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tv   [untitled]    November 4, 2021 7:00pm-7:30pm AST

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on out, just a challenge is getting people to engage part of the sample clock that was on good luck. we are the one grappling the extra mile. where are the media don't go, we go there and we give them a chance to tell their story. ah, you don't, is beck at the epicenter or upon the mc that'd be, were one year to go? the world health organization says here appears in the group 12 a significance covered 19 resurgence. ah, hello there i'm, how am i here, dean and this is al jazeera lloyd from doha. also coming up, the european union calls for an immediate cease far and, and go see ations is fighting intensifies in ethiopia. aaron's president,
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to man see, or sanctions be lifted was part of its return to the 2015. you clear deal plus government message about stockpile and fit in china. sparks panic after fuel and power shortages. ah, europe is once again the sensor of the cove with 19 pandemic fats. the assessments of the world health organization, which says recorded infections a higher there than those in asia. and africa combines, hospitalization, admission rates do, took over 19 more than doubled in one week based on doubly sure, europe's latest data. according to one label projection. if we stay on this trajectory, we could see another half a 1000000 of it, 19 bits in europe and central asia by the 1st of february,
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next year. and 43 countries in already, and we'll face high to extreme stress on hospital bits at some point through the same period, john hall has more from london 78000000 new infections currently recorded across those 53 countries. that number is higher than the cumulative total of southeast asia, east mediterranean, the western pacific, and the whole of africa. and those numbers mr. clue pointed out a going up by around a quarter of a 1000000 infections every single day. and 3600 deaths being recorded every single day and half a 1000000 potentially by february. that's just 4 months from now. why is this happening? well, the w h o pointed to potential causal factors. the 1st he said was the relaxation of public health and social measures. you can take the u. k. as an example of that
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were mandatory precautions were lifted in july, much of the population here going about their lives as if the threat has largely passed. and secondly, he said insufficient vaccination coverage now abroad. that's about 2 things that's about people who had their vaccination 6 months or more ago finding that their immunization, their protection is now waning. and also the problem of vaccine hesitancy in some countries. russia is a particular example here with high levels of misinformation on social media and distrust of locally produced vaccines. russia, the worst country on the list, recording over a 1000 deaths every single day, the bypass ministration as an, as the deadline for it's covered 1900 vaccination mandates and heavy fines from january. 4th companies with $100.00 or more employees will be required to ensure saw for either vaccinated or tested weekly firms signed to be in violation of the
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mandate could be fines, almost $14000.00. allen fisher joins us now live from capitol hill island. these new measures that president biden wants to bring in our cohens effect on january 4th. we knew they were coming and it was just about when they would come and no renew is going to be 2 weeks from today. interesting that any company with 100 employees or more will have to make sure that everyone is vaccinated. walker so choose not to be vaccinated. we'll have to have a test every week that comes and back negative. that will be their course. the employers don't have to pay for that. so clearly there's an incentive there. and also if you're an vax than you're in the office and you get that negative test, then you have to wear a mask at all times. and companies have to enforce this. or there will be facing $14000.00 for each breach, and that becomes punitive for many companies as well. that won't count though for
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health workers, there is no testing for them. they have to be vaccinated. that is coming as a government mandate and that also includes federal workers as well. again, newly way for testing or not being vaccinated, you've got to go ahead and get vaccinated. will there be challenges to this? yeah, absolutely. bit your life there. well, because this is america in 2021 and attorneys general from around the country, it already saying that they are going to take the vitamin ministration to court. they believe that they are using legislation that actually doesn't imply employ here. that it isn't a what police injury and therefore they have no right to do this. the bite administration though very confident that they are on solid legal ground and this will go ahead come january the 4th and allen, you're joining us from the capitol hill. i or what's going on there right now. this is the senate committee hearing on how to take the response to corporate
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forward from here and all the mean figures are there including rochelle, valencia of the c, d. c. and antony photo, of course, has become well known throughout the united states, but also a bit of a hate figure on the right. they have been talking up the benefit of vaccinations and also of mandates. the point to the fact that united airlines said to their staff, you have to be vaccinated, or else you lose your job. 99 percent of employees decided to get vaccinated tysons foods. one of the big food manufactures here in the united states said the same to the employees, a 96 percent take up rate. they believe that not only does it scope hospitalizations, but it saves lives as well. and the biden administration says, look, if you go ahead with these mandates, it means that more people will get back into the workforce. it will help with the economy. it will help with unemployment. it could also help with inflation is supply chain issues start to come back. they believe that this is a good thing that are some who say it's not. but at the moment, as far as the bag than ministration is concerned,
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is fuel speed ahead to january the 4th and kal and fisher, they are joining us ally from capitol hill allen for night. thank you. uganda as president, as calling for east african leaders to meet sand, discuss the worst and conflicts in ethiopia. meanwhile, the u. s. embassy and address above us, allowing some of its staff and the families to leave. if european governments is declared, the state of emergency is to grow and rebels claim to have made advances towards the capital. european union is now among those calling for an immediate cease far priyanka character reports. it's not the 1st call to arms spine. if he'll be a leader, but this time it's against an enemy within a percent prime, mister abbey amad use the 1st anniversary of the conflict antique white to call on its citizens to fight and defeat the tiguan rebels, nebraska until ethiopia is free and peaceful. this is the time every citizen has to
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say. i'm an ethiopian soldier, to condemn this mischievous plan. while standing next to the ethiopian national defense forces to humiliate the enemy. late last year, if he'll be a national army with a strength in numbers and significant air, paul pushed the tiguan rebels into retreat. since july, the rebels had been making the gains and expanding the battle from insight into neighboring, unheard of our region. the central day have now entered an unlikely alliance with the oral more liberation army. a band splinter group from romeo region, home to few p s largest ethnic group when the federal military had to withdraw and pick right in june after suffering significant battlefield losses. not really does seem to depleted the federal military. they've been on recruitment campaign since including and lifting these regional forces on militia. but ultimately,
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that means sending quite roll new recruits into battle. and that seems to have contributed to the fairly consistent gain by the great forces through eastern . i'm hora. the rebels are threatening to move the south towards addis ababa after capturing to strategic honda on a major highway linking the northern taker, i region with the capitol to go with the teacher and leadership. it's highly unpopular mixed up because i was soldiers are not fighting alone. we should know that for sure, our forces will never surrender despite all that you might see on social media on satellite tv. we don't need to heed the advice of foreigners about how to deal with this conflict. this is our rule against those who attempt to enslavers. the u. s. has been calling for immediate negotiations with our preconditions to end the conflict. it's allowing voluntary departure of some of its staff and their family
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members in the capitol because of escalating violence. washington has sent its special envoy for the horn of africa to if you appear, and they're all to region left with to deescalate. the you got new president has called a meeting of the east african block to discuss the crisis. for no addis ababa remains on edge as neither side shows any sign of backing down. bianca group there. i'll 0 after monson holds talk survive the iran nuclear deal has been scheduled for the end of november negotiations between the sigma trees in vienna, stalls and june u. s. as welcome the return to talks and says it expects them to pick up where they left off will be original agreement was signed in 2015. it was designed to limit terrans nuclear ambitions in exchange for sanctions relief bots in may 2018 and president donald trump with through the us and began reimpose infections in november last year. they are a reported iran stock pile of enriched uranium,
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had reached 12 times the permitted levels in april and direct talks began in vienna to bring the u. s. and iran bank into compliance with the j. c. p. o. a. the next day, ron began enriching uranium up to 60 percent will fix rounds of talks were held in vienna. they concluded in june to a low for president for him. right. you see to form and you government's will. speaking earlier, yvonne's president has outlined his demand for us sanctions to be lifted as part of a return to the deal. m rose nagondo. let them have them and our family letter. today, our government looks to protect the interest of the nation. we try to preserve the rights of the people in any situation to us to talk should be result oriented. should bear results that include the reduction of hardships for our dear people. as we have said before, we didn't leave and won't be even negotiating table,
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but will resist excessive demand and stand in the face of the arrogant countries ignore the rights of the iranian people. we will resist the violations of international agreements. the rainy nation showed resistance over the past 40 years . what has correspond? kimberly hawkins has the view from washington dc. well, the united states, expecting to work with as partners and allies, namely the european nations that have been working closely with the united states on this issue to make one message clear. and that is that the window of opportunity for negotiating is not indefinite. in other words, that it cannot be prolonged in the united states will also, if iran takes any what it perceives to be provocative steps that window would close . so the united states is very keen to get to work and get to work quickly. they don't want to see this drawn out over a long period of time. and to that end, what we saw ready is the united states on the sidelines of the g 20 in this past
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week. having a meeting with some european leaders in order to try and compare notes on ron's nuclear program and also on the path forward. so it's very clear that the united states is looking to do this in partnership ad with the unified voice in the use a heads a jury has been selected in the us. but one of the most controversial cases in recent years under my race, has become a major issue. and under pressure, lebanon's prime minister is facing a difficult decision to hew the countries reefs the saudi arabia. ah, ah, look forward to really to sky's through with sponsored point, cut off at ways. how are they welcome to the look at the international forecast.
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we'd have something to change the weather taking place. so much of china over the next. i also the moments it sloshy try and quiet some missed folk and some frost to watch out for he comes out, shine central air is seeing some very heavy right where to where the pushing eye, which was at eastern side of china. and then as we go on into saturday, looking at snow, approaching beijing ahead of that, there is some warmth around font, it's life for the korean peninsula. and also for good part of japan. wanted to shout coming instantly passage, panko. see some where to where the through the weekend. and if you go through the weekend, like you look at what happens to beijing to 13 celsius here on saturday as we go on into sunday, temperatures go wash. some very heavy rang turning to snow as we go on through sunday, a top temperature then of only 3 degrees celsius. so i suspect you'll notice that one might be a shower. meanwhile, across southeast asia, some lobby showers there into the philippines, southern parts of indo china usual splattering of showers there,
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across malaysia and on into indonesia. it's a very heavy re me while across southern parts of in the us, big down ports coming through here. the eastern areas of the country and little circulation in the arabian sea, turning a wet to the west, blue weather sponsored by katara, always indonesia, the country with an abundance of results with great r and one indonesia, his friends for me, we moved full to grow and frock, we balance for green economy, blue economy, and the digital economy with the new job creation law, indonesia is progressively ensuring the policy reform to create quality jobs investment. let me park linda. this is growth and progress in indonesia. now, lou
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ah, this is al jazeera, quick reminder of the top stories this our euro pay is once again, the epicenter of the pandemic. that's the assessments of the world health organization, where it says recorded infections are higher there than those in asia. and africa combines international alarm of the conflicts and he few peers grew in the use called for an immediate cease far. and the u. s. embassy is allowing some staff and their families to leave you candice presidents as cultural, regional leaders to address the crisis and talks to revive the 2015 around nuclear dealer resumes are scheduled to resume at the end of november and direct negotiations between all signatories in vienna. stonewall class june auto abraham racy one the presidential election and almost all point jury
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has been selected for the trial of a black man murdered in the us state of georgia last year. evidence in the racially charged case, for amador bri will be held spy, 11 white people, and one black man 25 year old aubrey was killed while out for a run. 3 point men are charged how, whether the prior festus, some of what we've already been faith in, in this case, it's another part of the injustices that we see here in glenn county are not just with this case, but with many. so it's just another part of what we face every day. and b, c reporter jay gray is in brunswick, georgia, outside the court was a long and very contentious jury selection process 2 and a half weeks to get this 12 member panel. as you talk about, there's still a lot of contention over that 11 white jurors, one black jury members, the judge in this case is already set. and i'm quoting here,
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there appears to be intentional discrimination that by defense attorneys, he says in the selection process. but he also goes on to point out that they didn't violate any georgia state law by striking some potential african american jurors. and that this trial will move forward with this jury 25 year old amman, aubrey's killing sport nationwide protest. he was jogging in a neighborhood here in brunswick when he was chased down, shot and killed by greg mc michael and his son travis, a neighbor william roddy, bryan captured the shooting on cell phone video. all 3 have been charged and his death. of course, that video will be at the center of this high profile case. lebanon's prime minister is facing pressure to sac his information minister because in a dispute with saudi arabia, george cruder, he made comments about the war in yemen that have angered several gulf states. say
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no to reports from bay woods. this conference was about promoting tourism in a nearly bankrupt country. but instead lebanese prime minister, in se, because he had to address a crisis threatening his 2 months old government, saudi arabia and some arab called countries have severed ties with lebanon for what they see as an increasing dominance of the hezbollah armed group. and then as he moved, we are determined to restore ties with saudi arabia and gulf states. i'm repeating my calls for the information minister to listen to his conscience and put circumstances into consideration and take the stance you should take. this is the priority of the solution to get out of the crisis. yes, he any. how to handle the, the, the, the latest dispute was triggered by the comments of information minister george cred, hey, who called the human war, a saudi aggression. it's a difficult balancing act for a prime minister who wants to restore ties with the countries traditional economic and political partners,
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but whose cabinet is controlled by hezbollah and its allies. they have publicly back the minister who has reiterated his refusal to resign. i also need to gave a consensus agreement of his bella movement to political parties as well as the matter of the part, the part of the minister could back us not to design as well. if the design, the diplomatic dispute is aggravating divisions and 11 on which is among the battlefield where event and saudi arabia geopolitical, tug of war, is played out and look at them and help them. and then he, at liberty governments most over a kin frank apology to saudi arabia and the gulf states as total real demo to just controversial issues that includes ending his beloved military intervention in human after. yeah, saudi arabia has long accused, has beloved helping the ran back hootie rebels in yemen,
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a charge the group denies. saudi arabia is pressuring lebanon to take a harsher line on has for law. but the lebanese foreign minister has said the kingdom is forcing impossible terms on the government has bala, he says, is a component of lebanese politics. and its arm wing has a regional dimension which can't be resolved by. the authorities here. already cabinet has been deadlocked for weeks after a dispute about the judge investigating last year's blast at b who port and now without support from gulf nations, it will be hard to secure much needed international aid to stop its economic collapse. seneca there elisha's eda, beirut, the comp 26 climate summit to set its sites on the dirtiest fossil fuel coal. britton's government says it's secure to coalition of dozens of countries, pledge and clear commitments to phase out coal power. but there are noticeable
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absences. the 3 largest consumers of call india, china and the u. s. have not signed up. still the u. s. climate envoy, john kerry, has told al jazeera his country's green agenda, is setting a global example. we are committed to be carbon fruit in our power sector by 2035 and the president has committed that we will have only electric vehicles by 2035, no more internal combustion engine. so we're moving ahead very, very aggressively. as we mentioned, india has not signed up to the cold deal either. while renewable power generation is triple buried recent years. the cool factor is also expanding elizabeth per on a report, some jock hands, which is home to india's largest coal reserves. these fires have been burning
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across the jody. a cold field in india is east and state of johnson for more than 100 years. they've destroyed thousands of homes and made much of jody a town uninhabitable. philip bowery is now a single parent. after his 30 year old wife call jani baby fell into a pit while taking the daughter to use the toilet the ground. he often caves in the cause of the fires to my daughter came running and said mommy has fallen into a bit. i rushed to the fort and i prayed to god that no one has to ever see a site like julia is india's most lucrative caulfield. but also the site of one of its biggest environmental disasters underground fires were 1st detected in 1916 and abandoned mines, which weren't decommissioned properly. more recently, 2 decades of unrestrained open cost mining has brought fires to the surface, but the indian government is pushing ahead the plant,
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expand the sector in jargon and beyond. india is developing. it's in your industry alone. it's industrialized. and for that you need power more and more for what is needed for and 70 percent via depend on this. india is already the world's 2nd largest producer consumer and importer of cold jock and is home to the country's largest coal reserves, but also to forests rich and bio diversity. the coal block under these fields. and that forest was auction to one of the is biggest companies nearly a year ago, but no work has started. that's because the state of jack and as challenging the central government's plans and the supreme court on environmental grounds, there are plans to convert these fields and large tracks of forest into mines. displacing tens of thousands of people who often belong to indigenous tribes. politicians and john can say any expansion must take people into consideration of
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the problem yet is we want everyone wants call government one school, we want expansion, but what does it cost? people are paying for it. the truth is that there is an expansion, but people are not getting the view. you want to have a call back. you want to have to call. but what about the people living about the service? like thousands of others visit bodies says he won't leave jody because the government has provided proper accommodation elsewhere. as india's electricity demand grows with its economy, environmentalists say it must prioritize clean energy for any development to be beneficial in the years to come. elizabeth peron of al jazeera jock and eastern india. so as the world works to transition to renewables, there'll be less need for all fossil fuel infrastructure. environments had finished carcass in the scottish highlands were floating oil platforms,
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wait for either new contracts, or to be de commissions. chromakey for the kind of barometer of the state of the case oil and gas industry because when there's a down. so it gets pretty crowded in here as unused. rigs are brought in from the north sea and a weight new contracts back in 2019 new case. oil and gas all authority estimated there were between 10 to 20000000 barrels of oil left to be recovered in the north sea. and indeed, as we speak, there's a bit underway to open up the john camber oil field, about 250 kilometers north of here, around the shetland islands. for the truth is, as the move away from fossil fuels gathers momentum fights like this will become more and more common for there is still clearly a very, very long way to go. at the u. n. climate conference in glasgow delegates there are still digesting the news that emissions a nearly back to pre pandemic levels and still increasing. but there is some good
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news to on the 1.5 degrees celsius target. remember before the conference, we were heading for 2.7 degrees celsius. now with all the latest national commitments, if nation sticks them were at 1.9 degrees celsius, still some way to go. but as a week left of negotiations, so that gap could narrow politicians from the european parliament have told taiwan leaders. you are not alone. and delegation made the 1st business of its kind to the islands, meeting president, sighing. when in taipei, tensions are already running high with china, which claims taiwan as part of its territory. a nose despite china's government, asking people to stalk foul daily necessities. her sparked panic buying. it falls weeks of supply disruptions caused by covert outbreaks and extreme weather. katrina, you report snow form bridging in recent weeks. shopping at this fading, fresh food market has become more expensive. a true surprise has gone up. we can't
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afford it. we had to buy some vegetables from the dealers on the street. the prices of common vegetables such as cucumbers, spinach and broccoli have doubled. some have become more expensive than pork, the staple meat and china. so when on monday, the chinese government issued a notice advising households to stockpile daily necessities. it sparked panic and heated discussion online. some posted about rushing to buy essential goods. others speculated that increasing tension with taiwan were the calls. but analysts say the announcement has been misinterpreted, that the reason that they put that notice out was basically, you know, routine, winter season preparedness for making sure that there's a good supply of fruit and vegetables on the market and normal daily goods. and that some of the reason that language was in there was due to, you know, the, the potential sort of ongoing risk of coven locked downs. the pandemic has led to
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a renewed focus on china's food security. regional locked downs have disrupted food supplies to affected areas. and there have been other challenges. last month, crops in china's ne, a major food growing region were destroyed by unusually heavy rains. a nation wide power shortage has pushed up the cost of operating greenhouses. and a shortage of diesel fuel has delayed cross country deliveries, expert, se, tanya's emergency food reserves and mechanisms are generally in good shape. but while there isn't a shortage price hikes and supply disruptions hadn't hurting those who can least afforded laura's in china's lowest income bracket. living in small cities and rural areas, officials have moved to stabilize vegetable prices. also the bomb local governments will be instructed to ensure a market supply and the prize stability for daily necessities in the coming winter . and next spring, we will establish and improve the relevant safeguard and supply him. kennedy,
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samson, and release governments, reserves at the appropriate time dating has also issued an action plan to reduce food waste, the restaurant and cater industries. meanwhile, shop is hoping that sky rocketing prices will soon return to normal. katrina, you out is irritating. ah, this is al jazeera, these are the headlines. europe is once again the epicenter of the corona virus pandemic. as the assessments of the world health organization which says recorded infections are higher there than those in asia. and africa combines u. k. regulators have approved marx anti viral pill to treat cove at 19. is the.


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