the chemical companies in the timber companies. that number one, there's nothing wrong with the sprays and number 2, these people are just the lunatic fringe. they convinced the loggers or some of them anyway, that they were gonna all be out of work as if they couldn't use the herb. besides who was on fire. carroll came up the driveway house was totally inflamed. patrick said he stopped her that she grabbed a knife of his belt and started running up the hill. and he just grabbed her and held her. and he felt sure that carol was going to try to take her own life. that night. the dan strom children were,
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were gone, and we all crumbled. we all just couldn't believe it. the fire fighters said it was ours. name. i don't, and it's hard to talk about it. i just can't really they had done the absolute worst thing anybody could do to me and they couldn't do any more and we go animals were still here. i think that's what kept me
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going in. you know, it was what was left of my kids was what they love to, you know? oh boy, here you go. okay. the big 130 years old. he's very intuitive. like if you're really upset about something he will come in just like lean against you and be comforting rudy. duty he he wants to help you come on, feel better. i don't know. i rely on him. this was the garage. there was no floor here. and so we put a floor admin, i just was living in this in this room. and i still am in a way it was m in honor of my kids. i had to keep going. they fought this fight to
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. it wasn't just me. and i only thing was stay, keep going for their sake. with newly released court documents indicate that the company is which manufactured agent are and you as far back as the 19 sixty's. but one of its ingredients known as 245 t contain the toxic contaminant dioxide. ah, ah,
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my father said he could hold man his hand like this. i was so small. i missing my right leg below the knee. my fingers, and i'm missing rather big toe and my other toes are, were webbed. but yeah, my story is not very much unlike many, many children in vietnam and other american children as well. so we share the same type of birth effects. me as good. not a vocal that mom. oh me go victim. i do national. oh sure. you know, no, i don't get any benefits from the government. they deny that the children of male vietnam veterans are affected. so i'm hoping with your law suit, the things will change that it'll be, it'll stick this time. ah, no,
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i the case di, frustrating ah, ah, these companies have been able to avoid accountability for what they've done. i think your case is incredibly important as sort of the last opportunity that we may have to hold these, these, these companies accountable for the wrong doing that they knew they were engaged in when they made this poisonous product. the national forest here is no longer sprayed and the reason is a series of lawsuits that began with the caps lawsuit. but i want all those other
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people, how well people right down the road that i have private timberland around them that's getting sprayed with
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they're going to keep these chemicals on the market. no matter what the only hope is for that community rights movement to keep insisting that we have the right to protect all of our communities from being poisoned. and maybe it's a pipe dream. but if these corporations have human rights according to the supreme court, while damn it, they should be subject to capital punishment just like an individual would be only delicately emily disc applies i yet good a desert yar said the posse doodle and me is on the dial lamp eisen, mark the lego, seeing a dumb of guard on the loo survey to try. i said, my gosh, if you did it e. yeah, enhanced exists
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a gambit. tasa melody or seen the more song said keep the med they are, are see another poor se allotted, take on. thank you . janet darnesha will dave or i'm asking for those go those. i don't me, it may not young garcia don't b, e followed the shoes, giving her a smile. delgarze's lacoff or amount of buffalo on the past. they don't the rules that i thought you're going for, but that was no sal door, a company, and sweat to policy book or see brought her for act on to law fad, amiga,
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me in the birth bur susan. see me look on bad de la here. there it is, it, there would be made me and the family was, i mean, father fucker mother plan osh. it's gonna be probably a lot set for the city to be added. it is osha and dr. seal. let. let all ha l a little com the best of all the continue a i i i
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i me ah,
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ah, ah, me. we call ourselves the document junkies. documents accumulated over 40 years of freedom of information actions that i did, including several lawsuits to try to get documents out of e p a. p c d law suits the agent orange law suits trying to stop the government spraying out here. then i had a bunch of stuff from dow chemical that they hoped i'd never get i couldn't afford to store them anywhere. and that's when peter ron stack of birds, a canadian journalist drummed out some funding to get them all scanned. that was
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how the poison paper said, well, we must have scam close to $200000.00 pages. he could upload them as they were scanned, 10 hours a day, non stop. a lot of the documents involved the fraudulent testing of chemical products. so lawyers, now in bringing these lawsuits are being able to find that information and use it. i hope they'll make trouble. i mean that's the whole goal is to make them available to anybody that needs them. ah, it doesn't look good. so he looks more at them is he thinks i'm on this as soon as
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he populate it won't have to be this is cindy to the dental. have a good jonathan. if you've ever got america a v i v sherry and is it? yes. oh you, do you see the highlight of his yes, so many about all these will and used by they don't sell it after it is it ritual is as shown to retire maturity. that's when he thinks by else it's even the more i just bought a bonus. ah boss at her man made danielle foster. see, doctor santiago is just this distress. it may be deemed or led. you'll see. no. so monday. yes, ma'am. milligan, my, my getting a receipt. is he sat in the, in the hall got default with
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psycho seesaw. more detailed hipaa. suca siegel that he was seen, suggested an all function met largely and immediate damica. mister jen? she did set the weekday as he was yes. young that meeting as 3 so bad should be done with yes. yes ma'am. good with is your boss to say that i have to love a ah ah
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ah ah, look forward to brighter sky's the weather. sponsored my cattle it ways. however, we've got thunderstorms breaking the heat across northern parts of argentine with my min. lots of thunder head showing up here, eating the wire, little feathery switch, northridge as we go through the next couple of days. paraguay also seeing some very heavy and summary showers in that where to weather will gradually sweep its way across. uruguayan to the far south of brazil, fresher,
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weather coming back in behind. i will fill some more pleasant. 22 celsius and monasteries by saturday afternoon. likewise, the pleasant up to was at eastern side of brazil, heavy showers here, pumping the way into the heart of the amazon northern parts of bolivia over to was peruse, still seeing some very heavy and flooding arrange. continuing here, more thundering down, paused, got some fun down paws, 2 fighting parts of the caribbean, the whitest weather. now making his way across the gulf of mexico towards south florida. but we have got some larvae showers also just feeding in across the greater antilles. over the next day or 2 about too bad for the eastern island, she noticed over the next couple of days as i, where to weather once again. cuba, jamaica seeing some very heavy showers, longest bouts of bright right in 2 parts of central america. at wet weather in to the southeast of the u. s. will gradually make his way up the eastern seaboard into the carolinas. he stays very disturbed for the north west. ah, the weather sponsored by cats are always pro democracy activists
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risking their lives fighting autocracy. i know that i might go to prison but so i will join the run. a new episode of democracy may be exposed. the struggle of those who believe democracy is worth dying for. we never know when an opening is going to come. when are fruit vendor is going to emulate themselves and say enough is enough . my life for democracy on al jazeera, we understand the differences and similarities of cultures across the world center might have when you call home will. but you can use in current affairs that matter to years, tens of thousands of children were born into or lived under the iceland regime in iraq and syria. now, many are in camps either orphans, all with a widowed mothers, rejected by their own communities, shaking your length on people are going to welcome the mouth about, of course, mom. and you documentary his,
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that chilling and traumatic stories for the children throw stones at me. iraq's last generation on al jazeera. ah, this is al jazeera ah. hello, there i am. alamo, he is in this is the usa, live from doha, coming out for you. in the next 60 minutes protests against xerox, horner, mental election results turned violence. in fact, dance these aren't my pictures just outside the greens and sit on military orders the release of for it, detained cabinet ministers as pressure my.


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