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man, they say to keep social distance thing, but the other hand, they have the activity. goldman did anything any, they put them in the social distance and what's the point of the body also mark the onset of phoenician sees and especially in new delhi and pos is northern india to stem this many states are only allowing people to boss what they call green track because unless you do, denny, which is one of the most polluted cities in the world, has banned all fire cracker and impulse, hefty fines on violators. daily quality this we did. did you want if it's was level the season and the met department predicts that air pollution levels will remain high over the next few days. i from one shop stories to 0. state media says she dawn's military leader has ordered the release of 4 civilian cabinet ministers detained in military take over last
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month. it comes with hundreds in khartoum. continue to protest against the dissolution of the ruling. civilian transitional council, general elbow han has spoken to you an invoice. you don about a potential agreement including return of acid promise to handle it. morgan has more from cartoon, we have the minister of information, the minister of trade, the minister of telecommunications, and the minister of youth and sports. those are the 4 ministers who have been released, those who have not been released or the ministry, the minister of industry, and the member of the sovereignty council hamlet advocate who is also the spokesperson of the dissolved sovereignty counsel. now the united nations secretary general has spoken to general abdel for him and has called on the release of all political prisoners. and also the release of prime minister of the him who is still under house arrest. despite repeated mediation efforts by the un,
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by neighboring south sedan, and by national figures here in edge, a new efforts turned away to come. the escalating war in ethiopia, african nations and the european union have called for an immediate cease fire. if your government has declared a state of emergency as to grow and rebels claim to have made advances towards the capital, one. with half a graduation says europe is back at the same find. central and eastern europe, where vaccination rates are low, a worst effected and dozens of countries have pledged to win their economies off coal on the energy day of the $26.00 climate summit in glasgow. coal is considered one of the biggest contributors to climate change. some of the biggest consumers of coal did not sign the commitment including us, china, india, and australia. job stores do stay with a stream is next on the military takeover ensued on one is after that weisner ah,
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ah ah . ah, i asked me ok, welcome to the stream today we up when you news and analysis from see don can the minute she qu be reversed. let me bring in here morgan, she's out. is there a correspondent who is on that story? hippa, what is the headline while it's been fast moving back to this headline apparently is the release of for some of the political prisoners who are arrested on the morning of the takeover. so again, very fast moving developments here in sedan,
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but the latest we have is the release of the political prisoners. although there are many who still remain under arrests. we have a lot to talk about in this show and i bring, you know, just keep her but holland and also miss anne. nice to have both of you ladies with us or hulu. first of all, please introduce yourself. tell out what is who you are, what you do with have you been watching the news in the past hour or so? you would have seen her do. the analyses are right on al jazeera. nice go ahead. welcome to the stream. thank you, family. hi everyone. i'm for more than i'm the managing partner of the think tanks, custom called insight strategy that we sent up to support the transition, which is having admitted if i'm at the moment that more and that's it. i want to hear more about that in just a moment. was an welcome to the stream. introduce yourself to our international audience. thank you very much. i'm was on a needy, i'm a political activist, a co founder of the innovation science and technology, a think tank for people center development and a fellow at the lead institute from
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a delay policy. as you can see, we have a very informed line up if you on youtube, right now, the comment section is it's here, but your comments, your questions about c, dan, about sedans, coo and i would do my best to bring those comments and questions into the show we are going to start with a little bit of recap from the last couple of days. and to that, i'm going to look to my colleagues at start here. we're going to take us back breaking news out of saddam, where the military has arrested several civilian ministers and officials. thousands of people have taken to the streets to protest against monday's military. cuz this guy, general abdel fata overhung, has taken control and kicked out the prime minister. people are really angry. they're back on the streets like they were 2 years ago. that's when they brought down a president. they blamed for 30 years of a coffee museum
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. i'm going to start with a tweet that's come in about this show about this half hour. we want peace in sudan . this comment comes from m d. rackaboto has san your thoughts right now respond to that tweet. we want peaceful and peaceful on justice and we want freedom is what sydney's protestors have been repeating a long prior to the december evolution in 2018. and they continued to their interest in peace. have been shown quick clearly and promptly in the respond of the public to the cool and how early it within the early hours of the cool people to cover the streets and started building barricades and announced their strike. some of the strikes that were pre announced almost a month before the cool because the who was anticipated to anyone in sudan and also to anyone who, who would observe objectively the situation is with and the partnership was falling
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apart. and it was clear that the path was not taken to a place of peace and justice and freedom that people have long over struggled for. it was being called the partnership of blood since he was actually compromised with killers and the killers have shown, there are 2 faces. again, they have killed in the streets of sudan at least 18 confirmed deaths in the last 11 days since the cool though, sorry, the confirmed ones. and keep in mind that most of the cities of the quiet now has no access to internet to be able to access the internet and express yourself as it's denise is a fixed ext, extraordinary measures and a good percentage of risks on oneself as well. i am but many detained, including the workers where it went on strike, the workers and the white nail factory have been detained. the staff of the university have been detained. all of that is what is happening right now in sudan . it is clear to denise public that the path to peace can only be done through
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a full revolution. and that's why them the that's what the professors are saying in the streets right now, right? that we will not, we will no longer and accept half her illusion. we will longer accept the compromise. that's also the resistance committees are saying in their demand that they're calling for a full i want to share the conversation with your co panelists. i want you to leave them something to say, let me bring them in here, allude. thank you miss anna. come right back to hello at what is the state of see down at one week into a military coup in the last few moments with getting breaking news of political prisoners being released. what else is happening? well, the interesting thing to note that we've had almost an immediate shift empower off to the queue. you know, the army sort of came in very hot and heavy. they arrested a whole group of when editions of an activist, but immediately we saw it was, it wasn't said that response from st. and so that has sort of, you know,
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tilted this power balance on his axis almost immediately. and since then, see, you know, civil disobedience isn't now the largest protest of the globally in recent years with 4000000 people coming out on the 30th. we have seen the basis of this military to crumble. also, we've seen the regional allies are real sports that the crew have also come out publicly now to condemn the crew or to condemn these coal for resolution to the crisis. and so we're seeing this sort of shift away from our concentrated military hands, which obviously it has been part of the largest part of the past 2 years. shift again, interested in your hands, what that looks like and how to take that forward and how to reach the billing goal . that's the challenge that we're facing. now. if i want to understand what it's like for people on the street in sudan, if the ones that you've spoken to, then we start, hey, on my laptop, this is net blocks. net blocks is a global internet monitor. and this is a fascinating,
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this graph that they put together. this is last week just before october, the 25th. this is the usage on line. and then suddenly the debt, the huge debt, there was a spike when the mobile internet was restored last tuesday. and then here we are right here with virtually no connectivity. that is an issue. what else is happening? heather? while there are so many things happening, when you look at it in terms of economy, there has been a more good faith available in the market. and it's obvious that in the military is trying to show that, you know, in the one week that we took over, or in the 11 days that we've taken over, we've been able to provide you with goods. we've been able to reduce the price of fuel after the lifting of subsidies. but then i think one thing i'm impressed about is how people are thinking normally. i think you would see people quite happy that
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there's more commodities in the market and that there's been a drop in prices, but people are asking questions. you know that. and i was quite surprised what i wouldn't say surprised would quite impress to hear it to hear people say things like it goes on to show how far the previous government, the government that has been out by the military is not really to blame for the economic crisis, you know, when you have the military taking over an interest, a few days, the fuel prices has dropped. we have flowering the market, we have more bread, we have the ports open. it. people are now saying that they believe that the military actually had a role in the comic crisis that was created during the the, the times of the transitional government. one thing we're also hearing is the, the lack of the freedom that has been taken away. people can express themselves freely, so during the 1st days of the call, you know, when we try to interview people to get their sense of what's going on. the 1st thing you'd hear is i'm not going to get in trouble with the military. and if it
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comes up, it takes me back to the days, you know, we time people protesting on the streets and you sometimes find a few people like about 1520, maybe even 50. and i would always ask myself, what difference does it make when you have about 10 people protesting for a call cause. but then since the military takeover and i understand that it's the freedom of expression. and i don't think we'll be seeing that much. people have already been expressing fears about their views. don't want to openly express their, their views on the, on the, on the development. some of them just say, you know, i just want to go on living i, but there's also the number of people who talk to us about how angry they are. because of the take over. yeah, sorry about it's continue also seeing that people actually have sort of traversed this point where they understand exactly what the changes are. but this still pushing for this is that the demands to be heard. so for the original demands of
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the 2018 revolution with the knowledge of what has happened since. and i think that, you know, this regime that we had before 2018 and to some extent it's the same people that we see in this current qu, leadership are, you know, they are, they have done some frightful things. and yet you still see this result from the streets or i think you're right there is this awareness now. all you know what it means, what the duties as a citizen off and that have never really been cultivated before. this awareness, right, that's coming through and it's, it's really kind of causing that shit the minute you might miss, you strengthen the truth, propensity for violence doesn't really scare people in the same way anymore. and i think that's a little chip which i'm really well ad here. if i may, is that while the awareness is, is actually good to have, but i will put what i would put as actually the 1st reason why people are capable of facing the military core right now is the organization, the level of organization that we're seeing with the resistance committees,
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the neighborhood resistance committees that are actually right now cover in the basic needs of the neighborhoods that are doing the civil disobedience covering their basic needs. and also some of them working on an elected and select and leaders i looked in to look to members of the national parliaments. so they, so they are ready to take power and take over the governance of their areas, this level of organization that we're also seeing just hours before the, the millions march. on the 3rd of october, that kennedy neighborhood resistance committee put out its 7 demands that include its no negotiation and no compromise with the military and no going back to military rule on within hours, it was adopted by more and more neighborhood committees. and we saw that before the morning of the 30th was already at least for them and the tri, pirated capital. it was the demands of the capital and it was the demands. we also heard in the streets when we marched on october 13th. so this level of organization
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and keeping in mind that this is being done and there's lots of internet shut down radio stations or even being scrambled calls. we lost calls for the 24 hours of the 13th of october during the march, which with people and more risk because people could not basically warrant. there are other resistance committees and the other professors that are there, that security forces are coming. and due to that, we actually the last 2 at least 2 martyrs on the day of the 13th of october. so this level of organization is, was allowing this, it needs revolution to continue. and i guess the put on resistance committees and their big role on this, or let me suggest a, another potential reason why the resistance movement is doing well. and that may well be international reaction and international condemnation to the military. cuz it may well be, i'm gonna ask lou about that, but 1st i want to go to a senior analyst at the international crisis group. this is harness horner as soon
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as he finishes speaking, hello, please react telephone. here again. the withholding of a by the united states by the world bank $700000000.00 and $2000000000.00 respectively, is really much more aimed at avoiding allowing the military to accrue any credit for any success that they may have in alleviating the needs of sydney's that aid was given in the 1st place with the strategic idea that it would improve the civilian led government's ability to show students that it could respond adequately to the needs of students. i mean, i think jonas is right. there has been a lot of national pressure for being brought to back on the crew lead it, but i would say that it incumbent on international leaders with support democracy to put pressure on those that don't. right. that's where that conversation is most useful. and we've seen these and see that the united states in the united kingdom have, have come out of the basement. the quad statement with battery, basically,
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each with the biggest ad supports the ministry, and they have put pressure on the river back mouth. that is sort of back very fine, some international relations and being able to make things happen. but i'm not sure what the street of a claim for us about we happen to go back to the 24th of october. and the said there are lots of pools coming up from different courses that need the viking thing . if this is not what we want to want more than what fools are getting wanted a p. and bear in mind that we're not included in any of these condemnations of the i would just like to add to that, that the, the modest amount of so called aide that was sent to sudan. they were mostly used and thought was spent on the bureaucracy of argona international and 8 organizations that we so and that we know very small amounts actually reached the people. so yes, maybe with home than these funds will have an impact on the availability of hard currency for the, for the military, for their military council,
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the military co council. but in reality, for the people, these amounts were not just only modest, but also they can came coupled and conditioned with economic policies that eliminated the government that were used as the narrative for the cool by the, by the military council. and it was not in any way that i see it or the i believe the public. this is nissan. nick sees it sees it helpful to this is denise people. in reality, even the statement that we heard from you came back, there are the special invoice, the special invoice, the u. s. special invoice for the horn of africa actually called the killing of 18 mortars the injuries of hundreds and hundreds detained, a restraint and exercise of restraint by the army, while he called that the rightful demands of this with these people are unrealistic to expect of fully civilian government, this is unacceptable at the way i see that international communities intervene. us has been counter revolutionary. how and what i will say regarding the statements
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we're saying right now is that the push by the people on the ground have forest. those parties to utilize the language of their evolution to try to pass the compromise. however, eventually, whenever they actually try to put a compromise on the table, i strongly believe it will be rejected by the public seeing the reaction in the streets right now. let's talk about the military, have helped me to this. i'm going to start on my laptop with abdur rahim, who told us just before we started his program, this military go back to the border, forget political issues and leave them to political parties. that sort there also i want to bring in to greet who spoke just a little bit earlier on video. the problem i think that actually goes to the situation was leadership, not meeting room. whether it was the civilians or the military without actually both side senior. this issue because of the most important thing right now is to
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get out of this military coup the military, how much in good faith they started off this entire process with this miley crackdown that led to deaths, fatalities, injuries and mass censorship of an entire country. so we can safely say that we don't trust the military, we don't trust them to least to democracy. and any issues that we have with the government, the government, legitimate government, can be solved my knees other than the military. him a, we actually approach the military. i know you have done as well too, so yeah, call me there has and they refused to be on the program. they wouldn't answer any of us. yes, we've spoken. yeah. go ahead. we will spoken to some of the military commanders and as well as the pro military parties. so that that's a bit, i guess i'm trying to wrap my head around that, but yeah,
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we'll look into the military commanders in the military parties. and i think there is a lot of anger and there is a lot of resentment towards the army. and then you see, there's also, i think the, the military does have concerns about how about the status of taken and how far it will bring them when it comes to accountability, how far down it will bring them. so i think one thing that you get a sense of is that, you know, we, we're the ones in charge. we should be responsible for the country stability. and that political parties have not been very united. and they've not been very i think they stepped up to they gave when it came to the issue of leadership so that, that, that's one thing that you hear repeatedly from them. but the issue of accountability as well. you know, when you talk about, when we ask them about the protestors killed about those who are detained in the sense that this is, this is our leadership were the one thing controls were the ones who brought this transition just because, you know,
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when protest went and set up that sitting in front of the army headquarters in on the 6th of april 2019 we the one who are said bashir. therefore anything else that comes after is our responsibility. so this sense of where the power we're the control, we're the ones with the guns, but we're also the ones with the 4th and the minds. and we're the ones with the authority because we're the ones who took the step. there's that sense that you keep getting from them. and then when you look at the st, just that every single time you hear that narrative from the military, especially in their statements, and you tend to the 3, the anger seems to keep growing. you know, like know if you did not overthrow this year until we protested against the tuition . and so we voice our anger and this is something here from all protest. i knew we were the ones who did the steps were the ones who turn the wheels of emotion. and you guys are basically just a step in this whole and your role ultimately is to preserve the security of the nation. yes, the best at the border is not internally and not targeting,
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as you know, processors were simply expressing their, their right to, to have a civilian leadership team to live in democracy to have freedom be think just as the most of the revolution. so, so again it's, it's very hard to get a sense of how far you can do with the military do away with the military. they seem to be very adamant that we're going from a transitional government. we're going to have a sovereignty council. we will be in charge and we want to form a civilian transitional government led by prime minister up the door for anybody else who we choose. but they don't want to be removed from the picture. that's something completely opposite of what we hear from people on the street. and the complete it seems to be in line with what we hearing from the international mediate of a parent earlier from mother and pollute about the role of international mediators . but the thing to get a sense that we can take the military out of the picture, and that's something you hear from the military as well. we're not getting out of this equation. if you guys want to solve this crisis, you're going to have to find a way for with us in it and preferably having the upper hand, if not equal hands with the civilian and with the processors on the street. i'd
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like to add someone to what he has said is that the military, in reality was not a step in the path of the revolution. it was, it was a compromise. it was a compromise that was pushed on the people and actually by mediators similar to the ones are war quiet. now. basically the military was rewarded for a massacre by a power sharing agreement. that's what happened earlier. and the people in sudan are clear that they will not repeat that it is, it's very disappointing. you expected that the international mediators will try to force on the compromise on this is denise people. and it's also very expected and disappointing that international media will keep ignoring the actual leader of the revolutionary movement and the streets, which is the resistance committees. you can watch international media and mainstream media for days about that and not know that there is such a thing as
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a resistance goes on. and does that have a difference to what is happening on the ground? if the resistance is happening on the ground? groceries level? does it matter what international media site? what matters over here is that we will also, we are if we have access to the internet, we will be sharing that ourselves, express into ourselves interior with our allies and even sharing the experience with other revolutionary nations that are a working on evolution right now. and against dictatorships, and that's what, that's how evolution works. why it, that's it. you can not avenue illusion in one country. doesn't work that way. there will always be counter evolutionary regimes and governments around you that's trying to bring you back into under a dictatorship. if we had the access to express ourselves, it wouldn't have mattered. but the fact that we do not have the access and international media that some of them say that they align with the values of this, of the nice people international organizations as well. who have the capacity and the resources to carry our voices and amplifiers. while we are under internet shut down, they refused to do that. they carry
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a narrative that makes it easier for the military to jump in with a compromise than carry the actual narrative of grassroots movement and why it will not be possible to push such a compromise on the, to the nice people. i don't, i'm just looking at the title for today's discussion. can the military coup in sudan be reversed? and then we start, i mean, how come with some breaking news? which, which may be like, oh, may be. what do you think and mean the point given can it is a point, it's should it, yes, it can be robust enough. the pipe on all 5000000000 to compromise on the military to sort of be incentivized to realize that that's the best option out. the question is, should it be, you know, the previous sets up as you know, due to the q who was not exactly successful. it's only pulled on on the military
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for advancement in terms of wanting to take, but the reasons why the ministry, they just needed to pick the papers back to the 2020. so, but they did quote the question in and you know, it's right there is a lack of imagination from mediated both domestic and international about breaking the sort of standard policy to cruise, which is always say, you still need to have some bad and all, some you know contingent, all the very oppressive you're trying to unseat, you know, there's not much room within that model of completely getting rid of the military. and so we need to have a we think that community, the media, whether i don't believe they have about essential, ill equipped and often ahead of any $490.00. i lose. thank you for meaningful engaging with a string today resign and hipaa as well. let me show you where they are on line
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here, morgan, back here on my laptop. i lose on twitter. emmy's anchor as well. but a trio thanks to watching. see you next time. ah . november on al jazeera, 5 years after the his story, he feel between fog rebels and the colombian government algebra examined white tensions and violence of rising once again. emma award winning poor flies investigates the untold stories across the us. millions encompassed on boat in parliamentary elections under a new constitution. and more than
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a year after the last old figured political crisis in mercy and personal short documentary africa, direct show cases, african stories from african filmmakers. china marks $100.00 days until it holds the winter olympics. but how will the pandemic and cool for a boycott impact the sporting event november on out jazeera if america held up a mirror to itself, what would it see in a sense, race is the story of america. what's working and what's not. a lot of people are only talking about that. it wasn't at the top of the agenda if america can't handle multiple challenges on multiple fronts, we need to go back to school. the bottom line, when i was just there i'm, i care about how the us engaging with the rest of the world. we're really interested in taking you in to a place you might not visit otherwise and feel as if you were there now. well, come to a world of comfort and certainly thanks without any business class,
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which way your privacy is paramount and your experience comes, sit back, relax in your own private space and let us take care of everything. catera weighs the airline you can rely on. ah, hello and lauren taylor and under the top stories are now to 0. so don's military leader has ordered the release of 4 civilian cabinet ministers detained in a minute to take over last month. as comes as hundreds and cartoon continued to protest against the dissolution of the ruling, the civilian transitional council, general abdel fatter algo hon, spoke to the you and envoy f. as you don about a potential agreement, including the return of ousted prime minister of dela hm. duke, if morgan has more from caught him, we have the minister of information. the minister of trade, the minister.


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