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tv   [untitled]    November 4, 2021 6:30pm-7:01pm AST

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catera weighs the airlines you can rely on oh a this is al jazeera put to the top stories. this is once again, the sensor of the panoramic. that's the assessments of the world health organization. which 1st recorded infections are higher than those in asia, and africa from lines. international alarm for the conflicts in ethiopia is growing . the you has called for an immediate cease far in the u. s. embassy is allowing some staff and their families to leave. you can, the president calls the regional leaders to dress the crisis and talk to revise the
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2015 nuclear deal are scheduled to resume at the end of november in direct negotiations between all secretaries in vienna stalled last june to abraham lacy won the presidential election. the peace feel that ended the war in bosnia herzegovina quarter century ago was under threats. that's according to the top you and official in the country, the bosnian serb leader miller are. they has the 9th plans to establish a separate army with in bosnia herzegovina. the move violates the 1995 days in peace agreement which ends it's the 3 and a half year long conflicts. well, joining us from sarajevo is homes, a car to associate professor in the faculty of political science, the university of sorry to have you with us. why is this happening? well, i think the post,
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the uncertain asleep. my little thought it has understood that the west is read, that over the past 10 years, the america was declined. russia asserting this is all the more clear. so he has launched off rob bill of sold on boss. yes, it is that your shoes and i've been to make them an exceptionally explicit pursuing . it is objectives. so what can be done to stabilize the situation then, or is it really gone too far to turn bank? well, this is the most cbs boys go prices. us use 9095 and the closest that the country has come to a order in, in more than 2 and a half decades. so the country is basically on the b. and the only viable way forward is to make sure that it doesn't go careless. is for the binding of the station 2 police, they go into standing on the shuttle bus, you know,
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i likely do you think that is the, because the, by the administration doesn't, doesn't really show much appetite to fend that soldiers. i to wants to get them back home. the thing is that both yank also have the tool of time examples of the success of american community i'm intervention is on for the past 2 or 3 decades. so send to you on april 1st, the board is that i love to be a cost effective tool, but to be able understand that, you know, and he's done the job, he's done that and it's like for the national intervention may not be okay. i'm the cartridge. great. say get your views on this. thank you so much for joining us there from sorry, even to explain what's happening. the u. k. regulate his of approved marks, antiviral pill to traits cove at 19. it's the 1st old rule, drunk to pass scientific checks, and it's being hailed as
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a major breakthrough in the fights against the pandemic. the pill will be used to treat patients with mild to moderate symptoms. it's been shown to half the rates of hospital admissions. and that's which i think is now for march. 3rd is doctor p central back here, infectious disease and global health analysts. i have important, would you say this pale is when it comes to fighting korean of ours was really exciting news. i think that this new drug has the potential to make a real impact. we have a wonderful and very effective vaccines. up until now we haven't had great treatment options. the existing improved treatments that we do have require intravenous administration are really, are only given very late in the course of illness when people are already very sick . this drug malia here, as you mentioned, is given early in the disease and when done so can prevent people from getting very sick and prevent people from die. so that can really be a game changer. if someone that is diagnosed with cohen before they get very far
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along in their illness, this treatment could be given and so of both and settings like the u. k. where we're continuing to see a significant number of passions, including people in the hospital, but really also around the world and particularly in places where we failed miserably and giving access to the vaccine. this drug could be a real, real, real hell. but we have to find ways to make it accessible. indeed, it does sound like every bit of good news when it comes to this ongoing pandemic. do you think this is enough to turn the, the worsening situation around? i'm thinking of the warnings from the top a weight show just to day or do you believe that prevention so better than cure when it comes to cove? it absolutely. this will be a big asset in our fight, but it's not going to be able to do it on its own in the same way that vaccines really aren't able to do it on their own. either. we still need to have a comprehensive strategy. we still very much need to address the massive vaccine
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equity issues and take new and more ambitious approaches to, to bill back seems to all those who need them around the world ultimately, because this is a contagious, infectious disease. right? vaccines are going to interrupt those chains of transmission. we should point out that this drug and some others, like it better in the pipeline, are also being studied for prevention of cobit amongst people who have been exposed . and so we could see some more interesting developments down the line. we'd all the tools. busy we can get in our arsenal, but regardless, we still need a comprehensive approach, and we still need an equitable approach. and that's where we really fall unsure if that's drug affordable. it will it change things worldwide? because a lot of these vaccines are expensive and a cheaper pill might help. absolutely, and i think we need to continue to put pressure on merck who has a signal that this drug will be made available through tiered pricing. i haven't
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seen exactly what this will be priced out though. some countries have already secured in advance doses including the u. k. so tier pricing, so that low and middle income countries can theoretically afford. busy it now the devil's in the details and that depends. we also are going to face in the beginning, some real supply issues. you can supply it has secured 500000 courses of treatment . we're having almost $300000.00 cases per week. so as you can see, that kind of supply isn't going to go very far. if wealthy countries are sucking up all of the available doses of this medication and not making the accessible around the world, i think that would be a real problem. the good news is that a medication like this should be a lot easier to produce at massive scale than some of those new iraq seems. ok pizza drawback. joining us from oxford. thank you so much for your insights. ah me.
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the u. k says the end of call is is site says the 26 climate meeting in glasgow begins its energy de talks. britain, the government says it's secure, a coalition of dozens of countries pledging clear commitments to phase i call power . but there are noticeable absences. the 3 largest consumers of coal, india, china, and the us have not signed up. and to day, i think we can say that the end of co is in sight. the progress we've seen over the past 2 years. would it seem like a lofty ambition when we took on the court presidency back in 2019? who to thought back then that to day we're able to say that we are choking off international co financing. all that we would see a shift away from domestic co power. well, and he said,
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man says there for as at the summit in glasgow, angie, the end of call is in sites. really that's the ambition of this conference. that is, what is the main theme of the day, coal a plus other fossil fuels, but massive emphasis on coal. there is not one catch all solution, but there's a range of initiatives. they are quite ambitious. they don't, they do show promise. one, for example, is a basic, a whole grouping of states, banks, financial institutions, a raft of other companies, all pledge to phase out the use of coal for making power within something like 10 years. that is the ambition. but that is something of a problem in the way of the poor countries finding the money to get renewables to
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replace the coal consumption. so what we're looking at is a plan to do it, but not necessarily any force to make it happen. and there are exceptions at to a to this, these pledges. one is china, china has not committed to the goals set by others. the united states hasn't signed up. but john kerry or the u. s. special envoy on climate does say that they've already made a commitment to sort the problem of coal out. this is what he had to tell al jazeera. we are committed to be carbon free in our power sector by 2035. and the president has committed that we will have only electric vehicles by 2035, no more internal combustion engine. so we're moving ahead very, very aggressively. but sir, critics to say that,
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so what's happening here is really not happening quickly enough. 2035 is too late, according to scientists, many scientists and also according to climate activists, are also there is the issue of people actually are following through on pledges. now with me right now is sharon, it casso who is the environment minister for nigeria. now we move here in to fossil fuels. welcome to al jazeera by the way, and oil, massive in nigeria, and also something that simply does not fit with the future. not if we're going to be safe in this planet, would you agree? even if we remove all the fossil fuel in the world, when we go down less than $1.00 degrees and again on the 2nd one, niger is more of a gas country than oil. but then we have scientific proof. yes. according to very
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eminent people. yes. avert oil and gas in actual fact um is a bigger problem than coal than quote together. but the actual. busy pollution involved. busy long term with oil and gas, all fossil fuels obviously have to go. so how prepared is nigeria in seeing that happening? yes, niger, i got me tied to the paris agreements and the ned, sir. and we are making plans for that. we already have an energy transition plan in place that eventually face out the use of fossil fuel. but for us to get to net 0, we'll have to take into account the use of gas as the transition full. so that is what we're trying to get them to national community. to understand bill, we are committed not only nigeria, the rest of africa, acclimated to denied 0 emission goals. more is they'll have to use the resources,
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the natural resources we have to get there at our own pace through our different pathways. and one of our pathways is the use of gas take for instance. but there will be just when you do it, my just say to you this well, transition is one thing. yes. reliance on moving from oil to gas to something like 20702050 plus. that's surely. it's not really going to save lives on this planets, that sort of strategy. sure. it can reduce some of the emissions. if you look on the weight, we put our transition plan in place where not saying, well get in there. 2050. we pledged 2060. but what we are saying is that we must recognize the role that gas has to play in terms of law energy transition. where is the financing for all the renewables that is needed?
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whereas the technology for what is needed in africa? so at this call, the issues we're asking for besides, the financing is technology transfer for africa, all finding nigeria to be able to thank you jose need. he has a link explaining that one of the major issues among many that make this so hard. and that is countries in africa needing assistance, financial assistance to make the transition from total reliance on fossil fuels. and so that argument that the poor countries, not necessarily nigeria, it's very rich and in its oil, but the poorer countries in need of assistance from the richer countries who they all blamed in many ways for the problem of greenhouse gases. actually getting a transition arranged in which the financing goes to those poor countries to make
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this happen. kangi seminar, there lie friends at cobb county st. sanji. thank you. so as the world works to transition to renewables, they'll be less needs for old fossil fuel infrastructure environments. had mr. nick clark as in the scottish highlands, where forcing oil platforms wait for either the contracts or to be decommissioned chromarty for the kind of barometer of the state of the you case oil and gas industry because when there's a down. so it gets pretty crowded in here, as unused rigs are brought in from the north sea and a weight new contracts. back in 2019 new case, oil and gas all authority estimated there were between 10 to 20000000 barrels of oil left to be recovered in the north sea. and indeed, as we speak as a bid underway to open up the john camber oil field, about 250 kilometers north of here, around the shetland islands. for the truth is, as the move away from fossil fuels gathers momentum fights like this will become
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more and more common for there still clearly a very, very long way to go at the you and climate conference in glasgow delegates there are still digesting the news or the emissions nearly back to pre pandemic levels and still increasing. but there is some good news to on the 1.5 degrees celsius target. remember before the conference, we were heading for 3.7 degrees celsius. now the latest national commitments, if nation sticks them were at $1.00 degrees celsius, still some way to go. but as a week left of negotiations, so that gap could narrow at least one person has died in iraq after a massive outbreak of food poisoning that sickens more than 500 people. it's not yet clear what caused the i break in my sand province. so far, tap water and sanitation services to find to be clean. a fast food restaurants has been closed as a precaution, the samples are being analyzed. napoleon struggling to rebuild in the aftermath of
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a catastrophic natural series of natural disasters in recent months. hundreds of people have dined in flood intricate by monsoon rains. experts say climate change may be making these weather events even more extreme. same astronomy has more from milan, cheese in the polls. central pal choke districts, pink eye in one of the poorest and most polluted countries in the world. everyone is saying the same thing. climate disasters with intensity that has never been seen before are piling up faster than ever. nipples cascade of crises began in february with country wide forest fires, the black in the skies. mountain glaciers began melting faster, meaning more run off. then came intense rains and floods in june, august, and october. now from all that water, a higher rate of land slides blocking mountain passes faster than road truce,
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can clear them throughout it all. ongoing manmade soil erosion to meet the demand for building materials. climate scientists warn conditions are worsening across the himalayan region and are unprecedented. most of these events that we've, we've just explained, are very much actually been able to what, what we see is given by climate change. and so more such events are likely to be experienced, especially in the mountains, toppled and buried buildings dot the himalayan foothills. ominous reminders of what happened here. multiple floods this year have dumped in immeasurable amount of earth and mud and sand in silt and rocks in large boulders in valleys all across this area. and just to give you a sense of how deep this debris field is, where i'm standing right now, i'm standing on the roof of what's left of someone's home. in the town of milan,
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she questions of public safety still hanging in the air. one of the costs until she took a loan to build this now partially destroyed like block of shops. she says it would have been better if the water had just washed the whole thing away. she still paying it off, but now has to take another load. just a habit torn down, the deposit of them? no, but the other venus, or even if the government gives his money, it's not possible to come back and stay here with scared of the river and there's no guarantee the same thing wouldn't happen next year. it's all about nature and what can we do against nature? new paul's carbon footprint is relatively small, but it sits between giants, china and india, 2 of the world's biggest polluters. it's topography also makes it more vulnerable to overall shift in global weather. nepalese in rural communities are frustrated and say, what's happening to them is not their fault. that it concerns everyone. and countries like nepal should not be left alone to put out fires being fueled on
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a global scale is in basra, the ultra 0 dim alum to river in nepal because the school is coming up for you after the break in liverpool, zombie to start the season continues they put to placement. okay. stages the champions league more for you after this? ah
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ah ah ah ah, it's time for the sports his peter, i'll thank you very much. barcelona stepping up, the pursuit of shabby as they looked to bring their former caps and that's the new
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camp. as coach folks will continue without sod by chubby is currently in charge. officials from barcelona, we're in the stands, watched the console, re fight inaction on wednesday. and hope to finalize a deal at a meeting on thursday after the game. somebody said to return to the boss was common sense. and then he's looking forward to going home. but i'll sud have said they don't want to leave at this point in the season. liverpool managing your club as cool. besides, whenever letting them did nearly perfect. if they secured their place in the champions league, knock out round, wanting to under that particular fans, made the trip to liverpool due to the relative iris. and they saw the team behind. after 30 minutes, the adjuster with the go and local got a 2nd. the not long off the thanks the saudi amman, a go ahead, a man seen so before the break with did not compete anymore goes in the 2nd talk. the finished to know them. he was thing there and beaten stuff, the season to 16 games and secure top spot in the group with 2 games. it was
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a good form and the same driver group say so far. i wouldn't have expected that. obviously when i saw the draw, nobody would have expected that. doing that is pretty special. i think of the law it's. it's a red car. do i want the team going woman? no, no. not at all. i think we've got a better side already against 11 ac milan remained bottom of that group but did manage to pick up the 1st point of the competition with the draw against porter. but they have to come from behind. the louis gave the visits as the lead and then go from defend, sean full bamber salvage. to draw from atlanta. we still have a slim chance of progressing a comfortable wind for manchester city club brouge, although a freakish own go by defend a john stones in defiance with level at half time. that's that he turned it on after the break. going 3 more, go, including this one from capital, jesse's to make it for one said he replace her essential man at the top of the group. i need one point from the last 2 games to reach the last 1649 successive
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season. rome good became the 1st team to school $1000.00 in europe, stopped up competition. kelley ben summer had the honor of bringing up the landmark against chapter, done yet to the ukrainian side, equalized before half time, though. but ben's well finished off a great t moved to school we 2nd of the night after the break to win it for rail to one victory moves on top of group d. ahead of inter milan, australia cricketers of kept alive their hopes of reaching the semi finals of the t 20 woke up there, bounced back from a heavy defeat to england with a thumping of bangladesh. adams, emperor took 5 wickets for just 19 runs. as bangladesh, we're all out for 73, australia winning by 8 wickets. they've ever taken south africa in the points table with one more group game to go. in the nfl green bay packers quarterback aaron rogers has reportedly tested positive for cove at 19 and will miss sunday's game against kansas city. rogers is the latest packers player to have corona virus after
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2 wide receivers missed last weeks when of arizona. because of it's, it's unclear whether the reigning nfl m v p is vaccinated all knots. meanwhile, the brooklyn ets coach steve nash says the team would welcome back, kyrie irving. if new york's covert rules change, irving is currently missing games because he refuses to be vaccinated. his absence hasn't heard the nets too much, though as kevin duran stepped up against the atlanta hawks on wednesday school. we 32 points leading by 4, the net scored the final. 12 of the 3rd quarter. the ran finished back with a 3 to beat. the buzzer as they won 1171086 cleveland cavaliers. players finished with double digits as they kept portland windless on the road. damon lids for the season high, 20 fixed points for the trail blazers, but crucially missed the game. tying 3.2 at the buzzer, cleveland winning 17140. 100000 mexican serv turned
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out on the streets of the capital to watch. sergio pet is a tear it up in a formula one car. the red bull driver is carrying these countries hosts into this weekend go on pre. no mexican has ever stood on the podium at home. a perez has been very competitive in his car. the season is currently 4th in the standings and just had to show you some stunning pictures from the european alps where italian skier marcus ed ed, has completed what he's described of the ultimate run. electric freestyle competitor has been working with a film director for more than 2 years to phone his dream run from the peaks of the mats in switzerland, through the valley fall in italy lunatic at a deep powder, ice caves and crevices. and it said he'd been visualizing the run since 2015. i will leave it there for now. more sports things with me a little bit later on. holler. thank you very much. indeed, a pizza robot is a, it's ad for this news. but keep it right here. on our to 0 to back with you after
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break. i leased us from around the world. see them? ah. with
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a little bigger than as australia burned, a photojournalist ran towards the flames to document the destruction. what does climate change? what walk claim mandate claim with the guy, all that we part of a witness capturing change on out just the challenge is getting people to
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engage part of the sample must always longer love god, we are the one rambling the extra mile. where are the media? don't go, we go there and we give them a chance to tell their story. ah, europe is back at the epicenter or upon the mc that'd be, were one year to go. the world health organization says europe is in the grip of a significance covered 19 resurgence. ah, hello there. i'm how them are here. dina. this is al jazeera live from doha, also coming up the european union, coles for an immediate cease far and the go see ations is fighting intensifies in ethiopia.


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