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tv   [untitled]    November 5, 2021 5:00am-5:31am AST

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like we've allowed climate change to get out. control. people impala investigates why so little has been done. a systemic threat. requires systemic change and asks both either inaction could meet the driver, not by 20. none of them have a syrian how to do a crisis. what crisis on al jazeera ah saddam's miniature liter orders the release of 4 civilian ministers as top you went on foreign leaders called for the return of boston prime minister. ah. hello, i'm dr. jordan. this is al jazeera la you from dell ha. also coming up the un security council plans to meet on friday to discuss the conflict in ethiopia. china moved to
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contain its most widespread cope at outbreaks is the early months of the pandemic. and of the climate summit continues in scotland. a new report says global emissions a once again on the rights ah saddam's military leader as agreed with us on the need to speed up the formation of a new government. general abdel fata, alberto his office, released a statement after he spoke with secretary of state anthony blinkin. earlier, he ordered the release of 4 civilian cabinet ministers detained him last month's miniature take over. the state department says blink, and urge their release and call for the military to engage in dialogue. that restores the civilian lead government. even morgan is and cartoon with more on the release of the cabinet ministers for ministers of the civilian political detainees who been arrested on the eve of the military takeover. haven't released there. the
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minister of communication, the minister of trade, the minister of youth and sports, and the minister of community of information. now those 4 ministers are just some of the people who have been arrested. the minister of industry, who was also one of those who was, who was taken on the morning of the military coup, has not been released along with the spokesperson of the now dissolved sovereignty . council mohammed and fricky as well as the minister in the office of the prime minister, or who, who's also the cabinet cabinet minister. he's also yet to be released and their whereabouts are yet to be revealed. now prime minister album hams, oak is still under house arrest. despite the fact that he's been taken from general abdel for residence, where he was when he was on the day of the call where he was taken on the vehicle and he was return back to his house to the for ministers who have been with these are just some of those who have been arrested on the morning of the cool, and they were also activists and lawyers who are arrested. now this all comes as mediation efforts, continue between prime minister,
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the dog and general abdel behind. who said that you want to form a civilian cabinet and he had hoped that prime minister of the dog will be leading that cabinet. now, prime minister of the land who is under house arrest had stated that he wants the release of all political prisoners who have been arrested, including the activists. and then he would be willing to negotiate with the head of the army, general abdel for the hamper hon. he's also asked for was to ration of that civilian government, which has been dissolved on the morning of the coo. and he says he wants the country to return back to the day of october 24th. that's the day before the military takeover. so let's bring in alex to wall. he's executive director of the world peace foundation. he joins us live from summerville in massachusetts. alex, good to have you back with us that we've seen sedans, military leader, release these 4 civilian cabinet members. how much is this in response? do you think to growing international pressure from key players such as the united states? it's in response to 2 factors. one is
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a solid wall of resistance from the sudanese people. really, there is hardly any one across the sudanese political spectrum among the civilians . at least that is ready to do business with general albert han. and secondly, quite remarkably. a, also a very clear and coherent common messaging. not only from the united states, but from the countries in the middle east that would normally be expected tobacco authoritarian, strong men that is particularly saudi arabia, the emeralds, egypt and israel. and what we've seen over the last couple of days is the quote tax, the us in the lead, also with the u. k. the saudis, and the mirage is with a common position saying no, the military takeover is unacceptable. it on needs to be put back on the democratic
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truck. so let's just stay with the u. s. roll them in u. s. secular state anthony blink. and i just called for the release of all political prisoners there and to speed up the formation of a civilian lab government. but, but in reality though, how much leverage does the us really have over the down if any it has quite a considerable average because of the very deep economic financial whole sit on it in other countries might have been able to get by on the sort of bail out from the gulf states, but in the case to sit on it can only actually stabilize its economy with major assistance dent, rescheduling dent relief assistance from the world bank and the i m f, which requires the united states. so the u. s. actually has very strong cards to play. alex, do you think we're now seeing the makings of a qu being reversed? i mean there are reports, a prime minister, the lamb doc will lead a new power sharing government that may suggest the sovereign counsel will be reinstated. it also saves faith for the military, doesn't it?
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i think we are indeed seeing the qu unraveling. it being reversed. it was, it was a paragraph by albert han and clearly it is not worked. some face saving formula will have to be found and then the question really is, what concessions is, is prime minister, abdullah, ham dark, ready to make to the military and what the military really pressing for. are they looking for impunity for the abuses, for which they were responsible, particularly during the 3rd massacre back in 2019? are they looking for a continuation of their commercial privileges? are they wanting to stay with a powerful role in the sovereignty counsel or have a role in the legislative assembly? i just a final thought to you. i'm alex at the u. s. special envoy. jeff feltman is back in the region now. very busy man. he's got to crises on his patch, ethiopia, and sudan. how important will his role be?
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do you think in negotiating the restoration of civilian rule and democracy in sudan? what's going on behind the scenes that he and the u. s. are playing a very active role and a very rapid and effective role. and it can only be to the good of all, including the good of the reputation of the united states. for this mediation, exercise, turn to yield very quick positive results. alex of all really good to get your inside. thank you very much. indeed. now the un security council meet on friday to discuss the fighting in ethiopia. international calls are growing for an immediate cease fire, and the u. s. envoy is an out, is about to push for the escalation fighters from the northern to grier regions of take him towns on a highway leading to the capitol, prompting the government to declare a state of emergency drank a good report. it's not the 1st call to arms spine if he'll be a leader,
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but this time it's against an enemy within the prime minister, abbey amad use the 1st anniversary of the conflict, antique white to call on its citizens to fight and defeat the tiguan rebels. the brim of best captain, until ethiopia is free and peaceful. this is the time every citizen has to say. i'm in ethiopian soldier to condemn this mischievous plan. while standing next to the ethiopian national defense forces to humiliate the enemy. late last year, with european national army, with strength in numbers and significant epa, pushed the t grind rebels into retreat. but since july, the rebels had been making new gains, expanding the battle from inside t gray into neighboring america, and a far reaching the school to day have not entered an unlikely alliance with the oral more liberation army. a band on splinter group from romeo region home to few peers largest ethnic group. wendy federal military had to withdraw from tig right
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in june after suffering significant battlefield losses. and that really does seem to have completed the federal monitoring. and they've been on recruitment campaigns since and including and listing these the original horses and militia. but ultimately that means sending quite roar and new recruits into battle. and that seems to have contributed to the fairly consistent gains by the to great forces through eastern am horror the rebels threatening to move further south towards addis ababa after catching to a strategic tanza on a major highway linking the northern t gray region with the capital took away the t to our leadership is highly unpopular, mixed up, beaten. our soldiers are not fighting alone. we should know that for sure, our forces will never surrender despite all that you might see on social media on satellite t v. we don't need to heed the advice of foreigners about how to deal with this
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conflict. this is our war against those who attempt to enslaved us. and i believe the u. s. has been calling for immediate negotiations with our preconditions to end the conflict. it's allowing voluntary departure of some of its staff and their family members in the capitol because of escalating violence. washington has sent its special envoy for the horn of africa disappear and they're all to regional efforts to deescalate the gotten president has called a meeting of the east african block to discuss the crisis. for no addis ababa remains on edge as neither side shows any sign of backing down bianca group, there are 0. najia government is declared 2 days of national mourning for 69 people killed in an attack on a remote village. a convoy, led by a local mare, was ambushed near the borders of marlyn, burkina faso, the regions at the center of a conflict with groups linked to iso and al qaeda. now,
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china has reported its highest single day rise in corona virus cases in 3 months. $93.00 people were infected in the last 24 hours the outbreak began in mid october and is now spread to over half of china's provinces. more than 700 cases had been reported since the search began. beijing's imposed strict rules of people traveling in and out of the country. let's speak to katrina you. she joins us from beijing katrina, this latest outbreak appears to be pretty significant. what more details are emerging that i darren? yes. that's right. so currently this outbreak has reached 19 provinces here in china, that's more than half of the regions across the country. and this latest figure is that we've got $900.00 cases reported since the end of october and the worst effected areas are, hey, long john, province on the board with russia and the northeast, and the provinces of gone through and in mongolia in the north west. now this is 900 cases reported since october 17 and many people that may not sound like very
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much compared to other countries. but this is china and still we have this 0 tolerance approach to the pandemic. we've got this tried and tested playbook, which the government used has your time and time again, really detailed contact tracing program. and if the cases identified anywhere we see rapid testing and severe and sudden locked downs. now we've had an outbreak sporadically appearing throughout the year. and this playbook has previously been quite effective in containing those outbreaks and keeping those case numbers to double digits really for most of the year. but that strategy does not seem to be working this time. and we have seen this outbreak grow to the size that it has, which is the worst since we've seen since the original outbreak and han last year. and the things that are different is that this is the delta variance, or the more infectious strain of covered 19. and also we're just coming into winter now. and especially in the north of china,
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it's already very cold. and people are spending much more time indoors. and the other difference with this particular outbreak that is that it's already reached the capital aging as well. and that's made officials very anxious or after about a year of living quite normal lives. we again see entertainment, then use closed transport, suspended for mary, for many affected areas and access to the capital tightened. and also this time around, we're seeing a difference in the way the police are being used. they're being implemented much more heavily to crack down on any crimes that they see of related to breaking covered rule. so we've seen arrests and criminal charges that as well. yeah. and katrina, how much worries there then for the winter olympics, i mean china's hosting it and just a few months time. that's right. so the winter olympics is juice open on february. the 4th. and unlike the tokyo sunday games, earlier this year, june has promised that spectators will be allowed to attend olympics events. now it
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will only be restricted to mainline residents, as china's borders are still close. and all those involved in the olympics will already be moving around a very strict couldn't came to bubble, which includes all the olympic venue. so that will be very hard to pull off. and it's very difficult to imagine them managing all of that while at the same time trying to battle this current outbreak. so officials are very on edge and they've said that they are going, they going to heighten or they've already heightened border controls even further. and we have to remember that a lot is at stake for china when it comes to these olympics, especially in terms of the optics. because for china, the winter olympics are supposed to represent its success in being able to contain the pandemic. and not only that, prove that china is 0 tolerance approach to the bars has worked and will continue to work despite so much criticism that this approach is costly, unsustainable. and this strategy has already been abandoned by a lot of china's neighbors. alright to katrina,
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your life as the invasion. katrina. thank you. now the biden administration has set a date for cove at 900 vaccination rules for businesses from january. 4th companies with a 100 or more employees would be required to ensure staff either vaccinated or tested weekly. federal workers will not be allowed to opt out. firms in violation could be fined $14000.00. several republican governors say the challenge, the mandate. alan fisher has more than capitol hill in washington dc. essentially, if you've a company that employs 100 people or more everyone has to be vaccinated. if there are employees who don't want to get back and he could, while they have to produce a negative test once a week, and the company doesn't have to pay for that test or come out of whoever decides not to get tax and it'll come from their pocket and when they're at work they will have to, we're a mask at all times. it doesn't apply to a few people, doesn't apply to health workers. there are no exceptions for them. everyone has to be vaccinated. if you're working in
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a designated health facility and federal workers as well, everyone there has to be vaccinated, and that's very clear in the monday. will there be challenges to this? of course there. well, because it's america in 2021 attorney general's across the country already saying that the government is acting outside its own laws and it's doing something that is unacceptable. well, joe biden believes that the legal drones for this mandate is absolutely rock solid . republicans were concerned that the government was insisting on these mandates, but from photo and also, her shell will and ski whose head of the cdc, the centers for disease control. they said that with vaccinations and mandates, you saw the numbers of infections and the number of hospitalizations dropped dramatically. they cited the fact that united airlines told everyone who was there, they had to be vaccinated. 1909 percent take up and the number of infections way down. tyson foods, another big american food manufacture. they also said the have to be vaccinations,
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96 percent of the employees pushed through with that. so the bite then ministration believes that this is a useful tool and the fight against covered. and they're determined to push ahead. not, not so to come here. now does air including will tell you why political opponents in nicaragua, encouraging voters to stay home during sundays election. and the jury has been selected in the u. s. for one of the most controversial cases in recent years. find that why race again has become a major issue. ah, ah, look forward to brighter skies the winter sponsored my cattle airways. happy devali weekend. hello everyone. here's your weather forecast for india. it is a wet pitcher, ma, harass drago, karnataka caroline, great into town on the do, but the orange weather alerts have been dropped so we will see bursts of rain,
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but also some dry periods mixed in there as well. thunder downpours in sri lanka, so for colombo, really, for, at the next several days looks like thunderstorms in the pitcher for you. and this to the west coast of india could circulate into something. so we'll continue to keep tabs on that. where we go right now to indo china and plenty of dry spells as we look towards central and northern areas, but still striped with some heavy rain, particularly for southern sections of vietnam on friday. it didn't douse with rain in between the gang seeing the pearl river valley. this is shooting out toward the eas, so plague in shanghai, but it's dry and in some warmer air. look at hong kong, 28 degrees film like summer. but then we look at what's going on further toward the north, all eyes on beijing. 16 degrees doesn't sound so bad, right? but when you look at the 3 day forecast, your temperature is, are coming crashing down here. rain will eventually turn into snow late saturday. so by the end of the weekend, we could have some accumulating snow on the ground up to 10 centimeters with the high of 3 degrees. that's below average. that's it too soon. lou weather
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sponsored by katara always pro democracy activists, risking their lives fighting autocracy. while i know that i might go to prison, but i will join the ra, a new episode of democracy may be exposed. the struggle of those who believe democracy is with dying for we never know when an opening is critical. when are fruit vendor is going to emulate themselves and say in the office and off my life for democracy on al jazeera lou. ah,
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welcome back. a good reminder on top stories here. this i sit down, as militarily does spoken to the u. s. secretary of state and agreed to speed up the formation of a new government body. he ordered the release of for civilian cabinet ministers detained in last month's miniature. taken the un security council would meet on friday to discuss the fighting in b o. p. international calls of growing for an immediate cease fire. us special envoy for the region is in addis ababa to push for di escalation. china has reported its highest daily rise in corona virus cases in 3 months. 93 people have been infected. infections have been searching since to meet the october no compet emissions are rebounding to levels not seen since before. the pandemic emissions are on track to rise by 4.9 percent this year. a new report was released hours after a deal to end. the use of coal was announced at the cop 26 climate summit. dozens
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of nations made new commitments. but china, india, the u. s. and australia haven't signed up to the deal. and with simmons reports on the summit in glasgow, there is not one cat, sol solution, but there's a range of initiatives. they are quite ambitious. they do. they do show promise. one, for example, is a basic whole grouping of states. banks, financial institutions, a raft of other companies, all pledge to phase out the use of coal for making power within something like 10 years. that is the ambition. but that is something of a problem in the way of the poor countries finding the money to get renewables to replace the coal consumption. so what we're looking at is a plan to do it, but not necessarily any force to make it happen. and there are exceptions to
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of, to this defeat, these pledges. one is china, china has not committed to the goals set by others. and the united states hasn't signed up. but john kerry or the u. s. special envoy on climate does say that they've already made a commitment to sort the problem of coal out. this is what he had to tell al jazeera. we are committed to be carbon free in our power sector by 2035. and the president has committed that we will have only electric vehicles by 2035, no more internal combustion engine. so we're moving ahead very, very aggressively. but sir, critics do say that, so what's happening here is really not happening quickly enough. 2035 is too late, according to scientists, many scientists and also according to climate activists,
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are also, there is the issue of people actually following through on pledges a global pledged and deforestation by 2030 is already facing challenges just days after a $128.00 nations signed up the ambitious plan in glasgow. indonesia environment minister has dismissed it as inappropriate and unfair despite her country a green to it on monday, she says, is at odds with development plans. the signatories, which also include brazil and the democratic republic of congo, account for 85 percent of the world's forests. the top you and official in bosnia herzegovina says the peace deal that ended the war 26 years ago is now under threat . the bosnian serb leader miller had doty announced plans to establish a separate army within the country. and that violates the 1995 dakin peace accord, which ended the 3 and a half year conflict. political opponents in nicaragua are encouraging voters to
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stay home during sunday's election and protest against the government crackdown on its critics and presidential hopefuls some 40 opposition figures have been detained since june. this year, newman reports from the border with costa rica. he is young. i still owed other lives in costa rica, only a few meters from the nicaraguan border on their failing, where he standing in nicaragua, it used to be a row of wooden posts. they've all been removed. so we calculate the border from this tree all the way over there. starting at dawn, nicaragua, to begin crossing into costa rica through the poorest border men, women and children making their way through the mud rainy season mixed the track far more difficult. but the main challenge is making sure they aren't caught before crossing the border. this is what they call a pronto serial or blind spot in a legal border crossing. and it's from here that the nicaraguan migrants come in,
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some of them lose their shoes. some of them a lot more, but they're not hiding from the costa rican police. are hiding from the nicaraguan army, which is just over there. we can practically see them from here. and they are trying to prevent nicaraguans from leaving the country ahead of the presidential elections . these 2 young nicaragua, students left managua by bus at 3 am, and walked for hours to cross the border with the help of guides, people who know the paths and how to avoid soldiers. you're starting from that. they don't want to be identified because their opponents of nicaragua, president daniel ortega and say they fear reprisals against those they've left behind. vatike aren't there? what get them going on? like bell? i came because we'll have under a dictatorship. we have no voice. the moment you speak of them and you have a police patrol car at your door to take your way all of our friends and family. in my case, the majority are in prison. our only option is to run for our lives. nicaragua,
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opposition is boycotting sundays presidential elections. this guide tells me that many people are rushing into costa rica so they can't be forced to vote. he says nicaraguan soldiers quote and arrested a large group to leave earlier this morning. when the rain stops, another group crosses a river into costa rica and need a new government crackdown against political opponents. hundreds of more nicaraguans adjoining the thousands who all ready taken refuge here is still out of basil says there are rumors that the nicaraguan government may soon close the border already very worthy. i mean there are loads of soldiers along the border because of the election. they're probably afraid that people will return and try to make trouble for them. but in fact, nicaraguans keep leaving noticeably nervous and reluctant to speak to us, at least on camera. here got our, i can't talk because in nicaragua, if you say anything, they will take you for a ride over that slang for getting killed,
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like many he wants to return to nicaragua. when things improve a centimeter, it seems to reflect a desire more than an objective possibility for the near future. lucy and human al jazeera, at the costa rica, nicaragua, border peruse. congress has confirmed a moderate left cabinet after 3 months of political wrangling present. federal castillo has been struggling to get the opposition, led congress to approve his choices. but the new lineup has alienated some of his allies, and several ministers voted against the new cabinet. the, by the ministrations approve its 1st major arm sale to saudi arabia. congress now has 30 days to review these $650000000.00 sale of air to air missiles. has been bipartisan criticism of saudi arabia's involvement in the war in yemen. and the attempts to block arms sales to the kingdom. the u. a state department says this sale is meant to help me or defend itself against cross border air attacks from
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goofy rebels. in the us house, democrats are put on votes on a pair of long delayed spending bills. there's urgency to pass the bills off a democrat, suffered a state level election defeat in virginia, and a near defeat in new jersey. the roughly 3 trillion dollar economic plan is vital to jo biden's domestic agenda. but it's face drawn out, talks on capital hill, due to disagreements between progressive and moderate democrats. the judge in the trial, ahmad aubrey's killing, says there appears to be intentional discrimination in the jury selection, but he's allowed the trial to go ahead. 11 white people and one black man will hear evidence. in the trial of 3 white men, accused of murdering aubrey. a black man who was killed while out jogging defense attorney struck will most all potential black jurors on the pool. prosecutors call for judge timothy walmsley to reverse the rejection of 8 of the black jurors. the judge says he cannot legally intervene. how whether the choir festus, some of what we've already been faith in in this case is the lead part of the
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injustices that we see here in glenn county. not just with this case, but with many. so it's just another part of what we face every day. and besides, j grey has been following developments on the court house in brunswick, georgia. let's talk 1st about what the judge specifically said in reference to this jury make up an i'm quoting here, he says there appears to be intentional discrimination by the defense team. they struck 8 potential black. you're saying that they were just overly biased, that they had already made up their minds about this case. and the judge said he's got to let that stand because they didn't use race as a basis for removing these potential panelists. what you end up with here is a jury, that's 11 white jurors and one member of that panel is black and the makeup of this small town about 85000 people that live here is 26 percent black. so this jury in no way represents the community where this case is being tried. that being said,
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they are moving forward. they had a bit of a judicial house cleaning if you will today, getting through some pre trial motions and tomorrow. we begin with the opening statements and both sides are promising video as a part of those opening statements, as well as some very emotional or references during these speeches before they get underway. ah, tougher creature of the top stories here on al jazeera sedans, military leaders, spoken to the u. s. secretary of state and agree to speed up the formation of a new government. earlier he ordered the release of for civilian cabinet ministers detained in last month's military takeover. thousands have been protesting and cartoon calling for democratic transition since this military takeover we have made very.


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